Adrift (2018) - Action, Adventure, Biography

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A true story of survival, as a young couple's chance encounter leads them first to love, and then on the adventure of a lifetime as they face one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in recorded history.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Baltasar Kormákur
Stars: Shailene Woodley, Sam Claflin
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 52 out of 255 found boring (20.39%)

One-line Reviews (153)

It's intense.


In a nutshell: Corny, Cheesy, Boring, unbelievable, annoying.

The tension only comes in spades, partly because of the pace but also, and even more so, moments intended to be surprising being too obvious in a film that's already pretty predictable.

Easily one of the worst movies of the year.

Speaking more on the strengths of this movie, the twist that does occur, while being quick and arguably predictable, does have good shock factor that really helps to play on your emotions.

Waste of talent and time for them I guess.

This is the most enjoyable movie we have ever seen about sailing.

Movie was somewhat of a romance, a little suspense, good use of flashbacking and an unexpected twist.

"Adrift" is predictable in the sense that it's the true story, with the known outcome.

Boring and a major plot part was stolen .

Unfortunately the rithm is slow and the twist is limited.

Woodley is the other main asset of 'Adrift', always engaging and with lots of emotional power as a smart and resilient character, the one most developed and that rings most true.

The cinematography was stunning, specially when it focused on sunsets; and the open sea is just a marvellous beauty to witness.

It's a slow movie, and drags at parts that made even my friend sigh in boredom as we waited for something to happen.

DISLIKES:Predictable Ending: Come on...

Fascinating true story, lackluster adaptation .

I'm a sucker for this kind of alone against the sea story so I gave it more of a chance than my wife, who was bored through most of it.

Unfortunately, I got bored half way through.

Overall it is an entertaining film with a solid dramatization of real events.

Boring .

Really boring.


At segments of the movie, the crew left little time to become immersed into the scene, before pulling the rug out and tripping you back to a small detail.

A true story that is romantic, exciting and is a real heartbreaker from the very beginning.

The survival part of the story can be thrilling and heartbreaking to see.

I generally found the movie enjoyable and a touching story.

"Adrift" is one of these movies which makes you on the edge of your seat.

This is a slow one stacking with many little stories.

Beautifully shot and nicely paced, this is a nice take on a compelling story with a slight twist that is probably easily deduced at an early stage.

Yes, this movie has been done before with the big storm and the boat incapacitated etc etc. But overall the movie is entertaining and it went by rather quickly which for me is a good sign on what a movie should do if its decent and this go by quickly.

I was bored to tears, women who sail will find it more interesting than me.

The romance is highly unconvincing, the pace is slow, and the lack of portrayal of desperation makes it even less engaging for me.

At one point, I was immersed in the story and found myself shedding a tear or two thanks to Shailene's touching delivery.

Besides a disappointingly predictable 3rd act "twist", I enjoyed my time with Adrift.

I'll admit, they are strategically placed, but the development is disjointed and over run by the Sparks' like presentation of love and connection.

While the movie felt very slow paced, some of the cinematography is really well shot and enjoyable.

The acting was good, but I feel like the plot was kind of boring.

I was a little worried going in that knowing the true story would dull the impact.

I love true adaptations and this no different, it's particularly enhanced by Woodley's stunning performance - an actress who I've often been underwhelmed with, certainly delivers here.

So Much BORING !.

A very predictable attempt at a twist in the plot makes no difference to the big yawn.

Even though Adrift is only 90 minutes long, near the end, I couldn't wait for a conclusion because it was tiring to keep watching the mundane tasks of trying to save yourselves on a 50-foot boat over 41 days.

Left wanting, disappointed and dare I say a little bored.

Also, as the beginning of the movie already tells us how the story will end, everything else becomes somewhat predictable.

Totally bored, in the perfect mood for even a B- film to fill some timer after dinner.

The breathtaking sequence sets the pace for what is an amazingly rich tapestry of photographic wonders.

