Ad Astra (2019) - Adventure, Drama, Mystery

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Astronaut Roy McBride undertakes a mission across an unforgiving solar system to uncover the truth about his missing father and his doomed expedition that now, 30 years later, threatens the universe.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: James Gray
Stars: Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones
Length: 123 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 448 out of 1024 found boring (43.75%)

One-line Reviews (879)

Ad Astra's slow and methodical pacing culminates in a disappointingly hackneyed climax, where the mounting tension goes to waste.

Very boring movie.

What a boring and pointless movie.

Don't waste your time on this one Not for the the thinking person I wouldn't even call it sci-fi either

Save 2 hours of your life and watch paint dry instead...

But I'm so used to arthouse films, and intense character studies that this film was truly incredible to witness.

This movie has all the elements you could expect from a space movie (classified missions, stunning visuals, things going wrong in space...

I love Sci Fi movies, books, tv shows, etc. But this was so slow and depressing.

Truly One of the Most Boring Movies Ever Made .

just have a cliche character with the same old family and personal dramas we've been watching all over again drama after drama.

I was super excited to see Ad Astra but it turned out to be one of the most drawn-out and BORING movies I've ever seen.

Instead we got long silences, disjointed scenes, and bizarre monkey attacks.

So if you are into these kind of slow burn, performance driven drama films then you are in the right place otherwise you might wanna give it a second thought I reckon!

Beautiful and dull .

But if you judge it on the quality of the story and characters then it is nicely entertaining and asks serious questions about how we humans relate to each other and to our existence in general.

Too slow and full of annoying narration from the main actor!

He was probably told to play the entire role as if he was trying to pass a psych test, much like taking a lie detector test, slow, calm, controlled speech with little emotion - this doesn't make for gripping viewing.

One of the worst movie I have ever seen .

The use of maudlin, emotional orchestra music for space scenes is so cliché and manipulative.

I was talking to my friend about the worst movie I saw all of last year and immediately brought up Ad Astra.

It also doesn't work as a metaphor of the emotional walls men build and pass down from father to son, as the payoff is very weak, culminating in a cliché moment that had my eyes practically rolling to the back of my head.

I love the blade runner films, for the slow, voice narration, and mood.. This movie reminded me sooo much of that...

What did I just waste my time on?

I've never loved any of his starring parts, but I do find him engaging in ensemble casts.

I love slow movies.

) It's all rather pretentious; basically Roy McBride, Tommy Lee Jones' abandoned astronaut son, in search of himself and his long lost father ...

Pitt's performance was wooden and bland, the storyline kind of...

For sure, if you want accurate sci-fi read The Martian (read it, don't watch it),However, if you can handle a little slower pace, some beautiful imagery, haunting Max Richter sounds, some visually interesting set pieces and a little introspection then this is actually not a bad little film.

Its 2 hour run time doesn't ever feel boring to me, even though the pacing is consistently slow and introvert.

In short the movie is dull, pretentious and thoroughly ridiculous in parts.

Waste of Time .

And the whole movie is pointless.

I kinda fell asleep.

Slow and boring storyline.

Even when he finally found his father, what should be a climax, was boring.

The reason I rated it as high as I did was because the effects are pretty good and I enjoyed it for that reason.

Big Names, no plot, and no script.

Mind numbingly boring .

Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations, apart from it being very boring, there were other major problems, the story had too many holes in it, particularly that they never actually discovered whether the Neptune station was the actual cause of the energy surge, Brad Pitts character was not dynamic enough, they used a lot of those ultra close-up shots which I dislike, e.

A long, slow, smooth journey to a simple truth.

A waste of time and money - Shame on filmmakers of late.

bland and inconclusive .

The cinematics are stunning, the sound design intense and pressing.

Absolutely pointless .

enjoyed it.

The film is slow and you already know how it'll end before it gets started.

Sadly unmemorable, boring premises.

Boring, better watch old Star Trek episodes .

Worst movie I have ever seen!

This was boring even for this type of movie.

Painfully Boring .

It is depressing and astronomically boring.

And it was so terribly dull and slow.

Slow and out of sens .

The father and son's story is very sad and beautiful, but the movie has some boring times.

There was no story flow at all so as others have stated, I don't get why this is rated so high.

The slow process of the plot isnt that tiring as I read and the photography along with the music cover was magnificent and dreamy.

One of the Worst movies of the last year, it says it is "Science" Fiction in Space and first seemed to be smart but no nothing makes sense or tries to be scientific, the paper thin story moves so slow it is illegal so better fill it with philosophical monologues which should be confusing and senseless.

Zzzzzzzzzzz I woke up he was putting his space suit on.

Slow slow slow movie very predictable, I'm sorry Tommy lee but what were you thinking?????

So long and boring .

The script is bad, very cheesy and full of cliche.

It is slow so what.

Horrible plot and EXTREMELY slow!

My partner and dog fell asleep.

Then boring story, things happening you ask why...

Ad Astra is like a space suit that's got a slow puncture.

Wow what a snooze fest .

If you're a fan of sci-fi, you will enjoy this, for rest of us, maybe it is even a little bit of boring (it lasts 120 min).

Molasses slow .

Entire film quite slow and full of annoying narration from Roy!

What is Latin for Boring?

As I write it, I am wondering if five stars is a little excessive for two hours of space travel with a boring, pointless voice-over.

Mediocre but enjoyable .

This movie will cure your insomnia.

'Ad Astra' is no different I'm afraid - another plot-light, boring space adventure more interested in looking good than telling a story.

Slow moving movie, with very inaccurate sci-fi facts.

But this ; worst movie I have ever seen

That bad I fell asleep!

First half intriguing, second half reaching .

The stunning visuals will leave you transfixed and in awe, and they are the run-away success of the movie.

Slow and horrible.

I was disengaged from that point on as everything to come was disappointingly predictable.

If you, dear reader, are suffering from insomnia, then BOY have we found the cure for you.

It's slow & jagged in places & I was a little frustrated with their 'is there sound or isn't there sound in space' as I felt that was a little inconsistent.

slow and boring.

Well, it is a boring drama!

Sorry but no, slow and boring from start to finish.

Even with all that I couldnt stay awake tho it started so well with the paragliding landing from the Space Station, but after that it got complicated, unnecessary, astonishingly ridiculously wrong science-wise, messy, boring, silly and unbelievable and I found the story quite hard to follow - though I suspect that was because I kept nodding off.

If you take visual effects off the story it is just boring and meaningless.

That's 2 hours and 3 minutes I could've watched paint dry, and I would have been more entertained.

Completely bland.

Ad Astra, while enjoyable, just doesn't add up under mild scrutiny.

The story seems slow sometimes.

It is a slower movie, but your still on the edge wondering whats gonna happen.

A waste of money and time.

Hmmm- The Drama- 3 a monotone speakover of Pitt reading quip lines of depressed wisdom.

Don't waste your time!


Interesting space story with stunning visual effects.

Mind-numbingly Dull .

How you react to Ad Astra (2019) will depend on whether you go along with it's inter-galactic pursuit of a menace to earth's survival or you become immersed in the film's psychological drama.

Don't waste your time.

Slow burn excitement for the most part.

