Bad Boys for Life (2020) - Action, Comedy, Crime

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Miami detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett must face off against a mother-and-son pair of drug lords who wreak vengeful havoc on their city.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Adil El Arbi
Stars: undefined, Will Smith
Length: 124 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 170 out of 1024 found boring (16.6%)

One-line Reviews (486)

Yet, as a entertaining romp with a couple of characters that I genuinely enjoy, Bad Boys for Life is a good way to waste a couple of hours.

Started as a five ended as a waste of time .

The third Bad boys movie was really entertaining as far as action and humor can be in these kind of movies.

Highly recommend it!!

Not interesting at all, waste of time.

Boring and predictable with HDR over the top .

Funny and action packed with a good storyline!

There is some truly stunning cinematography of the Miami skyline by Belgian cinematographer Robrecht Heyvaert, including a 'pull-back' drone shot from a conversation on the top of a building that is quite AWESOME!

Well it was boring, too long and the forced banter between the 2 cops was hard to bear, like seriously.

That first half hour put me to Zzzzzzzz.

It was purely entertaining with a good story.

Of course Will and Martin also made a fantastic duo in this film and it was certainly worth watching this in Imax.

Disappointing and Cliche - Seemingly out of ideas .

It blends thrilling action scenes with comedy elements.

)It's careful to deliver all the goods the audience is expecting, and so is wisely crammed full of fast paced, explosive action, slow, moody views of the Miami sideline, cool, slo-mo shots of the stars sliding their jackets on and the wise-cracking banter between the pair.

He is annoying with repetitive, bad jokes.

Furthermore, without the same physical form as before, the action sequences lack more intense pursuits or more realistic fight scenes, without so much editing, as in John Wick, for example.

i thought the twist was stupid, dumb pointless writing is this now like Batman vs Superman where Batman didn'tknow Superman mother name?

The film tried to be bigger than it actually was, especially at 2 Hours & 3 Min run time it definitely could of been 1 Hour 30 Min run time if it wasn't for the over thought parts, so i felt like they pushed the family side way more than it should of done for a film like this, i didn't go into this film expecting a deep family issue with Will Smith, like honestly, its meant to be a action / comedy fun film, they really dragged out them parts & just didn't feel right in this film which the group i was with all agreed, its almost felt like they copied that family issue from other films.

See a lot of reviews saying it was "predictable" but Bad boys has never been good because if was "unpredictable".

The danger is more brutal & frantic than ever here & it's all shot beautifully by new director's so there's a real fresh & exciting approach to it all & the cinematography & look is stunning & extremely colourful & pure eye-catching visuals on screen, the best looking film in the Trilogy.

The action sequences is good,the comedy is hilarious and overall it's an enjoyable flick.

Tiresome & Predictable Action Movie .

A 2 hour film which in places dragged and one of the weakest silliest plots I've ever seen in a film which disappointed me.

Think of it like taken 3 where the family that they have killed are coming back for revenge kinda thing, but is definitely worth the watch.


Uninteresting and tries too hard.

Enjoyable, comedic and action-packed movie.

I love how this movie was suspenseful with a plot twist!

The film does have some exciting action sequences.

Younger fans might simply be bored.

This movie is a waste of money.

Entire film full of quite intense action scene!

Action scenes were gripping and one liners were comical.

Quite possibly THE worst movie ever made.

Way too long for its own good.

It's a giant adrenaline rush with lots of laughs, and some unexpected twists along the way.

Was it a waste of time and money?

It takes the steps necessary to be enjoyable with an edge without stepping on too many toes.

Funny, Full of Action and Entertaining .

The story was very much predictable and the Joker were really bad and poor.

Decent movie, had a good laugh I recommend when bored

It is still entertaining and exciting.

Easily the most predictable movie ever.

The supporting cast was good though however and overall it was an entertaining film.

The worst movie I've seen in ages.

Who in the hell is so slow with a trigger that they're not going to be able to fire on someone who's pulling out a knife and taking time stabbing your friend?!

Too slow, too long and racist.

It took the existing characters that you know from previous films, introduced a new team, made the family and friend aspect very strong, and those aspects in turn just made for a more enjoyable experience.

Surprisingly fun and enjoyable, really plays to the lead actor's strengths.

Bland Boys For Life .


It was so dull.

They managed to turn a fun and slick action franchise into a tedious traumathon of old ladies' entertainment.

The rest of the movie is rather slow.

Man, this was tedious.

Good actors but a poor scenario making the whole movie more than boring.

First Hit: Funny at the right times, but confusing gun battles took away from the story.

When Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) is targeted by a demon from his past, he and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), who he's dragged out of retirement, must team up for one last ride together.

