Appleseed (2004) - Animation, Action, Adventure

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In a utopian society created at the end of the third world war, a female warrior who has been plucked from the badlands begins to see cracks in this new facade. And what does this community have planned for the rest of humankind?

Director: Shinji Aramaki
Stars: Ai Kobayashi, Jûrôta Kosugi
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 10 out of 66 found boring (15.15%)

One-line Reviews (60)

Most people seemed to think they had wasted their money and I even heard one guy in the theater alley afterward saying it was "the worst movie he'd ever seen.

The use of reproduction as a narrative tool literally uses castration theory as the major threat or centre of importance as the final threat was that mankind would be made completely infertile, subjecting it to a slow extinction.

Exposition was handled extremely sloppily in my opinion, with vast amounts of information being reeled off in a couple of scenes that threw off the pacing of the whole movie and were just plain boring to watch.

Worrier Deunan is bought in to this peaceful society from the action packed front line to realize that her known to have disappeared boy friend Briareos also lives there and he is also a different kind of half machine half human right now.

For anyone who thought those fast, missile dodging action in Robotech was cool, this movie makes a good attempt at making you foam at the mouth with its intense, super fast/detailed mech slaughter fest action!

The horribly cliché-ridden "emotional" scenes don't really help either.

First the imagery, while stunning, had a lot of problems.

When you take the good with the bad, Appleseed still comes out as worthwhile and enjoyable.

The visuals are stunning, the action is well paced, and most of the capabilities of this cell-shaded CGI animation are explored, delivering many moments that would be impossible in hand drawn.

The result was fast-moving action was extremely jarring and disorienting to watch.

Just because something's clichéd doesn't mean it's bad, though, and I found it entertaining, in a pulpy kind of way.

This movie looks absolutely stunning, no doubt about it.

No question it looks fantastic, but it's ultimately wasted here due to a flat and cliché story.

That disposition is a hard sell, and it needs far more artistry than a mishmash of genre film conventions in a predictable post-apocalyptic scenario.

lots of boring talk which could have been avoided if the director had just found a way to let the story speak for itself.

There is a fascinating, regular incorporation of photographic textures and photographic phenomena like explosions, smoke and water.

Aramaki is able to build suspense and put viewers on the edge of their seats even if they're annoyed.

This manga (that I saw at the film-festival of Gent '05) certainly was technically breathtaking.

CONS- some cliché' scenes, hard to express the depth of Appleseed in 2 hrs.

Compelling characters, intricate plot, action(oh lord does it have action) and by far the most stunning visuals I have ever seen in any movie.

Tedious .

The movie script comes across as being illogical and full of pretentious dialogue.

As visually breathtaking as it often is, its style is very kinetic, hyperkinetic -- think Michael Bay on speed.

Having said that, Appleseed 2004 looks so stunning that it deserves a watch, and I feel 6/10 is fully justified.

It played the genre game perfectly with enough familiarity to make it easy to engage with and allow yourself to be immersed at the same time as shedding new light on ideas with variation from the norm.

This film is definitely worth watching if you're an anime fan or someone looking for a good sci-fi movie to watch.

All which, to come to my conclusion, is a shame since the animation is at times absolutely stunning.

If you like action packed sci-fi I'd definitely recommend this.

For example, our hero is the ultimate fighter, has special parents, is significant to our story, and cliché villainy.

It is truely a work of art, and entertaining to watch.

This is why many reviewers here found the movie uninspiring, to say the least.

I will say though, the plot is nothing too original, and can be cliché at times, but it is still enjoyable.

Suffice it to say, Appleseed is worth watching simply for it's eye goggling effects.

The original score by Tetsuya Takahasi is grandiose and the big-beat electronica provides the supplemental adrenaline rush as the action picks up.

It's plot is cliché with the overused science fiction premise of struggle between two coexisting races and the flaws and sins of humans, and the general execution of the plot is also in no way an outstanding one of the genre.

Intrigue involving a power struggle between Olympus' bioroids (cloned servants)and the humans, and Deunan's mysterious role in it all, is what drives this movie to its action packed climax.

The plot is thin, contrived and full of holes, and often just a pretense to deliver some eye-candy.

Adrenaline rush .

First the visuals and sounds are more than breathtaking, but on the other hand I wondered how they can tell the story in such a confusing way.

Characters were pretty basic but fully engaging, respectable and as I said above the lead going to a female character is something I would die to see more of in Western films.

Beautiful, But Painfully Cliché .

Beautiful, exciting and good use of genre.

Ghost in the Shell was a great marriage between hand drawn 2D and computer-generated 3D action, but I'm sorry to say that Ghost in the Shell:Innocence left me yawning.

The pace of the movie feels very right, action scenes and slower character building scenes are vow en into each other without any of them feeling forced.

Without getting into too much details, the story -the most disastrous part of Appleseed- it's incredibly cliché,it's filled with cheesy, lame dialogue.

I have not read the manga and cannot comment on them, but i tell you, the movie is really worth watching.

The complexity and detail of the city is awe inspiring.

The pacing was brilliant coming in under two hours and having a pretty exciting almost climax before more reveals then an even more exciting final set piece.

If you're watching a subtitled version this section can be a bit tiresome.

And the music is kinda uninspiring.

Therefore, when major revelations about the characters are made, or huge plots wrap up, the feeling behind it is one of confusion and pointlessness.

This certain type of a futuristic sci fi animation is mostly scene from Japanese animation studios and most of them are literally mind blowing.

The action sequences are stunning, and the way characters subtly move even when they are not the focus of attention is just amazing.

That should tell you something about how much I enjoyed it.

Stunning animation, average story .

Not even for the animation, which really is breathtaking by the way.

So with no Japanese to speak of, I dragged a sales assistant to the laptop pointed and "asked" if he had the film in stock.

PROS- Enjoyable movie, good action, great cinematography, good story.

With the use of motion capture and the stunning visuals, I wanted more action.

As the plot turned more and more into a standard action movie, i felt my attention slipping, until in the end i was so bored that I was almost glad that it was over.