Young Adult (2011) - Comedy, Drama

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Soon after her divorce, a fiction writer returns to her home in small-town Minnesota, looking to rekindle a romance with her ex-boyfriend, who is now happily married and has a newborn daughter.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Jason Reitman
Stars: Charlize Theron, Patrick Wilson
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 62 out of 224 found boring (27.67%)

One-line Reviews (173)

Theron looks good, the movie seems pointless...

Women should bristle at the portrayal of their gender in this slight twist of Cody's familiar coming of age stories.

Juno was trapped in a slangy, poppy, colorful universe, while Young Adult is executed in the sleepy, dreary town of Mercury, MN.

The locations are drab.

The way he approaches this film is will really bore some audiences.

If all a writer has to tell is a dull writer's story, he mustn't be that creative.

Hopefully you can see the forest through all the trees with this one because It's definitely worth watching.

Unfortunately, the few moments that were enjoyable, were not good enough for me to feel comfortable recommending this film to any of my friends.

It is not quite a comedy -- Mavis' delusions, while entertaining, are no joking matter.

He is relentless in his ability to make such complicated people completely fascinating as they free fall into despair.

Charlize Theron gives an excellent performance as Mavis Gary, and she is perfect in the role of Gary who is an alcoholic writer trying to get her ex-boyfriend back and gives a great performance which has a vital role in making the movie worth watching!

She plays a character trapped in an empty life, and when she receives an e-mail invitation from her high school beau to his baby's christening, she decides to go home and win him back.

I liked her horror film Jennifer's Body more, but it was still entertaining trashy fun.

", and lastly the side characters (the heart throb, the loser, the cool kids, the parents, the posers) seem to be a slew of underdeveloped and unaware clichés, whose only purpose is to time and time again bombard the audiences with Cody's all to formulaic tagline of "Everyone gets old.

Good coming of age story accept life for what and how it is.

An enjoyable movie from start to finish.

None of the characters are embraceable and all of them are two-dimensional, lazy photocopies of tedious stereotypes.

I waited for a turning point but nothing happened...

With that being said, the film still carries all the hallmarks of a Jason Reitman film, his smooth style is easily injected and the film is an enjoyable watch.

In short, her life is going nowhere and despite her outward protestations to the contrary, she seems to know it.

Not because it's the story of a successful writer who flees her empty life in the big city in a desperate quest to recapture the idealized memory of her small town youth.

As expected from a Diablo Cody screenplay, the dialogue is smart and snappy although Mavis is far from Juno.

The interaction between Theron and Patton Oswalt is fascinating and they illustrate the difference between an unhappy adolescent and an unhappy grown up.

Mavis holds the delusion her former flame (Wilson) is bored with small town domestic tranquility, and relentlessly pursues him until a spontaneous driveway intervention at the film's climax wakes her up.

Uncalled-for story with uninteresting characters .

Is American life empty?

a waste of time and money!!!!!

Working once again with flawed characters, Reitman always manages to make them fascinating, despite not always being affable.

I won't go into the plot, a flabby and pointless variation on the girl/guy who makes good in the big city and returns to their small town to find the one-that-got-away, other than to say that her lost love seems well aware Theron has schlepped into the wrong movie, giving Mavis the about-face quick smart and sending her on her way, much to the collective relief of everyone else in her home town.

Strangely enjoyable AND relatable.

The script is as predictable as a low budget Indie.

This was a complete waste of time.

They were enjoyable to watch together.

The film's anti-hero is Mavis Gary(Charlize Theron), a drunk, divorced, bored, uncredited writer who laments on her glory days in high school, where she was most popular and now no one knows her name.

It's not that the small things should make you happy or that the small town life is the answer, it's that Mavis is ultimately so cold, lost, unloved, and has lived an entire life without redemption, her road to recovery is neither certain, assured or expected, and not found in any city, big or small (or any cliché).

Reitman and Cody, having worked together on Juno, are an exciting partnership.

What could be entertaining about watching a self worshipping person realizing their life has meant nothing, so they go and ruin others lives to feel better about themselves?

Can she get any more boring?

You're not exactly sure if she's there for love, or just for boredom, or for jealousy.


She's a great actress with obviously the most intriguing personality and makes the movie entertaining enough to not move from your seat.

"Mavis, to all her friends and family back in her dull little hometown of Mercury, Minnesota, appears to have made it in life.

Hopefully, this honest and compelling performance won't turn off Academy voters due to its nasty portrayal of its anti-heroine.

