Back to the Future Part II (1989) - Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi

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After visiting 2015, Marty McFly must repeat his visit to 1955 to prevent disastrous changes to 1985...without interfering with his first trip.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Stars: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 41 out of 419 found boring (9.78%)

One-line Reviews (243)

All this mayhem is somewhat intriguing and fun, but becomes a bit tedious and turns into an endurance test rather than a movie experience.

And finally, in one of the most exciting stunts in the movie, Biff tries to shake Marty off his car while Marty holds on for dear life in trying to retrieve the sports almanac.

It's an enjoyable little film and you really just have to enjoy it for what it's worth.

"Back to the Future Part II"- An imaginative and entertaining but also contrived and convoluted follow-up in the iconic trilogy.

And the dog sais after einstein came back: 'for einstein nothing happened, he skipped time...

Thankfully, Back to the Future Part II still upholds enough of the charming whimsy of the first to still provide a raucously entertaining ride, combined with even more brain-teasing time travel trickery to mull over for years to come.

Overall, an extremely entertaining sequel, that only lacks the comedy and emotional impact of the original.

While the jumping back and forth was a rather intriguing idea, the execution was too quick and herky-jerky.

The important thing about this movie is that this movie carries over from the first one, so it's vital you see the first movie, Back to the Future, before you see this sequel otherwise it's pointless.

But it's still entertaining and it does have energetic performances by the cast.

Fox and Christopher Lloyd are excellent, the story goes in 2015 , we have this film a lot of cool things like tennis stringing alone or the flying skateboard , the special effects are great , the persecution is very good as the first film , the film 's end just leaves you eager for the sequel , the soundtrack is great like the first film, Back to the Future II is not better than the first , even more so is a great sequel, besides being very entertaining , the film is funny is a great pass time.

But consequently makes the entire set piece monotonously dull.

When I watched it on videotape a few years later, I finally understood it and was quite enchanted with all the exciting adventures that Marty and Dr. Emmett L.

Still, I like this film, it is pretty engaging, particularly since this time they do attempt to change the timeline, which results in some disastrous consequences.

It's not as iconic as the first, though it does continue the story and is an exciting adventure with plenty of interesting scenes and production design aswell as once again a great performance from Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd

I Honestly Enjoyed the sequel but while it was good it just wasnt as exciting while i did enjoy going to into an alternate reality I just felt it was your typical Time Travel story Stop A Event from B Happening though the characters were welll delveloped and had arcs it just wasnt as exciting as The First one.

OK, it's entertaining, to a certain extent.

People who say it is too confusing...

While doing their job, Marty buys a sports almanac of the 20th century and unfortunately, when Doc seriously asks him to throw it away, Biff (Thomas F Wilson), a long-time nemesis, overhears their conversation, takes the book from the waste bin, steals the time machine and gives the almanac to his younger self back in 1955.

When filmmakers commit to a film as wonderfully entertaining as "Back," anyone working on a followup should somehow be required to achieve something as joyously memorable.

More Special Effects Make for a More Entertaining Sequel .

I loved this movie just as much as the original and highly recommend it for the entire family.

It's wonky and contrived and feels very much like it was written on the fly.

you are absolutely missing out on movie genius and the most entertaining trilogy ever made and if you have seen it before, go watch it again because its rare to have this much fun.

It's a thrilling ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time and it's got one of the best twists ever seen on a movie.

Overall a great and enjoyable sequel which sets the plot for the third part very beautifully.

It's fast paced and full of goofy and zany acting.

It's still charming and entertaining, though - and the ill-fated De Lorean now seems now to be an answer to a whole load of 21st century environmental problems too...

Fox and Christopher Lloyd are still enjoyable enough and seeing Lea Thompson and Thomas F.

Movie has so many twists and so many breathtaking scenes which you would admire for sure and movie is at his best.

A very clever and intriguing story which was very cleverly acted out by all of the actors.

While watching the first Back To The Future installment, viewers are given wild action, intense drama, side-splitting comedy, innocent romance, and a bunch of sight/character gags sprinkled throughout.

Overly complicated and pretentious sequel to the classic original.

