Zombieland (2009) - Adventure, Comedy, Horror

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A shy student trying to reach his family in Ohio, a gun-toting tough guy trying to find the last Twinkie, and a pair of sisters trying to get to an amusement park join forces to travel across a zombie-filled America.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Ruben Fleischer
Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone
Length: 88 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 94 out of 579 found boring (16.23%)

One-line Reviews (380)

This film is so worth watching.

The lead character's rules for survival in zombieland are possibly the most entertaining part of the film, and it's a shame we're only let in on 10 or so of the 30+ he's devised.

There are only a handful of gags, and they induce mild chuckling, the rest is predictable ha-ha silly/funny-zombie fare.

My 14-year-old son also commented that the movie was boring.

While the dialogue between these characters is very natural and funny, it can become a bit tiresome as a large portion of the movie shifts away from the zombies and focuses on them instead, this is in my opinion, one of the movies only flaws.

The opening is pacey and exciting, immediately it screams new stance on the zombie franchise.

The atmosphere is perfect, good laughs, a LOT of suspense, enjoyable and realistic characters and scenes, a beautiful girl dressed like in The Adventurers Of The Space (this means, in tight jeans and black leather jacket...

An unexpected hit .

It's engaging in the fact that some things you can see coming if you pay attention to the "rules" presented in the beginning.

entertaining up until the end sequences .

There's a scene in the middle of the film that is completely, utterly unexpected and absolutely hilarious, so much so that the film feels like a lead-up to and denouement away from the 8 or 10 minutes smack in the middle of it.

Bill Murray has a small cameo but it seemed a bit pointless and just something to fill in some time.

That allows this one to get in plenty of exciting action scenes here that are a lot of fun, from the opening attack in the bedroom apartment and the early road scenes of the two which provide this one with plenty of fun, action-packed scenes that offer up some comedy as well.

They all team up and head to 'Pacific Play-land' a renowned Theme Park reportedly Untouched by The infection in this hilarious, action packed Film about Firearms, Fun and Friends with a special Cameo by Bill Murray.

The story is a brisk one that moves quickly and while sticking to a technically predictable storyline, there are enough surprises in the writing to make it an enjoyable movie.

Pure genius and just so clever and unpredictable.

Simply boring ....

Shortly respect ask cousins brought add tedious nay.

What a stupid predictable movie .

Entertaining and Original Horror-Comedy .

Light on gore but heavy on bore and snore.

I'd venture to say it is way more entertaining than Left 4 Dead ever was, though.

Which leaves us with the characters who are all a bit flat and uninteresting, which is fine in most zombie films where they are really just zombie fodder.

Cast wise, Harrelson could carry the role of the tough, grizzly redneck in his sleep, constantly cracking wise and at one point revealing an unexpected, dramatic trauma from his past that's as out of nowhere (and sort of out of place) as a similar scene in the aforementioned SOTD.

I would actually liken this movie to "Sexy Vampire Killers", which is as well as "Zombieland" an extremely boring movie with a good name.

Events which are supposed to be "shocking twists" are extremely predictable to the seasoned movie goer.

If there is one flaw to the movie it is undoubtedly its overuse of narration by the main character and it wasn't until a little later in the film, when his constant interruptions were few and far between, that I felt truly immersed in the film.

The ending scene where he kills all the zombies by himself might be a stretch but its entertaining nonetheless.

Hilarious and enjoyable zombie comedy .

Here the story is taut, simple, watchable and entertaining.

Just the right amount of gore, fun, engaging action, and hilarious dialogues/characters.

Bottomline: waste of time, waste of money.

The story could be better but i found the two girls tedious and annoying.

Really boring .

Dave Sardy also gave the film a fitting, intense rock score, adding to fun nature of the film.

Unexpected zombie surprise .

As long as the movie is accepted for what is is, parody, then it is entertaining.

One of the most enjoyable intros I've seen, and definitely tops among zombie movies.

Or at least, I enjoyed it.

You can watch it, sure,it's entertaining.

The main problems are the slow story and the lack of big jokes as I've already mentioned.

there's no plot at all.

Good enough to be worth a look and it made for an enjoyable 90 minutes mostly spent chuckling for me.

aka propaganda for who and why?

Ninety minutes went by and i feel like nothing happened, reminds me of "lost".

Not sure that this will ever obtain cult classic status but I would however recommend this to anyone who likes Zombie movies you will not be disappointed, I really enjoyed it.

Don't waste your time .

