Back to the Future Part III (1990) - Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi

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Stranded in 1955, Marty McFly learns about the death of Doc Brown in 1885 and must travel back in time to save him. With no fuel readily available for the DeLorean, the two must figure how to escape the Old West before Emmett is murdered.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Stars: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 28 out of 337 found boring (8.3%)

One-line Reviews (199)

For a trilogy of films predominantly aimed at children, this has one hell of a confusing plot.

It is perhaps the most delightful because of the addition of Mary Steenburgen, Doc's unexpected love interest.

If anything drags it down, it is that the western styling can start to feel tedious to someone who isn't really into that type of movie.

The Old West is a great setting for a new story and while the set and costumes do look a little cheap, this is still a very enjoyable movie with a great soundtrack.

Fox looks bloated and bored in this one, and the story is obviously wearing thin.

This film had more heart, a better storyline and a very exciting finale.

Back To The Future 3 is the most exciting conclusion of the popular franchise and one of the best films of 1990 this time our favorite heroes go back to the wild west.

An entertaining enough third installment, that lacked the magic of the first two in the series.

Fox as Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmett Brown) return to complete the trilogy in this very entertaining and satisfying conclusion, which sees Marty stranded in 1955 after the older Dr. Brown is sent back to 1885 in the De Lorean.

It's exciting, cute, funny, and a lot of fun.

Streetfighters) as Buford Tannen /Biff TannenI Honestly Enjoyed the Threequel but while it was good I think it matches the first film I loved It was Marty trying to get to 1985 again also c characters were well developed and had arcs it just was as exciting as The First one and a great bad sad culmination as well.

Highly Entertaining .

Considering that it was shot back-to-back with Part II, the lack of narrative complexity for the final chapter comes as a bit of a surprise, but does little to diminish the film's overall ability to entertain: Part III might be a less frantic affair, but thanks to an excellent script packed with witty dialogue, welcome character development, plenty of tips of the Stetson to the previous two films, and a rousing finale, it is no less enjoyable than its predecessors, thus making the whole trilogy one of the most consistently brilliant series of movies ever.

You genuinely care about the characters, and the story is quite enjoyable.

I do recommend this movie though, it's still funny and entertaining.

The characters are well done and entertaining throughout, and both the leads; Michael J.

After all this time, this still emerges as one of the most memorable and enjoyable cinematic trilogies ever conceived.

Each and every time I watch it I am literally on the edge of my seat watching it.

Part III is just ho-hum.

Having done the future in the previous film, this final instalment in the trilogy goes back to the old west to produce and enjoyable story while also poking fun at the traditions of the western.

Talking about this, this sequel was just good as compared with the first and second one, it has little flaws and confusion, well i am not saying that it's totally pathetic or anything just wanna say it's nice than other ones.

It's not awful, it's just ho hum-- kind of a fizzle-y way to end the series...

Marty picks up an empty pie plate that has "Frisbee" printed on it.

Zippy, snappy and thoroughly enjoyable second sequel which reminds us of how good American produced/English-language franchises can be.

I was sad to see this great trilogy come to an end but as the cliche goes all good things must come to an end.

Each movie of the series has involved the same characters in different time settings, and that itself is fascinating.

Many of the scenes are now highly repetitive ('Hey McFly!

Although it can never surpass the first two, it is still very enjoyable and fun to watch.

So I didn't hate this, I actually rather enjoyed it.

In the end, "Part III" is not really a very bad movie, but it is uncharacteristically dull and dry for a Robert Zemeckis movie and unlike the first two movies, is rather forgettable save for its few brilliant elements.

It is my second favorite film in the trilogy in my opinion it is better than Part II I have enjoyed it more than Part II.

And with this film we ended the most entertaining trilogy movie , Back to the Future III now goes on in the old west, the picture is excellent, the Visual best is very good, Michael J.

Still as engaging as ever, it was pure joy to watch Marty and Doc on screen again, one last time.

It's a good-natured sequel that builds up to an entertaining showdown in the street, and then a well staged sequence with a speeding train that's just as exciting as the climax of the first movie involving the clock tower.

Exciting and fun end to this trilogy .

On the flipside Alan Silvestri delivers his most exciting score for the series, fusing the BTTF theme with a rousing western melody which is especially fun during the climax on the train.

Despite being a spectacular film, the second part presents some inconsistencies in the script and is considered by many to be a bit confusing, with several comings and goings in time (past, present and future), in addition to having a frantic pace.

Nothing happens for most of the movie.

The Adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown are exciting to watch in the first two films and the fun doesn't stop in the third.