There are lots of action sequences which are always entertaining, and Michael J Fox is endearing as the lead and I'm still surprised that this is the same guy who played the chubby weakling only seven years previously in CLASS OF 1984.

Its one of the smartest,most entertaining,enjoyable and one of the greatest series' ever and this movie here is one of the best!

Dragged to 2015, Marty is forced to fight for his family's future.

A perfectly enjoyable film

They do it cleverly and I applaud them for their ingenuity, but it still means that we for the most part already know what's going to happen, which makes certain scenes boring to watch.

Though the first film involving was intriguing, funny and involving does not mean that the sequel will be the same.

So confusing, it's ridiculous .

His old future self is actually enjoyable and knowledgeable, while his young future self is even more of a douche bag than the original Biff, his new present Biff is the superior dick head Biff.

Still it seems exciting full of wonder and none of the regular problems we faced in the real 2015 which I gladly change my life for in a heartbeat.


Making a sequel to a classic film like Back To The Future is no easy task,but director Robert Zemeckis has crafted a movie that while giving viewers more of the same laughs,adventure and thrills like the original while also giving Back To The Future fans something that feels fresh and exciting at the same time standing on it's own two feet while being a sequel to the first movie.

As it is, this is the weakest and least convincing of the trilogy, but it is still an entertaining film provided you don't think about it too much.

Watch this exciting sequel to know what happened.

Set piece 2015 is fast paced, fine, then we get back to the fast paced 1985 Biff takeover, which is fine.

I found this endeavor to be quite enjoyable, a bit darker than the first, with good timing, a great flow, and a more intelligent script.

And the thrilling part is when the characters get so close that the risk of a paradox aren't to be neglected, and the smartness of the script strikes again by using elements from the first movies as plot devices.

The plot is ingeniously complex, though that makes it hard to follow at times.

Taken as a stand alone film, it's complex, very silly, but still entertaining.

Many critics of this sequel probably find this effort unnecessary and others may just find it overly confusing.

A fascinating choice that mostly works, especially when dealing with the alternate-1985 angle.

Lea Thompson's role as Lorraine Mcfly was wonderful-yet intriguing, given the fact that in real life she was born in the same year as Michael J Fox himself,- and so, I would, for the record, go on to say that she could've played the role of Marty's girlfriend in place of Elizabeth Shue.

It is fast paced and after the incredible first film, the expense it great.

While this one paled in comparison to the original, at least it was enjoyable to watch.

so exciting, thrilling, amazing.

Extremely entertaining sequel.

It's funny then that the whole thing seems so contrived and obvious and that it was necessary to use footage from the first film of Glover (without asking his permission) to fill in the gaps.

It's enjoyable and very funny in places.

Fox and Christopher Lloyd) are back in very entertaining roles.

It's quite the adventure, albeit a tad confusing if you're not really paying attention.


)The actors here are competent and entertaining, with the exception of Marty's girlfriend, Jennifer, who acts pretty dense.

'Back To The Future - Part 2' showed us future versions of gimmicks that worked well in the first film, but fell flat in this trite sequel.

"Back to the Future Part 2" is still quite enjoyable though, thanks to the amazing special effects and an entertaining cast.

This movie is incredibly entertaining.

Dull as dishwater .

It's time-travel paradoxes like these that make the film, so-so confusing, compare to the first movie's story.

As for the cast, Fox and Lloyd keep their characters of Marty and Doc on the same entertaining level as before.

The climax is tense, the time travel is used well to create more plot, and the whole thing is exciting.

Worth watching!

It's emotional, epic and intense music.

The move had a good connection to the original "Back to the Future" movie, the movie got a little slow in parts when you compare it with the other movies in the trilogy.

While the sequel to the classic Back to the Future doesn't offer much new in the character department, we do get an entertaining movie filled with funny guesses at how the world would look in the future and what Marty McFly's life would be if the timeline was altered.

Back to the Future Part II is a fun and engaging film suitable for the whole family.

However, it's the second half of the movie that's really worth watching, as Marty and Doc travel all over time, trying to put Hill Valley and everyone in it back to normal.

A nice and engaging sequel .

I can certainly say that this time-travel movie is far better than Avengers: End game because it has so many mind blowing scenes.

