You've Got Mail (1998) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Two business rivals who despise each other in real life unwittingly fall in love over the Internet.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Nora Ephron
Stars: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 90 out of 578 found boring (15.57%)

One-line Reviews (246)

The Godfather/Pride-and-Prejudice business was annoying and the side relationships were unnecessary and distracting, but Jean Stapleton was enjoyable and the online/offline relationship between Hanks and Ryan worked well.

The plot of the story is simple but the acting of Meg and Tom Hanks makes it too interesting and entertaining.

That's why I was slightly disappointed but stil really enjoyed it as Tom and Meg will always act together really well.

they're entertaining and fun also).

It seemed to dull and predictable, you know?

And the two leads significant others were so annoying and pointless.

It dragged a little bit.

And though I have begun to feel that Tom Hanks is becoming a tediously ubiquitous face in Hollywood, much like Gerard Depardieu in France, I found his performance intriguing, as he avoided the pitfall of another clean cut Jimmy Stewart type nice guy role and allowed himself to appear as a modest modern villain: the head of a soul-eating big books corporation.

This is an intriguing set-up (and a savvy and intelligent update of Shop Around the Corner's pen-pal conceit); the scenes where we hear (through voiceover) Tom and Meg's communiques with each other are low-key and sweet.

This film was entertaining, fast moving and full of laughs.

Many of the scenes dragged on too long and the romance drowned out the comedy in many places.

tom hanks and meg ryan (who have amazing chemistry and are wonderful, evocative actors) are charmed with each other based on the words they say, not something superficial like looks.

In general, this film is enjoyable, even though the plot is somewhat predictable.

Also, the film is too long.

Also, the situations are very entertaining and fit with the movie's tone.

A bland, unimaginative film with no flair, verve or any sharp wit in sight.

Conforms to convention, but does just enough with the tools of the trade and the charisma of the characters to remain engaging throughout.

Dull, smug, self satisfied twaddle.

This is the point after which the movie becomes unbearable.

I think the overwhelming problem with the movie is that I cared about the characters as much as I would about the bland, faceless ciphers that get torn apart in horror flicks i.

I was left completely underwhelmed as this pretentious guff attempts to take flight like a pelican with lead boots.

But I found it kinda slow.

Poor movie with very little plot and an unbelievable script.

I enjoyed it more than any movie I've seen in years.

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are at their engaging best and the result is a thoroughly enjoyable romantic comedy.

Soulless, Boring RomCom Fodder; Easily the Worst of the Hanks / Ryan Trifecta .

Sweet, cute and unbearable.

Formulaic, flighty, flirtatious, and feel-good-all-around, "You've Got Mail" emerges also as a shameless infomercial for AOL, Macintosh computers, and Starbucks Coffee.


Still, watching You've Got Mail is a positive and cheerful side to this stunning technology.

I love both Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan, but this is a rather boring romantic comedy that did absolutely nothing for me.

This movie was definitely a complete waste of time, in fact I am still in shock that it has gotten such great reviews.

This movie was so much better than I expected, which was a simple romantic comedy with predictable "pass each other in the street" scenarios throughout.

Romantic, funny, no sad, boring, slow parts.

Nothing happens!

Good movie, but the end dragged on...

There are very few that I can watch over and over again and continue to find them maintaining your interest and enjoyable.

I never get bored watching the two interact, always funny and engrossing with extremely quotable dialogue.

My husband and I would spend entire nights chatting, exchange 60 emails a day, run home to the computer to look for more messages after we'd been out, spend sleepless nights when we were apart, dream only of the moment when it would be possible to meet in person at last (we were on opposite sides of the pond), and when the internet connection was slow call each other on the phone for hours.

I was bored after 10 minutes and lasted an hour!

You've Got Mail is a below average film with a very dull storyline that never really gets interesting and an uninspired cast.

Another formulaic romantic-comedy from Nora Ephron ("Sleepless in Seattle").

Terribly cheesy, unbearably predictable, shockingly boring .

