Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) - Action, Comedy, Horror

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Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock move to the American heartland as they face off against evolved zombies, fellow survivors, and the growing pains of the snarky makeshift family.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Ruben Fleischer
Stars: Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 104 out of 539 found boring (19.29%)

One-line Reviews (303)

Nothing happens.

Don't waste your time watching this , total waste of time and no story at all

Irrelevant and worst boring scenes.

The action is surprisingly enjoyable and it's well filmed with fantastic direction from Ruben Fleischer.

Corny one liners pepper a dull script with predictable set ups.

Really enjoyed it.

The story was boring and it was like they forgot the main focus on zombies.

Boring for the first half and just enough action the second half to be watchable.

Woody Harrelson's Tallahassee remains the entertainer throughout but the writing (by Dave Callaham, Rhett Rheese, and Paul Wernick) is so uninspiring and dull this time around, with many scenes not hitting the intended mark.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Th e first movie was new and exciting and fun to watch...

It was entertaining.

Unwatchable cringe .

An enjoyable, funny, gory and violent zombie movie which although lacking in originality, still has lots of energy, witty style and good moments.

It didnt wow me but it was enjoyable, pretty easy recommendation.

But overall, this is so entertaining.

I think the magic of this Zombieland (and the last) is the witty characters and fast-moving plot.

Not great, just another tiresome sequel attempt.

Jesse was a complete bore.

For eg, the scene from the trailer where the doppelgängers arrive, was just a waste of time with very few and self referential jokes.

Zombieland: Double Tap also manages to add new jokes which should get some laughs but at times the new gags will feel repetitive.

There are a few particularly suspenseful moments, such as one zombie shootout scene, and a heart wrenching scene involving one of the characters.


This movie was very entertaining.

The plot of the film is nothing new, bland and straightforward.

Very funny and entertaining sequel, although I find the first one to be slightly more fun.

The story was good, and it's definitely worth watching.

In the end, the movie was just boring.

The one note, monotone performance of Jesse Eisenberg.

Without her, i guess the movie would go way duller...

Once the character Madison enter the movie, it was becoming annoying then repetitive at times.

While it was never going to capture the lightning in a bottle vibe of the first film, a film that came out of nowhere to become an audience pleasing hit that remains a fan favourite to this day, the purely enjoyable nature and solid comedic delights of Zombieland: Double Tap comes as a genuine surprise 10 years on from Ruben Fleischer and his cast's original outing.

But instead, threw it all away for a boring, senseless plot.

came across as boring and the jokes were just to stupid to laugh at,if i watched this in the cinema i would of walked out 15mins in.

I mean if there is at least a bit intelligence left in you this movie is a disgrace and a boredom fest.

New characters are introduced but they are cliche, and didn't bring much to the story other than to provide a lackluster way to add more depth to characters that you do not want to see have love interest in a world run by Zombies.

"Zombieland: Double Tap" is funny ans the last twenty minutes or so is very exciting.

Just some of the most entertaining movies ever with great chemistry and writing.

The following journey leads to an exciting altercation with some super-zombies (dubbed T-800s), a meeting with sexy, sassy Elvis fan Nevada (Rosario Dawson), and a clash of personalities with Tallahassee and Columbus doppelgangers Albuquerque (Luke Wilson) and Flagstaff (Thomas Middleditch), which for me was the weakest part of the film (it didn't make me laugh in the trailer, and it didn't make me laugh in the film).

Very Entertaining .

Despite not trying anything significantly new, Zombieland: Double Tap does seem to improve on its predecessor, even if it's in predictable ways.

~ I am talking about scenes like "the propane explosion" in Dawn Of The Dead (2004), the "final barn battle" in Zombi 2, the "empty streets of London" scene in 28 Days later, the "circus battle" from the original Zombieland, and so on.

A quite entertaining sequel!

But the story was bland as well as the new characters.

A solid film of fun and entertaining moments which doesn't try to set unrealistic goals for itself.


Nothing happened.

But at the end of the day, Zombieland: Double Tap was a fun watch, very funny and very exciting to follow along the journey of Wichita, Columbus, Tallahasse and Little Rock after so many years.

