American Assassin (2017) - Action, Thriller

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After the death of his girlfriend at the hands of terrorists, Mitch Rapp is drawn into the world of counterterrorism, mentored by tough-as-nails former U.S. Navy S.E.A.L. Stan Hurley.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Michael Cuesta
Stars: Dylan O'Brien, Michael Keaton
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 92 out of 425 found boring (21.64%)

One-line Reviews (296)

Action packed non stop.

Just American propaganda movie like usual.. bad background story, disgusting...

The major story problems were an easily predictable, clichéd plot and then a confusing message about the merits/morality of revenge vs.

Just a bland terrorist.

Hilariously pretentious.

Some obvious CGI work and the story was predictable…I think the cast made up for all the story problems I had.

Boring .

" The movie is taut, thrilling, and most of all entertaining.

Slow start, hell of a finish.. .

The cliché ridden theme of an agent going rogue in order to fulfill an original mission is encountered time and time again in the story with no foreseeable consequences.

Also it's boring, none of the characters are interesting, decent acting and garbage dialogues.

a lot of typical propaganda in the movie .

The movie starts out with a really compelling theme.

Fully entertaining and had me searching to see if there will be a sequel.

Every Cliche in Hollywood .

C'mon guys, this movie is so predictable it hurts.

The movie is action packed from the first moments on the beach till the potential cataclysmic ending, one that offers the special effects team the chance to create something never seen before.

Keaton is appropriately bad- ass, O'Brien is charismatic and exciting to watch, Negar is as deadly as she is beautiful and Kitsch makes a great villain.

It was well polished, well made and very enjoyable to watch.

He's a man obsessed with violence and killing, which makes for a very bloody and intense movie.

The topper occurs when Rapp ferrets out an Iranian double agent within his ranks and nearly drowns Annika Ogden (Shiva Negar) to get her admission, but in a stunning reversal, they become allies when her own handler is murdered by Iranian government bigwigs.

His performance is fine, I never felt he was putting in less than his best performance, but I simply think a different person would have made for a more enjoyable finished product.

So in short - no story line, not exactly strong acting or direction, the effects were decent and a poor adaptation of the book.

Strangely they made him dress and look too similar to Dylan so it was confusing sometimes.

It's pretty generic but undeniably entertaining .

But again it's entertaining and that's what a movie should be about.

The 'good guys' are bland and boring enough for you to hope that they lose.

It is a credit to the filmmakers that "American Assassin" is a character-driven film instead of a tedious John Wick-style film that is all action with cardboard characters.

Michael Cuesta's direction fails to muster an iota of real interest with his epic fail of his young lead to carry favor with its audience and the biggest shock is the dull screenplay by Stephen Shciff and Michael Finch was co-written by Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz - the powerhouse '80s filmmaking team who have seen better days and better projects!

But still a entertaining action show :)

Another thing I want to mention specifically is the action; the action here is actually really good, it's fast paced, the fighting brutal and surprisingly gory, actually let me talk about that too; we're living in a era where even horror movies are being toned down to avoid R ratings and to leave way for a larger and younger audience, this movie does NOT care about that.

But if your one of those brain-dead morons who will overlook a dull movie with a lame overused plot and a horrible lead because it has loads of blood and explosions then ...

Michael Keaton was amazing in his first action film roll and was intense and believable as a former Navy S.

But it is exciting to see a gritty, brutal Dylan O'Brien taking out bad guys.

Boring, dumb, cliché action movie.

The movie starts promising enough but towards the middle and latter part of the film, it becomes a yawn fest.

A hero who we allow to disregard orders because of his extraordinary abilities, a nuke, an FBI director with no charisma, a completely pointless boob shot, and a fist fight on a boat because we all know that international terrorism involving nukes is always decided by hand-to-hand combat.

the plot line is totally predictable.

Much better than the usual PG-13 Hollywood yawn - fest.

It was entertaining and because I love Dylan and Taylor.

If you're expecting a Vince Flynn thriller, don't waste your time on this.

Overall, this film did not live up to the hype and was largely a bland, uninspiring affair.

I'm really bummed by how boring it became.