It is disjointed, filled with plot holes, pandering, and altogether does not work as a film that can be enjoyed completely seriously.

This generally enjoyable sequel to the (excessively) popular 1985 sci-fi comedy manages to be more imaginative than its predecessor, as others have already remarked.

With the various comings and goings in time, and the alternative reality of 1985, some say that the plot of Back to the Future 2 is too confusing.

The premise is nonetheless interesting, expertly structured and the way it merges with previous chapter's events is riveting to watch.

This film definitely has its moments and is, overall, quite entertaining.

The plot is ingeniously complex, though that makes it hard to follow at times.

In the first one the plot is sweet, but this one is the most action-packed and suspenseful of them all.

Wilson, an excellent villain, and Elisabeth Shue, who gain, despite their preponderance, still fall relatively sidelined for much of the movie, literally falling asleep.

It is the weakest of the three films but that is not really a major criticism in this film series because they are all consistently enjoyable.

Unfortunately, at times it gets a bit too mechanically contrived with the time sequence derivations, and I find myself mentally checking the continuity which detracts from the theme.

However, the film did correctly predict a number of technological and sociological changes that occurred by 2015, including: the rise of ubiquitous cameras; unmanned drones for mundane tasks; flat panel, widescreen television sets mounted on walls with multiple channel viewing; video chat systems; hands-free video game systems; wearable technology; and head-mounted displays.

Zemeckis creates an aura of crises by constantly throwing obstacles into Marty's way, so you'll watch Marty's quest for the Almanac on the edge of your seat.

"Back to the Future 2" is at least as engaging, entertaining and compelling as its predecessor, and that's already a praiseworthy accomplishment when dealing with sequels and/or second installments of a trilogy.

When the secondary and tertiary scripts are not planned at the same time, the result is cotton candy fare that leaves you feeling empty, like this movie does.

Now Part II, as well as III, do not live up to the original film, but this is still an entertaining film.

Whole new adventures for Marty and Doc are made and sometimes it was very enjoyable to watch.

Sound confusing?

The movie is pure fun and entertaining.

I deliberately waited for a climactic scene to get up and leave this boring mess.

There I sat at the far right of the largest theater, next to the wall since the place was packed, and on the edge of my seat, for the entire length of 'Back to the Future Part II.

The nice part about the second half of the film is the revisiting of the events in the first film (in 1955) – but it sort of just ends up being more confusing.

The cast is as delightful and lovable as always and the story is filled to burst with clever sequences and exciting action set- pieces.

However, BTTF2 is still a very enjoyable and adequate sequel to Part 1 and although it may not be at classic status, it's still good fun.

This film is very entertaining and smartly written.

In this second part, the comedy and innovative situations proposed by the first film are replaced by unbridled, breathtaking action.

The most enjoyable moments of the movie are the parts when Marty and Doc get to see themselves as they were in the first film, talk about deja vu....

Fox said stuff like "butt" and "poop", but beyond that it was a huge waste of time and money.

However, just like the original "Back to the Future", this second installment in the trilogy is mostly very exciting, which is enough to save it.

MARTY and DOC return in the much awaited sequel,MARTY has only arrived home and although it seems he never left MARTY's family have surely benefited from his travels,only a breath is taken and DOC crashes into MARTY's life again with drastic news of MARTY's future,now a new adventure lies ahead and MARTY is sonic boomed to an unpredictable possible future.

) This movie is a classic in it's genre and a highly entertaining film.

Despite this, the film is still very enjoyable and unlike any other in its genre.

Thomas Wilson plays the utterly unbearable Griff, who feels the need to shriek every word like a mental werewolf android.

The Almanac was a thrilling idea for a sequel!

I even enjoyed it more than the original which is rare for sequals.

Back To The Future II starts off a little slow.

It's fun, clever and entertaining.

We have a continuation with a clever script, special legal effects for the time, funny and funny performances, all the 80's cliché, and so on ...

The film jumps from the future, where McFly must right a few wrongs that occur with his future family, and then jumps from present to past and the explanation seems confusing that it injures the plot with heavy confusion.

