Barbershop (2002) - Comedy, Drama

Hohum Score



A day in the life of a South Side Chicago barbershop.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Tim Story
Stars: Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 22 out of 153 found boring (14.37%)

One-line Reviews (64)

" Barbershop transcends race and class and addresses the simple questions of what really matters in this life, and does it in an entertaining way.

This was a really enjoyable movie.

All in all, this movie was boring and not worth the rental fee.

And I enjoyed it very much, because everybody was responding to the movie, hooting and cheering and laughing which made it one of my most memorable movie experiences (the most memorable being the total silence at the end of Schindler's List).

It is a very enjoyable film with a ton of messages and an awesome cast.

The story concerns shop-owner Calvin(played by rapper Ice Cube in the breathtaking performance of his film career)needs money in a hurry,so he sells out to the neighborhood loan shark(played by Keith David in one his most villainous roles to date).

Ice Cube and Cedric the Entertainer headline an all-star cast of characters in "Friday" director Tim Story's enjoyable African-American comedy "Barbershop" about the ups and downs of running a hair cutting salon in Chicago.

Enjoyable, fun film .

However I had a real hard time connecting with the characters who were mostly shallow and cliche'With the exception of Ice Cube who performed very well, the majority of the actors seemed to be playing a stereotype rather than an actual person.

Although the plot may seem a bit slim "Barbershop" is a great, entertaining, heartfilled comedy...

Worth watching!

After 20 minutes, my mother and I bailed; the whole thing was so slapdash and confusing we gave up trying to follow it.

The trailers I saw for the the newest slate of studio films elicited the usual bored silence and unintended laughter - with one exception - the next Friday movie which looked great - you go Ice Cube!!!!

The characterizations in "Barbershop" were thin and tiresome media cliches.

it was really good , at first i just wanted to see it jus because, but it's a really good movie, i really enjoyed it,i kept laughin at all the jokes , it was cool , i suggest u see it , i give it two thumbs up , and i hope to see it again !

Since I find Ice Cube inherently entertaining, I was looking forward to Barbershop, and I'd have to say that I wasn't disappointed.

With amazing performances from every single one of the cast members, they make "Barbershop" really worth watching.

Comedic timing and fresh characters make a sub-par script and ho-hum direction look much better than they really are.

An uneven but mostly entertaining comedy/drama, "Barbershop" stars Ice Cube as Calvin, the owner of a neighborhood barbershop that has been passed down in his family through the generations.

Barbershop was an entertaining movie.

Fitfully entertaining comedy has a fine sense of community and rapport, and lots of good conversation bits inside the store; when the film focuses on casual interplay and character conduct, it usually works.

Troy Garity was excellent in a role that had 'cliche' written all over it and he's cute too.

But, I still didn't want to see it, well, I've just came back from seeing it since I was dragged by my friends, who insisted the movie will turn out to be good.

The scenes showing everyone at the barbershop itself are kind of boring and to me are only occassionally amusing.

It was entertaining as well as message sending and thought provoking.

It's first of all, boring, secondly it's not well paced, thirdly, it has a few loop holes.

The entire supporting cast was very entertaining.

Simple premise happens to have (shockingly enough for the most part) non cliche characterizations that actually let you get to know the characters and manages to recall better, simplier times.

This is a gentle movie, it is a comedy, has a nice balance of character study vs quirky slapstick, and is enjoyable throughout.

Yes, it was predictable.

This is not a great film, and it has some weak spots (mostly the bumbling antics of the ATM robbers), but overall it was enjoyable and even refreshing.

There were just three bright spots in this boring movie.

Basically, the whole thing was confusing and chaotic.

, Rodney King, to the mundane, i.

A tiresome string of lame and insulting cliches .

Engaging Film.

Very entertaining .

This movie about wrestling with the guilt of having just sold his babershop which was handed down to him by his father to a loan shark was more boring than anything else.

Director Tim Story does an effective job keeping this essentially one-set work from becoming ponderous and static, and he knows how to zoom in on just the right character at each given moment.

this movie is boring.

There were a few funny comments, but in toto it was a very disappointing waste of time.

Producers were quick to place rapper/self-proclaimed actor Ice Cube in another "day-in-the-hood" comedy-drama as soon as copies of the equally drab "Friday" and its sequel hit sales racks.

It was instead a great waste of my time; I had to stop watching half way through!

Cedric is always entertaining...

The protagonist and his woman were immediately engaging.

most enjoyable .

I basically went to see the movie because I was bored and had nothing else to do.

This movie has a variety of characters and this made the movie worth watching.

Add to this the `wigger' the `two-time criminal trying to go good', the `old wise comedy character', the `African cliché' and we have all the favourites.

Overall, the movie is lame and boring.

I really liked his work in previous movies, but in this one his role was repetitious and boring.

There were a few heart warming moments which were then quickly ruined by the cheesy and rather cliché storyline.

'Barbershop' is slow, not really funny at all, had a bad cast and was just weak all over.

Whenever the movie stays in the barbershop, it's usually a lot of fun, with some good, entertaining dialogue and witty interplay between the many characters (both barbers and customers).

At first, it seems as if this point is going nowhere, until the end.

Light, entertaining comedy .

Light, entertaining comedy about the day in the life of a South Side Chicago barbershop when the owner, who has music aspirations (Ice Cube, in a terrific performance) sells the shop to a loan shark and then wants it back.

It sometimes even feels as if there was no script at all.

When I look back on Barbershop, I will remember very funny dialog, realistic characters, and an enjoyable setting.

Unwittingly they have taken an empty money machine.

Yes, it was predictable.

Likable, engaging story about the day to day operation of a black barbershop in downtown Chicago.

But this is just boring.

I highly recommend it for it's laughs, it's charm and it's brutal honesty.