Bob Gale's Screenplay is Superb & Full of Exciting & Nail-Biting Moments.

Upon first arriving in 1885, Marty panics as he speedily drives the DeLorean time vehicle away from a Native American attack and then witnesses an exciting charge of the U.

It picks up where Part II left off, and is extremely enjoyable.

" declaration seems impossibly freeing and exciting.

In any case, some of the stuff with changing photographs and repetitive motifs (Marty/Fox waking up as Lea Thompson hovers over him) begins to get stale and it's just as well this was the finale.

I did enjoy the fact that it is set in the Far West, with really great costumes, but I found the action a bit more slow to start and some length in the end.

Radically different films, Parts I and III are both entertaining and great to watch.

I was sorry to see the trilogy come to an end but as the cliche goes all good things must come to an end.

The climax at the end is more suspenseful and would be more scary to do than before.

"Part III" is funny and very exciting.

Back To The Future Part III is a brilliant and entertaining finale to the amazing Back To The Future Trilogy and basically proves that all good things must come to an end.

I was afraid I might be bored or disappointed.

And, Marty skirmishing with Tanner is just entertaining to watch.

That was suspenseful and fun to watch.

In between the scenes when Marty was recovered in the McFly home in 1885 by his great great grandparents and when Marty arrived back home to the year 1985 I found this film quite boring, but before and after those scenes, I found this film quite entertaining.

First part, second, third, whatever, they ARE all unbelievably excellent and exciting!

And finally, Zemeckis perfectly drives the exciting back-to-future sequence on the railroad, alternating between plans showing Marty in distress inside Deloren, Doc trying to get to the car and Clara trying to reach Doc, in a great scene that also has special effects from Industrial Light & Magic, which, for example, allow Doc's final flight to look credible.

It was so unexpected.

The way tension is added left me on the edge of my seat.

It continues the story flawlessly and is an exciting end to our tale of Marty and Doc.

As for the whole experience, Back to the future II was garbage, but III was very enjoyable and entertaining.

But the best part about this movie is the ending, the scene with the train has me on the edge of my seat every time I watch it.

Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Mary SteenburgenYou know the bad third movie its a big gimmick well Back to the Future follows that this movie is so boring and dumb the first two were very clever movies that stand out as some of the best of the eighties this is a spoof of classic westerns it more relies on dropping Clint Eastwood jokes the plot I don't think it had a plot other then Doc Brown was going to be killed by a villain called Mad Dog which you don't really get that much time to know other then it was biff.

When I first saw the movie it was very entertaining and amazing Michael J.

The Back To The Future Trilogy in my mind is the most enjoyable Trilogy out there.

After the grave consequences of Marty and Doc's actions in the other films the story here can seem a bit mundane by comparison.

The third & final instalment in Back to the Future Trilogy, Part III is by all means a much welcome improvement over Part II, and manages to regain the fresh vibe & riveting quality of the original by bringing the delights of a different genre into its sci-fi premise.

It is more like the 1985 original in style, with much of the film taking place in one setting, with only two bouts of time travel, culminating in a rousing finale.

They add to the confusion.

I quite like this repeated sequence in the first two films, but seeing it again in the third film simply bored me, for its as though the same old storyline in all three films is being regurgitated over and over again with no originality whatsoever.

Maybe it was at times a little hard to follow, maybe it wasn't quite as much fun as the original.

What follows is a mixture of various western tributes (some of which are blatantly obvious, others less so) combined with a fun, if slightly predictable, plot line.

The Special Effects by Industrial,Light And Magic are incredible and visual stunning once again.

The movie also had so much explanation wanting more dialogue then showing you things which lead to a boring time and you had the first two to live up to this just couldn't.

The story is still workable, but I would have liked to have seen them come up with something much more exciting to finish the trilogy.

Steenburgen provides an unexpected and very touching bit of romance for Lloyd, while Fox amuses himself by going by the name of Eastwood.

However, unless you detest westerns in general, "Part III" could be very enjoyable for you, with lots of excitement, as well as some laughs (just like parts one and two).

It was all very confusing.

As doc says farewell to his friend, I feel like it was a goodbye to all the fans and crew that made this thrilling trilogy a success.

However, this benefits from the engaging characters we've come to know in the previous 2 films and a lot of silly wordplay on the 'Clint Eastwood' name, which is worth a chuckle.

The conclusion nearly matches part 1 for drama, with an extremely exciting race down a railroad track on a hijacked locomotive.

This is one of the most entertaining trilogy of the history of cinema !

Even today, more than 30 years later, in 2019, this movie can still be enjoyable!