Dylan O'Brien tried really hard, but honestly, it was pointless.

all in all,its a well edited movie ,good sound effects and the music score makes it all more exciting to watch.

It's an obvious story line but enjoyable all the same.

Although this wasn't fun, since all the terrorism and death, but cool and fast paced it was.

It's generic, predictable, and not particularly inspired.

It will keep you enthralled and on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Save your money...

Please don't waste your time here.

Michael Keaton and Dylan O'Brien were enjoyable enough in this movie.

Well, the film is kind of entertaining - agreed.

It's fast, hard-knuckle and action packed, and the fight scenes are really splendid.

I scored free tickets to this which is a good thing because I walked out after an hour because I was dozing off.

But, To my big surprise, this movie was fresh, balanced, and at times, gripping.

All in all, this is worth watching.

The martial arts are well choreographed while somewhat repetitive.

I've seen people complain online about how this movie doesn't follow the book, but I've never read any of the Mitch Rapp books, so maybe that's one of the reasons I enjoyed it more than others did.

But I watched it twice and enjoyed it and I rarely watch films twice.

Slick, Anti-Iranian Propaganda Disguised As A Film .

The script (suffering from too many cooks spoil the broth, referring to the film's troubled script-writing history, more than one script-writer was involved here and it shows loud and clear) is cliché-ridden and is both pedestrian and hammy.

Dont waste your time.

It's entertaining for that type of film.

The cast are OK and handle their roles well for the most part, putting aside the usual cliché or three re CIA/Special ops agents in the field.

With that being said, the actors flourished within their roles to offset the lack of story.

But I better warn you there is a torture scene that will make you grit your teeth.

That's why this action packed movie does not impress us.

Controlled rage directing absolute revenge makes for entertaining drama and they should have tapped into it more.

Nothing happen interestingly.

Their characters are so boring to watch and every line from their mouth makes me want to barf.


While I managed to sit through this dreary film filled with unmotivated violence, unbelievable situations, unexplained transitions, and a chase scene through the streets of Rome obviously choreographed to keep from damaging expensive cars, even though none of it struck a positive chord for me.

The story of Mitch Rapps life is a tragic one but he manages to make things work out for the best and I think his story is intriguing.

Trying to establish who the baddies are and what are their agenda was like attempting to take photos of a tree or a house from inside a fast-moving train.

Dylan O'Brien looks like the younger brother of Taylor Kitsch and landing Michael Keaton was a great accomplishment for a movie this banal.

A Yes, I would recommend it to others or a No, don't waste your time.

Fun, action packed, intense.

I liked it and highly recommend it.

Just the usual unoriginal propaganda claiming the western world as heroes and all other foreigners as enemies.

But it makes the movie flat and bit boring in the end,.

There were no surprises in this one, everything was very predictable.

Almost all of the spy or secret agent action movies I've seen do the mistake of being pretty watchable for the most part but ruining the end: * introducing too many surprise twists to explain the events (= lazy storytelling), * taking itself too seriously (= becoming increasingly dull or heavy- handed), * or favoring often seen tired (how many times have you seen a final shootout on the roof of the building while it's raining, for example?

Action scenes are very filmed, intense and about has real as Jason Bourne film series.

The second is for the effects team, who pull off an entertaining explosion at one point.

Exciting, intriguing, great characters - this movie had it all.

The plot is one of the most predictable I've seen in a film in quite some time where every twist is seen coming from a mile away.

Watch only when bored and do not expect clever plot/interesting or original scenes, go in expecting some mediocre fighting scenes and spying.

So the movie is worth watching and pretty good.....

There were lots of typical political propaganda within the scenes which made the movie boring for me.

The film opens with a startling and uncompromisingly violent opening sequence that leaves a positive and very promising first impression, while the first hour an hour is gritty and compelling as well as providing chills and devastation.

The action scenes are very well done, and the plot has enough twists and turns to be steadily entertaining.

" The chief problem lies with its bland hero.

Entertaining action flick .

Somewhat enjoyable but predictable .

'American Assassin's' story starts off so well and then goes off the boil and goes into tedious and over-the-top territories, never fully exploring the conflict and being indecisive on what its stance on whether revenge is a good or bad thing (it tries to do both and it ends up being confused).