They might have said but it was so boring I forgot!

The main concerns in the story were unanswered in the most tedious ways, choices were abysmal all over that could have been better delivered and though I did enjoy some sights and some of the acting here and there, it really did not impress or inspire me to even rewatch.

McBride is sent on a secret mission to Neptune to explore the 'empty' capsule.

This movie was just boring and a couple of hours out of my life I won't get back.

But yeah I wish this movie told a different story other than that old "oh this is what we got so far, there is nothing out there, we are what we have" dialogue.. just bring something new for Christ sake, like come on movies are for boredom after all.

This has to be the most emotionless, joyless and just straight up boring roles brad pitt has taken on in his career.

That's a LONG, boring, slow paced, slow talked, slow motion, slow music, slow camera moves.

Because the film is a slow burn with its pace I totally understand how this film could frustrate a few movie lover (similar to 2001's Space Odyssey).

It's slow, boring, predictable, did I say boring?

I love some of the more entertaining variations, such as "Star Trek" (1966 - 2004) and "Planet of the Apes" (1968 - 2017), as well as some of the more serious versions like "Solaris" (1972), "Stalker" (1979) and "Arrival" (2016).

This movie is slow and anticlimactic.

Slow, near future and all about the human condition.

It is long and boring.

Painfully slow, disjointed, unreal, waste of time.

boring, the film never go ahead, slow and repetitive.

Really bad and very confusing.

Most boring film I have ever seen.

The film is a slow burn that pieces together ideas and emotions.

Slow .

Worst movie EVER .

I made it through half of this movie before I fell asleep.

It's boring.

That, and extremely poorly written dialogues, random characters with questionable motivations doing random things is what makes this movie an absolute waste of time.

Reminded me of how the movie "Arrival" was super slow, except that Ad Astra was far slower and more boring than Arrival.

It's a pretty film, effects are top notch, and Brad does his best to add depth to a movie with a awful storyline, it had a feel of 2001 in parts but lacks a reason to watch it, I was looking forward to this but its quite boring and at the end of the movie and you will think well that was disappointing, I wish Hollywood would give us something more.

It's just a 2h pretentious crap-fest with a bad script, super bad logic and totally unrealistic space travel.

Ad Astra is calm, philosophical and visually stunning at times.

Slow, beautiful cinematography and quiet.

The mysterious cosmic rays enshroud a plodding reveal which pays off without satisfaction or consideration, so we must continue to look to the stars.

Boring film noir .

It is empty of emotion and thought.

Sadly it was as boring as watching a pine tree grow.

While much slower - which would allow to tell a story and establish background on characters - than most recent movies, there is a chain of events which reminds me of "San Andreas": The protagonist is always at the wrong place at the wrong time and miraculously the only one surviving the situation.

The characters were bland- I don't think being focused on space at the expense of everything else is a character trait, it is specifically the lack of ANY character traits!

Don't waste your time and money.

Man this movie was absolutely the years most boring movie.

Boring and uneventful .

This was awful,boring,slow,and a fat waste of my life.. Plot holes like whoa!

As stated before, there's some intense scenes here and there, but overall this was boring.

Even the scenes that were supposed to be thrilling were incredibly dull.

Liv Tyler's character gets reduced to a cliche (the wife waiting for her husband) while much of the movie tries too hard to get its point across, creating a leaden feeling.

Tempo was incredably slow.

It's a slow and unimaginative movie, with a scant story line, and pedestrian acting.

Fell asleep a couple of times.

The boring and monotonous voice off is perfectly matched by Brad Pitt's boring and monotonous portrayal.

Most boring movie of the year.


Boring Turned it off after the first 20 minutes.

I like slow burn films and I like thought provoking and dialogue driven movies, but this is so boring it feels like a very dull job to just watch it.

Nothing happens for 124 minutes .

Visionary production design, pretentious acting and script .

The most boring movie I have ever seen .

Unfortunately, the depressing atmosphere, the silent background tracks and some illogical parts of the screenplay (especially about the space and stuff like that) got lots of audiences bored.

This film is God awful slow, boring, stupid.


But then quickly deteriorates into something somber and ultimately uninteresting with absolutely no tension whatsoever.

All I knew about "Ad Astra" before seeing it was that it was about an astronaut, (Brad Pitt), travelling to the far reaches of the universe in search of his father; so far so pretentious.

Pointless .

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz .

Save your money and time.

It gives you that feeling you are truely alone in this empty vacuum you call space.

Read this before watching this asinine snooze fest .

Do NOT pay to see this movie and make sure you are in need of rest if you watch it because you are going fall asleep.

I had relatively high expectations for this film considering the Oscar buzz and Brad Pitt starring, but I can honestly say it was a complete bore fest from start to finish.

How can something so interesting be so boring.

Unfortunately, it's a bit of a snooze fest.

I was bored out of my mind .

Boring, truly boring .

To add to the mind numbing boredom of emotioally incontinet 'astronaught's ' self-pitting musing, was the many failures to retain a semblence of scientific authenticity.

Stay away and save your money.

If you enjoy watching paint dry, watch as Brad Pitt talks endlessly about his feelings, of not feeling anything to mildly feeling something for two hours.

Beautifully shot, but empty of emotion and meaning.

Too much lies in a slow motion boring movie!

A little exaggerated for there are a few scenes that were actually kind of cool: the pirate chasing scene on the moon was nice, the monkey killing scene was un-expected, and then Brad Pitt killing the whole crew (by accident) was a little intense.

This is a vacuous, plotless, unscientific drama.

Starts boring, ends boring .

Enough of these super-slow psychological space dramas.

A slow burn science fiction Drama .

The excellent cast is wasted in this tiresome film.

Story mildly holds your attention, slow, few action scenes, CGI was done well.

Boring with a capital B.

overall, cool visual effects but weird lack of plot

Long, slow, boring and uneventful .

The storyline was imbalanced and dull.

There is no such thing as an absolute vacuum, even in space, but if there is something comes close, it is the emptiness this pointless and flawed movie represents.

So boring, so bad, so don't waste your time or money on this one.

It is a complete waste of time, unless you like to be tortured.

it has to be exciting too and make you feel stressed.

PITT-fully bad, Long drawn out.

A little patience will reveal a tension filled slow burn psychological space travel father son odyssey.

Not only that, but their presence would do little to alleviate a sense of boredom from watching the film.

A suspenseful, if occasionally slow, deep space sci-fi thriller.

90% meaningless, uninteresting, dribble.

The story was ok, but it was just boring.

Don't waste your time .

Very slow, and just had a lot of loose ends.

And even if you do like slow burn its a paper thin story that could be cut in half screen time and still work (and more effectively).

A long, slow, smooth journey to a simple truth .

This is superior to Interstellar, and more engaging.

Just know that its probably one of the worst movies of its type and it fails on almost every level.

Pretentious and devoid of merit .

Starts slow and never gets better .

The story line was kinda boring to me.

Awful, waited far too long before giving up on it.

I have no idea why this movie is so highly rated by critics, but I was ready to die of boredom by the time the movie ended.

Boring Brad, boring music, boring plot, had so much potential but wasted.

