Zero (2018) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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The story revolves around Bauua Singh (Shah Rukh Khan), a vertically challenged man, who is full of charm and wit, with a pinch of arrogance. Born to a wealthy family and raised in an environment of affluence, he is challenged to broaden his horizon and find purpose in life.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Aanand L. Rai
Stars: Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma
Length: 164 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 154 out of 1000 found boring (15.4%)

One-line Reviews (337)

Mind Blowing .

One of the best movie of 2018 so far full entertaining, emotions with epic dialogues blockbuster

The way SRK and Anushka Sharma acted in this movie is mind blowing.

Very boring movie with dull script.

Katrina is totally waste of time and probably I am not gonna go next time for her Movie

He is just mind blowing in the character of Baua Singh.

The plotline is unexpected.

Pathetic, irritating, depressing, unbearable.

The 2nd half is boring , dragged too much , tries to bring fake emotion in people's.

Am not gonna tell anything about the movie bt let me tell U, its a bit lengthy, So the story is non-gripping at some points.

Zero Is Mind Blowing .

This is The worst movie I've ever watched in cinema...

Worst movie ever made .

SRK's acting mind blowing 😍 .

I love SRK and I am extremely biased but I think this movie is worth the watch.

Katrina Kaif is stunning, and her Rockstar arrogance is spellbinding.

OMG mind blowing.....

Writing review 2nd time, wrote 1st for bhavesh joshi, very nice movie unexpectedly coming from Shahrukh All were nice, nasa training could hv been harder as shown, few flaws in selection of nasa entry plus entering of Shahrukh where anuska was delivering speech in nasa, overall nice flick, more unexpected coming from Shahrukh as per his track since 2 yrs

The worst movie I have ever seen , pathetic acting , I don't understand why they take Katrina waif when she can't act .

Worst movie ever made,, Shahrukh's overacting will give you headache Koi free me v dikhaye toh mat dekho..

but it is worth watching

If my entire family was not with me in the movie, i would have walked out in the first 30 minutes.

Especially, the first half of the movie is quite entertaining.

It has no story no nothing i wasted my time watching it even i couldn't stay to the end it was really very silly and doesn't deserve your time and money.

1st half is great, funny, entertaining.

Very bad script , no story, super flop After race 3 and thugs of hindustan another flop of the year

Boring and Nonsensical mindless movie.

This is seriously worst movie ever made by humans, shahrukh khan can do better

Katrina surprises you with a stunning performance.

Bored throughout the movie,Watch it if you're srk fan.

Boring, artificial emotions .

Really Entertaining one to watch for!!

no story,No acting,No concept,No conclusion totally a garbage.

Acting of SRK and Anushka is just mind blowing.

One of the worst movies I have seen in a very long time.

There was so much to love about the movie - the character of Bauua, Aafia, Guddu, Ashok and of course Babita, the humour, the energy, the vfx which was so good that it felt all so real, the visuals, some mind blowing scenes and finally a climax which was WOW!!


It's backward movie waste of money gatiya movie .

Don't waste your time

It was a torture.

A dull movie by srk....

A total waste of time .

No story at all.

50 % entertaining 50% boredom .

The movie has all the elements of an awesome film,dont want to spoil any fun..first half is entertaining and has a light theme,it is the second half which is emotional..all the actors have given a fantastic performance..Srk is wow n Anand l rai is awesome Anushka n kat has done very well Srk is winner in box office king khan back again with blockbuster srk

Zero is truly an entertaining movie, which stays true to the narrative.

Absolute Torture.

my 175 rupee is worth watching you and my fav kat

A boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl again movie that just dragged on after boy loses girl and wandered into an absurd and tedious direction.

Worth watching.

No story, horrible acting by the cast except the Babita Kumari part played Katrina Kaif.


Worst Movie.

Srk,when will u choose right scripts ,worst movie ,srk finished

I think It's a full entertaining package.