Predictable but enjoyable .

A lifeless, pointless acting from his side.

Pointless sequel .

And so exciting and a lot of twist and unexpected ones.

The action scenes are excellent, vibrant, thrilling, expertly choreographed, executed and photographed.

One of the worst movies I've recently watched.

Ultimately, it just got boring.

Will & Martin give one of the best combos ever and with their professional performances, this movie is exciting, funny and fun to watch every second, really recommend this!!

martin lawrence character was dull and irritating and for most of the movie he was making face grimace like he was constipated on a toilet.

Entertaining enough to watch.

It was funny ,suspenseful and above all a joy to view.

The film features a shallow plot with story beats that are quite frankly laughable at times but is enjoyable due to the fun dynamics that are on display by the cast and crew.

Its waste of time and waste of electricity and waste of energy

I wouldnt even waste my time if Will wasnt there.

It had me laughing just has much as it had me all teary eyed, all in all a great movie, not giving it a 10 because some parts are very dragged out but it leaves you guessing 90% of the time, very unpredictable, I wonder if they will have a spin off seeing as though they have so many new actors

Well worth watching...

And whoever wrote the script decided that the most relatable thing to do is to just throw a bunch of pointless and irrelevant mentions of youtube and 4chan, which is just awkward to sit through.

Apart from a few highlights scattered throughout even the action scenes were dull.

They had a convincing motivation to go against Mike, and their action scenes and character development was fantastic making them compelling and interesting villains to be invested in throughout.

This is a surprisingly entertaining time at the movies, which is the best you can hope for.

It's boring, missing all the charisma from the first 2 movies and feels more or less like a lame attempt to make some money rather than giving the viewers a good movie to watch.

But it's quite boring, rubbish storyline and predictable scenes.

Bad overacting, boring jokes, unnecessary cursing and a plot which doesnt make sense in the least bit.

An Unexpected Surprise .

Marcus got old and boring, Mike is still Mike and Vanessa Hudgens is pulling fashion show because there have to be more women in movies.

The first was an enjoyable but formulaic romp which saw both stars establish and cement their dynamic chemistry.

Will & Martin give one of the best combos ever and with their professional performances, this movie is exciting, funny and fun to watch every second, really recommend this👌🏾

Wanted to stop it right in the middle, it was so boring.

They can still kick ass but there are other things important than an adrenaline driven life.

The film deserves to be the 1995 box office dark horse of 1995 with a series of action, continuous jokes and stunning performances by the two leading actors.

There is no script originality and lacks quality.

For example, they have made this film entertaining for fans of the film series.

I personally enjoyed it a lot.

Fast paced plot, good action sequences, most of the humour is pretty good.

If you listened carefully the story is pretty damn good and very very unpredictable.

Dont waste your time on this!

Review: When I heard that the dynamic duo, Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) were returning to the big screen, I did think that it was going to be two geriatric cops, shooting guns on there zimmer frames, but it was surprisingly full of intense action.

I am a bad boys fan and it was always action packed and funny.

And the change in the plot was stupid and cliche.

Shot in a kinetic visual style with nice looking scenery, some recognizable returning characters, and the expectedly super violent action scenes, a few which are exciting, most which lack a definitive spark and eventually become redundant.

Absolutely worth watching.

Worth watching!

That's how you make the LAST RIDE, the film is worth your time from the car chases to the fighting scene, great humour (which got everyone in the Cinema laughing), thrilling action sequences, dangerous Villains and shootouts esp at the end is mind blowing.

Everything is so cliche that you can even predict the dialogue.

Copied and predictable.

The pace alternates between hyperkinetic action scenes and ponderous scenes that seem better suited to Lifetime.

While the first 2 Bad Boys movies were watchable and funny at times, this latest addition is simply nauseating unfunny, uninteresting, bland, tired acting from actors past their prime, when you find yourself reaching for your phone during a movie somethings wrong with the movie and I spent most of this movie googling on said phone.

They had an actress that could've been her updated type of character, but they went nowhere with her.

If the main objective of this movie's existence is to make us forget our uneventful lives for two hours by treating us to a proportionate dosage of action and comedy, I'd say Adil and Bilall have done a more-than-serviceable job.

Genuinely funny, surprisingly heartfelt, and entertaining from beginning-end, Bad Boys For Life has to be one of the biggest surprises of the last few years.

Not to be too harsh, it is an average formula action movie and with a lot of coke and popcorn it is a reasonably enjoyable action movie.

Slow paced, boring drama, not that great of an action movie.

Martin Lawrence delivers a few funny lines, Vanessa Hudgens Looks stunning.

After 25 years of being together, 'bad boys' Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) are at the crossroads of their exciting lives.

