Zodiac (2007) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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In the late 1960s/early 1970s, a San Francisco cartoonist becomes an amateur detective obsessed with tracking down the Zodiac Killer, an unidentified individual who terrorizes Northern California with a killing spree.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: David Fincher
Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr.
Length: 157 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 140 out of 644 found boring (21.73%)

One-line Reviews (746)

For me, one scene in the third act, which features a gripping performance by Charles Fleischer (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT), is a chilling, nerve-jangling sequence that captures the creepy essence of the entire film.

And although most of the movie's lead on by rumors and talks around the killer, it is the moments were "Zodiac" is portrayed that is the most scary and exciting, whether its the brutal stabbings of a loving couple at the beach or Gyllenhaal discovering he is in a basement-trap.

I was literally on the edge of my seat.

Gripping .

For an un-shut case, Fincher with James Vanderbilt's screenplay, wring every note of tension, with bated breathlessness, from the eerie opening scenes, to an ending that dwindles into thrilling nothingness.

THIS MOVIE WAS FREAKIN GREAT Im sitting there on the edge of my seat just driving my self crazy wanting to know what is about to happen.

It might not have a lot of action, and be 99% talking, but the subject matter is more engaging than most action movies.

With Fincher's "Se7en" ingrained in my mind from repetitive viewing, I was ready to expect another film in the same realm.


On the whole, while it is so truthful and authentic in its depiction of the Zodiac case, it just feels overlong and becomes boring too soon.

In spite of this, David have finally made a masterpiece that is so unique and completely otherworldly that it's a mind-bendingly absorbing movie-going experience.

The director should have made it a horror movie because it was intense without having the gore or disturbing images that are so common today.

The only thing I can think of, is that it lasts way too long.

The predominant tones are blacks, browns, greys and dull yellows.

Extremely compelling saga of the "Zodiac".

With its excessive length of over two and a half hours one would say you get bored at any time in this film.

Save your money, stay at home, sit in a dark room and just think about how bleak, underwhelming, flat and empty life is.

It was good and very suspenseful from the beginning.

Disappointingly rote, a numbing excess to this strenuously factual crime drama, relaying mysterious events surrounding a decade-long search for California's Zodiac killer, proves opposite of the engaging, palpable thriller it aspires to.

Fascinating and compelling stuff from start to finish, Zodiac is set (along with Fight Club) to go down as part of Fincher's finest works, and is testament to the age-old adage; "If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The story covers decades and lacks an ending that "traditional" serial killer movies normally have – the difficulties in delivery are obvious and it is to the film's credit that it still manages to be interesting and engaging.

Even so, I found the acting to very convincing and enjoyable in itself.

Actually it can be a pretty big bore unless you're really fascinated with the subject, as Fincher obviously was.

For those who like films that are suspenseful then you will find a lot to like here.

The pace is nice first 30 minutes, but then, all other 2 hours, the film becomes a terrible drag, so moody and so boring.

The possible killer's are fascinating.

Instead, Fincher let the story unfold itself through mood, dialogue, linear plot and editing, stellar acting by the leads & supports and subtlety of extraordinary cinematography and stunning visual effects.

Unlike, say, "Panic Room" there is no real sense of tension in Zodiac, a film which moves at a slow pace and, at over two and a half hours, is seriously overlong.

Here the pursuit is just as thrilling as coming face to face with the villain.

When it did threaten to wind up a bit of tension, it dragged it out so long that the effect was certainly lost on me.

But Zodiac is laid-back, slow and takes it's time.

The soundtrack of pop songs is evocative and appropriate without being too cutesy.

Alien 3 is the most fascinating movie in the Alien franchise for its bizarre, unconventional, depressingly pessimistic storytelling and troubled production that is eventually redeemed by the assembly cut edition.

Overall, the story of "Zodiac" is incredibly gripping and well done.

Yet Zodiac is as completely fascinating as All The President's Men in its roller coaster ride through tips, secret meetings, false leads, and hopes raised and then dashed.

This is a long movie but it never feels that way, we really get into all the characters and the film is riveting from start to finish.

Bore-Fest .

However his gradual fall into obsession is well documented and intriguing to watch and when he really gets into investigating the case it really does move the film along and his discoveries are downright fascinating.

It's just such a fascinating story, filled with all sorts of possible endings.

I thought this was quite an intriguing and engaging thriller that very well manages to keep one on his toes.

He is a director who manages to take traditional storytelling and twist it so much that it becomes fascinating just to watch the plot itself progress, even if every single other thing about the movie is weak or poorly done.

An Superb and Intricate Telling of One of the Most Intriguing Serial Killer Stories of All Time .

This movie is very, very suspenseful at times and some viewers might find it to be a bit long.

Zodiac is a dull thriller in which you know what is going to happened before it even happens.

But, it is too long.

Intriguing and suspenseful .

The dramatic confrontation scenes crackle with sheer intensity, and the criminal investigation for the most part (especially during the film's beginning and end) is tense and engaging.

Engrossing film.

This is one of the finest thrillers of 2007, a really interesting, entertaining and gripping work.

Boring and stupid.

The plot is interesting and the mystery compelling.

Even though he doesn't come out with many new films…with the exception of maybe "Panic Room", those that he does direct are both highly innovative and entertaining.

The ending, in my opinion, was even more tedious.

All of the actors deliver thrilling performances, many of them against the odds.

Although fascinating initially, this approach becomes somewhat tiresome after a while, especially considering the running time of nearly three hours.

I expected a crazy fast paced action killer horror / police procedural.

I grew very bored.

The script is full of fast and snappy dialogue and there's humour in surprising places to uplift some of the darker moments.

Before seeing this movie, I had zero previous information about these murders (far, far before my time), so it was utterly fascinating to me to see the amount of time it took for everything to play out.

Overall, "Zodiac" is a suspenseful and unsettling crime-thriller that cannot be missed, especially by those who find interest in the Zodiac case, or anyone who has read Graysmith's novel.

The film is a little tedious and runs long.

The movie has an interesting story line and the fact that it is true makes it even more exciting.

After all, this is a film about the case, so such close observation is as vital as it is entertaining.

Firstly,it moved at a snails pace and how it can be described as gripping is beyond me.

The acting is good, and the main reason this film is enjoyable.

The story of the Zodiac murders is interesting, intriguing and well told!

Slow, uninvolved, and unemotional, Zodiac goes on much too long at 2 and a half hours.

A slow burning thriller 'Zodiac' is on another level.

However, if you have a short attention span,, or need a twist in a movie to make it enjoyable, please skip this.

I can't recall the last time I saw a crime drama that so widely covers all angles of a true event – maybe Richard Brooks' masterpiece IN COLD BLOOD, the granddaddy of true crime thrillers, or Richard Fleischer's riveting THE BOSTON STRANGLER.

With Zodiac, he's managed to take a riveting story and make it even more compelling - even without a compelling ending in real life.

Which is the point of the movie, I think, that life is flat and empty.

"Zodiac" rides in a paranoia rumbleseat all along, but floors it over potholes during a spine-tingling climactic basement scene — evocative of how discovery and understanding come to supersede sanity, safety, justice or reason.

The film is perfectly-paced and immaculately production-designed and for anyone wanting an absorbing chase (in the plodding, police-work sense) and a world you never have need to doubt is exactly the time and place it professes to be, Zodiac is the film for you.

Sure, the serial killings in the California Bay Area was tragic and for all I know, the killer might still on the loose but to torture the movie goer with nothing but a million aimless characters popping up all over the place, running helter skelter from building to building, from block to block, from car to car and each trying to thwart the efforts of one another in trying to find the ID of the maniac, and for CLOSE TO THREE HOURS, was unbearable.

The sad thing is that even the plot from the first film was fairly bland.

Equally impressive is the story, it is a very intriguing one and told very cleverly as it probes the limits of knowledge and evidence with startling power.

This makes for a fascinating journey.

I've come to regard David Fincher as a dynamic filmmaker with slick fast moving films which keep you on the edge of your seat.

Though it cannot be denied that the plot itself being very intriguing has helped the director in a manner in holding audience interest.

Zodiac is a great film despite its disappointing last act it's got amazing performances a compelling mystery and a surprisingly satisfying pay off.

It's a in-depth look at a psychologically off-kilter time, and I highly recommend it.

The acting is top class across the board, with Mark Ruffalo, a character actor who has gone underrated for far too long, standing out in the least showy role of the lead trio.

My only problem with it was it got a bit boring at times.

I was bored in the middle of the screening.

I must say this was a real snoozer and should be watched at home on a night you can't seem to sleep, as it will do the trick.

This film is highly entertaining.

The results, despite some disgruntled remarks from Gyllenhaal, are stunning performances from all the main players.

The film has a couple of confusing moments or loose ends ...

Very watchable, though slow paced and does require a level of concentration.

If you're looking for an action packed thriller, this movie isn't for you.

If you get bored easily, just go watch '300' instead.

It keeps you on the edge of your seats.

And director David Fincher does a magnificent job in bringing this fascinating story to the screen.

Both movies take on the guise of a suspenseful, character-rich detective story that highlights the obsession that takes over the police and the press in uncovering high-profile crimes.

Movies based on true stories tend to fall into one of two traps- either they embellish until the "truth" is barely distinguishable or they work so hard to tell the "true story" that it becomes dry and boring.

And he does manage to create one of the most entertaining and shortest 2 hour and 40 minute films in its place, which is a high honor for a film within the hackneyed genre of the crime drama.

animal crackers, etc.) Delivery was very flat and uninteresting, not to mention obvious mistakes/gaps in investigation that any ardent CSI viewer would pick up on in a flash.

Why will people you talk to say how boring this movie was?

or Law & Order), but it also a very engaging character study about how, like the tag line says, 'there's more than one way to lose your life to a killer.