Overall I left the theater disappointed, I'm glad I didn't have to pay for the movie.

Worth watching?

It made me so angry how contrived it was, and how much it gloated in its own pathetic idea.

They neglected to fill the water tanks, ( empty just after a short time at sea ) It seems no ships inventory was gathered or given to them.

The Length/Pace: Despite all their best attempts though, Adrift still cannot sail away from the slow currents of presentation.

The plot was boring, the directing and the acting was average.

It is full of cliché's I've seen in far to many films regarding a boat adrift all at sea, for a very long time.

Bland survival .

The storyline is so beautiful, the elements are extremely awe inspiring and the whole movie kept me avidly watching.

Fell asleep several times waiting for something (anything) to happen.

I found myself looking at my watch a great deal waiting for something gripping to happen.

Very emotional movie, intense .

Finding that he was a hallucination the entire time was a very good twist and unexpected.

I thought based on the critic reviews this movie would at least be decent, but it was very boring.

This movie was so boring, every five seconds I felt my attention span go ADRIFT.

Please don't let this movie discourage you from taking up sailing, it is a truly wonderful experience and can be very safe and enjoyable.

It's received mixed to positive reviews from critics so far, and I found it to be somewhat involving and intense at times.

Good story telling but I got tired of the long drawn out story.

Much More Boring Disappointing .

"Adrift" felt authentic, yet deeply moving and riveting.

A really good movie worth watching.

The filming was intense the acting was intense the reality was very sad.

Sadly they are rather short and scarce, leading the audience back to monotone existence of being on a boat.

It is boring, not kind of romance that u are looking for, and about the thriller moment?

The romance is believable and the thrills suitably thrilling, especially when a panic-ridden Tami is separated from her one patch of dry land.

But the main problem is that the film is somehow slow (even though it's only 90 minutes) and the last half an hour was boring.

Entertaining, Wow'ing, Romantic.

The majority of the movie felt "meh" to me and aside from the twist, the movie was mostly carried by the great acting and few suspenseful moments.

" Without a doubt, it was a competent film depicting a true story, but it was also drawn out and labored in the the structure.

Beautiful, intense, emotional .

Cliché filled, confusing mess .

There were some intense scenes and I didn't really think there was that much romance.

The structure was also an issue, the back and forth being wildly jumpy and disjointed, making the story structurally variable in coherence.

Fundamental aspects of Adrift (such as dialogue and editing) are conducted in such obtuse and formulaic fashions that the film is doomed to be forgettable.

Intense and completely heartbreaking.

The script was awful and everything that happens "before the accident" is boring and mundane.

Lots of empty drifting parts.

This was one boring movie I almost fell asleep two times.

Gripping, heartbreaking and tragic .

This movie is a waste of time and not recommend for anyone

When you see the photos of the real people at the end of the film (that inevitable, contrived way of every true story film these days to try and wring a few tears from the audience) you'll immediately realise just how 'off' the film was in its portrayal.

Compelling True Story, Told Excellently .

The movie was slow and the trailer looked better than it was.

At first it looks boring, but the end is unexpected.

Your boat crack, sure, let's repair it right away like nothing happened.

The scenes of ocean attacking the boat are awesome and easily the most gripping part of "Adrift".

Worth watching once.

Never mind that the story is riveting, despite some sequences where landlubbers would consider slow at times.

It may not be the light-hearted summer fare we are accustomed to, but it's one worth watching.

But predictable "surprises" throughout and predictable ending.

An intense survival drama.

Good acting-not great, but good-flashbacks and forwards galore, which in this case, leads me to believe was intentionally done to create something to grab attention as the movie was pretty bland, non emotional, and very lifetime movie-esque.

etcHonestly please I beg you to just save your money and wait till it's free on Netflix...

But with that said, I used three words to describe this movie, gripping, courageous and suspenseful.

Terribly boring and uninteresting.

Seeing humans go through these extreme vents brings a sense of thrilling adventure in hopes of crafting a story that one can relate to.

