31 (2016) - Horror, Thriller

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Five carnival workers are kidnapped and held hostage in an abandoned, hellish compound where they are forced to participate in a violent game, the goal of which is to survive twelve hours against a gang of sadistic clowns.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Rob Zombie
Stars: Malcolm McDowell, Richard Brake
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 47 out of 208 found boring (22.59%)

One-line Reviews (148)

A waste of my time but thankfully not a waste of my money.

It's more of the same from his other movies but as the little tricks get old it is also very boring.

There are moments of brief and entrancing intensity, such as the chainsaw clowns, but mostly the film is predictable, characters dying one by one until only one remains.

Very violent and entertaining wish we could get more horror movies like this one.

boring and bland, with horrible direction.

it's a real shame that Mr. Zombie cant seem to change up his style and make something fresh, or at least entertaining.

The characters in this movie were pretty bland.

It's a plotless, pointless affair, only notable for wasting old-time genre stars (Meg Foster, Judy Geeson and Malcolm McDowell) in nothing roles and generally going over the top in every respect.

He even does the loathsome 'golf clap' routine that should be forever banished to Cliché-land.

If you don't feel sympathy for any of the characters, horror movies are just boring.

What ensues is predictable, one-note sadism sprawled out via Nazi imagery, numerous mentions of rape, and unrestrained violence.

I think this movie is worth the watch.

It's like he had to TRY to make a film so empty and devoid of artistic merit, of any sort...

The Running Man meets an uninspiring Manhunt .

the narrative for each "freak killer" is way to long and is a boring cliché each time.

I really enjoyed this movie, despite the awesome atmosphere of the crowd which included most of the cast and the director himself, it was the film itself that had me on the edge of my seat.

I really liked the music that went along with the film..it was very intense.

The villains are supposed to be scary (I think) but they just come across as boring and idiotic.

He seems rather disinterested and bored with making movies.

However, this movie was fairly entertaining.

Followed by its shocking but enjoyable sequel "The Devils Rejects", Zombie has helped to usher in a new strain of twisted and ultra-violent horror films catering to a post-millennial, desensitized audience.

These items made "House of 1000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects" worth watching because they were fresh.

and unbearable to watch.

I think deep in your heart, you are someone who is sick and bored of square society and all its rules.

First watch: On demandSecond Watch: In the theaterOK,So there seems to be a lot of confusion, and or hate about this film.

Don't waste your time, and definitely do not pay to see it.

The characters are each engaging with their distinct personalities that give more than enough reason to sympathize and root for.

The film is everything you'd expect from a Rob Zombie flick; intense (and very gratuitous) violence, laced with disturbingly dark humor.

Pretentious, moi?

Your storytelling is contrived and sucks.

It's not an overly complicated plot, but somehow Rob Zombie was able to make it seem confusing.

Just an indistinct, soulless mass, sticky with blood and semen, dragged to its lousy death by a lazy puppeteer.

This is a very boring, unoriginal movie.

It's mile zero, the genesis of his fascinating career so far, and his writing is detailed, character driven, lifelike and oh so hilarious.

Still, I can't help mentioning that most of this gruesome stuff also featured in "House of 1,000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects", but those two were suspenseful and haunting on top!

The "action" is filmed in such a way it lacks any excitement and the movie is paced so badly it becomes a bore.

The film leaves you feeling uninspired and very empty, all in the worst way possible.

Definitely the last film of Rob Zombie's that I will waste another minute of my time on.

The most exciting part were the seductive curves of Zombie's wife (Sheri Moon Zombi).

Entertaining though lesser Rob Zombie grindhouse outing.

C'mon Zombie, I know you can do better than this lazy, predictable tosh.

Well, he did, and it's a dull mess.

Worth the watch .

I personally can't wait for the NC-17 version to release like Rob Zombie said it would because that will be even more Intense.

With no real plot, or semblance of any rhyme or reason anywhere, one wonders what Rob Zombie was getting at.

Can't even recall being scared in any part, I honestly almost turned it off because I was so bored with it.

Its nowhere near as good as Devils Rejects, Rob Zombies white trash dialog may have lost its freshness and the action is so poorly filmed its hard to follow.

The writing isn't top-notch, which means that the fast-paced and frenetic action is really the only entertaining thing about the film.

Oh well, and I also feel sorry for those who actually enjoyed it.

He gives a breathtaking, mesmerizing, screen-grabbing performance full of dread, anger, humor, and psychosis.

Rob Zombie's Weakest But Still Entertaining .

A movie about a group of innocents trapped in a warehouse with killer clowns could be done a number of ways, but the only way that really works would be to be over the top, intense, and ridiculously fun.

Sadly, Zombie met my expectations: a wafer thin plot that lacks originality (check out Maurice Deveraux's $lasher$ for a much better take on the deadly game-show theme), horrible characters (the protagonists are so scuzzy I actually wanted them to die), trite grind-house affectations, and repetitive, uninspired action made this one a real chore to watch.

