Bigil (2019) - Action, Drama, Sport

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A former football player struggles to train a women's football team and avenge his father's death.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Atlee Kumar
Stars: Joseph Vijay, Nayanthara
Length: 179 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 54 out of 376 found boring (14.36%)

One-line Reviews (111)

Brilliantly visualised each and every football movement and a stunning performance by Vijay.

Worth watching .

FINAL WORD - Vijay's screen presence and an interesting second half make Bigil a worth watching women centric sports film.

R RAHAMAN is EXCELLENT.. and the bgm which attracts us more is VERITHANAM.. and its song has been perfectly picturized..NEGATIVESThe story becomes predictable after its first half.. and it's not a complete sports drama film as mentioned.. it contains some emotion and power packed scenes.

All cliche, only thing good about that movie was " Verithanam song " .

The movie is too long and Vfx in 2nd half gave me eye pain.

Worst movie same old, it's like chakde all sports movies mix, VFX is really bad

Excellent movie, a bit lengthy but a very entertaining movie!!!

it was too lengthy and boring

Mind Blowing !!

One of the worst movie from Vijay...

Overall this movie is worth watching.

The movie starts slow...

Awe inspiring film by Atlee and Vijay.

A bad movie, bad acting and no story.

So all an all this movie is thoroughly enjoyable and even after it's almost 3 Hrs.

Simple story story with interesting and entertaining screenplay.

Decent bgm with stunning visuals and action sequence.

Waste of time .

Worst Movie in Recent Times in Tamil Cinema.

Waste of time .

Dont waste your Money, if u have really waste your money go and watch the movie and make the hero richer .

Mind Blowing Movie......

The action sequences are stunning, and you know that from the moment you hear it's a Vijay film.

Worst movie ever .

That was easily predictable.

Second half with shades of chakde and too many predictable scenes.

The movie being 3hrs long, wouldnt make you feel bored since it engages the audience a lot.

A complete Thalapathy movie which blends in mass elements and an engaging storyline.

The movie may be entertaining for Vijay fans but for common viewers like me, the movie is waste of time.

Fully entertaining.

First half was so boring with irritating and cliche story.

For the rest of us, it's a flawed but entertaining movie with a lot of heart and a very relevant message

Stunning visuals of singappenne song took the us into the football ground all the visuals after that song are unimaginable.

Movie was boring and with great difficulty, I sat through the movie

Atlee worst direction over acting actors waste of time and money many copycat scenes don't waste time vijay totally damage overall 1.5/5

FlopPls dont watch ,its a worst movie , only fan hype .

I wonder who selected this director he deserves an Oscar .. biggest nonsense movie I ever seen .. people are crazy who giving 5 star rating for this movie.. seriously .. this movie is all about vijay s fake acting and nonsense direction.. don't waste ur time on this piece of crap ..

Disappointing, worst movie in the recent times.

Dull movie.. Don't try to take film like dangal and chak de india

Because the film dragged a bit at the climax.

The movie starts in a very entertaining way of storyline.

Predictable story with no high moments!

Pathetic movie with full of cliche scenes .

This is one of the worst movies of Vijay.

Emotionally High, Action packed logic less mass movie with AR music .

.. Waste of money....


substance missing.. it bores you just after 15 mins.. dont waste your time on this movie

Worst film ever from atlee,vijay combo full of boaring scenes and nonsense crap don't waste your money and time by watching bigil for the sake Thalapathy instead you can go for KAITHI

Too Much Lags and Dull Scenes are the drawbacks of the movie.

Slowest and not impressed Interval scenes.

Its so confusing.

But so many lags Love,Boring comedy.

Worst movie.

Worst movie .

Rahman delivers a rousing anthem and a good score.

This is a awesome movie which was both enjoyable by Both Fans and Families.

Waste of time,faste of movie,no content 0%screenplay worst movie i everd watch

ARR did the magic here with his songs and Stunning background score.

Simply predictable, bits & pieces of scenes from various other movies

Movie with a predictable plot .

Worst movie .

A waste of money and time watching this poorly directed movie, no substance!

An engaging entertainer for the festival season .

Waste of time.

Minus : 1) Romantic scenes - The romantic scenes involving Vijay and Nayanthara, though enjoyable, are overstretched in the first half.

1st half is a boring and has usual mass elements that adds nothing to the story.

Story predictable

very disappointing..don't waste your valuable time

Thalapathy's screen presence was just mind blowing .

But what makes "Bigil" much more entertaining is the treatment of the story.

am show I just mesmerized everything was good and entertaining starting from the title block and end credits the film didn't lost its energy and screen play....

1st half : vera level😍🔥2nd half : tharam❤✌Overall movie was unexpected..all over positive reviews and public celebrating bigil movie❤

Worst movie of the life time .

Overall worth watching.

Waste of time and money .

Predictable .

The romance portions were boring.

First watch: Watching it FDFS and the first hour of the movie got so boring that I concentrated only on eating the snacks, especially the romance part was an utter waste, then after Rayappan's entry, Vijay's performance made us not to even blink our eye, it was an awesome performance.

Though it feels uneven, especially in the first half, when Atlee struggles a bit to balance the mass elements with the drama, Bigil becomes more sure-footed as it goes, and proves to be an engaging entertainer.

Inspite of being a lengthy movie the message it carries and the way conveyed keeps us engaging.

No story, there is no proper depth in any character.

Engaging Entertainer .

Vijay introduction as usual over acting hyped , boring

Stunning dop by Vishnu.

Please dont waste your time.

With a gripping screenplay and better VFX, the film would have been excellent.

Worst movie....

Pure class, mass Entertainer with Engaging ScreenPlay.

The movie pack with action, emotions, mind blowing game sequences...

Very entertaining movie, lots of fun, emotional, comedy, romantic and action sequences.

waste of time...

Pros:- Vijay sir acting Stunts Cons:- Poor screenplay Bgm Vfx is totally boring...

Raayapan character and few sentiment scenes here and there in the second half are the only saving grace in this three hours long tedious/unspirited movie.

First Half bored of local and cinematic scenes.

I only had a chance to watch this unbearable flick last week.

Overall Bigil is an engaging entertainer made for the festival season.

Worst movie .

2nd half is sentimental and predictable.

The movie was predictable too.

1st half ok 2nd half predictable sluggish beginning.

Vivek comedy helps the screenplay little bit enjoyable behalf football.

Worst movie of ther year...

predictable movie .

Worst movie in Vijay's career.

Nayanthara's character is also well written, and she delivers another stunning performance.

Worst movie ever seen....

Intense performance from Vijay as Rayappan makes us ask him to do a Full Gangster film on that character.

Bigil is worth the watch for Vijay and great emotional scenes....

The story, climax was totally predictable, that affected the enthusiasm in the movie..Miracle + Chakde India = Most of the sports scenes in Bigil.