As Good as It Gets (1997) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A single mother and waitress, a misanthropic author, and a gay artist form an unlikely friendship after the artist is assaulted in a robbery.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: James L. Brooks
Stars: Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt
Length: 139 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 62 out of 545 found boring (11.37%)

One-line Reviews (215)

Any more details as to how these three people's lives intersect would spoil one of the most entertaining and delicious stories that was also nominated for Best Picture of 1997.

As powerful as Jack Nicholson's performance at One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, this has to be his second most evocative performance.

As good as Nicholson gets - definitely worth watching.

as good as it gets is funny, endearing, touching, dark, sad, cathartic, confusing and enlightening all at once.

So you might applaud the fine performance by Mr. Nicholson, but realize the movie is annoying and repetitive.

This film is a perfect 10, if you have not seen this film, I highly recommend it.

Titanic is fine the first 20 times, then it gets dull.

I love this movie so much because it shows how when people come in contact with each other, the unexpected often occurs.

I think the story of As Good As It Gets is absolutely fascinating!

What an engaging, enthralling story: an troubled, insecure man helps a troubled, insecure waitress (troubled and insecure in different respects), and the two form an unlikely relationship from being distant acquaintances (Hunt even exclaims that Nicholson is crazy in their most uncomfortable moment in the film) to practical soul mates (Nicholson to Hunt: "I feel that I'm the only person that knows that you are the greatest woman alive"), through a series of misfortunes, self-explorations, and mutual bondings.

The big Oscar winner for Jack is recent years is enjoyable if you come to it knowing what to expect.

Yes it's quite entertaining, but it's way too long and not half as clever as it thinks it is.

Only Miss Helen Hunt escapes admonition in another role that could easily have slipped over into cliché as the single mother.

It's funny, sweet, and compelling all at the same time, and these are the kind of films which allow me to enjoy the rom-com.

Wonderfully entertaining, superbly written and beautifully acted this is a film to be savoured time and again.

Brooks, directs a 5-year old screenplay and rakes up a pretentious cast of actors.

Quite confusing .

Could this be any more boring?

The ''true love achieves everything'' cliche never works and only exists in order to justify the plot conveniences.

Hitch), they're all so predictable and awfully repetitive.

enjoyable characters .

I left the theater with one more expression in my vocabulary, which is the notion that maybe, this is "As Good As It Gets.

Otherwise, it was moderately entertaining.

This was one of best romantic comedies that has come from Hollywood and it is successful in entertaining the audience.

Is the film enjoyable?

It has some humorous moments, some emotional ones, and some bland ones.

These unexpected feelings, which he has only known about through his literary works so far, are going to transform his life forever...

Even though it's a wonderful film in spite of its cliches and predictable nature, the biggest flaw about this movie was that it went on for way too long.

Jack Nicholson plays, well, Jack Nicholson (ho hum) and Helen Hunt plays the same boring role as her TV persona.

As Good As It Gets is a dull, predictable flick.

It was smart and entertaining.

Nicholson's characters transformation from spit it like it is to sympathetic lover is compelling, and Hunt's portrayal of a Mother at her whits end with A+E doctors was played with the tenacity of any parent who has faced brick walls over their children's health problems.

This is one of those rare occasions when Hollywood can bring together major stars and make a literate, entertaining and adult film without 'dumbing down' the content.


But we see Jack as capable of intense honesty, that I even wanted to reach into the screen and lock a hug with him.

Hugely enjoyable and well scripted movie which gets you easily involved with all the characters.

I can think of few other times that I was more bored in a movie theater than while watching this film.

While in a Marriott Inn in Oklahoma a couple of years backI watched this movie out of sheer boredom, expecting tosee a ditsy "chick flick".

Most entertaining film of the 90s .

Brooks comes a story that contains so many wonderful and unexpected twists, combining for an on-screen relationship that no one will ever suspect.

Check it out for stunning acting...

Nicholson lacks charm where say Kevin Kline might have made it work, Hunt periodically turns on the waterworks and Kinnear is a bland stereotype.

Generally the style is "slow moving comedy" and it works a little more than half of the time.

I have to say that after watching this movie the first time, I totally enjoyed it.

