Amores Perros (2000) - Drama, Thriller

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A horrific car accident connects three stories, each involving characters dealing with loss, regret, and life's harsh realities, all in the name of love.

IMDB: 8.1
Director: Alejandro G. Iñárritu
Stars: Emilio Echevarría, Gael García Bernal
Length: 154 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 43 out of 398 found boring (10.8%)

One-line Reviews (213)

Three interrelated tales of the darker side of life in contemporary Mexico City, each one as fresh and as fascinating as the last.

They aren't ideal humans in any way, but they are realistic, believable, and compelling.

"Amores Perros" is a stunning film with a story that fans out like an octopus from a central disaster linking three separate storylines.

The first story is one of the most stunning of the three.

Fast paced...

Combining the adrenaline rush of Pulp Fiction with the camera angles and slower views of street scenes that reminded me of Kieslowski, the director gives us a tale of how a single event can dramatically transform one's life (the loss of a leg for a fashion model, the loss of his beloved pets for a worned man in poverty).

I got a little bored in some parts.

Absorbing .

"Amores Perros" is both hugely entertaining and oddly moving.

STYLE OVER SUBSTANCE: gratuitously bleak, pretentious .

Violence, un-privacy and confusion are the keynotes of the first part of this trilogy; and dogs, particularly dogs set in squares in empty swimming pools to bite each other to death, are the heavy-handed metaphor.

We see the blood all over the floor, dogs in crates, dogs with blood on them, and a dead dog being dragged away.

Iñárritu shows us Daniel's boring routine with his nagging wife and noisy daughters in a way that any man would accept the idea of leaving this for a woman like Valeria: she's beautiful, she has a great body, her legs made even longer in a sublime ad poster that covers a whole building.

Amores Perros is a gritty Mexican trilogy beautifully woven together and features fascinating characters, great first-time direction by Inarritu, and an underlying sense of raw comedy, not to mention one of the best introductions of any film I have ever seen.

I got bored and that's what I care for.

If we look at these stories over the characters' relationships with their dogs, it's intriguing.

The first section has a swirling, gristly energy that's so exciting it may take you past the fact that the stories being told here are utterly uninvolving.

The scene with El Chivo walking over the hill with his dogs and his enormous trolley worked brilliantly, but these moments are few and far between just as you start to feel that it may be about to get better it reverts to the boring spectacle that you have just been watching for the 2 hours.

All in all, I found it a gripping film, and it kept me watching for 2 hours.

A fascinating, grim and dark multi-stranded narrative.

Three separate stories connected by a horrific car accident and an unexpected involvement of dogs in each of them.

Instead of trafficking in views of a futile drug war, this film is trafficking in stunning views of human frailty.

The film had adrenaline as well as tranquility.

Although the film had a unique quality all of its own, both stylistically and structurally it felt like a cross between the 3 Colours trilogy and Pulp Fiction - and for me that was a positive thing, because both of these were great works of filmmaking, and the idea of 3 linked stories, if done well, can be far more satisfying and entertaining than a straightforward movie.

The film starts out fast, maybe too fast with a couple of kids in a car chase, then the movie becomes so disturbingly predictable that i found myself praying for it to end for the next 2 hours and a half.

It was nominated for Best Film in a Foreign Language, but that was the year of the breathtaking epic CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON.

This riveting film kept me glued to my seat and that says a lot; it is quite long at two and a half hours.

"Amores Perros" (Love's a bitch) is a typical Spanish movie; but more importantly, an intriguing film that can be appreciated around the world.

Like most Spanish movies, "Amores Perros" is intense.

Difficult to watch at times but intense with a interesting depth of emotion .

I Think the movie is kind of boring.

If you like slow, boring, formulaic indie films desperately trying too hard to shoestring together unrelated stories in a sad attempt at conveying something "deep" then this is the movie for you.

The stories in this movie are tragic and entertaining.

A Fascinating Riddle .

An incredible and exciting movie!!.

The dog fighting is intense and particularly well shot.

It was compelling and absorbing from start to finish for the screenplay presents the following:a hyper-violent movie against violence; a graphic portrayal of infidelity in the name of marriage; and a tale of murderous sibling rivalry in the name of family.

