Bats (1999) - Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Hohum Score



Genetically mutated bats escape and it's up to a bat expert and the local sheriff to stop them.

IMDB: 3.9
Director: Louis Morneau
Stars: Lou Diamond Phillips, Dina Meyer
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 37 out of 159 found boring (23.27%)

One-line Reviews (93)

The execution does manage to make this reasonably entertaining, with a fair bit of intense action and some moderate suspense.

Yes, it is a bad movie with a predictable plot, cookie-cutter characters and dialogue full of groaner one-liners...

It's all here folks but it's done in a reasonably entertaining way that passes an hour and a half painlessly enough I suppose.

Thoroughly entertaining in every respect, and certainly a few surprises here and there----perfect popcorn fodder for a rainy, dark night.

The cast is bland and their parts poorly-written.

The story itself is nothing new, but pretty enjoyable.

Its was a very creative film, i was well acted and had some humorers parts that made it more enjoyable.

However the bat attacks are annoyingly edited, loads of ultra quick cuts, so much so that it becomes confusing as to whats happening.

Worth watching if you really don't have anything better to do

after they killed cdc guy (i had to walk out of the theater i was crying so hard) i knew all bets were off with these guys.

but i did find it a passably entertaining diversion.

Why don't the super-smart animals ever want to, I don't know, pursue an exciting career in VCR-repair or something?

Usually in this type of B-movies, it takes another boring hour or so before everyone accepts that harmless little animals can turn into bloodthirsty monsters.

this is perhaps the most drab, and unsuspenful "horror" movie i have ever seen.

The acting overall left somewhat to be desired and the film was rather boring during the first half.

There are good shots of overhead flight but the film is pointless and should be buried in bat guano.

Ho hum.

During the 2nd half it finally began to wake up and come to life and about the last 1/3 was actually enjoyable.

That's why I'm giving praise to this film because it was low budget and they used the budget well and they were still able to create a lot of exciting action scenes and Fun moments.

Dull, stupid, and Lou are getting old....

low budget schlock,but entertaining a times (4.5/10) .

It's short, swift, often funny, occasionally exciting and never demands very much from you.

This movie, about a bunch of evil flying bats, is a disgrace to the horror/suspence genre and should be added shortly to the "Worst Movies of All Time" list.

Bland characters and clichéd body-count (and script) finish it all off as one terrible vomitorium badness of Ed Wood proportions, sometimes it's even worse.

Yet Gunton is the most enjoyable thing in this film.

Extremely predictable, you could see that ending coming from a mile away.

What's really enjoyable about this one a lot of great moments is the high-amount of action scenes within this one with a really fast and quite watchable pace to it.

As well, there's the later attack on the school as there's some solid swarming and ambushes there which makes for a fun time, and the finale in the tunnel makes for some atmospheric times with some rather frantic and enjoyable times trying to get out before they wake up which is what's quite thrilling about the sequence while providing a lot of fun action-packed moments here.

Modern B-movie - Pretentious Cinematography .

All the bat attack scenes are messy, out-of-focus, unwatchable.

A trite, contrived, predictable movie .

The plot is typical, and thus predictable.

I enjoyed it.

Hard to believe this is the same man who gave us all that thrilling action in Retroactive.

"Bats" makes use of just about EVERY horror movie cliché every invented.

If you went into watching this movie looking for a thrilling terrifying scary horror movie, you should have known better.

Worst movie ever award .

The climax is just one long drag that ends in a predictable fashion.

BATS turns out to be cheesy and predictable in equal measures, delivering up its threat of genetically-modified bats without much in the way of passion or intrigue.

This film had a lot of exciting scenes in it.

Then of course there was the confusing editing.

The biggest one here is that there are several confusing shots in this.

That is to say: It is a decent B-movie worth watching.

The film also has a very exciting and intense Finale that had me on the edge of my seat.

In a movie of this type, if I am not (a) insulted, or (b) bored, then I am having a good time.

I can write the horror flick cliche equation with this one .

But I saw it in an empty theater during the day.

What really helps to elevate this formulaic nonsense to slightly-above-average are the solid cast and some fairly decent special effects.

Good actors typically don't waste their time with movies that sound so pathetic, unless they owe backtaxes.

I'm surprised most people don't like this film because I thought it was Action packed!.

Take all of the above and throw in the fact that the character development unraveled before my eyes and you've got the makings of a terribly enjoyable movie.