I was really shocked that they killed off a long standing, main character of sorts so very entertaining.

The villains this time are an extremely deadly cartel from Mexico that really wants to kill Mike Lowry for reasons that uncover later, this movie is action packed, shocking at times & full of mystery & excitement all wrapped up in a fun Action packed Cop thriller, a great movie & one of the best action films of the genre in years.

Boring Rubbish .

The plain truth of the matter is, that I set out to watch "Birds Of Prey" , got held up in some seriously unexpected, mad, traffic ; and ended up having to settle for "Bad Boys III", instead.

The acting is boring, the writing is horrible and story is even worse.

But recently rewatching it as an adult, it's actually quite dumb but still entertaining.

Reruns of every single cliche and one liner from 1 and 2 rehashed and squeezed into 3 without a storyline.

Funny, action packed, great antagonist, the best protagonist.

Highly entertaining .

The situations are absurd and poorly executed while the plot is sloppy and uninteresting.

The ending is brutal and exciting as well which sets up for more , should we want it ( of course we do) Saw this in Dolby Cimema in Leicester Square and now own it on 4k.

Surprisingly Entertaining for a third sequel .

Too many slow angled camera views, failed funny scenes, and flat emotionless acting.

It was OK.. but pretty predictable.

This is all balanced out with gritty and entertaining action sequences.

Entertaining "Shoot-Em-Up" with 2 charismatic leads .

Cliché buddy cop movie with a big budget.

This movie is so predictable and boring.

1 was great, 2 was ok, Bad Boys for Life was just boring.

I fell asleep about 2-3 times, while waiting for the action.

Only one LOL moment, terrible script, embarrassing "plot twist", stupid AMMO team, what a waste of money

Don't waste your time, or do waste your time.

Fun action packed movie!

The worst movie I watched in the past ten years.

It's a little dated , bullets being fired , comic partnership but very formulaic .

Dont waste your time it was free for me.

Took a little while to get going but once it did there're the stunning backdrops, chases and shoot outs you expect.

View on the film:Reuniting for the first time in 17 years, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence prove they have not missed a beat, thanks to a infectious camaraderie of quick-fire comedic banter between the duo,with Smith bringing a new maturity to Lowrey over facing the end of his bad boy days,along with Lawrence hitting dead-pan laughs on Burnett's tiredness over being dragged back into battle.

As a counterpoint, one of the two girls I took to the movie enjoyed it, the other hated it even more than I did.

There were also some funny moments in the movie which made the movie a bit more entertaining.

It's an absolute joy and a really entertaining film.

The love interest was bland if anything.

I enjoyed it

Ridiculously bad acting coupled with boring outdated cold comedy.

Cliche creme brûlée .

So I did what any bored quarantined person would do.. I looked into it a little closer.

Cliche riddled movie that's been done to death.

Aside from a Fast & Furious style ridiculous twist and some hit or miss jokes, Bad Boys For Life is a thrilling action film that will surely lead to more sequels, for better or worse.


It was an entertaining movie and one that I would recommend.

And while this drama unfolds in front of your eyes, a great share of nostalgia, a decent portion of "coming of age"-breeze and a constant reminder of the final ultimate point-of-no-return end of the protagonists' relationship - you quickly start asking when something will blow up?

of course they move a little slower idiots, they're older.

it was a waste of time.

One of the worst movies so far this year.

The action scenes are boring and stupid.

Waste of time .

Overall this is a very enjoyable and entertaining film and a surprise package.


However this piece feels a little contrived as it steers more towards pleasing a wider audience than it does towards appealing to the original Bad Boys fans and fanatics.

I was very exited to hear that they were making a third installment into the franchise but then when I saw it I was bored.

That said, it is imperative that you watch the previous 2 movies if you're critical on character development, plot direction, transitions etc. Beware that some scenes might feel a bit slow and may hinder your experience.

Though the plot is quite common and filled with lots of twists and unexpected additions to the story, it overwhelmingly fun plus fill the bill movie and you won't be disappointed to watch it one time.

I like all will smith's movies, he is great in all his movies, but this one both Will Smith and Mark Lawrence took awhile to fit into their characters (about half the movie), the movie was very slow paced till we almost shut it off but decided to push on, personally I think the film editor did a poor job, the whole first part of the movie could of been cut out completely, or edited to be a lot shorter, we got the point, then there is the I'm old cliche done over and over, family drama.

Entertaining enough .

Non-stop action packed fun time it's like a adrenaline bullet to the heart.

After having seen it, I knew I was too eager to trust people who enjoy a 2-hour bore-fest.

It's just way too long without any tension torgue.

