Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020) - Adventure, Comedy, Music

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Once told they'd save the universe during a time-traveling adventure, 2 would-be rockers from San Dimas, California find themselves as middle-aged dads still trying to crank out a hit song and fulfill their destiny.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Dean Parisot
Stars: Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 42 out of 368 found boring (11.41%)

One-line Reviews (107)

Predictable since the day they announced it was in production.

Totally worth watching.

It was bill and ted at their funniest , Remember these guy are now in their 50s And was better then I expected, Of course you're not going to get perfection at their age, but it wasn't about the younger characters it's about now and your allowed to be different, It's about bill and ted It's not supposed to make sense It's not supposed to have A normal storyline Great to see you Again dudes, Entertaining stuff

Waste of my time watching most transparent film of the year.

It was entertaining.

It's about what you would expect after making a new 'addition' decades later - empty, disappointing, embarrassing, and weak, all to earn a quick buck.

As much as I loved the Bill and Ted films growing up, i honestly felt bored as the repetitive nature of the film took another turn.

Kid cudi being a fake scientist was completely pointless.

That ridiculousness comes out in very forced humor, the banter between the groups sometimes getting tedious as we go into the third or fourth bout of circular arguing and stupid grips of the truth.

Let's find out as I check out:Bill and Ted Face The Music (2020)Director: Dean Parisot Writers: Chris Matheson, Ed Solomon Stars: Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, Kristen Schaal LIKES: Familiar tone Nostalgia Updated Visuals Some Funny Moments The New Actresses Decent Balance Between Stories The Musical NumbersDISLIKES: Plot is predictable Ridiculous Concept That Just Gets More Ridiculous Humor is Very Forced, At times Running Jokes Become Very Stale The Wives Needed More time and other new characters End Credit Scene Not Worth it No sense of urgencySummary:My fellow reviewers have called it that if you are a fan of the series you are going to find the familiar tone fun, entertaining, and right up your ally.

Like I said, no ones going to win an Oscar for best writing, but it's a really, entertaining, laugh out loud film, that is what we all need right now.

This movie however is a waste of time.

What a most bodaciously silly and entertaining time was had by all!

Look, as the title of this review says, this is one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen since I was a kid.

The story is Bill and Ted go in the future 3 different times and visit themselves and see that they have nothing to do with the song, its the daughters that are the saviors, yay girl power, how fashionable and predictable.

Uninspiring and Repetitive.

Unwatchable .

It's an enjoyable ride with a powerful ending.

They've always been kind-hearted dummies stumbling successfully through their troubles with a little help from their unexpected friends; this film takes that to its next level.

A very worthy effort that was entertaining throughout.

Enjoyable .

I know it is 2020 but come on make a movie that is worth watching or do not do it at all.

well it's again a reach out to the fanbase with a classic gag, and though offers no premise of the future of the series, ends in a pointless scene meant to pull one last laugh out to me.

The two daughters basically imitating bill and ted from the first two films was just cringey and made it unbearable for me to watch.

And in 2020 they do it with flair, any good and enjoyable movie I watch this year is a blessing which it is.

A very enjoyable film that captures the spirit of the first film with the time travel adventure, the heart and love from the second film, and adds a splash of 2020.

Both my parents fell asleep about 40 mins into it.

I really enjoyed it.

The second film had some directing and performance issues but it's strength relied on the several new memorable characters and unpredictable plot structure, the rehash here shows failure to add anything new or even memorable.

First two movies were enjoyable, but watching this latest offering it felt a bit empty.

And it's fast paced too.

Woke Propaganda - again .

This movie is not meant to be perfect, just wholesome and enjoyable fun for the entire family with a great message - be excellent to each other.

I guess all I'm saying is I enjoyed it and felt it was worthy of the B&T nameOnly bad part of seeing it early is now I've got nothing to look forward to this weekend.

One of the most boring movies I have ever watched.

Everyone ends up time travelling and it just gets confusing.

He wasn't terrible and they didn't completely over do it, but honestly I would have enjoyed it better with out him.

The story is predictable.

It was unfunny, cringe-worthy, and a huge waste of time that ruined the former movies.

Overall though, this film was entertaining, worth seeing, and great for nostalgia!

The plot was similarly repetitive, learn a song, save the world with the usual clueless way they go around also reflected in their daughters collecting musicians as Bill and Ted try and find the lyrics to the song.

A fun,exciting movie that keeps in the tradition of Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey...

Excellent Adventure is the better film, but Bogus Journey is the more enjoyable one.

Unlike the first two, which I am a huge fan of - this one is kind of disjointed.

Cures insomnia that you don't have.

I'm not going to ramble on too long or give away any plot points, but it was such an enjoyable movie.

I loved the original two movies, this doesn't come close to being a good movie, really poorly written, badly acted, no interesting characters, and a waste of my time watching this.

It starts with the predictable plot, whose ingenuity is essentially lost to gimmicks with few plot twists thrown in.

This will go down as the worst movie/acting Keanu ever did.