David Fincher does a stand-up job of recreating 1960s San Francisco in this meandering real-crime thriller, but at two and a half hours it is simply too drawn-out to be enjoyable.

The word beforehand ranged from "very good" to "unbelievably slow and boring".

Its a long film but completely engrossing, which can't be said for every lengthy film these days.

A Fascinating, Disturbing Look into the Men Who Lost Their Lives Looking for the Zodiac .

For a serial killer mystery movie, what's so thrilling about it is that it defies all the typical Hollywood clichés for its genre, such as chases and blood & gore and sticks to the grounded reality tone with all the police investigative procedural work.

All told this movie is a fascinating look into one of the most mysterious and long-running serial killers in U.

The film is quite long at 158 minutes, but the intriguing subject matter and the incredibly detailed scrutiny of the case makes for compulsive, if occasionally heavy-going, viewing.

Having never actually heard about the real killer in real life, I found it interesting to see how this film went about portraying a real life murderer and was very gripping.

While the second act is filled with mostly talking and some may find that boring these actors with Fincher's direction makes for some of the most interesting dialogue scenes.

"Zodiac" starts out with the potential to be an exciting movie.

A really dull film...

You know whats also slow and unappealing?

The story jumps around from the murders to each of the three main characters (the cartoonist, the news reporter, the detective) so it feels it a little disjointed.

Intriguing, chilling and highly recommended.

The movie makes so many leaps through time and recounts so many investigations that lead nowhere, it is easy to forget that it began as an exciting movie.

The narrative flows so well, and you are constantly on the edge.

Authentic and Compelling one the best film's i've seen .

More like Zzzzzzodiac .

It honestly isn't worth more than a 6.2 rating here; The story seems to have no moral to it, it comes across as useless, the scenario is often too difficult, slow and uninteresting, and I blame those who created it for pretending not to know or see this.

John Carroll Lynch is not a big- name actor but he's good and, for obvious reasons, a fascinating person in this story.

Good: The story is very interesting with immeasurable tension brought from a fascinating real life event.

But do expect a highly gripping, well-acted, painstakingly detailed and compelling character study thriller.

Too much dialogue, and unnecessary sequences, especially in the film's middle Act, render considerable boredom.

The second is the scope of the movie, it's an ambitious project to show decades of police work with the intense beginning and the dreary and long investigation, long after the media interest has died down.

Since he created that unnerving, psychological journey in 1995 all I've seen from him has been one mediocre formulaic thriller after the other with the complete disgrace that was Fight Club in the middle.

The first hour of the film was steady, but after that, the film dragged and drifted from different scenes about prank callers, kooks on the street who claim their the "Zodiac killer", and far-fetched theories that both the police and the news reporters try to figure out with absolutely no luck.

Under the cramped confines of a major studio, he ambitiously created a film both artistically satisfying and utterly entertaining.

It has a gripping background score.

If the exact same movie was listed as being directed by someone like Gary Fleder the same critics would probably be calling this movie out for the long winded pointless choppy unemotional anti-thriller that it is.

This is the most time I've spent bored watching a film and I've seen Tree of life (2011)!

The long runtime and slow pace the movie has will definitely be another of the elements that may cause some discomfort; although as written above, Fincher managed to keep the movie moving with a good rhythm.

On the inside, brilliant, thrilling and suspenseful .

For me the problem is tied together in the fact that we are asked to give up three hours of our lives to a story that has no, and will probably never have, final solution.

I first heard of the Zodiac on A&E's Cold Case Files, and I remembered everything I saw on that show when I saw the movie, such as how pretty much nothing happened for a good 4 or 5 years (hence the slower half-hour in the middle of the movie).

Oh wait, you will remember two things: spending your money and nearly three hours of your time to see this egghead movie.

It's an entertaining if sometimes slow-going thriller, and certain to give you your own theories about this ongoing real-life murder case.

It's exciting.

Maybe that is why films based entirely on fiction are more thrilling, they don't have to go out of their way to do justice to the lives of real living people who worked so hard.

The film started off very promising, with some rather brutal scenes filmed intimately for maximum impact - had me squirming in my seat and I was set for an hour or so's worth of engaging cinema.

The film of course started well..Zodiac. then..?? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzodiac you won't be awake to see the rest.. guaranteed!!!

'Brilliant','tense','gripping','superbly acted throughout'.

The movie gets much more suspenseful and scary in the second half where the story focuses on Jake Gyllenhaal's character.

There's no denying that it is a sinister film yet there's plenty of morbid humour to be found here, plus there's also one particular sequence where the tension is far more unbearable than imaginable & you'll know when you get there.

Yes, I understand many people's frustration with this movie: it is very long.

Robert Downey Jr's portrayal is stunning, and he builds much empathy for the character.

I wonder why I found it so boring then?

yawn..the first movie was better .

Personally, I enjoyed it very much, and was very inspired to go and find out more about the case.

Panic Room was an enjoyable technical exercise and not much more.

Zodiac is an intriguing film, based on a true story about a notorious serial killer in California during the 1960s and 1970s, who fashioned for himself the name "Zodiac".

~ Well the Zodiac STILL hasn't had a good movie made about him, and with a case as horrifying and extremely intriguing as his - I'd be plain pis*ed off!

Long, boring, overrated - want more.

'Zodiac' is still grim but instead of being fast-moving it's leisurely-paced at an unbelievably lengthy runtime of 160 minutes (2 hours and 40 minutes).

I thought that it was too long and slow.

Neither of those two options is perfect, but thankfully the process of the film is thrilling enough that a complete conclusion is never particularly necessary.

It is shot perfectly and the story is gripping.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

I can understand people being bored with it, but it was engrossing for me, at least, and should be for people who don't go into it wanting it to be a thriller or a highly fictionalized sensational story or anything like that.

Intense movie that grabs a hold and doesn't let go.

For a movie which is 2 hours 45 minutes long, it feels extremely enjoyable and never boring.

Dull, Dull, Dull.

Absorbing, taut thriller about a serial killer in San Francisco and the resulting havoc that is caused.

It is a completely fascinating crime drama, one which I think actually surpasses Fincher's noted "Se7en" in quality.

Today I have just watched most of the 158 minutes running time version of David Fincher with my wife and when I did not sleep, I found it painfully long and boring (my wife agree with my opinion and she slept less than me).

In the meantime its just a play by play of what was happening that anyone watching the news in the 70's could have seen, mixed with a ho hum story based on the paranoia of a local reporter.

This is Boredom Speaking .

Uninspiring .

Overall "Zodiac" is quite intriguing and interesting!

The fact that Fincher's project feels a touch fact bloated at times, especially in the middle section is a shame indeed, for when the film is good, it is a rousing success.

A rather slow speed, no action scenes, only a bit of brutality (and showed in a way, that the gore hounds don't get too much out of it).

The case of the Zodiac Killer is one of the most famous in criminal history and notorious for being unsolved, even if the evidence was rather convincing, and David Fincher uses this opportunity to gather together a thesis of sorts that combs through substantial pieces of evidence and uses the medium of film to piece it together in a highly entertaining way.

However, if you truly consider yourself a moviegoer who plans on seeing the best of the best, David Fincher's exciting masterpiece "Zodiac" is a film that you definitely should not miss.

Fincher could have used the heavy artillery at his disposal: fantastic stars, a terrific script, intriguing real life events, to have given this film some weight, some gravitas, some center, some trajectory, that it currently lacks, had he explored these questions, questions inherent in the material itself -- a killer who demands the front page, and who promises he will kill if he does not get it.

It amazes me that Fincher managed to take a well written script and strong performances and create a boring film that I turned off half way through it.

Zodiac: A dull thriller .

While the details of the case are admittably fascinating, (though the supposedly objective portrayal of the case does feel rather biased at times, and it's clear who Graysmith, the author of the novel the film adapts, fingered as the real killer) and the film kicks off at a brisk pace, ensnaring the audience's attention right off the bat, it appears Fincher and screenwriter James Vanderbilt have worked perhaps too hard to incorporate every last trace of information regarding the case.

It's fascinating in its dark undertones and the lack of flashiness.

It's extremely gripping, compelling and haunting all without splattering you with over exaggerated (and overused) gruesome blood scenes like other films do, which really made me love it all that much more.

It's a slow paced movie with little action, more of a police procedural as the viewer becomes enveloped in clues and mysterious over an incredibly long period.

We are given an entertaining first look at Zodiac's first string of murders.

But believe me the imagination of this master at work is both brilliant and compelling and you wont regret seeing this film.

both these films were dynamic and exciting..film-making at its best!!

The movie was suspenseful.

I must admit, (and hence why I scored it 7 out of 10,) I felt the ending dragged.

The film is dense, thoughtful and at times seem slow.

If you want to learn the most tedious activities of reporters and police, then this movie is for you.

A Fascinating Portrait of a Mystery by the Master of Loom .

After over two and a half hours of the movie I walked out of the theater stunned… stunned at how hugely disappointing it was.

On one hand it's more faithful to the true events, but on the other hand it turns the film a bit boring and not suspenseful.

If you love a good mystery, a good police drama or just want to learn a little history of the Zodiac, I do highly recommend it..I bought the DVD.

What I loved about this thrilling tale of the Zodiac killer was the narrative point of view.

--- Try mind-bendingly dull.

Conversations that would normally make an American yawn are surprisingly in-depth and interesting, all the while not going overboard to make an overly-complex story.

Overall, there were a few flaws but much more compelling points especially in the second half.

Filmmaker David Fincher hits a home run in this absorbing, unsettling true-life account of the infamous Zodiac killings in the San Francisco Bay area that haunted California, and in particular its law enforcement, for literally decades.

