After She Wakes (2019) - Horror, Thriller

Hohum Score



After a horrific tragedy, an isolated mother and daughter dealing with grief develop terrifying sleep disruptions that manifest into a sinister reality.

IMDB: 4.9
Director: David Arthur Clark
Stars: Stella Carlish, Conrad Goode
Length: 78 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 8 out of 34 found boring (23.52%)

One-line Reviews (28)

They are just trying to bring the rating up so people will waste their time watching this piece of garbage, so I am here to expose the truth and tell you what a lousy movie this really is!

After she wakes, nothing happens...

At one point, about half way in the movie, the mother asks her daughter what she did last night, and her response was that she sat through some boring movies.

Confusing Storyline .

All of the compents assist the viewer to build the story through the two acts onto the thrilling third act.

I decided to get this movie because the premise seemed intriguing.

For a horror movie, then "After She Wakes" was incredibly dull and quite far from being scary.

The storyline dragged on and on at an incredibly painstakingly slow pace.

Boring movie with no effort to make any sense.

As the horror bits unfolded, there were a few good decent unexpected scares.

The suspense and thriller aspects are all there, making for a compelling story with strong character development.

There were certain compents that were include to enhance the confusion, and made the story about two characters facing night terrors to the audience being left unsure if one never faced the terror.

Beautiful visuals and compelling storyline .

But that was not the outcome of whatever endeavors he had, because the movie was boring.

However, I gave it six stars because the storyline got confusing without any real resullts towards the end.

There were a few confusing and sometimes irritating moments.

Don"t waste 72 minutes of your life like I had to.

Little to no plot.

And it turns out that it was time wasted, because this movie was uneventful, slow paced and just downright boring.


Ridiculous waste of time.

Another boring 'horror' movie.

Just wish it was longer, but highly recommend it!

The setting, the acting, the editing and the script were the same kind of mediocrity I get from the tube, If you are bored, like I was last night, it will pass the time.

The entire movie is just boring, doesn't make much sense, bad decisions and mediocre acting, really nothing to get excited about.

The whole movie is stupid, lame, boring, slow, makes no sense and is just boring and a total snooze fest and not even worth watching.

Thrilling to the core.

Slow paced, uneventful and just downright boring...