Black Rain (1989) - Action, Crime, Thriller

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Two NYC cops arrest a Yakuza member and must escort him when he's extradited to Japan.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Ridley Scott
Stars: Michael Douglas, Andy Garcia
Length: 125 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 19 out of 135 found boring (14.07%)

One-line Reviews (97)

To make matters worse, the action scenes are all distinctly underwhelming, and as time went on I was just waiting for this boring film to finish.

Even by 1989's standards and history leading up to this, Black Rain was run of the mill, clichéd, predictable and...

I probably should mention there was a full bore counterfeiting scam going on as a backdrop to the Yakuza festivities, which sets up a good cop/bad cop scenario that Nick Conklin uses to his advantage when he shows up Superintendent Ohashi (Shigeru Kôyama) with some phony bills he palms.

5) Beautiful and fascinating display of a country and its culture.

Entertaining for those who like well made movies.

What "Black Rain" delivers is an entertaining thriller with a number of decent action sequences and good performances from its talented cast.

It is much too long and dreary, and the gratuitous violence doesn't help matters.

I think the cinematography is superb, with one aerial shot in particular, of an impressionist sunrise over the industrial hinterland of Tokyo, absolutely breathtaking.

I was bored all the time and didn't really care about our main characters.

When this character is immersed in a restraining culture clash, coupled with a severe personal trauma that occurs, he is driven to go trough a struggling process of self-realisation.

Being a Ridley Scott film, the accent is on the frequently breathtaking visuals on show here.

It was almost like they followed two characters around Japan for two hours, and we got to see all the boring crap they did.

Also Black Rain contains good chemistry between Douglas and Takakura, plus the action sequences are intense.

Fairly routine, but still enjoyable.

All these things combined the film still manages to maintain itself as a highly competent action thriller, with taught suspenseful pacing, and an intelligent storyline.

Viewing from the outside it looked like one of those 1980s cop movies, one where the main cop is washed up and perched on the edge of oblivion, his partner his sanity and voice of reason.

Boring .

STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All CostsRidley Scott scored again with Black Rain,a stylish and engaging thriller.

The basic storyline is gripping with many interesting plot twists.

Each review I have seen of Scott's Black Rain claims that it is predictable.

The Cop was a cliché, as well as the plot, and so was the Music.

Something else I'd like to note is that this isn't noir as mentioned a lot of the time, I don't believe it is, and it speaks to the existing confusion about what modern noir really is.

After a stunning start in films, Ridley Scott staggered a bit before returning to form with Thelma and Louise.

Once there, he escapes, and the two police officers find themselves dragged deeper and deeper into the Japanese underworld.

The friction intensifies, the violence escalates, and the plot moves towards a predictable conclusion.

"Black Rain" did great business at the box office and its entertaining mixture of humour, action and tension keep it thoroughly enjoyable throughout.

Concentrating as it does on banal examples of Japanese culture (for example, the removal of shoes on entering a home), the film profoundly misunderstands the Japanese mindset.

It was slow and made no sense, then explained itself later.

Well, the opening gets way too long, and in my opinion, doesn't really detail anything except to connect at the finale action sequence.

Hans Zimmer's music caps off this very enjoyable, and different (thank goodness) action film.

2) An exciting plot.

In the meantime he goes through Japan like a bull in a China shop being a brash, arrogant, insulting, unbearable dick.

It is a visually beautiful and intense film, with some "film noir" elements.

excellent movie, fast paced, good story line .

It's very rough and violent, however for most of the running time i was entertained, however it does have it's moments where it's dull, and some of the characters were unlikable, plus they should have shortened the running time.

It also contains one of the best and most memorable endings in recent years, which alone makes the film worth watching.

Nick Conklin, the roguish, but not that bad NYC police detective, is everywhere chewing the scenery off with his hellraiser attitude, greasy mullet and sweary words, only somewhat controlled by his much younger partner, Charlie Vincent (Andy Garcia, in an early co-leading role after "The Untouchables", but before "The Godfather - Part III" & "Internal Affairs") who overacts in every scene he was in and his fate in the film was predictable since the moment he steps in Osaka and famed Japanese actor, Ken Takakura ("The Yakuza"), enters the plot.

The plot and execution are strictly by the numbers but this movie still manages to be entertaining.

The plot sounds interesting and it really is at first, but the movie has every single cliché that any 80's cop movie has.

This is a little overlong and a bit plodding at times, but it's pretty entertaining, with an amazing performance from Michael Douglas i highly recommend it!.

Its edgy, violent & very gripping.

This film, a Ridley Scott 'well made story' of Japan's-underworld, was intriguing to me, from the beginning.

Despite owning the video for a number of years,I always found myself pushing it to the side,due to the film appearing to be rather dry.

When it focuses on the bond between the three protagonists then it is very entertaining, down to how straight the actors play it.

His work is truly breathtaking—capturing Tokyo at the rise of its peak in the late 1980s.

Moving and thrilling action movie with cool visual style by Ridley Scott .

It's such a fascinating batch of characters and actors (hell, even Kate Capshaw gets her due as a noir character) that it's a shame the plot sometimes gets in the way as the yakuza prepare for a counterfeiting scam.

A conventional, if plodding story brought to life by its director, actors and striking backdrop.

Like most Michael Douglas movies--very entertaining and full of surprises.

Director Scott really knows how to present stunning imagery with many exhilarating action consisting of suspense and brutality.