At one point, Zero dazzles with moments of colour and vibrancy, but then it also follows up with dull scenes that fail to launch the drama in the zone that it's supposed to be in.

#Mind blowing.....

Worth watching a million times .

Katrina is absolutely riveting.

Worst movie I have watched till date .

really Entertaining, whole new experience with charismatic #bauaa Singh.

It's so slow .

Disgusting, boring, meaningless and full of nonsense.

Good entertaining, time pass movie...

Boring .

Srk acting is outstanding but movie itself is boring and story is illogical.

What a waste of time and money.

Movie is sluggish in 2nd half for a little but ends up on high note with an unpredictable climax.

Technically, Zero is very good with superb art direction, lovely cinematography and stunning visual effects along with good background score (Ajay -Atul)The only saving grace in this film is Shah Rukh Khan.

Be it SRK turning back the clock to give us the romantic mush or be it the visuals or be it the exciting storyline, Zero has it all!

Worst movie overact .

Shah Rukh Khan after watching this movie I hate you really a waste of time movie and disgusting..

The visual effects and cinematography was stunning and maybe the best in Bollywood till date.

nice and entertaining.

worst movie I have ever seen .

After the film i was left with an empty feeling.

Worth watching with your family and friends.

An Absolute Waste of Time.

Worst movie of the year.

I enjoyed it with both my friends and Family.

Worst movie ever .

Please save your money as the movie is not Upto the mark!!!

It was dull, boring and waste of time....

This movie was a waste of time.

her part makes the movie very boring..I recommend to all please save your money or watch kgf instead

Specially 2nd half damn boring.

It's the worst movie i watched in 2k18.

Light , entertaining and has very deep philosophy attached in Comedy and drama together .

The angle of second heroine Katrinia is just dragging and bores you some more until you see the Intermission.


I've got bored only after 20 mins!!!.. Don't recommend for anyone...

Worst movie .

Full entertaining movie.


He fails yet again.. Performance wise, d movie belongs to Bauwa Singh.. anushka was good, but because of her slow rate of speech, her scenes with srk feels like they r being dragged way too much!!

Every frame is sensible and entertaining.

How come producers waste their money on such worst story?

The first hour, while predictable, still had great moments, outstanding acting from female lead and great special effects in creating a "dwarf" out of normal height actor.

Entertaining and DIFFERENT movie by SRK each time .

Where it faulters is in the strictly average and boring 2nd half.

Poor screenplay and the length of the movie become too tedious to watch.

Boring, overacting movie.

Such a funtastic entertaining Musical movie.

Overall, worst movie in year 2018.

Second Worst movie of the year after TOH.

1st Half was little beat good with comedy and Entry Sence but Second half full of Boring and Logicless because of Poor Storyline.

Felt like I waste my time and money in watching this movie.

There is no story, no emotion just stupidity.

Mind blowing.

Trust me, don't even think to watch this, I don't understand why such movie is made in Indian cinema, no story, no concept, flying in air, going to Mars, unnecessary entries of Bollywood celebrities.

A slow boring movie with no plot to write about.

Maybe it was the cliché of every emotional love story film throughout that made the audience lose their focus easily.

Awesome And Entertaining .

Waste of time and money.

Rai for pulling off such an unexpected performance from Katrina (who isn't know much for her acting skills).

All in all its a entertaining movie.

A total waste of time.

Save your Money and your time .

I think this was second on worst movie of the year competition.

Worst movie, wastage of time .

It is awesome, I loved the character Bauwa Singh, love the plot and vfx was really cool, songs were awesome and characters as well were engaging.

Enjoyable movie with excellent comic timming.

Entertaining movie .

Amazing movie ,fully entertaining and also a vfx paramount

Bored, exhausted.

Dont waste your time .

It's just mind blowing.. Srk 10/10 Kat 10/9 Anushka 10/10 Story 10/10 Direction 10/9 Music 10/10

Worst Movie - Only Charisma, No Script, No Screenplay .