No science in it, the fiction is uninteresting, the story is so weak and empty although it pretends like it is something deep and important.

The story was extremely boring.

It was unpredictable - which is something that I really like, and which is something really rare on the modern films.

If you are expecting breathtaking settings, don't bother.

Waste of budget and every viewers precious time.

The words "ponderous" and "glacial" are far too kind.

So many useless scenes that just dragged the time.

Even Brad seemed bored.

Intense, emotional, and somehow familiar.

I want my 2 hours back..( and my $30 for blu ray copy ) worst movie ive watched in years.., laughable script,( moon pirates ???

If you don't mind that the movie has nothing interesting to say and takes two hours to say it, the entertainment value of the production might just fill up an otherwise empty afternoon on a rainy day.

But I did find it intense to watch.

But it's a hodge podge of pretentious plagiarisms.

It is boring and as nothing to say .

some nice shots of space, or an intriguing interior design here and there...

Love Brad, but this one is a bit boring.

Realistic makes it boring.

Flawed but Enjoyable, Thoughtful SciFi .

The physics/science is a bit off and they had to relent on accuracy of boredom of space travel which was kept mercifully short.

Quote possibly the worst movie I have ever seen, totally boring and a waste of my time

Stupid, slow and very very boring .

I was bored.

All you are doing, is watch close-ups from Brad Pitts face, saying pointless things about how he screwed up his love life, and what he thinks of his father.

The plot of the movie gets predictable and screenplay is painfully slow and boring.

It's a waste of time

Ad Astra is interesting at first, but it starts to slow down a lot, and it gets to the point where you're yawning several times throughout the runtime.

An empty movie with no intent, inconsequential ideas, bland progression and irrational methodology set in a fictional timeline where digital recordings don't exist.

Boring, boring, boring, boring and then even more boring.

Made me feel like the whole trip was a waste of time, which made me feel like watching the movie was a waste of time.

Slow, cumbersome, hard to understand.

It's a yawn from start to finish and it's obvious where the producers have added extra scenes in a failed attempt to make it more exciting...

This movie is really slow.

Ad Astra was a stunning movie.

No story, no plot development, no character development, no charisma, no jeopardy, no twists, no direction.

Mediocre visuals effects, weak unexplained plot, dull and lifeless characters.

because it is so boring, I dozed off several times, And on the second viewing dozed off again.

All in all an entertaining movie for a lazy sunday.

The slowness of it I think partially represents the characters' inability to be fully aware of the wonders around them and instead trying o push through environments that are not truly inviting or supportive of sentient life.

Overrated, boring, slow .

so slow.

It had some promise in the beginning, but that was quickly lost, and replaced by boredom and annoyance.

For a movie purportedly about space exploration, it seems to treat the concept as pointless and laughable.

the trouble with space is our solar system is pretty boring so to make a relatively real space drama theirs not really much to go with

Upon arrival at the base, a dying Pruitt is placed into intensive care.

A good intense emotional trip .

I went into this knowing it was not action sci-fi, and more of a slow burn psychological drama.

To slow

Another dull and uninteresting space adventure .

So boring, it never went anywhere!

A bit empty...

Really slow and boring .

As empty as space .

However, after a long time, what he pursued gradually became more and more unclear and even empty.

Ok, great special effects and good plot device but really far too slow.

As well as this, the cinematography is beautiful, delivering stunning imagery of space.

3) Dull and very slow.

But apart from these first world problems Ad Astra was brilliant, thrilling, entertaining and enjoyable to the last second: 9 out of 10.


I don't know if they were trying for a 2001: A Space Odyssey vine or what, but this film was freakishly boring.


However, it was one of the most tedious and pointless stories I ever watched.

I rented this and can comfortably say it is one of the worst and most boring films I have had the misfortune of watching.

It is excruciatingly and needlessly slow.

Some great films are hard to enjoy, and some lesser films are enjoyable or at least easy to watch.

1 - How come two megastars were convinced to participate of this BORING movie.

Most of the movie is spent listening to the thoughts of Brad Pitt's very dull character.

Slow does not fully define how incredibly slow this movie is.

Dull, dreary, slow and pointless.

Incredibly boring.

You get Ad Astra, dull boring film with no grit or excitement.

Yet when Roy finally gets back to Earth nothing happens to him - not because he knows too much and not even because his careless behaviour cost several lives.

What a waste of everybody's time and what looks like a lot of money

Boring .

I did like however the slow pace storytelling and Brad pit did a ok job not being brad pit.


VERY plotless and boring.

Bottom line is I WAS BORED!

When Brad Pitt is good and has good material he is great and 'Ad Astra' did look really interesting from the trailer which made it look like a visually stunning and thought provoking film.

It worked in spades for me, but I can clearly see why a lot of people found this to be boring and uneventful.

Even the actors sound bored in this film.

A tedious journey without purpose .

Boring .

Possibly the slowest, most boring movie I have ever seen.

Why are modern day science fiction movies either about aliens or very boring pieces of nonsense??

You wonder if he isnt a bit mentally slow (not sure if that is PC or not sorry if if isn't).


Watching Brad emote with monotone talking all through this movie was more than I could bear...

Dont waste your time!

Other than that, this film was a fun watch and enjoyable for those that enjoy a suspenseful film with a slow burn.

Awful way to tell some psychological issues, when you need to read some thing online to understand this film because you are angry that you wasted 3 hours of your life, I hate movies like Mulholland drive and this..

drawn out, and there are too few characters to feel attached to.

It wasn't dramatic, exciting, anything.

I wouldn't want to spoil it so I won't go into details, but it's slow, boring and pathetic at many of the scenes.

Think of the really boring "arty" movie with the voiceover at the Cannes film festival (before the Mr Bean bits get added in).

Slow & Boring .

Slow is being kind to this movie.

Some great visuals of the moon and Neptune but it's let down by a very slow story of no real consequence.

Or something more on the edge how knowing there is no one else in the universe affects humanity.


Pretentious reviewers 🙄 .

Slow paced with sudden unexpected (and unwarrented) bursts of action (and violence).

What a waste of time waiting for nothing to happen.

Beyond boring .

I've been watching it over a four day span because I can only take so much mundane garbage at one time.

In general, the story tried to exude deepness but simply was only pretentious.

This is a long boring self indulgent waste of time, a movie that has no real start, no real story and by the end your so grateful that its finished.

They tried making an exciting story line about how his dad's spacecraft is putting the whole galaxy at jeopardy.

Boring, boring, boring.

There are too many scenes that are boring, and they go on for way too long.

You've got a Tommy Lee Jones and Brad Pitt playing at their best, you've got a script with so much potential, you've got visual effects that could create great artistry, and yet the resulting film is utterly dull, unprovoking, lacking any real substance and feeling.

This movie tries to be Sci-fi (because the story is about Mars, Neptune, travel in space) but it frankly is just a "drama" with a weird problematic father-son relationship (which is not told eloquently in the story line) but oh wait, there was no story line really!!

The cinematography by DP Hoyte van Hoytena is one, just stunning.


This has got to be one of the most boring movies, I've seen aside from Night of the Lepus.

A very boring derivative movie (Think 2001 the movie which was much more exciting - sarcasm!