Now that I watched it, I found it confusing.

Genre aside, I found this movie boring and uninspiring.

Recently divorced fiction writer Mavis Gary (Charlize Theron) is living a repetitive boring life in Minneapolis when finds out that her high school boyfriend (Buddy) has just had his first baby with this new wife.

If I may used this tired expression, Mavis Gary has a clear character arc but instead of letting the arc reach its expected and dramatically logical end, or instead of twisting the arc to some unexpected landing point, the arc just stops and Mavis is emotionally teleported back to her starting point.

A waste of a dollar at Redbox and 30 minutes of my life.

The film's climax helps a bit in this regard, and Mavis' epiphany avoids being cliché despite the obvious "appreciate what you have" motif.

I really wanted to dislike Diablo Cody cause Juno, while I enjoyed it, was kind of smug.

I think the main problem with Y/A is it's a comedy with too many dramatic elements and at the same time a drama that is trying to be funny, it's far from terrible, it's actually easy to watch and entertaining enough, give it a go, you may really enjoy it, it's just in my personal opinion that it's a little flat.

Starts off with potential but by the end you feel like you just watched something where nothing happened and nothing does.

If you are in your early twenties don't waste your time with this movie, if your happily married in your fifties go rent something else.

It's a narrowly developed plot for sure, but surprisingly, what enriches the proceedings is the unexpected relationship Mavis develops with Matt Freehauf, a sad-sack former classmate whose sole claim to notoriety was being the victim of a hate crime when he was beaten up and left for dead by a group of jocks who assumed he was gay.

The reason that is revealed for Mavis receiving the birth announcement is nonsensical, and the former boyfriend's behavior with Mavis is just confusing given what we are later told in the movie.

The dialogue was so contrived and unnatural you wonder who wrote this.

Young Adult.. for the young and dull.

Anyway, this is the only scene that drags on far too long, and feels contrived in an otherwise faultless movie.

" From the team that brought us the classic comedy, Juno, comes the wickedly entertaining, and to some, offensive Young Adult.

)If you want to inflict this type of self-harm, you can go out and find a hundred women, at any fashion bar in LA, who are willing to bore you to death with their self-obsession, then beat you up for not caring, and kick you to the curb.

I'm not sure I've ever seen another performance that combines emotional delicacy, realistic dysfunction and audience-engaging charisma any better than what Charlize Theron does here.

Young Adult lacks substance, style and a compelling narrative, which makes me wonder what Reitman ever saw in it.

Very enjoyable .

The character was contrived from empty platitudes and generalizations and accordingly wound up being flat and lifeless.

And while Reitman does demonstrate some fairly well structured direction here and the acting is top notch, the script itself is so tedious, hitting the same "Young Adult" note over and over and over again.

While this film is much darker than Cody's and Reitman's work on Juno, it still funny and entertaining.

Waste of time, not a comedy, not even clever.

"Juno" was entertaining and "Up in the Air" was very well done.

It's a grown up, adult drama and a fascinating character study of a truly disturbed woman.

She wakes up in her clothes, takes a swig from a half empty bottle of coke, drags herself out of bed and flips on her laptop.

The plot was so boring and slow and I actually found myself constantly checking the elapsed time the movie had been going as I just wanted the whole experience to be over!

I find Mavis to be unlikeable but fascinating to watch.

Following Mavis's (mis)adventures to an endpoint is fascinating wondering how far she will go to win back her man and whether or not she will learn anything from her visit home.

On the other hand the soundtrack was pretty entertaining, and Reitman is proving to be some sort of Cameron Crowe when it comes to mixing music in movies.

That's just not how this movie was done, and it may have been more enjoyable for me personally as a result.

She displays some of her best work in two very intense scenes, where Mavis' sky high ego comes crashing down, leaving her remarkably exposed and vulnerable.

That makes this enough to sit through, regardless of the dull overlay this whole thing has.

While watching Y/A I was thinking how can this film be scripted by the same person who created the snappy dialogue in Juno and Jennifers Body, you would have zero idea that it is by the same screenwriter.

I guess I'm among the minority of professional and amateur critics in finding this movie utterly boring.

The pace is so slow and the story has no reward whatsoever.

Too contrived, especially for a good writer like Diablo.

It was basically a camera following around a very boring person throughout their daily activities.

This was a complete waste of time.

There were some moments that were enjoyable .

Snooze fest .

It usually means that something about it offends people in a compelling way worth experiencing.