With a real documentary-like feel, in an entertaining fashion, this story unfolds in a timely manner, and really delivers.

But that set aside, not even the great actors in this movie, could save it from it's downfall of boring, redundant, pointless dialogue.

Gripping tense thriller .

Surprisingly suspenseful .

The dialogue is gripping.

The narrative is dark but powerful and at most times creepy and thrilling.

His character is far superior to the Ryann Phillippe character in Breach, more intense and believable.

A serial killer movie based on Robert Graysmith's non-fiction book, Zodiac, is directed by David Fincher who has directed several exciting movies including Se7en and Fighting Club.

It's so compelling, going from the actual investigation itself to Graysmith's obsession towards the end.

The period detail is evocative without resorting to kitsch or heavy nostalgia, for example, the primitive state of telecommunications is conveyed perfectly in a scene where the various city police departments try to coordinate the sharing of evidence.

Fincher relies more on visual moods and scene settings; the suspenseful scene in the basement, as Gyllenhall suspects he is in the presence of the killer, is unique and reminiscent of Hitchcock.

It's a long watch with a lot of attempts to make the time in between "action" entertaining and I'm not all aboard in that perspective.

One of the most intriguing unsolved serial killer cases of modern times.

The film is slightly slow though and the attempt to dramatize it does not succeed entirely.

This is an excellent, compelling film for anyone interested in true crime and general detective work.

And the last and biggest issue is that it is TOO LONG!

The movie is quite long (157 minutes) and the non- exciting plot may make people sleepy.

The story of these 3 men, coming together to try solve this thing and the effects that the pursuit of this goal has on each of their lives is really compelling to watch.

You have to stick close to what happened in real life whilst making your movie entertaining for the viewer.

The movie is thrilling all the way through,as we go from detectives and journalists investigating the Zodiac killer to actually seeing the criminal in the act.

At 2 hours and 37 minutes, it's probably longer than it needs to be, but overall this film had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

He took an empty pride in leaving a case open and a criminal uncaught, to show us a failure of Act of Justice.

Nothing happens.

People get killed everywhere, under fascinating circumstances, and this is what you come up with?

While there are some very intense scenes, Fincher takes a somewhat unexpected approach on the subject.

does one of his usual mumbling but somehow gripping supporting roles (gripping mainly because you're straining to her what he's saying).

Based on the actual case files of one of the most intriguing unsolved crimes in the nation's history, "Zodiac" is a thriller from David Fincher, who cut his teeth on the genre.

While your watching it, it will be very suspenseful and you will be at the edge of your seat.

And balance was difficult for Fincher to achieve: eventually, the time devoted to the facts of the Zodiac case, and all that tedious police red tape and discussions about fingerprints and handwriting which may or may not have existed meant that the characters suffered.

I like both Gyllenhaal and Downey Jr, but what a great boredom!

Even by the time of the second murder, the scene was dragged out so much, you wish Zodiac would just get on with it.

I'll never hear Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man" the same after how it plays over the opening scene, maybe one of the most intense openers since "Jaws".

Maybe catch it on DVD if you're REALLY bored one night.

The cinematography is quite stunning, the dark, gritty city feels all too real to the audience.

Out of the four people that I went to the movie theatre, 3 of us fell asleep.

It's mind boggling.

You will find yourself on the edge of your seat for almost the entirety of this gritty and dark mystery drama that follows the zodiac killer murders and the investigations that followed throughout the late 60's and 70's.

its sooooooooooooooooo boring.

The look of Zodiac is flat and empty...


How to make a suspenseful movie without action, violence and profanity .

Towards the end of the film, it has started to drag on a little and the plot has begun to get a bit wavey and meandering, but generally Fincher has crafted a gripping tale that won me over more than Se7en.

Mark Ruffalo is especially compelling playing the lead detective who becomes obsessed with the case, and Robert Downey Jr. does his best macabre comic relief job as the boozing and drugging reporter Paul Avery who was targeted for a brief time by the infamous killer.

However, despite its clunky moments of crass direction the story in itself is quite interesting and the film is made watchable by a very enjoyable performances from Robert Downey Jr. and Anthony Edwards.

We see a few more of his killings then the movie changes pace from this disturbing and dark murder mystery to a slower, more character driven investigation into the Zodiac.

Running time was way too long.

It is a dark, atmospheric and very suspenseful study of those four characters - San Francisco Chronicle Reporter Paul Avery,his colleague the cartoonist Robert Graysmith on whose book the film is based), San Francisco Detective David Toschi and his colleague Bill Armstrong - who are, and in part, keep searching for the scary serial murderer ,who kalled himself the "Zodiac",for 22 years; and it is also a study of the scars that their search is leaving on their minds and souls.

Following Robert Greysmith's book on the story fairly closely this is a gripping tale that will annoy some people since, and its not rally giving anything away, there is no definitive ending.


Paced, suspenseful, gripping - the first real must-see of 2007.

As the film progresses, the Zodiac killer himself fades into the background, and the movie turns into a meticulous and engrossing document of the investigation to track him down, an investigation that includes countless blind alleys and false clues and which to this day has not reached a conclusion.

Taking in its absorbing 2 and a half hour running time, you can tell that everyone involved wanted to get every last detail just right.

Ahem… Zodiac is a movie of many genres: it begins as a horror, then dives into an intense drama.

And it's this witness-to-the-scene-of-the-crime approach to storytelling that makes ZODIAC so riveting.

By the end of the first 30 minutes I was lost in the many details of the Zodiac serial killer case, and 30 minutes later I was on the verge of falling asleep, after all this is the maximum duration I can hold on similar themed TV series, and then I usually go to bed.

Paul Avery (Robert Downey Jr.) is one of the paper's most respected journalists who takes a very intense interest in the case.

They're continually vexed by the technological limitations of their time, yet they somehow keep plodding through.

Although this would seem to be unwieldy at two hours and 37 minutes (two hours and 43 minutes if you're watching the directors' cut), it remains utterly absorbing throughout, making the most of the police-procedural aspect of the storytelling.

All very realistic, given all are playing 'real people', but pointless if the script cannot be heard or understood, especially as every actor seems to be battling against intrusive incidental sound effects such as type-writers, telephones or traffic.

Had trouble staying awake.

A fascinating and engaging thriller.

'Zodiac' is an Engrossing Murder Mystery .

David Fincher's Zodiac is a very intriguing film that manages to make the viewer become more obsessed with the outcome of the film as the main characters become more obsessed with the case.

Too long and boring!.

I found myself thinking about this movie long after I'd watched it, and the mystique of the entire case and the particular storytelling here is all really intriguing.

Among the many cases of serial killers that have become part of popular culture over the years, the case of the Zodiac killer is probably the most intriguing and fascinating of the modern era due to fact that, like the infamous British killer, Jack the Ripper, the Zodiac was never caught and his identity remains a mystery to this day.

By the last 40 minutes or so, you'll be checking your watch and yawning a bit so this film certainly isn't a light, breezy watch.

Boring for at least an hour .

Zodiac's premise and grisly portrayal of the murders are certainly where it shines, along with the terrific acting of its cast and intriguing, mysterious atmosphere which leads us guessing and wondering at every turn.

Found it to b very fascinating, very gripping n historically accurate film.

Fincher gets 10/10 for Se7en and Fight Club - I liked his unique style, snappy editing, camera work, effects etc...

Also, the Jake Gyellhaal/Reporter aspect of the story was boring, clichéd and basically the same thing as that straight-to-video Zodiac movie made recently with Rory Culkin in it.

If the viewer has insomnia problem, try to see this film instead of using sleeping pills because it will be more effective.

ZODIAC starts off with a bang, and then gets so bogged down in intense detective work that the thriller aspect is diluted by the time the first hour is over.

Both sequences are tense and slow paced and the director's refusal to make them overly melodramatic adds to the sense of genuine brutality.


Zodiac is an expertly crafted mystery picture electrified with scorching narrative complexity and gripping suspense that dares to you guessing at very turn.

The plot is simple, people are trying to find out the infamous Zodiac killer, but the nuances and details make this movie utterly fascinating.

The movie is way, way too long.

i actually think this stuff will be more compelling than the movie.

Don't expect anything like Se7en or The Silence of the Lambs, but it is thrilling and involving in its own way.

but it was still pretty enjoyable and interesting.

It also kept my ass on the edge of my seat.

Engrossing Crime Drama, A Great Film Overall .

Thankfully, the film maintained enough interest later on to alleviate all desire to fall asleep completely.

Fincher knows how to create some beautiful well choreographed crane shots, and other well framed long shots but put them altogether and you get a poorly boring paced film.

A *very* long but extremely engrossing film.

Director David Fincher provides the most compelling drama of this real-life serial killer despite most of the scenes leading to several false leads and one man's complete obsession to get the right man.

Convincing crafted and engaging even if it does require patience from the viewer due to the nature of the material .

From the first excellent opening sequence involving the first murder I knew it was going to be an intense watch.

Readers of books on true crime like "Zodiac" and "Helter Skelter" will find this especially interesting, but it should play out as a thought-provoking and entertaining character study for any inquiring mind of unsolved mysteries.

They accurately capture a morbid, dreary mood of frustration which won't let go.

Otherwise, it seems like a dull "America's Most Wanted" re-enactment.

Choosing to highlight specific moments from the investigation, some of which happen years apart from one another, can make the film difficult to follow and leave the viewer feeling as though something is being missed out.

Fincher's 'Zodiac' is an engaging suspense thriller.

Moody, suspenseful, hair-raising ...

The pace is slow and two and half hours are spent.

Most Unusual Thrilling Genre Mix With Great Acting .

It's a gripping portrait from end to end.

Even when you see the film and know where the shocks are, the creepy vibe Fincher sustains is riveting.

