Alex Cross (2012) - Action, Crime, Mystery

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A homicide detective is pushed to the brink of his moral and physical limits as he tangles with a ferociously skilled hired killer who specializes in torture and pain.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Rob Cohen
Stars: Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 46 out of 167 found boring (27.54%)

One-line Reviews (141)

A lot of people have said it's predictable but, as others have said, in some ways the vast majority of Hollywood movies are (and in my experience, usually the most unpredictable movies tend to come from European countries such as France, Italy and - my home country - England).

Fox plays this character so believably sinister and unpredictable that you are genuinely not sure what he is going to do next.

Patterson's novel is condensed down to a formulaic and predictable plot, where you can see trouble coming a mile away.

Other than that, don't waste your time.

It's predictable, with some atrocious characters (Hi Mom!

It's based on the book of the same name and is quite tense and thrilling (if a little far-fetched in places).


I found it entertaining and I was fully engrossed in the story.

Perry's not a complete dud yet is easily out-acted by Matthew Fox, whose psychotic serial killer – replete with twitches, tics and crazy eyes – is fun to watch and elevates this from total boredom to mediocre entertainment.

The plot is rather weak, like a mixed porridge, lots of clichés, unlikely actions/activities and predictable ending.

"Matthew Fox plays an intense dude.

The acting is horrific, the dialog is idiotic, the action sequences are poorly choreographed, and the plot is 100% predictable.

I guess when you enter a room filled with dead people and immediately state that one person committed the homicides is stunning confidence, everyone around you just goes along for the ride.

The rest of the cast is bland and unmemorable, they all seem like they don't want to be here and I don't blame them.

Some of the action scenes are relatively entertaining and watchable.

One is some of the staging of some of the action sequences, which are genuinely exciting.

There's no real plot here of trying to capture or hunt down your psychotic killer it's just he will be handed to you on a platter completely by accident.

It is far better than the 6.4 Killer Elite and more entertaining than the 6.5 Mechanic.

Alex cross is a horrible movie with a badly written and generic plot that is extremely boring to watch, uninteresting and flat characters, supporting actors that are pretty bad, emotional moments that fail, and a horrible final fight ruined by shaky cam to where you can't tell what the hell is happening.

The crying violins are repeatedly boring.

I saw this film with the delights who are my mom and my sister and I was treated with a number of unexpected events in the story, which was also a delight considering how so many contemporary movies are too predictable to be thoroughly enjoyed.

no passion, boring, painful to watch (embarrassing at times)has no depth in his character and is totally unbelievable in the lead role.

Sum "simple" scenes - the box fight at the beginning as example - are more thrilling.

Added to that,the story is dull,predictable and boring.

Full of retributive violence but low on tangible mystery, this adaptation of the popular literary character lacks a suspenseful script and a believable lead.

The pacing is uneven, we're given slow set-up then the movie keeps shifting, rushing things here and there, slowing down things here and there, this is an on-going process and by the end I found myself wanting to grind my face against a cheese grater.

After this ever so tiresome day of ridding the city from evil its clear his life is going smoothly; receiving news of his unborn child and a promising job opportunity at the FBI, what could possibly go awry?

This is hands down one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life, and I've seen a boatload of lousy movies.

It's the script and the plot making this Cross unbearable.

He delivers a believable, compelling performance as a Detroit detective pitted against a ruthless assassin.

He reveled in his evil and, while he tittered on the edge, always kept a hint of reality to his part.

Though messy and a little silly KISS THE GIRLS was a fairly savvy adaptation and a far more intriguing and cinematic viewing experience.

Hands down the worst movie ever.

As if these problems weren't enough, the film just feels like such a mechanical effort, lazily connecting one dot to another and one genre cliché to the last one, before the big red herring of the plot in the shape of Cross's wife's murder comes along, which feels like such a preposterous and unbelievable turn of events, but one which it feels the plot rests on to prevent it becoming too tedious.

I found both the antagonist and the protagonist engaging enough to hold my interest until the final act, especially Fox who really delivered a brilliant performance here.

A Bore.

The very few actions scenes are boring and nausea-inducing, especially the climatic fight scene.

The overall effect of this portrayal though was disjointed and shallow.

Everything and everyone was a cliché -- bad guys are foreign (German, French), Asians are sluts, and White Anglos are not very bright.

There are a number of exciting scenes that got me invested and they did a good job of raising the stakes for our protagonist so that it was more than a job, it was personal.