It's an original and entertaining scenario to see the events of the original movie from a different perspective, and amazingly it avoids becoming dull by doing so.

Pure fun and entertaining time travel movie.

BTTF II is a fast paced film as it squeezes the plots of three movies in its running time.

It also has what i think was the most exciting and fun ending sequence of the series that had me laughing, and in suspense the entire time.

Great Movie, exciting, adventurous, wonderful acting, and the best of the three movie series.

Fox is enormously engaging as the hero, Thomas F.

Though the first film was involving, intriguing, funny and interesting; it does not mean that this sequel would have the same outcome.

It's once we get back to the 1950s where this movie becomes somewhat tedious and despite it's quick pace, it grows slightly boring.

This sequel manages to keep the story zapping along at a fast and exciting pace and the inclusion of Marty Jnr and Marlene McFly (both played by Fox) add some funny moments as does the holographic shark and the corny Cafe 80's of the future.

This film is much more exciting and you have tons of fun!

"Back to the Future Part II" is a very stylish and entertaining sequel to the 1985 classic "Back to the Future".

This movie was dull, and there's one thing that the original has, that this first sequel doesn't have: Heart.

groundhog day time parody adventure,action packed and multi roles for the cast,excellent sequel as TIME runs out over and over again in the PAST the FUTURE and the PRESENT.

Very enjoyable and very entertaining and has not aged significantly at all

Fox) returned to the alternate(Biff ruled) 1985 for when Marty got hit over the head by Biffs goons infront of the Clocktower/Biffs Casino Hotel this film was spectacular, but thereafter that scene, this film endlessly dragged-on.

It succeeds in exciting the audience.

The movie is as good and entertaining as it's first part and it's looks good to see 2015 from the perspective of 1989(1985 in the movie).

Robert Zemekis returned to direct this entertaining sequel that sees Marty McFly(Michael J.

Overall, a slightly inferior but very enjoyable sequel.

I love that it is unpredictable and you don't really know what will happen next when you first watch it.

The weakest, but still entertaining .

Back to the future II, like the other two movies is definitely worth watching.

Enjoyable sequel with a darker setting, this time in the year 2015.

To me, it is the most creative and suspenseful of the three...

It all feels a bit too disjointed and random.

Like its predecessor, this was also an endlessly entertaining film, still capturing the same humour that the first film did so well it manages to make you laugh consistently throughout.

Back and forth through time Marty and Doc Brown go and we're along for the very enjoyable ride.

That's what separates a top-drawer talent like Zemeckis from a routine hack: he can make an entertaining trifle meant to sell popcorn, and still infuse it with all kinds of structural inquiry.

Chronologically confusing as it may be, if you take the time to carefully note the details in the sequence of events, you will see it is truly a masterpiece in writing.

One of the worst movies ever made.

Back of the Future II is my all time favorite, because of it's intriguing plots concerning changing the future.

This film is by far the most confusing of all three of the Back to the Future films.

This zips along at a breathtaking pace and doesn't let up for second.

That said though, it is immensely entertaining.

This movie does get a little slow in a few scenes; most of which were the beginning scenes in his trip back to Biff's modified 1985, parts in Marty's correcting trip back into 1955 were somewhat slow too, but (as Marty explains while knocking out Biff) "Back to the Future II" is still a "fun" movie to watch.

It does not measure up to the original film, but it is very exciting and certainly more fun than the disappointing "Back to the Future: Part III.

It does succeed in some playful and eye- popping world building, but its the result of a self-indulgent and shaky story as Zemekis and Gale pile on weirdness and wackiness simply for the sake of weirdness and wackiness.

This movie can also be classified as a love story within a love story, an adventure through time, and a suspenseful one at that.

It's worth watching.

Incoherent, un-amusing, and utterly pointless.

It gets no points for originality because we've visited this particular structure before, but within the limits of the sequel it's inventive, thrilling, suspenseful, and sometimes funny.

The Special effects by Industrial,Light and Magic are dazzling and mind blowing once again.

While certainly somewhat entertaining fare, the characters are unrealisticly inane which makes it difficult to really get involved with the plot.

Yes BTTF2 its still watchable and has some funny scenes, but overall it is a darker confusing sequel that could have been so much better.