Storyline stars to drag and seems to be more focused on poorly developed cliché love angle and morals about trust than on zombies.

Both are fast paced thrill rides full of laughs, kick ass slow motion sequences, gallons of fake blood and a surprising amounts of genuine character development.

this is the worst movie I have ever saw in my entire life.

He was funny and bad ass and it was just really enjoyable to see him want those Twinkies so damn bad.

And the fact that Little Miss Sunshine is Little Miss Bad-Chick in this movie was unexpected and fabulous all at the same time.

A funny entertaining horror send up.

The movie was totally pointless and meaningless, kind of like Ghostbusters except with zombies.

Nevertheless, it remains an enjoyable ride, with funny performances from Eisenberg and Harrelson, as well as a delightful cameo that heightens the fanboy fantasy feel of the movie.

The plot was predictable.

The road trip makes for a mostly uninteresting, although occasionally funny, adventure which mutates into a romance between the Eisenberg and Stone characters and their being forced into revising predetermined outlooks on other people and the world around them.

Utterly pointless.

>Lacks any actual action >Most of the scenes are pointless >Not funny >Not scary or horrifying And I'm 17 That about it?

Their chemistry works well and B-movies such as "Tremors" come to mind, where the banter and quarrel between main characters is at least as entertaining as their fight against evil low-budget monsters.

Save your money and watch the trailer.

Forget the slow meandering living corpses with outstretched arms, moaning and groaning.

Apart from that, I can't think of very much else to say about this film except its just a whole lot of mindless, un-entertaining cinema .

The movie starts out great; with the rules, the slow motion zombie replays, etc. and then it just goes dull.

The end to this movie was awesome and exciting now why couldn't that have been the entire movie?

All in all, the characters weren't memorable, the story was predictable (love interest comes in and lead gets girl, yada yada), and the humor was awkward and stale.

Segment with Bill while was kinda pleasant on the other hand was completely pointless waist of time.

Harrelson's Twinkie obsession struck me as pointless and should not have been a driving force behind the narrative.

But after all that, it just kept getting worse, and more than anything - boring.

For just as 'Shaun of the Dead' is a clever, very British send up of the American George Romero dead movies, "Zombieland" is a clever, full-bore, 'ugly American' cousin to 'Shaun of the Dead!

This story telling if you will saved time and made room for more action packed zombie killing.

Enjoyable .

The pop-up list was funny once, or twice - but was tedious and stupid as it went on and on throughout the film.

) This is not one of the best films I have seen recently, (though overall it is still solid), but it was one of the more enjoyable.

"The characters surprise you, the humour is unexpected and unique and most importantly the zombies are not simply the butt of every joke.

The 'rules for zombies' was an entertaining plot element, and most of them made a lot of sense, although Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) probably got some of his priorities mixed up as the story proceeded.

Zombieland is a movie with a great start that ultimately runs out of gas thanks to a plodding middle section, disappointing as it had the potential to be so much more than just another zombie movie lost amid a sea of recent other werewolf, vampire and zombie movies.

I have watched this 2009 movie several times already, and still find it to be enjoyable.

I was wrong: it was a total waste of time, not funny as a comedy, not thrilling as a zombie movie, not touching as a personal drama.

Bill Murray's cameo was "WTF-exciting" and Jesse Eisenburg had a well-deserved nomination for MTV's "Best Scared as S*!

There were huge lulls where no threat of any kind appeared.

This film, on the other hand, had paper thin characters, virtually no script at all (beyond Woody's one liners), no real plot (beyond something akin to a single level of a bad video game, as I've already alluded to), and wasn't at all funny.

With lots of stylish zombie slaying, bags of visual gags, plenty of slick gore (including CGI blood, unfortunately, but I guess that's just a sign of the times), a quite surreal moment midway featuring a surprise cameo from a well known comedy movie star, and an exciting, action-packed climax set amidst the attractions of a theme park, Zombieland provides solid wall-to-wall entertainment for zombie fans who enjoy a good laugh along with their graphic gut-munching.

This isn't a bad thing, but rather a bit predictable.

Definitely worth watching.

Jesse has rules that he abides by in this action packed horror movie directed by Ruben Fleischer.

Each role was contrived to take itself way too seriously, which was one of the things that makes this movie so fun.

The film is hilarious, incredibly entertaining, and there are good performances.

It has all the core elements of a Zombie movie (non-stop action, blood and gore) with the addition of some very enjoyable comedy.

They simply slow down the movie and make it feel, well, not so good.