But this movie was so weak and contrived it seemed like the dialogue was written by the actors while the cameras were rolling.

Despite tiny little hints of propagander here & there the film was overall an enjoyable fun, gory ride!

The characters, as a result of ^^, didn't work as well together this time, and bringing in two more characters based off two of the original characters only to kill them off comedically ten minutes later was a literal waste of time.

An enjoyable, albeti forgettable movie.

Enjoyable, once watchable evening flick .

Zombieland: Double Tap is a fast-paced, massively entertaining sequel which incorporates the best aspects of the first movie and still make it work, ten years later.

Cliche, dry desert humour packed into a Hollywood shot forgettable Netflix October release.

Zombieland from 2009 is a good movie that is thoroughly entertaining.

Definitely funny in places, but narratively pointless .

The most entertaining movie I've seen in a very long time!!

This one also seemed a bit more action packed than the first film, and that made it even more interesting.

By maintaining the essence of the first film, Ruben Fleischer is able to capture the outstanding cast's chemistry, as well as present those amazingly entertaining action sequences.

She was such an unexpected, delightful surprise.

Just saw this and what an enjoyable movie, a very worthy sequel to the first one.

This movie is so bad and boring omg I don't understand why that have such a big rating )) I left the movie after first 30 minutes.

To be clear, in a one v one battle 2009's Zombieland would win hands down and Double Tap is unlikely to leave as much of a lasting impression as the first film did but thanks to Fleischer's energetic direction and staging of action scenes (almost as if Venom never even existed) and the returning cast members chemistry and comedic timing, there's barely a dull moment to be found in this newest zombie filled outing that knows what it is and what it's audience wants.

All in all, Zombieland: Double Tap pays a decent homage to the original zombie cult classic by getting everyone (cast and crew) back together, and delivering yet another entertaining flick.

Life's too short to waste your time on this boring and facile sequel movie.

In this one, abit cliche was added to make it more main stream I guess...

Boring .

It has a few slightly funny scenes but in the end it's a waste of time.

Entertaining and Fun, Especially For a Zombie Horror Movie .

Released by Sony, the official propaganda arm of a Japanese Government still sore at losing (and getting nuked, to boot) a World War Two which THEY themselves instigated with their infamous sneak attack upon Hawaiian Tourist Attractions (such as the Arizona Memorial), ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP implies that most Americans are mindless malingerers easily stampeded, and that Leader Trump himself gave the Hope Diamond to his Third Lady, Melony, as an engagement ring!

Emma Stone and Rosario Dawson steal the show and make this worth watching.

Honestly, It feels good to be back into the Zombieland world, I mean it feels good to be involved in a land full of rules set by a very loveable character in Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), a very interesting and entertaining character in Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) '#MVP_of_Zombieland' and a decent character who I used to enjoy her time on screen in Wichita (Emma Stone).

" - Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) Double Tap Travel Light Friendship, family Teamwork "Expect the Unexpected.

The cast and crew out did themselves this movie; so very enjoyable.

Worst Movie of the Year .

Save your money .

The characters and the scenes are really boring and dry, not evolving or engaging and they lack life.

If you like more intense zombie movies or serials please stick to walking dread and stay at home

"Double Tap," is a slow and painful repeat of the original, doesn't advance the story in any manner and has way more dialogue than it does action.

It seemed scattered and pointless, just here for a good joke in the areas they went next.

unexpected, delightful surprise.

This one was like a B movie (except visuals), dialogues were boring, plot was non-existent.

Two characters in particular are so one dimensionally cliche (something that the first film managed to avoid) that I have to wonder why they weren't given a bit more depth to make their inclusion feel a bit more important.

How boring can a zombie movie possibly be?

The characters themselves are as compelling as they've ever been, brought to life with charismatic performances that elevate the usually mediocre writing.

Considering they had 10 years this was really boring, they seem to have forgotten the premise of the film, zombies.

Some suspenseful bits were so great and the surprises were perfect, I won't spoil, I will just say I am very satisfied with everything.

This is the second worst movie i've seen this year.