An enjoyable, unexpected pleasure .

I found the movie to be very entertaining and Jack Nicholson's performance hilarious.

Very entertaining .

* * * ½ (3½ out of 5) As Good As It Gets Directed by: Albert Brooks, 1998 A contrived feel-good vehicle obtains a life of its own by way of some outstanding performances.


This movie i saw on the big screen years ago and I enjoyed it.

I must have seen this movie more than four times and every time is as entertaining as it was the first time I saw it.

What really makes this movie so enjoyable is Nicklsons scene stealing performance as a guy who seems to have a problem with everyone.

One of the biggest hits of 1997 and garnering Jack Nicholson yet another Oscar, "As Good As It Gets" is a fascinating comedy-drama.

Predictable but Very Entertaining .

This film is not a big blockbuster which blows you away with superfluous special effects, but rather a slice-of-life story brought to film with fantastic, intriguing, and amusing writing and incredibly vivid, daring, and raw, emotional performances; and though perhaps the plot of "As Good as it Gets" was somewhat predictable, real life can also be, given the same assembly of characters and situations...

Romantic stories, always happen in places that will just make you feel romantic, which just make me feel bored of.

And that unexpected act of kindness-along with waitress Carol Connelly (Helen Hunt)-helps Melvin back in the Human Race.

He plays this part in a fresh, convincing, and utterly enjoyable manner in every single scene.

Once into it I began to care about these people, even the essentially bland character played by Greg Kinnear.

That said, the movie did have some redemptive features: the dog Verdell was entertaining, even if he did look like a baby insect Chewbacca, and Jack got to spew some choice insults.

I found the characters to be believable and absorbing.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable, highly entertaining and very thoughtful film.

Many things amaze about the film; just as each story can stand and make sense on it's own so each scene stands in own right and is a perfect and complete whole worth watching and thinking about.

I was bored rigid by these cardboard characters.

He is and will be sick in his mind in the most unbearable way.

From laying in bed, to attending school to playing football this slow progression of health to happiness is well and truly heart warming.

It's a testament to Jack's performance for creating someone who is truly an absolute unbearable person to witness.

And it's in these moments that Hunt really shines, showing that she's not dependent on the badda-bing pace of something like _Mad About You_ but has that mysterious something that used to be called screen presence, the ability to draw people in even when there's nothing happening.

It could've been great but instead was dragged on for over 2 hours.

Just seemed like a boring rom-com with actors I didn't really care about.

I saw this movie at a particular time of my life and I found it very enjoyable and witty.

Very cliché, predictable and judgy.

Greg Kinnear- dull as dishwater.

Jack Nicholoson might have seemed type cast but his delightfully compluslive obsessive behaviour made his charactur all the more enjoyable to watch.

Loved it the first time, bored by the third viewing.

As Good As It Gets proves that there is still life in the romantic comedy genre, and that intelligent, gutsy films with three-dimensional characters can also be light and entertaining.

I saw it the other night on TV, after I enjoyed it ín the theatres in 1998.

The romantic comedy "As good as it gets" is hilarious, honest, real and entertaining from start to finish.

That said, the way the movie developed (and particularly the rather formulaic ending) just seemed too implausible.

AS GOOD AS IT GETS is an entertaining film, with Mark Andrus's script containing a fair share of witticisms, but the tone changes for the worse as the action unfolds, as director Brooks substitutes hard- edged comedy for sentimentality, with the plot chugging towards its predictable end.

But the opposites attract cliché seems to be at work shortly after they meet and gradually learn to tolerate each other before romance enters the picture.

They always seem trite and predictable.

Hopelessly Formulaic .

There is another thing I liked about this one - it's very unpredictable.

The script is fresh and real and it makes watching this movie a totally enjoyable experience.

Its enjoyable because we see an unlikely relationship grow, and having watched many movies, I can always predict that two unlikely characters are put side by side and eventually will fall for each other.

Boring boring boring (but the dog is cute) .

Now, having said all the above, dialog by Mark Andrus and James L Brooks is outstanding and thats what sets this film engaging though scattered and long.

Annoying and often boring, definitely overlong.

That probably doesnt make a lot of sense but for me this was a bland and cynical, slickly marketed oscar grabber and should be shown to film students as a warning.