Thar's adrenaline in them thar zombies.

It was sloppy, a little boring, poor characters, and Jessie Eisenberg.

It is fun, it has lots of qualities, sometimes is scary, other times is hysterically funny, but in the end you only get from "Zombieland" an entertaining film that overused a few things that worked better in "Shaun of the Dead".

Zombie movies are so few and far between, well, good zombie movies, that it's exciting when a good one comes along.

It wasn't as funny & witty as Shaun of the Dead, but more exciting.

Except for THAT sequence in the middle, whereby the unexpected appearance of a comedy great lifts the movie from unremarkable to near classic status.

However, "Zombieland" has a very thin plot, the first half is so boring.

Entertaining zombie film .

A fresh and enjoyable take on the Zombie genre, which before this was looking a bit tired.

The acting was really good I enjoyed it, the characters blended really well and they all delivered great performances with a guest appearance from Bill Murray.

They're both good actors and I figured they'd make this worth watching.

Let's just say, you won't see it coming, and while there are quite a few predictable moments in Zombieland, the few times things aren't always as they seem will challenge your experience.

And yet, the gorehounds out there shouldn't be disappointed; the action scene between Columbus and his crazed neighbor in 406, and the final zombie slaughter in the amusement park, are pretty darn gripping.

There is no way to feel for these characters, they are empty, fractured and one dimensional.

The graphics were pretty realistic and the dialog was enjoyable.

Ultimately, I think that while "Zombieland" is a somewhat enjoyable time waster it's got nothing on "Shaun of the Dead".

" Scenarists Rhett Reese of "Clifford's Really Big Movie" and television scribe Paul Wernick have forged a formulaic, uneven two-star road picture.

Yeah, except that most of the film is dumb and slow.

Utterly unexpected, his cameo makes the film and is utterly priceless.

For me, the cameo was totally unexpected and good for a laugh.

Maybe if I had been dragged to it, it would have exceeded my expectations.

The pair is also saddled with some contrived, "only-in-a-movie" character traits.

Movie with no story .

This movie has received countless good reviews and my 20 year old son recommended it along with many others, but unlike District 9 which was a good 'odd' movie this film is was just a boring ride across the States with people shooting zombies, well that's never been done before, anyhow it's hard to tell the difference nowadays between real life Americans and the zombies featured in the movie, another stupid film from an unimaginative film industry aimed at an idiot American public.

Worth watching for even a thousand times.

I found it to be predictable, not as fun and just plain boring.

Still, despite the film's seeming unoriginality in story and situations, the actors and characters are quite likable, the film's comedy for the most part works, and the better than average production values make this zombie film well worth watching.

If done so, Zombieland can be an enjoyable, albeit peculiar, adventure.

I really enjoyed it.

The acting is decent enough with Woody Harrelson making an entertaining team with Michael Cera (oops, I mean Jesse Eisenberg).

But tired, they first look for a place to sleep and Tallahassee brings them to Bill Murray's mansion, thinking it to be empty.

There's barely a dull moment and when the talkative scenes start to slow things down you know something is about to jump out...

I will suggest seeing this as it is something new and intriguing.

) – ZOMBIELAND proves quite enjoyable most of the way.

Poor casting, less-than stellar visuals, repetitive cinematography and an absolutely awful plot line shelve Zombieland beside films sent to the dreaded "bargain-bin".

Not much more to say, a fun and entertaining horror comedy that will definitely give you some good laughs.

It seems like the director found a super slow motion camera and decided to film a bunch of scenes that were pointless.

Edgar Wright's 2004 blockbuster hit Shaun of the Dead set the standard for any director bold enough to attempt to tap into this intriguing sub-genre.

Omfg, script is totally predictable.

Keep movies insightful, intriguing and inspiring with imaginations and courage to tell us what you think!!!!

Yet, only minutes later, what follows this dull, surreal scene is an actual romantic(!

Complaints aside, Zombieland is very entertaining.

Rule #5 : If you recognize yourself in the last mentioned and are still up for some great gore and intense scenes nice to get in the %$& and bring them back with you forever after, please accept and follow the above.

it's fast paced and super fun with many many LOL moments.

The great sense of humor that appears in the movie permanently makes it really enjoyable and fun to watch, and with the great soundtrack it really gives you the feeling that probably a zombie apocalypse wouldn't be that deadly after all.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this a couple of times now and highly recommend it!

10/10 I highly recommend it to anyone.

Low budget movie, with stupid point, and no story at all, just killing zombies and having fun ?

