Aftermath (2017) - Drama, Thriller

Hohum Score



Two strangers' lives become inextricably bound together after a devastating plane crash.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Elliott Lester
Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Scoot McNairy
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 49 out of 146 found boring (33.56%)

One-line Reviews (110)

Slow-moving, grim drama drowning in its own heaviness .

Other than that it was just very slow and ended up being obvious!!

So depressing and boring no action, and it's a predictable ending.

Solid movie and story dragged down by final scene .

In hallway of the movie I was bored and then the whole movie just vanished.

everything is boring, sound, background, location and cast for arnold is to old for his role.

Overall a thought provoking conversation film, you know the kind you have after you leave the theater.

It felt cold and left me feeling slightly empty.

It had a good and promising concept and the first two thirds of the film were really good and intriguing.

I grew up with the numerous action movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, so it is a nice change of pace to see him slow down and take more dramatic roles in his older age.

Both are quite similar experiences: slow-moving, grim dramas drowning in their own heaviness and exhausting the viewer in the process.

Overall a very boring movie that I didn't like.

Slow and mildly entertaining .

The plot is boring, armold play is ridiculos.

Today's re-faded Arnold has become boring and soft, releasing flop after another.

The internal struggle between wanting a simple I'm sorry from those he blames and the deep seeded need to get blood revenge is a slow boil.

It's a somewhat tedious tale of a father's grief, with some nice acting, the tedium for me, set by the pace and lack of emotional pull, which in part, I think was due to the disjointed editing and seemingly skipping over certain aspects of the characters and their motivations to progress time.

However, his flick while vaguely admirable, dissolves into paint-by-numbers material teetering on the edge of DVD premiere territory (which it almost is).

Just don't waste your time watching this .

Too boring, nothing to take from the film, waste of time .

There is a morsel of a fascinating story here if explored in the right way with even these actors would have been great and the fact that it was a snooze is infuriating.

A slow paced dramatisation/Americanization of the Uberlingen mid-air collision and events.

Aftermath is one of the most intriguing works that got my attention, it's based on real life, very interesting plot and has some amazing actors!

Yes, the movie overall was a little slow - there were a lot of shots of the main characters grieving.

boring as hell, avoid at all costs...

The pacing is off and the script isn't great.

In brief, don't waste your time watching this.

Written by Javier Gullon, and directed by Elliott Lester, it's a sombre, slowly paced (some viewers might say monotonous) meditation on dealing with loss.

All in all, an enjoyable enough movie for what it turned out to be.

and it was also lost in the back and forth,scenes that just went nowhere or stopped cold and confusing jumps in time.

i don't know if i expected too much for this movie, so bored and slow.

Nothing happens for over an hour, then it just gets stupid.

In this slow-moving and painful melodrama, the viewer keeps waiting and waiting for something...

Give me 90 minutes of my life back please low budget, lame, depressing, and predictable .

Then half an hour of boredom where I'm thinking "Not Manchester By The Sea again?

Unreservidly Poor and Tedious .

I kept watching hoping that some interesting things would happen at the end but unfortunately end was boring also with no surprise.

And what you did see was predictable.

The Worst Movie Ever Made .

Lester relies heavily on a slow burn approach and does what he can.

This is essentially a slow-burning two-hander in which Schwarzenegger's construction worker is devastated by the loss of his family when their flight crashes.

The deliberate slow pace shows on the visual as well.

) I'm sure some Schwarzenegger fans will find all this boring and uninteresting, but I personally found this tale quite compelling.

A truly gripping acting performance.

The core story is rather straightforward, so it may feel stagnant and predictable as the pain oozes through.

Most of the shots pan out to desolate environment, wintry outdoor or bland interior, which generously complements the bleak nature of the story.

An unexpected performance .

The story is engaging and not too commercial.

No plot, no real story, no conclusion and no content.

It was terrifyingly mundane, just another work day for Jake in which a very understandably human mistake was made.

Following on from 2015's slow, tender zombie drama Maggie, here Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in another more independent, cheap looking effort, which adds to the sense of eeriness and isolation it's trying to convey.

If there was any takeaway, it came far too late in my tedious journey and seemed like an afterthought.

OMG how bored was I .