Those two characters were so unbelievably unbearable I almost walked out.

The Running gag with the van was very entertaining.

A very pointless movie about people going from one location to another.

Funny, engaging and at times gross.

This was a rather mundane sequel...

It is double down to what the first movie was but the cast ensemble did have fun with their roles and the movie did have some entertaining action zombie bashing fun.

Funnier, Bloodier, Gorier, And More Action Packed Than The First One .

There's half an hour of dull set-up, followed by, well another 20 minutes of boring road trip, a quick introduction of some new characters that mirror Harrelson and Eisenberg (seriously as if the originals weren't one dimensionally irritating enough) before eventually culminating in discovering a hippy haven fortified utopia that looks like a cross between a school kids attempt at designing the BBC Glastonbury TV Set and Teletubbieland on acid (more acid).

There isn't really that much to say about a movie like this, it's just a zombie-comedy movie, and it did that really well, but it's not as cohesive as the first one, nor as good as it was, but still really enjoyable!

Need something to dull the pain (mildly "woke") .

However, even if its dialogue is smart and snappy, the characters themselves are relatively one-dimensional and flat.

Unnecessary, bland, pointless money grab.

Overall was a great laugh, deffo worth watching and i hope they make a 3rd.

Zombieland Double Tap is more of the same, maybe not the same quality as the first movie, but enjoyable nonetheless.

The first was boring, the sequel was slightly better .

Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) is the father figure, with Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) as the cliché daughter who doesn't want to be treated as a child any longer.

All original cast members return, plus some fun additions, for the action packed sequel.

The action quite funny and intense!

While the film does get to a slow start, and some of its jokes do not quite land the punch in the beginning, it picks up pace later on with the jokes equally being better as well.

Being a huge zombie fan, I enjoyed both Shaun of the Dead and the original Zombieland for making fun of zombie movie tropes while still being entertaining.

If you want a more intense and action packed zombie flick without the stupid jokes then I highly recommend watching World War Z or Train to Busan.

You can switch out the zombies with crazy people or hippies and it will still be the same impact : boring.

The trailer brought out all the highlights of this film, watching it was really a waste of time.

Found it pretty boring compared to the first.

Its pretty flawed and no story, the story is boring , no character development .

Don't waste your time .

On the upside, they are well cast so everyone's performance and chemistry should be moderately entertaining.

The chemistry of the cast (old and new) is highly entertaining.

After seeing Graceland empty, they find the church of Elvis and find Nevada (Rosario Dawson) running the joint, alone.

It's to bored .

Incredibly boring movie, Woody Harrelson must be so embarrassed by this travesty.

This may be one of the worst movies I've ever seen and I've seen a hell of a lot of movies!


Nothing comedic, no plot whatsoever.

Surprisingly entertaining sequal.

The ending was dull and was out of place.

This film is made with love and care from a director who's biggest hit was the original movie so he tried his best to make this one also entertaining.

To finish off, this was actually a pretty entertaining film.

It is a VERY boring and stupid movie.

Zombieland: Double Tap is a boring, dull, uninteresting and extremely unfunny sequel.

However, right after that, you get to see boring actors and actresses, poor story and a lack of climax.

There's just no story to pull it all together here.

Whether it was the zombies the chemistry between the cast or just the humour being really clever and liked to todays society i laughed out loud on countless occasions in the film which was just great and this was largely why i enjoyed it slightly more then the first film.

This is the worst movie of the year.

The zombie fighting action is entertaining at least.

Points for the wacky new breeds of zombie, though, and for a tremendous, unexpected mid-credits scene that, er, feels more energetic and inspired than half the material in the feature.

Felt like a continuation of the first and it was very entertaining.

Despite all this, and despite that kind of character usually being a cliché and annoying stereotype, Zoey Deutch somehow steals the show as Madison.

It was gory and action packed and that is awesome.

The violence and zombie action is as good as it gets but I think the true strength of the film comes from the very entertaining supporting characters.

Double Yawn .

Columbus referring and narrating his rules again does get a little repetitive and lost its touch the second time around.

Worth the watch!

I enjoyed the first movie a lot and I found this sequel enjoyable and entertaining, for the most part...