There was also Columbus's character and his rules; at the start of the film he shouts out four different rules which I thought was quite funny, but then when the old rules are repeated throughout the film with the odd new rule thrown in, it quickly grew repetitive and became less and less funny each time I heard it.

The rapid-fire and snappy dialogue (reminiscent of "The Girlmore Girls") also helps although there are obvious gaps where the writers take a breath after running short of it.

Very soon, the movie becomes more and more senseless until it reaches a point where you understand why the whole thing became so uninteresting: It is made for zombies.

I wanted slow pacing and moaning Zombies of Romero films.

Hilarious and extremely entertaining .

It's just a funny, enjoyable ride.

If I'm being completely honest, it actually started out quite entertaining.

Seeing people talk about killing zombies is so entertaining.

An enjoyable movie.

I think the only flaw about this movie was that it moved kind of slow in the middle when it was "bonding" time.

More like boredom land .

All in all, it is a ,very fun to watch, zombie movie and each and every of its 88 minutes is worth watching.

To sum it up: This is an very good and enjoyable Zombiemovie which somehow is perfect in it's very tiny 1 hour and 20 minutes.

In fact, it's pretty darned bland.

I found it very entertaining and although very predictable, it's a fun way to kill some time on a rainy day.

But where most try and make up for the same formula with cheap scares and pointless drama, "Zombieland" goes with its comedic acting and situations.

You know your average cliché storyline that gets reused time and time again?

Worth watching - zombies and a comedy rolled into one.

worst movie ever .

All in all it's worth watching.

Watched Zombieland With Jesse Eisenberg(Adventureland) as Columbus Also Starring The Stunning Emma Stone(Superbad) as Wichita the love interest of Columbus ,Woody Harrelson (Cheers ) as Tallahassee,Amber Heard(NeverBack Down) as 406, Abigail Breslin(Nims Island) as Little Rock and also a Cameo By Bill Murray(Ghostbusters) as Himself.

Overall, this is an action-comedy-zombie movie which is definitely worth watching if you're looking for a movie with 1) zombies, 2) action, and 3) comedy!

Amber Heard's very brief role in the film is worthy of an honorable mention for being completely over the top, utterly predictable, and funny, funny stuff.

After a wickedly funny and even somewhat frightening first half - with our nerdish hero's first zombie encounter being the hilarious highlight - the whole scenario grows rather stale and repetitive, despite some throwaway bits here and there.

It's like an American Shaun of the Dead and if you liked that then you should find this worth watching.

Actually, the story is silly; the narrative of Columbus is tedious; and the cameo of Bill Murray is totally dull.

Unfortunately this was the end of all fun and some 1,5 h of boredom followed.

What we get is a bunch of bored actors just ad libbing as they drive around the U.

It was so boring and I thought about walking out a couple of times.

And the fact that the undead are not their usual snail-paced selves, but rather surprisingly agile for their reputation makes the chases and fight sequences even more exciting.

I love the guy's 30 rules for surviving,, my fav.. double tap,, meaning two shots to the head of any living zombie,, this is by far the funniest zombie movie out there, it actually had a decent plot,, great acting and awesome make up and effects.. what a good movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It had some funny parts, some really funny parts, and some dull parts.

Flawed and excessive without doubt, but you'll be hard pressed to find a more entertaining way to spend 90 minutes.

A less intelligent version of Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland is nevertheless mildly entertaining.

The one word I would use to describe this movie is BORING .

take your pick) with predictable results.

It avoids the pitfalls of horror-comedies such as having dull characters and cheap laughs.

Then he meets the proverbial reckless macho redneck zombie-killing machine, Woody Harelson in a very enjoyable and enthusiastic performance, and thus odd couple hijinks ensue.

In the past I watched Shaun of the Dead and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Going into this, i thought this might be a cop-off of "Shaun Of The Dead", but really it was the most enjoyable film of this year.

Lots of laughs, snappy dialog, Harrelson at his best, what more can you want?

The humour is very predictable and somewhat childish, so if you are someone looking for a smart and adult movie, look elsewhere.

What waste of time and money !

The film itself opens with Metallica's "For Whom The Bell Tolls" on the soundtrack, an interesting choice, as both Metallica's song, and the Hemmingway novel upon which its title is based, dealt with a fear of modernity, impending death, sacrifice, mortality, a longing for family etc. Such themes are never substantially delved into or treated with much weight by Fleischer, but they do help add some gravity to an otherwise formulaic plot.

