Zoom (2006) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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Former superhero Jack is called back to work to transform an unlikely group of ragtag kids into superheroes at a private academy.

IMDB: 4.3
Director: Peter Hewitt
Stars: Tim Allen, Courteney Cox
Length: 83 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 30 out of 119 found boring (25.21%)

One-line Reviews (89)

The kids in the audience really enjoyed it and that's what it is a kids movie, one that the whole family can go and see.

As unoriginal as this formula may be (due to this type of movie being done so many times before, spy kids for example), it is still quite an enjoyable movie.

This is a feel-good movie based around real themes, great music, a great cast, stunning visual effects and a group chemistry which is undeniable.

Maybe just to watch Zoom stumble again, see Houdini throw another punch, or see Summer be radiant -- OK, Cindy's got the tough-cute factor that can be enjoyable in moderation (pull up a chair, whydontya).

Furthermore, just because a movie is exciting or satisfying doesn't make it a 10.

Worth watching .

But everything else about this movie is so bland and predicable.

Let them go see something somewhat entertaining - maybe a good flick for teenagers would be "The Pursuit of Happiness".

The only way to stay awake while watching Zoom is to count how many scenes, characters and story ideas are stolen from other movies.

Went to see "Zoom" with my 12 yr old boy and his 13 yr old friend at the Saturday morning cinema and we laughed throughout it and enjoyed it.

It is terrible and pointless as can be.

The first hour was all about Zoom's (Jack's) not training the kids, which was rather boring all in all.

For fans of the superhero/fantasy genre, this film is entertaining.

But the script is sometimes funny, sometimes boring.

I took two of my little brothers with me to see this film and they both really enjoyed it.

Cox, Chase and Allen make you laugh in a contrived flick .

Perhaps I enjoyed it more because the "3" rating on IMDb caused me to have such low expectations.

While the film has all what comprises a prototype of this milked-dry genre, the experience is overtly familiar and dull.

Not because of the quality of the film which I found good and entertaining.

It is a boring dull film where nothing much happens.

The rest of the cast works very well together and even though there is a lot of predictability in the movie, it is still very funny and worth the watch.

Yes, the movie was very formulaic.

While this movie is entertaining, it's also somewhat disappointing because in more capable hands, it could have been much better.

What this film does is ultimately fine, but it takes far too long to do it and then, when it finally gets moving, it's all over before you know it.

A band that has to accompany every single one of the numerous, pointless montages.

Zoom was a fun filled awesome action packed film it has a great message great actors and great visual effects it was a lot better than expected it the perfect for for all ages and a great spectacular family movie.

I was very bored during Zoom and hated every minute of it.

Cry Chevy and let slip the dogs of bore.

I enjoyed it and I'm shore most of the people who enjoy reading comics books will.

I'm an adult and I really enjoyed it.

We all love super heroes and this movie is done with a wholesome and enjoyable approach.

Regardless of the negative feedback that is directed at this movie, I rather enjoyed it.

Worst movie of 2006.

Movies like this can be broken down into almost two categories: Movies with traditional morals that are occasionally humorous and entertaining, and movies with a dull and done-before premise that has NO humor and a distinct lack of good acting.

Overused Disney superhero formula killed off by bland ZOOM.

Fine by me, when they show up, they're just as funny, deep and compelling as they always have been.

It's mildly entertaining in spite of the great independent elements it contains.

This movie was enjoyable and I laughed out loud many times and I don't do that often with movies because they just aren't as funny in the same style.

The way I see it Peter Hewitt owes me $20 for the movie tickets and 3 hours of my life back (1.5 hr for the movie, 1/2 hr for the drive, and 1 hr for all the time I spent bitching about how awful it really was)!

But that hardly passes as a screenplay, as the movie not doesn't have any big laughs, but the story and characters are as empty as the entire exhausted enterprise.

" And director Peter Hewitt ("Garfield"), who clearly isn't exactly a master storyteller himself, has little to work from with such a dull and hollow material.

Definitely a great movie to watch whether you are bored and if you really want to watch a superhero or an action packed movie that will make you happy.