It simply goes through a whole heap of boring stuff 3 incredibly boring characters put up with in their lives.

An intelligent, gutsy and entertaining movie.

By the third viewing, I noticed it was too long, some scenes were boring and pointless and I"m sick of the male lead being 30 years older than the female lead.

Screenplay is lethargic rather placid I must say and its a long drawn out for nearly more than 2 hours to convey a point and to express a feeling.

The best romantic comedy, certainly the best film of 1997, and one of the greatest films of all time, "As Good As It Gets" succeeds in practically every entertaining and endearing cinematic respect.

All I know is that this is one of the most entertaining pictures I've ever seen, extremely funny and quite emotionally affecting in places.

the movie moved along slowly towards a very predictable ending.

Expect to be surprised by this film; the rareity of the magnificant script, combining with the multitude of talent in the cast, makes it magnetically engaging from start to finish.

However, it just completely bored me out a bit since it was 2 hours and I found that Jack Nicholson's really gave out too much jokes that you've heard it all before!

She is an incredibly boring foil for Nicholson.

"As Good As It Gets" is a flawed film, with scenes that drag and an overlong running time, but it's highly enjoyable and altogether pretty well-written.

On the other hand, this film was quite unpredictable for me.

The only two possible gripes i have with it is that the storyline progresses a bit too slow at times.

Truly enjoyable, well made movie .

But thanks to the compelling performances of the three leads, this film is near perfection.

Romantic stories, always happen in places that will just make you feel romantic, which just make me feel bored of.

I'm sure everyone wanted Jack to shut up and put his glasses on when Kinnear told his engaging story about how his father gave him a "sweaty wad of money".

Melvin is to be helped along after his gay neighbor Simon (Greg Kinnear) is hospitalized and more unexpected kindness-comes along with waitress Carol Connelly (Helen Hunt) who helps put Melvin back in the human race.

But overall I think Jack makes the film come alive, and that certainly makes for enjoyable viewing.

Her character has the gift to change the life of a cold and boring man like Melvin.

He speaks too slow and distributes gratuitous rudeness words to everyone around.

While Nicholson has many snappy one-liners and insult jokes at the expense of Greg Kinnear's Simon, the film is still as tragic and as deep as one of Shakespeare's sonnets.

Granted, As Good As It Gets is rather well written, the dialogues are often a hit and are well spiced up by a few touches of humour, but with such a predictable and banal story, the film ends up as part of the long list of average to mediocre rom-coms.

Spirit lifting and entertaining movie .

All three stories run concurrently and overlap throughout but each is fascinating and compelling in it's own right.

The two primary co-stars, Helen Hunt and Greg Kinnear provide equally-competent, engaging performances, along with Cuba Gooding, Shirley Knight, and everyone in the remaining supporting cast.

This wasn't a typical romance film because unpredictable it was and pretentious it wasn't.

I think it is a hard genre to crack as they can become predictable very quickly.

Jack Nicholson was doing a cliche of a character, and he won.

Funny, witty, and overall enjoyable.

Uneven, often predictable, but consistently entertaining at 138 minutes in length, "As Good As It Gets" unspools like a long, leisurely situation comedy.

It is a very long movie, nearly 2-1/3 hours in length - but so enjoyable it seems like one of those shorter hour-and-a-half films.

Boring boring boring.

Ultimately an empty vessel making a lot of noise.

The Jack Nicholson character, reclusive writer Melvin Udall, is a deeply disturbed individual in dire need of his medication and some intensive therapy.

Very enjoyable character study of the eccentric Melvin.

It's a good comedy and is worth watching.

The best romantic comedy, certainly the best film of 1997, and one of the greatest films of all time, "As Good As It Gets" succeeds in practically every entertaining and endearing cinematic respect.

In short this movie is intelligent, intriguing, hilarious and you get so attached to the characters through superb acting.

Sadly I never had the chance to view it in the theatres, and I as hold back on it with the suspicion that it was going to be an overrated, formulaic, mushy romantic comedy which stars Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt.

Compelling Performance by Jack Nicholson.

The film as a whole is semi-entertaining.

I found this movie incredibly boring and the script was bland.

