After (2019) - Drama, Romance

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A young woman falls for a guy with a dark secret and the two embark on a rocky relationship. Based on the novel by Anna Todd.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Jenny Gage
Stars: Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 151 out of 761 found boring (19.84%)

One-line Reviews (301)

even though I really enjoyed it I thought the pacing was a little off there was no transitions between scenes which made it a little choppy.

Although I am much older than the characters in the book, I actually really enjoyed it (I borrowed it from one of my daughter's bookshelves while she is off at university, to be honest.

Honestly, it is bland, boring, cliche, typical love film and this film support and highlight cheating is okay.

For a teen romance, I thought the movie was entertaining.

Only wished the movie was a bit long but nevertheless I enjoyed it so much.

Very slow.

It was a big waste of time.

This movie is boring and a waste of time and money.

The leads have chemistry, plot is predictable and the acting wasn't bad.

Boring .

Very predictable story .

Overall, the worst movie adaption I've ever seen.

ok but save your money .

This is because of both Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and Josephine Langford's stunning performance.

The movie is simply put as bland as it gets, chemistry took the day off and character development was a no-show.

Worst movie of 2019.

Full of BAD stereotypes, boring and VERY CRINGE.

They made it feel just like another shallow, cliché love story.

A very Boring romantic story of a naive teenager who comes to college and falls in love with a teenager with social problems.

Josephine is really what I pictured Tessa to look and be like and her acting was enjoyable.

Went nowhere .

Rushed movie, no plot, nothing makes sense, dont waste your time please.

With very little plot mimicking a teen version of "Fifty Shades Of Grey", I'm assuming the book is a lot of sex and no story?

When writing a romantic film, if the writers think that some moment seems too cliché, they will throw it away.

Incredibly honest and truthful, Don't waste your money .

Bored one night, i decided to watch it on netflix, and the actual movie seemed different than what the trailers made me think.

As a 15 year old I'm used to see some cliché high school drama's.

Or read the book, (I haven't, didn't know it was based on a book anyway), it's enjoyable.

Cliché after cliché.

This was a waste of money and time and I would rather bang my head against the wall for 2 hrs than watch it again.

The plot is OK and VERY predictable, I just don't feel that the dad plot line was explored well, it was just thrown there to try to explain why Hardin is like that.

Boring and predictable .

The scene was poorly placed, however it was executed generally well, which made the story hard to follow.

Worst movie I've seen in a long time.

Lovely predictable love story .

Movie started great and I was expecting a lot from the beginning, but come on, there is no storyline at all!

Such a waste of time!

The movie was so rushed and the story felt so flat, boring and just like every other bad teen-movie out there.

Way too cliche over all.

Scorching and intense.

I could go on and on about the bad acting and the lack of important characters that you don't see at all in the movie, but in short save your money and either rent from a library or redbox because this movie was not even worth it.

Cliché, boring, bad plot, predictable.

It is targeted for a teen to young adult audiences so yes it's cliche.

Completely different but very good i love, I love this movie because it was taken in a more intense way

There was no storyline in the movie whatsoever.

It's a very eye opening and thrilling movie for this generation and teens new to experimenting and sex.

I really enjoyed it for what it was.

And a ton of Cliche characters to boot.

Instead of adding the non-essential and quite frankly boring scenes like the planetarium or aqua world, they should have focused more on the development of the characters.

The actor is stunning.

A very boring, predictable movie .

Predictable .


It also highlights many other topics such as embracing and exploring her sexuality, etc. In the movie there is no storyline just scenes thrown together and labelled as a film so there is basically no message, no positive or negative message.

It left me on the edge of my seat, and I can't wait to see more films in this series!

Overall, After is a pretty bad film with its bad acting, boring direction, stiff script, and a plot that is lacking in a story.

It was so so worth watching and I will recommend it to everyone I know.

Overall I enjoyed it.


I enjoyed it.

I still think it was good in its own right and I would probably have enjoyed it more if I hadn't of read the book

I think the reason people love this movie is because the male main character is damn gorg, but the plot is too boring.

I watched this movie to get a good laugh because the book was a mess, but I was pretty much bored to death.

And then the fact that half the movie consists of slow motion, making out/'romantic' scenes that are boring us to death.

The acting is great also all the actors are very good looking people which makes this movie even more enjoyable.

It's boring!

The plot jumped all over the place, which made it extremely hard to follow, the cinematography was strange in parts, and the scenes did not flow from one to the other.

A group of twelve years olds next to us who bursted into laughter everytime a kiss was a little more intense and when they saw a condom didn't really help to create a romantic atmosphere.

If anyone would want to watch a movie with no plot, no depth in the characters, no sense in anything, I would recommend this movie.

However the movie turned this book into every other boring typical love story.

This was the worst movie I've ever seen and I enjoyed Twilght and 50 Shades of Gray.