More in line with the crime epics of directors like Michael Mann than with the typical serial-killer thriller, "Zodiac" is propelled by inventive direction, a great cast, engaging attention to detail, and a killer soundtrack of classic songs from the late 1960's and 1970's.

In a Nutshell:a) Highlights: Great crime story, fine direction, acting is enjoyable.

I mean the acting is solid for it is which saves it from being a complete abortion, but aside from that its just a slow paced snore fest that makes The Human Condition trilogy look like it has a Transformers like pace in comparison, and thats like 9 and half hours long.

I wasn't aware that David Fincher directed this film until after seeing it, and unfortunately it's only fitting as the ending to Se7en was left equally as pointless.

Save your money and your eyes from this movie.

I found this film extremely boring - I have never before seen so many people looking surreptitiously at their watches and/or checking their mobile telephones during a movie.

It's boring, too drawn out, and falls apart about halfway through.

Granted I've been watching mostly three-quels and missing the compelling fix of an original story, Zodiac passed the radar until I recently checked it out.

There were many good actors in this movie and I highly recommend it.

Based on the actual case files and studies, such careful and tedious research went into this underrated film, that every frame is a duplication of the story as it actually happened as far as the facts are concerned according to the author and police reports.

But the movie does have focus, and it presents a compelling case against one of the suspects in such a way that it delivers as much closure as you can expect.

The movie is too long, and the story is told in a way that it won't make you hold on to your chair hoping to see the case solved, as any good detective story will.

Many of my colleagues who saw this film complained that it was far too long and in the end, lacked a satisfying resolution.

ZODIAC is a slow-burn, like a wave it leaps up and down into thrilling moments and slow, down-paced sequences focusing on the main character's personal issues.

But ultimately an intriguing story does not necessarily make a great film, as is evidenced here.

Still, it's good to have a film that puts as much attention on look as "Zodiac" does, and presents such a fine all-around cast in moments both suspenseful and funny.

But despite of those three weaknesses , mentioned before, it is still a strong, highly entertaining and almost hypnotizing retelling of a legendary investagition in a brave, and well fitting, semi - documentary - style, a film whose authenticity is maybe more chilling than the most thrillers are, a film that never feels nearly as long as its running time actually is.

It just seemed like a long, boring investigation of little things that suggested who the killer might be.

It needed a thrilling pace like "Panic Room".

The script is also great because it always avoids the cliché.

With the exception of a brief moment of tension in a potential suspect's basement, the film never attempts to engage the viewer on an emotional level, and the result is a very dry watch—dare I say it, even boring at times.

Overall, very long but still fast-paced and compelling.

My friend and I kept looking at each other asking if the other wanted to leave.

A waste of good time.

All in all, I quite enjoyed it, despite it being long.

Throughout his career, Director David Fincher knows just how to jolt his audience into intense feeling relays.

Save yourself three hours of agonizing boredom.

The Zodiac story still has eluded police to this day but the story is a fascinating part of history.

What makes this film so compelling is that its based on a true story and the story is well crafted which gives it an even more spooky atmosphere.

The film is far too long and slow.

The movie is engrossing and I was constantly waiting for the next clue, the next lead, the next anything, to lead the investigators to the killer.

There are few scenes here and there which create suspense, but they are few and the movie feels like a slow burn than an explosive suspenseful thriller.

Fincher's latest contribution is a compelling view for all those with strong stomachs and was eerily refreshing compared to what junk has been streaming out of Hollywood lately.

Though, I thought that the film was rather slow.

The whole thing just enthralled me from beginning to end and I especially was on the edge of my seat when Graysmith visited this man's house who used to work at a theatre where a Zodiac suspect was a projectionist.

The first few murders are thrilling, the last 15 mins of the movie are thrilling, but the "in between" is absolutely boring and not saved by the acting.

The story is intriguing and gripping as is the searing acting capabilities of Downey Jr and Ghylenahall.

Zodiac Offers Compelling Guessing Game ***1/2 .

Overall, the film's strong points still stand out fiercely over the slower bits, and it just feels like a shame whenever the film drags and starts to become uninteresting, since the stronger sections were so intensely engaging it feels almost unjust to begin to lose interest.

As the cult grows the panic and frustration starts gripping the investigators and the reporters who end up loosing everything for finding the killer, coming chillingly close to many suspects and the real one.

Boring, far too long .

It is a long, slow, and mostly boring movie.

Since the facts, unlike a number of fictitious movies about the same subject, are as confusing as the mysterious killer himself.

One could easily argue that the movie has a right to be so uneventful because it is a "realistic" reflection of police procedure and of, well, reality.

Overall, Zodiac succeeds to such a great degree in so many aspects, it is unfortunate to see the more engaging elements of the plot weighed down by so many plot points which feel repetitive and unnecessary.

Taut, tense and thrilling!

Audiences can be thankful then, that the story was snapped up by the more than capable director David Fincher, himself no stranger to serial killer films after 1995's brilliant Se7en, who blissfully resists the temptation to morph the story into an uninspired, turgid teen slasher film, and instead present the tale as it actually transpired - as an engrossing crime drama.

The investigation is always compelling your always engaged by it and are desperate to see the case solved so that the characters can feel some piece of mind.

But if you're truly in the mood to get immersed in a detailed movie, this would at the top of my list of recommendations.

Rigorous and long but compelling just the same.

Just a waste of time .

It is packed with suspenseful scenes, including the one where Jake Gyllenhaal's character enters a suspect's basement, and we are feeling the same way he is.

A long watch and a film not made for the average popcorn muncher that floods our cinema screen in this day and age in search of their next CGI spectacle, Zodiac is a meticulously crafted and tension riddled journey through a time in American history that to this day remains an intriguing and engaging subject matter, Zodiac is the hidden jewel of Fincher's filmography and a film well worth a repeat viewing for those that may've only watched once.

This movie was a complete bore-a-thon.

In Se7evn, he is able to manage the cold and suspenseful atmosphere of the story.

Thrilling with a Really Interesting True Story, .

I found it to be a great story told in a remarkable way, very entertaining, with great performances, and wonderful direction.

On the Negative side the sound and dialogue is hard to follow at times and there are too many throw away remarks,especially from the Character "Inspector David Toschi", mumbling through the first 3/4's of the film, only speaking clearly at its conclusion, this in my opinion should have been addressed in post production.

If you made it through all 159 minutes of this uneventful non-thriller without falling asleep, pat yourself on the back and then go try out for Ninja Warrior because you truly are hardcore.

She was of the opinion he was a former policeman in the bay area who worked peripherally on the case and who bore a striking resemblance to the sketches, and his daughter.

For moviegoers looking for a hard-nosed, brutal serial-killer story, this must have been a disappointing film because it turns out to be a character study of "Graysmith" plus an in- depth behind-the-scenes look at police procedure which, as any cop could tell you, can be tedious work.

An absorbing 160 minutes' viewing.

Zodiac is the low-key, character-driven companion piece to director David Fincher's earlier serial killer film Se7en; albeit, with this picture replacing the former's grim violence and biblical depiction of hell on earth with a more routine and realistic depiction of the slow corruption of innocence and the lure of obsession, as three disparate individuals are united in their desire to "unmask a mysterious and enigmatic murderer terrifying the San Francisco area".

Most of the public will hope the case is solved so they can stop watching the movie as soon as possible, because unfortunately, it's boring!

When a promising lead falls short, the film seemingly could end, but Fincher keeps the film running for another hour, always entertaining the whole time.

Fincher who has outdone himself weaves a timeless trail of gripping shots and angles that make you sit back and enjoy.

It is slow (purposely, as the Zodiac is a very detailed case).

There is little dropoff in quality as you get into the supporting roles and bit players, Chloe Sevigny as the long suffering wife, Anthony Edwards as the bland partner and an amusing turn from Brian Cox as the pretentious, self-absorbed Melvin Belli.

Fincher also does a great job telling a story that lasts the course of more than 30 years in a compelling way.

This film is more about a cartoonist's obsession with a serial killer than the serial killer himself, but it is nevertheless exciting.

Individual scenes are gripping and, on occasion, suspenseful, but the gentle viewer must slog through mundane procedures that lead nowhere.

So we'd like to "thank" everyone who gave this movie a 10 rating and influenced our decision to see this dull lifeless movie.

the manhunt which follows is authentic and superbly documented the attention to detail is simply stunning as is the production design.

Judging by the near empty theater I saw it in yesterday I'd say the latter seems to be the dominant opinion.

But the film deteriorated steadily from that point onwards, having me fidgeting in my seat until I was too lethargic to move.

The movie is too long, there is too much focus on too many characters and too much varying information given.

With Strong Performances by Gyllenhaal, Downey Jr and Ruffalo is another unexpected good movie by Fincher.

David Fincher continues to be a breath of fresh air, a meticulous storyteller who mixes style and substance with compelling results.

However, the film does seem to over do its welcome especially with the run time at 2hours and 37minutes, towards the second half of the film and into the third act, the lack of action scenes can make it feel tiresome, despite Gyllenhaal's and Ruffalo's astounding performances barely holding it together.

The murder scene at a public park was my favorite as it was so so real and riveting.

I'm suspecting that this move is going to focus and highlight a lot of the mass confusion, paranoia, and anxiety during Zodiac multi-decade reign of terror.

" Robert Graysmith--played in the film by Jake Gyllenhaal in a subdued, fascinating performance--is an editorial cartoonist for the San Francisco Chronicle who gets caught up in the hunt after the killer sends a coded letter to his employer.

Just plain dull .

In my view it is just a rather dull police procedural about how the police spent many years in failing to solve a crime- even with the aid of a cartoonist.

Every dead-end, every empty alley, every frustrating act of red-tape and bureaucracy.