This is a funny, touching, intense, and sometimes scary good time with good performances all from Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin, several zombie extras, and a Famous Celebrity who gets quite a funny death scene.

It is witty, exciting, moves at a lovely pace, the main characters "Rules of how to survive a zombie apocalypse" are entertaining and bind everything together.

Stone and Breslin are untalented, what a waste of time.

Eisenberg's dryly self-assured presence brings out a sassy side to Harrelson which makes the actor more tolerable than usual, however the mindless destruction is predictable, obvious, and repetitive.

) Again, though predictable outcome, the cameo has the best line (albeit one word) in the film: "Garfield.

The tone of the movie is serious and that's what makes the film so much more entertaining (and funny).

However, even though the movie ended up being entertaining and funny, I have to say that I expected much more from it.

No doubt people are going to refer to Shaun of the Dead when talking about Zombieland, since both films are zombie comedies featuring a dash of romance; but to compare the two films is pointless—Shaun's humour is so typically British and Zombieland so American in style that they actually bear very little resemblance to each other.

Bland, Unfunny, and Overrated .

And it's pulled off with enough sassy, unexpected twists (and one spectacular guest star) you have to love it.

Zombieland works as a satire, and at the very least, a well-made, enjoyable popcorn flare.

These days it's just a matter of applying a back story about how the 'disease' spread, selecting zombie speed from slow or fast, picking out a motley bunch of survivors, dangling an undead-free zone within their grasp and deciding how many of the cast survive along the way – usually dependant on the actor's wage.

The story had no plot or real climax.

The hard rocking soundtrack is pretty well done as well, setting the tone for the film right from Metallica's opening note over the hugely entertaining opening credits.

Was disappointed in this though considered it fairly entertaining.

Not to say the second half was bad, but the jokes got a bit repetitive and I lost interest in the list of rules that Columbus keeps.

First time in my life, I was bored by a zombie movie!!!

Overall, Zombieland is a very entertaining and fun fast-paced film and a good debut by director Ruben Fleischer, just not the amazing film people are making it out to be.

Lots of laughs, snappy dialog, Harrelson at his best, what more can you want.

The role the zombies play in this film is as an uninteresting, unthreatening MacGuffin required to cause occasional distractions from what is in essence the lamest love story between two of the least interesting characters in modern film.

I've watched this movie many times over and it is still super entertaining every time I put it on.

I was expecting something entertaining, maybe in the vein of Brain-Dead or Shaun of the Dead.

I wish it weren't that short because I really find this movie very entertaining.

In addition to this there is an hilarious cameo role played by Murray that probably worth watching the movie for on it's own.

As a matter of fact, I thought the entire scenario with Bill Murray was incredibly simplistic and a waste of time.

Zombieland was just a great film that was infinitely enjoyable on multiple levels!

But I don't want to flog an undead horse too harshly, especially such an entertaining one.

Just came from a sneak preview held in Baltimore and left the theater feeling very satisfied.

:-) All but six of us left the theater before the credits finished rolling, so we got a treat at the very end.

Accepting the offer refused by the master of horror, John Carpenter, virtually unknown filmmaker Ruben Fleisher directs a very capable cast consisting of three future A-listers in Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin, as well as the ever-reliable and extremely underrated Woody Harrelson in horror-comedy Zombieland, an enjoyable take on a genre screaming out for some mainstream originality.

You'll be hard pressed to find a more entertaining way to spend 90 minutes.

Please go in expecting that, because you'll be bored otherwise.

However, for me it was achingly predictable, in a movie that in every other way was fresh.

SO was the rest of the cast ..GO see this movie .. It was well worth it , Very entertaining .

The zombies were uttlerly boring, the story totally tedious (I'm not just saying that, although there were a few inspired moments the story was just completely boring and really had no point).

Even I squirmed during some of the more intense violence.

The plot was cheap and weak and kind of predictable.

Also, the road trip premiss allows for an entertaining series of episodic events.

Not one of my favourite movies, and perhaps not on my top ten list, but certainly enjoyable, humorous and a good movie.

A teen comedy disguised as a "zombie" movie that has more bore and snore than gore.

Along the way he meets a guy who is very much unhinged and on the edge...

The massive video-game influences of this film is what seriously makes it so enjoyable especially if you're an avid video-gamer.

Zombieland (R, 1:27) — Other: Comedy, 3rd string, formulaAnother zombie movie, ho hum.

It never gets tiresome because of it fast paced rhythm.