The plot becomes boring and predictable after the first 20 minutes and the evolution is considerably slow.

And thank you Charlize for such an intense and realistic performance!

This movie was actually really entertaining.

It's like pretending to really like the food at a dinner party when the food is ambitious but ultimately boring.

It was ridiculously boring and i wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

YOUNG ADULT, the latest from Hollywood Next-Gen'er Jason Reitman and the second pairing with Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody, is a complex, compelling and, often times, creepy character piece focusing on an alcoholic author, the ginchiest of clichés admirably played by Oscar-overlooked Charlize Theron, who decides to reclaim the former greatness of her life by hooking up with her past true love in her past hometown.

One of the worst movies ever.

This was a complete waste of time.

I saw this as a coming of age story, somewhat belated in this instance, with the twist that in the end the main character doesn't find that elusive moment of redemption.

This has been simply filmed, showing raw honesty on the part of 'Mavis', and Theron is excellent, fascinating and almost excruciating at times to watch as she goes about sabotaging her life.

Young Adult reminds me much of The Descendants, an extremely well done drama which captures real life with stunning accuracy.

I found Young Adult to be pretty entertaining.

You have succeeded in expressing yourself look very talented, very intelligent, not full of herself, and very boring!

Ho hum.

This isn't a feel good movie, but it does have some funny moments and I can see how some may find this film enjoyable.

Overall, it was a very entertaining and heartfelt movie.

That said, it's worth watching, though probably a bit depressing for many viewers.

His is easily the most compelling character in the movie.

making her unlikeable, despicable, but with such an intriguing intent, that she owns every scene throughout.

I had the same Luke warm reaction as I did to Juno, so ultimately if Juno was the kind of story that is found to be enjoyable and considered box office ticket worthy then this is the movie to see, otherwise wait for the video release, it gets an amber light.

Young Adult is overall a good film, but may bore some audiences.

All I can say, however, is that it turned out to be one of the worst movies we have seen in many years.

It's adventurous, sadistic & yet enjoyable.

Hated the main character so much it made it unbearable watching further.

While making slow progress on a book – the last in an obsolescent young adult series – she receives an invite to the christening of an old flame's newborn baby.

Charlize Theron delivers yet another fascinating performance in Young Adult.

Patrick Wilson, the former flame, is a boring flicker of impotence, married to Elizabeth Reaser's forehead, a nag who would make a nice enough neighbor when not practicing on her drums.

Mavis decides that what she needs to do is break free of her mundane existence and go win back her old boyfriend despite the fact the he is happily married.

It's worth watching for as long as you can to simply appreciate how good she really is.

As a viewer I was able to relate to the sadness of the characters; the realization that the slow slump, which comes with age, is a common human denominator and an integral part of growing up.

This is a very funny comedy, unusual in its kind and truly enjoyable.

Kind of Slow and Boring .

Coming of age drama that pitches ambition against domesticity, community against individuality.

She eventually makes a fool of herself and finds her only solace is in Matt and Matt's very plain and bored sister Sandra (Collette Wolfe).

There is no story.

Otherwise, it's pretty contrived.

That Mavis and Matt connect is all the more intriguing since they were at opposite ends of the social spectrum back in school, and their present-day bond is also fueled by her obvious alcoholism, a point that is overlooked by her befuddled parents who wish to think of Mavis as the flawless pretty daughter of their own deluded fantasies.

Now if you look closely, with the benefit of hindsight, all characters except Juno are plain dumb and totally uninteresting.

But, since we can't take a Delorean back in time and force the Academy to do the right thing, we should just get the word out that Theron was worth watching in this.

This was a waste of my time.

The film stars Charlize Theron as Mavis Gray, a divorced, 37-year-old writer, on the edge of finishing her last book in a soon-to-be-canceled series of young adult novels.

But is also confusing because in the end she seems to get better because of some pep talk...

The clichéd characters and predictable situations left the dozen or so of us in the theater sorely disappointed.

An unexpected e-mail shakes her out of her stumbling stupor one morning when a birth announcement arrives from her long ago high school ex-boyfriend Buddy Slade (Patrick Wilson); he is now the father of a brand new baby girl.

Look at how drab and grey the colours in the room are.

I love this movie because of the rawness and the story and would highly recommend it.

It's bland and forgettable, frustrating and unfortunate.

And yet, it is her skill in bringing to life a character designed to be loathed by strangers that gives the sharp-minded combination of director Jason Reitman and writer Diablo Cody room to create a piece that is, for the most part, thoughtful, engaging and entertaining.