While the production falls short of spectacular, it has the bells and whistles to be popcorn entertaining.

Occasionally feeling like a clever homage to 80s and 90s action flicks, but more often coming across as flat-out uninspired, the plot signposts its twists and hits its beats with the bland routine of typical straight-to-DVD dross.

That Keaton's performance in "American Assassin" is so enjoyable makes it even disappointing that the rest of the production does not match Keaton's exulted standards.

This story is pretty formulaic.

Entertaining action flick .

They're cool, fun and fast paced.

110 minutes of waste of time.

This movie hit all the modern PC cliche points.

It's a wildly erratic bag of hits and misses; some elements are surprisingly excellent but there are also stretches of the film that are absolutely yawn inducing.

Enjoyed it, and I know why.

An obvious propaganda piece for the cia.

This is a really entertaining movie that you will definitely enjoy if you like this genre.

Entertaining Action Movie .

There is absurd, non stop, pointless fighting throughout.

He sees the target and accomplice on Sean Atkins, he draws a knife, then it cuts to another camera view and his hand is empty and he draws his airsoft pistol and takes put the two targets.

From that point onward though, the film becomes tedious and clichéd.

The plot is pedestrian, derivative and painfully boring to watch.

The movie starts off promising with a very tense opening scene and what seemed to be an action packed smart movie turned out to be predictable And sometimes annoying.

First thing first I hate films that have ridiculous, pointless and unexplained transitions.

A Generic, But Enjoyable Action-Thriller for Fans of the Genre .

  Pretty standard, but entertaining, stuff.

American Assassin is pure propaganda.

Cliche characters, predictable situations...

After he gets involved with the authority, the plot becomes confusing because there are many characters and not enough explanation.

Fourth and probably most importantly, it was just a boring movie.

Cliché after cliché.

Overall it's a lame boring movie with next to no plot and a lot of blood...

It's just another one of those cliché, we are the good guys type movies.

A paint-by-numbers action flick, shaded in the same old dull colours.

Very enjoyable overall.

Nice propaganda.

Thankfully I was lazy and decided to stay home and watch it anyways because it is one of the most entertaining action thrillers I have seen lately.

However, the predictable plot, rushed development and mediocre action weren't up to the challenge of making this movie epic for me.

To me, it felt that the movie was as generic, boring and stereotyped as its title.

Whenever it started to become compelling, she appeared and reminded me it's all fake.

These short quips fit in well with the design of the movie, but at least make them suspenseful, or high adrenaline to keep me invested in the urgency of the situation.

Though the rote rigamarole is competent and can be occasionally enjoyable, it is disappointing that the harsher elements of the piece are not capitalised on considering the audience is already considerably more mature than than picture seems to realise.

Action pack,intense scenes.

Take every cliché and plot twist from every action movie about terrorism and special intelligence units, mix thoroughly, add a stream of banal dialogue, and a generous heaping of gratuitous violence (torture porn, really) - and you have American Assassin.

Mediocre action: Perhaps I set this bar high, but the trailers promised me high adrenaline stunts and espionage warfare that would leave me on the edge of my seat.

Don't waste your time watching this...

Boring counterterrorist action flick based on Vince Flynn's novel about a young recruit for the CIA (lackluster blank as a fart O'Brien) whose personal tragedy is his incentive for payback and vengeance when he is the unlikely new team member to infiltrate a possible worldwide threat and under the wing of veteran Keaton (who does as best as he can with the yawn-worthy material).

I think my wife shared the same view with me that those scenes were quite breathtaking and intense.

The movie is just tedious.

Its actioned packed and exciting.

waste of time and a Hollywood cliché .

Worth watching.

As critics have said the film does lack wit and style due to the bland scripting and inconsistent tone and with such stiff and vast competition for spy/political/revenge thrillers (which 'American Assassin' doesn't do enough with) mostly little stands out.

The story too was, iffy, mainly because it lacked the gripping aspect.

If you don't know anything about the series, you might find it modestly entertaining at best.

As such, his character is intense, befitting the novel it was based on.

