Yu-Gi-Oh! (2000) - Animation, Action, Adventure

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Yugi Moto solves an Ancient Egyptian Puzzle and brings forth a dark and powerful alter ego. Whenever he and his friends are threatened by evil in Duel Monster Card Game, this alter ego breaks out to save them.

IMDB: 7.2
Stars: Dan Green, Wayne Grayson
Length: 24 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 13 out of 63 found boring (20.63%)

One-line Reviews (46)

But once it got past that stage, it turned into a really fun, really enjoyable experience, with the exception of some painfully obvious censorship here and there.


Every single episode is repetitive.

The KWB/CN version added in this whole pointless scene in which in the middle of the duel Pegasus begins to talk to Yugi about the Millennium Items.

The plot is intriguing for those who enjoy mysteries and suspense(although watching YU-GI-OH!

There is one thing that's worse than a slow movie and that thing is a slow series.

This is a very unique situation: when a show has a stupid premise (card games) and actually pulls out a good, intense story.

), and the characters are real, touching, and very entertaining.

*yawn* Nothing new, nothing new.



A lot of people often think and say that it's just a commercial which is not true, it is an amazing monster anime series that is definitely worth the watch!

It was a pretty good show, I enjoyed it very much.

They are incredibly repetitive as well, pretty much the same thing happens in every episode, the hero confronts a villain and they have showdown...

oh, aside form the Gathering What THE HELL IS SO EXCITING ABOUT CARD BATTLES???

maybe pokemon is not that popular now and kind of silly, but at least it is entertaining and easy to follow.

exciting and vert adictive to watch and play .

Whereas in another crappy kids' show I used to watch, namely the commercial phenomenon Pokémon (every soccer mum's pet peeve), at least the monsters had the courtesy to duke it out every once in a while, "Yu-Gi-Oh" is just, in the quiet words of Roger Ebert's A Clockwork Orange review, "plain talky and boring".

The good guy's (Yu-Gi, Joey etc.) but mainly YU-Gi always struggle against their Opponents early in the Battle and when you think it's over for them they always come back near the end by outsmarting and destroying their Opponents like how Yawning is that?

Each season is very slow.

Dull, vapid toy commercial.

Of the main characters, and aside from Yami Yugi, the villains are often the most compelling.


I pity those who find this enjoyable.

The dubbed version I've seen was had very dense characters and repetitive situations.

Like Beyblade it is just so lame and predictable in terms of story lines.

Every episode is predictable.

The reason why I think that it moves so slow is that Yu makes moves very slowly in the card game.

can be confusing to those with slower mind-speeds.

Even With The Nostalgia Goggles Off, It's Still Entertaining .

While it does kind of slow down the duels (and yes, i know this because i used to play the game) and really drag them on for an episode, and it may change the impact a certain card has in the game quite often, I still had a nice time following the plot, and sometimes the action is...

yawn, where's the originality.

I know some online people who love this show and while I'm not a big, huge fan, I thought it was entertaining.

The overall plot of the series is complex and very entertaining.

The storyline of the ancient Pharaoh sealing himself and his memory away in order to stop (at first rather generic) evil, as well as some of the Egyptian themes within the series are quite engaging and interesting, although it must be admitted that after all the time that this mystery remains sealed (the first four seasons, in fact), its resolution can be really underwhelming.

Yu-gi-oh is an amazing action packed show, i happened upon it while waiting for the power puff show, Yu-Gi-Oh had like 10 minutes left, and i've just adored it since then.

The story can be engaging at times, and even the voices of the dub can be enjoyable from time to time as well......

Okay, so lately the whole Kidnapped-Grandfather plot has been ditched in favor of a story with this mind-absorbing villain who wants three Egyptian God Cards.

" However, after I had been forced to actually watch several episodes and began to actually follow the plot and character development, I discovered to my surprise that this show, while it is basically just a marketing ploy to sell trading cards, is actually a complex and fascinating story with well-developed and multi-dimensional characters and relationships.

Boring long running anime .

Watching this at young age loved it but watching it as an adult it is over 200 episodes of one big commercial to sell a trading card game and it gets boring and repetitive very quickly.

To sum it up, it's just a huge waste of time.

but i like it and people who say that it is dull should watch it or maybe they only watched the first season.

The villains are all either scary or just plain funny, the duels can sometimes be exciting, and Yugioh is the only show I can think of that actually has great filler.

At first I loved this show but the more you watch it the more you realize how Predictable almost every Battle is.

you know who if you are a fan, and some mild harsh language, 4Kids removes scenes, dresses the 'Black Magician Girl' up in a dumb pair of pink trunks, digitally embellishes the 'horrors of combat', dumbs down some dialogue, digitally removes some female characters' cleavages and simply makes the entire experience of watching this a lot more bland.