If you think you have seen enough of this type of movie, well this one is a good one and worth watching.

Suspenseful and romantic .

Boring, don't believe the hype, only watched until the end as it was a true story.

Talk about intense.

past,present screenplay makes me get bored.

The plot was boring, the directing and the acting was average.

The screenplay entwining past and present keeps the interest in the film until the very end with an unexpected plot point.

This is a special case where the story itself is so beautiful and exciting and wrenching that the plot itself needed only careful curation, and the directors did so exceptionally.

Starting with surprisingly gripping Christian teen soap "The Secret Life of American Teenager", she has also appeared, among other stuff, "The Fault in Our Stars" and "Divergent" trilogy.

Combined with stunning cinematics, this was one of the best films in this genre (survival, stranded, hopeless, lost at sea) I have seen to date.

Interesting story, very suspenseful .

Zzzzzzzzzz .

If you want to watch an exciting yacht based movie try Dead Calm - no contest.

I won't waste your time with an in depth review because, sadly, this movie is both a waste of time and money.

When the movie started with screaming and craziness at the beginning I thought to myself 'oh god here we go, another over dramatised film with no story.

Centered around uninteresting people and their uninteresting relationship, this movie gets its audience from start to finish with the suspense of drying paint.

Ho hum.

It's also refreshing to have a movie that tells an exciting movie about ordinary people doing extraordinary things without something blowing up or morphing into a piece of machinery.

It may have been done to hide the fact that this is an otherwise dull storyline and possibly to distract the audience from the upcoming "twist" in the plot.

Total snoozefest Zzzzzzzz .

Understandably there is only so much filming you can do of a girl trapped at sea, until it gets boring.

Delivered a thrilling hurricane sequence with a sailboat facing against giant waves that are seconds away from crushing it.

It dragged a little in the last ten minutes of the movie.

Even with my complaints, Adrift is still smooth sailing, with fantastic acting from Woodley, great cinematography and a pretty intense story, especially during the climax.

Seriously, there were only 2 men in that whole theater, both dragged there by women.

Gripping, courageous and suspenseful.

Its no wonder the writer had to shoe-horn a horrible, fake way of livening up the screentime, giving us two characters rather than the one and endless flashbacks of two dull people flirting around bars at night.

What did not work: Adrift is made too well; Adrift is just like watching the show Survivor, which makes Adrift slow in spots.

Apart from this, the film is quite bland and emotionless.

The way it was interwoven with flashbacks and the present and engineered with dramatic and unforeseen elements really made it quite compelling.

Could've been better but it's a bore, if you want to sleep then watch this.

Snore fest .

Sam Claflin was good too, as a sailor and enjoys sailing in the open waters with living life on the edge facing against being isolated and trying to survive.

Gripping .

But once this terrible event is over, it's still a fascinating film with a well-thought-out twist.

Not the typical movie i would pay to go see at the cinema, but Moviepass changes everything and the wife dragged me in.

What adds to the confusion is the two timelines that zip from one to another without warning.

Woodley and Claflin are convincing with their wonderful chemistry, it makes the fight for survival compelling, you can just about keep up with the plot as the story flashes backwards and forwards in time, to the couple getting to know each other, and stranded at sea, the twist where the spirit of the man keeping the woman alive is sweet, it works as both a heart-warming love story and an exciting journey, a worthwhile romantic drama based on a true story.

Usually I like movies like this and while it was well played and the survival scenes well filmed I found it boring and often pointless.

Snore .

Photography is stunning .

True story, adrift parts stunning, romance boring .

Engaging story with a bad direction.

Personally speaking, I find these kinds of films intriguing given the presence of inievitable tensions of two kinds.

The hurricane scene doesn't come in until past the halfway point, and when combined with the predictable ending...

It is worth watching even if only to understand how and why this disaster happened in the first place.

Littlebit boring .

Probably one of the worst movies I have seen...

Boring movie .

If not, you'll find this movie both boring and predictable.