Zookeeper (2011) - Comedy, Family, Romance

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A group of zoo animals decide to break their code of silence in order to help their lovable zookeeper find love, without opting to leave his current job for something more illustrious.

IMDB: 5.2
Director: Frank Coraci
Stars: Kevin James, Rosario Dawson
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 29 out of 131 found boring (22.13%)

One-line Reviews (103)

Fairly Enjoyable .

Mildly Entertaining.

Boring, boring, boring .

The story is very compelling and moving.

After a while, it all becomes unwatchable.

bad story, slow paced plot, boring dialog, bad acting, awful CGIs and ridiculous scenes make this the worst film of 2011 so far.

On the other hand the movie was fun and i enjoyed it and i really like the idea of the movie I'm what I'm take it or just go to hell, and this advice just came in the right time, as a family movie its as great one go see it and just have fun.

The dialog as bland and pointless as it gets.

It has some entertaining moments, coupled with a terrific performance by Kevin James working for it, as well.

The special effects are amusing as numerous animals don voices and communicate, but the film itself is about as exciting as shovelling horse sh*t.

I admit that some scenes are indeed boring and childish for an adult but the movie as a whole is worth watching and very funny.

The Minuses: Predictable ending, love triangle that we've have seen so many times!

I just watched Zookeeper and found it to be entertaining and humorous.

Of course the ending of the movie is predictable within the first 20 minutes.

ZookeeperIf you are bored and you like animals, and Dr. Dolittle, then you will probably like Zookeeper starring Kevin James.

As I watched this movie, I felt as if it were completely disjointed.

First of all, what you see in this movie is standard Kevin James jokes, and they've become boring due their repetitiveness.

It's overly cutesy messages, clumsy and cliché plot, and unimpressive casting chokes the brain of anyone unfortunate enough to see it.

I was skeptical about the movie because of the previews (and maybe memories of the "Paul Blart, The Mall Cop" movie) but was excitedly surprised at how entertaining and funny the movie was.

The dialog as bland and pointless as it gets.

Yes, it was very predictable, it's a children's movie!

my 4 years old girl actually asked to leave the theater about 2/3 the way, and i was more than happy to leave with her, while my wife stayed with the other two to finish this awful film.

Was Mediocre but had some entertaining points .

And for a while, as the story was being set up, I found myself a little bored what with that beginning scene.

Rosario Dawson was splendid in films such as Clerks 2 and Deathproof, but here her role is shamelessly by the numbers and predictable.

The story is predictable and the jokes are lame.

the worst movie I've sat through .

If you don't try to connect all the dots in the storyline and just take it for what it is, it is very entertaining.

The story line is basic , predictable and unrealistic even after taking the animals out of the picture.

This film is funny and entertaining.

Kevin James plays the same character yet again while abusing physical comedy and the predictable storyline and unnerving animal voices will make you grind your teeth together in disgust.

Yes, the plot is predictable.

When I eventually dragged myself to see Zookeeper I was overall very unimpressed.

Although "Zookeeper" is designed for the entertainment of youngsters, adults with eyes for moral messages will find "Zookeeper" both enjoyable and thought provoking considering the degree to which people should change in order to win the affection of others.

Zookeeper (2011) Kevin James, Rosario Dawson, Donnie Wahlberg, Joe RoganVoices of the animals: various celebritiesBoring, boring, boringThe animals at the zoo want to keep Griffin (James) from leaving so they decide to teach him their ways on how to get a girl.

The movie was incredibly predictable.

I'm basing this review on my kids' opinion of Zookeeper not mine - they did not enjoy it all - they found it unfunny, boring, and didn't enjoy it all - it is all style over content.

Contrived, unbelievable, with acting and stunts completely ludicrous.

Loved the gorilla moments and it was a thoroughly enjoyable film.

I'm glad some reviewers enjoyed it.

Zookeeper was just flat and boring.


The only things worth watching in this movie are Kevin James and Rosario Dawson.

worst movie of the year.

The plot is utterly predictable: boy falls in love with girl, girl rebukes him, years later they reconnect, boy finds girl doesn't suit him and he finds someone else he had known all along who was more his type.

The music is forgettable and doesn't always fit with the mood, and the direction is plodding and unfocused.

The storyline is very predictable.