The tone of the movie changes in the second half which few audiences would not like too see but overall this movie is a fun, entertaining movie and if you are considering to watch it, definitely watch it

Anyways, the VFX efforts were mind blowing, they had to shoot one scene five times to make it look good and fit and that's mind blowing.

The movie starts of with a very engaging story.

No plot in the film ,anything illogical happens anytime .

Worst movie of 2018 .

The first 40-50 minutes were good as it had some comedy scenes, but after that things changes and the film becomes boring.

It's waste of money movie it's not good movie bakvas movie

This movie is a complete waste of time.

Worst movie .

Totally a waste of time, there is no logic in the movie and they are showing everything stupid in the movie.

Sorry srk.. but you failed.. stupidity idiotic boring

Watchable entertaining movie, .

Such a waste of time.

It's very entertaining .

"the number of things to note is stunning visual effect , animation , cutting edge colouring !

The plot is awful and extremely predictable, and the dialogue is just terrible.

This is the worst movie I have watched this year.

I have booked the First Day Show tickets a week ago and we really enjoyed the first half but the second half was completely dull.


Shahrukh khan's wit and humor in the first half grows your expectations which are then shattered in the second half.. You wont have any idea where the movie is going.. Ending is too boring...

Boring film.


But with such a talented cast, Anand L Rai, the director somewhere failed to keep the story engaging.

Exaggerated,Unreal and larger than life yet entertains nicely in the first half..Srk's midget role is enjoyable and involving enough until intermission...

I am giving this one star only for shahrukh khans work , please don't waste your money .

Worst movie of SRK's career.

Mind blowing.

Mind blowing .

Worst movie .

While this film is aesthetically pleasing with all of the huge and beautiful stars in it, the story was disjointed and incomplete.

The cameos from the other bollywood stars was probably the most pointless bit of the film.

but this movie has to be the worst movie I have ever seen in the past decade.

Entertaining & Superb 1st half.

Zero is really a nice movie & worth watching.

Worst Movie .

Storyline line may be weak in second half, but movie is still worth watching.

Zero - Waste of Money .

It is a typical Bollywood potboiler and I quite enjoyed it.

Nonsense and waste of time .

The dialogues seem to have gaps and there is confusion.

Good in parts but mostly boring.

And the main content of this movie is VFX RED CHILLIS has done a mind blowing job like never seen before really hats off to the All VFX team.

It defies logic, its ridiculous and a waste of time and money.

Totally un-realastic and boring story,where is zero star option?

worth watching for sure

Worst movie ever i have seen...

Waste of time!!!.

It's a horrible movie with a boring script, below average acting by the 2 leads Shahrukh Khan & Anushka Sharma, awful dialogues, terrible music & miserable direction.

no script no story just deciving us

Boring & Logicless .

It's that uninspiring.

It's a must watch film.. purely entertaining.

Logicless , boring .

To sum up, don't waste your time on this movie because your time is worth a lot more

Worth watching...

Baseless & Worst movie .

1st half engaging, entertaining, Fabulous !!

Genuinely the worst movie I've ever seen .

I am still not able to understand that this movie was a romantic movie or a parody, zero logic, pathetic acting and stupid script, a total waste of time.

Cinema hall was full of laughter and whistles but in 2nd half movie bored audience and pin drop silence in hall.

Waste of time.

Story is not at all good, Over acting of SRK is really boring to watch nowadays, After Salmans Biggest Flop Race 3, now it is SRKs Turn to give a big flop with Zero!!!

Truly family entertaining production .

Worth watching

Worth watching .

No script, no logic and some stupid editing.

Waste of time .

Bollywood movies became boring because of the lack of good stories and scenarios.

Ist half is gud bt 2 half is lengty nd boring ,not worth .


Don't waste your time.

A must watch, full entertainment, paisa vasool, worth watching for sure

Good entertaining movie .

Worst movie of recent times .

He is a torture.

Srk was annoying and Anushka was boring.

