Aladdin (2019) - Adventure, Family, Fantasy

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A kind-hearted street urchin and a power-hungry Grand Vizier vie for a magic lamp that has the power to make their deepest wishes come true.

Director: Guy Ritchie
Stars: Will Smith, Mena Massoud
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 112 out of 1000 found boring (11.2%)

One-line Reviews (406)

The cinematography and visual effects in this movie was delightful and stunning.

Pleasant enough, entertaining presentation of the Aladdin story.

I wish it were entertaining beating waiting to go from one scene to the next to see what they butchered.

He's an entertaining character and Smith really brings him to life in a satisfying way.

Really enjoyed it !!.

It's colorful, entertaining, and absolutely beautiful.

Another problem that this remake truly suffers, is with the cheap-looking quality of the costumes and sets, along with the inconsistent CGI (particularly the CGI quality of Will Smith's Genie, which almost looks unwatchable), making the remake completely dull and garish.

I would have expected it to be more flashy and more intense...

Heartless, badly acted, stilted, colourful, yet somehow dull.

Unwatchable .

The finale is stunning.

The cast for Aladdin and Jasmine also worked well, again I was sceptical with the animated version that I grew up with and watched with my own child at the back of my mind, but I was again soon dragged back into this version and of course no-one can bring animated to live action fully without the over use of CGI and then the masses would complain still.

Really Entertaining.

In the end it was an enjoyable night filled with memories, Will Smith, music, jaafir and stranger.


Quite an unexpected remake lined with nostalgic sounds and characters.

Since I am quite a fan of the animated version of Aladdin released in 1992, I absolutely looked forward to this live-action adaptation and it didn't let me down: the clothes are gorgeous, the plot and lines are entertaining, songs are still lovely and the actors also did a great job indeed.

I enjoyed it.

some better than others, but enjoyable to each of their own degree.

Definitely worth the watch!

Boring and childish storyline!

A love interest for the genie was completely unnecessary and kinda confusing.

I fell asleep the wrong way watching this.

No message and no quality.

which is why i enjoyed it for the most part.

Don't waste your time n money plzzzzzz..and story related to movie name is totally different

We enjoyed it so much we went again the following week.

Me, my daughter and husband all fell asleep.

A ghastly blend of weak direction, poor writing, unfunny wit, substandard production values, muddled editing, laughable characterisation & dull performances that never for once realises that the real strength of the 1992 animated musical fantasy lied in its simplicity.

Even so, it is surprisingly entertaining, the stunts are cool, and Will Smith is great.

So boring and lifeless.


Lots of fun, engaging characters and a touch of Bollywood.

The problem is being derivative and pointless.

The biggest waste of time of 2019.

It's pointless!

For example, the whole part of Aladdin in the cave, taking the lamp and escaping afterward felt rushed and boring.

Enjoyable , entertaining , and definitely an improvement over the original .

Enjoyable .

There is nothing really different except for obviously the ending as I mentioned, so this movie may feel dull to some people.

A beautiful movie, entertaining and to dissect it into this, that and overlook the fun of it...

I understand many like the new musical numbers but to me they were just # Times Up propaganda music.

Too cliche?

Regarding the movie itself, it started off extremely poorly and I can understand the other reviews of people that decided to leave after 30 minutes, because I almost did the same.

So, when I saw that the live action was coming out, I was kind of exciting to see it.

Bored to freaking death.

I did somewhat enjoy watching this film whether that was because i loved the original and wanted to love this one who knows but i do know i wouldnt watch it a second time i left the theater feeling underwhelmed and dissapointed thinking why didnt i really like this movie much.

This, to me, is what sets the live action movie apart from the cartoon - flat animation to absolutely STUNNING depth and scenery.

He is just boring honestly.

To summarize the negatives this movie suffers from being a beat to beat remake and being extremely predictable and to some very dull.

But there must be a confusion between Arabs and Indians according to the looks of the characters

I liked the very early part of the movie but starting near the middle of it till the end I felt really bored 😴The usual music theme of the Arab countries is utilized with no creativity.

It's not quite good because of its opening, which is confusing and rushed, and the fact that it embraces complexity where it's not necessary (there's a lot of talk about invading a neighboring country that is oddly extraneous).