It seems like his only intent is to tug our heartstrings and our anxiety and our thrills, and the first act just comes off incredibly contrived.

Breathtaking .

AMORESPERROS is not movie for a first date, and not if one is depressed anyway, and even though I am not anxious to see it again, I highly recommend it to three kinds of people: 1) Those who like well-told and related sub-stories, 2) Those who are interested in the look of contemporary Mejico, 3) Those who think nothing much goes on beyond the British and North American film industries.

It's one of the few movies that I actually think has an issue of pacing rather than being just "slow," like *Eyes Wide Shut*.

This is a dramatic, tragic, and exciting story that should not be missed by any audience.

Slow deliberate suspense and apprehension.

It's good enough that even though it dragged ON and ON and ON and was a bit graphic & depressing, I couldn't quite tear myself away.

It's engaging at points.

An Absorbing, Gritty, Metaphorical, Relentless, Transitional and Unsettling Drama That Pulls You Into A World Fumed By Rage .

It's really remarkable compared with a lot of crap that has been roaming around in Mexican cinema lately (like the unbearable Sexo, Pudor y Lágrimas).

In spite of it's being a bit too long, and having a few loose story threads, I liked Amores Perros far more than the disjointed Lynch and Tarantino stuff that also uses non-linear structures.

It bored me to tears.

I do recomend this to anyone willing to be shocked by just how intense a movie can get.

A sexy, stylish, dark, chilling, riveting, raw and provocative classic legendary tale.

No doubt about it, this is a compelling film, excellently directed.

But accomplish this he did; the results are terrific, bold, unpredictable, unsettling and ultimately satisfying.

good actors, but far too slow paced.

This is a true, gritty and heartbreaking film well worth the watch, and the 2 and a half hour length.

In conclusion, Amores Perros is WAY too long, WAY too slow and the plot is WAY too idiotic to raise my interest.

I enjoyed it a lot and never got bored through all the film.

It is totally pointless!

The summaries might be long, but grasping the compelling circumstances, complication and depth of each story is essential to understanding what "Amores Perros" is trying to do.

A masterpiece on the unexpected brutal reality of life.

The beginning was actually quite ok because of the action but then the pace slowed down and the movie got REALLY boring.

Watching the model cry 'Richie' over and over again while her dog was stuck under the floorboards bored the tears out of me, and it's a subplot and dialogue line that went on for nearly half an hour.

He goes, gets much more money, but also has to deal with ambitious producers; therefore, his first American movie ends up dull and impersonal.

This is better than the typical, boring Hollywood bravado.

The result is totally absorbing cinema.

Being a sucker for redemption, I liked seeing the changes that occurred in the life of El Chivo, and also that it was far from being a trite overnight transformation; he was still on a journey...

*Possible Spoilers* The three stories that interweave in this intriguing picture are all linked by themes of loss or betrayal.

Compelling and a Brilliant Movie .

There is no message, only the reality of these wounded personalities.

The movie starts fast and exciting and it remains like that throughout.

This film was 154 minutes long which is very long time.

This film is simply put brilliant, the photography is stunning.

"look how cool this shot is" it comes off as a bit pretentious at times.

The brutality of Amores Perros may be difficult to watch at times, but this intense, gritty film packs a hard wallop.

The three main stories are jointed and disjointed as in Pulp Fiction (although not so twisted and not so stylish), and the prevailing topic is disloyalty of people vs.

Well worth the watch.

Third was also too boring.

Iñarritu crafts a compelling story from start to finish, which strips down to the bare basics.

The second story was boring and in the end nothing really happens so I was nervous for nothing.

Perfectly acted, and beautifully paced, with some stunning camerawork, and one of the most satisfying denouements I have ever seen...

The beginning of the story is intriguing, as I wasn't really sure what to expect next.

It tells an intriguing story told through three parts which, even though connected, have their own unique style, pace and look.

Things started to slow down dramatically in the second and third stories.

And, too top it all everything is quite predictable, the only difference is that it takes quite a time to watch on the screen what we already know.

The imagery of violence with animals and the characters, the cursed love, the traumas and the tragedy seen throughout makes for powerful emotion and hard-hitting material, with well crafted characters, exciting sequences, and an extraordinary plot line with interconnected stories, this is a must see drama.