The train sequence near the end as they try to push the DeLorean up to 88mph is one of the most exciting scenes in the trilogy, and just like the lightning bolt in 1955 in Part I, things don't go to plan!

A Culmination of one the most exciting Time Travel Trilogies .

Seeing the surprise and originality factor had pretty much vanished entirely after the two first films, Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis were forced to come up with a slightly different approach for the finale of their hugely successful and ultimately entertaining time-traveling "Back to the Future" trilogy.

Nothing is tied up, loose ends remain, questions go unanswered and confusion reigns – so it requires the last chapter to put the world of Marty McFly to rights.

Directed by Robert Zemeckis (Cast Away, Death Becomes Her, Used Cars) made an enjoyable, entertaining fantasy/comedy/adventure sequel that is better than the complicated second film.

BTTF's classic humor is ALL that saves this film from being unwatchable trash.

Part III is the weakest entry in the Back to the Future trilogy, but it is still an entertaining film in its own right.

In fact i enjoyed it alot.

Back to the Future Part III was less confusing than Part II, but it also dispensed with most of the time travel paradoxes and mysteries that made the Parts I and II so intriguing.

The series definitely gets back on track with this offering – with things for most people – drama, romance (which I think was lacking in the second part), action, comedy… Plus the scene with the train and the De-Lorain is quite thrilling – with the Doc trying to get Marty and himself to the future whilst trying to save his love….

Quieter conclusion with an unexpected Western twist (spoilers) .

), but it's generally an enjoyable two hours of film with fun-type characters and a cool Old-West theme.

Third movie aunfortunately wasn't so good like Part 1 and 2,but it was still enjoyable and it wasn't bad.

I can't put my finger on it , but something about this 3rd entry , just didn't Mc "fly" for me,, maybe it was going into the way way way back machine 1885 to the old west, kinda got me way lost watching it,, I think maybe if they would have done say 1925-35 or so,, anyways,, it wasn't a terrible movie,, there are some nice old west moments and stuff, but this one was really hard to follow,, going from 1985-2015-1955-1885.

Not to be punny, but while this movie goes a little off the rails from the first movie, it's still entertaining and keeps you guessing.

Mad Dog Tannon is probably the worst movie character ever.

And whilst the latter, which involves a cumbersome steam train, was probably the most exhilarating sequence of the entire franchise, the proceeding déjà vu story was far too repetitive for the sake of callback humour.

Part III is, to all intents and purposes, a love story with a formulaic Western theme.

The exciting conclusion to a series that defy all the rules of time travel and created a few new ones of their own.

The climax is especially wonderfully worth watching, as is the rest of it.

The plot this time is simple and yet entertaining, it revolves around saving the Doc's life and making it back to present time.

Well, I saw the first two "Back to the Future" films long ago, and they were cute, a bit fluffy, and mildly entertaining.

Unfortunately, this film, despite being enjoyable, is the weakest instalment in the Back to the Future trilogy.

Two was a hodgepodge impossible to follow without a "schematic", but this one is enjoyable on all levels.

Obviously, the most thrilling sequence in the picture is the perilous train ride back to the future!

Back to the Future is definitely the weakest of the trilogy,but its still both an exciting and pleasing conclusion.

Once again, there's that word: enjoyable.

Apparently time travel has become so mundane, so commonplace now for Marty McFly that it doesn't really even faze him that he has been sent back to the wild west.

Lastly, I did like the white knuckled train scene at the end, it was pretty suspenseful and a nice climax to top off the trilogy.


While it is bittersweet for some, it plays out to a rousing and satisfying end.

A fitting conclusion of perhaps the most entertaining movie trilogy of all time.

Back to the Future Part III is a return to those roots in a very un-original and un-exciting fashion.

The chemistry this time is at it's peak even if the development in certain areas like I said is weak and thus the interactions and how they deal with the environment Marty is in, is actually quite engrossing.

The worst of the trilogy, but still fairly entertaining.

It's like the first film starts off slow and built up to the crazy fast paced second which is huge and puts everyone's life on the line, and then we get to the third, which is slower than the first film, and only prominently features Marty and Doc from the previous films.

The romantic subplot is sappy, boring, uninteresting, and makes one roll one's eyes and look toward his watch, begging Zemeckis to move along with the more interesting stuff.

This is an enjoyable movie and can be taken as a unit, although there is some need to refer back to the previous episodes, in order to understand the beginning and make proper sense of the ending.

The lighting and cinematography are great, the historical details interesting, the plot fun, and the geography just plain confusing.