A constellation of clues that may leave you bored with the puzzle .

The longevity of the movie helps us as an audience feel the frustration and confusion, the obsessiveness of Paul Avery and Robert Graysmith as they try to track down this man.

There are slow passages where little new information is learned, and you long for either another murder scene or something crucial to happen.

I kept wanting to see more killings happen because they were exciting but, the investigations just dragged on and on.

In a genre that leans toward the stalk-and-slash mentality, Zodiac stands out as an absorbing, intelligent and tightly constructed entry that is more than worth a look.

I was a class-room clown, in grammar school, when most of the events, in this highly suspenseful true story, took place.

People left the theater early, I even heard several sighs as the plot NEVER got any more interesting.

Based on a true story in the late 60's and 70's, David Fincher (Fight Club) delivers a tense and intriguing plot revolving around a cartoonist, a journalist and many police offices, in which lies an interesting and sentimental ideology.

Having an undeniably fascinating story to work with Fincher crafted a truly fascinating film.

Decent crime flick, but way too long and more of a "run of the mill" type .

And I'm impressed with the way Fincher was able to take these known facts and create such an entertaining movie.

If you praise one of his worst movies as a perfect movie, you are only hastening the director's slide into mediocrity.

In the end, whilst 'Zodiac' is a fascinating and clever exploration of a real crime and its consequences in 60s and 70s America, it's hardly the gripping thriller it was marketed as, and given that we are being asked to follow and digest over two and a half hours of information relating to the investigation, holding the viewer at the mercy of actors who 'method mumble' whilst imparting this information is unforgivable.

The real thing is much more complex and painful, but also, in the end, far more compelling than the usual mainstream product.

The actors are great (especially Downey and his welcome comic relief), the atmosphere is foreboding, and the investigative process is engaging.

However, what made the Zodiac so intriguing was the fact that he began to send a series of taunting letters to the press and the police, challenging them and including cryptograms with hidden messages.

If you're looking a fast paced thriller, this is not it.

Zodiac is one of the most detailed and absorbing crime dramas released this decade, and marks a major return to heavyweight film making for it's director after the inconsequential Panic Room.

frightening, engrossing account of the hunt for a notorious Bay Area killer .

Complaints about Zodiac being 'too slow' and laboured compared to David Fincher's other thrillers are not unfounded.

Tense and thrilling - the pace never lets up.

It is very well made and very entertaining and like the case, fascinating.

As a docu-drama, it is surprisingly entertaining.

So--it has good acting and direction but goes on far too long and was too disjointed.

The film is much too long, the action is limited, and the storyline pointless..I was waiting for an explosive ending to make up for 3hrs of boredom.

Audiences falling in line for Zodiac expecting another Se7en are likely to be bored and disappointed overall.

The first 20 minutes (before the huge evidence overload came into play) were exciting and I was thinking it was going to be great.

Much like the great opening scene in Fight Club, Fincher blends the use of his camera and the power of a computer to make some very compelling and awesome shots, for example the quick ten second shot of the entire construction of the Transamerica Tower.

Robert Graysmith's book is a disjointed mess that focuses in on a suspect who quite clearly was not the Zodiac.

But the distinct advantage of this approach is that the movie feels less contrived and artificial and more akin to real life, as it captures the sometimes decidedly unglamorous nature and frustratingly plodding pace of actual crime detection.

The detailed facts which make the book exciting reading material distracts and takes the pace out of the movie.

That it's based on history is part of its power: seeing young lovers necking early on in the film becomes squirm-in-your-seat suspenseful when they realize that they are being cruised by...

The film is very long but worth the watch if your patient enough to watch an amazing truthful story about a serial killer.

The film has a gripping slow build that is a welcome relief to all the add directed movies of today.

Well crafted Zodiac a suspenseful search.

Save your money and catch this one when it comes out on DVD.

It is refreshing that in a time of constant film rehashes and cliché endings some directors dare to offer unique and fresh approaches to story telling.

Se7en, like Zodiac, concerns a serial killer, but the earlier film is shocking, thrilling, horrifying.

Good film, a little long in story development, and tedious in the obsessive Graysmith part(J.

I saw this film last night and really enjoyed it.

Instead, I found myself mind-numbingly bored for two and a half hours.

Gripping, slow-burning, character-driven detective thriller .

A good, suspenseful, fascinating film.

Sometimes we are left hanging in empty air, with no paths left to search and investigate.

Zodiac is an intelligent, thrilling, well-written piece of cinema with some very good performances.

Going from the creepy, and brutal killing of two teenagers in the beginning and plunging into the cop world of 1960's-'70's it becomes clear that Zodiac is not a straight thriller or suspense film, but an intense police procedural, a dramatic character study of the four men who were most affected by the Zodiac murders, as well as frequent splashes of classic white knuckled Fincher suspense.

Some scenes feels unnecessary and drawn out.

For me, it was a fascinating experience to see what was going on with California and how they were responding to this threat both in terms of its people as whole and its small fragments that tried to piece this whole thing together.

It becomes downright boring in some places, and really begs the question of just how much material Fincher originally had covered in the film.

'Zodiac' is engrossing, intense & disturbing.

Fincher creates a very absorbing, tense, and ultimately paranoid film that will creep the hell out of you after you've left the theater...

We see the wide-eyed wonder and utter determination and obsession of Gyllenhall's Graysmith, the cynical and drunken musings of Paul Avery (Downey Jnr was born to play this role) and the slow disintegration of Det Dave Toschi (Mark Ruffalo's best performance IMO).

I remember watching this for the first time a few years ago thinking it was an unmemorable slow drag.

The whole ambiguity of the killer, the ciphers, the numerous murders that may or may not have been committed by him, the perfect camera work of the director and the acting of Gyllenhaal, Downey and Ruffalo provide for a really intense experience and I'm just sorry for all those people who had particular expectations about this movie that were not met.

Let's say, just ignore the haters out there that this movie is dull and slow.

I highly recommend it.

Hell, I think I would have walked out of the film had the acting not been so great.

The film isn't as shocking as Se7en, nor is it as jaw-dropping in its execution, instead harking back to the days of slow burning paranoia-thrillers like The Parallax View, Marathon Man, The Conversation, Dog Day Afternoon and All the President's Men.

I fell asleep half way through this film and left before the end as did a few other people.

The Zodiac, probably the most boring film in world history!

Waste of time.

As interesting and as tedious as a thirty-year unsolved case .

As usual the camera work is stunning, as it tends to be in Finchers' movies.

Pakula's All the President's Men, Fincher manages to create with Zodiac a long and epic film based extensively on exposition, dialogue and phone conversations, featuring a murder case so puzzling it still leaves you asking questions and trying to follow leads after the movie is over, that despite all that remains relentlessly entertaining.

Zodiac is often compelling, with solid performances, a good sense of place, some really disturbing and suspenseful moments and a great soundtrack.

Just to come up empty?

The fact that it is based on real-life events makes it even more intriguing.

The average movie goer will find this movie slow, disjointed and cold.

In this film about the hunt for the memorable killer that hit San Francisco in the seventies, Fincher again chooses an original approach, which results in an intriguing movie.

Top notch direction by Fincher n engaging screenplay by Vanderbilt.

The movie is gripping and full of tension from start to finish even though the story of the infamous "Zodiac" killer of northern California is well known to many of us who lived through it.

This is one of the most exciting and engaging movies based on a true story that I have ever seen.

Too Long and Boring .

Based on Graysmith's best-selling books about the crimes the film is fascinating in its process of detecting but it's also compelling in showing how the obsession to discover the identity of Zodiac impacted on the lives of three men.

I am usually one of those people in the audience who savors a film that runs two and a half or three hours, because I think longer movies tend to leave a deep impact, they're more passionate, and they have longer, more drawn-out stories and even single scenes.


My friends and I were ready to hang ourselves and make someone send our bodies to the director with a posted note stating: you bored us to death.

I found the "Golden Gate Bridge" shot in this movie to be very reminiscent of the famous shot taken from the top of the Library of Congress in Pakula's thriller and the entire movie details a similarly intense, relentless quest for the truth as in "All The President's Men".

The actors are fine, but the weak plot is blotted by an unbearably slow paceThis creepy thriller movie too is way too confusing for kids and just plain horrible for adults.

" (one cliché I find it still harder to brook) it suddenly dawned on me how far this movie is from one of the great disappointments of last year, "Black Dahlia", with its "you'll-never-guess-this" absurdities and its nonsense solution of plot.

The slow paced story allowed the characters to truly interact with each other and become fully developed, thus conveying the concept of obsession enigmatically.

It's a fascinating case, and I wanted all the information the movie was willing to give me.

I seriously admire the work that went into this, because it was interesting to watch and had a lot of engaging scenes in it.

Zodiac is lead by three good central performances, Jake Gyllenhaal never really looked 'obsessed' to me, but at least he's an engaging lead.

At first they show you ciphers and codes, you get excited thinking this will be a great mystery movie based on code breaking.. WRONG.. they skip that part pretty quickly.. next.. you see patterns in murders.. you think you'll see a thrilling chase on how they'll track the killer by figuring him out.. WRONG.. they focus on the most trivial aspects of a murder.. next.. they show you that the killer was challenging the police.. don't get any ideas.. WRONG!!!

The Cast is superb and the Direction from David Fincher is pristine and Paints the whole affair with a matter-of-fact Palate with just enough Style to make this absorbing and mesmerizing.

It's a very compelling 2 and a half hours though, and I had no problem sitting there and watching this case unfold.

You'll not feel like you see a thriller but drama, Dark, creepy, stunning, should be replaced by wearisome, boring and ridiculous.

However we've seen him make Se7en and Fight Club so something like this seems very "normal" for him to do and normal at times can be boring.