On paper the story might seem confusing.

Getting into a lot of exciting and funny situations.

There's lots of clever retro themes, some great lines and the story is action packed.

one of the most exciting being when Marty is hanging from a rope above a stage while trying to stop Biff's friends from slugging 'the other Marty' while 'the other Marty' is playing "Johnny Be Good"!

Overall Back to the Future is a great exciting film with the actors getting a lot of chance to shine.

A stunning performance as The Mcfly Siblings by the versatile Michael J.

A good lesson and a great story make for an enjoyable film experience.

It's confusing, and would be hopelessly so if you haven't seen the original.

Its one of the smartest,most entertaining,and one of the greatest series ever!

A Bit Too Confusing and Dark .

If this movie were remade today, I can only imagine how mind boggling it would be with all the new movie tricks we can do now.

But most intriguing is the chilling elevation of Biff from simple small-town bully to psychotic, power-hungry arch-villain.

'Back To The Future Part II (1989)' picks up from its predecessor's purposefully over-the-top cliffhanger and runs straight for the finish, weaving a complex web of potential paradoxes, suspenseful set-pieces and ahead-of-their-time special effects with nothing other than absolute aplomb.

It's thoroughly enjoyable and is easily among the best sequels of all time.

in my opinion is one of the worst movies of all time due to the ilogical plot, un-futuristic future, unnecessary complications, cringy acting and ilogical story made for kids.

In fact going back to see Biff as a billionaire and a teenager was even more enjoyable this time around, as he is the tough guy that Marty McFly does not like.

Sure, that was campy and entertaining to see.

This is handled admirably: the situations that Marty and Doc get into are inventive, creative, original, daring, bold, exciting, and all the rest of it.

They all made the film engaging and intriguing.

The humor had a tiresome elbow-in-the-ribs obviousness to it, the dialog lacked any charm or style and seemed largely devoted to (re-)explaining what was going on right in front of us on the screen (perhaps an aid to the visually impaired?

I will certainly be tuning in to the third installment of this series and hope it will be as enjoyable as the first two.

"Part II" is really an old-fashioned sort of time-travel movie, but is done with such zest and excitement as only a director of Zemeckis's level can give us that it puts you on the edge of your seat.

However there's so many good parts it's still well worth watching.

It is a chaotic film in the plot and unpredictable, something that is appreciated.

Entertaining all the way through .

Still it is very enjoyable, with the acting from Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd as zany and as likable as ever before and the special effects even better than in the first film and that was a hard feat.

As good as the original but much more confusing.

The 1955 redux is very confusing, though very well-done and not as much much fun as the original Part I.

One approach would have been to go an entirely new direction, but here the writers make a fascinating choice to inter-weave the story with that of the original, essentially showing us events which were happening that viewers just didn't see back in 1985.

All the lead actors give mind blowing performances and never once deprive the viewer of the character.

So though not as good as the first trip, this is still enjoyable for film fans who like movies that keep them on their toes.

Yeah, there are a ton of illogical flaws in the movie, but if you set that aside, you'll find it as entertaining as a movie can get.

There is so much going on and it is very action full and exciting.

The score by Alan Silvestri is outstanding with Silvestri's score being epic and intense matching the movie greatly.

' I know it's a classic bridge movie, but it really got tedious attempting to take mental notes of what's to come.

BTTFP2 can become confusing to the viewer it like many films is one where you have to pay close attention you can't miss a minute also you must have saw the first Back To The Future to get any enjoyment and meaning out of this film.

There was trite point like how (Biff) confesses all about his secrets to his wife's son easily!

With all the excitement, it lacks a lot of the heart of the first Back To The Future film but it's so enjoyable that I really didn't care.

I think most viewers don't realize how extremely complex this story is, because it's so enjoyable to watch.

The larger-than-life, unapologetically awful Biff has always worked best as a foil for the more loopy and cheerful protagonists, but promoting Wilson to principle player here makes his obnoxious negativity more exhausting than enjoyable (although Wilson exploring new dimensions of surreal over-the-top performance as Biff's cybernetically warped descendant Griff in the 2015 segment is always good for a laugh, albeit a vaguely disconcerted one).