From here, things remain intense and funny right into and throughout the third reel, as the final showdown takes place at Pacific Playland, with our heroes using all manner of fairground rides to fend off the hungry horde.

Zombieland is a fun, fast-paced, entertaining movie that mixes sheer terror with belly laughs.

Today I went to go see Zombieland, and I must say I really enjoyed it.

The script is highly enjoyable with some really witty and hilarious dialogues.

With the fast-moving human-eaters in those Return of the Night of the Living dead movies...

Zombieland had awesome action sequences while Shaun of the Dead stuck to a more slower pace.

not only that, the story was pretty decent, and very entertaining to watch unfold.

we found it thoroughly entertaining.

While it was inevitable that Zombieland would be compared to Shaun of the Dead(unfairly, I believe), I think this film stands on it's own merits as a really entertaining zombie comedy with pitch-perfect casting.

Zombieland is an enjoyable zombie romp road trip.

This movie is a very enjoyable watch.

The story, well there is no story.

Simply put, this movie is an embarrassing exercise in fan service; jam-packed with tons of Hollywood references, gratuitous (but pointless) zombie carnage, and the timely popping-up of cutesy text...

I would recommend Zombieland to others, this was a fun fast paced film with that delivered what the audience wanted and more.

The one thing this pointless shoot em up at least spared us from is that age old endless zombie film saying said many ways "shoot them in the head, and they'll die.

He has the same thing going on in this film as he did in this year's very very good Adventureland: a self-assured Woody Allenish nebbishy aggressiveness that is equal parts entertaining and off-putting (as my movie partner pointed out halfway through the film, he has an impossible-to-ignore-once-you-notice-it staring problem).

I must be too old for teen movies as i just usually skip them and find them really dull.

What is most disappointing is how much of an intended, and obviously contrived, selling point he is.

No, what makes this flick truly unbearable is Jesse Eisenberg.

Twitchy Jessie Eisenberg (now inexplicably cast in everything, always playing the same nebbish, virginal dweeb) provides an even more twitchy voice-over that makes the combination of Eisenberg's pompous pre-Raphaelite face and boring, self-deprecating personality an unbearable combination.

I can see why a lot people and critics for the most part enjoyed it.

It just sometimes made it a little bit boring.

Dumb, predictable and not particularly funny .

As said, the plot holes are rampant and the plot is very, very predictable.

As I was leaving the theater some other people were commenting that it was by far the worst movie they had ever seen.

nor anybody who likes sick movies, this ain't even close, boring...

This film will have the viewer on the edge of their seat from the horror and action, at the same time it will have them laughing from the witty dialogue.

To conclude, this film has a spot on cast as well as script making for a very enjoyable few hours, and it doesn't get stale over time.

Totally stupid and pointless.

Overall this was an entertaining movie with a a lot of good parts.

What really drives Zombieland is the coolness, the hilarious moments and the adrenaline pumping action.

Eisenberg ("Columbus") holds his own, funny for some part and Harrelson (Twinkie-obsessed "Tallahassee") is actually enjoyable.

As a result, everything looks mundane, as if nobody actually seemed to care what the end result would be like.

Mildy entertaining.

There were some laughs to break up my long sighs of boredom.

Overall this was quite an enjoyable and fun zombie comedy.

I like that there isn't much of a plot to Zombieland because that leaves a lot of time for some really intense action scenes and jokes even though the movie is only 81 minutes long.

For some odd reason these zombie films are fascinatingly entertaining to us, and there are some fantastic ones out there with great stories.

In Zombieland, the zombies weren't much different than other cannibalistic ghouls you've seen in other incarnations, other than they were of the very fast-moving type.

Enjoyable Fun .

my American savage index is about the propaganda and cultural rejection or acceptance of the "others".

The cinematography is wonderful and done very well all the way through the movie, just very nice to look at especially in the more thrilling scenes.

What makes this film even more enjoyable is the fact that there really isn't a standout performance between each of the four leads.

Death counts etc.The movie although not very funny or scary, it's quite entertaining.

Having said that, it's entertaining enough if you're in an undemanding mood.


It was funny, witty and exciting.

Seeing how these characters come together to form a pact, was intriguing from the beginning and adding Bill Murray with a cameo was just the icing on the cake.

Eisenberg translates to "boring; must avoid future possible funny films with him".

this movie is a full on entertaining movie!!

Boring .

The plot itself is loose enough to be right on the cusp of being pointless, with Columbus wanting his home, Tallahassee wanting his Twinkie, and the sisters getting to their painfully bad idea of Pacific Playland.

