2.0 (2018) - Action, Sci-Fi

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After mobiles start mysteriously flying out of the hands of people in Chennai, Dr Vaseegaran summons his trusted robot Chitti to ward off the bird-shaped supernatural powers of Pakshirajan.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: S. Shankar
Stars: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar
Length: 148 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 125 out of 798 found boring (15.66%)

One-line Reviews (288)

It tries to be suspenseful but ends up being a bland comedy.

Mind blowing .

The movie was thoroughly entertaining due to the very well crafted VFX most of the times.

Waste of time and money.. Part 1 was ok....

But very disappointing very bad story,Very boring in the first half and the story Pakshirajan was good.

Waste of money and time .

In other hand even if you believe a dead man's soul merge with birds and becomes a huge bird, however every other scene in 2.0 lacks any sense of logic to make the story interesting and hence it becomes a bore to sit through it.

Highly entertaining with great spectacle feel .

Very boring compared to previous SHANKER's films.

Screenplay was another pilar & it was so gripping that you can't feel the length of the first half.

Story line is very poor it's very predictable makers only focus on VFX even music is not pleasing in it.

Worst movie of my life.

Completely waste of time and money .

Pros: Innovative Mind blowing concept/theme Good CGI(sometimes) Loved the old movie references (personally)Cons: Pace ProductiomPros- Every month I'm seeing such good movies from Bollywood , it's catching my mind.

The hokey plot, the weird presentation methods and low-budget CGI effects all make a memorable, goofy and fun experience, but it goes on for far too long - the last 30 minutes could have been cut completely to little detriment, as it just gets sillier and sillier for no good reason.

Expect the unexpected .

If you can keep your brain at home and watch movie just for its special effects it is a full action packed movies.

Guys Robot 2.0 is very very nice action packed movie better than all bollywood action movies,this movie really touch Hollywood movies like avengers and all.

A complete waste of time.

The movie starts off on an interesting note but then takes a massive dip into boredom and confusion only to rise up again and entertain us.

A total waste of time.

Childish director It's more waste of time.

Waste of time and energy.

Thrilling entertainment with good graphics and The Rajanikant .

The film has one very good thing, which is- entertaining screenplay.

Waste of money,,,if you are going for vfx go ahead...

Given that most of the superhero films in the Hollywood too have such simple and predictable storylines, the only negative of the film can be magnanimously ignored.

A heavy intense fight happens between them and Chitti again loses his battery power.

Shankar returns to his 'Indian' / 'Anniyan' style of story telling in the first half where the bad guys start falling one by one leaving a suspenseful thread of who the perpetrator could be and a long flash black justifying the killings.

,logicless , overatted junk, worst movie ever .

Nila and 3.0 were surprises and were very entertaining.

A total waste of time .

The story becomes predictable and too much of things going on together spoils the mood of the film.

This movie is utter waste of time and cause many misunderstandings and false information.

Visual Extravaganza in Entertaining package .

worst movie .

Whatever you have seen in that trailer, that is the only story or I should just say there is no story.

unneccerary climax fight with weird 😕 CG makes a film 🎬 only create a black mark when I leave the theater.

The climax fight scene involving excessive VFX is extremely long and after a point of time, you get bored and just want it to get over asap.

making this mindless expensive movie go an watch movies like andhadhun and other which works on scriptCrap bs don't waste your money this is sh**

Final say: If you wish to see a really good, Indian made 3D film with generous and entertaining servings of VFX, then go watch it.

Taking Hindi Cinema to Next level, Mind Blowing Vfx, Great Storyline, Rajni's Acting best as always...

Some of the VFX are repetitive, especially the bird flying.

This is a total waste of time.

Waste of time and money.

Waste of time - what an utter flop .

Perfect example of how to waste so much amount of money.

Shankar's vision is mind blowing, he always pushes everybody surrounding him and his whole field/industry to a different dimension/level, I simply loved watching/witnessing the EPIC.

But now this movie make boring at the time.

As for special effect just waste of money if they say they had spend any.

Fully entertaining and enjoyable cinema.

I am a diehard fan of an entertaining film, irrespective of its cast, language and country.

Endhiran was fresh..it has comedy, action, fun, emotions, mind blowing songs, romance...

Super mind blowing movie!