There is no plot, just a random combination of scenes from various well-known sci-fi movies that make no sense together.

Think i fell asleep before that so started again.

Boring and Pointless .

Mind-numbingly slow.

Slow and boring - one of the worst movies I have seen.

That's why the film is packed with pointless things like the trip to the moon, moon bandits, the SOS call, the trip to Mars, and the radio calls that serve only to pad the story.

Two persons jumping off the thing might slow it down though when coils don't push back enough.

It was so boring and predictable, and felt like it was drawn out way to long.

This may be the most boring movie ever made.

Slow as hell .

Brad Pitt made his best but he's character on this movie reflects and reveals it more empty than human.

The movie is desperately in need of a character that would inspire pace or turbulence to the story line but every single character is so bland its beyond belief.

Nothing happens.

Brad Pitt is good as most times and there are some stunning shots - CGI naturally.

Don't waste your time.

Zzzz I woke up, BP was still on the moon.

I'm okay with slow burns, as long as they make sense!

Very Slow.

What you get is Brad in a space suit droning on in a monotone voice about God knows what.

Some complain that the science isn't correct, and that the film is too slow.

Slow ripoff of Apocalypse Now .

In the sci-fi pantheon, The Martian and Gravity - with some poetic licence - gave us thrilling drama with a credible grasp of science.

What a snore fest.

Don't waste your time.

Slow but intense .

Waste of time and space .

This film is very slow and the end is not very interesting.


But since Ad Astra is such a slow burn, it could turn off some.


Very slow.

So slow I had to check my pulse a few times to make sure I hadn't died of boredom.

Very slow and boring.

Don't waste your time on this nonsensical crap .

So boring that it almost has to be on purpose.

worst movie i ever endured.

It's not a movie for the average critic, which in my opinion is too artsy fartsy for something as realistic as Ad Astra.

Boring Sc-FI honestly .

I'm not sure what I just watched, astronaut goes to moon, gets attacked by random pirates (who are they & what's the point of that scene) sneaks on a spacecraft (yeh ok), kills everyone by accident, sets off on a long, very boring solo voyage, blows something up, goes home, has coffee, the end.

Where Ad Astra terribly fails at: 1) The pretentious dialogue.

It's boring, badly edited and someone I guess forgot that ''science'' is one of the words that makes up ''science fiction''.

Waste of time.

This movie tries to be Sci-fi (because the story is about Mars, Neptune, travel in space) but it frankly is just a "drama" with a weird problematic father-son relationship (which is not told eloquently in the story line) but oh wait, there was no story line really!!

Simply put, the visuals were absolutely stunning.


Absolutely waste of time ,simple childish story, childish aproach with space monkeys that eat people,makeshift shield to fly through the planet rings with a spacesuit an many more !!!!

There's practically no plot and even less logic to anything.


One of the worst movies ever.

While not in any way scientifically accurate, Ad Astra is still an entertaining and interesting science fiction movie with quite good acting performances.

It's so boring and the final is understood from the begin.

The whole thing feels disjointed, the narration sounds like Brad is mumbling in his sleep.

There is literally NOTHING happening in this movie.

Acting is good, both Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones (especially him) are good but as I said problem for Pitt is that his character has no real arch, he is just on this slow melancholic journey while reflecting over and over more of the same.

I enjoyed the slow burn build up to the climax.

The story was boring, pace was too slow, just didn't work.

This is a stunning film, seeped in amazing colourscapes, soundscapes, thoughtful exploration of relationships, ideas around purpose and loss.

Others are more likely to call it plain boring.

Boring af .

Soulless and bland.

It was a slow moving trip to space to find dad.

I'm all in for slow in depth sci fi, but this just boring.

It's kind of amazing how a performance so purposely emotionless can be so engaging.

Droll and pretentious script.

I fell asleep .

so boring even with Brad- BORING, SLOW .

thisd is yet another failed example of Hollywood's inability at doing 'profound' - confused as they are for thinking that all they need to do is to string out a trite banal script and all will magically morph in to 'Solaris' (the Russian one of course).

No plot.

Sure, the movie is not fast nor continuously sensational, but it really is a solid slow burner.

However the story was so slow, it felt like I was watching someone travel though an airport going through all the different security and terminals.

Obnoxious internal monologueing as opposed to actual character development creating a pretentious, laughable mashup of 'The Thin Red Line' & '2001: A Space Odyssey'.

It is so bad, it's nearly unwatchable.

It was boring.

Poor script, nonsense science, incoherent story line, disjointed editing....

Very boring and unnecessary long!

If you want to see a slow paced, kind of depressed and for the most part realistic sci-fi movies, shown in superb pictures you love to think about and discuss afterwards, be very welcome to join this space trip.

For me personally, I enjoyed seeing another stellar performance from Brad Pitt with stunning cinematography and audio track.

All in all, this movie is worth watching if you have the time.

And it was too slow.

Boring .

You're always waiting for something to happen but nothing happens, It is just Brad Pitt's character talking to himself all the movie.

It was so boring I literally started falling asleep near the end.


Fans of forgettable, uninformed, uninteresting, science fiction can rejoice that there is finally a big budget movie for them!

Completely empty and boring excuse of a movie

To be honest the movie is overrated and overhyped with is very slow and boring.

It is not, as they have said, the worst movie.

Talk about anticlimactic and soooo pointless.

People said it was boring.

Some stunning visuals.

This movie has a great cast but is really boring.

Otherwise the story is dull and doesn't get anywhere.

As an aside, entirely from a storytelling perspective, this film made some big mistakes of adding pointless detours that went nowhere and serve only to waste time.

But it's so slow, so slow.

Pitt's character Roy McBride is only interesting because you're surprised at how Pitt would play such an uninteresting character.

A stunning performance hindered only by the aforementioned lack on content.

The pictures are beautiful in this movie, high quality production, and the story line has a lot of suspense to it and I quite enjoyed it!

On other hand the plot is totally unimpressive and uninteresting...

I was bored out of my mind from five minutes in.

Worth watching on free cable .

One of the worst films I have ever watched, story was utterly bland.

If you want an excellent slow, thoughtful sci-fi movie that is deep and meaningful, full of strong performances, watch Arrival instead.

I enjoyed the overall theme of this movie but it was a rather slow movie to me which is why it gets a 6/10

The spacey stuff is well photographed, and the journey to Neptune is just about compelling enough.

It was incredibly boring and the film was to ambitious lacking a clear plotline

The reasons for the voyage seem contrived, time seems to get compressed when it suits the writers, complex things get wrapped up far too simply (especially the explanation for the energy surges) and the sentimental angle - the father-son story - is overplayed.

Don't waste your time.

What a colossal snooze fest - Boring.

Watching paint dry is better .

I came to the same conclusion, Set design - great but somewhat out of place, Musical score - great, probably the best part of the production, Lighting - Mesmerisingly good, but so unsubtle that it stuck out as contrived, Acting - Not so good, Ruth Negga had the best bite of the apple, but the dialogue for her character was not well written, Direction - (I am looking at you James Gray) Pretentious, you had the right ingredients for something wonderful and thought that this weak contrived story was the vehicle you wanted?

Took way too long to develop.

Boring .