There's not really much more to say, except that it's funny and extremely entertaining, a must for any casual sci-fi, adventure, western, or comedy fan.

"Back to the Future Part III" is an exciting conclusion to the entire "Back to the Future" trilogy, of which I am a huge fan.

It makes sure that the movie overall is an entertaining one, that is also definitely helped by its characters and good, quick, fun directing from Robert Zemeckis, who with the Back to the Future movies made himself immortal as a movie director.

A rousing sendoff .

This proved to be one of the more enjoyable trilogies in film history.

It is my least favorite of the three movies but still very entertaining and a great ending to the series.

Then you can experience the full magic of watching a young high school student (Marty McFly - played perfectly by Michael J Fox) get caught up in with his friend 'Doc Brown's' (played by the only person seemingly capable of upstaging Michael J Fox here - Christopher Lloyd) exploits with a time-travelling DeLorean carThere's a brief recap at the beginning of the film as to how our heroes have become stuck in the past and now they have to go further back to the Wild West in order to get home - don't worry, if that sounds confusing - it all makes sense if you've watched all three.

Entertaining, intelligent, and funny it is a hoot for fans of the first movie.

And speaking of dramatic, the film also provides great thrilling moments you'd expect from a Western, and probably the most heart-pounding climax from the trilogy with the train sequence, so suspenseful, I remember I had to pause for seconds the first time I watched it.

Unfortunately, you'd be wrong, as the third film in the series is the slowest, with less plot than any of the others, and less at stake.

I'm just glad they ended the series like this before the ideas became tired and repetitive.

It´s so exciting and great, I would recommend it to anybody.

On the off chance you haven't already since this, don't expect the final installment of one of cinema's most memorable series to leave you completely satisfied, but at least you know you can count on an entertaining two hours.

Wilson), the most hated gunslinger in the West, Clara (Mary Steenburgen)--Doc's new love--and an empty gas tank in the DeLorean.

"Marty" is back for a silly adventure with "Doc Brown" and funny faced "Mary Steenenburger" or whateber she's called go into the wild wild west and have adventures with trains, guns and erm whisky, some good moments though, worth a watch if you've nothing else to do, saying that there are some exciting, enthralling and good plot twists.

Thank god for their brief reunion on "Spin City" last season this the western of the three and the most enjoyable western i've ever seen.

Unlike the Alien-series, which is so bleak, and the Star Wars-series which is utterly boring, and the Lethal Weapon-series which finally runs out of gas, the BTTF-series is pure rock & rolling all-out fun from start to finish!

Heartbroken, Doc is ready to leave with Marty.

It's a gripping last half hour, the pace having been noticeably upped for the better as the time machine careers towards a ravine, with Doc choosing to save the meddlesome Clara over a return to the future with his mulletted protégé.

The two previous BTTF movies had plot problems mainly with time paradoxes, especially Part II, but they were both very entertaining to watch.

Mediocre bookend to the "Back to the Future" trilogy ties up the loose ends but the repetitive formula is looking tired, laboured by a contempt that usually follows such familiarity.

Its train-based finale is maybe the best set-piece of the series, as thrilling as it is suspenseful, and its definitive ending is immensely satisfying.

The "riveting" Clint Eastwood "gag" of the metal stove-plate that saves Marty's life!

It's not bursting with excitement, it's a little slower, suiting its Old West time.

Also the story is pretty exciting and not totally predictable as is often the case in this type of movies.

A fitting end to an entertaining trilogy.

It's boring.

But as it is, Back To The Future is a worthy end to the trilogy, wrapping up all of the loose ends (there weren't that many to be tied up, so if you missed the first two movies, you're not too far behind) and with more than a wink to the Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns of the 1960s, Back To The Future III is fun and entertaining.

The ending of Back To The Future Part III(which is the final 20-30 minutes)is fantastic,thrilling and will leave you with a smile and an unforgettable conclusion to the Back To The Future saga and for Marty and Doc.

Predictable storytelling with a pathetic manure joke that is getting too old.

Instead, every cliché from a Clint Eastwood western is recycled in here (with Marty taking up Eastwood's name, in homage).

The score by Alan Silvestri is outstanding,thrilling and fits in well with the Western atmosphere.

This was the slowest of the films, so it gave a time to stop and really soak up the environment, and linger on the characters.

Two is that between them they crafted one of the most entertaining family trilogies to have ever graced the screen.

The finale also unravels with same thrilling, nail-biting intensity as the climax of the first feature.

It's excellent acting, interesting plot, and fun attitude even manage to redeem the second, dreary film that rehashed so much of the original.

