Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993) - Animation, Action, Crime

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Batman is wrongly implicated in a series of murders of mob bosses actually done by a new vigilante assassin.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: Kevin Altieri
Stars: Kevin Conroy, Dana Delany
Length: 76 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 10 out of 173 found boring (5.78%)

One-line Reviews (72)

All the performances are top notch, Mark Hamill is wild and crazy as The Joker and he really goes to town and has a lot of fun like Nicholson in the first movie, and Kevin Conroy is absolutely stunning as Bruce and Batman, his voice is so intimidating and kinda scary.

Even the first Batman, as entertaining as it was , gave too much screen time to the Joker, and only skimmed the surface of who is Batman.

The mix is more dull and uninteresting than cohesive and intriguing.

Batman is a wonderful ,dark and intriguing character and I think they could make a lot better films than Batman Forever and Batman and Robin.

In my point of view this is one of the best Batman interpretations and the story, the mystery, the characters work very well and it is an entertaining movie which kids and adults can enjoy.

Early on in his crime-fighting career, Bruce juggles intimidation tactics and the conflict between the streets and the empty family home - never before has a cinematic Batman skipped the double murder in the alley and instead shown a torn Bruce Wayne bargaining at his parent's grave, struggling to reconcile his promise to clean up Gotham's grime and his desire for romance and a normal life.

Well, because the storyline was essentially pointless and lacked the ability to captivate me.

It's orett boring.

This movie has it all: an intriguing plot, interesting dialogue, rapid-fire action and good characterization.

Burton's film was entertaining it's just a shame Batman wasn't in it!

The music is also great, extremely compelling and complementing the mood of many scenes extremely well.

With a tight story, good dialogue, and plenty of exciting action sequences, this film is highly enjoyable for kids and adults alike.

There interesting, but they get pretty boring later on.

This movie had a spectacular story and the Instrumental score was breathtaking.

It's entertaining, exciting and intriguing, an intelligent tale that takes itself seriously and makes you care about its characters.

But wow, this movie really kept me on the edge of my seat.

I must say this is an intriguing film starring the Dark Knight.

Not only is the acting in this film amazing, and the dialogue well-crafted, but the story is compelling and real.

It's no Sin City or Heavy Metal, but is more intense than usual, showing murder, blood, and allusions to sex that could never be shown on the show.

Add to this the evocative music and you'll have one and a half hours of action.

Mask Of The Phantasm is cocked,locked,and loaded with action,a breathtaking storyline,fantastic animation,and superb voice acting.

It intertwines initially slightly slow and, wrongfully, unnecessary-seeming flashbacks into its plot, which cleverly filter the bat's backstory through relevant characters so that they strongly connect to the current-day narrative in more ways than one.

Boring .

But he (via the filmmakers trying their best to give fans the best of the animated basics) supplies a hugely entertaining climax, one which involves a big fight among an immense diorama of Gotham City, rigged with explosives!

Tim Burton's Batman pushed the limits of what is considered to be children's entertainment and intense adult action and drama.

The film could have been longer by 20 minutes, but it is a gripping and compelling animated film with plenty to like.

And the film-makers did it with grace and finesse--stunning.

The story is barely given a chance to be intriguing and it is told in a very confusing way with too many flashbacks and flashbacks that go into their own flashbacks.

The Phantasm is the most interesting cartoon villain in a long time and with the Joker in this movie as well it makes for an exciting movie.

The ending suggests more of the same; that Bruce Wayne and Batman are two separate entities, that only one of them can truly exist in more than empty shape and form, and that other figures have also experienced similar tragedies and conflicts.

The animation is dark and brooding, the characters are fleshed out and complex, and the plot is very deep and compelling.

Not only is this movie well-animated, exciting, and tautly-plotted, it's also refreshingly understated.

The plot is engaging and doesn't feel stretched to fit a full-length movie time frame.

This basic and non-childish premise was the basis for some potent suspense that challenged films like "Die-Hard" and "The Fugitive" The big chase between Batman and the swat-team had me on the edge of my seat chewing my nails to the bone.