It was a very cute movie that was funny and goofy and just down right entertaining.

Zookeeper is the furthest thing from funny or entertaining and is about as enjoyable as a bowl of hot diarrhea soup.

It was a bit of a weak start and for us adults there were a few 'cringe' moments but as a family film it was entertaining and humorous.

Boring, predictable, annoying, vapid, meaningless, pointless...

To be honest, this recent comedy is flawed by a long-shot, but despite the hiccups, the film manages some entertaining moments, that don't disappoint.

All the animals are very entertaining and believable.

nothing interesting happens in the movie, just talk talk talk, and the dialog was just terrible, and the Animals were really boring and not funny at all, no wonder my kids got bored quickly.

my 3 kids, aged 7, 4 and 3 actually got bored and started to fidget and talk in the theatre out of boredom.

Thoroughly Entertaining.

It is entertaining if you are looking for some brainless and silly laughs.

The directing is good but the plot is very poor and highly predictable and anticipated, there are about a dozen movies with the same plot and a lot better than this.

And it's always entertaining when Ken Jeong appears on any screen, as he hanged over to the "Zookeeper" as a venom zookeeper specialist named (what else?

Some the conversations are some trite and boring, even children in the audience were wailing in pain.

This is the worst movie we have seen for years, full of primitive poo poo jokes.

Not a movie for anyones collection of films, but it is a movie worth watching at least once.

I happened to go with one myself, my cousin, and he personally found it enjoyable enough.

Just saw this and really enjoyed it!

Gorilla : Pointless Infatuation" .

The plus side is that there are entertaining parts for everyone ...

The storyline is also incredibly predictable, and while some of the final act felt rushed a lot of it because of the humour not working felt dull.

His years spent on The King of Queens were entertaining, and for a certain demographic, provided exactly what the doctor ordered.

You enjoyed it and your child did--aaaaaand, that says what about you?

It was an enjoyable movie.

This goes in--agonizingly--until the very last minute, when the boring, predictable, annoying finale takes place.

Kids will enjoy the childish predictable plot while older viewers will only be interested in the unlikely friendship that forms between Griffin and Bernie the Gorilla creating a hint of sentiment in the film.

Boring predictable scenes follow as Kevin James makes a fool of himself.

Although primarily for kids, boring -- though sometimes funny -- adult relationships are included.

This was a fun, entertaining movie .

I don't know what everyone else is smoking, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I found it very endearing, as well as funny and highly entertaining.

First and for most its to predictable, I literally told myself in my head what was going to happen...

The movies are about entertaining and forgetting the REAL life crap we deal with on a day to day basic.

I'm sorry, but this movie inspired one of the longest yawns I've ever let loose with.

If you are a Kevin James fan then it is worth watching.


Adam Sandler and Maya Rudolph are incredibly irritating, while Sylvester Stallone sounds bored.

Entertaining and Funny.

Maybe the Worst Movie Ever .

A very enjoyable film.

Overall it was an entertaining movie and I highly recommend that people should see it.

The film itself is not very funny, goes a predictable path regarding its romance and comedy.

It's for kids, but still funny and entertaining .

However, we were pleasantly surprised and we all enjoyed it.

One of the Best Family Adventure Comedy Movie,highly entertaining for All Audience(Adults & Children).

CONS Predictable Storyline/Plot.

Of course, this film has a predictable ending.

Her character being truly a one-dimensional cliché somewhat explains Rosario's mostly forgettable performance.

Director Frank Coraci seemed to have dumbed down his filmography, bring responsible for comedies like The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy and Click, all starring Adam Sandler, to relative duds like Around the World in 80 Days, and somehow Zookeeper straddles closer to being much of a miss, though it follows the standard formulaic procedure of a romantic comedy where the guy tries ever so hard to woo that girl of his dreams, only that the girl, well, is seriously not worth it.

It's like saying The Lion King or The Fox and the Hound were a total waste of time, or had no business being a kids movie.

Drawn out obvious romance, the animals steal the show .

The PG-13 comedies that come out these days with the same exact premise just in a different place every time have grown very dull.

This was quite boring.

Zookeeper is leaps and bounds the worst movie I've sat through in 2011.

This was fun, entertaining and the good one!

The animals' wild advice is the most entertaining aspect of the movie.

worst movie of the decade for both kids and parents .