Helen Hunt and her unique voice and mannerism made her an unexpected perfect match for Jack in the film.

This movie is also laugh out loud funny, which was unexpected when I first saw it.

To conclude, this movie is incredibly entertaining and exciting with a well crafted storyline and script.

Yes, the story is contrived, not even slightly realistic, nor is it beleivable that Carol the waitress would be in the least bit attracted to Melvin.

It holds up to repeated viewings; the sweet and unexpected chemistry working among the three leads is every bit as effective the third time as the first.

It's hard to understand how a movie with Nicholson and Kinnear could be so irritating, annoying and frankly, boring.

This is a true test of a completely-enjoyable presentation - and thankfully, the producers didn't try to cut its length to conform to a more normal movie theater show schedule.

And that unexpected act of kindness- along with waitress Carol Connelly- helps put Melvin back in the human race.

Still worth watching.

Overall, this is an enjoyable, unexpected pleasure.

A movie with no gimmick, no real plot, only characters that tie it together.

Great performances in a very good and entertaining film .

Starts off strong, gets a bit sappy and predictable as the movie goes on.

Banal rom-com .

Fascinating comedy-drama (spoilers) .

Given the fact that the film is peppered with high priced Hollywood movie stars (Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear, Cuba Gooding, Jr., etc.), it's obvious that it's not a cheap production, so the crowds have to be pleased to some extent, but even the rather conventional path that it follows to the end is made into a tremendously enjoyable ride because of the quality of the performances.

You'd swear JACK NICOLSON was playing himself, he's so on target with his character (Melvin Udall), a quirky, misanthropic writer who thumbs his nose at everyone with sharp wisecracks, delivered in that dull monotone he perfected so many movies ago.

Despite the protagonist's eccentricities, this film is painfully predictable.

Of course engaging characters and humourous dialogue would be null and void without an excellent cast.

Cranky misogynist, an adorable dog, cute female lead, and a gay neighbor combined to produce a boring, disappointing piece of junk.

As Good As It Gets is the worst movie of 1997 with its technical features:Editing is the worst, screenplay is a mess, no camera aspects, no successful sound editing or mixing(no one has no idea how can a puppy murmur through a garbage chute and can be heard inside an apartment unit), art decoration has zero achievement(that's why it's a sit-com) ; at the same time As Good As It Gets is at its best for 4 great performances: Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson at the leading, Greg Kinnear and Cuba Gooding Jr. at the supporting.

There is no real plot.

In conclusion, to anyone who's a fan of Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, or Greg Kinnear, if you haven't seen AS GOOD AS IT GETS, I highly recommend it.

Provided she lives with her mother, her son suffers from a chronic asthma, so she doesn't have time to think for herself, her performance transcends the cinematic banality of her situation.

Keanu Reeves static facial expressions and monotone voice make me gag...

Considering the awards and praise this popular comedy received, the result is a drawn out and mediocre affair with too many characters that serve little purpose where a shorter, more focused script would have alleviated the the tediun and seeming endlessness of this movie that feels like a pilot for a TV series.. The script is awkward and contrived with the lead characters not seemingly meant for one another; the ending was not a happy one for me.

Good, but sends confusing messages .

Last nught I sat down and watched and thought it was really boring and disjointed and would not recommend it.

This beast is unbearable, with disproportionately large black eyes straight out of a Walter Keane painting, who actually manages to produce tears when he seems about to leave Nicholson for another keeper.

It's an enjoyable film, with some great performances particularly for Jack's best actor performance, and Kineear's wounded likes of Simon.

This is the second worst movie of 1997 next to "The Devil's Advocate".

As Good As It Gets is one of those incredibly moving films that is also hugely entertaining.

Expect to be surprised by this film; the rareity of the magnificent script, combining with the multitude of talent in the cast, makes it magnetically engaging from start to finish.

Of course the outcome of the movie is predictable and a Hollywood ending can't lack from the film.

A cliche festival .

My main problem with many of the romance movies now a days, they are all too predictable and they are basically the same old thing, with just a different storyline.

Simply put, this movie was a very enjoyable film to watch.

I felt bored a good bit of the movie (and I usually don't mind slow paced movies).

