April Fool's Day (1986) - Horror, Mystery

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Nine college students staying at a friend's remote island mansion begin to fall victim to an unseen murderer over the April Fool's Day weekend, but nothing is as it seems.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Fred Walton
Stars: Deborah Foreman, Griffin O'Neal
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 28 out of 153 found boring (18.3%)

One-line Reviews (99)

Don't put this movie at the top of your "to watch" list, but it's good as a freebie on a boring Saturday night.

Red herrings and twists and turns in the plot will keep you engaged and the climax will be something that is unexpected.

The suspense lacks on almost all fronts, other than generic eighties synthesizers letting us know when we should be frightened and when we should be unsettled, the music is thoroughly boring, effectively exuding no personality, and the characters are your generic souls who make improbable decisions that come to light once the ending rolls around.

All in all "April Fool's Day" is a mediocre but entertaining slasher flick, starring the ever likable and wonderful Amy Steel.

U dont need gory kills or nudity to create an entertaining thriller.

Worth watching at least once

Surely devotees to this genre have gotten used to accepting nonsense, but in addition to the ending, several plot elements here are so muddled and pointless that dozens of scenes seem to be in place only to pad the run time (I dare you to figure out how two of the disposable chuckleheads in our bunch pull off the knife to the stomach gag on the dock at the beginning of the film).

The lack of gore or explicit nudity doesn't bother me that much, but the dull script did.

Released in 1986 this film stands out of a whole bunch of slashers from the decade; not because it's one of the bests, not because it has the level of gore expected by a fan of the genre (in fact it doesn't have real gore), AFD shines because of it's original and unexpected ending.

I hated how much of a cliché it was.

The casting is superb, delightful, and entertaining.

He directs this film like a TV movie, with very basic, predictable camera angles and a limp aesthetic that fails to amuse or provoke, much like the film's throwaway characters.

Unfortunately, it is nowhere near as entertaining, although some horror fans would readily contest this statement.

Aprils fools day for me was really confusing,by the title you knew the deaths or something would be a joke completely predictable.

This is a pretty funny and unpredictable horror flick about a group of college students staying at a friend's remote island mansion during the April Fool's Day weekend and finding themselves falling victim to vicious crimes.

April Fool's Day is American mystery horror film directed by Fred Walton and it is filed with mystery, entertainment, intense and it is creepy film which the same time is terrifying with the humor around.

This one was boring from start to finish.

The movie starts off very slow with the college kids just cracking each other up with cheesy, unfunny and crude sexual jokes while waiting for their ferry to taxi.

This movie is how can I say intriguingly bad in a way it's enjoyable to watch, and that's the key.

Overall April Fool's Day is quite enjoyable.

Alternately dull or annoying.

I highly recommend it.

Any "Friday the 13th" flick is all-around more entertaining, not to mention "Slumber Party Massacre II" (1987), which has similarities.

What's also great about AFD is that the kills and murders happen off screen and makes them more effective and intense and the less you see in the movie the more intense the film becomes.

Actually, this film takes more of an interest in its dull characters' romantic lives than it does in scare scenes, so much so it often comes across less as a horror flick and more as a crazed lost episode of "Days of Our Lives".

I would have liked to give the film a somewhat more positive review than this, but the fact of that matter is that it bored me.

The score by Charles Bernstein is haunting,eerie and effective and fits in well with the suspenseful scenes.

he chasing leads to one of the most disturbing and unexpected endings in horror history.

The characters are flat and boring and a film like this needed fun, real characters in order for the whole surprise ending thingy to have been perceived as being worthwhile.

A fun & suspenseful way to kill 90 minutes .

The last twenty minutes of the film will leave you on the edge of your seat just typing this out and thinking about it gives me goosebumps it was played out so brilliantly.

The ending of April Fool's Day is amazing and one of the best endings and twists of I have seen in a Horror film but if you're a Horror you are either going to love or hate the ending I happen to fall into the former category because the ending is very funny,daring and truly unexpected and I think the ending adds to the greatness and quality of April Fool's Day.

very little suspense and maybe a scare, very slow moving to as well.

Classy but bland horror fare.

The more I think about it, it's pretty predictable stuff really.

All in all a pretty good movie and an unexpected ending.

Boring .

I think this holds well with the slasher genre it's just a fun, smart, suspenseful and scary movie period.

Contrived, implausible, and very silly (such a joke would require crackerjack timing, Oscar worthy acting, and top-notch make-up effects), and not nearly as clever as it likes to think it is, this finale can only be something of a disappointment to viewers who have just spent an hour and a half believing this to be a regular body-count/stalk 'n' slash movie.


Director Walton films with a certain competency & gloss in 2:35:1 widescreen but it's rather bland & forgettable, I'd struggle to say there's any style here at any rate.

April Fool's Day takes the tropes of slasher horror (unseen killer, pretty college kids, and some suspense) and turns them into an enjoyable mystery.

The pace of this film is quite slow, stalk sequences are devoid of any suspense, and the kills are infrequent and unoriginal.

That said ,the unexpected twist -and even the second unexpected twist- comes at the most awkward moment and anyway who cared for those guys and babes?

The only problem is that the ending is extremely predictable to anyone who pays attention in the movie, it just makes too much sense that this is the way that it's gonna end.


To that end, I find April Fool's Day gripping, entertaining, and with one of the best unexpected endings that I have seen, it is worth its full 86 minutes!