It's a complete and utter waste of time.

While at some points and especially at the end things get dragged out too long, by the time they do this as a viewer you don't really feel anything for the characters and just want things to hurry up already and end.

Simply magnificent movie, breathtaking special effects, musical was very good, chose the actors very well!

It made me relive my childhood for a brief moment and there were a lot of breathtaking scenes.

Kids' movie with many unnecessary and boring songs, nothing new in "Aladdin", it's same as others Disney live-action movies.

I enjoyed watching this movie, for the most part, it was funny, exciting and it looks beautiful.

I enjoyed it all the way through and I loved the chemistry of the characters.

Instead we get a pointless, protracted chase scene where Jasmine actually loses the lamp a couple of times, finally losing it to Iago.

It seems very Bollywood style which just doesn't suit the Aladdin as we know it from the animation and the extra songs didn't seem to fit with the original songsHonestly, will smith as the genie was the only thing enjoyable in this movie.

Very well made and so good, funny and enjoyable.

It was actually funny and entertaining.


Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud did do a good enough job but their performance obviously feels a bit dull in comparison to Will Smith because he is a real scene stealer.


It is quite stunning though and I enjoyed every minute of it!

I even thought Jasmine's character arc was more compelling and enjoyable.

Boring, lazy, and filled with blandness, this movie is so bad, I cannot describe.

Where the remake succeeded: +Will Smith was probably the most fun and enjoyable part of the whole movie.

I was really skeptical because all of the articles i saw beforehand , but in the end I really enjoyed it .

Despite all the bad reviews I think this adaptation is funny, exciting and magical just like the original.

The acting and singing were even more bland.

Good entertaining fun.

The Genie is just as boring & uninspired as everything else in this movie.

And I enjoyed it SO MUCH.

A slow start that needs a little trim but the movie does get very engaging when Will's Genie is released from the lamp.

Absolutely unwatchable

Fun and enjoyable .

From the start it was weak, weak corny acting and despite the colours it still came off as kind of bland.

A messy and underwhelming live-action adaptation, with uninspiring results .

🙂)THE MUSIC, old and new, was moving and so engaging.

Kids' movie with many unnecessary and boring songs .

I watched this movie in Hotstar Premium and quite enjoyed it as well.. It was basically a Fun ride and small childs also gonna enjoy it for sure!

IF you can get passed all of those initial biases, or whatever yours might be, I think you'll find that this is an enjoyable movie.

I can easily say that its the be movie in 2019, I loved every thing about the movie and I enjoyed it and I can watch it a million times.

And Jafar should be older, more intense and menacing.

As someone who finds the idea of Disney 'live-action' remakes (read cash-grabs) loathsome, and as someone bored to death by their previous Cinderella and B & B live-action remakes, I was very pleasantly swept off my feet by just how much I ended up loving this movie!

It didn't grasp your attention at all, and everything was lackluster and boring.

Waste of time don't bother.

And the whole added character arc with Jasmine was so forced and predictable.

Its worth watching even if you have watched the original.

Very entertaining!!!

It actually put a smile to my face and I really enjoyed it!

A dazzling, fun and entertaining adaptation .

Also, while it is entertaining to an extent, there have been far more enjoyable family films this year that are a lot more original than this.

A big empty void wrapped in autotuned CGI meh.

Takes the Disney version and adds an adult layer to the story making it enjoyable for everyone

The movie was great and I very enjoyed it, As an Arab I noticed a lot of things that made my experience in this movie so good and made me feel that the movie is really talk about "Arabic" story.

I found this movie very enjoyable.

quite enjoyable .

Will Smith was just as engaging as was Robin Williams.

Enjoyable .

Another multimillion-budgeted uninspiring revamp is not.

The actress sings it with passion, but the song "Speechless" ends up feeling a bit pointless and out of place.

In true Disney fashion, the sets are spectacular, and the animals, which include a tiger, a monkey and a parrot, are terrific but the two main characters, Aladdin (Mena Massoud), and Jasmine (Naomi Scott) became a bit dull after a while.

Also The camera and movement are really slow at the beginning...

Luckily, the cast and story surrounding them are so likeable that I was able to forgive a few slow scenes, for the most part.

Agrabah is truly stunning, and you get some amazing shots.

