Anaconda (1997) - Action, Adventure, Horror

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A "National Geographic" film crew is taken hostage by an insane hunter, who forces them along on his quest to capture the world's largest - and deadliest - snake.

IMDB: 4.8
Director: Luis Llosa
Stars: Jon Voight, Jennifer Lopez
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 61 out of 308 found boring (19.8%)

One-line Reviews (210)

The actors, especially Voight, are forced into overacting and the visual effects are as exciting as June Allyson undressing.

However, even as the cliché cascades in, Llosa is at least wise enough to steal from the best, copiously plundering from Spielberg's Jaws, particularly its water level cinematography and lurking underwater shots, and, in a perfect instance of 'intended horrifying moment turned unintentionally hilarious', is even bold enough to steal Spielberg's patented 'reverse- Vertigo-zoom' upon the revelation of his creature.

You know if you pretend you know what's going on, this is actually pretty exciting .

More Entertaining than I thought it would be .

Grab some buds and check out this stupidly entertaining film because its awesome.

This is one fast paced fun little flick!

Along with the enjoyable animatronic special effects for the snake, these are more than enough to hold off the few flaws in here.

First of all I found many of the parts boring and a little cheesy.

A giant snake terrorizing people is interesting and can be exciting.

This movie is an absolute and utter waste of time, money and film that should be avoided by all.

A 2-ton stinker of a movie, only worth watching to see Jon Voight getting his paycheck for attempting a heavy Spanish accent as the Paraguayan(!

What a waste of time.

the acting was wooden, the effects were rubbish, the plot was so clichéd and it bored us senseless!

At times the snake did look fake,but it made the movie even more intense.

Silly, yet still enjoyable, because the actors are A-list material, especially John Voight is a terrific bad guy and even though many dont think Jennifer Lopez can act, I do take her acting seriously and those breasts of her are to die for as well !

I was terribly bored through most of the movie and I could not believe how little I cared about anyone on the boat.

Constant screaming, constant movement, constant boredom.

After (far too) many lame and predictable false alarm sequences, the big computer-engineered snake finally begins to reduce the number of passengers on the boat.

Hammering conventions with gleeful aplomb rather than attempting to stumble around them, all the while gleefully winking at viewer expectations and gradually amping up the pace throughout, making the film an engaging watch, if far from a serious one.

The film attempts to be thrilling and exciting the problem here is that you can predict the outcome of everything way before it happens meaning that there isn't really any suspense.

Ice Cube and Owen Wilson play against their usual type, I don't think we've seen either of them in a monster flick since this one, Suffice to say, Anaconda is a bad film that boarders on being highly enjoyable.

Still, now matter how much this film was predictable and passé, I am happy to credit one of the best things about hate film, which is actually more creepier than any snake in the film.

Her famous posterior really was worth watching.

Every line and action scene was cliche and predictable.

Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Eric Stoltz, Owen Wilson and Jonathan Hyde slum along with Voight down the Amazon in this entertaining outing that moves along at a clip.

Big Snake Yawn.

The plot works up to a predictable climax, with a big bang, to satisfy the audience.

Overall, it's not a bad movie, because, even seeing it for a third time, I still find myself sitting on the edge of my seat in certain parts of this film.

A lot of the graphics look fake and unrealistic, but the story isnt' bad and it is mildly entertaining.

Okay, so this is just your usual formulaic pretty young people in danger in a remote location film right?

While those looking for strict realism might be disappointed, Anaconda is a brilliant, genre-bending film, with just the right blend of beautiful cinematography, excellent but quirky performances, well directed and edited suspense and action scenes, and compelling monsters--both serpentine and human.

Bad acting awards go to Jon Voight for his supremely hammy portrayal of the film's villain, a lip-curling, eye-winking performance which I found to be hilarious - he's great, having a laugh, and miles away from the boringly serious characters he played in films like Deliverance.

Overall, this movie did end up entertaining me, and I was very pleased with the ending and the outcome of everything.

Movies like this always contain typical stereotype propaganda and this one may take the price in that department anyway.

Even as a 14 year old kid I realized that "Anaconda" was one of the worst movies I would ever see in my life.

Eric Stoltz, Kari Wuhrer, and Owen Wilson) and a snappy pace ensure that the film is consistently entertaining throughout.