Enjoyable and action packed Spy Film .


#AmericanAssassin movie starring #DylanOBrien is a flawed but entertaining spy thriller.

The story is well written and is nonstop entertaining.

I was bored watching this movie.

It was slow and dull.

I have rarely sat through such poorly-written, uninteresting garbage.

right-wing American propaganda .

Typical Hollywood propaganda: arabs/muslims are the bad guys, Iran is the bad guy country and of course it wants to do away with poor israel.

Don't waste your time or money on this, just read the books.

The story as a whole is just confusing.

The rest is a bad cliche: CIA vs.

A confusing story .

Oh yeah, cliché.

After the first half hour, I was excited to watch the rest of what seemed to be an entertaining bad movie.

Luckily, the CIA bails him out and Sanaa-the lead agent-sees potential in Dylan and sends him to get some intensive training from Michael.

But the effects used for that particular scene are stunning.

Worth watching.

Yet the set pieces are executed with an unexpected flair and brutality that gives them a compelling edge.

It ain't "Sicario", but it's entertaining.

Whilst the film is a way to kill some time, it is not a film I would rewatch again in a hurry, purely for the fact it is bland, relatively boring and brings nothing new to the table.

This could be forgiven if we were given a compelling storyline for us viewers to get our teeth into.

It is a complete waste of time, the equivalent of watching two hours of paint on a wall dry.

The great cast and intense action sequences still made this a winner for me despite my quibbles, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Don't come into this expecting an Oscar contender, but a kick-ass action movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and delivers fist fights, espionage, explosions, car chases, and gunfights - all the good stuff an action movie needs.

I fell asleep twice and it took 3 attempts to watch it in its entirety.

Excellent, exciting movie .

No plot in this movie .

I'll watch anything with Michael Keaton, but the plot seemed so ordinary and formulaic.

American Assassin" may have a very typical action thriller trailer, and it's true that the story is made of clichés mostly, but the result is actually very enjoyable.

American Assassin starts out fresh, exciting and new!

The whole movie is a poorly designed potpourri selected from cliché segments from similar genres.

While there were traditional spy movie cliches it's worth watching.

My son, daughter and I enjoyed it.

is there a cliché not being used in this movie??

But if you are looking for a similar type of movie with lots and lots of actions full of mind blowing fighting, explosions sequences, then perhaps this would be a bit soft for you.

I give it a 4 star for a decent start, but the plot and cliche's drag the movie down, to the point, that it is just background noise while i surf the net on my phone..

Shut off your brain, enjoy the pointless close quarters combat and you might like it.

Nevertheless it was a thoroughly entertaining watch.

Really enjoyed it.

Sadly, the adaptation was all about cramming stunts than strategy into the movie, leaving us stranded with a predictable assortment of sequences and scenes.

The events at the beach that result in his decision to join the forces were on a level that I would consider among the finest, most thrilling sequences of the film year 2017.

We really enjoyed it!

Worst Movie EVER!!.

I enjoyed it.

Nevertheless, his character is sadly enough, also, a cliché.

Too Predictable .

Don't waste your time if you're a Vince Flynn or Mitch Rapp fan.

Dialogue is very dull.

Very Watchable and Entertaining .

Pretty action packed, fun to watch Mitch enjoying his new job to the fullest!!

Anyways, seems like Dylan O'Brian has found a decent genre for himself, as i would not go as far as to say he was bad in this mediocre little flick, O'Brian clearly showed he is serious, when it comes to pursuing his acting career as an action movie star, eventhough the movie was quite blatant and not as witty as you would expect, he still delivered some intense, action packed moments for us to enjoy.

It is exactly what it sets out to be, an entertaining action flick.

Hollywood needs to stop that kind of propaganda's,when a political move is needed or they want to be shown a country badly.

Sadly, director Michael Cuesta has produced something utterly bland and formulaic, that offers no surprises or anything in the way of something you haven't seen many times before, usually arriving straight to DVD and starring Steven Seagal.

