Adam Resurrected (2008) - Drama, War

Hohum Score



In the aftermath of World War II, a former circus entertainer who was spared from the gas chamber becomes the ringleader at an asylum for Holocaust survivors.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Paul Schrader
Stars: Jeff Goldblum, Willem Dafoe
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 3 out of 34 found boring (8.82%)

One-line Reviews (20)

A completely intriguing script, with some really good acting.


In a series of flashbacks (in black and white) to 1926, 1932, and 1944 we see Adam in concentration camps, still entertaining his fellow Jews and asked to play his violin for the Jews who are being escorted into the ovens for cremation.

Goldblum's Adam is a nuanced, unpredictable and intelligent piece of work, the best of his career thus far.

A self-serious bore, and another Holocaust film we just didn't need .

An extraordinarily mighty and brilliant performance by Jeff Goldblum who carries the whole movie to a difficult, funny and intense experience.

Most of the characters are bizarre and this movie is somehow fascinating and seems to be written by a mad writer.

Engrossing, disturbing, and unbelievable...

Compelling acting from Goldblum .

Jeff Goldblum is excellent and the storyline is intriguing - at first.

Paul Schrader, whose had a hand in more than a few films about human darkness, creates an intriguing film here.

But towering over it all is the compelling performance by Jeff Goldblum who has created a character on film that once seen will never be forgotten.

But he's so boring.

Adam Resurrected is a first rate bore.

Worth Watching .

An Israeli/German/American production, Jeff Goldblum gives his best performance as a Geman-Jew performer/magician who goes through the 3rd Reich syndrome of modern imagined hells in order to describe a loving relationship between two humans lost in the performance/performer confusion.

I think Paul Schrader is a too boring person.

"An entertaining film with great actors playing well written parts".

Intriguing and surreal movie with an outstanding performance by Jeff Goldblum, whose name should have been in the mix for any number of acting awards for this film.

Anyway, this movie is still worth watching because at least it's different.