The most slowly paced, and depressing movie I have seen this year.

No one is more spoiled than Ivan Reitman's son, Jason, who can get backing to direct small pointless self indulgent personal films like this.

Waste of Time !!!!!!!!.

Juno was a realist who made sense of her confusing and difficult situation through sharp diatribes pointed at those around her.

And to top it all off Diablo decides to be clever going against the cliché ending in which the nasty girl becomes a 'goody'.

If you're bored of Hollywood by-the-numbers movies, you really can't go wrong with this.

He's almost literally a cardboard cutout and in all reality had Mavis been able to get him back, he would have bored her pants off in no time.

I wish to forget this pointless and empty film.

There's an entertaining sadness about it all because it is done so well, unlike the crap that's often in films that drag you through tears.

She had told me it wasn't great, but that it might still be worth watching.

This film gives an intriguing examination of this fact and incorporates it into a fine story.

this movie highlighted Charlize Therons great acting skills so ill give her that but as far as the plot and script go it was pretty boring.

Other casting is quite enjoyable.

Hey, I run to Charlize Theron movies, but now I will need to slow down a bit.

This is a movie quite worth watching and for time-pass mainly for the good performances from the lead actors, some good and funny moments and due to the good and realistic story written by Diablo and utilized so well by Jason to make this into a good movie.

The scenes between them as they bicker and spark are compelling and believable.

FINAL VERDICT: OK, but moves slow and not a whole lot happens.

If i'm honest though, the movie did seem a bit bland, when Theron and Wilson kissed on the porch, there was NO reference at all afterwards about it, it was like it never happened and neither of them brought it up.

From director Jason Reitman ("Juno", "Thank You For Smoking", "Up in the Air") comes a novel coming of age story about a 30+ year old ex-prom queen, who missed out on growing up during high school / studies.

As a short, pudgy cripple, he's had to adjust himself to the world, something alien to the stunning and talented Mavis.

I suspect the writer and director probably had their own personal insight into many people they've met like Mavis and wanted to say something about them; that there are a lot of lost souls convinced of their own crap living completely empty lives, who are ultimately detached and attempting to find happiness through their own narcissistic fulfillment; they are emotional cripples and they are utterly imprisoned by their psychosis, they have no way out, because they don't now how to genuinely live (they may never have, even from an early age, often due to familial history, lightly touched on in the film).

"Young Adult" is one of the more entertaining dark comedies in recent memory.

The problem here is that while the acting is on point, Mavis is a character written to be so unlikable that audiences will be extremely hesitant to root for her, the dialogue (which seems to be purposefully awkward) is so blunt that even though the atmosphere of the film is suppose to be that of reality, every word spoken seems to ooze a pretentious and very self-aware cleverness which screams "You are watching a MOVIE!

He has acute vision for everyday life, making sure that we see the unmade bed, the mess on the floor and the empty bottles of wine by the bedside.

A photograph of her high school sweetheart's newborn baby arrives in the inbox one day and with that, she sets off for Mercury—in denial—inspired to rescue him from his boring life as a family man.

It's hard to imagine just how the producers managed to convince anyone to back a script so irredeemably humorless, charmless and boring.

It is an uneventful, unsympathetic, tedious and unfunny waste of your time.

Overall, the film is entertaining and gets one thinking, with excellent performances by Theron and Oswalt, and a very well written screenplay that is very much character-driven and rewarding in that sense.

This is the sword's other edge, but it's dull compared to the cut of the biting snark and unappealing lead character.

Maybe back when they were in high school he was fun, but now the guy just seems like a huge bore.

Truthfully, for the first hour this movie is pretty bland and slow, with scene after scene of jokes that seem to be lacking a punch-line.

Charlize play is so real and enjoyable, that is almost frightening.

Throughout the film, she drops hints as to what is really happening, and a lot of her facade is just a very empty shell.

The Mavis character though, despite her massive un-likeableness, is still a fascinating and believable character and Theron is once again stunningly beautiful and amazing bringing her to life.

One of the worst movies ever made.

Despite this, Young Adult still earns recommendation as an intriguing character piece.

Yet in the hands of Jason Reitman, an effortlessly talented director, and his screenwriter Diablo Cody, Young Adult is far more sophisticated and entertaining.

Waste of time and money and everything, don't waste your time on this!!!

The film is also incredibly entertaining, and you never really know where it's going, and it just has a sort of magical element of surprise to it.