It is an intense and passionate movie experience with a beautiful array of fascinating characters that all go through such harrowing and gripping events.

"Amores Perros" is a three-vignette film that's not so much concerned about creating a harmonic epiphany among its three plot lines, but rather it aims for compelling stories with a brutally honest portrayal of life, love, sin and redemption.

Unfortunately, Amores Perros starts with a bang, but its final two stories drag on while the viewer struggles to stay awake.

Mostly, I was just bored.

Not a fan of the hand held camera technique but it's very cleverly used here, with an intriguing documentary-like style, and is not abused.

'Amores Perros' is an adrenaline rush for its entire running, which tops two-and-a-half hours.

I just got bored when suddenly the second storyline started and all the characters I had become familiar with, were abondoned.

Pretty pointless in my opinion.

This film was painfully boring and annoying.

How else can you explain why Pulp Fiction-an endlessly complex film in terms of storytelling, but an emotionally empty one-is so hugely popular?

The second story starts slow.

Cinematography is not great, nor is the film's score, which I felt was confusing along the lines of Aranofsky's "Requiem".

His wordless performance alone is worth watching the 2 and a half hour film for.

The movie is very long and has a lot of unneeded scenes in it.

This film is simply put brilliant, the photography is stunning.

This movie is worth watching because I found that it changed the way I saw the world forever.

a stunning and compelling film .

This has to be THE worst movie I have ever seen, and I have seen many.

The stories are very simple yet compelling.

It runs simply far too long, and it does not focus enough on the first story, which is the only thing really carrying the film.

Powerful and engaging --A Mexican Pulp Fiction .

Scripting is complex and absorbing, and the way 'Amores Perros', exploring love, desire, desperation and traumas, is told and constructed allows for many disturbing, shocking, suspenseful and moving moments.

The second story was really boring and I didn't like it at all.

It becomes boring, stilted, uninteresting, and I found myself drifting away several times.

The script from Guillermo Arriaga was also gripping and realistic.

The direction is fast paced, brutal, and chaotic.

Upon receiving the stunning phone call that her large modeling contract had been canceled, Valeria's entire image that she had worked so long to build was figuratively, as well as literally removed (the billboard outside her apartment was taken down).

And while we're on the subject, at the time of release I heard critics say they walked out of the film, refusing to watch cruelty to animals even being simulated.

But, anyways if you want to waste 150 minutes of your life,and you don't have anything to do that may worth your while, I can't stop you.

I was talking with someone a while ago, saying how Babel is a bland film which offers far too little for its length beyond schematic critique to a rather obvious conception of contemporary flaws.

However, again, what is incredible is that "Amores Perros" isInarritu's first move into feature filmmaking, and he has puttogether a damn solid and ambitious piece of work, well- performed, visually compelling, funny, and intense.

I found the film to be engaging, moving, and completely watchable, if at times violent.

All three stories are compelling and the major performances are all great-Emilio Echevarría and Gael García Bernal are particularly excellent-and the dreadfully melancholic score by Gustavo Santaolalla is compelling.

A brilliant and thrilling movie.

>From the opening car chase that results in the crash that the film spirals outwards from like debris, through for most of the first hour, I was hooked – the pace was great and the story gripping.

It's a rousing debut, though Amores Perros is not Inarritu's best effort (21 Grams remains my personal favorite of the trio).

An intelligent film, with fast paced Mexican rap (Control Machete) and Nacha pop, which is subtle music of acoustic rock ballad, we find a very intriguing and emotional story.

The characters are very catchy and the actors give life to them very well, yielding several exciting moments throughout the two and a half hours of film.

The third is very intriguing and basically brings the story together.

"Amores Perros" tells a trio of interwoven tales questioning man, God, faith, family, and love through a stunning combination of expert direction, writing, editing, cinematography, scoring, sound, and acting, creating a truly classic work that needs no comparisons.

On an overall scale, Amores Perros is a brutal reflection of love, loss, loyalty, betrayal, revenge, regret & hope, expressed through its characters' dilemma in a highly compelling manner, which also offers an insight into the different sections of Mexican society.