That's why my wife and I actually wanted to avoid these Disney remakes from now on and not leave any money at the box office, but due to a Disney presentation at their university (on the topic of Jafar), she was almost forced to do it and I didn't want to leave her alone ...

The two leads were boring.

Many scenes were taken out, and too many pointless scenes were added.

It is mind blowing 💜💜💜💜 .

A very very very extremely entertaining movie .

It is funny and exciting.

It's funny, exciting, comical with great special effects.

Boring and long winded.

Naomi Scott her singing was so beauty,but this story a little boring.

The last twenty minutes will make up for a little slow beginning of the film (of course I understand, a bit of time is definitely needed for introducing the characters of the famous "Arabian Nights" - I totally get it......

A pointless recreation of the cartoon version with the addition of Benny Hill sequences.

They are surprisingly sung terribly, especially by Will Smith, but songs like Prince Ali have the most boring choreography put on film.

Some lines and moments are indeed extremely enjoyable, while most others seem too forced.

It makes me feel better about that waste of time and my now partially ruined cinematographic childhood (yes im referring to you too Lion King).

But fortunately to me Will Smith saved this movie from being a dull remake to a enjoyable experience.

So, while the story is familiar to most of us it is still a nicely entertaining 2 hours.

Marwan Kenzari as Jafar is an absolute bore, and the remaining cast eventually fizzle out.

Enjoyable Family film .

mildly entertaining.

Stunning Modern Twist to a Disney Classic .

Great words I can gather in this film .. Interesting and fun and very entertaining.

More enjoyable than i would have thought.

Though no one can ever come close to the Robin Williams version of the Genie, Will Smith does an entertaining job enough to be the only reason I am giving this movie an 8 star rating as it really is 7 stars if we are honestly speaking here.

Enjoyable Movie .

Even the orchestra or instruments behind them feel empty, actually sounding smaller, and more amateur, nowhere near on the level of the original versions.

Instead of seeing the cunning and intelligent Royal Vizier, we get a very bland and boring little helper.

Hes pretty enjoyable to watch in this movie except for the few cringe worthy deeply exaggerated "nervous talk" dialogues between him and Jasmine at first & second sight as Prince Ali, i didn't find those parts funny at all, they were just uncomfortable to watch and even though i cant speak for the opposite sex, i don't really think women would find those scenes funny or interesting at all, it was so exaggerated that in my opinion didn't work out one bit.

All in all, it was a fun, enjoyable movie.

Within the first 5 minutes I knew I was going to be disappointed, it's slow, lacks any energy & somehow is dull.

3.0 - Headache-inducing movies I regretted sitting throughHonestly I generally do not have prejudice against live action remakes - sure, most of them are heartless cash-grabs devoid of any creativity, but many could be entertaining and frankly, nostalgia sells.

I'm literally writing this review as I'm watching Aladdin because I'm so bored I'd rather do this.

Tedious to stick with it the whole way through.

He's boring and...

The film is bright and colorful and in general has a very happy, entertaining feel to it.

This was ho hum right from the auto tune in the first song.

Surprisingly enjoyable .

Definitely not as revamped as the Dumbo remake, but still very entertaining.

It was fun, Will Smith was as enjoyable in his part as expected, and the whole movie was a real romp.

This is an awesome movie with a soft and simple story packed with mind blowing graphics, effects and music.

Let me start by saying, I am average and I found the movie to be enjoyable.

For me, this movie with its poppy but forgettable songs and pretty but bland actors had more in common with High School Movie and other teen Disney movie musicals than it had with Eastern folklore.

I just enjoy watching this movie.. its very entertaining.. great casting and acting.

Don't get me wrong, Will Smith was pretty much the only enjoyable thing about this movie.

Hollow and Uninteresting .

This movie is more bland than room temperature coffee.

not so, I thought it was a watchable enjoyable film.

Great and unexpected solo from Scott where she injected some real much needed emotion.

Boring tripe.

But it was fine, fun and engaging to watch, nothing too obnoxious, nothing too political.

We reached a point where we had to just walk out of the theater.

Worth watching, I laughed a lot and e feels a very much like the Broadway musical sometimes

This film is very enjoyable and funny and it certainly doesnt deserve the critics it has get

worst movie ever .