But I watched it again,it premieres on sky only on April fools day so I watched it again and when I did,I really liked it but the ending was so confusing.

Very suspenseful and unusual slasher.

Bottom-of-the-barrel bore .

It's void of humour and has no cool death scenes due to its premise, the characters are also unlikable and trite.

She is a pretentious snob with a tiara and plenty of connections.

I watched the movie the first time and thought it was boring and crap.

An unpredictable little horror flick.

All in all, it's entertaining and worth watching (especially for Clayton Rohner fans, wait, I could be the only one).

An extremely dull film, unwisely given a wide theatrical release by Paramount.

This is a good enjoyable movie right up until the 'surprise' ending.

The movie's boring until the ending (the only good thing about the film).

As a Horror movie AFD isn't really scary but it can be suspenseful and atmospheric because there are certain scenes that will have viewers on the edge of their seats and because AFD is more in the style of an Agatha Christie Mystery like Murder On the Orient Express or Ten Little Indians where the movie keeps you guessing and asking questions about who's doing the killing and when will it end.

Intriguing and interesting at the same time.

A totally forgettable film that contains every single cliche that has ever been used in a film of its' genre.

But appreciate the fact that they are totally unexpected and work better than any other ending thought up for the film.

Despite numerous flaws and "how did they know this would work" issues, this was entertaining and a joy to watch.

Aptly titled film seems to be made by people who have contempt for their audience, since this film(devoid of suspense or thrills) pulls the rug out from everyone, which may be seen as clever by some, put really renders the entire film pointless; though it is nicely filmed on location, viewer is unlikely going to appreciate being taken for a ride...

And then when it happens, the explanation is so dull and predictable, that lots of questions would come into your mind.

They add fun and entertainment to liven up a very dull party.

Since there's not even any scares of suspense to speak of (you can easily spot the "killer" on the DVD case, and during the movie they pretty much wear a sign on their head that says, "Yep, it's me"), the film becomes a tedious mess that leaves you hanging on only to see how the scenario is wrapped up.

Released in 1986,April Fool's Day is an entertaining and underrated Horror/Comedy Slasher film that while was a modest success at the Box Office divided Horror fans and Slasher fans when it came out as some Horror fans were expecting a typical holiday Slasher film and they got something different from the norm.

Still enjoyable after all these years.

it's just a pointless slasher movie.

I read 'April fool's day' by Jeff Rovin first and really enjoyed it, it was full of twists, nail-biting chapters and a humdinger of an ending.

Stupid, boring film finds a group of stupid, annoying teenagers journying to an island.

The gore factor is also a letdown as all deaths are off-screen but this movie was still entertaining.

The tonal unevenness here comes at how much of April Fool's Day is just one big joke on the audience, playing us for fools, as the title would suggest, but not in a fun, "whodunit" way, but a tired and tedious way.

I didn't care about this movie as I didn't not enjoy it at first at I saw it, it felt little boring to me and I would have gave it 3/10 now after seeing the the really bad remake I going to give this movie a 6/10

The script by Danilo Bach takes itself very seriously, has bland cardboard cutout teen character's whose names I can barely remember & an inexcusable lack of blood or gore.

I would spend hours just gazing at the foam-filled empty VHS covers at the movie selections, especially the rated-R, horror fare I wasn't allowed to see.

"April Fool's Day" is an entertaining bloodless slasher that stands alone in the genre for being itself a joke.

April Fool's Day is a wonderful,funny and suspenseful Horror/Comedy Slasher film from the 1980s that's filled with fine direction,a great ensemble cast,a haunting score and memorable make-up effects that make April Fool's Day one of the most entertaining and memorable Horror/Slasher movies of the 1980s.

A Wonderful,Underrated,Funny And Suspenseful Horror/Comedy Slasher Film From The 1980s.

Taking the somewhat familiar drive through a group of kids disappearing one by one in a house in the middle of nowhere could be just another movie you rent when you get REALLY bored.

Its creators had some fun with slasher conventions while also delivering some real thrills (I jumped at least once), overall being an entertaining junk movie.

Nevertheless, entertaining enough to stick with it.

These 3 cast of actors are the reason why this movie is so good, the death scenes are terrifying and in the first hour it goes very, very slow.

The guests get a few laughs in the beginning, but things get a little more intense.

The unusual plot plays out more like a compelling murder mystery with it being very similar in the vein of Agatha Christie's "10 Little Indians".

When you start thinking it's boring and it has nothing else to offer, a trick is expecting you!

The twist is so contrived, silly & full of holes that I found it impossible to keep a straight face.

The third act is surprisingly entertaining.

Regrettably, the pacing is off and so not enough suspense is worked up.

The screenplay has but one punch, and it's fairly predictable.

The plot and story are well-written and unique in a way that is not like the usual, and sometimes predictable, slasher flicks.

It was predictable and slow at points.

The horror teeny bopper films should look at the 70's and 80's horror movies and take a few notes and quit churning out tiresome stupid crap like urban legend and the faculty etc etc. Rent April Fool's Day!

It has a different sense of urgency (and panic) to them, whereas they always use the cliched, boring "no signal" excuse nowadays.

I found it boring and not in the least bit scary.

A trite experience .

The film get's 9/10 I really love Amy Steel in this and I like the film it is fast paced entertaining film and goes fast around.

I was amazed to see that the IMDb says this had a budget of $5,000,000 because virtually nothing happens, there's no big name actor's, there's no special effects & while it looks nice & glossy is that enough to show for five big ones?