An Entertaining Cop Film without unnecessary gore .

I also want to comment on the director because the journey he takes the audience on is enjoyable and exciting.

The movie was predictable, badly written, and direction was choppy.

It's just disgusting and a waste of time.

As for being predictable - easy to say that- and there aren't many movies out there thats not a bit predictable.

This movie was kind of predictable.

Many other films that IMDb viewers have rated at 7+ have been way more predictable than this one, less of a plot and the same people doing the same thing as they did in part 1, 2, 3 on so on.

With the exception of Fox, the cast is dull.

But its worth watching, nonetheless.

Everything about this film is too predictable.

I enjoyed it and I think a lot of viewers did too.

I really wanted to like this film when it first came out but, it just was so boring and unimaginative I began to realize that it was due to faulty construction of scenes and character's dialog.

Perry and Fox are excellent and the story is entertaining, if flawed.

I wouldn't even say it's good, but it is entertaining.

Only the very dull Alex Holmes stood out from this dismal pack because he could throw out some nonsense that had them in awe of him.

His presence in the film was riveting which had you rooting for him rather than the police achieving justice.

The shaking makes the movie unwatchable.

They should have made this a little bit more suspenseful instead it's like they just through the script away.

To see just a regular role with a person of color was nice and enjoyable.

We know the actors can act, and the director can direct, so why are we left with a movie with bland acting and characters we care little about.

rushed but very slow in getting there (if that makes sense???

It borders on unwatchable and though it might not have been 2012's worst it's certainly close to the top.

The film is that right mix of flat-out ridiculous, predictable and bad elements combined with enough actually intriguing developments to make the whole thing watchable.

I found the movie entertaining and I think Tyler Perry did a great job.

The only time he got into the mind of the killer was right before the killer blew up his mark thus making it a complete and utter waste of time.

The movie was too predictable (I volunteered to go and get the popcorn and drinks refilled); the development of storyline was haphazardly done; and sadly, you found yourself rooting for the bad guy.

Patterson is not the most original writer, but this film stoops to clichés that even he (to my knowledge) wisely avoids; fellow cops with clandestine relationships etc. The movie descends into generic revenge pabulum with debilitating ease, when it aspires to be a suspenseful psychological thriller.

We left the theater still talking about the unexpected ending.

So, "Alex Cross" is a lot entertaining and keeps some thrilling till the end.

I just came across this on TV, partway through, and found it compelling enough to stop channel surfing and watch it to the end.

No plot point is ever explained and no character development ever occurs.

a lot of boring dialogs,fast forwarding important parts in the tail on the other hand ???!!!

Poorly acted by both lead players and the plot is so predictable that it's painful.

The acting is dull, the character's are cardboard cut-outs, the direction is horrible especially during the climatic fight scene, the script is lazy, and the pacing is widely uneven.

We all know what is going to happen next, the point is if the movie keeps the adrenaline high.



It's also made clear that Cross and his wife Maria want to leave Detroit, because she is pregnant and wants to free both of them from the seamy Detroit area.

Anyway overall a poor formula movie totally predictable and disappointing.

Writers Marc Moss and Kerry Williamson juggle juggle too many characters, a feeble plot, and Rob Cohen conducts exposition with boredom and action sequences with incoherency.

When he's on screen you're on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen, and in a totally non-sicko way, I found myself routing for him the entire film.

Although I had the feeling it's going to be a bad picture and I postponed watching it as long as possible, I gave it a try on a boring Thursday evening.

This was a made up story that is too predictable.

Matthew Fox gives a very memorable performance as a fairly intriguing character.

Quite honesty, most movies are predictable.

Another terrible idea was to have the camera constantly shaking because that's an action movie cliché that everyone loves (sarcasm).

Generic, bland, inconsistent, sappy, over-the-top, and annoying are the perfect verbs, nouns, or adjectives to describe my hate for this film.

The connection between sexual fetish and murder is pushed during a torture scene.

Alex Cross is equally silly, boring, offensive and implausible which are also its best qualities if the viewer is in a mocking kind of mood.

The use of tetrodotoxin was fairly original, but I'm unsure if the place it would be found would be a seedy and dilapidating hotel room, since it is contrived from pufferfish and other water based creatures.