This has to be one of the worst movies ever made.

The "plot" is only half eluded too for some pointless reason, I guess because it was irrelevant, as was.. what I am guessing is supposed to be the twist at the end was just more signature Rob Zombie stupidity...

Combine that with a nonsensical, pretty much non-existent plot and now you're talking MEGA STUPID.

The best performance in the movie is from Meg Foster, as beautiful and engaging as ever, and not afraid to show her true age.

The actors that really stole the show were Richard Blake who was indescribable as Doom-Head, Sheri Moon Zombie as Charly surprised everyone as being a full on action hero when she had to be, Meg Foster who was so deeply fascinating as Venus occasionally being a bad-ass and Jeff Daniel Phillips as the macho mechanic that cares about his group and will defend them with a crowbar!

dull, dull, dull and laughably stupid.

Well, I guess it could be one of those movies where you root for the villains but that's impossible here too because the villains are all boring and just not that interesting.

It's gritty, disgusting and thrilling, with characters that I previously couldn't be interested less in suddenly becoming fascinating.

Some people will like it for the kills, but it's a waste of time.

Unoriginal, Pointless and Awful .

At least it is a showpiece for actor Richard Brake, giving his all as the villainous Doom-Head; wasted on tedious dialogue.

If you like some straight up horror violence gore then you should find this entertaining enough, just don't expect too much in the way or story plot or character development - which not all horror movies need to good.

Through the scenes of chaos and violence, we're left with incoherent editing choices along with lackluster camera work that borders on the edge of looking and feeling like a found footage horror film without the idiotic leads looking directly at us.

Doom Head/Richard Brake really stole the show in the best way possible with his menacing presence early on with clever morbid lines the first bit with him is very intriguing & leads the rest of the film in a exciting way.

Either you're a fan of extreme and relentless violence and "31" is a must-see for you, or you'll completely detest the film for its lack of plot, character background, style or overall lack of taste.

I watched this when it came out and found it too long and actually, kinda dull.

Boring Rob Zombie is a WANNABE .

like his goal was to make the most pointless, stupid string of chainsaw death scenes that he could and see if someone would still say it was good.

I found this film quite thrilling you really don't know what's going to happen next like when we see who the toughest of the carnies really is and how all the heads are all very unique.

Absolute Waste of Time .

Dialogue is utterly pointless.

Hell, you can doze off from the first kill to the last half hour knowing the basic premise and it's still amazing.

Don't Waste Your Time .

The result is, quite frankly, an incredibly entertaining mess.

It's an insanely intense bloody carnival ride of a feature that will leave you with nonstop shocking scenes of murder, mayhem, madness, vulgarity, lots of dark humor, and it's all very well executed in a completely hectic and energetic mode which is bold, brilliant, and just a whole lot of fun.

This movie was a very entertaining and well made horror film.

I personally found the film to be entertaining and even refreshing.

Absolutely garbage, pointless and mindless.

Lords of Salem bored me and then there is this.....

Despite not having any development and a reason to care, I found all the killers visually entertaining.

It was somewhat entertaining enough for me to not regret it.

I've read lots of other people say that this is a pointless movie and they are absolutely right.

The characters that this focuses on are the five circus workers on a long road trip the day before Halloween lead by Charly played by Zombie's wife in real life Sherri Moon Zombie who tries her best with her performance but is as bland as a cube of tofu.

That art house crap fest of Lords of Salem well, i could have tweezed all of my nasal hair out and found that more enjoyable.

This review is for those that have been excited about seeing this because Rob Zombie's pieces in the past have had that intense shock factor and were delivered very well.

A boring dud .

A complete waste of time, talent and opportunity.

The killers are pretty dull--a Nazi little person, some chainsaw guys.

Going from what would work better, I just found this to be boring for stretches.

A fascinating moment perfectly imaged with a stunning use of light effects.

I mildly enjoyed it.

I thought it was worth watching at most once.

Definitely worth the watch

Nothing but scenes of stabbing and chainsaw mutilation with ho-hum special effects and disposable, plastic, boring one dimensional characters, you know the ones, he uses them in almost every single film...

No plot, no characterization, disappointing lackluster ending.

to conclude my review ill say that 31 (2016) is an awful, boring and dull film with no substance.

Sherri Moon Zombie -We get it Robb, you like the 1970's confederate south -Weird out of place cliché one liners and quotes by villain -Carnies of the 1970's confederate south had better dental hygiene than we do today.

It's confusing, hard to follow, and the pacing is all messed up.

It is a complete waste of time.

What a waste of time.

"31" is an unoriginal pointless awful slasher with an absurd and stupid story.

