All I See Is You (2016) - Drama, Mystery, Romance

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A blind woman's relationship with her husband changes when she regains her sight and discovers disturbing details about themselves.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Marc Forster
Stars: Blake Lively, Jason Clarke
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 42 out of 112 found boring (37.5%)

One-line Reviews (100)

If you could sit through the boredom of Foster's directing, you would find a real movie, and a great story worthy of a better job.

A visually stunning character piece .

Furthermore, they are involved multiple times in simply pointless events which don't lead anywhere.

Lively is clearly the star here, with an intriguing dual role of being one girl before and quite the new one after regaining her sight.

Very boring movie with no good plot.

The plot itself manages to bring plenty of boredom to make you lose any interest, while at the same time, is not able to provide any emotion or suspense.

Getting distracted so frequently by the visual effects, images, sharp lines, and vivid colors allowed me to forget how I had gotten bored with the story.

Don't waste your time watching this flick .

Blake Lively is always interesting to me whether in engaging dramas like Age of Adeline or in engaging nonsense such as The Shallows.

When it looks like something really thrilling is to happen...

Also quite predictable in that we knew once Blake Lively compleyely heals and gauins back her eye sight, her character change was going to occur and as expected she does change for the worse, and her attitude towards her husband (Jason Clarke) become more obvious as she becomes more unlikable.

It felt more like a slow paced drama with some occasional scenes of interest.

I really liked the plot twist, but the ending was terrible, open and confusing.

Well it's /very/ slow for one.

The visuals and colors are nice to look at and they were several sex scenes, that felt as if they were to put for the audiences to forgot that the movie is quite slow and nothing happens, as if the director wanted to distract us.

The net product is a confusing and rather irritating mishmash that makes it very hard to follow the paper-thin narrative, and inclined this particular viewer to keep dozing off - aided by the trance-inducing music and sound design!

This movie is slow just to let everyone know.

Pointless beautiful .

Perhaps, the slow paced and seeming lead the viewer to nowhere.

A serious waste of time.

how can someone transform a promising plot in a very dull and nonsense?

It wears off rather quickly and becomes tedious after the initial novelty.

His actions towards her getting her vision back was predictable because he didn't like her behavior.

so predictable.

It's co-written by Sean Conway and director Forster, and despite teasing some fascinating psychological aspects, we find ourselves constantly waiting for the movie to show us what we already know is about to happen.

It's linear, predictable and overall disappointing; even more upsetting if you put the finale into the equation as well, as it does almost nothing that can somehow make up for the mistakes that were previously made.

Helt waste of time!!!!!

A thoroughly enjoyable film.

It's really, really pretentious.

unbearably predictable.

It's watchable, but too predictable .

The first 30 minutes knits together the confusion and frustration of Gina's everyday life perfectly sometimes taking us behind her eyes to experience the lights and the shapes that Gina can almost see as we follow her to the pool, teaching guitar, and to the doctors where she is told that a transplant is possible.

Its slow and full of stupid dialogue about penis size and sex and very little in the way of an actual story.

It was a waste of time and was pointless.

If you are into deep, surreal, bizarre and stunning movies, you are going to LOVE "All I See is You".

Enjoyable and realistic .

extremely boring and super sexual.

The result is a very long, tedious, cinematographer's holiday (Matthias Koenigswieser) about the world we see and the world we don't see.

Compelling to watch what should be a miracle instead become a curse for these two characters.

It is still worth watching the film yet be prepared for a depressing drawn out movie.

Whilst what follows is definitely psychological, and in part thrilling, this is very much a study of a relationship on the precipice and the extremes we'll go to when cornered or desperate.

When the producers were left without any idea regarding the plot, they would simply introduce a sex scene, hoping to regain some interest, but it's a cheap and pointless trick if you ask me.

A pretentious, self-conscious little film, that bores rather than impresses.

This is not really like watching paint dry, its actually more tedious than that!

In some flicks, this is appealing but, this time, along with a slow pace, it fails to keep a movie fans attentions at every moment.

Narratively the story is loosely written with a slow pace (especially in the beginning) that doesn't allow the film to gather much momentum.