I just finished watching this overrated, expensive pointless film.

Just as he would prove later with "The Motorcycle Diaries", "Brokeback Mountain" and "Babel", Rodrigo Prieto showcases superbly evocative cinematography that is in keeping with the emotional shadings of the story.

But it certainly made for a fascinating 153 minutes.

Octavio's (lower class) scenes are fast paced and shot up close that gets you really involved and puts you in his world where crime, betrayal, and darkness surrounds you.

I liked this movie, but felt that it was too long and slow.

A mind blowing movie.

and the mundane relationship development betweent he supermodel and the man who left his wife...

It felt more like a 2 1/2 hour soap opera, than a riveting drama.

Richie whines night after night, Valeria whines night after night, fights ensue, she stages a minirevolt from her wheelchair--and we're left with a yawning, "And your point is....

It is engrossing and deeply affective.

Exciting and Violent Intersections of Varied Lives .

21 Grams and Babel also explore and (over)use the possibilities of disjointed story lines.

The opening sequence of "Amores Perros" instantly hurls you into the adrenaline rush of violence and chaos.

Instead of the entertaining and fast paced love thriller Amores Perros had been to this point, I was now treated to a obnoxiously slow and boring tale of a degenerative relationship.

What is the point of three hours of thoroughly unlikeable and disreputable characters, most of whom fornicate graphically and frequently if ingraciously.

Don't waste your time.

Amores Perros is gritty and intense work of art.

There is an immense amount of thrilling drama that unfolds and each character is painted beautifully.

Seriously, save 3 hours of your life and watch something else.

The affair between Daniel and Valeria seems pointless and nonsensical.

I know a lot of people who thought it was too long and kind of boring, and I'd agree that this is a film for avid-film-goers who will commit to really sit and concentrate on it.

The plot is intense, thrilling, harsh, violent, thought provoking, poetic, innovative and cathartic.

Despite this, I found the film thoroughly enjoyable for the most part.

As dazzling as the presentation is, I sometimes had the feeling of being too aware of the brilliant technique at the expense of the stories which show that, regardless of societal class, love drives people to take actions that have profound and often unexpected consequences.

Alejandro Inarritu has made a film that has many lasting images and compelling insights.

i was kind of hoping it wouldnt be like das boot but this movie kept me on the edge of my seat.

and I sum it up for you in just FOUR word: RAW, REVEALING, REAL AND RIVETING!

However, it is compelling and no matter how much deeper you go into the abyss, you still have to keep watching.

The director does an amazing to collage these lives together by using jump cuts, a fast paced filming style, and scene repetitions.

However, it did allow director Alejandro González Iñárritu to later direct the excellent American funded film 21 Grams, and Amores Perros is still a film well worth watching; a film which gives an insight into life and class in Mexico City today.

Editing is deftly carried out for each segment is emotionally gripping & steadily paced.

The flaw here is that once again, you don't care much for such superficial, empty people.

In fact all we saw is a lot of dead dogs being dragged around and snarling animals being held apart - it was relatively easy to envision how it was done.

Harshly realistic and intense.

Gripping, powerful, moving, saddening, hope-inspiring.

Like his dog, Cofi, he's unpredictable and violent.

The movie starts out at the center of how all of the main characters are interconnected through an intense car crash and then flashes backwards and forwards throughout the movie telling each of the three stories in a very methodical way that keeps you engaged.

So fascinating portray of our country, and I must say, the best mexican film I've ever seen.

the propaganda is all over Mexico, on buses, on TV, on magazines , i mean everywhere , as you can imagine, i could hardly wait to see it....

"Amores Perros" is a compelling series ofstories about lost souls in Mexico City, each of whose future isintimately connected to the fate of their dogs.

The script, with a few slips due to overreach--in this case one might one say overkill--is engaging.

"Amores perros" brilliantly winds three utterly different stories together in a complex and fascinating masterpiece of a film.

Compelling, deep, in the style of 21 grams...

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

Contrived .

It's compelling.

Acting is very intense, young Bernal and old Emilio especially, and the cohesion of the different-class stories is excellent.

How much more boring can you get.

Who knew a movie about dog fighting, a hit man and a crippled model could be so incredibly gripping?