The writing is so bad and predictable with cheap jokes flying everywhere.

The film's narrative and execution remains loyal to the usual trappings of a testosterone-led action entertainer with shocking developments that will often keep you on the edge.

But wanted to leave halfway through.

Senate exoneration by nuking Sony (the official propaganda arm of a Japanese Ruling Clique still sore at losing a WWII which THEY began with their infamous Sneak Attack on Hawaiian Tourist Attractions such as the USS Arizona Memorial) and Mexico, as well, for good measure.

So don't waste your time and money on this movie.

2 hours of your life you wont get back, save your money!!

I would have gladly walked out of this unbearable display of cliches had I not been with my wife.

Hilarious and nail bitingly action packed.

It was just a bit cringeworthy in places, some very overly American emotional tug on the heart strings bits that were pretty pathetic and very cheesy and predictable.

I wasted my time in this boring, predictable and not funny movie!

Extemely predictable but enjoyable .

Just a dull, humourless, cheap, rehash of old plots and tired formulas.

Seriously don't waste your time.

Bad boys for life is entertaining and gritty, with intense moments.

But overall the movie was really entertaining.

The film is largely entertaining, with action pieces that are no longer so much in your face, but feel more personal and thrilling than before.


Borderline unwatchable .

The rest says for itself it's a very predictable movie with no humour at all, predictable bad guys and lame new cops.

The action is satisfying and coherent and the references, callbacks and other nods were solid and exciting.

Boring, cringe, predictable repetitive hollywood crap.

Great enjoyable movie and all bad boys fans should love it.

Very boring could not resist to watch it until final!!!

I expected to be more fun but it was predictable....

It is definitely worth the watch and rewatch.

Every cliche you can imagine.

Just another action and comedy movie ,very predictable story.

This was surprisingly good and exciting.

Dumb, stupid, but also fun and entertaining .

A thoroughly enjoyable addition to the Bad Boys franchise .

Definitely worth the watch; does not dissapoint; good sequel; true to the franchise with some fresh actors/actresses addition

This one was slow to start and focused more on the drama side of things.

Entertaining addition to the franchise .

The storyline where the hero's son grew up to kill his own father unknowingly, is so cliche.

Fast paced start, and it keeps that pace throughout.

Today movies are to boring to watch they are good if you wan't to fall asleep.

I agree with some reviewers that the plot seemed predictable at half of the film, but the setup was entertaining and the last third was not what I had expected and had me at the edge of my seat at times.

Also a very good play by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, well worth watching.

I walked in thinking this was like the previous installments but it got old, predictable and the script is so boring I walked out before the end.

I loved the first two movies, they were original and entertaining as well as hilariously written.

I mean Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are fun to watch together, and have this budding chemistry that makes the films work, and action scenes are awesome, but the villains and the plot in the last two films pretty much went nowhere.

On top of that, there's some exciting action, Will and Martin are right back in the swing of things and the script is pretty sharp (for the genre).

It was boring right from the start and using cheap cgi made it even worser.

Certainly not this kind, secondly if I didn't enjoy the first 2 Bad Boys movies I wouldn't have even watched this one, similar casts and scenarios to the other 2 and it's a Jerry Bruckheimer movie so don't expect a heavy drama, in conclusion it's an enjoyable action time filler with a few laughs along the way

fast paced and still had the feel of a bad boys movie.

The dialogue and relationship were overly formulaic and lost a lot of charm because of that.

Save your money.

Yes its predictable as most action movies are.

The acting is bad, the story is terrible and predictable.

The story is nothing new, and to be honest i stop watching an hour within the movie i was so bored.

Featuring the series' trademark action of well-done car chases, fight scenes, explosions and snappy dialogues the film further cements Will Smith's and Martin Lawrence's reputation as one of the best partnerships in film history where their chemistry onscreen is undimmed after a quarter of a century.

Thanks for reading this review, I hope you enjoyed it.

Watered down characters, no real plot, just felt like it fed off the first two with no real direction.

Enjoyable sequel .

The rest is just ruined because of a weak script and a predictable storyline.

Boring and repetitive.

If you can stand the ponderous and badly edited beginning, Bad Boys for life winds up into a decent attempt at an action movie.

Somebody needed the money or something, it's just boring none of the old magic is there.

Boring movie.

A large chunk of the movie was really boring filler.

Mike is dragged back into action when his past catches up to him.

it's just an empty attempt at cashing in on a money making enterprise...

"Bad Boys for Life" is a funny, full of action and entertaining film.

Don't waste you time.

An enjoyable Friday night movie.

Predictable, bad scenes, bad acting, don't waste your time...

The visual effects on point and the stunts where stunning.