Don't waste your time watching it.

The actress who plays the lead is likeable in her wide-eyed naivety, but I kept cringing at so many cliché moments.

I really hope we get some kind of extended cut or something on dvd because there were parts where it would skip to the next scene and it was confusing at times.

Me and my partner looked at each other in confusion and both whispered: "Wtf just happened?

Well, if you haven't read the book, you will probably like it because as any other teen romance movie, it is entertaining (at a certain extent) even if in my humble opinion, this was absolutely cringe and empty.

An intense college romance with passion .

I'm guessing they also toned down the sexual essence of the books in order to reach a larger audience, but kissing shouldn't look that boring, really.

Don't waste your time if you are a fan of the books!

*timelines are confusing.

Others have said it - this movie is so empty.

A cliché movie can be good.

The main plot for me in the books was the intense chemistry between the two.


Predictable and very very very cringy.

Waste of money

Preedicable and boring.

A complete utter waste of time.

Seriously, don't waste your money or time.

This movie was trash , it was unsatisfying and a huge waste of time.

Turn on Netflix and enjoy this sexy coming of age romance.

Too fast, cute, sweet, predictible, boring...

This is movie is just based on other movies that have been done before like Cruel Intentions, She's all that, twilight (loosely) and many more so cliche and annoying

Too slow, too weird and not intense at all!

The book(s) are incredibly gripping, I don't understand why they had to tone the plot down this much.

This movie is the most cliché movie I've ever seen.


Intense and beautiful .

Plot is really bad and predictable, acting just couldn't get any cringier, there's also no chemistry between the actors which is the main key to making a good romance movie in my opinion.


Countless cliches, a truly boring plot .

I had read the actual story and what they made is so unexpected.

Incredibly difficult to follow the plot if you havent read the book.


This is one of the worst movies of all time.

Pacing of the entire film really quite slow, a bit feeling to fall asleep to be honest!

The main charcthers remind me of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen as they are so bland and just they are not that likeable at all.

This movie is such a cliche it hurts.

Enjoyable .

Boring and bland .

And it was so confusing bc if I haven't read the books before i wouldn't understand anything.

Save your money!

Waste of time and money .

The movie was stale if you've seen the movie she's all that then you know the storyline completely it's in like five other movies and the fact that they spoke like they were in a conference the entire time made me want to leave there is no cursing there was no stuttering there is nothing captivating.

But this movie is so ridiculous, predictable and a HUGE CLICHÉ.

As bland as it gets .

I expect there will be more films for the two leads, they did their best with a dull story, a bit like the twilight cast.

When they left all of that out though, this just became a bland and boring cliché film.

I must say that Hero, who plays Hardin, is extremely pleasant on the eye (which enabled me to forgive some of his monotone delivery) ....

No storyline whatsoever...

Even if you did read the books its very hard to follow the story of this movie..

All in all, it was still an enjoyable movie and I could tell a lot of hard work went into it.

It is confusing as to why a story about college students is kept so PG when college students in general aren't PG.

Really enjoyed it.

i dont think that the vast majority would behead me if i say its a bit boring at times.

I mean, a lot of romance movies are guilty of this, but still, it makes for some pretty unrelatable and boring characters, especially the female lead.

But the movie it self was long and absolutely boring, I have only ever walked out in one film, this was it.

Enjoyed it but left disappointed & empty.

I've watched both The Room and After, and I can tell you that The Room, considered to be the worst movie of all time, was better than this.

Everything about it was cliche; the characters, the plot, everything.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

" Such a confusing and strange film.

Typical teenage romance, poorly written and very slow paced

I really had high hopes for this movie since i read the book which I liked a lot , But this is the worst movie I've ever seen .

Literally 0 good plot, just a plain, bland, cliché romance

Too slow too sleepy and the way which the main actors acted was so boring.


A little cliche if you ask me.

Worst movie adapted from a book I've ever seen.

The intense way they fell for each other was there.

Yet I believe Hero and Josephine had good chemistry but the lines they were given were bland and cringe worthy.

The acting and writing was awful and dragged out completely.

The plot and the way it was addit was stunning.

All in all, it was still an enjoyable movie and I could tell a lot of hard work went into it.

The person I saw it with didn't read the books either and he wanted to walk out like 5 times because he was so bored and confused.

It is unbelievable that she has lived this dull life and the friends she has are even more unbelievable.

Unexpected .

There is no storyline - just kissing!

Don't waste your time .

A total waste of time

This movie is a cliche teen romance drama.

Slow build up with excellent chemistry between the leads.

And the (slight) twist ending may be stupid, but at least it's kind of emotionally engaging.

Also I get that they wanted to reach their younger audience, but sex was an integral part of this book and to leave it out is ridiculous, instead they just ellude to them doing a bunch of stuff and even that was so rushed they might as well have left it out.