Given the movie's reputation, I was expecting to be bored watching "Anaconda" again for a second time.

An entertaining creature feature .

This movie is very boring.

Hugely enjoyable, great technical aspects, great character acting, and a great satisfying yarn overall.

I mean, sure it gave me SOME thrills, but the special effects made those thrills boring.

Have to also say how beautiful the look of the Amazon rainforest is captured on film with the stunning cinematography & to add to the lovely scenery backdrop we have a beautiful almost sad & lost musical score that really captures the haunting beauty of the Amazon & the lost feel of the characters that are way out of their territory.

Half good/Half bad entertaining movie.

It is an often exciting thriller that puts the squeeze on the audience.

Having little expectations, Anaconda succeeds at being an entertaining and somewhat thrilling action film.

Big animals is so boring .

Badly acted, slowly paced, and terrible visual/practical effects, but entertaining as can be.

Reading the reviews here WHILE watching the movie make it somewhat enjoyable.

I do like this film i think that it is a very good attempt, some scenes made me laugh some made me jump some were a little boring, but altogether the film did have a lot of potential and i really enjoyed it.

It's very suspenseful, and doesn't go straight into the kill.

Insanely enjoyable.

After a while, the snake scenes become quite interesting, imaginative, and above all, exciting.

"Anaconda" is a the movie that gives you true rush of adrenaline when you watch it.

Could have been really great, but it is verrrryyy boring...

The movie was boring, and gave itself away way too many times.

The plot is a typically contrived and generic one, but as I mentioned it's fast paced so you don't have time to dwell on the holes.

He offers to help in their search for the tribe, but he is actually a snake-hunter looking for legendary anaconda snake, which is very long.

There is really no plot or story to the movie, just a lot of CGI/robotic snake action, the typical monster-chase-victim scenes, lots of screaming and people arguing and fighting one another.

There are a few hiccups along the way but the ride is enjoyable for the most part and in the end, it is more satisfying & entertaining than other similar examples.

Worth watching!

Dialogue disjointed.

Then there's John Voight as typical greedy villain, the unexpected visitor.

In the film, a group of documentary film-makers traveling through the Amazon jungle picks up a mysterious man who inadvertently becomes their tour-guide on an unexpected detour.

The story is silly, the dialogue is drab, the direction is clumsy, and the namesake star (the snake) is pretty pitiful.

Entertaining and very underrated movie of adventures.

What, were you expecting a very engaging film about National Geographic employees and their interesting work, or man's relationship with nature and the futility of attemtping to subvert it?

decent and entertaining fluff .

This is a reflection of the film as a whole, its all very predictable & devoid of thrills.

The main factor of the fact that the movie is boring is the fact (that was a funny line) that the Anaconda itself looks so incredibly silly and extremly unreal.

This movie is only meant to be an entertaining popcorn film!

My and my son, who is seven, watched this movie and enjoyed it.

The story was interesting in its concept but it is very predictable with some unbearably silly scenes.

During all this confusion Danny ends up killing the rampaging giant snake, with a number of basts from a rifle to it's head.

A pre-stardom Owen Wilson is pretty bland, and Kari Wuhrer is all glamour and no intelligence.

The ending is predictable and leaves you wishing you had those two hours back.

The movie is replete with breathtaking lines such as "the jungle makes me horny" (spoken by Owen Wilson's Gary in a very forgettable performance) and then of course there's Voight's Sarone shouting at Lopez's Terri "you killed my wild snake.

The absolutely bottom of the barrel acting by Jon Voight dragged this film right down the drain.

Despite initial pretensions of maturity, a welcome bout of trashy yet enjoyable giant snake mayhem .

But it was a small man and he fell asleep never to see the light again.

The script is hopelessly hackneyed and wooden,and Jennifer Lopez gives the dullest performance,mainly because she has the dullest lines.

A couple of flaws include a very slow second half leading up to the ending.

Besides that, the one thing I liked about this picture is the look of the snake and the beautiful cinematography: the Amazon looks stunning, and the visuals of the picture shine.

's beauty, Voight's camp make for entertaining flick.

At one point you are beyond the irritation with predictable and ingredient films.

This was a decent and quite enjoyable creature feature.

Voight's overplaying may have been even been more enjoyable on the Jack Nicholson-Joker level had there been a trace of wit in the script;the fact that this is non-existent considerably mitigates against the film.