This movie is boring.

Not only does this film carry over subplots from the first film, but it also invents completely new and pointless ones to go along with them.

Boring .

Finally, a live action adaptation from Disney that is worth the watch!

He just sounds monotone and bored.

For me this is one of the most enjoyable movie in the last few years.

But Will Smith who has a great sense of humor and great chemistry with even the dullest character made this film a very good experience.

The leads felt like stage actors and so was the set design and it was way too long for no reason.

Will Smith played stunning role as a cool, emotional and friendly genie.

The songs seemed slower and not as exciting as they should be in my opinion.

First off, the new song numbers are bland.

Fantastically entertaining .

This film stayed, mostly true, to the 1992 original, and was filled with colors, sounds and laughs worthy of a entertaining trip to the theatre.

With all the special effects I found the images of the movie utterly dull and lacking any fantasy.

If I'm honest i miss the humor, but it's worth watching once.

Disney co. Production gift us one of the best movies ever, Mena Massoud was amazing, acted very well and Will Smith was stunning too.

The biggest example of this is when they jump across the rooftops to avoid the guards, in the cartoon she grabs the pole & jumps across all on her own to the surprise of Aladdin, but in the live action she has to be coached & assured by Aladdin she can actually make the jump & will be ok - why this pointless change.

Entertaining for a one-time viewing unlike the 1992 Aladdin which is a masterpiece and a movie that can be watched again and again to live out the childhood nostalgia - also it's much funnier!

Jasmine got a more compelling story arc, which might have been due to her influence.

I adored the beauty of the city, the dancing, the colors, costumes, everything was so stunning.

It was an enjoyable movie.

All in all, this new Aladdin movie was really good and was worth the watch.

This movie is very enjoyable.

Funny and Entertaining Version by Guy Ritchie .

A movie worth watching .

The voices are quite bland.

You are setting yourself up for disappointment and empty pockets with their 30$ popcorn combos for 2.

My favorite part of the movie is when the genie sings "A friend like me", it was super entertaining.

The visuals were stunning it was a real treat to watch.

It was super cringe-worthy and unwatchable.

If you LOVED the animated movie and you want the live-action to follow the same script - then save your money.

I'm not sure why I've been seeing low ratings, but I enjoyed it, like I was smiling through most of it.

Don't listen to the anti-Disney brigade, this is diverting, amusing and an enjoyable family film (side note - my son is 18 and he has now seen it twice).

The stunning visuals of Agrabah and the fun, upbeat music present in the original provided the soundtrack to my childhood.

While the visuals are often copied straight from the original film, the actual music is enjoyable.

Very paradoxical: the story feels rushed while being utterly boring.

The most pointless waste of time in 2019.

But it's very enjoyable, and does a great job establishing merit for these remakes.

Keep showing audience unnecessary and boring dancing scene!

Apart from the story-telling, I loved the costumes and sets, the music, the humour, and found all the added elements, like Jasmine's maid friend etc, very entertaining.

Aladdin was an thrilling movie which was such an amazing incarnation of the animated version.

Rajah to was bland (the tiger).

Don't waste your time !

Massoud and Scott are fine if unremarkable, whilst Kenzari as Jafar is just deadly dull and is not the pantomime menace he is supposed to be.

Will Smith is entertaining, the vocals are on point and the colours are spectacular!

The story was bland.

This version has zero draw as a villain, he blends in with the background actors & is very bland.

Marwan Kenzari's Jafar looked like he was bored out of his mind and wanted to go home, and lacked the energy and emotion of the original Jafar.

Empty, hollow, plastic.

One of the worst movies.

But, if you give it a chance as its own movie while looking for a little nostalgia to go with it, it's very enjoyable.

I haven't thought this will be that good because the some of the bad reviews and now i'am asking why they are here already why some people say mistakes are never exist, if you are here so you already into this kind of movies and if you are not so why you watch something you don't like already to say later it is bad, maybe the remakes are not always good yeah but actually this one is pretty good, exciting story, the acting the places the dancing the music, you would like to watch every thing without missing a moment

Bored to super freaking death!

