An Officer and a Gentleman (1982) - Drama, Romance

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A young man must complete his work at a Navy Officer Candidate School to become an aviator, with the help of a tough Gunnery Sergeant and his new girlfriend.

Director: Taylor Hackford
Stars: Richard Gere, Debra Winger
Length: 124 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 11 out of 142 found boring (7.74%)

One-line Reviews (66)

The most riveting moment of the movie is when Foley is going to kick Zach out of the program and Gere frantically and desperately screams "DON'T YOU DO THAT!

It's not dated well, and frankly I'm embarrassed to own up to ever having enjoyed it.

But of course that does not make it a great film, just a soft sweet entertaining moment in life.

Richard Gere does a stunning performance in An Officer and a Gentleman.

Zach Mayo (Richard Gere) isn't inspiring as a lead, nor is Gere, but Deborah Winger takes bad to a new level in this film as the extremely uninspiring, social-climbing girlfriend (who puts down a fellow social climber for doing the same thing).

As is this were bad enough, we wind up stuck with Lou Gossett Jr. as an academy award winner for his phoned-in performance as the stereotypical drill instructor, a movie with no real plot that is driven by poor characters, and total pandering to the female side of the audience that drives the box office.

While the film may certainly follow the general formulaic outlines of the genre, director Taylor Hackford and screenwriter Douglas Day Stewart dodge sentimentalization with a healthy dosage of grim reality.

It's setting in the Northwest is one of the most compelling, myself being captivated by my first visit to the Northwest late in my College years after my Mother moved to the area--I immediately upon arriving for a visit, fell in love with the area which captivated me from the very moment as a magical place that innately held for me healing, soothing and fostered personal development.

Enjoyable for the most part.

Well, the adolescent wants to prove his father wrong and does something most unexpected - applies for Navy flight school and is accepted.

With a great soundtrack, strong performances and the most rousing and emotional final scene in a film since 'Rocky', 'An Officer And A Gentleman' deserves its place among the classics of film history.

Well worth watching in spite of the standard Hollywood premise , usual elements and wrapped package of commercial ingredients .

In spite of the predictability and overlong running time, I found this to be an enjoyable film.

A Very Enjoyable Film .

Yes, the movie isdated, at times improbable, and definitely predictable.

An Officer and a Gentleman is a great movie with a simple storyline that is very easy to follow but still very enjoyable,a very talented cast and a really beautiful soundtrack.

As well as colorful and evocative cinematography by Donald Thorin .

Worth watching if only for the first 20 minutes or so (of Sgt.

But, it is so entertaining and so enthralling, I find it easily to become enveloped by the picture's story and characters.

A Coming Of Age Military Film .

Well, i know that my father, as a lot of people, is a great fan of this movie but I'll ask him what he likes in it because if found it a bit dull.

Entertaining and old-fashioned(in some ways!

In response to one of the other comments on here, comparing this to FMJ is pointless, they are totally different films.

However, it does manage to stay engrossing throughout the whole two hour running time.

Enjoyable, indeed.

I came back to this film, maybe 25 years after having first seen it, recalling that I enjoyed it.

On the one hand, An Officer and a Gentleman is a cliche, predictable and sentimental movie.

The recruits are all warned of the "Puget Debs", these are the local girls who work in the near drab factory an escape this trying to lure and trap the candidates, ignoring this Zack meets Paula Pokrifki (Oscar and Golden Globe nominated Debra Winger) and his best friend among the other candidates Sid Worley (Golden Globe nominated David Keith) meets Lynette Pomeroy (Lisa Blount).

The Romanticism and love interest are a little better, with Winger looking stunning and acting more naturally than Gere.

There is a big difference between this "war propaganda" and Kubrick's objective outcome.

There were so many various relationships going on that between the characters, if the movie had just been about one of those it might have gotten boring but each one of these individuals were so fascinating in their own right, that it never did get dull.

Engaging and Engrossing Melodramatic Fare .

This is the typical rebel-loner seeks exciting career in military to prove himself.