The only good point is that you can laugh at how bad the snake looks and turn the whole thing into an enjoyable "What idiotic thing will they do now?

Overall Anaconda, is a great snake horror movie worth watching, it has all the right ingredients of suspense, horror and humour with likable and believable characters and fantastic performance from Voight who steals the show.

Never mind the high brow critics who'd rather watch talking heads in arthouse flicks where nothing ever happens, this is a hugely entertaining genre movie, with so many scenes paying homage to the great classics of the genre (King Kong, Jaws, Jurassic Park etc) one could write a PhD dissertation on that aspect alone.

Anaconda is a fun,exciting,thrilling jungle Horror adventure & with that old school pure 90's feel & tone to it & it's a special movie to me for Nostalgia reasons & genuinely Being a great adventure with BRILLIANT practical snake fx & only abit of c.

Watching the snake and seeing how huge it was was cool and unexpected.

His character is pure cardboard too,but his odd accent(a curious hybrid of Spanish,Czech,German and Godfather Brandoesque)is perversely fascinating.

I agree that it's not particularly thought-provoking, nor is it offering a particularly layered narrative, but it is ENTERTAINING in an escapist sort of way.

At worst a guilty pleasure and at best a fun little film that is entertaining in its own right.

worst movie of all time.

From the cast of actors being poorly used in such cliché roles, to the snake itself, there is not one redeeming quality Anaconda possesses.

The picture provides stirring and exciting amusement with hair-raising chills and creepy scares.

Rating: PG-13 and bring vomit bagThis exciting movie ranks with the greatest "big snake" pictures throughout the anals (note: I purposely misspelled 'annals')of movie history, including "Boa vs.

Basically, it's about a group of filmmakers or whatever trying to make a film in the fake rainforest but they encounter an unexpected visitor who takes them towards danger (how shocking!

Movies of big animals is so boring.

I really enjoyed it !

Jaws had it share if inaccuracies but it was still a gripping movie.

Jon Voight is so over-the-top here than it becomes quite amusing, though despite this, this otherwise routine and predictable film is an unsuccessful throwback to the "Creature From The Black Lagoon".

Director Luis Llosa crafts a thrilling film, and this is a creature feature that audiences will like.

His Serone, of course, follows very much in the footsteps of Robert Shaw's Quint character in the 1975 blockbuster "Jaws," although Serone is far, far more deranged, dangerous and unpredictable.

It's creepy and totally entertaining!

I had a very open mind to it, but it was so predictable.

Not even fun-bad, just boring-bad .

What you end up with is an entertaining film that is worth getting for an evening if you don't mind shelling out $3.00 for a rental.

On one hand you have an A-Movie with no story whatsoever, crappy actors and "been there,done that"-special effects, on the other hand this B-Movie, where everyone states that this is a miss, and there you have at least one good actor (I also liked Ice-T and the brit), a quite well-done snake and a plot you could at least follow.

This is the worst movie I've ever seen!

Writers Hans Bauer and Jim Cash obviously weren't thinking of writing anything thought-provoking, and they opted to crank out a thriller that features inane dialogue and contrived plot situations.

Corny but mildly entertaining monster movie about an ambitious film crew that sets sail in the deepest, darkest jungles of the Amazon in search of the 'lost' people of the mist.

Best of all, Eric Stoltz gets bitten by a jungle insect after about 10 minutes, goes into a coma and disappears for the rest of the movie - only to pop back up at a vital moment to whack someone over the head, then immediately fall asleep again!

Hackneyed acting allied to a dodgy script, and no discernible sense of suspense, doesn't prevent it from attaining a special, thrilling sort of greatness.

Those two things combined seemed to set the stage for a rather fun and exciting and potentially scary movie.

And it is but it's also wonderfully entertaining.

The snake is decently animated, the characters are as cliché as they can be but they somehow are intriguing enough, Jennifer Lopez is hot as ever and the story has some good frights for its audience.

decent and entertaining fluff .

Intense and Enjoyable .

Lack of storyline really kicks this film in the nuts from the beginning.

Bland, Bland, Bland, Bland.

I watched it only out of sheer boredom on a day where I had nothing else available to occupy my time with.

I found it to be utterly boring and devoid of meaning.

