Afsos (2020) - Drama

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Nakul's only goal in life is to finish it. After several failed suicide attempts, he pays for his own death. Upadhyay, a deadly assassin is assigned to get the job done. But Nakul has a ...

IMDB: 7.4
Stars: Aakash Dahiya, Gulshan Devaiah
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 8 out of 86 found boring (9.3%)

One-line Reviews (32)

Perfect to binge watch and what stands apart is the content (CONTENT IS THE KING)and newness in the script which itself is intriguing.

It's worth watching once.

This is the food for people who think beyond, are bored of the status quo, want a spark in their imagination.

The narrative of the show had its pick up moments but overall it was a little slow and lacking the luster it deserved.

Afsos starts on a slow note as the story of a man who has given up on life and has suicidal tendencies.

set aside some social time and allow yourself the opportunity to become fully immersed in this entertaining show...

But then also it's worth watching atleast one time ...

I don't get the moral if it is about loneliness, dissatisfaction, crowdy cities but it's entertaining.

Like the aforementioned series, 'Afsos' too comes with an intriguing punch in the script with enthralling performance from the entire cast.

That's how predictable this TV series was.

Quirky and entertaining .

It was intriguing and that's the only reason I am giving it anything.

Simple yet Gripping .

A very new and gripping story written and directed.

Initially you expect the story to proceed as a mundane self-discovery journey of this man, et al.

Clearly each show is different and not really comparable per se, nonetheless, for me as a viewer, I I'm smiling as I write this review because I personally found this show just as entertaining as I did the Psych tv show.

Full marks for writing such fascinating story.

Worth watching binge the whole series.

The story was illogical, and I am ok with it when watching Indian shows, because its there a lot of the times, but this had such strong moments of losing logic and with the scattered story and the loose character development, that there were moments where you want to leave the show mid-way also.

My thanks to all members of the team involved in the creation of this highly entertaining series.

The last two episodes where he slightly has lesser screen time, you do get bored.

The show starts of as intriguing, then picks up the pace pretty rapidly.

First half of the series is very good and intriguing.

No story and the direction was not at all good.

No story and the direction was not at all good.

Mind Blowing series .

It has nice dark comedy and Some illogical plots keeps story moving but also entertaining if you don't put lot of brain.

Enjoyed it throughly.

The series was mind blowing...

Gripping till end.

Gulshan Devaiah plays the role with great conviction, all that depression, confusion, return to normalcy and back!

hahaThoroughly entertaining dark comedy thriller that I stumbled across to help fill in the gap for the much missed Psych tv show.