On top of that the movie was boring to begin with, the best part was the first 30 min and that's where it ends.

Goddamn this movie is boring!

I guess when you have such a superiority complex you have to explain away why this "dense" "masterpiece" is playing in a theater that's "nearly empty" save for (and I'm paraphrasing a previous review) a few senior citizens who you somehow were able to ascertain "liked the film.

It's eternally fascinating to see what folks will do for dollars.

if you enjoy falling asleep during movies this is the perfect movie for that.

Zodiac is a thrilling film .

Yet, in the end, Zodiac is easily a waste of time.

When you watch something that doesn't really offer that much in sentiments (be it fear, adrenaline, happiness or anything else) you will probably be bored after the first 90 minutes pass.

"The strategy of the movie is this: To show how frustrating and tiresome a murder investigation can be, the movie wants to put you through a frustrating and tiresome experience.

Then very late in the movie, when Robert's life is completely and utterly immersed in Zodiac and Zodiac only, his now-separated wife quickly mentions "When's the last time you ate?

The movie "Zodiac" tries very hard to stick to the facts which makes it very hard to follow at times.

A fast paced thriller that keeps the audience so focused.

First the movie starts out slow, the actors acted slowly and talked slowly.

Gritty and engrossing describe it best I think.

Suspenseful thriller is based on true, unsolved case...

Based on the autobiographic book by Robert Graysmith, David Fincher creates an intense and enjoyable (if a little sagging in some places) movie that manages to be a tense and scary thriller in the first part, and then suddenly shifting focus from the now-inoffensive (or is he?

What happens after this dampening of action and mood, is an acceleration of emotion that had me gripping the arms of my chair, truly on the edge, willing Graysmith on to whatever outcome the film has for us.

David Fincher put together a very intense and suspenseful crime-drama / mystery film.

This a top-notch crime thriller, and the best part about it is that it is true, which makes it even more compelling.

Once you stop expecting the typical Hollywood fare, it's easy to appreciate Director David Fincher's "The Zodiac" as a welcome change to the usual, unrealistic, predictable crap.

This is why we go to the movies to experience the riveting drama and emotions, folks.

Despite being a slow burner, this mystery will keep you glued to the screen.

Mixed with stunning casting (especially Ruffalo, who finally proves himself), a beautiful chronology that never seems to slog the film's pace, and a feeling of overall realism, Zodiac really is a director at the top of his game.

Unfortunately, the "decent pace" box cannot be checked as I found the film to be just a bit too slow, and I actually found myself struggling not to nod off about halfway through.

By constantly reminding us that this is a true story, and by keeping the attention to detail as accurate as possible, Fincher has masterminded an entirely engrossing police procedural, in which the obsessive but futile search for the murderer is more absorbing than the murders themselves.

The characters are compelling, be they reporter, cop or possible killer.

Disappointing snoozer.

The screenplay for this film by James Vanderbilt is quite intriguing.

Its riveting, and I think the film portrays many of the real life events very accurately.

Waste of time historical thriller with no thrill .

If they wanted to give moviegoers a sense of how painstaking and tedious soving a serial killer case can be, they succeeded.

He gets the right combination of the period piece (several decades are covered) and a hint of the film noir that makes this gritty story all the more dirty and suspenseful.

The acting was very good it made up for the slow plot.

I saw it with my friends and we all enjoyed it.

And what makes this film suspenseful, tense, even creepy, isn't something within the film, it is the truth.

No story.

Equally fascinating is James Vanderbilt's screenplay who does a stellar job in adapting the story from the non-fiction book it is based on.

However, as the film carries on the intensity wears away and instead focuses more upon the lives of the cartoonist, the journalist and the detective, which is fair enough, but I would have personally liked to see a more intense and gripping second half.

I cannot believe how dry, dull and drawn out this film was.

All in all Zodiac ends up being an enjoyable ride, that, if nothing else, whets your appetite for more darkness to come from his singular mind.

Fincher has been highly regarded for his very stylish edge-of-the-seat suspenseful thrillers, like Fightclub, Seven, Panic Room.

3 Hour BOREfest!!.

Long, too long and quite boring, there is no real story here, you never get the sense that they are after the killer hot on his heels like you did with Se7en and there is none of the visual flair that made 'Fight Club', 'Panic Room' and essentially Fincher a force to be reckoned with as a director.

well, actually robert downey Jr played the character of that mad reporter greatly and jake either, but still, the plot was so boring.

I saw this film about three months ago and I kind of enjoyed it or should I say didn't find anything particular wrong in it.

Read the negative reviews before you waste your time .

His style is very subtle and dry, yet he is such an engaging presence on the screen and his wit is so sharp that I honestly would watch any movie with Robert Downey, Jr., in it and probably enjoy it.

The main problem with Zodiac is that the second half of the movie seems to do nothing except review all the info you got in the first half, only it does it all in a very slow fashion and with a lot less of that Fincher flair.

It is also way too long by at least 20 minutes.

What he was trying to say was that because I was exceedingly bored by the movie that I have a short attention span and that I am ignorant --- and that I shouldn't trust my own dissatisfaction.

The movie opens in 1969 on the 4th of July with a stunning panoramic shot of fireworks over the city - an unforgettable image.

There is so much suspense in the film that keeps me on the edge all the time.

Boring stuff.

The fact that this crime is still unsolved makes it all the more intriguing.

and how the detectives trying to track down zodiac amidst a lot of confusion.

You have a murderer who commits a few crimes in a 2-3 year span, and then you're left with most of the film, where there is no participation of the killer, no new clues, just the (real story or not, it's the same) cliché of the guy who becomes so involved with the case that he loses touch with his family and blah blah.

And, further, Graysmith must have found himself with a fascinating and commercial story that had no satisfactory ending, which is why Truman Capote was being driven nuts in the case of "In Cold Blood," and delayed finishing the book until the killers were hanged.

The scene in the basement was beyond tense and thrilling.

Shot in high definition digital video by Harris Savides it is evocative of the times and seamless.

With the exception of a handful of memorable shots including a shot of a letter inside a mail box being walked through a building until it reaches its receiver, and a brilliantly engaging shot that follows a taxi cab from a helicopter view, Zodiac seems very lackluster especially considering this is coming from the man who brought us the visually stunning Fight Club.

Zodiac is just an excellent film, and I highly recommend it.

This basically mirrors the story, repetitive and a bit boring.

It is long(running around 2 hours and 45 minutes), repetitive, and just plain boring.

I also thought that some of it was boring.

Not for every taste; however, as a portrait of hard-working people obsessed with solving a baffling case that dragged on for decades, quite riveting.

So if you're after an adrenaline rush, look elsewhere.

Dull movie.

ZODIAC - riveting "mega"-serial killer .

While long and intricate, the development of the story is remarkably good in its narrative, as the slow way clues are unveiled helps to keep the suspense rising and makes the plot captivating and never boring.

But with this time given he is able to pay in many a suspenseful scene, and- to make another famous cinematic comparison- like Lang's M really becomes more fascinated by the process of how to make a criminal investigation a purely cinematic endeavor.

It becomes quite confusing.

I drifted in and out of consciousness, not because i was tired, but because of how boring this was.

While it kept my attention for most of the duration, the ending left me a little bit empty because there wasn't much of a point to it that I could see.

So we have been breast fed on hour and a half movies that anything over 100 minutes bores most people unless there is a large amount of violence or explosions.

In Mr. Graysmith's book, he basically leads the reader to believe that all the evidenece combined pinpoints to Arthur Leigh Allen, most of the evidence is circumstantial, but certainly compelling.

However, the movie takes a turn down an investigative lane that only people with interest in this particular case would love and the rest would just fall asleep.

Even so, it's length, longer and slower than usual for this genre, can make some people lose their interest.

The movie Zodiac was quite entertaining and the actors used in this movie did an outstanding job, especially Mark Ruffalo playing inspector Tochi.

Entertaining, engrossing, the kind of movie you compulsively watch again and again...

Intriguing Who-done-it.

It takes pride in its detail, grinding out excitement within the most mundane of activities.

It rambles on for 160 minutes and gets tedious more than once.

Absolutely brilliant piece of work by Fincher, suspenseful and loaded with excellent performances, highly recommend it.

Some movies I'd recommend instead, somewhat neglected, but actually more worth your time: "Wolf Creek", "The Matador", "Blood Diamond", heck, I'm sorry for those involved, but even "Vacancy" and "Hot Fuzz" were more exciting to watch than Zodiac.

Admirable in it's objective ambitions, Fincher largely misses the entire point of making a movie like this for the silver screen and instead bogs the viewer down with unnecessary minutia; information that is certainly relevant to the plot's hunt for this elusive killer, but nonetheless will become entirely formulaic, leaving many viewers apathetic way too quickly.

The material IS rather fascinating, remaining one of the most fascinating unsolved cases of all time.

They're engaging, unique, and have great arcs.

But the middle 2 hours were just too tiresome for me.

Zodiac is far more suspenseful, more intricate and entertaining than Breach.

there were some intense scenes and some creepy scenes, all in the calling card of David f.

Saw Zodiac this past weekend and was bored out of my mind.

This is a vast, sprawling, and lengthy film directed by David Fincher, which gets nowhere in the end, and was probably a pointless exercise.

The first hour of the movie moves very quickly with witty and intriguing dialog that keeps the viewer anxious to see how the events work themselves out.

Mark Ruffalo, who I often find a little bland, is actually not bad as Inspector David Toschi who is put in charge of the case.

It was such a long, slow, endless, vapid, dull, energy-lacking epic.

It's got great performances all around, the pacing is fantastic, the characters are well-developed and interesting, the whole story is fascinating and tense, and the choices in presentation are smart.