While his mentor, Michael Keaton does a credible job, there are more hand-wringing and exciting moments in many of the episodes of the television hit series The Black List (2013- ).

i had to give it a 2 for the scene in the end with Keaton in band-aid, it was really funny after almost been on my way out 15 timeseverything else in this movie was terrible, but binding it all to the final end with guys in the ships and Keaton in band-aid for a few seconds just made me laugh and all worth wasting 1 n half hour :) LOL, maybe the worst movie of the year

At least Cruise's Reacher movies were entertaining action flicks.

the climax with the nuke explosion is awesome and will having you gripping your significant other's hand or couch arm until it cuts off the circulation.

Overall very enjoyable and a well deserved 8/10 from me.

HE ALONE is worth watching and in this movie he plays a top notch badass.

The story is flat, again a typical "bad terrorists need to be punished" and i couldn't even watch till the end because everything about this main character annoyed me so much and the fact this movie has a 6+ rating made me come here to warn people about this waste of time...

Good and entertaining .

After that, the origin story of Mitch Rapp is still pretty cool and involving, but then (about half way through the film) it starts to feel really routine and somewhat boring.

For the most part, the movie feels like a hundred others that came before it, but it does have a pretty exciting climax that manages to save the movie, at least for me.

The first few minutes were not bad but when it got into a saga of revenge and old scores to settle that's when it dipped to being rather turgid, predictable and repetitious.

Once again, it was quite boring for me.

The story was very nice but got confusing throughout.

I am not saying that the movie is horrible, but it is manifestly a pastiche of every cliché and trope in the spy thriller/terrorist thriller/special ops/action thriller/martial arts/extreme violence & horror genre (because of the excessive gore) play book.

The movie starts out fairly well, giving us an interesting premise of a revenge assassin film, the first 20 minutes continue on this note, just to be quickly derailed into yet another american propaganda flick, therefore completely losing its potential.

Entertaining .

Serviceable and entertaining enough .

To me, still worth seeing, even though predictable and the outcome was never in doubt.

Fast paced action, excellent actors and a reasonably believable storyline of fiction.

Something with a good story that was compelling maybe?

The novels by Vince Flynn create a compelling character that hopes to transfer to cinema as some of his other spy predecessors have before.

However; a torture scene where Michael Keaton is tortured by GHOST (Taylor Kitsch delivering a very serious and intense performance) is really outstanding in what it makes you feel.

It's supremely entertaining, and if you love action movies then you have to see this.

Dull and poorly cast .

Its entertaining and fun, plus the acting its actually pretty good.

I just saw this because of Dylan but it was really boring

I really enjoyed it and would buy it on Blu-Ray.

fast paced, Car chases, good combat scenes.

That film is a cheap propaganda film.

American Assassin is an action packed esponiage thriller that never slows down and even shows that Dylan O'Brien can take on a stone cold killer role.

Honestly, the moment feels so cliché that the girl should be wearing a bullseye on her bathing suit.

You're just looking for an entertaining spy movie with intense and thrilling action set-pieces, and that is EXACTLY what you will get; this movie is riveting from the opening scene.

It is a boring predictable cliché after the other.

Don't waste our time with this one.

Keaton is the only noteworthy point to a pointlessly dull counter-terrorist action flick .

You have to like, or at least be able to relate to, some of the characters before engaging and this just didn't happen here.

Fun and action packed.

Overall, the film isn't mind blowing, but it's certainly worth watching.

This plays out as almost a prequel, introducing us to an ordinary guy involved in an extraordinary event (the breathtaking opening sequence) who ends up undergoing gruelling training before going on the usual mission to retrieve stolen nukes.

Before that, it was a struggle to stay awake or interested.

full of cliches, not realy likable characters, black and white storytelling, unconvincing antagonists, boring torture, well even rambo is more sophisticated than this.

Mitch's loss was captured well enough, but somehow, his reaction to it became a bit, soporific, tiresome and juvenile.

"American Assassin" is a clichéd but entertaining entry into the spy thriller subgenre.

Even more so that the rest of the story, character development, character's motivations, dialogues etc, are extremely stereotyped and bored me to death.

The whole movie seemed like a same old clichéd propaganda where the west is all gracious and savior of the world while the eastern guys are the bad ones trying to have a nuclear war like its a goddamn football game while in reality we know who used nukes in the real world.