Woody is hilarious and Bill Murray is an unexpected delight.

They play with genre norms, clichés and lore to bring a truly witty and engaging story to the screen.

And predictable.

Seldom is violence so entertaining.

I thought the 2004 British film with Simon Pegg (the inspiration for this film) was hilarious and scary at the same time, but "Zombieland" wouldn't have been worth watching unless you added stars like Woody Harrelson and the underrated Jesse Eisenberg into the mix!

More comedy than horror (a small quibble but the few sequences of gore satisfies those-in-the-know) with middling yet overly entertaining results, with a comic highlight of a close encounter with…yup Bill Murray himself (dead-panned – pun intended – to perfection).

First of all, the jokes are very bland and unfunny.

I'll admit the Amusement Park showdown (the clown zombie) was fun, but just so predictable.

Am still waiting for many dead movies to be made: The Melancholy Dead, The Anorexic Dead, Bored Dead, Rehabilitated Dead, Hypnotized Dead, Brain Dead, Finally Dead Dead, Time Traveling Dead, Prehistoric Dead, Emotionally Dead Dead to name a few.

This movie never takes itself seriously, which makes it more enjoyable and more gleeful for the indie crowd.

Another Zombie Movie, Ho Hum .

This, coupled with the constant on-screen titles (Rule #1: Cardio, Rule #2: Double Tap, etc.) seem very self-indulgent.

Worth the Watch .

It's funny, action packed and an all around good time.

Trying to top this fun filled, action packed adventure will be a tough challenge due to the creative narration and such a contrast of characters that make you laugh throughout the film.

If you're not, I still think it's worth the watch.

I knew that the pacing of the film was such that as soon as a slow point did appear, it was going to be here and gone just THAT quickly.


This movie was funny, entertaining and quirky.


Worth watching!

Films like 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead, Pet Sematary, and other cult classics paved the way for zombie-culture…only to have ZombieLAND, which braces us for an epically memorable production and cherry-on-top pleasure, lead us to the frustrating conclusion that yet another genre of cinema has been dragged down by high-budgeting money matters and poor execution.

The answer: a raucous, wildly entertaining romp that will make you jump, laugh and send you out of the theater feeling as good as if you just watched The Princess Bride.

Zombieland is a very funny horror comedy with impressive performances by the cast especially Harrelson and Eisenberg who make it an entertaining film to watch.

Zombieland is a classic horror-comedy, with exciting and funny parts throughout the entire film.

The movie had no plot, it was more like a high-school or college project that was ported to the big screens.

Using zombies as a back drop to deal with human social interaction and dropping a coming of age story into a zombie apocalypse.

However it did have some pretty intense blood scenes.

And yeah its thrilling also...

Awesomely Funny and Action Packed .

The only spoiler really can be that the film is just so boring...

:(this is the worst movie I have ever saw in my entire life.

The middle and ending is empty, lacking substance.

It's unfair almost, as its so good that it makes the rest of the film, which isn't in any way bad and is in fact filled with beautiful riotous moments (including a spectacularly pretty title sequence), seem dull in comparison.

Same lack of plot, ludicrous premise and acrid aftertaste.

The crescendo in the amusement park is lame and predictable.

This is the fatal flaw: we are then stuck with these characters driving through massive areas of empty space interacting with each other and the audience yawning, kicking back, and trying to stay awake towards some sort of action-packed finale.

There is a great cameo appearance, totally unexpected, which adds so much comedy to the overall movie.

It's an entertaining movie.

I just got through watching this and it was the most worthless waste of time I've ever spent.

This is a fast and entertaining film which mixes laughs and gore to great effect.

It made the film a little more enjoyable.

The horror part is quite dull and fast cut which is usual for movies of this type.

nice and slow!

In all the premise was interesting, though not original, and could probably have worked a lot better with some better writing and perhaps playing to the fact it's a coming of age road movie which just happens to be set after the zombie apocalypse.

no story, purpose.. even it's not funny,,!!!

I had seen previews for this picture, but I'd say this exceeded my expectations, which isn't to say masterpiece, but it was certainly entertaining, and at about 90 minutes, didn't really overstay it's welcome.

Zombieland is one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in ages.

It's such a cliché, eye roll worthy angle to play and I was disappointed when Zombieland decided to go that route having Jesse Eisenberg's character crush on Emma Stone's character.

Then again, a friend's girlfriend left the theater shortly after the opening credits, so be warned in case you don't appreciate the habitual use of double-barrel shotguns.