Zodiac is gripping and involving in its own way and is a film that will surely have a better chance of withstanding the test of time than other films released these days.

There are SO many twists and hypothesies that makes it quite intriguing.

The rest of the movie was interesting, but after about two hours of Jake Gyllenhaal talking with various people about the zodiac it becomes a little repetitive.

I will admit I got lost slightly in a couple of places, and I think it could have been improved a little with more murders featured, but Gyllenhaal does well, Downey Jr. isn't bad, and Ruffalo gets his time, and of course the director does his best, it is in moments an engaging real life story, a watchable crime drama based on a true story.

It has one and very serious problem - this movie is very slow.

But it is about facing the true banality of evil from the viewer's perspective which have a strange effect on the viewer that make it a weirdly tense, intoxicatedly gripping and at times frighteningly creepy experience.

Having seen the whole movie, I understand this choice because of the useful information that's given but this was boring upon first viewing and could've been done better.

Some may say that it is a boring movie but the slow pace inserted after the first half of the movie is just to make feel the audience what investigators and media overall felt : and that is the absence of the Zodiac.

This is thrilling stuff from David Fincher as people really fear the Zodiac.

Now it's just slow and at times rather boring film that leaves its viewers unsatisfied and disappointed.

Some may call it slow or even dull, but having an attention span longer than 30 seconds, I found it very exciting.

And I mean way too long.

Yes, the audience recognizes a bad looking film with an uninteresting actor as its lead!!

It was decent, but I wouldn't watch it again or highly recommend it, especially compared to Fincher"s more unique movies such as Seven, The Game, and Gone Girl.

But,the fail I found on this movie is that there's a part of the film which is pretty slow and boring.

I highly recommend it to any crime/mystery-thriller fans.

Yes, what could have been just another insipid who-done-it is a well-acted, intense movie about actual events.

The colors are reduced but heavy, the camera-movements are as slow as is the editing.

This is true crime film-making at its very best with a slow pace but stark atmosphere, lively soundtrack, and suspenseful and puzzling relationships with complex and engaging characters based on real people and events.

The film does run a bit long, but because the story is so fascinating I doubt you'll even notice how long it truly is.

This hurt the Box-Office and has some Horror Movie and Slasher Fans screaming for the Exits and shouting LONG, SLOW, BORING, etc. So back up a bit and define what this is about.

I was sorely disappointed and came out of the cinema bored and tired.

If I have any criticism, it is that David Fincher's characteristic impressionism--his mind blowing spontanaeity--is sorely lacking in the production.

The movie jumps around between so many characters and makes so many leaps in time that it feels very disjointed and unfocused.

THere are also some genuinely scary scenes, and despite the films length, it's paced evenly and stays engrossing throughout.

If you ask me there's no plot....

After the first hour and a half, the film felt endless and dragged on to boredom, just like the original Zodiac case did.

Bonus: The script is full of unexpected witticisms that will make you laugh out loud.

It is slower but just as intense.

Overall, it remains a good psychological thriller that is worth watching.

But ultimately it's an experience as maddening, detailed, demanding and repetitive as the obsession it depicts.

We are immersed from the get-go.

Edgy, suspenseful and filled with '60s and '70s period details, "Zodiac" is David Fincher's meticulously researched thriller focusing on the infamous serial killer who terrorized the San Francisco Bay Area for almost two decades.

Unlike Pakula, however, Fincher does not propel James Vanderbilt's time-spanning script (based on Robert Graysmith's 1986 book, Zodiac) as forcefully and lets the story go on far too long to be consistently compelling, especially as he is forced by facts to leave the resolution open-ended.

It has similarities with how bored I got with Gone girl.

There are also quite a few supporting players that are a joy to watch, such as Brian Cox, & the always intriguing Robert Downey Jr.Fincher is as precise to form & fact as he has ever been, & though I've heard tale of him being an overly meticulous director to work for, it seems it's not without its merit, & who can argue with it, when it works out, in the end?

Also a very suspenseful scene down in the basement!

Zodiac is a waste of your time.


Even though Zodiac shows gruesome killings and attempted killings, they feel ugly rather than exciting.

Fincher's style is only present in a few well done scenes, leaving most of the photography as boring and repetitive series of medium and close shots.

Just a waste of time.

Well I am not, I give it a thumbs up because it's creepy and entertaining.

Tedious, Lifeless Presentation of Evidence & Dead Ends .

It seems to be purposely bland.

What makes Zodiac engaging is that the movie engages you right from the start, as you take on this investigative journey with the main leads in Robert Graysmith (Gyllenhaal), Paul Avery the Chronicle's senior crime report, played by Robert Downey Jr, and Inspector Dave Toshi of the San Francisco Police Department, portrayed by Mark Ruffalo.

The movie seems like 2 dull movies wrapped into one movie - (spoiler) first one being the cops trying desperately to adapt to the crazed media-loving killer, and the second one with the Gyllanthal character going on his own sleuth trail.

If you're going to have a predictable film, DON'T MAKE IT ALMOST 2 HOURS AND 45 MINUTES!!!

The film is intriguing because it is an expose of an investigation that didn't work and led to a series of murders that could have been prevented.

This movie is big, is boring and leads to nowhere.

Zodiac I swear to god is the dullest, most long drawn out road to nowhere film I've sat through.

But the clear and present difference between the two films is that, as sleek, engaging and entertaining as Se7en is, it's nothing more than entertainment.

It is utterly compelling to watch.

This is the main feature of the movie sometimes a bit thrilling but most of the time rather dull and monotonous like a not very exciting investigation documentary report.

'Zodiac' is a compelling and very well-made film focusing on an amateur detective's investigation into the infamous Zodiac killer, whose identity remains a mystery to this day.

The plot is excellent and intriguing based on the real story.

Based on the book by Robert Graysmith (played effectively here by Jake Gyllenhaal), "Zodiac" is meticulous in its details (both in dialogue and Fincher's finely painted visuals) and sprawling in plot and its parade of intriguing characters.

This movie, which revisits the events of San Francisco's Zodiac killings (as fictionalised in Clint Eastwood's first Dirty Harry movie) and the subsequent long-drawn out pursuit of their perpetrator, is not a particularly fast moving affair.

Gripping and fascinating without having to bombard you with special effects or cheap gimmicks.

Fincher does a great job of making a "cold case" into a movie that actually has a resolution that is satisfying, and he is able to make even the boring stuff seem interesting.

I was bored throughout the entire film, and my mum and my sister felt the same way.

The movie was good but too long and drawn out.

Perhaps if the ultra-objective script had it's actors trying to dress up some of the boring details they would have kept interest longer, but impressions during this lengthy film will sadly veer from cold to dull way too quickly and rarely come back to anything else.

It is far too long and has very few interesting moments.

Enjoyed movie, but drawn out and relatively unexiting .

Downey's not nearly as subtle, but riveting all the same, his Avery a grandiloquent reporter who seems as addicted to the electricity around the case as he is to the various substances that keep him going.

Overall, this is a gripping, absorbing tale about the gruesome murders that took place over a span of many years with only letters giving hints about the murders.

--- Yes, because I was wasting 3 hours of my life on this.

Wonderful acting, a really well done script that is true to the actual events and characters involved, a lot of dry humor which adds a much needed levity to an otherwise intense drama.

An Engaging Mystery Thriller Filled with Unexpected Twists and Genuine Tension .

"Zodiac" is a great movie about a highly intriguing killing spree that took place in the U.

Waste of time .

Shockingly incohesive and boring .

It's spine tingling, it's on the edge of your seat, it's Fincher.

Movie Review: "Zodiac" (2007)After 5 years of breaking away from directing motion pictures, David Fincher returns with not only bringing editor Angus Wall back on board to deliver a kind of epic puzzle of a classic "serial-killer-thriller" elements spreading 22 years of screen-story from legendary as also infamous attack to murder to 17-something teenager on July 4th 1969 over point-of-view changing sequences featuring leading actor Jake Gyllenhaal as sole-parent Robert Graysmith, starting as cartoonist at the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, before getting obsessed with the self-proclaimed "Zodiac-Killer", even able to confront the main suspect face-to-face after following his self-determined eagle-squad hobby-turning-into full-time occupation in 1983er lumberstore conclusions, when he gets help all the way by fellow-journalist Paul Avery, performed in demon-striking-fashion of private salvations from heavy numbing substance abuse after "Chaplin" (1993) and before his comeback with "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" (2005) directed by Shane Black actor Robert Downey Jr., who delivers mesmerizing beats of physical decline in presenting an ultra-stressful job of spreading news to full resignation in a peaking scene with Jake Gyllenhaal at an home estate on one side, when on the other side awaits actor Mark Ruffalo as investigating, figuring and concluding Inspector David Toschi, when "Zodiac" directed by David Fincher, again alongside with cinematographer Harry Savides (1957-2012), break together new grounds of fully-integrating immersive as decisive early low-resoluted digital camera motions followed by extensive color correction to make the picture a fascinating genre mix with ultra-thrilling scenes of investigation as character interrogations only to split open audience moods with moments of acting delight by an ensemble cast entirely prepared to deliver the most unusual crime-drama of the 2000s, which remains a mystery-thriller to be revisited by suspense-indulging audience.

One cannot brand this as a standard "whodunnit" either because some clues are dropped overtly and blatantly, and when confusion manifests, it becomes a story device to keep you guessing.

A more concentrated study on a more definite event or part of the investigation perhaps would have made more engaging viewing.

I won't say too much about it here, but I can guarantee that you'll be on the edge of the couch when you see it.

The lighting is grim, the story slow paced, the male-centric cast obsessive and paranoid and by the time the deliberately ambiguous ending rolls around, your eyes will be gaping wide and you'll be lucky to sleep for a week.