I found it slow, boring and uninteresting with very unlikable characters.

so save your money and watch endgame again.

Their chemistry is intense .

Boring, dull and cliche romance film .

It still had a lot of the book parts in the movie but you can only put so much into a film and I thought it was worth watching and I REALLY REALLY REALLY!!!!!!

The "tension", if it could be called that at the end of the movie with the two main characters breaking up was pointless when the got back together.

The movie completely looked over all of the details that made the original story compelling and beautiful.

This movie was boring from start to finish.

Worst Movie of The Year So Far!.

"Just Go Slow" .

It was a waste if my time, i'm giving it a 4 cause im usually a sucker for romance and thats the only factor that I enjoyed.

I enjoyed it.

To conclude don't waste your money seeing this movie.

Literally the worst movie I've ever seen.

Predictable .

and as always true love is defeated by the new and exciting environment, with new boys to attract and hunger for.

A total snore fest.

The continuation is relatively predictable and indubitably goofy.

At a crucial moment in "After," Tessa Hardin makes a request of Hardin Scott: "Just go slow.

You can definitely see the chemistry between the two actors, which made the film worth watching.

The film was predictable from beginning to end.

The long 106 min run time felt longer with the slow dragged out pacing.

Well acted, the love story is believable and has a satisfying predictable HEA.

Book Hardin was just so much more intense and vulgar, movie Hardin showed absolutely none of that.

So cringy, clichè, and boring.

While I haven't read the book and have no clue how it all goes there, the movie was an extremely predictable cliche with a ton of banalities that left me laughing at the end.

Supposed to be a "sexual awakening" movie when my friend literally fell asleep while watching because the characters were so dry.

If you are looking for a movie to fall asleep too...

Nothing was shown about Hardin being depressed and violently angry while trying to form a relationship with Tessa, all that was show was Hardin being so monotone and nice to Tessa that it made no sense with how they got an apartment together when NOTHING was shown about them fighting or trying to work things out let alone meeting Hardins parents or learning about his drinking issues and everything in between.

Boring af .

The whole movie is a clichè of what a high school girl considers romantic but its neither romantic or enjoyable.

A lot of clichées and predictable.

so boring .

I'm still so confused why it even made the cut because it was a waste of time!

Breathtaking .

Interesting trailer but boring movie .

The main characters are plain and boring.

Supporting characters were kind of stereotypical and bland.


3 words : BEST MOVIE EVERIt is so amazing, the intense romance is so intriguing and makes you fall in in absolute love with the characters.

The direction is slow and has an uneven pace with the film.

This is possibly one of the worst movies I've seen.

The world's most boring dialogue takes place as a tropey love story between rich bad boy with Daddy issues and innocent blonde virgin unfolds.

Even though the film is a little bit different from the book it was still very enjoyable the actors who play Tessa and Harden captured their characters to a T.

They strayed too far from Hardin's crudeness that made it foreign and exciting for Tessa, making him lose his edge that drew her to him in the first place.

The lack of story, the horrible editing, the rushing, the clipping it was just all round not pleasant to watch and a time-waster.

" and "Waste of time" reviews.

Every rom com has cringy moments but the biggest setback of this movie is that it has no storyline.

the character didn't have any chemistry, no dialog, this was a waste of time and money, my life deserves better.

In conclusion, this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life.

Some of the scene from the trailer wasn't even in the movie like the part where Hardin smash the book shelf with the guitar, when the book went between Tessa legs, the part where he said" you are stunning" and much more.

They have turned one of the best, edgy, and sexy books into a HORRIBLE, RUSHED, cliche movie that NO ONE would fully understand unless they have read the books.

Absolutely breathtaking .

Don't waste your time...

Don't waste your time and money.


REVIEW: For Hardin Scott, "Nice is just another word for boring.

Others may just see the film has another typical cliché romantic drama story that should have been on a lifetime channel.

but we all really enjoyed it!

Don't waste your time watching this movie.

Just seems like another boring teen movie.

As a reader, I told myself to not have too much expectations when going into the theaters, but I left feeling so empty.

It was boring, actually i was doing something else while I was watching, or better said, listening.


Overall I thought it was a cliché "good girl meets bad boy" teen romance film.

Very slow movie with an instant love that did not make sense.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat although I've read the books countless times.

they were non existent and boring there was no "fireworks" or goosebumps for me.

It is confusing as to why a story about college students is kept so PG when college students in general aren't PG.

Boring movie with no chemistry between leads .


If you go into this movie expecting it to be some epic complicated romance movie you will be a disappointed but if you take it for what it is - it's enjoyable to watch.

I watched this on Netflix one night while I was bored.

Boring, fatuous conversations, lame characters, nothing interesting.

I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the 2nd installment next year.