Thus if he is in it, it will be worth watching.

Sadly I just switched off, being left with a feeling of how close the producers came to completing a thoroughly enjoyable film.

I was sure it was going to be either western or anti-western propaganda.

Nothing happens to Dylan O'Brien /Mitch Rapp and Michael Keaton/Stan Hurley even if they are near to the explosion and without any suit.

Utterly pointless, unoriginal and lifeless film that's completely devoid of fun .

The pasing is too fast, the dialouge was boring, the story was very cliché and predictable.

It's entertaining enough though.

"American Assassin" is a clichéd but entertaining entry into the spy thriller subgenre.

Overall American Assassin is a brilliant action thriller film filled with lots of action, shooting, violence, fighting, battling, explosions, guns, bombs, mixed martial arts (MMA), karate, intensive training, weapons, torture, some sad moments, hard hitting scenes, fast and furious action stuff, thrills and spills, on the edge of your seat stuff, so many near misses / close shaves, chases on foot and in vehicles like cars, loyalty, betrayal, team work, togetherness, team bonding, incredible technology, cat and mouse mind games, stunning scenery and shots of the numerous throughout the film, outstanding performances from Dylan O'Brien, Michael Keaton, Taylor Kitsch, Sanaa Lathan and many other things throughout the film.

But it's just pure action packed entertainment.

Very entertaining thriller that could have been the next American Snipper .

It suffers from dreadful, cliché riddled, pedestrian dialog.

I thought overall it was entertaining and the action scenes were top notch.

Things are quite exciting with interesting locations in Istanbul and Rome.

Entertaining and thrilling.

American Assassin is a thrilling movie that benefits from a strong, rich story that makes for a nearly 2 hour-long movie.

Dialogue was clunky, expositional and boring most of the time.

If it wasn't for him, the film honestly wouldn't have been quiet as enjoyable as it was.

So up to that point when the girl put a bullet in her own head to save the day, it was a waste of writing, time and mostly an insult.

Don't waste your time with this trash

Like, are you really doing the beautiful-girl-treating-the-badass-hero's-wounds cliché?

For me, American Assassin is another movie that had I not seen the trailer, I may have enjoyed it more.

I watched it on dvd and I was surprised how fast paced and hot this terrorism thriller was.

As entertaining as the movie is; the final showdown with an A bomb explosion on the sea with USA army; looks cheap and unrealistic.

What follows is admittedly pretty predictable.

Propaganda against Islam!

Micheal Keaton - acting 10/10 Lead Actor - Acting 9/10The rest of the movie is crap,so go fishing with your friends, go to a bar with dear ones, go bowling, go watch a baseball game, but please, please for loving yourselves, please don't waste your time (precious time) watching this crap of a movie.

The opening scene of the movie is really intense, violent and engaging.

In the end, there is no plot twist added and also no morale message.

Starts some intense training and some pretty decent covert ops stuff all by his lonesome, and this gets the attention of the CIA, and gets himself recruited by Sanaa Lathan, she knows a few things about warfare, she did fight side by side with a Predator against some Xenomorphs!

If you like action movies like john wick you will like this one to, good actors but a boring plot.

Adversaries like Keaton's trainer and Kitsch's terrorist make O'Brien's Mitch Rapp look like dreary.

Yes the whole story is silly and contrived.

The editing in this film was choppy, some of the CGI was rather average, the script was mundane and messy.

At times it was entertaining and at other times not so much.

As an ensemble the actors make for a very entertaining movie.

But this movie is a predictable drag.

Lazy and formulaic .

It is dynamic and intriguing.

The movie tries a plot twist but predictable.

They're essentially just clichés and that's not always a bad thing, except they were just boring in this.

Despite this cliché American Assassin doesn't flinch from presenting Islamic terrorism in all its gory detail.

Overall a really enjoyable and fast paced action flick.

Exciting slightly unusual big budget spy thriller .

Some happenings are too cliché for such high expectations.

Very enjoyable version of Vince Flynn's book .

Bland and uninspired .

What a waste of time .

This part of the movie is so cliché and pathetic.