Interesting concept great story great acting great special effects( mostly) some special effects were cringe worthy, But over all just soo boring

Exceptionally boring .

i was very disappointed with what i watched , slow acting ...

I got bore to death...

Sure, spend 2 hours of your life watching a dragging on pointless movie.

Wasted Potential but still visually stunning.

This was slow and boring.

The film is neither thought provoking, inspiring, entertaining nor impressive.

Just another boring commercial movie trying to sell anticommercial stuff hidden in pseudophilosophy and small details.

Very boring and unnecessary long.

This is a film that doesn't work as science fiction, with its contrived setup and enormous/stupefying plot holes.

This project seems to have a never-ending sense of foreboding like Brad Pitt is achingly, slowly floating towards an execution chamber that houses a slow release death.

Please forgive the mortal sin of reviews that I am about to commit, but I need to summarize just how bland and predictable this movie is, all because it wants to advertise an action oriented angle.

Pretty much action packed.

Average Movie, very slow & becomes boring many times

Slow, cliche drama didn't have to happen in space!

I enjoyed this, calm but suspenseful drama.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

if you love slow thought provoking sci-fi you will enjoy this.

It was so boring I shut it off half way through.

This is an absolutely stunning, immersive, and profound piece of cinema.

I'm not sure what was worse, the boring story which is just a bunch of set pieces clumsily put together or the bad science...

It starts out slow, proceeds slow and ends slow AND dull!

I agree with many other reviewers that "Ad Astra" is very slow-paced, sour, depressing and boring.

The issue is that those thrilling scenes are so short when compared to other normal scenes.

Special effects good but dull acting and bad science.

This film was boring.

But this is an entertaining, interesting film with great acting.

Zzzzzzzzzz still putting on his space suit.

If you watch this movie expecting a sci-fi, with future technological marvels or intense sequences with accurate science then you will be utterly disappointed.

Visually stunning, with excellent performances, the journey through this story takes you through questions about all sorts of ideas including family, the affects of solitude, why we explore, why we search for answers, the nature of commerce, the nature of conflict, psychology...

Don't waste your time, thinking it will get better, as I did.

Heart touching and Mind blowing .

A bad sc-fi interpretation of space exploration, very slow and quite boring and a stupid story line.

Long ,boring,wooden performances with great visuals...

I felt like the characters were as bored as I was.

In short: boring, nonsensical, unscientific, implausible rubbish.

Worth noting: I saw this movie alone, in a very large theater at night, in an empty theater in an empty shopping center in a fairly rural area, so my circumstances amplified the effects of this movie.

It's just a long boring story with unbelievable and absurd scenarios mixed with a fake attempt at emotion.

Pretentious film.

It's contrived.

If the lack of plot and bland characters dont put you to sleep then the eternal camera filters and try-hardy-artsy-attempts will.

Boring, slow and bad.

The film well oh dear was dreary, there was just nothing to it at all just boringness.

Waste of time .

Don't waste your time.

The most boring film I've ever watched.

Otherwise, don't waste your time :-

) actually fell asleep, unfortunately for not long enough.

The story is bad, weak and contrived.

If you want to appeal to the artsy crowd - some of whom I'm sure liked this plodding mess - then there are plenty of remote areas - with gravity - where characters can have deep and meaningful conversations.

) that is ultimately concerned with feelings and how we waste our time on the planet we do have, as opposed to anything like scientific details?

I fell asleep, I was so bored.

Second most boring sci-fi film I have seen in my life.

As you do, the movie gets more and more pompous, unoriginal and deadly boring.

The dialogue is always thin, predictable.

Boring and long as...

Dreadfully dull and tedious .

It's boring and there is never a reason to sympathize with the main character, or any character.

It was exciting, had some great action and was overall enjoyable.

Brad Pitt is not bad, as always he delivers a decent character, same for Tommy LJ, but the whole plot and story is just boring....

Boring .

Beautiful cinematography but a slow, unrealistic story that ignores the physics of space.

Apart from slow narration.

The monotone voice-over exposition is maddening, but the pacing of all the interactions between such characters as made any difference was even slower, sad to say.

Add to this an intriguing plot an epic voyage and surely we have the makings of a modern sci fi classic.

When abused, the story gets dull and the pace really slow.

Good message, slow delivery .

Thoroughly enjoyable .

So slow you start to loose interest.

But that's about all this moderately entertaining film achieves, despite being hailed as the space epic of the year.

Depressing and ultimately pointless, this film should be put into a lead box and buried in a time capsule that is completely forgotten.

Save it for a directors cut though and think more about engaging you audience.

Claiming that there's really nothing happening in "Ad Astra" is, of course, a bit exaggerated.

Bored to freaking death.

The story was pointless this could have been done so much better as Tommy Lee is another great actor.

These "complex" relation stories that are meant to bing "emotions" to the viewer are so boring because you've seen them hundreds of times before.

There are certainly thrills and action, but it's the inner drama that truly drives the affair and makes it compelling.

Yawn, annoyance, and a strong desire to just fast forward.

In the first impression I had I was watching some fusion of 2001 with Tree of Life, but, after all, I found mylsef stuck in a movie with great visual effects and superb sound mixing with a boring and superficial scritp and poor screenwriting.

Still for what it was, which is a tone poem about loneliness, family, duty and retaining your humanity 'in the vastness of space', it's a good and compelling work.

Dull, dumb and dreadful .

It's a voyage through the Solar System that manages to be quiet, slow, and oddly calm despite the circumstances.


It's an uninteresting movie, and it's not because of the constant scientific and technical nonsense that just makes it ridiculous.

After all, even story-wise this movie was okay and along with the amazing image and great performance from Brad Pitt I would probably say in the end it's a good and entertaining movie, it aimed for greatness and missed but was still good, enjoyable and probably a nice experience to choose for your entertainment.

Most boring movie from Brad Pitt I've ever seen.

Utterly pretentious, nowhere near as clever as it thinks it is, and possibly the worst science I've ever seen in a supposed "sci-fi" film.

3/10 - dull and slow space adventure has cool, futuristic plot points that never truly lift off

Empty, hallow, void of any substance psychologically or otherwise.

This movie isn't so much a sci-fit exploration movie or anything like that, it is definitely more of a slow drama which may automatically put it at risk due to mainstream audience expectations.

This movie was a huge disappointment and complete waste of time.

The emotional and mental voyage Cliff goes through within his relationship with his father is heartbreaking and engrossing.

People should just watch Danny Boyle's Sunshine(2007) instead of this boring pretentious movie.

Good story that is fun to follow - 1 StarMemorable dialogue - 0 StarsFeel a pull to watch it a second time - 0 StarsMusic/Score stands out - 1 StarNo noticeable plot holes - 1 StarStory gets resolved in some way - 1 StarI personally like the story - 0 StarsMemorable likable characters - 1 StarMost things about the story are believable - 1 StarDoesn't get boring - 0 StarsThis film has plenty of nail biting moments and I wouldn't say it's boring but the mini plots scattered throughout seem to just run circles around nothing.

What a waste of time and money.

But I found much of this film too unspecified and lacking narrative momentum to be fully engaging.

Stunning .

Waste of time and money.