Movie is great experience, screenplay background score, watch it on 3d,main important is akshay kumar character story very touching, rajani is rajani 2.0 and 3.0 character very entertaining, vfx is hollywood level what a perfection, climax, amy jackson cute and funny, The sound is amazing Russell pookati phone vibration sound gun firing sound eagle sound amazing.

Worst movie 2.0 is a funny joker .

The scene in which all the cell phones are snatched away from the people looks dragged.

Story is too predictable.

kuch v nahi hai.. bas editing hai.. 0 hai bhao zeroI had low expectations from vfx and high expectations from story line,the movie turned out to be exact opposite,vfx turned out to be better than i expected and story line was pretty disappointing,the movie is predictable at so many levels

Waste of Money .

Waste of money .

But a film without a good and engaging story falls flat on your face,really hard to connect with the story emotionally and felt bored in 1st half because of repetitive bird chasing/killing scenes,screenplay didn't work for me.

Waste of money .

i enjoyed it's comedy and you will too!

His stunning screen presence will keep you on the edge of your seat.

No story, horrible songs, stupid action .

Message delivered through stunning VFX .

The story is almost predictable by the time you reach the interval point but the kind of screenplay, graphics , stunts and techniques used ,and BGV involved get you high on adrenaline and it makes your cinematic experience too amazing , THE LAST 20 MINS OF THE FILM I.

Yet the storytelling is so compelling , I have admiration for director .

2.0 has successfully utilized a over-used cliche plot that is extremely predictable.

The final home-run he hits in the very climax is so very unexpected and is such a touch of pure genius!

Extra ordinary movie Thrilling 3d experience.

Was boring .

And this movie is worth watching in 3D.

Not so good, you will surely get bored in second half.

no plot no intensity..succ

Awful special effects, bad story, pathetic acting, bland n shoddy direction, all these make up for a very dreadful experience.

it gives different experience and good story with a message ..at the end i enjoyed it ...

Visually stunning.....

Don't waste your time to watch this movie.

Waste of money .

This is a perfect example of how you can waste yours and people's money.

unexpected interval block.

2.0 Movie staring Rajnikanth,Akshay Kumar & Amy Jackson in lead roles lands up with good informative messages, The script of the movie is very good with lots of informations to present day society, Rajnikanth & Akshay Kumar have performed in different roles as the screen play demands, Amy Jackson plays a supportive role along with all the Rajnikanth's characters, the VFX is absolutely of High quality which cannot be equavalted to any Indian movies made so far, the introduction of new 4D sound format for this particular 3D movie adds up a good support, the 3D images are well defined which gives a Good feel as seen in 3D format, sound design & mixing is classic, Limited songs in this SciFi movie is a good thought,lots if surprise available, director Shankar has presented this script which gives some good informations, Worth watching this movie in 3D version.

The overall story and story telling part is highly predictable and boring.

Good 3D experience but lack of story.

Marvellous vfx ,stunning camera work and good social story .. What more we can except from director .. Best step for entering SciFi in India .. Thanks Shankar sir putting that much effort to open our potential of indian audience ..

I had low expectations from vfx and high expectations from story line,the movie turned out to be exact opposite,vfx turned out to be better than i expected and story line was pretty disappointing,the movie is predictable at so many levels

Plotless cinema .

Entertaining movie with a good message 😇 Rajni sir as always done a great job Akshay kumar is Also good Vfx sometime good sometimes bad

I talked this because I felt such thing in the first portion of 2.0. Robot was good than 2.0., due to it has a good story and stunning Aishwarya Roy with Dashing Rajnikanth.

2.0 offers Massive Visuals and Interesting set pieces which is even more exciting when you witness it in 3D.

Worst movie terrible acting ¡ .

This has to be worst movie that I have watched in theatre.

Shankar used some science anamolies that is surely exciting in his robot world.

But it was just to boring to sit through the whole movie .

Having said that, the film is a bit one note and the intensity doesn't jump up or down, its evenly quite intense throughout.

His 2 shades, Emotional and Dark are worth Watching.

Worst movie ever .

Professionally directed by Shankar sir worth watching repeatedly.