It is by no means going to be an Oscar winner, but it's funny and enjoyable to see who the Wyld Stallyns grew up to be.

Bill and Ted's worst movie .

Everything comes together in unexpected ways.

Really enjoyed it, A feel good film we need right now.

The jokes are flat, the plot (if there is one) is lame and predictable.

Totally entertaining

If this had been released in theaters this way I think most people would have walked out of the theater and wanted there money back.

It felt like the corny, silly, fast paced goofs that was the first two films.

Very Dull Bill and Ted Movie .

Contrived and nauseating .

The sequel was equally entertaining.

The originals are fresh in my mind as my husband and I did a Bill & Ted marathon It is great to see the original casts back in action, but the weakest link here are the actresses who play Bill & Ted's daughters, they come off as lackluster and do not have enough commitment to the roles to esssentially make female versions of Bill and Ted fun, they are boring, and the scenes with them drag substantially.

B&T3, in my mind, lasted 3 minutes, and the rest was jus "whoa, dude, whoa, save the world, whoa"Don't waste your time on it

Somehow a very short 90 minute movie feels like a slow, plotting, drawn out for our epic.

Other reviewers have covered my criticisms (particularly the review by b_trought), so I'll be concise:It's worth watching just to see Brigette Lundy-Paine do the hilariously masterful impression of Keanu.

The story is predictable and while some jokes are funny, most of the humor is lazy.

Bill & Ted were supposed to be the saviours of mankind, but they changed the dynamic of the time travel to make it woke propaganda, it's the hero's journey, not the heroine's journey.

Trust me if you're wondering if this film is "worth watching" or not...

It started off at a wedding reception, we are introduced to a lot of obnoxious uninteresting characters including Bill and Ted's wives and then all the sudden were in couples therapy!

Overall the script is really predictable and very little if any thought has gone into it.

), is confusing and rushed, and, more importantly, extremely bogus since a) it's not Bill & Ted who unite humanity after all, and b) the music at the end is not very good.

Makes the other two films seem like a waste of time.

It's not only about he music, but about engaging the community and working together toward something greater than any single person.

Not a perfect movie, but I really enjoyed it and there's been limited releases this year which make it seem better by comparison.

Unexpected and hilarious.

Every scene is contrived and forced and awful.

Life was fresh and exciting.

Enjoyable for sure.

Clearly everyone involved including a veteran director and the original script writers were interested in making an entertaining thing here.

Rufus's daughter was uninteresting and not even a half decent replacement for her father.

It's so god-damned obvious and predictable that this is how the sad debacle is going to turn out from the first few minutes of the movie, just as soon as B&T's daughters are introduced.

however it was just a mediocre bland boring movie over all.

6/10 because Bill, Ted, & Death were still pretty entertaining.

Bogus Journey tied up the story quite well, but there was always a bit of the door open to do more if they wanted, and now that it's done it was a kind of uneventful.

The film has its fair share of funny moments, and its plot can be engaging, but sadly it becomes rather predictable to a fault at times, and it all ends kinda abruptly.

With many revelations throughout this journey and a very enjoyable side plot that their daughters take through time, everything about Bill & Ted Face the Music was a joy to experience.

The movie was entertaining enough.

Don't waste any time or money on this crap.

Very entertaining.

Yes, the film is goofy and silly and highly predictable at times.

but for me this was a waste of time even though i saw it FF.

Easily the worst movie I have seen this year.

but with an intense understanding of the quantum entanglements involved in temporal mechanics -Anthony Carrigan as a killer robot from the future that develops a personality -Impressive makeup throughout the entire film.

There may have been one too many characters and side-plots but all-in-all I enjoyed it and it genuinely felt like a Bill and Ted movie, not just a clone trying to pretend to be like it.

Also, the magnificent William Sadler as Death, what an amazing enjoyable performance better than before and I have to give to Anthony Carrigan as the robot, he was super dorky, funny, and adorable.

And I'm not looking for too much logic in a movie like this, but this is the dumbest (and most predictable) plot twist I've ever seen.

Bill And Ted waste your time .

the answer is "Yes," The film is worth watching it's funny and goofy as heck.

The film was very formulaic and highly predictable.

Keanu seems like a great guy and can be great in the right role like John Wick Mainly a role where he gets to fight and be an intense bad*ss and doesnt need to express too much or have too much dialogue or else he comes off rehearsed and stiff.

Bill and Ted's wives were largely pointless, besides acting as a motivation for their husbands.

I really enjoyed the first two movies but this one was very boring.

It is mildly entertaining if you were a big fan of the franchise as I was back in the late 80's and early 90's though.

It was very very predictable from the start that the two daughters would end up "saving the day".

The sad thing is that the movie comes off dull and stupid and just seems like even the movie doesn't care about its own story.

I enjoyed it.

He plays off as well as he can with alex but he is still too serious and too intense and has outgrown the carefree quality of young ted.

I think the best way to describe the brand of humor in the film would be - "slightly repetitive, at times irreverent, but thoroughly enjoyable.