Above the Law (1988) - Action, Crime, Drama

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A former Special Operations Vietnam vet works as a Chicago cop, and uncovers C.I.A. wrongdoing.

Director: Andrew Davis
Stars: Steven Seagal, Pam Grier
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 19 out of 103 found boring (18.44%)

One-line Reviews (62)

Boring, unlikable, pointless, anticlimactic, bland, waste of time.

Faraldo is an entertaining weasel, and it's always a hoot to watch Silva.

Long before he garnered a reputation as an egotist stuck in straight to rental hell, he was an action star worth watching by the action movie faithful.

Seagal's first action packed film casts him as a martial arts-trained cop onto a drug cartel and proceeds to wreak havoc and look tough in a pony-tail.

The ending seems rushed, leaving just a little to much confusion and too many dots unconnected.

Steven Seagal makes his movie debut in this ho-hum crime drama as a cop breaking every rule in the book to expose corruption.

The picture packs noisy action , buddy movie , thriller , shootouts, suspense and results to be quite entertaining .

According to my perspective, I believe that with the teaming of Seagal and Davis being strong, I think that with the tools they have to make a decent action picture, they certainly do know how to make them exciting, not nauseating.

Long before he garnered a reputation as an egotist stuck in straight to rental hell, he was an action star worth watching by the action movie faithful.

As Chicago cop Nico Toscani, Seagal shoots his way thru an endless (and confusing) conspiracy to assasinate a senator.

Good action flick that's entertaining with a fun performance from Steven Seagal.

Steven Seagal made his debut with Above The Law and while it's a fairly well made action flick, I was often times bored with the standard story and overall assembly line villains put in the way of Seagal.

The debut of Steven Seagal in Above the Law is great,action packed film!

Nico goes beyond the usual standard and boring police procedures to prevent it from happening thus stepping on the toes of those in the department who are secretly behind the plan.

Pam Grier is great here and was pretty good looking , plus she had good chemistry with Segal Henry Silva is great and menacing as the main villain overall well worth the watch!

The movie is slow-moving and confusing, and the action is sloppy and careless.

People are thrown through windows and into tables and there are plenty of exciting moments, like when a small shop becomes a battleground or the shoot-out in a multi-storey car park at the end.

Overall, a very exciting marriage of a political thriller and a down to earth "action hero" movie.

"NICO: ABOVE THE LAW" (1988, Andrew Davis) is a slow, turgid, pointless film that served to disappoint me greatly.

However I found the textbook material to be quite disjointed in its morals and intentions with it trying too hard to get some points across and incorporate a sense of humour.

Not as fun as, or quite as violent as, "Out for Justice" but still an enjoyable no-nonsense bit of bone snapping action.

Once a CIA operative in Vietnam who quit over a torture loving Boss Zagon(Henry Silva)from hell.

Kind of stiff an monotone like Arnold.

Add to this ol' Foxy Brown herself Pam Grier in an underwritten role (she's an action star in her own right) and you have a reasonably enjoyable film.

Boring action flick with too much nonsensical plot .

Repetitive .

"Above the Law" is a tedious action movie with too much plot and not even one memorable set piece.

And I mean this as a compliment to the believable acting performance displayed that appeared so real and intense by my favorite Movie and television bad guy character actor, Mr. Henry Silva.

Steven Seagal's acting debut is a fast-moving little crime thriller, involving drugs smuggling, police corruption, and a maverick cop (guess who?

The elements involve drugs and politics, yet the order at which its described is all over the place which makes it hard to follow.

And also there's the drug infested underbelly that he finds fascinating.

Pretty entertaining .

The Power-Packed, Unforgiving Action-Scenes are terrific, while the Screenplay, written by Steven Pressfield, Ronald Shusett & Andrew Davis, is Gripping & Fast.

Seagal is incredibly unlikable throughout and the villains are forgettable and their presence was sometimes confusing.

This one is an acceptable thriller , exciting and tense at times with fine work , as always , from director Andrew Davis .

Upon being introduced to Nico, viewers are also dropped into what seems to be a very convoluted plot that at times is clear, while other times is confusing.

The script by Steven Pressfield, Ronald Shusett & Davis is actually a touch dull, it aimlessly wanders between OK action set-pieces without much of a story to maintain ones interest.

The Aikido expert Seagal saves the day in this exciting movie which co-produced and wrote developing some autobiographic events about his real-life .

nico above the law 1988 review , so this is my opinion on this bad action flick , so if you like my opinion good but if you don't then people who want good action films will avoid this like i am going to do , do not watch any steven segal film , boring the nico story is boring and the acting is horrific and the action is so forgettable .

As with many of Seagal's films, there is more style over substance, the fights, chase sequences and violence grab your attention, but it is let down by a complicated and uninteresting story, it seems Under Siege will always be the only good movie in Seagal's repertoire, this is a disappointing action thriller.

This movie only has a handful of action scenes, but the plot is still pretty suspenseful and fast-paced, from the cover-up angle involving the CIA to the assassination plot of a U.

Seagal certainly can perform well in the action scenes, though despite the good direction, this film is just too routine and predictable to work.

As I strongly suggest for this and other Seagal films is merely turn off your brain and just enjoy the action packed ride.

But, I thought Seagal's performance was a little emotionless and stoic, but his awesome martial arts skills and quick wit are entertaining to watch.

Sadly, the film's overly complicated plot tends to get in the way of the action and makes the film strangely dull.

That was the boring side of him.

It's pointless even attempting to review one of his films with a straight face, the plots, the characters and the action scenes are all interchangable from film to film.

Violent, Gripping & Memorable, 'Above The Law' is without a shed of doubt, amongst Seagal's best films.

He's engaging,intimidating,and funny.

Like many of Seagals other earlier movies such as Hard To Kill, Marked For Death, Out For Justice, Under Siege, On Deadly Ground etc, Above The Law is an very good Martial Arts Thriller which is also just amazing and enjoyable to watch.

In 1973, Nico became disgusted by the sadistic treatment of prisoners by interrogator Kurt Zagon (Henry Silva), it came to the point when Nico tried to stop a torture session, and he left the CIA.

There is credibility in that he does his own stunts, and some of the fight sequences are very impressive and entertaining in their sheer simplicity.

Before the hair transplant, before he ate all the pies, before he went mad, and before everything was uttered in an inaudible whisper Seagal made his debut with this confusing, over-plotted thriller directed by Andrew Davis.

Action packed and never boring.

It's lean and tough, but feels automatic despite some thrilling, tour-de-force set-pieces.

He does a lot of shooting, which doesn't show-off his martial arts skills, and the plot is so contrived and fit for this type of film that there's no real suspense.

The opening narration is semi-biographical and the beginning of Seagal confusing fantasy and reality.

This is one of Seagal's first action packed masterpieces!

There isn't enough action, the acting is bad, the music is bland and the pacing is really off.

I also found the film difficult to follow because I kept drifting off, reminiscing about "OUT FOR JUSTICE".

Well worth watching.

To me, only Jeff Speakman had a stunning style like that in his film ¨The Perfect Weapon¨ (if you leave the Chinese films out of the equation).