Utterly waste of time .

In the beginning and in the end there were truly great and exciting scenes, particularly the murder scenes.

If you're expecting an action packed thriller which keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout, then you'll be disappointed.

Fascinating and successfully chilling .

A very engaging film .

Fincher did his homework, yes, but forgot to deliver a compelling film.

Most of the people got bored in 2 hours and 37 minutes.

"Zodiac" is a fascinating movie with lots of suspects, holding you in its grip from start to finish; gets to maintain a rhythm of both anxiety and fear and it's certainly a must - see film despite not being as considerable as "Seven".

Mysterious and intriguing, but misguided and drawn out at times.

The dramatic exhale Fincher builds to never arrives, for credit to his craft as a film maker, makes Zodiac compelling viewing for a film that reaches no real conclusion.

I felt humbled by their patient & enjoyable presence -- Zodiac the movie receiving the respect through appreciation for the conveyance of top quality film art as entertainment that also rivet & educate.

All the facts are laid out, a straight forward and such a little slow moving account of an infamous crime spree .

It's main issue is that it is too predictable.

Zodiac is thrilling and suspenseful and is by far the best movie of this new year.

Some sequences are genuinely terrifying, and yet nothing happens in them.

I found this movie to be nothing more than average, not gripping at all, and far, far too long.

This is one of the most boring movies I've ever seen.

But if you're looking for a compelling and enticing thriller, then this is hands down worth watching.

In that respect, the mood reminded me of Oliver Stone's slow paced thriller "Talk Radio", or the conspiracy mystery "The China Syndrome".

But let me just put it this way: I nearly fell asleep in school that day that I saw this movie.

Effectively Creepy and Engrossing True Crime Tale .

This is one of those thought-provoking films that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

His direction is stylish, and the cinematography, like in all his films, is stunning.

Bland Acting.

*Yawn* .

But "Zodiac," David Fincher's scrupulously factual drama about the determined serial killer who eluded Northern California police for more than two decades, manages to be an absorbing and fulfilling experience -- even though it ends with a question mark.

The style fits the subject matter well, with the drama driven by dialog, performance and character interaction, while the suspense is bolstered by the slow, investigative procedures that the characters undertake in the valiant pursuit of the truth.

This was actually pretty surprising for me since this is a true story, I expected them to use as realistic cinematography as possible but instead, they went for a slicker, more stylish direction which is actually quite a positive because to me, realistic cinematography is boring.

A boring and overdone theme.

There are times when the film becomes bogged down with police procedural aspects, and its epic runtime is apparent, though most of the slow parts still remain engrossing.

The second act had 3 main characters but the third act has only one, so when the movie narrows the focus down to the one person it lost it's ability to switch characters when a story arc becomes dull.

A truly informative and enjoyable film.

The film's score by David Shire also proves highly effective, both at amplifying the tension and dramatic punch of the confrontations with the killer, and helping bring the slower scenes to life more.

For some reason as the film shifts from focusing on Downey Jr. and Ruffalo to him, it just feels awkward, and is one of the reasons the film feels dragged out.

Meticulously detailed and authentic, but overly boring in some cases .

Good) Crazily thrilling and thought provoking, great acting, doesn't "overdue it" Bad) a little foggy here and there Jake Gyllenhall) Quick at picking up the phone Not as bad as it really was) Zodiac's portrayal of late 70s and early 80s clothing styles

The yawning of the Age of Aquarius .

And we have our narrative connections through plot cohesion and repetitive characters common in each piece: mainly Robert Downey Jr. and Elias Koteas.

At two hours and forty minutes it is too long.

David Fincher put together a very intense and suspenseful crime-drama / mystery film.

Seemed OK for about the first hour and then it just dragged on, nothing was happening, just constant dialogue between characters.

Fu*king boring to death.

The slow obsession the character goes through and eventual realizations are all very well depicted, and only continue to show off his true acting chops.

This film really shines in it's understated, realistic and yet wholly entertaining dialog and characterization.

A slow burner serial killer movie that focuses more on "police procedural work" .

Based on the true story of one of the most intriguing unsolved crimes in American history and the book by Robert Graysmith.

The film drags on for what seems hours, to then rush a span of decades into the last ten minutes; yeh the director may have got bored, because I sure did.

The music, the way it's shot, the way that Fincher sets up every scene is breathtaking and entirely gripping and original.

As Zodiac makes its way through its excruciating two and a half hours, the attention gradually, and necessarily, shifts from the elusive killer to a straight arrow named Robert Graysmith (Jake Gyllenhaal), a newspaper cartoonist and former Eagle Scout whose obsession with the case is marginally intense enough to keep us going.

All in all, a little to serious and slow-moving for my liking...

The author of "Se7en" took me by surprise with this often hyperrealistic, documentary-mosaic-like police procedural which could have been even more impressive, would the ending of Gyllenhaal's storyline have been more in tune with the underlying concept that life is often unpredictable and illogical, and that reality does not always create clear, pointed stories (or, maybe, that the Great story's point lies in its pointlessness ?

In the first twenty minutes, I was a little concerned that it was just a mere blood and gore flick, but the movie moved forward smoothly, jumping forward in time in big chunks with ease and became an engaging story.

"Based on the true story of the notorious serial killer and the intense manhunt he inspired, 'Zodiac' is a superbly crafted thriller from the director of 'Se7en' and 'Panic Room'.

While this viewer would hesitate to come right out and call this "perfect", he will say that it does come pretty close, entertaining and informing its audience and never making the film seem as long as it is.

Stylish, compelling, gripping work .

Because it's a dull movie.

The result is a boring film where the director could simply blame editing for being lazy (I would not blame the editor for given up on this one!

Two-and-a-half hours seems like 4 in the drawn out portions of the plot that need not be shown.

He takes his source material in Graysmith's book and presents it in a thrilling movie.

The ending was a bit abrupt and disjointed.

David Fincher could have taken a narrative style very functional to the commercial format, which has already been used time and again – serial killers – till we are bored to death seeing those movies.

Extremely Intriguing .

" For Lee, that was intriguing and radical.

A bit too slow...

Believable, real, nothing too crazy, lenghty, if you are into movies about homicide investigations, you should check this out, since it brings something new to the table and i worth watching after all.

It is also fascinating because it shows how police departments and newspapers ethics worked in a not so distant era.

Turning into an obsession for each of them that affects their lives in unexpected ways.

The cinematography is excellent throughout and there are two particularly breathtaking shots in the movie, one of the valley around Modesto, California at night and another taken from the top of the Golden Gate bridge.

David Fincher has taken nearly five years off between films, and he has returned a more mature and accomplished director with his fascinating "Zodiac.

The first murders are staged brilliantly by director David Fincher, and the film becomes a gripping search for the sadistic killer.

However, I can comment on this film for what it is - a fascinating story of a cartoonist's search for the identity of a serial killer who all else seem to have given up on ever finding.

Robert Downey jr's performance is exquisite, especially his timing and presence, but also the slow , almost invisible sliding of his character into drug and alcohol abuse.

The cast is amazing here, everyone in this film gave stunning performances.

The result is an epic accumulation of circumstantial evidence that, despite heavy doses of foreboding bass notes, is mildly intriguing rather than exciting.

One could make a very compelling argument that the final scene is one of the best in the film.

This film is 2 hours and 42 minutes long, but it does not feel close to that because it keeps you guessing, you care about the characters through their development, and it is also is just entertaining which is a quality that some great films lack.

The second is the length of this movie--it's way too long.

" Boring, tedious, and annoying.

and this of course amounts to a very satisfactory finale, for us-the viewer, as up to this final point we have been on the edge of our seats guessing Graysmith's (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Inspector Toschi's (Mark Ruffallo) next move.

I thought Seven was an excellent thriller but Zodiac is boring.

The second act which delves into the investigation is one of the most intense act in a movie.

that's also enormously entertaining and will scare you more and more..the longer you think about it.

This movie is a compelling from start to finish.

Overall, it's a fascinating, disturbing look into the lives of men who lost their lives looking for a serial killer.

some people would say it was slow and dull but i beg to differ, it was very captivating and thrilling.

Add to this, a drunken Robert Downey who's speech is so slurred and confusing, I didn't know if he was a sleuth or playing "Hamlet.

An intense, albeit slow, telling of the story of the Zodiac killings, this movie transports its audience back to the 60's and 70's, and makes them relive the tension and paranoia that shrouded the lives of the public back then.

Real life has too many boring bits.

Toschi shows a softer side of obsession, hiding it better, but you can see his intense desire to uncover the truth and you see it more when he unwillingly helps Graysmith.

Crimes are quite intense and give us some of the most dramatic scenes.

I was pretty shocked that this film came from the same director of very cinematically gripping films such as Fight Club.

He really gets across the lengthy, sometimes lethargic nature of the case and the boring minutiae of police work.

a fascinating film .

And when rumors trickled out that Fincher was going to ridiculous lengths to achieve the same level of accuracy—murder sequences are supposedly accurate up to the centimeter in terms of the choreography—I admit to having some worries over the same true crime boredom of the book's adaptation.

Leisurely but gripping .

Zodiac is a truly bold, truly intense and truly intelligent movie....

The film, based on Graysmith's non-fiction book, is intense and unsettling, though it does pack reams of detail and criminal minutiae into its running time--most of which dead-ends or winds up discarded.

Forget the tedious, suspense-less "Panic Room", "Zodiac" is Fincher right back on form.

Engaging and Intriguing .

Found it a fascinating film as it went along, and I can certainly understand how investigators (eg the Jake Gyllenhaal character Robert Graysmith)could become obsessed with their quest, particularly given the long time-frame involved.

Utterly waste of time.

A mixed bag of good and tedious scenes.