Love conquers all between two bad-for-each-other individuals in the predictably saccharine but tolerably entertaining romantic comedy "You've Got Mail" that reunites writer & director Nora Ephron with her "Sleepless in Seattle" co-stars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan as rival booksellers in the Big Apple who woo each other anonymously via the Internet when they aren't at war with each other in the real world.

You've Got Mail (1998): Dir: Nora Ephron / Cast: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Dave Chappelle, Parker Posey, Greg Kinnear: Dreadfully predictable romantic comedy about connecting and communication.

Nothing happens through much of it.

They are getting boringly predictable.

The stunning performance of these actors combined with a fantasticly rich and believable story create one of the best films of the decade.

Boring Romantic Comedy that is Rarely Funny, .

Ephron's Dialogue is snappy and e-mail as acinematic device enables an extra layer of zingy dialogue toimprove what would otherwise be an ordinary sappy romance.

Their love letters they wrote to each other were trite and nauseating, though at least we were spared scenes of them meeting cute in a chatroom or newsgroup (alt.

This movie has a thin plot and shallow characterizations; the script is tepid and predictable.

It is too long for what it has to say.

They could have shortened it down a half hour easy which would have made it far more entertaining.

He was enjoyable as the middle-aged man trying to finish college for gainful employment in Larry Crowne (2011).

Very enjoyable movie with a questionable "message".

While this movie fails at this point and leaves the viewer feeling disappointed, it is still worth watching.

Way too contrived .

Cute, enjoyable, but veeerrry predictable .

This is an utterly predictable Hollywood movie.

If there's a lazier, more pleased-with-itself, predictable, trite, non-urgent movie than this, I'd like to know--so I can avoid it too.

To add more pain in the equation, her virtual friend is going to provide a couple of unexpected surprises which she will have to face as life becomes harder and harder.

Overall I think this film is good and is worth watching.

I highly recommend it.

Long, boring, zzzzzzzzzz

Suddenly, since she has a man in her life, she gets completely over the fact that the business that she put her heart and soul to and was in her family for generations died a slow, painful death at the hands of his chain bookstore.

Still, it's a very good and enjoyable movie to watch with your family.

Cute, enjoyable; a pleasant surprise .

it started and about 10 minutes in I was very very bored, the pace just hadn't taken off.. so I gave it more time, and more time...

And I was a little bit surprised to find I enjoyed it as much, tonight, as I did when it was first released (I've been a little hard on romantic comedies, lately).

I went into You've Got Mail ready for a replay of Sleepless in Seattle--which wouldn't have been bad or boring, just unsurprising.

Nora Ephron has made a trite movie that is more appropriate for the '50s than for the '90s.

It was the worst movie I've seen in a long time.

Not to have cyber-sex anymore because it is just a waste of time 2.

You've Got Mail is well made and acted and was very enjoyable for a while until it went very wrong.

All of the cliché liberal nonsense is in here: 1) the Rosenbergs 2) Giulliani winning the election 3) all that boring stuff about Capitalism being so evil...

This movie is fun and exciting.

Enjoyable .

The soundtrack was also engaging.

This was truly a boring film.

I guess if you can overlook the fact that the movie is the longest infomercial for AOL that you may ever see (the AOL logo appears less than a minute into the film) and the very weak ending, it is a very engaging and enjoyable film.

The story was rather stilted and the more boring it became, the higher they cranked up the music.

I watched this film with my girlfriend, and although it was undeniably romantic, it was still hugely enjoyable, with classic moments such as the little girl's singing.

Basically Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) is a really bored book shop owner who wants to find someone to talk to, over the internet by email.

Instead, You've Got Mail becomes an exercise in long, sometimes tedious pacing, and some moments we encounter leave us asking "how did you not get that hint?

slow .

It was a good premise for a romantic comedy, and Hanks and Ryan have done well together in the past, but the storyline becomes contrived and implausible, and the whole thing falls apart.

It's bad, empty, corporate-friendly trash.

Slick and occasionally too-cute, but very entertaining picture with a holiday theme.