Zero is one of the best entertaining movie in bollywood with unique story .

No story, second half is too much drag.

Fantastic entertaining film.

No story, annoying acting.

Loose acting and waste of time and money.

Dont waste your time friends.

The next 90 minutes or so are slow and do not have much to offer barring a few comic dialogues.

Expect the unexpected and go with heart open to understand the phycology of very complicated characters .

Songs are boring.

#Zero movie take me to the tour of imperfect life to extra ordinary life, funny entertaining movie, enjoyed with my friends & have a great fun to watch.

Boring, Stupid and Rubbish.

It's Worth Watching And The songs are just Awesome.

worst movie of the year.

Such a waste of time and money.

Boring elongated movie .

SRK features in every frame of the film making it monotonous and repetitive.

Worth watching .

The first half of the movie is good, entertaining.

He is too entertaining in the movie...

There are some parts of the movie that is entertaining ur in totality not really worth the time.

Don't waste your money on zero watch kgf with great content.

Waste of money and time .

Then about the supporting cast, director tried to induce more comedy in different places and the supporting actor Mohammed was sometimes so boring.

No story line and perfectly boring movie.

Movie had a good story line but due to poor direction and very poor second half movie looks like a huge bore....

I actually fell asleep at the end.

It is a mediocre movie with half baked story, but enjoyable to see the transformation of Baaua Singh.

What a crap waste of money, time.

boring movie .

Don't waste time watching "zero" movie Use time wisely.

Mind blowing , entertaining , engaging , no boring moment for a single second 😎

I enjoyed it .

He tried something new and brilliant they story is unpredictable first half is much better and funnier than the second half we enjoyed the movie alot

1st half of the was brilliant 2nd half was little slow.

Lame storyline, sheer waste of time as per me.

A breathtaking cinematic journey.

I actually took out my cellphone in the theater because I was just plain bored.

That scenario was so boring plus we already know the scenario, same as many movies before when Shahrukhan will show he can do anything for Rabiah.


Entertaining and great characters, who unlike other bollywood movies remained same through out the course of the story.

One of the worst movies this year .

I laughed, I crief, I cringed a few times but this was one of the most enjoyable, fun, and beautifully filmed and directed films I watched in 2018.

Movie is same old romantic bs with no real plot.

Anushka Sharma tried to act like Daniel day Lewis in my left foot movie but went in vain SRK over action is unwatchable katrina kaif role is disgusting and missing logic not worth watching this film

At the age of 53 srk energy in this movie mind blowing.

isr half is good but 2nd half is toatally dragged and illogical ...

Though overall movie is good , at some places the movie is deliberately dragged along.

What a waste of money.. the movie has a very weak and unbelievable plot.

It's was blockbuster movie..Buaa Singh was amazing and Anushka as Aafia mind blowing,and kat also played a very well role ..

Yes,I was forced to enter the hall nervous,knowing that ~ " this movie has an enjoyable first half and a horrible second half" ......

Just boring .

I was expecting a big crowd but there were lots of empty chairs.

Worst movie ever seen.

A very poor movie, save your money.

The plot meanders to unknown and unwanted chapters and bores you to the core.

full on entertaining, emotional love story .

But overall is very entertaining thoughtful movie .

Such a waste of time.

It is a pretty good movie and worth watching.

Complete entertaining movie.

But its a flop of a movie due to the tedious script after the 1st hour and bad ending.

The worstness of the movie supercedes another worst movie 'Happy New year'.

Worst movie ever .

No story, no good dialogues, Anushka was atrocious, srk, well, he was srk.

Each and every moment was enjoyable and gave justice to the script.

A confusing affair.

Additionally a very slow story, low script snd what not.

Worst movie of 2018.

just waste of time and money...

It has no storyline, how a uneducated man can go to Mars and lost in the space and found only after 15 yrs with like nothing happened to him.

It's an very unique movie very good concept intense love story unique scene everything is just awosome its an new word entry when you see colour full scene everywhere in film full of sweet memories comedy full of emotions as well just loved

Worst movie .