A painfully miscast Tyler Perry receives top billing as a rogue detective facing off against a threatening antagonist played excellently by 'LOST' alum Matthew Fox, who brings an unsettling edge to his character, exploring his motivations where the bland screenplay dares not.

He would have made the movie much more intriguing and fun.

Firstly the name is dull for an action film, secondly the storyline lacks a background that's compelling enough to want to see it again.

It's a good thing we had The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 and Battleship last year or this movie would have swept the worst movie awards.

All those people giving it bad reviews are way out of order,I was expecting a crap movie Tyler Perry etc,but I was nicely surprised that this was entertaining and well acted.

The dialogue is dull and the acting is even worse.

But overall for me - last night after the football game, it was an enjoyable evening at the movies.

Perry played more of a younger version of Alex Cross and the movie was much more intense.

I made the mistake of listening to the Director's commentary which was even more boring than the movie.

Half of what makes "Alex Cross" so entertaining is the casting of Perry himself as an action hero.

As the tattooed, sociopath hit-man with a penchant for pain, both inflicted onto his victims and onto himself, for a while he brings about a somewhat refreshing take with his chiseled body used as a weapon to take down opponents, then turned bland rather quickly.

Script is cheesy and predictable.

This is the kind of film that goes straight to video and gets played late night on free TV channels, if you want to waste your time on this (but certainly not your money.

The killing of Cross's wife (although it seemed, as I said, contrived more as a way of evolving the character than an integral and necessary part of the film) certainly brought some emotional reactions forth, and the final confrontation between Cross and the killer was pretty well done.

Religious themes and comedic tropes were conspicuous by their absences in this entertaining melodrama.

It is far from interesting as it is clichéd and has an unbearable dialogue.

I enjoyed this movie as a thrill seeking exciting journey and found it realistic.

Matthew Fox, who clearly dropped his body fat to zero for this film, will one day look back and regret all those months he went without a decent meal, because a) the movie is terrible, and b) his portrayal of a psychotic killer is ultimately a study in cliché.

It's a complete bore and sitting through this is a chore.

(31%) A hugely by the numbers action thriller that I can only imagine the sheer number of people who walked out of a cinema after the final scene (or more likely after the first twenty or so minutes) and never giving it a so much as a seconds worth of thought ever again.

Serial killer role is played well and convincing by Fox, story is strong, Tyler Perry's role is miscast or poorly written, minus that weakness, movie is worth watching.

Horrible waste of time .

Really boring.

More super bland than super cop .

A+ effects, with a great cast and a mediocre plot that is very predictable, don't see at the theater, wait for DVD

I would not work hard to defend their literary value, but they are very entertaining, and they certainly have the potential to be the basis for a solid series of movies.

Ungodly boring to watch .

Now, he must try to take down a psychopathic assassin, played by Matthew Fox, sadly following the tired and formulaic cop story.

This is an enjoyable movie and I don't think the acting was rubbish as so many people have stated.

Because this movie is so poorly written, it is unbelievably predictable.

In sharp contrast to the rest of this schlock, however, is Mathew Fox's riveting and inspired performance as an assassin.

"Alex Cross", in my review, "waste of potential, formulaic and indulgent".

It's still very enjoyable to watch though.

Not only unoriginal and predictable, but also painful and uncomfortable to sit through, "Alex Cross" is one of the very worst movies of the whole year.

The most exciting part of the books for me was always the villains, The Wolf, The Mastermind, Casanova etc. and how Cross would be effected by them and ultimately track them down and confront them.

It's a nice balance to Tyler Perry's totally wooden and bland performance.

Its enjoyable.

But then again, take the movie for what it is, an enjoyable action flick.

complete waste of time and money .

This was possibly the worst movie I've watched in 2012.

The audience is trying hard to figure out where they are themselves, that the scene itself is secondary and the adrenaline is replaced by confusion.

Unbearably slow and idiotic .

It was great, it was unpredictable, it was realistic, it was a ride.

A midst the shaky fight at the ending scene this movie is watchable and still enjoyable...

The script is predictable and laughable.

Nothing about this thriller is thrilling, everything's clichéd and quite tedious.

But, despite what everyone is saying, I found this film enjoyable while it lasted.

An entertaining Night In Movie .

He's not alone here, though, because all of the characters run on rails like bland cardboard cut-outs wheeling through a CGI shooting gallery.

With Patterson likely responsible for any ingenuity plot wise, the writers and producers at least owed the material a thrilling big screen adaptation.

Action packed .