I think that it has a story that isn't new, but something that is still enjoyable.

It is not scary really, but it is enjoyable and jumpy, me and my friends enjoyed it and i think if some of the people out there took it a little less seriously then they would enjoy it to!

Instead it is just depressing and dull.

It's easy to follow and is actually pretty entertaining provided you're not expecting too much...

The movie starts off good and smooth but gets to be very boring.

Technically accomplished, but basically a complete waste of time for all involved (including the viewer).

Why J-LO and Ice Cube in a boring movie like this?

Times have changed & in my eyes it's nice & comforting to revisit that time of my childhood with this great entertaining Horror adventure.

It's nice that Eric Stoltz's pretentious character is comatose for a good portion of the film, as he's one of the least likable, although I'd say all of the characters here are pretty well written.

Despite being very predictable and knowing which characters would die when, I don't want to vilify this movie because it isn't the worst movie I've ever seen.

If you hate snakes in any way, this film will keep you on the edge of your seat in more ways than one.

Owen Wilson marks a high point, with enough trademark charm to make his slippery character truly enjoyable and underused, and Eric Stoltz is also a credibly solid performance as the team's naturalist.

I quite enjoyed it as there is no thought power required.

We get beautiful shots of swamps (yes, swamps), incredible angles of trees, and even some very eerie and suspenseful underwater shots.

One of the worst movies ever made .

This is a clone of Jaws, a bad, silly clone that can not and must not be taken seriously, but with that attitude in mind, this movie is enjoyable B-movie material.

This is a mind-numbing but entertaining monster snake movie.

Any movie that provokes a response is worth watching at least once.

Even though the last scene was incredibly ridiculous it was still entertaining.

When I left the theater all I could say was...

It's a big snake shaped tube and goes from slow robotic motions, to super fast CGI.

Entertaining B Movie .

However, I did not care much for the ending, I found it boring.

Either I'm bored with it, or its bored with itself.

The problem is the characters are as gullible and mechanical as puppets because they blandly submit to the movie's many predictable circumstances.

It serves a confusion tactic for enemies.

Because "Anaconda" is in no way intelligent or remotely believable, but it sure is an entertaining and humorous monster romp in the swamp.

An entertaining movie with thrills.

The Storyline and the script wasn't bad at all, every 5 min there is something happen so you'll get bored.

The actors perform well enough and there are a few suspenseful scenes.

Speaking of spectacular, there is the requisite explosive finale which manages to be quite exciting as things go.

There's two more scenes with Sarone and the snake that are so gruesome and at the same time eye opening, and also fascinating, that I just can't find any words to describe them.

I wouldn't really recommend this movie, because it is very predictable.

Despite a few occasionally seat-gripping moments, there are no real scares or suspense whatsoever.

In the final analysis, a fun, entertaining and sometimes scary movie.

Mostly uneventful .

Movie critic, Leonard Maltin called the effects "hokey" and gave "Anaconda" an overall 2 star rating; whereas critic Roger Ebert disagreed and gave it a stunning 3&1/2 stars after a writing a lengthy review!

Directed by Luis Llosa, the first act is dull and it is only after the titular serpent surfaces that things get interesting.

Until I waste my time watching what amounts to a poor excuse of putting a number of idiots with the combine IQ of a turnip on some boat heading down the Amazon River not knowing where they are going and trusting some character (John Voight, who should have known better) who comes "from the mist".

- The best thing about anaconda is that it creates a suspenseful atmosphere that not many creature film has done also.

Leaden pacing and unremarkable creature effects mar the film's impact, but talented actors and an exciting, action-packed climax help breathe much needed life into the sub par material.

Certainly not on the script by Hans Bauer, Jim Cash & Jack Epps Jr. which is atrocious, it's about as clichéd as you can imagine, it's filled with unlikeable stereotypical characters, it has ridiculous plot devices & coincidences to keep the already thin material going, it's unoriginal & predictable as well as taking itself far too seriously.

Best horror and entertaining movie .

The CGI effects are very solid, and the score is catchy, yet suspenseful at the same time.

J Lo is pointless, she does all of her acting with her shapely backside.

My point of view is that anything with Jennifer Lopez in it is worth watching.

The whole plot is a real masterpiece of cliché.

One might say this picture worked for me because I have a fear of snakes, and it kept me on the edge of my seat because it's a movie, which is not the case at all.