Really kind of predictable after first fifteen minutes.

never mind the trite, ephronious screenplay and the utterly uninteresting situations...

Totally unpredictable, the end of the movie will bring you to tears.

One was the rather pretentious prose used by Meg Ryan's partner when he types a phrase to her on his old fashioned electric typewriter while in her presence.

It had a "churned-out" and formulaic feel.

One of the worst movies I have seen.

And the movie is also way too long.

not impressive, but enjoyable .

Still, the film is terribly cheesy, unbearably predictable, shockingly boring, JUST LIKE SLEEPLESS !!!

There was no excitement between the two main characters, the script was boring - they should have put more work into it!

Definitely worth watching.

The Worst Movie Ever Made.

Pleasant but predictable .

The movie starts out slow and for teenagers like me, will need a bit of patience.

Inferior to Sleepless in Seattle, but still an enjoyable film.

Meg Ryan hates and loves the same man, with the fascinating twist that she doesn't know they're the same person.

Secondly the fact they meet in twisted circumstances and is deeply contrived.

Nora Ephron's ultra-formulaic schmaltz-"comedy" has only Meg Ryan to thank that it didn't turn into an even bigger disaster.

Overall, given their performance, I still find the movie enjoyable.

I'm going to catch a lot of crap, but this was way too slow .

I got boring.

Cute and entertaining--great date flick.

We knew that THIS MOVIE WILL END WITH THEIR KISS IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA and yet - it was exciting all the way !

You've Got Mail may seem slightly dated ten years later, as e-mail and instant messaging no longer seem as exotic as they once were, but the movie remains engaging thanks largely to the considerable chemistry and charm of its stars.

You've Got Mail is a wonderfully entertaining movie!

You've Got Mail is a boring typical romantic comedy that I would not recommend to anyone.

Sweet but Slow .

It's a pretty wild aberration from reality, but on the other hand it allows for a compelling analysis of the different personalities that people assume online and in real life.

This is an enjoyable film for many reasons.

Chugging down all the perspective that they could squeeze out in the allotted time, it offers enough reasons for the audience to stay on the edge of the seat.

Yes, it's first few minutes seemed like interminable commercials for AOL and Starbucks but, once that is over the movie was truly enjoyable.

You've Got Mail runs way too long, and I really had a problem with Ryan's increasingly warm feelings towards Hanks, who is trying to put her out of business.

I thought the movie was pretty slow-going and boring.

Skip this total waste of time.

And it was ALWAYS fun, exciting, kind and - yes - romantic !

But the movie was plodding and superficial.

Another Nora Ephron, derivative, sentimental, predictable, schlockie, unoriginal, low-brow pandering, opportunistic, sexually-adolescent, anti-artistic way to make money.

The plot is so predictable that you can just about call each scene before it happens.

It's clear to me what this movie is about: exploiting the apparent success of the oh-so-uninteresting Ryan/Hanks love stories of the past.

I thought it look trite and formulaic.

Everything else is hokey and predictable.

An enjoyable film.

The plot judders discernibly, though is drawn out, like most passable romantic movies, skillfully.

too predictable .

pleasant, but predictable .

Started out interesting, but then just got boring .

I just found it boring and a waste of some wonderful talent

Even so, the whole last half hour of the film as Joe works to befriend Kathleen before the 'big reveal' was too drawn out.

Funny, entertaining and tear jerker!.

Entertaining .

Ryan should stop playing these flighty roles, cause she gets too cutesy, and Hanks looks bored at times.

Highly entertaining version of an old play .

I felt that "You've Got Mail" was weak in that respect; it was focused too much on those two characters that everything else was overshadowed, leaving the world they were leaving in and the other characters that interact with them in this bland shade of gray.

I never walked out of a movie before...

Slow and Boring .

Maybe if I had watched this when I was younger or had a special, nostalgic connection with it, I would think more of it, it just feel SO SLOW to me.

Ok, but too boring.

he really needed to be for this story to work (of course, the Hanks of the '80s was born to play just this role - but now that he's graduated to bland "nice guy" parts I suppose all nuance and complexity have gone out of his work).