Nothing that is new in the movie has any values, Jasmine got a lot of backstory and too much screen time that goes no where and totally pointless and boring, Especially when the movie called "Aladdin" and not "Jasmine" I can write on and on about every single antagonizing thing in the film, But I better just finish withDisney doesn't care, and doesn't try,Everyone seemed to be annoyed with Will Smith playing the ginnie, I though he was actually the only enjoyable character and actor there Expect his singing partsI would recommend you watching the original movie instead


It was fun and entertaining.

It was enjoyable - Aladdin.

The upbeat fun songs from the original have been dulled down to a boring drawl.

Great movie, I enjoyed it and so did my son.

Brilliant, thrilling, funny great for all the family .

And his performance as the Genie came off as a pretentious attempt to be comedic that just fell flat in every conceivable way for me.

Lost a bit of magic but i still enjoyable.

What a waste of time .

Good entertaining movie .

There were majorly important parts that seemed to be brushed over for the sake of adding new pointless plot points.

I found this movie to be entertaining than the animated one with the music being far better as well.

Beautiful and entertaining .

The ending felt a little bit forced but in general as a family and kids film the movie is really enjoyable

In the sign of the times, fewer good screenplays result in bland remakes of classic motion picture gems.

The acting for the most part is bland.

It's a big waste of time and money and it's a movie that i'll never going to revisit ever again.

Dead eyed, wooden, monotone'd debacle .

In all honestly, this was one of the worst examples I've seen of this cliché.

The story was too quick in parts when there needs to be more information, and too slow in the filler parts.

Forced explanations of the mundane abound & whether they contradict what you'd assumed or compliment, they feel superfluous regardless.

Where the remake succeeded: +Will Smith was probably the most fun and enjoyable part of the whole movie.

This movie is waste of time period.

It was wonderfully filmed with stunning cinematography and really engaging characters.

All in all, it was an enjoyable film with beautiful effects and enough new material to keep me interested.

Very good and enjoyable .

It's a Disney movie yet the acting was so monotone and melancholy.

7/10 - weird camera angles and some iffy storytelling can be forgiven in this entertaining Disney remake in which Will Smith proves to be a worthy successor to the great Robin Williams

Disappointing, pointless and sloppy.


The movie was enjoyable.

Enjoyable entertaining movie.

Both very enjoyable and entertaining.

But i enjoyed it...

I saw this movie for the first time today and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The costumes are details , realistic and fascinating.

After watching the incredibly dull remake of "The Lion King" (which I saw before this), I was worried.

Great directing,great casts,very enjoyable watching Will smith as the Genie.

This live action remake was boring and lasted longer than it needed to be with unnecessary side plots and not so great CGI the only thing that keeps the film at somewhat alive is the music and will Smith's acting

All in all a good entertaining family movie among the other good entertaining family movie reboots.

There are also several new songs in that first half hour; they are all drab and mildly irritating.

Among the cast that stood out as the best, was Will Smith in his interpretation of the Genie of which he easily serves as the most entertaining aspect of the entire movie and nearly stealing the whole show.

This movie is worth watching.

Don't waste your money.

save your money for Lion King.

The only thing is.. I did get bored sometimes, because some moments the singing did take too long to pause the story.

The ending also very predictable!

Overall very enjoyable movie

For example, the whole part of Aladdin in the cave, taking the lamp and escaping afterward felt rushed and boring.

Don't waste your time.

The movie was entertaining.

The story is fairly engaging, and they have the advantage of acclaimed material to work with, and when you follow that as closely as they did here, it's hard not to have a good story.

However, this movie won me over in the end and it was beautifully made and entertaining at all times.

Review: Will Smith definitely saved this movie, because I was falling asleep after the first half an hour, and the singing was getting on my nerves.

After that "One Jump" happens and the song is good but the sequence is kind of a mess with a mix of slow motion shots and fast speed shots and normal shots it's a little weird but enjoyable.

It started to engage us and be exciting!

The movie is good but you feel evrything is predictable specifcly when aladin choose his 3rd wishes ...

In conclusion, Aladdin (2019) is a enjoyable fun exhilarating magic carpet ride that is full of catchy songs, humorous and likable characters and great designs for pretty much everything!

10 stars, so enjoyable, successful remake .

As far as performance is concerned only Will Smith and Naomi Scott could give justice to their characters, rest all were average and dull.