Anaconda is a tremendously awful and predictable film that has no real humor at all.

Highly Entertaining.

Absolutely one of the worst movies ever made.

Could have been really great, but it is verrrryyy boring...

Beautiful, breathtaking scenery helps hold your interest through the dull moments.

However, this is a tedious trial to watch from the word go.


But "Anaconda" is an entertaining ride if you can get past the deficiencies.

This is possibly the WORST movie, next to Godzilla, that I have ever seen.

Also, it's a thrilling adventure through the Amazon.

The main factor of the fact that the movie is boring is the fact (that was a funny line) that the Anaconda itself looks so incredibly silly and extremly unreal.

Perfect if you had a rough day and want something to fill up a dull moment, without having to think about anything.

The dialogue was fairly dull and clunky with only the odd exchange between Ice Cube and Jonathan Hyde resembling anything remotely funny or interesting.

This movie was so bad, so predictable, and so boring, I want two hours of my life back.

The movie starts off good and smooth but gets to be very boring.

The riverboat travels up the Amazon, and it's very entertaining to sit back and enjoy.

This movie also insults those who see it by being so mindnumbingly stupid and predictable.

A guilty pleasure at best, perhaps, but a particularly solid and enjoyable one without question worth exploring for fans of the genre.

While watching this, I was thinking and my assessment is that the build up to the film is too slow.

I guess those people just saw the parts where they were talking about the indians or those people in the boats, that part was pretty boring.

I found it enjoyable watching Voight's demise.

A boring movie .

It's like the gangster-movies like "Last Man Standing", "Miller's Crossing" or "Road to Perdition", where they shoot with Tommy-Guns (with a 4-foot long muzzle-blast of fire) for minutes (in the reality a 50-round rum is empty in 3-4 seconds), perforating 3-foot thick brick walls to dust, or shot straight through a car engine-block...

In conclusion, this movie is a waste of time.

In every way Anaconda is a mess of a film, and it was so bad at creating scares that it actually made me fall asleep once, and had me begging for it to end when I woke up.

If memory serves me right, at least six years had passed since I last visited this slick, fast-moving, and low-key creature feature.

'50s style monster flick with tongue in cheek and an exciting plot .

Overly entertaining cinematic trash .

Ostensibly cast to lend the film Oscar cred and gravitas, Voight's deranged, hilariously over the top aping of an 'Apocalypse Now' style role, complimented with mangled Spanish accent and perpetual leer derails any remaining semblances of the film taking itself seriously, and marking the turning point when it morphs into a more predictably campy and enjoyable action romp.

At one time Werner Herzog tried to bring opera/commerce to the jungles of the Amazon with his film Fitzcarraldo, which featured as its primary set piece a boat being dragged over a mountain side.

Anaconda is such a fun thrilling 90's monster movie & one that i remember being a big summer hit movie when i was growing up in the 90's & i got it on video & loved it!!.

Apart from Voight's manic and tremendously enjoyable scene stealer, Jennifer Lopez, while hardly spectacular, offers an impressively measured and dignified lead performance with minimal screaming, although she is less convincing as a documentary filmmaker.

Most of the killing happen in the second half of the film with the first half devoted to boring sub-plots.

a good cast including a young Owen Wilson star in this fun enjoyable movie.

well, anything, it's still entertaining enough to stick in your mind and not make you think you wasted an hour and a half of your life watching it.

I Saw this movie on VHS Years ago and it was just awful and I Disagree with both siskel and ebert, this movie is so bad on every scene, it makes me wanna cringe, the premise, A National geographic crew goes to the amazon to look for this, when all of sudden a Giant snake attacks them and with the help of a hunter, played with embarrassment by one of my favorite actors John Voight tries to stop the snake and kill it before it kills anybody else, this is not only one of the worst movies of all time, but one of the worst films ever made, the acting is horrible, the special effects are not very good, the writing is pathetic and the only thing is saves this movie from a half to no star rating is the beautiful amazon river, otherwise this movie is a waste of time and your money.

So overall, it doesn't fit on my scale on movies where they're so bad that they're great, but it does make an entertaining monster flick if only they relaxed more and didn't try so hard to be like Jaws or Fatal Attraction.

Anaconda is up at the top of my list for on of the worst movies I've ever seen.