At the time of release, the connection to Internet was very slow, and "dial-up" (or hooking the Internet to telephone outlet) was our only option.

This was a completely enjoyable romantic comedy, for no other reason than the stars.

Even the walkways of the marina were similar confusing me and of course the primary plot was the same.

) The ending, while very predictable, still managed to lift my spirits.

they cyber talk, they hate each other, 20 hours later they fall in love, zzzzzzzz .

A strangely compelling movie that I can't seem to stay away from.

This shallow movie will leave you feeling empty when it is over.

I had just witnessed a dreary, drippy, forgettable piece of film-making that cost an obscene amount of money.

But the scene where Kathleen is shutting her mom's shop and relives all the memories of her and her mother, was what I thought, personally the most intense part in the whole movie.

The plot was fast paced; the NYC locales brought smiles of recognition: I used to do a lot of business on the upper west side.

Instead, we are treated to weird, pointless details such as the fact Joe Fox's father and grandfather keep reproducing with younger and younger women.

This is a boring film.

This is a fun and entertaining film.

Meg Ryan seemed to go overboard at some parts of the movie while Tom Hanks humour was slightly dull.

Well acted, with a fine supporting cast, You've Got Mail still is predictable and utterly lacking in drama.

The dialogue is far more inspired than in "Sleepless" and the story more engaging.

Really enjoyable "feel good" movie .

This is possibly the dullest film I've ever seen in my life.

Both versions feature stars whose battles are highly entertaining; the 1998 version is certainly more up to date, but both films are well worth watching.

These stars are so engaging, we want them to deliver something more than this movie offers.

*warning, there may be an unintentional spoiler here:I avoided this film for a long time, as I generally try to avoid flippant, trite, cotton candy fluff or neurotic-obsessive romantic-comedies, or films which I dread may fall into these categories.

Nonetheless, it is clear that this was not the main point that the filmmakers were trying to show, and what results is a slow romantic comedy, and the romance that ever-so-slowly blossoms between Hanks and Ryan feels all the more forced.

It seemed like a drawn out bad Sienfeld.

And unsurprisingly, it was interminable, boring, unexciting, slow, unromantic and unreal.

Bland .


fun, entertaining, RELATIONSHIPS!!.

Another problem with this movie, is that it's rather mundane.

This film has all the flaws of the typical 90's Hollywood sentimental comedy: polished, predictable, shallow, and not even funny.

Engaging and lots of fun.

Sugar-coated it was, but charming and thoroughly enjoyable!!!

This was one of the most enjoyable movies I ever read.

I'm a romantic comedy lover and Meg Ryan's fan, so I'm a little suspect to talk about this movie, but I guarantee it is very entertaining, specially when Joe keeps kidding with her, trying to find a lot of defects to the internet guy (himself) letting her really confused.

This movie is so cliché, melodramatic, and cheesy.

There aren't any good jokes, and the plot ispredictable and tedious and unexciting.

Bland but enjoyable would best describe You've Got Mail, at least until the last reel.

So boring, I left .

This makes Joe a fascinating romantic lead.

But it's still an easily enjoyable and rather amusing little story.

Tom Hanks is without a doubt one of my favourite actors of all time but I just did not enjoy his performance in this film,I think he was extremely aware of how cliché and cheesy this movie is and that's why he wasn't putting in the great acting he is well capable of.

How "dragged in by the hairs" and far fetched is this story?

Starts out pretty slow, not sure where it will be going.

Every line is predictable and contained within the storyline.

This movie will be enjoyable to its target audience, hopeless romantics and first dates.

It's not a movie you have to be grossed out about because of all the gore or one that is so over your head you are totally bored out of your mind.

Of course, like any movie of the genre, we gradually progress to a predictable feel-good conclusion.

But I think it could be improved by taking some footage out - some sequences are actually rather boring.

This is a very enjoyable movie with two outstanding lead players.

So slow and absolutely no dramatization, no emotions, no twists or turns, no story development ...

If you want gripping cinema, you're not going to get it here.