An enjoyable action film that really plays to the characters and lead actors strengths.

I'm going to give this movie an 8/10, it is worth watching, and it was enjoyable the whole way through!


And I would love to see more sequels if they can keep it exciting.

It was formulaic and generic.

Despite a darker, grittier edge to the plot, there's still loads of effective, funny humour on screen to take the edge off, as well as an admittedly clever, unexpected plot twist at the end.

The formula is a bit tired and cliche .

Worth watching this movie.

Yet, in this and every other way, "Bad Boys for Life," directed by others, is a derivative, watered-down imitation of Bay's style coupled with the same formulaic franchise building polluting most of cinema recently.

Felt the film dragged a bit towards the end and was a bit cringe/cliche/trying too hard in moments.

Some good unexpected plot twists.

If you want to just enjoy seeing these two together doing unpredictable stuff and somehow surviving, then this is for you.

Annoyingly boring.

Worth watching it for sure.

The ride together mantra that seems constantly repeated throughout the film made it feel like I was watching a boring version of a Fast and Furious movie.

The chemistry of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith is why this third film is very good in my opinion, the plot of the film is not as important to fans of this franchise , this is a action packed comedy thriller that deserved all praise it gets, good music, loved the cinematography, the action sequences were well staged, the comedy timing of Martin Lawrence is great in this film, Will Smith gets to do some great action stunts in this film, I liked the Villains in this movie also, all the elements of a good weekend at the movies, I will re watch this movie again, it was entertaining and funny, I hope we get another sequel.

The story is involving with a unexpected and emotional twist.

Also poorly filmed, empty speeches and cheap previsible sentimentality scenes.

Everything predictable.

Bad Boys for Life is a thoroughly enjoyable addition to the Bad Boys franchise.

They leaned away from the cliché, drug villains, and added in new villains with a better motive.

Really entertaining.

Ultimately they turned a fast paced military ops level action movie into a family drama at best.

True it wasn't a commercial disaster (raking in at the time of writing about 150% of budget), but it's still a film on a plane for me that, even if I'm bored, I'll say "nah" to.

The duo (and script) is hilarious, the action is thrilling and that's what a I called a classic action movie at last!

So don't waste your time.

To my surprise, everything is fast pace full with hilarious and exciting moment.

what a waste of time

And the lame, predictable and weak script.

Overall a great time at the movies and worth watching if you are a Will Smith fan.

Can we age gracefully into living a mundane life after all the excitement goes away.

Probably not, but an entertaining one.

that's how boring it really Got.

Fun, Fast, and Entertaining .

The plot is very predictable even though there are a load of mistakes when referencing the earlier movies.

Also, the story is actually a lot more compelling compared the first two movies by making it feel more personal instead of "hot girl gets kidnap by a bad person".

You can tell El Arbi & Fallah actually cared about this movie, unlike Michael Bay, who just threw in big choppy action, with cliche characters, and basically said "have fun".

Bad: Forced and Contrived .

The first hour of the movie you can skip , Martin Lawrence was just there to get paid , Will Smith is trying so hard to act and save the movie but the fact is these guys are older now and spending time with Martin Lawrence character finding God and all this is stupid and waste of time on it .

All in all this movie was pretty boring and I wouldn't rewatch it like I did when I enjoyed the first two.

"Bad Boys for Life" resurrects the dormant 'Bad Boys' franchise with an adrenaline boost of terrific action, wisecracking chemistry between the leads and also the new team, and a villain and plot that is better than the first two films.

Predictable youngster team coming in (even singing "Bad Boys" song to be stopped by the boys).

After more than 10 years since then,they released a new chapter, that was completely unexpected.

The story was what you would expect, Wild, action packed, funny, with a bit of campiness.

Be Entertaining, and BB4L delivered!

The plot was intriguing and I thought the action scenes were very good and thrilling.

It's action packed and will have you laughing through it all.

A Rare Long-Delayed Sequel That Knows How to Pay Homage While Still Being Entertaining .

Worth watching .

Now this is a sequel worth watching.

Regardless of if they are bouncing jokes off of each other and sharing a laugh or verbally mocking one another, this dynamic duo brings every moment to life in a riveting way that will have audiences smiling and laughing until the very end.

Don't waste your time on this movie watch the first 2 movies and stop at that.

The story line was weak, dialogue very cliche and the ammo characters seemed out of place.

It was strange as I was bored at times.

For the people: It a nice action packed one time watch movie.

Really entertaining .

The supporting actors were one dimensional yet exciting.

Worth watching.

The acting is top notch, the Comedy is Great, and the Action scenes Are entertaining to watch.

I've seen better acting in B movies, the plot is predictable, the jokes are not funny.