The dialogs are beyond unbelievably stupid and boring not to mention that the storyline of the movie is super mediocore to put it mildly.

The dialogs are beyond unbelievably stupid and boring not to mention that the storyline of the movie is super mediocore to put it mildly.

Funny and full of unexpected laughs.

Lazy, lazy script full of recycled jokes and a lame, predictable story.

I was really looking forward to this movie, I have been waiting for a sequel since the first came out so when I heard it is finally coming out I was so excited and after watching it I really enjoyed it.

Fortunately, some of those disjointed scenes contain some great action as Fleischer embellishes in the gory fun of killing (or re-killing) the undead.

After enduring over an hour of tedium, we get the inevitable zombie attack on said utopia, complete with 'lets get ready for the battle' A-Team style sequence and as they tackle the hoard for 3 or 4 minutes it's mildly entertaining, before it mercifully ends.

Predictable and unrealistic...

it was entertaining,had you on the edge of your seat and the overall ending was very satisfying and teased a possible 3rd movie which i loved.

So onto the film, I enjoyed the first one, this one however I can't say either way, didn't hate it but didn't enjoy it, was extremely shallow, dull script and very little action bar a couple of scenes.

For me Woody Harrelson is a mixed bag, in certain roles though he can be fantastic and this is one of them, he is so charismatic in this role and just so likeable to watch he is so entertaining to watch and is clearly having a blast in the role.

Despite that, this film is still entertaining.

In the age of zombies and scarcity; Sister is so fat is not easy 😂, I thought the last die spicy one or two, the results of all their own aura, old story, a bug, bored to see smile is enough

The comedy was stale and the movie despite being short felt long because some parts were unnecessarily dragged.

Unfunny, cheesy, cringy, predictable, CGI galore.

More Metallica and slow mo.

An enjoyable, funny, gory and violent zombie movie.

Boring, stupid, and lacking any creativity or humor.

All too slow and too predictable.

Very realistic scenes, unexpected twists and full swag movie,.

The stories dragged on and the ending was sort of boring.

I went to see it with my wife, and we both quite enjoyed it.

Everything is predictable.

That these are fun and enjoyable while getting the characters plenty to like about each other is what makes these so much fun.

Great performance and just entertaining to watch.

Still Zombieland: Double Tap is a an enjoyable movie, if you liked the first one you would probably enjoy yourself in this one too, even though I would watch the first one over this one.

7/10Zombieland: Double Tap is a very unsatisfying watch mostly because it has no story or direction.

What a lifeless, charmless, reactionary, rip off and a waste of time this film is.

Stupid entertaining if you don't take it seriously .

Not one moment was she funny, entertaining, important or needed.

Consequently the sequences felt very formulaic and familiar.

" Don't waste your money going to a theater to see this.

The humor does get a little old and boring sometimes.

Nothing was original, all the new cast was aggravating as hell, and my zombie-loving friend and I actually walked out of the theater towards the end.

If i hadn't have fallen asleep, I would've walked out.

Zombieland: Double Tap is a supremely entertaining film.

Also Jessie eisenberg Emma stone are cool and the chemistry between the drama works, it's just the blond becomes so annoying and ruins it and them getting together again just feels unearned and cliche.

)Some of the same jokes went on way too long, others were explained unnecessarily, as if the audience was lacking basic understanding in the art of subtlety and the underlying meaning of the frequently employed double entendres.

This film is "nothing new", but I enjoyed it anyway - so if you liked the first Zombieland, you'll like this one as well.

one of the worst movies in history of cinema .


Actions are very realistic and intense.

With that detail accounted for, the first Zombieland is still funnier, more entertaining, less predictable, and more creative when compared to all of the previous zom-com attempts before it.

Lame writers, lame jokes, lame dialogues, 5 words sentences, predictable.

I found this juvenile and pointless.

But if Joker looks a little too deep or emotionally intense for you, this is a good alternative.

A total and complete waste of time.

This movie was hilarious, entertaining enough that I held my extreme need to pee for the last half of the movie.

This did lead into more of an unpredictable plot which is a welcome change.

