Anti Matter (2016) - Mystery, Sci-Fi

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A scientist faces the question of what makes us whole and if there is a part of us that is not part of this physical world when she discovers how to travel through a worm hole.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Keir Burrows
Stars: Yaiza Figueroa, Philippa Carson
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 15 out of 43 found boring (34.88%)

One-line Reviews (30)

It is confusing, esp.

)Despite an OK first act and a solid conclusion, the film fails because the mystery section is way too long, offering no clues along the way.

But it succeeds, astonishingly, at being both entertaining and bemusing.

It was great at times and boring and annoying at others.

But it's how quantum micro-universe is (today at least) confusing to the best physicists and cosmologists there are too.

I resisted the temptation to check the clock every minute, because that made time pass much slower.

It was simply dragged out far, far too much.

It might be good for some - but dear gawd it dragged.

From the perspective of psychological horror thriller, all the usual critical film elements are there, and we end up with a highly engaging quest for the truth which is excellent viewing.

That was a truly idiotic, boring movie devoid of a single redeeming quality.

After boring the audience at the beginning of the movie with all the science behind the wormhole process it has a very unscientific and implausible ending.

" cliché which I personally abhor.

Do yourself a favour, if you haven't watched Primer yet, watch that instead of this movie and if you have watched Primer, don't waste your time on this.

I felt the movie would have been better served with some meaningful flashbacks mixed in with the bed scenes of the couple sharing some quality time together instead of numerous sex flash backs, for me it took the movie down a notch and started to align itself with the predictable movie with some nude bar pole dancers thrown into it.

I read some other reviews about how the move starts out with a lot of confusing science jargon so I hunted it down for viewing with high hopes that maybe for once someone with a science background had written a complicated science script for a movie, this is NOT the case.

If it was, it just left myself even more completely bored.

dont waste your time .

Total waste of time!!

The other main criticism, that the movie becomes boring after the first 'transport', is also valid, as there is certainly a change from upbeat enthusiasm to dark paranoia.

Whilst there are irrelevant side plots, and some parts are slow, it's pretty well acted, the tension and mystery are built well, the the ending is surprising.

Intense and intriguing It held my interest.

Immature film making; Bland acting & dialogue delivery; Horrible screenplay .

Misleading poster/cover (I think someone else posted about that), B-grade script/plot/acting, clumsy exposition, terrible cliche/caricature characters.. the list goes on.

Intriguing, mysterious, satisfying...

1h45min of useless chases, pseudo-scientific crap and boredom, so much boredom!

Boring .

That said, this was still worth watching, and I would happily try another movie from this same group or these actors.

Of boredom!

Sadly, at this point the film descends into a slow-slow-slow character drama, only really coming together again at the very end.

If you are expecting a mature or commercial film like I was, move on, as I can tell you I went in with that mindset and was quickly bored here.