The use of VFX is quite interesting.. The screenplay is awesome.. Speaking of script, story and direction, Shankar has proved himself again that he keeps thinking about 10 years ahead of the time.. The background music of AR Rahman and Qutub A Krupa is exciting, it will fill you with thrills throughout the movie.. In acting, both Rajinikanth and Akshay have great influence.. And yes 3.0 is also in the movie..!

last in 1st half are boring....

Watched it in a hall in 3d and right from the initial credits, it gave me goosebumps.. thoroughly engaging VFX, the first of it's kind in an Indian cinema and hats off to director Shankar for having the vision to go this big.. a food for thought kinda storyline.. though it cud HV been a little tighter and the ending cud HV been a lil more relevant, still it's nothing short of a spectacle!!!

The movie is a great combination of situation comedies in the first half and action sequences along with a surprise in the end , entertaining audience in every possible way.

2.0 is quite an entertaining film.

3D likers only like this, For others, waste of time..............

The second half is very dull.

Mind blowing!.

It's a torture.

" Kindly to call them near and give them a BIG TIGHT SLAP AND IGNORE THEM.. The movie is a vfx treat overall with mind boggling scenes which highlights the growing cine tech in India will enable us to compete with Hollywood sci find films soon....

Its pretty boring .

Amazing, Mind blowing, Outstanding, Really best and heart touching movie.

The prequal is a lot more entertaining than this one.

O Positives: 1)visual feast(VFX is awesome) 2) all actors acted well 3)the climax scene in stadium matches to Hollywood rangeNegatives: 1) Expected story 2) boring flashbackMy ratings:8/10

All the actors have done good performance, and rajini sir's 2.0 version is something worth watching and never he missed...

Waste of money .

In normal 3D also, the film looks stunning.

Complete waste of time....

The movie is worth watching for its action and 3d effects.

Watch it to experience the grandest 3D film, made in india.. Great vision, good concept, thrilling action, vfx & cgi is just too notch.. Rajini is badass, akshay is just brilliant and Amy jackson is really cute.. Only letdown was that it wasn't fully treated at the level at which sci fi concept film should be treated.. The masala elements should have been minimised.. Overall a fun watch with family and friends..


pls dont waste your money on this film .

Positive aspects - The visual effects and action sequences are worth watching in this film.

A bit old school camera work, average SFX, not very good post production and a bit too long story because of it as there are a lot of repetitive scene.

I've enjoyed it,hope others also.

But as we were tired in a boring fight sequence already it failed to make its mark.

No story, horrible songs, stupid action.

Overall 2.0 is an enjoyable flick, which can be watched with whole family.

Waste of time .

Shankar has tried his best to repaint this template with some stunning VFX shots.

I do not recommend this movie those who are sensible to watch movie, please don't waste your time and money for this kind of Movie..

From the movie Shivaji onwards all his stories are pretty much predictable and doesn't feel any impact.

What a waste of time!!.

The screenplay was boring and the VFX was just average.

Biggest waste of money .

Ohhh WoW Visually Stunning VFX are used here especially we can definitely Applause in the Final Battle scene in Football Ground.

Plus boring film .

Most expensive Indian movie and the plot is so contrived.

Dont waste your time in this movie.

And seems like Shankar has this confusion too.

It is the worst movie that I have watched all year .

His movies like aparichit, Shivaji, even robot 1 are so good movies but 2.0 for me is by far the worst movie of Shankar till now ....

Rajini is restrained and quite boring as both Dr. Vaseegaran and the original Chitti, and he goes into full-Rajini mode only during towards the end.

Movie is mind-blowing..but little bore before intermission.....

He has written atmost entertaining screenplay for 2.0. Film never looses you even for a second.

Though it tries to give some good message but the content, climax is poor, predictable.

Mind blowing...

As a whole the movie is definitely worth watching for the amount of work and money put by everyone.

The film is quite boring right from the start.


No storyline at all.

Fully crap waste of time if you watch marvel comics movies and seen the vfx of that level.

Best action packed and sci-fi movie better than Hollywood movies .

Worst Movie...

The team has spent a good amount on the special effects on 2.0 and the CGI looks absolutely stunning.

Negative: An underwhelming and weak storyline that is easily predictable.

Second half was predictable and was same as its prequel.

Hatsoff to shankar for his crazy imagination and for showing it in an engaging manner for most of the part.

2 and half hours of what a bore.

