Aftershock (2012) - Action, Adventure, Horror

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In Chile, a group of travelers who are in an underground nightclub when a massive earthquake hits quickly learn that reaching the surface is just the beginning of their nightmare.

IMDB: 4.8
Director: Nicolás López
Stars: Eli Roth, Ariel Levy
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 35 out of 113 found boring (30.97%)

One-line Reviews (104)

Although the story and characters become a bit predictable, with a couple of plot holes here and there (I really didn't understand the fireman characters intentions), it still is an entertaining film to watch and more so if you enjoy Roth's work.

Dull .

The film starts with nightclubs, something that looks like a rave, broken marriage, and a pointless and awkward Selena Gomez cameo.

Without meaning to sound condescending (I truly take no pleasure in kicking a lame dog) here is a film without a single redeemable feature that wallows in its own incompetence from the extended, unbearable intro to the somehow-even-worse final act and exists as an important example for budding filmmakers of what not to do when aiming to make a film consisting of even just an inch of likability.

Which might sound mean but I surprisingly did find this movie entertaining in delightful ways I hadn't expected despite how negative this review might come across.

So bland and undeveloped were the women in this film that I had an extremely hard time figuring out who had been killed and who hadn't.

This is when it becomes boring and clichéd.

Another lame, misogynistic, unwatchable murder porn piece from Eli Roth.

Probably should have avoided it for the persistent Eli Roth involvement, but considering this is meant to be a disaster type movie, it was grotesquely over the top in terms of pointless gore and death, above and beyond what would be realistically expected in an earthquake.

It's not going to set the world on fire or win any grand awards, but if you know what to expect from Roth and/or are a fan of this type of film, you'll find it enjoyable enough, as I did.

The picture looked great and actually the acting was about as good as it could be with the lame predictable script.

Each section was predictable to the point it was ridiculously cliché.

The movie is so unpredictable and unprecedented it keeps you guessing what is going to happen to our characters and the characters we first thought would be survivors begin to die gruesome deaths one by one.

Director Nicholas Lopez, who also co-wrote the dark and twisted script with Eli Roth and Guillermo Amoedo, relates the entertaining story at a brisk pace, adeptly shifts the tone from amiably silly comedy to a more uncompromisingly bleak and harsh sensibility at the thirty minute mark, draws the engaging main characters with admirable depth, delivers a handy helping of outrageously gruesome gore, offers a strong mood of mounting dread, panic, and chaos, presents a few welcome moments of real touching humanity amid all the grim mayhem, and tops everything off with a wickedly funny sense of pitch-black humor.

Director Nicolas Lopez co-wrote the screenplay with Roth and it's clear that neither of them had much to say as there's really no story to be found here, horrible dialogue and absolutely no character development.

Absolutely ridiculous and relentlessly intense .

I mean films like this are so bogged down with the idea that all men are capable of pointless murder and causing suffering to those they hardly know its just stupid.

Lame effort, dreary script .

Makes it more thrilling.

What a waste of time...

However, after the quake it gets thrilling, violent, suspenseful with a lot of action, which made the movie worth watching after all.

The ludicrousness of the CGI fire effects lessen the experience, and the latter half of the film in particular has no power, coming across as predictable and hackneyed.

Just finished watching it and i have to say, Aftershock is probably the worst movie i've ever seen.

Nothing else to say really, pretty generic but it is entertaining at least.

If you do decide to watch it, you might as well start the film at about 45 minutes - at least you'll skip the bits that are even more tedious than the last 45 minutes.

Possibly the worst movie ever made.

Boring and predictable .

A lot of it was predictable and that kinda takes away from the suspense.

So far, it's boring as hell.

Please don't waste your time, I read the reviews and was not dissuaded, bad move.

It's over 30 minutes of boring drunk people and superficial arguments.

It's got its scary, borderline intense moments of terror and lots'a blood n' gore.

A really slow start - skip to about 0:20 or 0:25 or so, a few minutes before the earthquake starts.

The first thirty minutes are plagued by tedious scenes of partying, equipped with spastic lighting, obnoxiously loud music that could be the direct blame for the earthquake, and an onslaught of flirting and attempts at pick-up.

Although the story and characters become a bit predictable, with a couple of plot holes here and there, it still is an entertaining film to watch and more so if you enjoy Roth's work.

It's not trying too hard to be something that it's not, working within it's limitations to create a suspenseful and chaotic movie.

Just bad, unoriginal, characters you have little reason to care about, in search of shocks the film continually seeks for escalations but most of them, right down to the ending are predictable.

It seems they saved the budget in the special effects department for the final shot, which one can see coming once the character gets to that location, yawn.

The only thing that keeps AFTERSHOCK mildly entertaining is that you keep sitting there thinking that something's eventually going to happen so you hand onto hope that things are going to get better.

I will give it another 10 minutes if nothing happens I'm turning this movie off.

Don't get me wrong, the film is worth a watch just don't expect the wrath of god to destroy Chile because of some past misdemeanor by promiscuous nuns, it's no fire and brimstone epic, just 6 over aged (you've seen it all before - think hostel) backpackers, yawn, yawn, touring a country when an earth quake comes to town.

Some reviewers complained that it was slow going until the earthquake.

The waste of time for the first hour was suppose to get you to like the characters.

None of the characters is particularly interesting or likeable, and there's no real plot beyond "Go to a hospital somewhere and avoid contrived threats unrelated to the earthquake since, despite the title of the movie, there are apparently no aftershocks".

this film takes a tediously long period of time to actually get to its core concept, spending way too long to build up a group of barely likeable characters cruising around Chilean nightlife looking for parties and women.

the film is extremely dark, but still manages to also be fun and entertaining.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I can inform you with much certainty that there are no pleasures at all to be gained here, and that Nicolas Lopez' grand, thorough failure is one of the worst movies ever made.