This is funny, action packed and very entertaining.

enjoyable hookum , suspend supercilious disbelief and just dive in there and enjoy it .

I really enjoyed this movie but i must admit it went on for too long and they dragged it out a lot

Bad Boys For Life is terrible, Smith and Lawrences characters have become incredibly cliche parodies of their former selves, which was already a pretty cliche buddy-cop dynamic.

This while movie is predictable, unoriginal and just a ridiculous cash grab.

My next two positives would the films surprisingly strong villain and unexpected plot twists.

It was hilarious and action packed.

It was entertaining.

This movie is original, unexpected, shocking, funny, and frankly amazing.

Older Martin and Will is just as funny as the young and action packed like the rest.

I came to this movie with very low expectations, and I was pleasantly surprised..I enjoyed it throughout...

Refreshing and entertaining .

I sleep,, the worst movies i ever seen on movie theater.

Hilarious, emotional, action packed.

These movie is so boring as hell, predictable and not interesting.

Will Smith turns in a more standard, but still enjoyable, performance as his detective sidekick as they both investigate a hitman who seems to be randomly targeting Miami citizens for assassination.

That said this movie was good and entertaining

Also their chemistry together is once again really strong and it will keep you highly entertained throughout this exciting film.

Sorry mates, it's just stupid and boring.

Very worth watching.

17 years waiting for the third instalment so this film was always going to be enjoyable because I I like the franchise.

The story is well-built and the scenes are fascinating.

We enjoyed it.

Waste of time and money.

However, what didn't work was the convoluted shootouts, two specifically, one in a warehouse garage and the other in an old hotel that was confusing.

Entertaining, genuinely funny and, to the general surprise, emotional, the film rescues old-fashioned entertainment - when Hollywood still cared about more than effects and action.

Great cast, engaging script, great action scenes.

One hit to the next, it's gripping and gives you adrenaline, it's more gripping than ever before, and it's here to stay.

I went to watch it a few days ago and I really enjoyed it.

Terrific action packed hilarious fun.

Boring 1980s Movie .

Dont waste ur time, watch the first two and be done with it cuz this one will make u puke.

The second film was not great, but it had some very enjoyable action sequences, and plenty of excess.

It was action packed and hilarious like the other two.

Totally worth watching .

The story isn't anything special and it takes a while to get going, but there's plenty of funny humour and the action scenes are exciting and well put together.

It is definitely worth watching.

This movie was able to revive the funny and entertaining charisma between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have portrayed this film in a somewhat quieter way, but still manage to fill the film well with entertaining action scenes.

Just done believe the rating movie is very predictable from start to end jokes said in the movie are too cliche and not funny at all lack of energy seems like any B movie writer wrote the script


I Walked in with low expectation, walked out satisfied.

Save your money don't watch film

The set pieces were incredible, leading to creative and exciting action sequences and also making Florida look amazing.

Might be the worst movie I've ever seen.

This movie is boring, predictable, bad story, bad characters bad acting.

No storyline, terrible acting, hopefully this is the end of this nonsense now.

sluggish boring predictable movie .

Apart from the twist that I mentioned above, the whole story is predictable.

Enjoyable Friday night at home large screen movie .

Boring in some places, slow pace in others and predictable.

Entertaining .

but overall the film was very entertaining and now it seems it's set up for a 4th installment.

It's funny, action packed, and just an overall great movie.

Entertaining, so long as you've got a few drinks in ya.

Good entertaining movie .

Far fetched at times but Entertaining .

To have watched him in After Earth and Gemini Man, to then to see this waste of my time was disappointing.

It was at times very funny, with enjoyable acting from Will Smith.

It wasn't filmed the same way as the first two, 4K is awesome but somehow it just makes this movie super boring along with all of its wide-panning zoom drone usage.

otherwise a predictable waste of time...

, seriously this feels really pointless.

Bad movie very slow .

This is a bad version of bad boys, bad scripts, bad acting and so boring.

It's just about the most boring place you'll ever see.

I really enjoyed it and felt a little nostalgic.

First 40 minutes consists of short flashes to quickly get the user updated, which is confusing and doesn't add up.

This engrossing movie kicks-off with killingly funny moment set off in a car at the aisle of Miami Beach where Mike nailed the steering wheel with his driving force towards the hospital and I think without a speedometer(hehee!

A quite entertaining film!

Moreover, the first two installments directed by Michael Bay bore, at least, an authorial stamp, as distasteful as I might find it; they were movies demonstrably made by someone--dare I say, an artist--with a unique vision.

I almost cut myself during, and upon the tragic ending of this deeply suspenseful movie....