How in hell did this get dragged out into 2hrs.....

I was disappointed but it's worth watching for the visuals.

Pretends to be deep, but is really rather pointless.

Confusing and boring .

Oh yeah, we also get the dull "all evil boomers must die" shabbiness.

Yet another bland film .

Boring and without a point .

Great acting from Brad Pitt and good cgi but everything else is boring

The narration is pointless.

Dull and boring .

Really boring .

Slow paced, good effects, not much action.

If you consider an ultra slow burn, boring story hard science fiction then maybe this one is for you.

Boring and slow, nothing memorable and will forget it fairly quickly.

The plot and pace of the film are excellent with Pits performance as a dedicated Major compelling.

No plot.

Really annoyed with myself that I wasted so much time persevering through to the bitter, boring end.

This is a visually stunning slow, quiet and reflective journey through space that focuses in human reality and storytelling, using the beauty of space and the spatial science subject as a way and not as a main source.

Don't waste your time or money.

The second half is predictable after the first half.

It's visuals are stunning and if you're into CGI then this film could work for you, notwithstanding the Neptune sized plot holes you will have to drive through, not to mention the bad science.

Boring .

it's was so boring, I've expected more honestly

Short summary of the movie: Daddy issues, lack of science and boring.

As it stands, the filmmakers likely didn't want there to be any misreading their story, so they decided to do all the thinking beforehand, and make something that's relatively straightforward and uninspiring.

Was excited with the cast and plot and was left bored out of my mind.

Slow at times.

They never bothered to explain why people kept dying, they just killed them off in ludicrous and pointless ways.

Boring and Tiresome .

Up there with one of the worst movies error.

There is absolutely nothing happening in this movie.

A waste of time .

Story is ok but the visuals are stunning.

Dragged out .

so boring.

This movie is really really dull .

It's slow, cumbersome and at times (because of its slow pace) confusing.

boring to death .

Cool visual back drop for a really boring movie.

The banal idea world and clumsy dialogue of this movie, mocked further by in-your-face narration, almost recede into the background behind the breathtaking visual effects, music, sound and a few feel-good cameos (Donald Sutherland, Natasha Lyonne, Liv Tyler).

It was baaad, and boring.

Why did I wasted my time with this boring and slow movie?

The film is based almost entirely on inner dialogue, and it is slow moving and painfully deliberative.

Worst movie of 2019 .

Visually stunning film that is slow and a gradually building film.

What a boring film.

It's worth watching just to see Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones exercising their chops at the top of their games, and boy do they ever deliver.

The story has some great ideas but never really makes you invested, the pace is quite slow, the visuals have been done better else where.

You got to be awfully pretentious to actually convince yourself this is well written.

The pace was a little slow and I didn't ever feel a strong connection to the story or any of the actors.

It's got twists and turns and it's slow and very depressing.

He wasn't given much of a plot to work with, somewhat of a uninteresting drama that had nothing to do with being in space.

I got a good giggle out of the Moon pirates and the evil space monkeys but this was easily the worst movie I've ever sat and watched the whole way through.

This film plods on for 2+ hours with major lulls in the minor action and really noting happens.

Basic inaccurate ideas forming the basis of the plot of this movie make it a snooze fest.

So boring.

**Yuck**Drab and dreary throughout, with lack luster performances from literally everyone, I can only say...


It was so boring.

Whilst Pitt's performance anchors the whole movie, it is disjointed and i was personally disappointed by the finale.

too slow .

This filming style becomes tiresome when it is applied to most of the cast, except for the feral space-lab monkeys whose fate will alienate animal rights supporters.

From such deep pockets and rich potential, it's amazing to think that they managed to make such an artless and pointless movie.

The pirate attack on the moon rovers was exciting.

With all it's silliness this movie would have worked so much better as a fun action space adventure instead of a slow, sad dead-pan drama.

Boring, pointless and meaningless .

I fell asleep multiple times .

Movies that narrate their way through tend to bore the bejesus out of me, yes I'm looking at you Thin Red Line.

It also feels like a certain concession to financiers to introduce an element of danger at a certain slower point in the film even if it wasn't really called for.

I had major pace issue to the point that I'd rather watch paint dry.

Make the film unwatchable!

Contrived and Manipulative.

Boring to the extend of being a complete and utter waste of time.

This movie is slow.

Spoiler: nothing happens.

I have to stay awake.

Boring Serendipity .

Ad Boring...

Overall, I found Ad Astra to be a very enjoyable drama and sci-fi film.

One of them should be the slow paced screenplay and the lack of integrity to the main plot.

Slow moving, weak plot and a bunch of nonsense.

The story is weak, dull and boring.

If the photography was half as exciting as some other recent extra-terrestrial films, the depiction of Ad Astra'sinterior emotional space might have provided a poignant contrast.

Slow tempo alone does not guarantee substance.

It's not a realistic depiction of space travel because it's full of technical flaws, it's not a character study because there is nothing to analyze, it's not a thrilling action movie because the action is predictable and boring.

That was an expected delay with expected results from unexpected events.

Don't waste your time and watch Interstellar instead.

Cinematic, But a Little Boring .

However, there is nothing for a normal movie consumer here: no plot at all, no pace, nothing happens during the entire movie.

Pitt's random 'profound' monologues are completely pointless and add nothing to the story.

The lines they give Brad Pitt feel very bland and insignificant.

Give me more rabid monkeys-that was entertaining.

Pros: The visuals are stunning.

But utterly this movie is a total waste of time.

In realistic and boring.

It is the following:Boring, slow, surprising, emotional, convincing, human, misanthropic and paradoxically also shows the importance of altruism and of being human in a larger group.

Better background but boring .

Even the title 'Ad Astra' was applied by confusing planets with stars.

Hoyte Van Hoytema's gorgeous, slow cinematography is paired perfectly with the masterful production and set design.

Poorly explained plot, stupid unscientific mistakes, dull dull dull.

If it's meant to be a slow burner thriller, then it's too slow!

Others find it boring, and claim that not a lot happens in the film.

Dont waste your money or time watching this horrible movie.

But neither dialogue nor action could keep up with them, which ended up resulting in a boring film.

And by drama, I mean pointless inner monologues and dramatic stares towards the horizon by Hollywood's most famous chiseled chin.

And slightly worse than being the film being about the most boring one ever, it completely ignores all precepts of the subject which it claims to hold sacred.

Not only that, it's extremily slow to watch and clocking in over 2 hours is a bit too long.

The film is very slow, and the ones who enjoy it most likely do so for the visuals.


It is dumb and tedious.

Dull, dull, dull!!!

Brad Pit's perfomance was absolutely stunning, very emotional and realistic.

The idea was good, but the output poor, this film reminded me of 2001: A Space Odyssey, another boring sci-fi movie, which is acclaimed by many for reasons of art and ideology, not for it being watchable.

Everything is dull, like you would have swallowed some drug before seeing the movie that kills all emotions.

A Fascinating Journey to the Center of the Mind .

Also, it's slow and at times annoying, but enjoyed it once.

I set through the whole movie which surprised me because watching it was like watching paint dry.

Very slow pace with little happening, includes various obscure events, and lacked scientific credibility.