A VERY graphic and interestingly entertaining horror movie.

Boring as heck.

maybe then these idiots would be happy, they would put 10 out of 10 to everything.. a film is supposed to be entertaining, this film does that, i spent a very nice couple of hours and i don't regret it...

you become so annoyed that someone decided to spend 10 million that you cannot even fall asleep.

Everything here is just so trite and so plain, so cliché and laughable, downright vulgar and derivative, at the best, i finally came to the conclusion that maybe I should truly stick to some of those low budget's B or even C grade Horror flicks, that, at least, most times, are way more interesting to watch than anything like this mess, since those indie Horror's dare more, they push the limits, and, they truly get controversial!

The small twist is so laughably transparent and pointless the writers could have left the character out of the script entirely.

throw in the unrealistic Olympian sprinting prowess of a couple of stiletto wearing women who put usan bolt to shame by out sprinting some Nike clad thugs down the cobbled streets even though at one point they could smell the salsa ladened thugs breath on their necks together with the absolute dire telegraphed ending which takes 5 minutes to play out and you have what promised to be a good film turn out to be rather a yawn fest.

Total waste of time.

After 30 minutes of pointless party scenes...

The theme is intriguing and thought provoking from a single mother defending her two children, to a rich man's empathy for his friend and the various ways people actually crack under pressure in the most despicable ways.

We get far too many instances of random stuff falling and crushing people in various ways, a completely pointless out of nowhere old woman getting hit in the face by a car after emerging from a manhole, and a painfully long, spotted 18 miles away sequence with a cable trolley full of old women and children that ends up crashing after the cable snaps and killing everyone inside.

No message, no respect, no shooting quality, a completely terrible script etc.

But after hearing the news reports of what happened in New Orleans after Katrina it makes a compelling case for a film maker to explore the darkest side of humanity.

I found it much more entertaining and a lot less predictable.

Bottom line, utterly disappointed, but still found it mediocrely entertaining.

If you want to be immersed in the sheer terrifying horror of such an event, prepare yourself and then watch Aftershock.

It is so boring that it does not even work as a "sleeping pill", that is...

Waste of my time.


pointless other than showing lots of scantily dressed model type woman hungry for sex with what seems any man willing, we then get the frankly stupid earthquake scene.

The ridiculous, gratuitous violence, the horrible campy acting and overacting and the pointless story twists make it an unbearable watch.

It's certainly an original film and makes some intriguing points sadly it's bogged down by the amateurness of the production overall and a controlling need to try and make the proceedings entertaining which they never are.

There is a rape scene that needn't be in the film, as it's again pointless.

Both Predictable and Terrible.

From start to finish it was one pointless action after another.

but if you're a horror fan, and you're looking for an entertaining movie, I can't recommend this enough.

Waste of time.

The entire film is just so pointless that for the life of me I can understand how this thing actually got a theatrical release.

Nicolas Martinez was often enjoyable.

Why did he even want to produce this dreary idea made without any true talent or inspiration, and even got himself cast as one of the main roles?

Majority of the film needn't have been made, as it's totally pointless to the plot.

Probably the worst movie I've ever seen.

Perhaps the producers should have considered donating the money they spent on this disaster(of a) movie to tsunami or earthquake victims instead of churning out this pointless, charmless, abhorrent nonsense.

This film does start off quite promisingly, with a slow first half that sets up some mildly interesting character interaction.

Our characters run from one bloody horror scene to the next, with no plot, no direction, horrible acting and horrible lines.

It is the worst movie I have watched in years.

Perhaps but even the death/torture/rape scenes are so tame and boring that they add nothing to the picture.

And yes i know slasher movies and other horrors have similar themes of half naked woman/sex/drink/drugs = death, but this exercise of a film didn't serve those purposes either and was flat, dull, without humour, without character, without substance or any sensitivityCrap!

'Aftershock' is an unpredictable roller coaster ride of a film.

Save your money, truly!

This lengthy introduction turns out to be a waste of time, anyway, because some of them are killed off early, while other characters who are more important for the movie get 3 seconds of back story ('Trust me, I'm a firefighter').

A very long, drawn out, protracted, undiluted sulphuric acid bath would have been preferable to having to endure this complete waste of time and money.

So, aside from a few smirk inducing social network jokes, an extremely short back and forth between Roth and one Selena Gomez and some minor suspenseful situations in the final 30 minutes, "Aftershock" is a generic and somewhat boring horror endeavor.

The opening is way too long and does not indicate at all what genre it belongs to, nor does it hint that the characters will face off against criminals in the last third of the Movie, major plot flaws if you ask me.

I really do mean that nothing happens in this film.

Boring .

a slow starter but still an entertaining film for disaster fans .

The scene in the night club is very engaging.

ultimately it's really difficult to overstate just how copious and pointless the gore in this really is.

This movie made the cardinal sin of being so boring for the first 30 minutes that I will never attempt to re-watch this without skipping the first third.

I thought the first 40 minutes were too slow but you know what the first 40 minutes watching the six of them parade around Chili was more entertaining than the crap that followed.

It is definitely not a horror movie, but then hardly fits in to the disaster movie category either, as there are so many things attempting to go on at once that majority of the movie is totally pointless.

There's even an overly long sequence showing some completely pointless rioting occurring despite at least two Tsunami Warnings.

More like yawn-inducing.

Then the movie turns into a gripping thriller type movie that had a lot of things happen i would never expect...

Once you get through the first pointless 30 minutes of lameness, and I did time it for your consideration, then it turns into a terrifying hour of low budget looking gore, cheesy drama, bad music and some of the most terrifying ways to die since Final Destination.

The characters were real and the situations were even more intense leaving the audience fixed to their seats until the very bitter end.