That is why I was really looking forward to this sequel, and I got bored during the first 10 minutes.

Lots of enjoyable acting performances and I especially liked Zoey Deutch as Madison.

action packed, bloody, gory, funny and damn entertaining.

I wouldn't mind or care for watching this movie again but if I watch Zombieland I wouldn't mind putting this on after to get a few laughs and fall asleep later.

Very boring, not at all funny .

Highly entertaining sequel.

But the underlying smirk of amusement and self-deprecating humor makes his performance thoroughly enjoyable.

Much as I really like the original four, the new characters introduced here, particularly the hilariously dim Madison and the strangely familiar Albuquerque and Flagstaff, add hugely enjoyable additional dynamics to the interpersonal relationsips.

The actress sucked and her character was unbearable.

Woody towed the film to the end, Columbus was off the pace, or maybe the act is a bit passé and predictable.

And it more or less lived upto the crazy, fun and enjoyable tidbits of the original.

There's plenty of laughs, some unexpected shocks and, of course, the original four continue to be one of the greatest casting coups of all time.

Was it worth watching?

Very enjoyable!

Don't waste your time

Really Enjoyed it!

Did Luke Wilson just beg to be in the movie and they said "Okay, we'll make up this stupid, pointless character who only lasts about fifteen minutes.

It's an entertaining movie with good characters and some good comedy.

After that the movie starts to get going and goes from boring to interesting to great.

It has simplistic character arcs and a predictable escalation, leading to a relatively luke-warm vibe.

It is fun to watch, but as a sequel, then it was fairly mundane.

The men follow once Columbus has finished some serious moping (he had proposed to Wichita theprevious evening), but only get as far as picking up the gorgeous but empty-headed Madison before returning to the White House.

I got bored out of my skull and I walked out.

Funny, thrilling, not rushed .

However, as unnecessary as it is, it's also extremely enjoyable.

It's not great, but it is enjoyable and I did laugh quite a few times.

A Very Entertaining '10 Years Jump' Movie .

In comparison to the original which tried creating something new and fun to watch, this crap just uses the safe route as many hollywood sequels do; the amount of badly written jokes and cliche's is almost painful to watch, and the story-line is boring and predictable.

This movie kept a smile on my face, and even had me on the edge of my seat a few times.

A totally cliche valley-girl - with the same cheap dumb-blonde gags that have been around since the dawn of time.

Not only does he have the expected awesome kickass moments, but he also offers some emotionally compelling displays.

Overall this is an enjoyable movie.

The most boring movie of 2019.

Fell asleep near the end .

The story line was pretty boring and the jokes just never really met the mark for me and where were the zombies??

It was predictable.

No Real Plot Here!

I guessed the Rosario Dawson (Nevada) character would play a noteworthy role, and the final battle made it so very much enjoyable.

Zombieland and Shaun of the dead are two of my favorites zombie movies, so I was waiting for Zombieland Double Tap a long time, and I really enjoyed it.

There is no plot.


This is an amazing follow up that delivers on all levels, I enjoyed it twice as much as the first and probably twice that as well lol.

All in all an enjoyable sequel to the most fun Zombie movie ever.

10 years is way too long a jump to reprise these rolls with the same actors.

However, it's quite entertaining.

Well, almost everything, because the story is boring and predictable.

Horrible waste of time .

I did like Madison, and thought she was an entertaining addition.

This may all seem pretentious, holding this zombie comedy to anything other than "big dumb fun", and I guess in some ways it succeeds at that.

In fact the stereotyped airhead dressed head to toe in pink is the most entertaining out of the lot of them, what does that tell you.

Fortunately, the film picks up for an exciting finale at hippie commune Babylon, where our heroes must do battle with a horde of ravenous T-800s, the crazy carnage involving a monster truck and a dangerous plan that takes place at the top of a high-rise building.

So entertaining .

All this joy from the cast and quick-moving pace helps cover up some of Double Tap's more obvious flaws such a wafer-thin plotline that's not even worth mentioning and a finale that lacks the bite of the first film but when all is said and done, nit-picking on these moments is pointless in a film that never takes itself too seriously, gives us some awesome new zombie kills of the week and introduces us all to a new word that's sure to take off in the form of being "Murrayed".