Even at an economical feature length of 77 minutes, the film's story is too basic to be so drawn-out.

The action sequences were decent through electrifying, with plenty of exciting fights and chase sequences scattered throughout.

Batman mask of the phantasm is truly one of the best batman's films around, the darkness and extremely fascinating plot brings batman alive.

A new villain, a compelling plot, and a woman with a complicated past all combined to form what might be a fantastic murder mystery.

If you've never seen Mask of the Phantasm, I highly recommend it for purchase or rental.

The voice cast is one of the best for any cartoon (WB spends money on their voice casts) and the story is engrossing.

Very well made, mature and entertaining .

I actually--no, I REALLY--enjoyed it.

The movie's visuals, exciting final sequence, and moral are also very good too.

With an engaging story, exceptional voice acting and a magnificent soundtrack, there is never a dull moment.

The Joker is also involved in this movie and is very entertaining to watch.

Bringing the cast n crew responsible for the groundbreaking Batman: The Animated Series to the big screen, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm delves into Bruce Wayne's traumatic past to paint a tragic picture of the events that resulted in him donning the masked vigilante persona, and is an expertly animated & consistently engaging ride.

Directed by Eric Radomski & Bruce Timm, the film brings the thematic complexity & noirish elements of the animated saga to the cinematic landscape, and makes for a gripping character study.

Absolutely Breathtaking (May Contain Spoilers) .

This movie is one of the very best animated films I have seen; I kept re-watching it on VHS in the 90s as a kid, and even now it is still entertaining for me.

It's very fascinating when the backstory of Gotham's winged defender partially has to do with emotional resonance to somebody in addition to crime.

As someone who grew up with Batman and is a fan of the Animated Series this film is telling a story the story that it is telling is beautifully told straight to the point and in my opinion is more powerful then most live-action films I've washed the level of writing and animation work is breathtaking there is a scene in the film where Bruce for the first time puts the mask on.

It is one of the best Batman outings to come to our screens, big or small, and is a consistently enjoyable, engaging experience.

The visual style still sticks to that of the comic book like glue and it all makes for a very exciting film.

I liked Batman the animated series but this movie was just boring.

All of the characters are very well developed, relatable (well the ones that intend to be), and entertaining.

I remember seeing the tape on the front of the living room set, so I pick it up and watch it and it was breathtaking in every direction, and finally gave "Batman" fans something to care about.

The storyline is solid, yet somewhat predictable.

As for the mob mystery angle, the film heightens up the tension and violence with several actions scenes that can put any viewer on the edge of their seat.

Right off the bat (no pun intended), what really hooks the story together is how it balances the intense murder mystery with the romance angle between Bruce Wayne and Andrea.

It is absolutely breathtaking.

The more you see of them, the stronger and more entertaining their relationship becomes.

The music is wonderful too, it is quite a complex score even for Batman but it is always memorable whether it is the choruses or the rousing orchestral music.

"Batman: Mask of the Phantasm" is an entertaining animated flick that comes from the same team that brought us the 1990s TV cartoon series starring Batman.

It can get a bit boring at times with certain aspects of the story.

Of the two, Burton came the closest, but his films were marred by gloomy self-indulgence and a Caped Crusader that was hard to care anything about.

It is structured similarly to those of some of the plot lines of the series but just as fresh and as compelling with a lot of great scenes particularly the wonderfully poetic opening sequence.

So, in the end, the movie has great artwork, solid characterization, a very intriguing mystery storyline all backed by a thundering and magnificent score.

It is highly enjoyable otherwise.

The murder-mystery story and the framing of Batman is engaging as well as his subplot which adds more to the Bruce Wayne side of him which really makes him a well rounded character instead of just a masked vigilante.

Given that Bruce tries to balance his need to fight for justice and his feelings towards Andrea, his entire arch comes off as appropriately gripping and even gut wrenching.

Batman, The Phantasm, and The Joker all have compelling stories.

What a frighteningly stunning performance!