Then a third factor is Greg Kinnear's gay artist, which may seem to be the weakest among the trinity, but as the representative perspective from the minority group, his mayhem serves as a more evocative agent to be viewed as the rosy prospect of gay right even in today's time.

He is just so full on nuances that make him very entertaining.

I love this movie so much because it shows how when people come in contact with each other, the unexpected often occurs.

I know the movie is supposed to show the routine of these three or four main characters, but it gets boring once nothing much really happens.

My main niggle is that it is way too long; it could have easily been shortened by at least 20 minutes and that would have maybe given it a little more punch.

The engaging and captivating story of a troubled insecure man, who then helps and insecure waitress and the unlikely bond they develop to being almost soul mates after some tribulations and self learning.

Is very very rare for him to be sweet, however when he does it is so intense, like tropical rain in the desert.

Helen Hunt stunning too as the one person who can save him with fine support too from Greg Kinnear.

nice try but boring .

The plot began to run its course about an hour in and started to bore me.

)Needless to say, the performances were top notch (that's why they get paid millions) and made the film worth watching, thanks to Director Albert Brooks.

Helen Hunt and Greg Kinnear have an intense on-screen chemistry.

The background music underlines everything in exactly the predictable ways you would think it would.

Like Dogma, you can accept it seriously or not, and it is simply brilliant to not take it seriously, it is more enjoyable to take it as a comedy, not a drama.

Did not expect much of it, but the versatile story, humor that struck me as well the true professionals Nicholson and Hunt made this drama an enjoyable piece of art.

I left the movie wondering if the script was written by an old jerk who accidently wrote himself into the movie.

The ending is predictable, and somewhat implausible, as Melvin sloughs off his OCD in remarkably quick time and learns something about how to treat his fellow-human beings decently.

There was nothing sympathetic about any of the characters, and they managed to be supremely uninteresting at the same time.

He and fellow writer Mark Andrus have developed an interesting tale with several plot arcs that are fascinating to watch.

Like all of Brooks' films, this one is well acted and written and it's always entertaining, but it's also unchallenging and cinematically uninteresting, and always feels slightly sanitized, even when it's dealing with rough topics.

Expect to be surprised by this film; the rarity of the magnificent script, combining with the multitude of talent in the cast, makes it magnetically engaging from start to finish.

However: As Good As It Gets wants you to believe that there's an innocent charm to life, and by staying slow-burning conservative and soberly delivering the goods, this is actually achieved.

But make no mistake, "As Good as it Gets" is well worth watching for the characters alone, as motley a crew of eccentric, on-going NYC survivors as you will find on the silver screen.

The dialogue is so funny and the whole movie is very entertaining.

The "impossible pair" setting is always a most common yet compelling stunt in a rom-com, while usually male plays a dominant part, and female part takes some moral advantage to keep the balance as equally as possible to avoid any sexism accusations.

First of all, Simon is hospitalized after he becomes a victim of an unexpected assault and Melvin has to take care of his dog (discreetly forced by Simon's friend and art dealer Frank).

Helen Hunt also gives a compelling, emotionally packed performance.

Well worth watching.

Overall, great script, I really enjoyed it "and you people are supposed to be sensitive (talking to his gay friend), I'm drowning here and your describing the water".

Anyway, I can personally relate to this movie, which is why I enjoyed it so much.

The big Oscar winner for Jack is recent years is enjoyable if you come to it knowing what to expect.

Though there was a predictable outcome to the storyline, I really didn't mind, just sat back and enjoyed because how it got there was fun.

), it's an enjoyable ride.

One of the few 1997 movies Hollywood can be proud ofPS I watched this movie again after more than seven years and I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time around...

Both Nicholson and Hunt won Oscars for their roles and their interplay is breathtaking.

I don't want to summarize the movie, for its always exciting to watch the unknown.

The combination of comedy and drama was very enjoyable.

I consider her to be the most mundane and uncharismatic of the modern crop of critically lauded actresses.

Even the dog is a wonderfully entertaining character in this movie.

Very entertaining .

It has no plot.

A few flaws but worth the watch .

In short, this is one of the most brilliant scripts with intriguing characters and a brilliant story.

But it is ultimately an empty vessel making a lot of noise.