But this is the lamest excuse for slow and illogical crap starring mega stars and a complete dud.

Boring .

Waste of my time, don't do it.

It was like space vast empty with no atmosphere.

No plot, nor story.

A self-indulgent movie that it is best to avoid.

This movie is so long and slow that it feels like a ride to Neptune.


The plot is very slow, and it gets really absurd.

Film language is pretentious and inconsequential.

Than the visuals, while many critics cherished them, I found them bland, slightly above average.

" I say "boring.

This is an expertly acted role and witnessing Pitt's restraint in becoming the distant Roy McBride is something that really had me on edge.? It's always interesting seeing actors cast into different types of roles, but I've found Pitt's performance in this film to be one of the most riveting of 2019.

This is a very weird movie, slow and it makes no sense at all.

Slow and pretentious.

Slow, erratic and above all else not remotely based in science.

This is so boring and slow.

Ad Astra is a slow burn drama full of slow voice overs and panning shots.

The story line is empty, with no explanation of what really threatens the universe, or how!

you could fall asleep while watching and not miss a thing.

Set in the "near future," James Gray's Ad Astra can tell a consistent and ambitious story that, despite the slowness of the narrative, holds attention to the end, and provides beautiful and surprising moments.

That is not just due to bad bad directing (no actor in this movie is in character) but also due to a pretentious script.

The worst movie i have ever seen.

I am talking moon-pirates, space-monkeys, nuclear-bombs-propelling-spaceships levels of nonsense, between which we get tedious monologues delivered by the equally tedious Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) as he stares out of windows.

This was just plain boring .

Dont waste your time with this one.

At least it cured my insomnia

The problem is that instead of standing on the shoulders of these giants, Ad Astra takes the all too predictable Hollywood path and instead dumbs them down for mass appeal.

Lame - boring .

Uneventful Slow Movie .

It's a waste of time.

Slow very weak climax.

Watch it for the cinematography but the rest is just pointless fluff.

It was grossly disappointing in general, but worst of all it was just good old fashioned boring and a waste of my time.

What they made instead was one of the most boring Sci-Fi films I have ever seen.

There is no story here.

At the beginning of the film the plot seemed so intriguing, like there was going to be some big mystery to unsolve.

Boring, unbelievable, and, frankly, stupid.

What a waste of time .

Boring .

Slow story boring.

Plot filled with unnecessary and meaningless branches, leading to a confusing and slightly far-fetched story with confusing character motives.

It feels like there was no story or meaning to start with, just a set of goals and "what mechanisms can we contrive to get to them" without regard for proper story telling.

This has to be one of the top 3 most boring movies I've seen in my life.

One of the most boring movies I've ever seen.

we bought it 4k blu-ray to watch at home and enjoyed it.

The reunion between dad and son is unbelievably boring.

This was billed as an action movie similar to Gravity and it becomes a pointless close up advertisement for Brad Pitt.

Fell asleep .

The colorful palette and slow shots are amazing.

The story is boring.

Without giving too much away, this is one of the most mundane/ boring films I have seen this year.

I Enjoyed it really.

Unbearable amount of Brad Pitt.

Boring Load of Empty Space .

In space nobody can hear your yawns.

I do not require "blockbuster action", I can enjoy a slow-moving, understated movie if it is done well.

The pace is so slow that it should be watched at double speed.

Snooze fest.

So very boring.

Pointless waste of time .

Too sombre to be an exciting sci-fi film, too much action to be a deeply satisfying contemplative film.

My wife was bored the entire time.

Such a pointless movie with such a pointless ending.

Waste of 2 hours, plot is pointless and space monkeys?

Slower than a walking day...

"Ad Astra" is a boring drama in a sci-fi environment.

Waste of 2 hours of my life .

Very bored!

Then it ends and the whole thing is pointless.

It was tedious and full of bad science.

Absolutely stunning camera ad gfx work, awesome directing.

For a slow film there are a lot of captivating set-pieces (especially the opening), and you'll keep your distance from baboons going forward.

This is a confused and pointless movie.

loads of loose ends, no real plot ...

"Apocalypse Now' look like disappointing slow space (sci-fi shopfront) cinema .

This was so dull.

No characters to connect to, definately not brads, no story line, no plot, no suspense, no twists no nothing.

It left me empty and dissatisfied.

Films such as "Sunshine" or "Solaris" I consider by far better, if you enjoy a slower pace.

Waste of time,worst Brad Pitt movie .

No story.

The movie holds good values and drama glimpse about loneliness, selfishness, and childhood confusion.

Movie is pretty slow .

Anti-matter would not create an electrical surge, it would annihilate all regular matter around it in a huge great big explosionFind something - anything - else to do, and don;t make the mistake I did and waste 2 hours of your life on this garbage

People can bore on about "well actually that can't happen because in zero gravity I am very smart" and other such tedium.

There's much that works well here - it is, primarily, a film that looks and sounds stunning.

The plot was just boring and unconvincing.

This movie looked absolutely gorgeous though (Neptune's and Mars' contrasting blue and red is stunning), and apart from the bad science, I didn't mind it too much, for it still gave me a great experience and a different view of the future.

I wouldn't recommend this movie to someone who wants an intense space movie.

People say this is a very slow paced film and it's a "slow burn", but I believe that this film has the exact pacing as Apocalypse Now -and that's a classic many people enjoyed including myself.

The pacing could be annoying and boring for some.

This was annoying and boring .

The slowest mist uncomfortable death in history , that's what you got tommy

While the 1968 original features stunning visuals, a compelling story, some mysticism, accurate physics, and an inner logic, the later falls short in all of these fields.

How could this stupid, boring and slow movie can be called a sci fi?

Waste my time.

Think of it as a sleep-inducing lullaby.

Beautiful but stupid and ponderous .

I think because of that, the script and acting seemed flat and bland as well.

The CG is stunning and the cinematography is literally Oscar-worthy.

A waste of time .

It's boring.

Space movies must get a pass from most voters; I watched this based on the 6+ rating, which usually is a good sign but this one was a sleep-inducing disappointment.

There are some intense scenes, like when Roy meets his father H.

Sadly unwatchable .

It was boring, disconnected, and just plain bad.

No plot, nothing...

Should've been titled 'a day in the life of an astronaut' or something equally exciting.

I liked the score and some of the scenery, the pacing seemed a little slow at times though.

The first thing that annoyed me was the plain Christian propaganda, where 2001 features religious ideas, Ad Astra slaps them in the face.

This movie is completely boring and no sci-fi whatsoever.

A boring slog of a film .

The film has a Gravity/2001 mood about it, but still manages to pepper the 2 hours with some sudden and unexpected action.

In an attempt to obscure the skimpy plot - essentially a long night's journey into an epic family crisis - the hero's vast commute has arbitrary if exciting mishaps jammed into it, some featuring Moon-pirates and face-eating mutant baboons.

I watched the trailer before hand and I can tell you now that the trailer was comprised of the only exciting parts of the movie which pretty much all happened in the first 5-10 minutes of the movie.

This one was devoid of any tension or pace and the writing was boring.

This movie was incredibly slow.