Worst Movie in a LONG Time .

Disturbing but compelling.

Alejandro Gonzáles Iñárittu's feature film debut is a masterwork of outstanding direction, terrific writing & fabulous performances which, thanks to its ingeniously layered & cleverly narrated story, commences his directional career on a rousing high while also succeeding as one of world cinema's finest films to surface on the silver screen at the turn of the new millennium.

Their somewhat predictable fate is lessened because we can't tell one from the other, or exactly how many there are.

It's a visceral and gritty film, so raw and intense.

This is a dramatic and exciting story that should not missed.

Although the premise is very good, the stories are engaging, and the acting (both human and canine) is as much as could be asked, the extreme, naked violence makes it hard to watch.

Yet, strangely enough, after all this adrenaline puts us on red alert, we are thrust into an extremely tedious middle portion, in which Valeria's dog gets trapped beneath floorboards and the hapless couple can't reckon how to retrieve him.

I highly recommend this movie because of the complex and entertaining plot, the great acting by the entire cast, the innovative filming techniques, and perhaps most importantly, because it paints a very accurate picture of the complexities of life in Mexico City.

The only problem is: This social drama is really very slow and has nothing to do at all with pulp fiction and its great characters or Tarantinos brilliant story telling.

not an screenwriter, the screenplay got three stories, the first leave you impressed, but to past to the second story as breaking a rule of the writing whit respect to the time, and later the second story as slow and when as come to the climax, the movie past to the third story and as make again the same, apart you didn't know the most part of the characters, just the leading characters of every story, anyway like i said the direction, the performances, the music and the photography are brilliant, later Iñarritu and Arriga, they selling out they work...

A movie as intense as the city it plays in .

The direction is consistent in its in your face punchy style that keeps the film incredibly exciting no matter what is going on.

the ending of this movie is so awesome and for me quite unexpected.

Ordinarily, a chase scene comes in the last third of a film, but here it initiates the viewer to the unexpected and uncontrollable world we are about to enter.

Although his efforts were not enough to hit the high bar due to banal writing, it's a Very Good Attempt overall.

Well, I was really excited about seeing this one: stunning debut, the Mexican Pulp Fuction...

In the past, people knew they could rely on foreign cinema to get themselves away from the sappy, formulaic industry that is Hollywood.

Undoubtedly a masterpiece for those who get their ideological kicks in non-American speaking filmmaking, an intriguing torture for the rest.

I cant believe people actually shot this boring film, dubbed it, put some music, edited it and distributed it.

But, without doubt, Amores perros is a strong film worth watching, and pondering on and over.

Disappointing, don´t waste your time .

the first and last stories were fantastically moving, and, although the second one dragged a bit, and seemed a bit pointless at times, this film is worth watching several times.

Sometimes it is necessary or enjoyable to watch the in between scenes, when there is some level of suspense, etc. that builds.

Yet, I have artistic objections to a director that sets out, as aggressively as he can, to shock me, and that is monotonous and repetitive in that fierce pursuit.

Intense and beautiful, Amores Perros is a fast 153 minutes that is sure to be some of the best you spend with a movie this year.

The cast are all really good in their parts, especially Echevarría who is really sympathetic and a cool hired assassin, the third segment is definitely the most magnificent, the other two segments have their compelling moments as well.

Unfortunately, the screen time is too long and with that the El Chivo story suffers.

But, quite honestly, I was bored by about halfway through, and that didn't change before the end.

Still, it's a pretty entertaining flick and very strongly directed.

Trafficking in stunning views of human frailty.

Starting with the first act about a poor and disjointed family, moving on with the story of a model that got injured, and finally ending with the story of a homeless man with a very interesting turn of events.

Engaging story without being too complex .

And how that change affects three interconnected stories is very engrossing and meaningful.

The third story is probably the least compelling of the three.

It's stunning, is it not, that the most boring of films will be heralded as 'deep' as long as the pace is slow?

You struggle to force yourself to continue being drawn into the terrible yet fascinating multiple worlds of the characters, as Inarritu shows how his stories collide by one brutal car accident.

It is stunning in its aesthetic wonder as well as its thematic significance and its brutally compelling storyline.