Still, a much more entertaining romp than its predecessor which still unfortunately plummets into the ravine of repetition.

also, Amazing Cinematography by Dean Cudney(Escape From New York),Score By Alan Silvestri(Fandango), Screenplay By Bob Gale(Used Cars) and Direction By Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump) A Culmination of one the most exciting Time Travel Trilogies 9/10

What makes the third film exciting in it's own way is that this was a first chance to go into the wild west from the perspective of a time traveler, not somebody who was already there.

This is basically the western version of the original film and hits the same beats, which I think is what makes it a more enjoyable experience.

Nothing happens once they get to the West.

The Most Enjoyable Trilogy Comes to an End .

The first act is quite dull consisting mainly of Doc and Marty recapping the last film, figuring out what to do and getting huge chunks of exposition out of the way.

His performance in this film makes the film worth watching.

The film is not as good as the first two, but it is entertaining, and it answers most of the questions raised by the first 2 Movies.

This film was slower paced than the other 2, we had time to breath (especially after the manic part II).

After the crazy fast paced special effects extravaganza second film, that takes us to not just 1985 and '55, but also 2015 and 1985A, you'd expect a just as exciting conclusion.

Rated PG, it is appropriate and engaging for all ages.

It is thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable.

This is the final picture in the Back to the Future Trilogy and it's a pretty entertaining movie!

Also great action towards the end with the chasing of the train, was very exciting.

I don't know if the sequels were necessary or not, but in fact they don't bring nothing new or as awesome as the first Back to the Future does, so i am inclined to say that these sequels were pointless.

It's intriguing to learn about the origins of Hill Valley and the ancestors of the McFly-clan.

In the end, the overall air of this film is far too breezy and good-natured for any of its flaws to have any lasting detriment - it's very entertaining, you can warm to and understand the characters, and with action-adventure movies like this that's all that really matters.

Right when they're ready to leave, Marty screams, and finds out that Doc was killed back in 1885 by Bufford (Mad Dog) Tannen, who was a brutal, outspoken gunman who killed 12 men.

It makes a lot of sense (and is very exciting) to place emphasis on the time you've travelled to.

Entertaining Conclusion.

But this one seemed a little contrived and while it's okay, it isn't terrific.

His take on outlaw Buford Tannen is perhaps his most enjoyable role in any of these movies.

The cast are once again enjoyable, and the finale well-staged and exciting.

Fans of the previous two installments wont be too disappointed,I do think that the previous two are better,but this is still terrific,especially for a third installment,but I just found the the previous two,jumping around from past,present and future,more interesting and exciting than the Wild West heme in this,but its still very enjoyable with a good Western parody and wraps up the trilogy perfectly,you wont be wishing they made a fourth one,because they started and finished this trilogy too well to take any chances with a new version.

Again, it's a well made film, just like the previous installments, but is just repetitive and somewhat forgettable.

Entertaining from the outset, it thrives on placing 1980s residents in the old West.

And the bottom line of BTTF3 is: though Roger Ebert complained about how they've toned down on the time traveling quite a bit in this one, it really is just as fun and entertaining as the first and the second.

Wilson played the best characters in the series and is certainly entertaining here.

It is a great family film and is well worth watching even though fans of the films may get a feeling of deja-vu in some places and it would definately help if you have seen the previous two films before it or it will be difficult to follow.

Imaginative and fun to experience, the hillarious backdrop of the film is quite entertaining, especially Seamus McFly.

It's great to see his character grow and have a romance in an unexpected time period.

There's nothing wrong with this, but fans were probably hoping for a fast paced adventure featuring all four time zones (1885,1955,1985 and 2015) instead of this carefully paced adventure.

I was sad to see this great trilogy come to an end but as the cliché goes all good things must come to an end.

Just like the first two movies, the direction by Robert Zemeckis was well-paced from start to finish, making the film intriguing throughout, from Marty meeting his ancestors in the old west to Doc meeting schoolteacher Clara Clayton (Mary Steenburgen).

And this film gives them the rousing sendoff they deserve.

3 is so worth watching just to get to that strong ending.

They all made the film engaging and I especially liked their portrayals of old wild west people.

On paper, it actually looks pretty boring; especially compared to the fast-packed action we got in the first two.

More of a spoof of Clint Eastwood's older fare, including using his name as an alias, 'III' did, successfully bring back the series to the original roots: barely any time travel (in a time traveling movie), a much slower pace than 'II,' even a theme song – ZZ Top's 'Doubleback' which I grew to love as much as 'I's Huey Lewis & the News's 'Power of Love.

Cliche .

Wildly entertaining .