But trust me I'll warn any viewer if you really want to see this movie you likely only need to see it once or even half of it since it's like the worst movie ever created in the history of the universe!

It was a slow progression into actual action and the funnest parts of the movie at the end.

So it's okay if the movie is slow, plodding and kinda boring so long as the kids laugh at the pratfalls.

Even my 8-year-old was bored.

While the film has all what comprises a prototype of this milked-dry genre, the experience is overtly familiar and dull.

Don't waste your time watching this.

The contrived script is repetitive and filled with plot holes.

Entertaining .

I wouldn't waste my money to see this again, I was expecting more and got less in return.

It's boring, it's dull and it moves at a snail's pace.

There are real reasons that this movie is nearly universally hated by professional critics and movie-goers alike and that is that this movie is entirely unoriginal, incoherent and borders on being unwatchable.

It's horrible and to have them waste their time on this would make me a very bad parent.

" And director Peter Hewitt ("Garfield"), who clearly isn't exactly a master storyteller himself, has little to work from with such a dull and hollow material.

My Take: A positively dull family comedy with one pathetic excuse for comedy after another.

Had a good laugh and enjoyed it.

Director Pete Hewitt (director of the similarly dull GARFIELD) seems more suited to local cable, as his project just yells out "made for TV" all over.

Also it is a bit familiar to "Sky High", which it was enjoyable to watch.

There is no story here.

But I'm about Jack's age, and I enjoyed it enough.

How exciting it is for kids to see the real kids become super heroes.

Because of that and and how enjoyable the movie is I'm going to buy it for my niece and nephews.

The plot was actually entertaining, even for an adult, and most of it was quite unique.

The movie moved along and was just entertaining.

Worst movie i've seen this year .

I took my 6 year old and my 4 year old sons to this movie and found it relatively enjoyable.

This movie was supposed to be amusing and entertaining a goal which I feel it accomplished very well.

It is a kids movie and as such it should be treated with some levity and give it a break.. The cgi etc is fine and does it job.. And it's funny in spots..and all the characters are well cast, Tim Allen is always watchable and while I don't remember this in the cinema, it is better then a lot of the stuff I have been dragged to over the years.

After that the movie becomes even more predictable than it already was, and that is really not good.

enjoyable super hero family movie .

You kids will love it, i quite enjoyed it myself!

If you have small children and a slow afternoon, it's worth a rental.

A waste of 90mins of my life.

The child performers give great performances, and even Tim Allen seems involved in his role this time; however, even as far as comic book movies are concerned, this storyline was permeated with cliché and insulting female leads (Courtney Cox who couldn't keep from literally tripping over herself in the presence of Tim Allen) and typical male macho idiots (Tim Allen's character was so utterly cliché as to render his performance nigh unwatchable).

Yes, the plot is very simple and predictable, the humor adolescent and sometimes rather crude (although I can easily imagine people actually USING the jokes in everyday life which is not always true), and it is highly unlikely to win (or be nominated for) any Oscars.

If the producer's goal was to make a family movie that was funny and entertaining, he succeeded.

Lack lustre juvenile love story sub-plot (yawn!

But he's still entertaining in his own way.

The story is lame and predictable, the action is special-effects driven mostly and it is badly done and the pace is rushed.

Sure, it's not the greatest movie in the world, but it was enjoyable.

There are many funny points which keep the movie from getting serious and allow for an enjoyable experience.

I will not give away the ending, but I will tell you that it is probably safe for you to walk out of the theater at about the 75m minute mark.

My grandkids enjoyed it.

While the presence of Tim Allen and his sarcastic bite of humor lightens things up, the product itself is light enough with a completely empty script, free from any funny or original ideas.

Even worse than that subtle bit or racism marring it, the film was derivative of Disney's Sky High, dragged a bit in too many places and was dragged COMPLETELY DOWN by that horrific performance by Chevy Chase.

It didn't have much action in the movie, which means the movie didn't have a lot of action through out the movie, it was just very slow paced and a waste.

This film is 99% geared towards the kids and it's moderately entertaining.

He should have had a more emotional and slower time changing, to show his hesitation.