This movie was so boring, and I'm so glad I didn't pay a dime to watch it, or rather - struggle not to fall asleep for two full hours.

But as a standalone movie, it is an enjoyable action-packed movie.

Overall I think it's worth the watch if you're a fan of the franchise and don't expect too much.

Predictable with a terrible story line.

The film opens with that speeding Porsche sequence from the trailer, with Mike and Marcus employing their usual disregard for innocents while engaging in what looks like the pursuit of the latest Miami criminal.

Enjoyed it very much.

Weak and very predictable storytelling.

The most exciting parts was AMMO, which they trimmed their role in the film so they wouldn't upstage Will and Martin, which they do.

Boring, Childish, Too Safe, Not Funny .

I never walk out of movies, but I couldn't handle any more over the top gun violence, bad acting, predictable plot, and unfunny jokes.

This is the best piece of " hookum " I have seen in a long time and I thoroughly enjoyed it and , given the troubles the world is going through at the moment , I cant recommend it enough .

The story is predictable and filled with cliches.

This was the worst movie of Bad Boys.

Unlike the other Bad Boys movies, it fails to capture the fun exciting and musical life of being a police officer in Miami.

Predictable .

A two hour snore fest.

A quite entertaining sequel.

Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2 were both highly entertaining and fun, this was more of a paint-by-numbers action film with nothing new or special, sprinkled with a sort of old and tired version of Will Smith and Martin Lawerence, and a few cool elements that were never really explored.

The story is way too predictable and generally disappointing.

At the end, Bad Boys for Life is entertaining, good and it makes time pass in a snap of fingers; a good movie that entertains without too many pretensions.

Certainly not an Oscar contender, but an entertaining "blow-em-up" with 2 charismatic leads that play off each other well.

The jokes fall way wide of the mark as they are so predictable and the twist is ludicrous.

The movie is hilarious, engaging and full of entertainment.

The first half of the movie is kinda boring, so we left the other half for the next day.


And the surprising plot twist of Rita being the only women Mike ever loved was really interesting, and for Armando to be Mike's son that he never knew about, set up an extremely compelling conflict between the bond between father and son and what's right and wrong when someone you love does something bad.

This is the last one I'll waste my money on.

Lots of unpredictable scene, even on one scene i was shock !

the first hour nothing happen noteworthy and actually both lawrence and smith felt uncomfortable in their roles due to their old age.

It was refreshing to see finally something out of the boring superhero trend.

Entertaining .

Style This film has really exciting and hard hitting action scenes, the films hand to hand combat is the best in the franchise and Will Smith delivers even when he is around the 50 years old range.

Nearly everything in this movie seemed forced and contrived, especially the attempts at jokes and humor, which didn't make me laugh in most cases.

Entertaining Popcorn film .

I thought the writing was weak, and the story-line predictable.

Too bad as the pairing of Smith and Lawrence in the 90's debut was solid and the banter then was more enjoyable.

Wasn't expecting much as these story lines tend not to pick back up after so long, however I was excited for the release and booked some tickets and I was pleasantly surprised, bad boys once again packed with all the goods I was on the edge of my seat with laugher and suspense the whole film!

I love where they took into account characters from 2003's BadBoys2 and continued stories to lighten up the movie and bring soft edges to something that is actually pretty intense.

but in another hand It's more action packed than the second, and it's hilariously funny.

Indeed, the film is borne of a Thoroughly { - Curious - } " Profane, Dramatic, Unpredictable, & - of course - Comedic 🥂 🤣 🤣 'Cocktail' " of : 1.

Disappointing, not as good as the others, bit dull and predictable

Bad Boys for Life will make you laugh at the jokes while the action sequences keep you on the edge of your seat.

This is one of the worst movies ever , acting so tasteless and actually its very obvious that they are not even trying to act for-god sakes .

Waste of time.

Action Packed .

With plenty of action, fast paced scenes, sharp directing and some stellar acting from both Will and Martin, it has material that will have you at the edge of your seat with action sequences that will blow your socks off.

While it was trying to act serious there where many funny elements that made it very enjoyable to watch, with a couple of new characters that made it more than two guys fighting crime.

I didn't get to see the whole thing, as I got bored after a bit.

Better save your money and skip this movie.

While Mike still has got his adrenaline going, Marcus is all set for a retirement life as granddad.

Worst movie ever (after the mist) .

The plot is boring and predictable, and it just plays on the succes of the previous movies with no substance what so ever.

Also i feel martin absence (after his daugther wedding until He fot called in the middle of telenovela) filled with bland story.

10* reviews are more enjoyable than the movie itself .

Did people forget that the average day for a cop is pretty much boring?