Funny, thrilling, great story and compelling characters.

Very lovely songs and sounding very exciting.

Here also there is an missing in engaging the audience to follow the story and intresting twists.

but the the story line could have been better but Akshay Kumar, Rajnikant's epic performances & stunning VFX action will make you forget all the negative things about the flim.

But very worst movie and total time waste.

Enjoyed the 3D effects, there were logical mistakes but in the end it's a Rajini movie and we all enjoyed it.


That scene was definitely stunning to watch.

Every money spent on vfx was worth which makes the film even more thrilling.

No story !

Boring and not worth the money.

This was a total waste of time.

Save your money.

The story and flashback was okay but it was compensated with the stunning visuals.....

Absolutely stunning visuals.

The vfx is miserably poor and unacceptable I went to watch it in a theater costing me one of the movie tickets ever of around $30, I am sad to say I wanted to leave even before the interval.

Waste of time and money .

This is a genuine step towards visually entertaining cinema in India.

In the first 30 minutes was boring.

The VFX was stunning to behold.

Well I didn't want to see this movie in the first place but my friend brought me to see this movie, now I all I can think of is a donut, I really want to eat donut but this movie is very long.

😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Superb, Fantastic, Mind blowing,

A intense fight happens between Chitti and Pakshi.

Film was amazing engaging visual entertainer.

He is great as Chitti, It was a little over the top, he could've been a little subtle, but nevertheless enjoyable!

Worst movie of 2018 totally irritating in movie hall

We must keep in mind that this is a highly entertaining movie with touch of social sensibility.

Flop 100% with waste of time .

Worst movie.

The Story feels confusing, the facts are not on the point, so many cliches and flaws are there in the Plot!

Outstanding storyline, Stunning visuals, Rajinikant's Swag & Dialogue delivery , Akshay Kumar flashback scenes & powerful villian character and Shankar gripping direction biggest plus point of this movie, easily best Sci-Fi movie ever made India....

So boring

After the flashback movie gets interesting due to engaging screenplay .

Mobiles flying and some fight scenes becomes repetitive after sometime.

Comparing two things are not good, but if we do, we will find that the movie Robot was far better and engaging than 2.0. Now, I will like to focus some light on the climax scene which made me give such low ratings.

This is absolutely the worst movie i have ever seen.

3.0 action packed is also included in it .

Little predictable, all superhero movies are little predictable only if you watch 1 part.. you know what powers superheros got.. Go & watch it.

I've just watched this Movie Robot (2.0) after taking So Long time, but after watching it I can definitely say it's Visually stunning to watch.

There's an end credit song/dance sequence with Rajni and Amy (Everyone saw this coming from a mile away), but just like everyone else I used that time to deposit my 3D Glasses and leave the theater.

Film is meant mostly for mass audiences and alike as average storyline, slow first half and average soundtrack (it is questionable that what made A.

Overall the movie is a good watch regardless, as the concept is pretty different, a bit lazy story writing but still worth the watch.

While the background music was engaging and made the film more engrossing, the sons (which were only 3 in number) were just about OK.

No direction, no story just a hype.

It has no story at all .

Stupid movie with foolish concept but as usual entertaining with Ranjni .

Story is extremely predictable, boring and bland.

However, the film has a dull and tedious screenplay which makes this film a bit boring and unenjoyable.

This movie has somewhat decent effects that are ruined by terrible acting and a nonsensical and non-compelling story.

People who are saying that it has a mind blowing VFX maybe they are paid or never seen any Hollywood movie.

Mind blowing movie .

Mind blowing .

They could have added more humour to keep the audience from getting bored and also in the start like they did in first part to make audience comfortable instead they straight shown an suicide scene lol.

Though based on what may be a serious issue this film was totally pointless.

Children's may like the movie, Gets boring in any scenes .

No plot at all, if you want headache go and watch.

This movie has brilliant performances done by Rajnikanth and Akshay but the plot of the movie seemed a bit dull and even downright confusing at some points of the movie.

BGM was not bad but nothing really strikes there, bit too repetitive.

the confusion about the title whether it is 2.

One of the worst movie ever!!

Akshay Kumar as an early ornithologist explaining the harmful effects of mobile towers over birds scientifically was an engaging part in the film...