Fun, thrilling, romantic, colorful, It has it all.

It's pointless, yes, but it's here and I have to admit it's a fairly entertaining time.

But it's controlled so he is entertaining and witty without being intrusive.

Enjoyable performance and a great - great - great Will Smith.

Finally, it made from a classic normal story that all of us know it to an enjoyable and loveable film .

It's coloful, exciting, funny and full of amazing music, basically a perfect family film.

This was painful to sit through - boring, lacklustre and with little in the way of Disney magic.

I enjoyed it as a movie....

My biggest issue with this movie, aside from the whole "it's pointless to make a shot for shot remake of an existing classic" thing that bothers so many, myself included.

The lively and exciting characters I grew up with have been replaced by bland and uninteresting characters from the Sultan to Jaffa.

Enjoyable .

I like the animal version tatally that is my favorite so i like this story the live movie has lots of advantages it is really enjoyable

Aladdin was bland, Jafar was Ja-far from being a good villian, and Jasmine was just nothing.

Just a classic film well worth watching

Will Smith had perfect comic timing and had a charm in his performance whereas Naomi was stunning and had a great screen presence.

Mind blowing .

Predictable yet enjoyable.

Especially the sad, hallow version of Jafar, but the title character himself is truly flat and bland.

He was quite dull and boring, definately a miscast.

Waste of time as most of whatever comes from Hollywood nowadays.

Don't waste your time,

What a terrible waste of everyone's time and money - on both sides of the screen.

Thoroughly enjoyed it not sure what movie everyone else was watching!

But dont waste your time here.

Will smith is only reason this movie is worth watching

The visuals were stunning and beautiful.

The third strong point is the actors : Mena Massoud was OK, but I particularly love Naomi Scott who was stunning and truly revealed by this role.

The cinematography alone is worth the watch.

The movie is very entertaining for all the family.

Iago is one of the reasons why Aladdin is enjoyable.

Mena Massoud as Aladdin is terrible, Naomi Scott as Jasmin is at best passable, and Marwan Kenzari as Jafar pale and boring!

The Climax is suspenseful and very different from the Original.

Overall a very good performance, movie and very enjoyable.

Even our grandchildren were bored .


I was all prepared to be bored by an egoistic attempt to rehash the introductory scenes of the original that we have all watched 100s of time.

All of the songs that we grew to love in the original, became tedious after a while, and the additional songs didn't really work.

Overall, it's a decent, if overlong, watch that can actually be fairly enjoyable.

Somewhat entertaining Disney film.

But it's too boring when they start annoying with those songs 🙄🙄

Finally, i got that the creators of the movie wanted to create a new legacy for Disney, which was interested and enjoyable fro some points.


but the super slow and steady shots were probably only so they could animate the monkey in...

Only good thing was will smith, besides that, waste of money and time.

The songs are so, so, sooo boring, omg.

So I guess great for insomnia.

Unexpected Amusement .

Thumbs down boring.

Disneyland's real dream factory, the long lens started into the fairy tale kingdom in an instant, the princess of Jasmine is too beautiful, the acting is also very good, riding a magic carpet to visit the world is very stunning, of course reaction

Waste of time .

He also infused his hip-hop background into the musical portions; this makes his singing more enjoyable.

I really enjoyed it.

Jasmine's dad was disappointingly boring (prefer the bubbly albeit blur cartoony-version).

They made it interesting and exciting.

This movie was engaging and the new spins that were written were a phenomenal reimagination of the Aladdin story line.

If you decide to watch it save your money and time its not worth a trip to the movies I recommend waiting until it's released on a streaming service or DVD.

Perfectly entertaining remake .

Like I said, if you haven't seen the original and are being introduced to Aladdin for the first time, this movie is fine and enjoyable.

Movie was thoroughly enjoyable!

Music was beautiful much like the original and it took some slight creative liberties in an enjoyable remake.

I was skeptic about this film but after watching it I can honestly say that I enjoyed it more than I expected.

It's missing all of the magic and wit of the original in the same terrible street set over and over again and dull harsh sunlight; remember the beautiful wistful moonlight scene over Agrabah in Disney's Aladdin where Aladdin and Jasmine see the same landmark in two different ways?

Found this movie so boring....