Too convoluted but engaging fun.

Overall, this is both a technically solid and entertaining sequel to one of the greatest films of all-time.

It's only in the final third, when they go back to 1955, that the film comes to life for an exciting finale.

A clever and entertaining sequel....

It's the most entertaining entry in the trilogy and it's just generally one of the most entertaining movies I've seen.

But I guess his absence did pay dividends for this sequel because it did make the story all the more compelling and intriguing to watch.

While yes, the film is much weaker than the original, and it seems to take a little bit to get going, it's still a very visual sequel worth watching.

It's especially entertaining now to see the distant future of 2015.

Back To The Future Part II is a film that brings back some of the characters from the first film like Marty,Doc Biff,Loraine and others and takes the concept of time travel from the first movie and gives it a clever story line on a much larger and bigger scale playing with the very serious consequences and repercussions of time-traveling with Marty and Doc going to the future,the present and then the past showing that while time traveling can be fascinating and interesting time traveling can be dangerous if used in the wrong way with Marty and Doc finding out the hard way.

*Spoiler Start* Going to the "near-future" (2015 is closer now than 1985) was interesting, if hokey, but I found its vision of being nonstop gags to get tiresome.

Though its not as good as the previous movie, and has some dumb moments, its still extremely entertaining.

The dark, dreary production is another obstacle.

This film can get a bit confusing at times, due to the time paradox that "Doc" explains to "Marty.

The movie does have its exciting moments, and you are always rooting for Marty and Doc as they try to save time.

This is a very clever, and very exciting, movie.

I don't know what problem the critics had with this one; I liked it, because it took the spirit of the first one, and transformed it into a dynamic story, enjoyable action scenes, and respectable dialogue.

Back to the Future Part II is simultaneously an entertaining follow-up to Part I and a tantalizing introduction to Part III - a giddily and merrily mind-boggling sci-fi fantasy.

Though the first film was involving, intriguing, funny and interesting; it does not mean that this sequel would have the same outcome.

" In conclusion, this film is the most exciting and suspenseful (clock tower scene and all) film of the trilogy.....

This sequel isn't a complete disappointment, but the sharp sense of irony from the first film is a bit dull here.

Here the movie has to slow down to explain itself.

The film is a fascinating entry in the trilogy which audiences will enjoy!

Back to the Future Part II is a highly entertaining sequel, to the original masterpiece.

Using the plot from the first film to good effect the best thing the sequel retains is the original's sense of fun because it is entertaining and has good pace.

Uneven but Fascinating .

It's an exciting sequel to one of the most iconic movies in cinematic history, where Marty McFly (Michael J.

BttF manages to link all that together yet still somehow both make sense and still be entertaining too.

It was also confusing at times to follow the back and forth time travel.

The futuristic sequences seem silly and overblown and the 1985 reality is so bleak and uninteresting with cheap humor.

It contains loads of great references and is fast paced.

So Doc and Marty need to go back to 1955 and put things right again, only this time they can't interfere with their last trip, great entertainment, crammed with fast paced thrills and comedy.

Highly Entertaining .

Seeing the transformation from the characters in present time to the future and back to the past was just entertaining.

Despite sitting on a technically confusing plot, writer and director never let things go overly complicated by explaining things in simple English and keeping excellent humor alive and kicking.

I would say that this is even more exciting than the prequel because it takes place in the future, which means that you will be confronted with countless new discoveries in effects and technology.

Personally, I preferred the second film over the others in the BTTF series, because I felt it was more challenging and that it kept viewers on the edge of their seats, which is all the more so as it didn't follow the conventional narrative formula as other sci-fi time travelling based films.

Still I found it very entertaining and charming as the first.

Watching the duo glide through time on an ever evolving mission to save themselves and humanity was just as enjoyable to watch in this sequel as it was in the original film.

As in regards to Back The The Future 2, it is an enjoyable and exciting ride and one of the rarest and best examples of a film sequel ever produced.

Plus the plot gets rather confusing.

"Part II" is a technical marvel; and even with its lack of resolution, this is still a very entertaining movie.

This fascinating sequel has some fun and some dark sides in it.