This has a stunning and good quality of VFX and 3D effects (much better than more Hollywood movies) ever made in Asia.

the climax was stunning VFX was on par with hollywood!!!!!!

Went to a 3D dubbed version of 2.0 and what I ended up watching is a cheesy and pretentious story with characters of no emotional value and shallower than a comic character.

Worst movie ..ever from Sankar .

But the difference is the engaging the audience in terms of screen play is differs each other.

It gets predictable after a while.

sometimes it get illogical but ignored it because first time someone gathered the courage to do something new and innovative and i enjoyed it

Worth watching .

Save your money

Totally waste of money I don't know why ppl are overrating this film it's totally waste.

And right from the intro, the title character was a boring experience.


But I would like give them credit for the social message they want to deliver through the movie but the as a science student I can definitely say that the explain is confusing and wrong in most part.

The concept and visualization of cell phones travelling and taking up different shapes was very intriguing and classy.

Story is too boring....

Its a total waste of time

It is a total waste of time.

Lame action with just another random plot with another boring set of character where the hero wins.

2.0 is very sci fictional movie I ever seen like this movie this movie is doing great in VFX while watching the movie it's a very liveable showing in our eyes..2.0 and 3.0 is a true powerful characters I really enjoyed it please watch againand again I watched 2 times...

One of the best 3D movie i have ever seenGreat acting with stunning VFX***Chitty Reloaded***

Got bored in first half , SHANKAR has done terrible job as writer and director.

The film is a legendary work of the Director and I can see that he has put a lot of heart on the story and the visuals are mind boggling.

Stunning vfx and good narration .

BGM was not bad but nothing really strikes there, bit too repetitive.

Visually Stunning.....

No story No Sci-Fi No message No logics No physics No technology No dialogsYes Stupidity Yes Good acting Ok entertainingSo 4 star out of 10.

Mind blowing performance by the entire team.


Poor story, very predictable, illogical.

Don't waste your time .

But with Action packed entertainment.

His vision is mind blowing and for atleast next ten years no one can come close to what he has accomplished, unless n untill it is his own 3.0 sequel (im waiting).

No story.

One should expect stunning visuals and good screenplay from this kind of movies and 2.0 justified it.

Don't waste your time on this, disgrace to Indian cinema,CGI also not good ( certain CGI elements doesn't fit with the environment), plot is stupid and it is a total cringe fest.

Second off seems to be bit confusion and there is something we fell missed while we get out from hall.

Last 10 mins of action was excessive but it was gripping enough.

Just awesome movie.. mind blowing special effects.. superb story.. it's a game changer for Indian cinema.. must watch..

Amyjackson looks stunning as Neela.

2.0 is outstanding, mesmerizing, captivating, and thoroughly entertaining.

The Worst movie.

Evey bit entertaining as Enthiran .

no storyline ....

mind blowing special effects...

*Yawn* Wanted to walk out at a certain point.

Worst movie just don't watch it you will get brain cancer 😑

No story line just rubbish

Rajni become very old and his scene become very slow.

Excluding back story of pakshiraj, overall it's dull.

Movie is dragged a lot in second half before and uninvited climax just ironically spoils every thing.

No story No logic, waste of time.

Too much technology and too much scientific explanations really disconnected me from the movie and were boring as hell.

Though it bores at times it is quite engaging for most of the part.

First half despite few repetitive shots of cell phones disappearing and murders is quite engaging.

*Spoiler Ahead*Director shankar sir had leave the viewers with an confusion that who is the Real villain that's brilliant thing...

Mind blowing!

Wow, what an entertaining and fun packed movie!

Stupid story.. Complete waste of time and money .

Worth watching.

Best of vfx,editing and acting of both the superstars(Rajni and Akshay kumar) Worth watching.

the background score is mind blowing.

The real fun begins when the unpredictable twist is shown in the fight.

The first half keeps you on the end of the seat with beautiful VFX, intrigue and an emotional appeal but the second half is a mix of draggy but a predictable climax.

Worst movie ever .

This movie is the simply mind blowing..the vfx are just top notch and story line "THE WORLD IS NOT JUST FOR HUMANS" WORTHS SUCH VFX.

Worst movie...

mind blowing...

Appreciate the detail to vfx, but there is no story to complement the same.