The movie was not as funny as I had hoped, and at times frankly bored me.

I enjoyed it more than their last joint project, Sleepless in Seattle simply because the immensely likeable pair were onscreen together so much more.

The writing, direction and, best of all, the acting, hold your attention through 2 very enjoyable hours.

Mind you, I can forgive Tom Hanks his tedious virtues, largely because I am never going to see Saving Whosywhatsit.

Ok, I have walked out of one movie in my life, The Arrival with Charlie Sheen, And if my popcorn had not been so good I would have gladly left the theater during this movie.

) The movie's already pitiful humour is constantly assaulted and made even more unbearable by Ephron's onslaught of liberal propaganda.

It has a simple plot, but has many unexpected turns and twists.

As I started watching the movie in the beginning it seemed a bit boring.

The dialogue is boring and mindless - I just sat there wishing time would fly(four beers didn't help).

But it was enjoyable, although not a movie you will want to buy and watch over and over again.

Aside from the obvious exploitation of Tom Hanks as a cutesy nice-guy-at-heart type (such as the unbearable carnival montage, in which he is depicted riding around in the kiddie cars and other such calculated moves to make us say "Awwwww.

The movie is loooooooooong, stupid, boring and did I mention long.

I thought You've Got Mail was funny, entertaining and concluded with the tear jerker at the end.

The story is enjoyable: the trick of the loving writing and the bad meeting is a good one.

This movie is just (now let me think of the right word) -- entertaining.

Hanks' and Ryan's characters have been in touch with each other before the movie begins, through an AOL chat room, those painfully slow internet mailing services that would confound the millennials today.

Trite, shallow, saccharine, completely without merit.

Cute, but slightly slow.

Greg Kinnear also gives a stunning performance and makes all realize, are we really with who is right for us?

However, by the graces of outstanding writing, which avoided the all too convenient escape route of predictable happy endings, the small shop did indeed close, under commercial pressure.

But an enjoyable, Tom Hanksy prick.

Having not seen the original, I cannot compare though found this a breezy enough, entertaining little comedy romance.

The classic tale is updated for the computer age but it's still timeless and engaging and my personal favorite of the three films Hanks and Ryan made together.

Aged badly, but still enjoyable .

It's the story that's so mundane.

"You've Got Mail" is an interesting look at what future romances could be, is a very cute, engaging, and yes, romantic movie.

I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to have their spirits lifted.

It lacks the compelling innocence of Sleepless in Seattle.

Nothing happens.

These two stars are great on screen together and make for an entertaining little romance.

Very enjoyable and well worth watching.

Hanks does his best with the predictable tripe.

I was forced to read that garbage in school - and I'm still full of hate for that spinster's empty-headed scribblings!

The movie was very very slow moving.

Overall, this is an enjoyable romantic-comedy, though.

You've Got Mail is still an enjoyable movie despite all of its apparent faults.

Joe is shacking up with a neurotic, caffeine-addicted book editor, Patricia Eden (indie movie queen Parker Posey), while Kathleen shares the same bed with a pretentious, bespectacled newspaper columnist, Frank Navasky (Greg Kinnear of "As Good As It Gets.

The plot was adorable and the movie itself was a sweet, ironic, whole-hearted romance which finally produced a pairing of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan that is definitely worth watching.

Directors today feel they need to make huge tedious conversations, and think that the absence of sexual tension is made up by discussing ideals.

It starts off like a promising,engaging yarn.

A nice movie to watch if you are bored, but at times it's slow.

Save your money.

The characters were obnoxious, the story was predictable, and the acting was flat.

It is nice to go to a thoroughly enjoyable movie where no main characters die off, there is next to no swearing and, face it, Tom and Meg make goo goo eyes at each other!

And the top-notch acting by Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks just added to the modern day touch that made this movie really enjoyable.

Cute, romantic and enjoyable !

Yes Shelby is male, and I enjoyed it.

It has emotion, drama and happiness but the very predictable and simple finale spoils the overall experience.

The dialogues between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan often misfire and are on occasion even too contrived to be funny.