The first scene of the film is Richard Brake, the camera and us for a long and thoroughly engrossing four minute monologue that feels of early Tarantino.

The movie is really just kind of boring unfortunately and the ending is anticlimactic.

There are certainly moments that make 31 worth watching.

A complete and utter waste of time in every sense of the word.

The characters were uninteresting and poorly developed, even by horror standards.

Don't take this one home to mom, but worth watching once if you're just looking for a good time.

Rob stayed true to himself, and created a film that is twisted, disturbing, and 100% entertaining from beginning to end.

Something different and entertaining!!.

I will say my second watch of the film really seemed more intense with the big screen, and theater sound system.

The movie was very good and entertaining I love the whole murder world plot.

I think this is the most boring bloody gore movie I have ever seen.

Next we meet perhaps the most unremarkable and dullest cast of character this side of a lost-footage horror.

I loved the pacing, I dug the 70s tracks and the thumping music during the suspenseful bits, I appreciated his willingness to revisit the beautiful lens flares and stylish shots from "The Lords of Salem", I admired the desert scenery and the homages to his past work (the abduction scene is immediately reminiscent of the one in "House of 1000 Corpses") and I thought his long takes of dialogue and close-ups really fleshed out his style on this one.

The worst movie of the decade.

Overall, this is easily Zombie's most conventional film in terms of story and is pretty short on any character development, but it remains true to his over-the-top throwback style and in some ways is arguably his most polished movies as a filmmaker, which makes this well worth watching for fans.

What we have in "31" is an attempt to mash together aspects of TDR and his Halloween remake and the result is a confusing, lackluster ride you've already been on.

Then there's quieter, more thoughtful and meditative Zombie, using an art house, Argento psychedelic slow burn template that he brought hints of to the table in the excellent Halloween II and then full force with The Lords Of Salem, which to me is his best film so far.

Chainsaws, blood (lots of it), giggling psychotic clowns, dripping pipes in dark and dank corridors straight out of Cliché City, you know the stuff.

Thearacters are fairly uninteresting and it really felt like Zombie was just phoning it in.

He's got talent and a good eye, but his dialogue is way too over the top and downright cliché at this point.

and it can be fun and extra entertaining to watch it with friends.

31 has traits from both The Devil's Rejects and House of 1,000 Corpses, and what Zombie pulls together is a mixed, yet entertaining, watch.

Then some dude wearing white face paint tries to bore another bloke to death by talking a load of old claptrap to him; when that doesn't work, he whacks him with an axe instead.

" This movie was so bad I made an account to inform others what a colossal waste of time watching it is.

she is still pretty good to look at, but when it comes to intense acting there are issues with her.

I must give credit where credit is due, the intro is entertaining and you will probably enjoy Doom Head (the guy in the opening scene).

even the gore part is boring.

Setting the film in 1976 made our main characters that bit more interesting but it was the cast itself that made these characters really enjoyable to watch, so we meet our quirky carnies and learn a bit about their own little world.

The attempts at plot, direction, pace and/or artistic expression fall flat on their face and are so flimsy, disjointed and classless that I am embarrassed that I actually watched this putrid pile of steaming dung until the end.

Rob Zombie's movies can be at best disturbing, brutal and deliciously entertaining, and at worst annoying, goofy and tedious.

Once things get going, the movie was very, very, intense.

I had read that the dialogue was bad, but I found that the words coming out of the characters mouths were believable and, when appropriate, either hilarious or riveting.

But the storyline was so shallow and predictable that it served as an anchor around the movie, dragging it down.

This film is something : extreme depravity, intense gore, nazi and hillbilly chainsaw-totting clowns, psycho freaks, enraged midget nazi, sick game ball-costumed bourgeois, swearing, cussing (more f bombs than you can muster), racial tones (racism, blacks vs Hitler freaks), blood splashing by the gallons, a real uncomfortable nightmare come true, this is shocking Hardcore R-18 stuff.

This movie is pointless.

Boring, dull, slow, bad camera, acting, and everything you can think of is bad about this movie.

The "bad guys" weren't scary, they were pathetic unimaginative cliché ripoffs of things past.

The violence felt bland, the acting felt over dramatic, the editing and cinematography were NOTHING like Devils Rejects (my favorite Zombie film), and I felt disappointed in the end.

I enjoyed it, and I know it will be a film I watch every Halloween!

Zero tension, zero suspense, non scary, boring, quick-cut, shaky cam stuff.

Even though he makes entertaining films, for me there has not really been that film that has blown my mind away.

Also the first half of the movie is really boring, fortunately the second half is kind of watchable.

I fell asleep on the movie because it totally lacks the fun shtick from earlier Zombie movies like little solarized outtakes, funny character quirks and goofy theatrical moments.

Every underdeveloped character takes their turn at spouting out pathetic attempts at pretentious thought soaked in hillbilly mop water.