Maybe it is because it a true story that it is so boring.

Here its just coming boring and dull.

If there's a real flaw in the movie, it's that the ending is pretty predictable.

But the film was slow.

I really enjoyed it.

The script is somewhat redeemed in the end, and this, combined with excellent acting on everyone's part, including surprisingly good dramatic acting by Schwarzenegger, makes this movie worth watching.

Just to make the ending of the movie more thrilling?

Some very intense twists that I did not see coming and a very good ending make this a perfect 10.

The movie is boring , cheap , i don't know how the budget is 10 millions dollars , maybe Arnold alone took 9.5 millions and the rest spent on the movie , very cheap even the accident not shown no graphics , we don't know which part of the movie is true story and which is fake , i didn't understand either whose fault makes the planes crashes totally waste of time

In short, I actually expected a suspenseful thriller where Arnold Schwarzenegger could give someone a piece of his mind.

A different Arnold unexpectedly good as actor in a very slow and boring movie.

This film is so bleak, boring and slow that it brings dishonour to the medium of film.

So boring.

It's a nice slow piece for Arnold in his elder years and even I can respect that!

McNairy goes through his own intense grieving process that effects his entire family until the two words collide in a horrifying way.

Whereas a film like this isn't going to be a bundle of fun, I feel that, despite good acting from those involved, the director created a bland, one dimensional film instead of one that covered the whole story of how and why this happened.

Final Say – It's refreshing to see a different side to Schwarzenegger and he should be commended for separating himself from roles that have dominated his illustrious career but Aftermath is neither a powerful enough drama or a satisfactory enough slow burner to truly become a must see.

The flaws are too numerous to list but let me save you some time, wait for it to be on TV or something you can leave it on while you doze off or do something more fun.

Bleak and boring .

into scene it gets thrilling and intense like what Arnold is going to do ??

Also starring Insomnia's Martin Donovan as Robert, and True Blood's Mariana Klaveno as Eve.

The film is extremely boring and dark, you keep waiting and waiting, hoping something would happen and nothing does.

There the screenplay starts to turn more melodramatic and predictable, instead of the more realistic bent it adopts for most of the running time.

Watching paint dry is more entertaining then this movie.

Please don't waste your time, it's like watching paint dry.

The pacing is off.

I get that his character wanted an apology, and in a perfect marriage of art and reality this movie is released to DVD just as the Doctor was dragged off an airline for not surrendering his seat and beat to a bloody pulp.

Of course, there are better movies of this type out there, but this one is definitely worth watching.

This movie is so boring, acting is so amateurish, story so boring, I love many of Arnold's old movies, he is an good action actor, in this movie he looks just silly.

I understand that it's based on a true story and to get a cemented conclusion out of life itself is difficult, but it feels as though we go from the climax of the third act (which was very intense) to a brief montage of what is supposed to represent 10 years and then another, drastically less intense, mini climax.


Slow, predictable and tragic of course.

Without a doubt, the most fascinating scene from the entire movie.

A totally unexpected and enjoyable film The acting throughout was excellent.

boring .

This could be just another vengeance story, but Arnold Schwarzenegger's compelling performance raises it.

This is the worst movie of all time .

I'm not sure if it was the directing or editing, but the pace for this film is very slow.

The double story and how it comes together is a bit messy at times but overall it is compelling until the end.

More sad and depressing then entertaining.

Boring movie .

The dreary, overstated music was enough to make anyone suicidal or fuelled for murderous revenge.

The director got lost in over indulgence, scenes dragged on and dialogue remained sparse.

To say that this film is tedious is an understatement.

It starts off as absorbing.


Awful, waste of time.

This randomly came on last night as I was falling asleep and have to say I was seriously seriously impressed by Arnold's acting!

All in all a compelling, well acted, well made movie.

I would highly recommend it for a nice evening watch.

This was one of the worst movies I've seen since the hours with julianne Moore.

It is just a boring mess of a movie with performance that are terrible even if the actor are good.

Worth watching!

In the instance of the Dr dragged off the aircraft the lie was undone by the numerous cell videos taken of the incident, where he was forced to apologize.

Don't waste your money or time on this one...

", no story, no objective, nothing to learn, no idea, no purpose.

Another waste of time.