The newcomers from the AMMO unit being Hudgens, Ludwig, and Melton all do a serviceable job of being entertaining more often than not, despite being completely cliched one-note characters.

It was unbearable.

The supporting cast are ok, although most aren't used much, and although Will Smith doesn't quite pull off the emotional gravitas the finale requires, it's a fun and enjoyable film.

Entertaining for sure .

That gotta be fake.. its honestly one of the worst movies I've seen in the last couple of years

Too much of boring conversations.

The 1st 2 sequels were still both-thumbs-up, thrilling, full of action ...

I think this is the worst movie I've ever seen...

"Bad Boys For Life" is an entertaining film that offers exciting action and plenty of laughs for everyone to enjoy throughout its two-hour runtime, with the exception of a few hiccups and humorless scenes/jokes that occasionally fail to land.

No scenario, no story, no nothing.

Worst movie I've ever seen .

It was really that pathetically predictable.

This is the worst movie I have seen in a long time.

The movie is very entertaining and visually impressive although the CGI indeed could have been better.

Action Packed and Funny Addition to the series...

This movie was action packed, had a pretty good plot and was hilarious.

Predictable threequal .

Boring and Predictable .

Unless the movie is rock solid gold, I get bored after 90 minutes...

In order to make the reflection and aging of Smith's character more engaging and real, it was important that Lawrence could be his anchor in a way that is grounded and funny.

Camerawork, editing and background music everything contributes to make this film very much watchable and enjoyable just like any Masala Bollywood Movie.

Boring, seen it all a million times before.

Enjoyable Return of the Bad Boys .

Hilarious and action packed .

Directors Adil and Bilall pull out all stops to make it more exciting.

Finally an action packed movie with plenty of laughs that dont have anything to do with comic books Glad to see Will & Martin back together Defitnetly a must see!

I was literally on the edge of my seat the entire time!

Due to some unexpected circumstances, a vengeance plot is set in motion, which finds them on the hunt for the Aretas family.

Long and boring .

The film's action sequences were also the strongest of the franchise, with fast paced and hard-hitting sequences that kept you on the edge of your seat for a large majority of the time.

What a complete waste of time!

Back in 1995, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence burst on to the scene with Bad Boys, an action film from Michael Bay with plenty of attitude and one of the most entertaining double acts in the genre.

Every scene in this film was action packed and full of comedy.

Bad jokes, bad story, predictable.

The ending action sequence is kind of bland and the use of green screen is obvious.

" And the AMMO team is linear and boring.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone

This is an entertaining movie.

Predictable yet entertaining .

Much better than Bad Boys 2, if you turn your brain off all the way, it's an enjoyable movie.

Such a monstrous waste of time.

It was action packed as usual.

Enjoyed it more than expected.

Having enjoyed 1-2, then to hear a 3rd instalment I wasn't sure how good it would be but having casted the same actors as before with the likes of "Ronnie" and chief inspector, it was really enjoyable with some laugh out loud moments and great action sequences, really good watch and in some ways better then the previous ones dealing with real issues and loyalty which has always been key to the leading character, something that gave it a lot of heart and weight, great watch!

This movie started a little slow but progressively got better and better until I was on the edge of my seat!

It did have too many forced jokes in my opinion, but despite that it definitely was an enjoyable ride.

She is very compelling, is very dangerous, and does not scream a lot as the previous two villains did.

These action packed blockbusters aren't usually known for their story, I thought it had a nice curious twist and kept pulling you along for a very enjoyable nostalgic and classic Will Smith and Martin Lawrence flick.

This was latest milking of the Bad Boys franchise that delivered a competent and largely predictable plot.


Bad Boys for Life brings all of the explosive fun the series is known for, but takes the franchise in new and exciting directions by choosing to be more reflective in nature.

The ending was somewhat formulaic with Aretas dying, Mike making amends with Armando and the latter redeeming himself by saving Marcus and subsequently choosing to end his criminal path.

Waste of time, don't bother watching.

Corny humour and a thin predictable plot that we have seen done so many times before .

Still action packed with a comedic trade between the two.

Usually action movies are fully action packed with less focus on a story and less dialogue.

The plot is absurd, the jokes rarely land, the expanded squad characters are bland and lack any emotional investment.

All that cliché plus bad acting from the AMMO director woman made me sick.

Nowhere near as good as the 2 previous and especially bad because of Martin Lawrence so my score for this complete waste of time and money is,Rating 6 out of 10

Enjoyable Action Film with Great Characters and Humor.

:)Realizing I'd waste 2 hours of my life if I continued, I turned it off and did something else.

a lot of unexpected parts.

Otherwise it's just a boring rehash of everything that's gone before.