But despite all the flaws, I genuinely enjoyed it for what it was.

This movie is just a big cliché.

I started reading the book, but I didn't finish it, because it got a little repetitive.

The chemistry was absolutely breathtaking, the acting was amazing and I highly guarantee for everyone to come to the theaters and watch it!

Save your money for something worth.

There were some pointless scenes and important stuff from the book that was cut off.

Dialogs are shallow, boring and sound so fake, which is why the acting couldn't be good as well.

Total waste of time.

Discord w/mom over her independence to do dumb things - predictable.

Love the story it gets so intense at one point of 10/10

While some moments, despite how cliche, were nice and pleasing to the eye, giving your inner self a little fairytale to daydream about, the whole plot and the movie as a whole does not deserve more than a 5, unfortunately.

Regardless, it was a good entertaining movie.

There is very little plot to this movie, I keep waiting for something to happen.

Lastly, Don't waste your time, even if you like romantic movies, you can watch "Five Feet Apart", it's totally better.

'After' is as formulaic as it is ambitious for young lovers who seek exciting first experiences.

On its own, it's a mildly, albeit cliché, entertaining teen romance.

Either way saw the movie just got hooked on it immediately .. the intense chemistry between the leads was insane....

The movie is awful and cliche.

The characters are vain unlovable bores and the moral message of the film is just wrong for teens.

The plot is slower than molasses and obvious as F.

I don't think the film was rushed, i was on the edge of my seat hoping it doesn't end.

The plot is trash and it is extremely rushed and once the climax hit nothing happened.

It is boring because 90% of the film nothing much different happens, most of the times is just music playing and Tessa and Hardin kissing and making out.

Holy crap this was the most garbage cliche movie ever.

Is far away from the books that it is still engaging to watch for the book lovers.

Slow, boring and predictable, it's a complete waste of time.

just don't waste your time

Soundtrack packs quite a punch into this intense college romance.

Slow and Boring .

The books are 10/10 every second gripping and this is as bland as porridge.

i prefer to see my eyes bleeding than to see this empty movie.

It has a bad boy "hero" who goes from being a rude, dull dud to suddenly seducing the sweet, innocent heroine.

There is absolutely no storyline, it is so slow-paced, really boring, and to top it all off the acting was just garbage

The passion was missing between Hardin and Tessa, those moments and words said in the books that made it all so interesting and intense was not there at all!

So, the main takeaway of this film is something like "there's no place like home" and, above all, in matters of the heart, follow your own advice: "Just go slow!


I was curious, I knew it would be bad, but I was bored and fancied a laugh.

It was the worst movie I've ever seen.

REALLY dry dialogues, i genuinely feel like no one really talked in this movie, and if they did they talked really slow for no reason and it was mad annoying , 4 lined dialogues took them 3 minutes to finish.

But I will admit it had a gripping quality to it and made me want to read the rest.

Don't waste your money

The characters are even more cliche and unlikable.

You will die in boredom and nothing you can't guess

Definatly worth watching in my opinion

What a boring ending of a film!

As soon as Hardin started speaking, everyone in the room burst out laughing because of how monotone he sounded and how weird his lines were.

Honestly this movie does exactly what a movie should do: be entertaining.

If you didn't/haven't read the book/s, this movie would be less than average, predictable and cringey.

Unpredictable Ending .

Now if they really wanted to make the main character a cliché character, they should've gave her depth.

An ACTUAL waste of time .

Really boring from the beginning throughout the mid.

I will cherish the book series forever but seriously work a little harder on the next movies, blend them well and make sure to add the important parts, the tattoo scene was pointless that could have been utilized with actual scenes from the book IMO.

I watched this movie before I read the first book and I thought the movie was cliche and not very good.

All in all I enjoyed it and will definitely watch it again and can't wait for the next one!

Is a straight up coming of age movie, no hardships, no hassle, blessed life...

Enjoyed it .

We died laughing in the cinema, because it was so ridiculousy predictable and stupid.


It is easy to watch and enjoyable!

Don't waste your time watching this predictable unintentional plot with lazy conclusion film ever.

Nothing is explained in the movie, and the story is VERY predictable.

The movie however failed of both subjects, lacking total content, becoming just one more "teenage" movie with a cliche romance that will be forgotten in months.

It's sold as a good girl falling in love with a bad boy type of story, but the lack of chemistry between the two leads and bad editing jumping from one scene to another leaves the audience dull and confused.

I mean, a lot of romance movies are guilty of this, but still, it makes for some pretty unrelatable and boring characters, especially the female lead.

This was a bad movie, It's a really empty movie, nothing happened!

It was incredibly cliche and laughably predictable.

The acting was pretty good and the visuals and cinematography overall was breathtaking.

That leaves you wondering what the whole fuss was about - nothing happens.

A cliche .

excruciatingly slow and boring .