Debra Winger, with her down-home sexiness at it's peak, turns in a fascinating portrayal of small town frustration, and Louis Gossett Jr nearly steals the picture in a harrowing, Oscar-winning performance.

The predictable ending is slightly disappointing, and really doesn't belong in a film which hits home and surprises so many times.

This film isn't perfect, but you can spend an enjoyable two hours with it.

Three terrific performances overcome predictability and sentimentality, to give us an entertaining story of growth, trust and love .

Anyway probably most who have seen this movie will tell you they particularly enjoyed Louis Gossett Jr. Oscar worthy and winning supporting performance as a tough and entertaining Drill Sargent.

Beyond that, I found a most entertaining romantic saga.

The scenes where Mayo is forced to deal with his emotions are riveting and even better are the scenes were Mayo has to deal with Sgt.

Seems it spoiled the exciting story about learning how to become a jet pilot.

And just to clarify even when this was filmed political correctness was already creeping into the ranks and my Drills never once used profanity, and that was the same year (82) this was released so Foley's ribald, scurrilous (though highly entertaining) cadance calls were already an anachronism at that point.

But, tragedy lurks not far away, if Paula bespeaks a good-hearted girl who dares to love somebody unconditionally, the flip side is Sid's squeeze Lynette (Blount), who indirectly triggers a very unsound twist of melodrama only to drive Zack become more cynical and in turn, leave its patronising ending more uplifting when its Oscar-winning theme song UP WHERE WE BELONG swells as if Paula were the damsel in distress whose drab life could only be rescued by a handsome navy officer, that's the biggest mistake of this otherwise agreeable picture, Paula is a wholesome package (although the moment when she reveals the identity of her biological father, it is a rather cunning move to manipulate sense of guilty to advantage), it is Zack who is in the receiving end of a helping hand.

Compared to the screenplays I see today, the screenplay of this film screenplay now seems close to perfect in terms of how it tells a coherent story while at the same time being both uplifting, didactic, and entertaining all at the same time.

Another unexpected step was the character arc provided for David Keith, the best friend of the protagonist.

Although Soap Opera has never been art , this one results to be entertaining , stirring , dated and predictable too .

However, AOAAG, is a surprisingly enjoyable addition to this despicable genre.

Yes, the plot is annoyingly predictable and the outcome USA fairy tale-ish; and yes, the acting is bad in places and several scenes are utterly uninventive (the obstacle course, the local bar thugs).

That relationship for me was "serendipitous" and like Zack, it was through this relationship that I began to truly open up to someone else, and other factors related to coming of age (the developing of maturity and truly becoming an adult), and experienced many matters including emotional, sexual, social relating to intimacy.

Surprising movie with predictable ending .

This isn't my most enthusiastic recommendation to be sure, but I still say that it's worth watching.

Zach finds Paula (Debra Winger in an equally compelling performance), a working girl at a paper factory, and they immediately embark on a relationship.

Overall an enjoyable film; well worth watching especially if you are a fan of Richard Gere.

The typical twists and turns occur that are predictable and could be compared to a long-running episode of a soap opera.

Many enjoyed it, and since it's release it has remained a classic and has gained fans over the years.

The script, while formulaic and sprinkled with its share of eye-rolling moments (especially some of the base scenes) does have a certain level of maturity.

I'd highly recommend it.

Excellent love story about a young man (Gere, in an engaging performance) who dreams of being a Navy jet pilot and a girl (Winger) who wishes to escape the life in a paper mill.

It can do this is in a mundane way, as most do.

She was one of the reasons why An Officer and a Gentleman managed to rise above its predictable roots.

It one of those coming of age film that is set in the military.

Still, some of the training stuff was enjoyable to watch.

Formula film the actors make worth watching .

Story is surprisingly involving(if a bit predictable) and builds to a satisfying conclusion with the winning song "Up Where We Belong".

The movie does have a couple of things that stand out about it, though, and to my mind make it worth watching.

The romance seemed to do little more than fatten up a thin, formulaic plot, and I would have preferred more scenes with Keith or Gossett.