I'm not going to recap this abomination, as it's already been done masterfully here, all I will say, is do yourself a favor and don't waste your time, otherwise...

I'm not going to recap this abomination, as it's already been done masterfully here, all I will say, is do yourself a favor and don't waste your time, otherwise...

Stylish slow burn space thriller .

Money, cast, effects, publicity, this film had a lot which should have pushed its quality up and made it enjoyable.

Im writing movie reviews instead of watching this bland pile of garbage.

Top 3 Boring Movie.

Wooden performances, agonizingly slow pace, and just an overall disappointment on all fronts.

The death scene of the woman was ilogical like, it was going super slow HOW DID IT KILL HER?

I get what story they were trying to tell but I just thought it was drab.

His monotone voice could put you to sleep.

Beautiful but slow .

I'm unable to decide if this film is more stupid or more pretentious.

Boring and very slow Brad is the only the good Things in the film Nothing else

A beautifully packed empty box .

A complete waste of time and the $6.17 Amazon Prime rental fee.

I like slow Sci-Fi movies in space.

Boring .

Really enjoyed it.

Week and obscure storyline, with one pointless element blending into the next.

It was an empty movie and a waste of time.


It is also extremely boring and uneventful.

Boring as hell .

Stop trying to make hyper-realistic space movies if you're clearly going to get bored of it after 10 minutes!!

But the story is fully boring, simply talking about son and daddy's issue, with slow rhythms and want to sleep!

The story is pathetic, inconsistent, uninteresting.

It is so slow and drawn out this could have had so much more but very boring.

Boring and fragmented with no story flow .

ZzzzzzzzzZ .

Don't worry, those nasty rocks will not stop you, or even slow you down, becouse you NEED to get to your ship, so the laws of physics don't apply.

Don't waste your time, not even the special effects are worth it.

Excellent cure for insomnia.

One of the most boring and silly movies that i have ever seen, everything in this movie is wrong, the physics, the logic, everything.

The complete absence of any kind of scientific accuracy and the noticeably repeated pointless praying throughout the movie made me wonder whether this movie was intended as some kind of strange Christian propaganda film.

Heavy as lead, slow as a turtle, nothing happens, no interest, no emotion.

Great camera work, beautiful shots of space and enjoyable score saves this from a one star review.

But the weird thing is, is that there are plenty of great scenes that are extremely intense.

What a boring waste of time...

Incredibly slow...

The plot is hopelessly contrived.

Every single line of dialogue is delivered in a completely monotone manner and then we're supposed to be invested in the "emotional" moments.

A robust plot paired with ample production design yields an engrossing portrait of the mental challenges of space travel.

This is the perfect movie to put on when you want to fall asleep watching something.

'Instead, the film really suffers from boredom.

Fell asleep 43 times and Still haven't t finished watching it.

What started off with interesting world building quickly spiralled into long, overly drawn out scenes, a completely nonsensical plot and an ending that never seems to arrive.

Some very nice visuals are dragged down by a litany of absurd plot points.

Slow, nonsense with a "space" setting.

Instead, it gently asks us to consider what our response will be when we realise that it's pointless to continually look beyond ourselves in an effort to fix the human condition.

Way to slow .

Such a waste of time.

Slower than Wenders Artful like Nouvelle Vague .

It's still incredibly boring and a cheap copy.

As mentioned in the title, it is a complete waste of time and money.

That's an boring film noir movie produced by Brad Pitt.

What a pretentious movie.

Started good, ended boringly.

Warning: this movie may cause drowsiness, impaired vision, extreme boredom, anger at movie executives who allowed this movie to happen, fury that you wasted money on this film, and nausea if watched for too long.

I'd compare it to a really boring interstellar without a plot to care about or characters that carry any weight on the story line progression.

Please Please don't waste time on this, watch either 2001 space odyssey or apocalypse now, same differences horrible ending, with all that time for a movie and that's the ending you came up with?????

Yet nothing happens for 95% of this movie.

It is boring and stupid!

I think this was the most boring movie I ever seen.

Found this boring & fell asleep 😬

My father was falling asleep too and we considered leaving the cinema, it was that boring.

But there is no story to back it up.

Ridiculous things, like jumping from Neptune to space station.. Very slow scenes, bad acting, confusing and scientificly impossible plot..

One of the most boring movies I have seen in a long time, no depth, boring 'plot' if you could even call it one, very dull and hollow characters and a true insult to the sci-fi genre.

Brad Pitts character monologue's the entire film, in monotone.

Brad Pitt as a NASA astronaut, teamed up with Tommy Lee Jones and Ruth Negga and they dish out some of the most riveting performances of this year.

Stupid, pointless and boring.

Long and drawn-out.

While at points it can feel a little slow and the concept of the shockwaves threatening Earth, which is introduced in the first act, doesn't make that much sense and isn't really explained, I absolutely loved this film.

Or you did not understand it (or just do not care about it, like me) and just lived through the most boring ~2 hours ever.

Top ten worst movies ever .

I watched it recently, and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

It was like 2001: A Space Odyssey only MORE boring.

But the story line i felt is slow paced.

Clifford McBride disappeared off the radar while searing for alien life beyond Neptune, years have passed before a stunning revelation.

Starts out OK and then becomes a boring mish-mash of unintelligable arty rubbish that is a great sleeping pill!

But that is one of the most boring scenes of the movie.

Took two attempts to watch it as I fell asleep during my first viewing and had to watch it in two halves to make it to the end.

The boredom has killed my evening and possibly caused lasting damage.

However these challenges are difficult to express in a movie that wants to be perceived as an action movie, and so it is natural to create physical peril that the lead must face on their journey, however the way Ad Astra executes this feels so calculated and uninteresting.

The Visual of this movie was brilliant Totally over rated, drawn out movie which was as boring.

Boring movie .

There was some vague explanation that the ship was anti-matter powered, yet it was much slower than the drive that Brad used.

Brad Pitts most bland performance to date.....

I went to watch this film in the cinema and was impressed with how good the cinematic shots were and lived up to the expectations of Gravity and Interstellar, however this does not make up for the fact that there was a very weak story line to the film ans i found it so difficult to pic up that i had to leave the cinema halfway through the film due to it being so boring unlike interstellar or gravity.

"Ad Astra" is a smart, intelligent and actually very exciting Space Opera and it's as good as they come.

The Worst Movie of 2019 .

If we could pick up the pace a little, and get rid of the monotone soundtrack, we might have a watchable movie.

But the character is written as someone so emotionally detached and distant from everyone in the universe-supposedly a requirement for his risky occupation as an astronaut-that it is a detriment to the movie's ability to tell a compelling story.

Has a great line up bug man did it get boring to the end.

it was breathtaking.

It's slow, it's dull and it tries too hard.

Waste of time .

The most boring, depressing and confusing movie ever.

Similar to watching paint dry .

Dreary and preposterous .

But I loved it, I thought it was a very calm intense.

His father was so immersed in his project (looking at he stars / going too far) that he lost sight of what life is really about (love, family, caring).

The way he plays the astronaut Roy McBride is simply stunning.

Apart from the cinematography the rest is pretty boring.

Watching paint dry is better entertainment.

In a word, borefest.

What are they pirating on an empty rock in space?