Please watch this movie with an open mind and I promise you will find it enjoyable and a good homage to your childhood

Just boring.

My whole family and my three kids enjoyed it so much,we watched it over and over again..thanks guy!

"Aladdin" is a very funny and highly entertaining version of the Arabian Nights´ tale by Guy Ritchie.

One of the Worst movie of 2019 .

Boring when not cringy .

Visually amazing, but slightly empty .

He was one of the reasons why this movie, Aladdin, was enjoyable along with the people that played Aladdin and Jasmine.

Overall, despite some iffy CGI and editing, it makes for entertaining viewing.

In terms of direction, Guy Ritchie is proven to be ill-suited to direct a musical like Aladdin, given the fact of how he handled the direction of the musical sequences turns completely bland, and the results of its action sequences were choppily-cut and sloppy, which results on his direction as extremely rote and soulless.

This is boring, tired, unfunny and frustrating.

Very joyful, full of colors and entertaining, with just a pinch of new story ideas, that add to the movie's freshness.

Totally Enjoyable .

A very entertaining movie .

The villain is the most boring one dimensional half made villain since Justice Leagues Steppenwolf.

But if you're very familiar with the original, this isn't going to introduce anything new, and frankly the cartoon was able to be way more entertaining in many respects.

enjoyable .

Surprisingly enjoyable .

Its actually very dull and the singing segments seems fake and out of no where .. although the one thing that raised the film for me was will smith he took the role very well and gave a good flavor with his comedian scene

It's fun , entertaining and love to watch it again

Entire film full of boring and overuse singing scene!

To be truthful one of the worst movies ever.

like during the scene when Aladdin dance with jasmin at the banquet at the jasmin kingdom (Agrabah), the movement of Alladin dance are very fascinating.

It's enjoyable, stick wit it.

The production design is superb and the musical segments are stunning!

But still an entertaining movie.

This movie was just boring.

Weak acting resulting in boring movie; CGI for even common animals .

They switched up the soundtrack a little and made it more modern, which typically I would hate but I actually enjoyed it here.

Not even twenty minutes into the movie, and they're shoving feminist propaganda down our throats.

I really enjoyed it.

Disney is really losing its magic with the majority of these pointless live action remakes.

Boring .

Funny and exciting .

An enjoyable Disney classic.

to my surprise I really enjoyed it, it wasn't to musically for me (which when Disney added annoying song extra backstory to B&TB I found it rather draggie as the whole concept didn't fit for me along with starring Emma Watson as Belle nah) Will Smith did an exceptional job!

That shows how much I enjoyed it.

I found it enjoyable enough.

I actually enjoyed it more than Beauty and the Beast.

He is not a dashing rouge, a daring street rat, he is just bland and has zero chemistry with the girl playing Jasmine.

songs, dressing and direction was absolutely stunning!

Very enjoyable.

Most of the songs from the original is back and especially the ones Will Smith sings are really worth watching.

Boring, no charm whatsoever, careless .

The only thing worth watching is the broadway musical

What a waste of time.

"Speechless" is beautifully sung by Naomi Scott but the scene is very out of place and pointless which is unfortunate because the song is great.

Meanwhile the musical numbers are boring and the CGI is uneven.

Boring and lifeless.

The movie was very entertaining and Will Smith does and excellent job of doing the genie role justice.

If you're looking for a family friendly, wholesome, entertaining movie look no further.

I really enjoyed it and my kids liked it very much.

They portray Aladdin as a dull, dim-witted, clumsy character.

Didn't really add anything new to the original, but I still enjoyed it.

He just has a basic boring "Polly wants a cracker!

In summary, I was majorly disappointed by this movie, and all of Disney's usual talent has wasted away and become lazy, and once again they've just made another monetary, boring copycat.

Colorful and entertaining .

Yes, it was pointless and the decision to make it was a bit tasteless.

It truly takes skill to turn the most colorful, over the top & magical Disney movie into a dull shell of a story.

Watch in HD and you'll see how enjoyable this experience was.


I enjoyed it, and as my wife said, only Disney could give a carpet the character that makes you engage with it.

Possibly one of the worst movies in history of cinema.

On the whole a really enjoyable film.

It is predictable, it has lots of music and it is quite colorful.

Boring & uninspiring.