The background from the rest of the characters is not very good, and it goes from the predictable (a family tragedy in Tallahasse's past) to the forced (Why do the girls need so many tricks to get what they want?

Entertaining .

An immensely entertaining ride from start to finish .

I become bored in 5 minutes, because of lack of "horror", good jokes or actions.

The characters surprise you, the humour is unexpected and unique and most importantly the zombies are not simply the butt of every joke.

When they get to BM's house (Bill Murray), I said to my wife "this must be that slow middle part of the film".

Brilliant, a Stunning Movie Satisfying Today's Pop Culture + Epic Awesomeness .

The whole movie is fun, funny, filled with great dialog, and is more thrilling than The Hurt Locker.

Don't waste your time.

So, seeing a zombie genre film that is this much fun, this entertaining, and this original in wide release is just so damn refreshing.

There is some (probably requisite) violence in this zombie thriller, but it's also got humor, some nice touches in editing, and it's very entertaining.

So yeah, its a very entertaining film...

Very entertaining .

Loved the theme park concept and that made it better for the rather slow overall action.

However, I think it deserves a recommendation, mainly because it is entertaining and it offers good moments of humor.

Usually you can see a dull spot or lull in the story from a mile away and can therefore pick a spot to have a smoke without missing anything vital.

Plot is recycled, unoriginal, and is a sampler of ever cliché in comedy horror.

The best thing about the film is that it is in equal parts action packed and funny.

Zombieland successfully does something that hasn't happened since Shaun of the Dead, make zombies enjoyable.

I left the theater with a huge grin on my face and laughed when festival workers pushed twinkies and Zombieland purell bottles on me!

IF you have the money to waste of bores like this the recession is clearly over in America, it was really not a good movie, sure it had some laughs but those laughs were mostly sparked by the fact that you just paid $10 and you insist on getting something from your money.

A genuinely enjoyable horror-comedy.

In the film's favor, the film is populated with four entertaining and likable lead characters.

The overrated "Zombieland" is a boring deception, with a weak humor and non-scary zombie scenes.

The characters are very well drawn out, each with a distinctive personality and back story.

weird characters missing something that gets you fond of them, uninteresting dialogs, one good laugh maybe.

(Stupid and predictable: a safe bet to not make me laugh.

Boring Deception .

waste of time .

Entertaining Movie .

-the actors are taking the roles as if they were there(except for the cliché of the love story thing).

Jesse Eisenberg, or better known in the film as "Columbus", narrates over a visually slick opening credit sequence before it's handed off to a super-slow mo sequence with a classic rock background.

I'd venture to say it is way more entertaining than Left 4 Dead ever was, though.

It was total waste of my time.

The second half is better, but by then I get bored already.

Some scenes are expressly boring or deja-vus.

Despite the overall predictable plot, "Zombieland" still serves up some thrills and chills.

Alternatingly charming, hilarious, shocking and suspenseful, it would be tough to pinpoint a particular genre for this film, were it not so thoroughly overrun by swarms of high-speed, viscera-vomiting, man-eating corpses.

Zombieland is a successful and entertaining American version of the cult classic.

I thought it was funny and very entertaining.

In a climate where Hollywood continues to release unwatchable films every weekend, Zombieland is a breath of fresh air.

What we are left with is an undeniably funny, and enjoyable piece of Zombie fluff.

I won't discuss the plot or reveal any spoilers, as I really can't add anything that hasn't already been said, but I will say one of the most enjoyable aspects of the movie is it's pace.

Along the way, we're subjected to logic-free plot developments, flogged-to-death pop-up survival points, insomnia-inducing romantic interludes and some sporadic, incidental zombie-action to remind you that you're watching 'Zombieland' and not a dumbed-down 'National Lampoons Vacation' remake.

An entertaining movie to enjoy .

Lame Predictable Unfunny Land .

Comparisons to the vastly superior Shaun of the Dead are unavoidable and Zombieland lags in the middle becoming a zombie-road-trip which is boring.

She is 100% cliché and only there to bring in teenage guys and perverts.

The overall storyline was just too intriguing.

Watching freshman director Ruben Fleischer's audacious but entertaining lowbrow horror movie/road comedy "Zombieland" reminded me of author Max Brooks' tongue-in-cheek manual "Zombie Survival Guide" about surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Zombleland is a movie that is very funny and offers the audience a very entertaining movie.

It's the most entertaining and feel-good horror film of the year!