This slow-moving film was a train wreck in character development.

It's not a fast-paced, gripping thriller that will have you glued to the edge of your seat.

while one suffers through this long drawn out pathetic story.

Waste of time .

it just feels kind of pointless at the end.

By then, the makers have disposed subplots going nowhere and concentrated on the main line.

There's nothing going on in this movie, no plot, no story , nothing, from start to finish is just boring.

Those easily-impressionable people I was telling you about will say we didn't get it and we only like Marvel films, but come on, empty expectations are as bad as brainless explosions.

It's very slow, as it should be, taking the time to help us understand the characters and connect with them.

Too much filler and slow.

Stirring, emotionally and intellectually evocative .

Director Marc Forster wants to say something compelling about the human condition.

Forster - as the director and one of the writers - has aimed for suspenseful relationship drama, and the two stars (Blake Lively, Jason Clarke) are certainly up to the challenge, both able thespians as they are.

Terrible waste of time.

Boring from start to finish .

I truly like Blake Lively but felt this was a waste of time for her.

stick to Marvel comic movies :) However, if you like being engaged with an intense and realistic story that demands some thinking by the viewer (and beautifully set in Thailand), you won't be disappointed.

No story to this movie whatsoever .

watching paint dry is more exciting .

Maybe minor spoilers depending on your point of view, nothing major, no plot points.

just saw it i enjoyed it too much thanks Marc, and the cast of i all i see is you .

I rate it a 4 as a 5 is too high for the painful long arse boring depressing script with even worse ending possible.

I tend to prefer films that are less "artsy", but as a former film student and someone who has worked in theatre, film, and TV since the age of 14, I have been exposed to (and enjoyed) a wide and eclectic range of dramatic entertainment - and art - over the years, and I still found ALL I SEE IS YOU to be a boring and pretentious load of twaddle.

The filmmakers simply failed to expand on the central premise here, and what we get is a feature length film that is a bore to sit through.

I must confess I'm a fan of Blake Lively, but this was a fantastic portrayal of the intense personal journey that a blind person goes through as they regain, and then relose, their sight.

Visually breathtaking.

It's a beautiful empty shell.

Waste of time .

The slow pacing of the movie is not a problem there: before the story even begins, we are given a few clues about some discrete forces in society that tear couples apart: bragging and lust, obsessions and anxiety.

He gets the messages, walks out on her and jumps in his car, and, absorbed in a very emotionally intense session of self-introspection and judgment while driving, ends up in a fatal accident.

A big waste of time that just left me frustrated.

torment, selfishness and cruelty, is what the plot is drawn out of, a somewhat dark an pitiful perspective on life.

(Although, I agree that a few small parts were pointless and added nothing to the plot.

It is a decent enough unraveling of a suspenseful story involving the slow deterioration of a marriage, which keeps you guessing until the very end.

It's a movie which presents an interesting intrigue, that of a woman who suddenly is able to see, while everything that follows falls into the unexpected.

The slow and plot and mediocre performance from most of the actors creates a awful film.

My Suggestion: See it if you like Blake Lively or Jason Clarke enough to sit through a boring movie starring them.

Emotionless, pathetic, colourless.. A two hour waste of time.

This is a strange film as it is well acted with high production value and some superb locations but the characters have very few redeeming qualities and it ends up being a super depressing twisted dull story that falters at every act.

You're forced to see through her blurry sight way too many times that it simply gets tiresome for your own eyes.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen, nothing makes sense

Plain and dull .

waste of time.

The story seems to be left in a very dull moment which stays on and nothing really unfolds.

Really depressingly boring .

Intriguing premise.

This movie is so boring.

A waste of near two Hrs and a lot of money - with pretty pictures not atoning for a weak script.

This movie attempt at suspense and thrills is a 5 out of 10 because some things became too predictable and obvious.

but this movie is a waste of time.

Yes, it took far too long to get to the good stuff.

Quite boring and no thrill.

Most reviewers seem to agree that this was a boring and rather pointless film.

The last third of the 110 minutes is actually pretty enjoyable.