Action is gripping & compelling.

The story gets so very predictable, just like a typical Steven Segal or Van Damme movie where he would go into a place outside the US and wreak havoc and beat the living hell out of the sorry people there.

And for the most part it's highly entertaining and well acted - the guy playing Sato is brilliantly menacing.

The premise that has the prisoner escape is so contrived that it's laughable.

The screenplay, written by Craig Bolotin & Warren Lewis, is generic and shallow, full of cliché-ridden situations, plot contrivances and devices which only serve the purpose to move the movie along for the over 2 hours mark.

In short, "Black Rain" is a moderately entertaining 'popcorn' action / thriller, disguised as 'artsy', which divided the fans, as some idolize it as some kind of "Blade Runner" set in the 80's, others find it superficial, overrated and overhyped.

He takes a really cliche'd character and brings him to life,giving the film more credibility than it deserves.

Visually grim, stylish and sophisticated, but paper-thin in narrative terms and somewhat pretentious as a whole...

This is a superb, though predictable at times, blending of tough American police genre and Japanese gangsters by means an organization called Yazuka, a kind of oriental Mafia .

The old cliché applies, and "Black Rain's" style triumphs over its lack of substance.

I have never been able to warm up to BLACK RAIN, a cliché-ridden 80s cop thriller.

I wanted to turn it off when is suddenly stupid partner, Charlie (Andy Garcia), walked right into an obvious trap that got him killed.

Terrifically entertaining crime film .

An Entertaining Mixture Of Style, Action & Humour .

Black Rain starts like a made for TV movie, then improves slightly by becoming another bland, boring cop movie.

The film has an impressive look,with some stunning photography,and some memorable japanese locations.

As trashy as it is, it's more entertaining than this.

Thus starts a clash of culture and a cobweb of intrigue which keep the spectators on the edge of their seats.

The ending is good but very much predictable.

Despite having some big issues with its plot and the logic behind it, I think Black Rain is an enjoyable enough film if you are willing to accept it as the strongly stylised piece that it is.

Waste of time and talent .

The saddest thing about this film is the potential it had, and in the presence of a script that wasn't totally worn out and lacking in plausibility, it could have been something quite spectacular, instead of an aesthetically pleasing waste of time.

I highly recommend it!

The movie 'Freakonomics' details a fascinating aspect of Japanese police culture which is on full display in this film, I highly recommend you watch a segment in the movie 'Freakonomics' on Japanese policing (probably 20-30 minutes long) I'd also suggest you briefly read up on Japanese people's disdain for a "Gaijin" prior to watching this movie if you aren't familiar with either concept.

Too long a duration for such a predictable plot .

A little overlong and a bit plodding at times, but it's pretty entertaining, with an amazing performance from Michael Douglas!.

It is fast paced and has a good strong story line.

Its strongest feature, however, is its stunning cinematography which enhances the look of the film enormously and contributes strongly to the atmosphere of the whole piece.

Cliché-ridden film which really hasn't aged gracefully .

The movie has an absorbing visual feel to it,as well as an involving story to move things move along nicely.

80s urban noir, photographed by Jan De Bont (director of "Speed"), Osaka looks a lot like the futuristic city in Ridley Scott's other film, "Blade Runner"—what I found fascinating was how Osaka looks practically identical to the New York presented in "Black Rain", the traffic and congestion of heavily populated streets, steam and people, through De Bont's lens the city is dark even during the day.

The soundtrack also includes "Living on the Edge of the Night", played at the end credits, and "Laser Man" performed by two music icons, respectively, Iggy Pop and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

There are some times where you have to suspend belief for a few moments, but it's well worth the watch!

I really found the movie slow, lacking emotion, and tedious at times.

A Little Overlong And Plodding At Times, But It's Pretty Entertaining,With An Amazing Performance From Michael Douglas.

Here the legendary Hollywood movie star Michael Douglas, gives an incredible & intense performance as tough play-by-his-own-rules Detective Nick Conklin from the NYPD, it's a real rugged & gritty piece of acting from a grizzled legend who is a master of suspense Thriller films & who was top of his game already with massive hits like Fatal Attraction & Wall Street.

The overall mood of the film is enhanced by the intense musical score from Hans Zimmer which perfectly combines the gritty feel of the 1980s action genre with some nice keyboard styles so typical of the times.

The next prominent quality is of course Ridley Scott's stunning visual treatment.

At one point we see the Mafia meeting in a steel foundry, which is a unique setting for such a thing to happen, and it leads to them having dull conversations that musters up to very little.

If you like the cast mentioned above and want to watch a very different and exciting film then Black Rain is an excellent one to check out today!

Exciting action sequences as Michael Douglas, a corrupt New York cop, and his partner, nice guy Andy Garcia, capture Sato, a young, ambitious Japanese gangster and are assigned to escort him back to his home city in Osaka Prefecture for prosecution.

I enjoyed it very much and would recommend it.

Having a very predictable plot, it gets even more stupid by presenting it just over two hours long.

It was very exciting then and after seeing it once again for the first time in over 25 years, it is still immensely enjoyable.

Bottom Line: This film is ok considering the formulaic plot.

Water on the streets to give the shots "depth", and just about every other modern mainstream movie cliche.

An entertaining, if somewhat familiar, police yarn that is enhanced by stylish direction and outstanding cinematography, "Black Rain" seems far better than it really is.