Worst movie ever .

Complete waste of time

It has all the right mix of a love story and Shahrukh has truly excelled in his role, just watching him on screen will make your hands clap and the way he surrenders to the character is so mind boggling, it reminded of Daniel Day-Lewis.

Worst movie of the year .

The film also dedicates Shahrukh's stardom in a scene, where many of his leading ladies over the years come together - Kajol, Juhi, Sridevi, Deepika, Alia etc. The song Issaqbaazi, where Shahrukh and Salman are in the same frame along with Remo D'souga and Ganesh Acharya, is entertaining.

When you rate a movie one star it should be on the list of the worst movies you've ever seen and have zero entertainment value.

Movie is pure entertaining, you can watch it with family no problem at all..........

Background score & music is stunning; Most specially the track "Mere naam tu".

Boring as hell.

You will feel bored after interval and always think of when movie will end or you may take a nap or play PUBG.

Film half was ok but second half was just a torture.

The first half is entertaining; Anand L Rai excels in creating the UP atmosphere and here he has SRK and Zeeshan Ashraf in full flow.

One of the Worst movies of 2018, zero was not on the list , i would have given zero.

It is worth watching.

It is a family entertaining film.

And the most confusing thing is that I see people are 10 stars for this garbage.

Exaggerated,Unreal and larger than life yet entertains nicely in the first half..Srk's midget role is enjoyable and involving enough until intermission...

Pathetic and unbearable movie not sure why they are wasting time in even thinking of making a nonsense movie

Horrible movie, no logic, no plot, SRK's looks we're not the problem anymore, his acting- well there was no acting from anyone there.

just don't waste your money on this.

Wholesome family entertaining movie for Christmas..

My family and I literally walked out and couldn't bear the last 20 or so minutes.

First half is good but second half too boring.

Movie is full of overacting , logicless scripts , unrealistic concepts and stretched too much to make it boring and the worst bollywood movie of 2018 .

It's funny and sweet and if you dont take it too seriously than very entertaining.

The Film was Really Enjoyable...

Anushka she did best in zero katrina as always stunning, glamorous her acting was different.

It was a so boring film.

The leaps in the story where the character interacts with Bollywood and the nasa angle were a breath of fresh air and something intriguing compared to the monotonous storytelling we're used to being fed in Bollywood.

the worst movie i have ever seen!!.

It's a nice entertaining and different story movie .

But this movie is worth watching.

Such a cliche unreal movie and is basically db at many levels.

Not as expected,Waste of money and time.. Never watch suuch kind of movie, i was very excited about the movie and when i saw it is nothing them timepass

Very cinematic direction (thats what we expect from a movie I guess), enjoyable moments, and detailed acting.

The worst movie with a lousy plot, story, and so on.

Engaging and visual treatOverall Verdict: AWESOME 😍

SRK's performance is endearing and stunning, easily among his top 5 performances.

Entertaining and boring .

Don't waste your money on this one...

The second half begins with the Issaqbaazi song; which is one of the more entertaining songs that you will see this year!

Beautifully directed and acting of SRK and Anuskha is worth watching and Mera Naam Tu song is beautifully picturised.

boring 2nd part .

After interval you think when exit door will open because boring story run like old movies Katrina act okay than to If you are blind srk fans than you can watch.

Good Entertaining movie .

Don't waste your time.

I literally walked out of theater and i am most patient person you will ever see

This movie should get into guinness record as "worst movie in world".

Worth watching a total entertainer movie .

Story mind blowing.

Mind blowing Movie🔥🔥 .

Songs are mind blowing...

A total waste of time.

Don't fall for the stardom, sheer waste of time and money.

His desire to be all important and the superlative has turned formulaic and stale.

Worst Movie Of The Year 2018 .

The story is, well there is no story actually.

His acting becomes repetitive after a time.

Worst movie ever ZERO.

whatever I enjoyed it though out ...