This is the worst movie on all levels: acting (lack of), script (non-existent), effects (they went to Ben Franklin and spent $1.99 on a dozen plastic bats).

We are left with 75 minutes of predictable nonsense, hoping for those dazzling special effects.

The film is most enjoyable when the people just stop talking and the bats start stalking.

After encountering it again recently on the Sci-Fi channel on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I'll stick with my original impression: it's bad, but in an entertaining way.

When I left the theater my knuckles were a ghostly white from gripping the arm rests and when I looked on the ghastly faces of the hundreds of people leaving the theater, they all had the same expression.

But the final scene, which breaks a standard horror movie cliche, delivers a good belly laugh that made me wonder why the whole film wasn't packed with this kind of humor.

His job consists of sleeping in a big trailer, being dragged out to recite his lines, and walking back to the trailer.

Other than this, just sit back and be entertained by every horror movie cliche trotted out gleefully and constantly.

This film was fun and fast paced and I recommend the film.

but enjoyable as well .

Don't waste your time.

The origin of the bats is also a little confusing.

This was the most formulaic load of a movie I have ever seen.

Don't waste your time and energy on this movie.

Unfortunately, this is where the praising stops…After the no-nonsense opening sequences, the film turns into an endless series of dull clichés, lousy dialogues, bad acting and terrible special effects.

During the most intense scenes, the camera jumped from scene-to-scene so fast, you couldn't make out exactly what they were supposed to be showing.

But automatic pistols lock the slide back when the magazine is empty.

Simple but really exciting .

A good thriller keeps you on the edge of your seat or back tight to the wall.

This is so over-edited and over-hyper, that the action scenes are rendered hard to follow, and the movie as a whole is made distancing and uninvolving.

It's an eerily effective thriller , quite entertaining , though many will undoubtedly find repulsive when the bats attack and eat their victims .

This film is bad, yet in a way fairly entertaining.

The whole concept of the film is quite intriguing ,the cover alone proves enough to lure in ,with an original tagline like 'Where Do You Hide?

Anyone else, if you are bored and have nothing better to do, this is a good time waster and it will keep you entertained.

The script is so full of cliche horror moments its unreal.

Think back to those pre-SCREAM years when Hollywood tried to scare us with something other than annoying brats on the run or minute and predictable formulaic expansions/hollow twists.

Moments between the set-pieces are dull, while the bat attacks are spoiled by some average CGI effects work (Hitchcock's superimposed birds are still superior to the creatures here).

This Movie Is The Worst Movie I've Seen - Ever.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Director Lou ("Made Men" & "Carnosaur 2") Morneau and an overqualified cast struggle valiantly against predictable writing and ersatz special effects.

because I realized just how one can waste millions of dollars on plastic bats that are of lower realistic quality than a Pizza Hut "Land Before Time" puppet.

Perfectly enjoyable B-grade killer animal horror opus .

I'm convinced that the director and producers thought that if they made edits so quick and confusing that the audience would leave the theater in a daze: hence not being able to give bad word of mouth.

I only got a bad one, so that was unexpected and a nice surprise.

All of the expected characters are present and correct—untrustworthy government scientist, brave local sheriff, doomed-to-die deputy, dedicated (and sexy) animal expert, wise-cracking sidekick—and the plot develops in an extremely predictable manner, opening with young couple alone in the dark falling victim to the bats, before introducing a whole townful of potential victims, and climaxing with our brave heroes risking their lives in a showdown against the deadly critters.

The animated/CGI bats are well done, and all performances besides the doctor are enjoyable and on target.

BEWARE: Worst Movie Ever Made .

Director Louis Morneau and screenwriter John Logan bring a winningly lean'n'lean Grade B sensibility to the familiar, yet still effective and entertaining premise: The compact story zips along at a constant brisk pace, there's no pretense to speak of, the savage bat attack set pieces are staged with flair (a major sequence with the bats attacking the center of town rates as a real rip-roaring doozy), and things are even topped with a satisfying smattering of gore.

Mix in a dash of torrid acting by washed up actors and a predictably dull plot and you have the modern marvel of cinema that is `Bats.

Yes, completely cookie cutter scientist makes bad human eating ugly animals in small town, saved by heroine and local law hero, but it's fun, gory, appropriately suspenseful, and the ugly bats are SO adorable.

Simply put, it is a waste of time.

Other than that it was incredibly predictable and sad.