Definitely worth the watch!

Don't waste your money.

Enjoyable if formulaic sequel lacks the element of surprise .

Well, now that I had seen the first one, and really enjoyed it, it was time to head down to the cinema to watch the sequel.

The original was exciting and very funny.

This has to rank up there as one of the worst movies I've ever seen it's that bad.

The screenwriters were Rhett Reese, who was involved with the "Deadpool" movies so I would have expected more but looking at the cv of the other writer, Dave Callahan, he seems to have been consistently involved in dispiriting, pointless, multiplex fodder so I guess a lot of the blame lies at his door.

A quite entertaining zombie movie!

This new film knows how to remain entertaining for the fans of the first part.

Enjoyable .

Very entertaining.

This film was a very entertaining sequel 10 years after Zombieland.

At this point, I'm expecting whatever the third installment of this series is to include some sub-plot about pregnancy; it's that predictable.

The cast makes this movie worth the watch as it feels like they haven't changed since 2009 making it a decent sequel to be honest, Zombieland should have been left as a standalone cult classic.

Slow, tedious, boring, predictable.

In fact, it was a really entertaining film, particularly if you liked the first one.

Save your money and don't watch it

I love the actors and actresses, and crew, who worked on this movie, (and because of that love i will buy it when it's in dvd) I don't discredit them anything, but holy hell this movie was so boring I seriously almost cried when it ended.

''oh it must get better'' but it just got worse, i wont put any spoilers, as the entire film is a spoiler, There is no plot no reason for the film at all,the same two people laughed out loud at the lame teenage jokes, whilst rest of cinema was silent, and we all left quickly at end.

Little Rock's character was really, really dull and flat.

The action scenes were, of course, well done and so enjoyable.

waste of time .

Kudos to Woody, Emma and Zoey as they actually made the movie funny and enjoyable.

Fun but pointless .

Such a waste of time.

No story, no real fun.

The film was simply stunning, with LAUGHTER.

The movie was really cringe worthy and unwatchable.

It's a long, drawn out series of events that remains boring - even at the final mass action sequence.

I cannot express how disappointed and un-entertained I was by this total waste of an hour and thirty minutes of my life.

Was the only thing worth watching.

Also, way too predictable and unfunny.

I mean if there is at least a bit intelligence left in you this movie is a disgrace and a boredom fest.

It's hilarious with snappy one liners and crazy zombie comic book kills.

At most moments they talk so nonsense that they instead annoy than entertaining.

Same type of fun and humor as the first and movie was fast paced with no slow or boring moments in its short 90 minute runtime.

This is most definitely Woody Harrelson's worst movie that I have ever watched.

The slightly longer runtime still manages to carry a fast pace, which is always a good attribute, and it's packed with thrilling, hilarious, bloody action sequences.

It was a bit entertaining.

Terrible waste of money and time .

Other than that I enjoyed it!

It's an enjoyable film to watch and you get a sense that the cast were having fun making the movie.

Nobody has a career-defining performance by any means, but they all play their roles well and are very entertaining to watch.

The film times it perfectly to address these through the different scenes of the film and the soundtrack is just amazing highly recommend it.

I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

but unlike Seinfeld which was funny, Zombieland 2 was BORING.

Save your money.

I hate the overdone, formulaic comedies they pump out now.

This film from the beginning of the film to the end is very entertaining, there is no decrease in excitement.

This movie was so funny I enjoyed it just as much as the first one.

I still recommend watching it when you feel like putting something on silly and entertaining.

And i loved that they created new zombies to keep the film fresh and entertaining.

Above all it is a good movie and very entertaining.

I think that this made the humour connect more and also it made the film more enjoyable and relatable as you knew what he was thinking therefore we as audience members felt like part of the movie.

I found myself yawning as bullets were fired endlessly and blood spurted profusely at each zombie encounter.

Waste of time and money .

It's relatively enjoyable throughout and certainly isn't ever boring.

Really boring bad jokes.