Before We Go (2014) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Two strangers stuck in Manhattan for the night grow into each other's most trusted confidants when an evening of unexpected adventure forces them to confront their fears and take control of their lives.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Chris Evans
Stars: Chris Evans, Alice Eve
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 28 out of 166 found boring (16.86%)

One-line Reviews (68)

But why waste such talented actors in a random Rom-Com, that people will forget as soon as they leave the theater?

Boring movie, infantil storytelling.

Literally nothing happens in this whole film, except they seem to evade sleep.

It's definitely a chick flick, but worth the watch.

In the world of cliché movies, this one is worth watching.

Do yourself a favor, and go watch paint dry instead of watching this garbage.

There were a million opportunities to turn this into a cliché ridden nightmare of a movie, instead, Evans shows some solid directing chops, steering this vehicle in such a realistic manner that the film will surely have staying power.. It might even deserve a sequel.

Here is the opposite, they slink from contrived plot point to contrived plot point to reach a destination as some sort of catalyst for the characters to bond, which could work if the plot points made sense and the characters had something to bond over.

But slow, boring, and full of cliché for adults.

There are many twists to the story that was quite unpredictable for me.

Feels like a waste of time - all that just because they helped each other vaguely?

"Before We Go" is an unexpected gem in the countless independent romances featured on Netflix this valentine's season.

I wanted to like this, but I found it boring and trite.

I thought that the story was quite unusual in terms of how Rom Coms usually play out rather banal because the man ends up convincing the woman to drop everything and be in a relationship.

Very boring .

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie, it's far from being cliche, it's beautifully directed, and the acting is well served, this movie explores so many aspects of love in a nightspan with the help of the two main protagonists going through such a rollercoaster of emotions, that at the end you only want them to heal each other's wounds and be happy.

Too simple storyline with not enough happening, which makes it boring.

Boring self indulgent and slow is the story of a young man who tries to help a girl and falls in love with her.

The dialogue was too cutesy and cliche-ridden, especially Chris Evans' character.

It was fairly entertaining.

Without going into plot details, this tells the story of two people meeting under somewhat contrived circumstances and are forced (by the script) to stay together for the rest of the run-time until they must part ways, back to their own humdrum lives.

Boring and meaningless .

Boring movie .

Though this film is very predictable, in that we know by the end of the film both characters will end up being together and will cause a "meant to be with each other effect" despite the plot and storyline having issues that the characters are married or dealing with pains from another relationship.

I like the whole story I like how they talk to eachother it just like enjoyable.

The quick-moving nature of the plot made the film exciting and grasping to the audience.

They should make other categories on IMDb, like "boring movies" with a sub-category "extremely boring".

Not so clever, but an enjoyable little gem, maybe a perfect film for the date night.

Not sure how this one slipped by me in the past, but definitely an enjoyable little movie.

Chris Evans shows some silky talent in his directional debut, he stars alongside Alice Eve in a rather enjoyable, if short, tale of two strangers who spend an unplanned night together.

The actors gave a stunning performance; the feel couldn't have been more natural.

Why the movie is confusing.

This was no story.

However, this film was still very enjoyable.

Nothing happened during 90 minutes, absolutely nothing, apart of two people talking about stuff nobody wants to hear of.

Another thing that I hated about the movie: its 100% predictable.

It's because they have seen enough of them to realize that the film's structure and ending are simply too predictable.

those fascinating and charming looks on both faces, dialogue delivery, those little silences they put on once in a while...

She mispronounces words, says just about everything in monotone, and stares at her shoes more than at anything or anyone.

Well done, entertaining movie .

By the end of their night the words "Entitled whinger" crept into my brain as her slight pout and dull eyes brought nothing.

It reminded me of the films from a bygone era, where they could make an enjoyable film without any sex whatsoever.

The editing was good, it was slow and gentle in places it was supposed to be and the visuals were stunning.

Many many times, it seems, if both the audience and the critics turn a blind eye to the bathos of a scenario for the sake of goodwill and the achievement of shooting a tolerably boring romance with a limited budget.

Mired in its tedious plot, it forgets to make interesting, complex characters.

The movie revolves around 3 hours of their time together in New York City, healing each other's sorrows.

So platonic & innocent and yet so intense & passionate.

That was unexpected and an out of the box performance for me.

the entire movie you see these 2 characters basically just talking about their own issues with their own spouses, and yet somehow it brought them closer to each other and built this unexpected connection between them.

Brooke kept walking all the way into the train, Nick kept smiling, she pulled out the feedback check, and the mystery behind his "Turn Over" became a thrilling end to a heart warming romance story!

It turned out to be quite enjoyable.

Hate to say it, but this was by far the worst movie I have ever seen and I have seen quite a few terrible movies.

It's bland as cardboard.

Stunningly boring .

While it can be boring for those who are used to scenes of action after action, I found it reasonably enjoyable.

You'll Feel Empty After Watch This Movie .

It is easy to watch, it has deep thoughts, it is entertaining and it just shows pure feelings of people.


True, sometimes the dialogue is a little too good to be believable (they never talk about how tired they are even when it's 4am and they've been up all night), but at least it's witty and entertaining.

But the movie is heavily inspired from before sunrise with only conversations going on with slow pace.

*SPOILERS*This was an unexpected story to follow through with.

The story got real confusing quickly.


I am guessing that after the success of Captain America Evans pleaded for an "auteurs" type project and the result is tiresome.

There are several scenes in which the 'couple' has to work together in creative ways, attempting to solve a particular issue, which are as realistic as they are entertaining.

This means that the dialogue must be clever enough and compelling enough to keep the viewer interested.

Plus - these mimics, acting and looks these 2 main characters give to each other are simply stunning.

The chemistry between the leads is not an immediate spark and flame, but is palpable and slow burning.