Blow (2001) - Biography, Crime, Drama

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The story of how George Jung, along with the Medellín Cartel headed by Pablo Escobar, established the American cocaine market in the 1970s in the United States.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Ted Demme
Stars: Johnny Depp, Penélope Cruz
Length: 124 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 58 out of 432 found boring (13.42%)

One-line Reviews (238)

Though the first half is entertaining enough, the film stalls badly when Depp's Jung "retires" for reasons I won't reveal.

Johnny Depp is a compelling actor and this film is worth watching if you are a Depp fan.

After spending a childhood on the edge of poverty, adolescent George and his friend Tuna head for California where they become prominent marihuana-dealers.

Just boring.

(except for in whom I mentioned above) this movie has spice and it's exciting to watch.

The whole movie has a very bland feel to it.

'Blow' awkwardly integrates the slow disintegration of Jung's family life with the rise and fall of his career, and the predictable plot leaves little leeway for an largely unmemorable supporting cast.

Unrealistic drug trafficking scenes cause the empty void of the movie.

The economy suffers great recessions and is very unpredictable, setting up a perfect climate for drug trades to thrive.

Whilst I thought it was an OK film, I didn't feel that it was anything more than that due to its rather poor development of characters, the repetitive and meandering nature of the narrative, and its severe lack of energy.

It's funny to say well it's cliche, cause we're talking someone's actual life here.

The movie is a boring rendition of a person's life gone badly due to the decision of working on the wrong side of the law.

Whereas `Traffic' took a very broad, sweeping stab at analyzing the war on drugs, `Blow' is too content focusing on one very uninspiring man and the ways he fell into a very lucrative, and damaging, business.

And sometimes it seemed to me that the actors onscreen were as bored as I was.


It's thoroughly downbeat, but utterly absorbing!!

The plot, a true story, engaging and done very well.

The one time George Jung pulls a gun it's empty -- natch!

lots of moving parts and overall very entertaining.

The ending is painfully overblown and drawn out, and we are forced to endure one of the more 'off' moments in recent cinema as the film primly castigates Jung's daughter for not visiting her father in jail.

Typical, tiresome and pretty much lifeless, unfortunately.

What was advertised and initially appeared to be a truly engaging exploration of the world of cocaine dealing turned out to be a very typical Hollywood film about drug dealing.

intriguing .

a very entertaining look at the life of George Jung .

But this movie about the big-time criminal turns out to be a big-time bore.

Contains Spoilers Let's first get one thing out of the way: Johnny Depp is flawless and engaging in his very complete performance as George Jung, drug smuggler of yore.

Worth watching even if it isn't your usual genre .

Being a 'real life' tale (or, as Hollywood tends to do, takes aspects of the real events and forms a more compelling narrative around them) Depp provides a lot of voiceover which does tend to 'tell' the story, as opposed to 'showing' what transpires.

Johnny Depp gives a tour-de-force performance, fully engaging himself in the character.

After watching it myself, I would say I enjoyed it, and was intruiged by it throughout, and while it is not fantastic, or all that unique, it has its moments.

That aside, it's a good movie worth watching more than once, asit's very layered with many characters that parlay the decade ofdecadence, including a turn by Paul (PeeWee Herman) Reubensas a hair dresser cum drug dealer.

Many scenes are silly, such as when Cruz and Depp get hot-and-heavy right after engaging in the most banal flirting this side of a frat party ("What are you smiling at?

Demme also does a good job with the plot, making it very intense and always surprising.

Another problem that I had with this film is that it felt repetitive (particularly after the first hour) and it did get to a point where it started to feel a bit boring.

What makes this superficially mundane film interesting is what Depp does behind the director's back.

From this film's opening 1970's Americana intro to a great 70's tune featured in almost every Scorcese flick, to the lush 70's visuals featuring deep characters and intense confrontational scenes – Demme knows how to capture the mood.

To me, 'Blow' is a film worth watching, for Depp's portrayal of George Jung, endorsed even by Jung himself in a series of interviews held with the film's inspiration in Otisville Prison (where he serves his sentence until 2015).

I am ashamed to say that I had not watched this movie before, as from the poster, I thought "Blow" was some sort of boring love movie involving Penelope Cruz and Johnny Depp.

Blow is a movie I just couldn't get into due to the sheer boredom it provided me with.

In my humble opinion, I must say that this film does not only tell the story of an ambitious young man, based on real facts, but it is also able to move you in a rather unexpected way.

The pacing in this film is lethargic, and the voice-over became increasingly tedious.

This is an excellent movie all the way through, including the unexpected and very sad ending.

He states Mirtha is his perfect woman in a montage of S&M but slow the images down and it is Mirtha on the leash; playing the submissive role.

The films pace is very slow at times which is unusual considering it spans the characters entire life.

Good, sometimes confusing .

Cinematically, he's a fascinating & disturbing protagonist, who gives inn smoothly.

There are many good comments about this film, pointing out the weaknesses of the plot and many performances and noting a strong effort by Johnny Depp to keep a dull script alive.

All in all, Blow was an entertaining movie which depicted the life of a Cocaine dealer during the height of drug trafficking between the United States and Colombia.

I found this movie quite boring, although it was rather well done.

It's a lot more compelling and realistic than I expected.

Depp is intriguing as usual, and Franka Potente is remarkable in her English speaking debut.

The movie would go fast then slow, then fast, then slow, and recycling itself back and forth like that.

Rubens is most entertaining as the gay distributor.

At first, it is all sexy and exciting - how George and Mirtha meet, how beautiful and classy she looks, how into him she is - he thinks he has hit the jackpot and found the perfect woman.

It's riveting to watch this guy grow up and through a combination of chance and luck go from small-time hustling into the high stakes world of international cocaine smuggling where billions of $$$ are involved.

About an hour or so into "Blow" things begin to slow.

Barbara is too empty to be taken serious and it is too weak a role for Potente; Mirtha's range, especially her wrath, cannot be covered by Cruz even though her turning on George is one of the most emotional scenes.

Boring , flat and slow.

A film worth Watching!!.

A lot happens, but without much depth and insight, and to the point where the story feels disjointed in places.

Started off superficial and whimsical, at which time it was somewhat entertaining.

Violence and profanity are scattered about in this sometimes disjointed tale.

So, it quite obviously began to bore.

I recommend buying the DVD, it's definitely worth owning and the special features are intriguing.

Johnie Depp plays his role with such intense energy that he just drags you into this movie.

As for being an entertaining movie, it was good enough.

This telling of George Jung's life is exhilarating, entertaining, fascinating.

What if the film you are reviewing was so damn dull, so damn unengaging that you gave up halfway and went off to find something better to do - the washing up, perhaps, or comb the dog for fleas.

Apart from all this when I went out of the cinema I thought to myself: `What a waste of time and money ¡ What a patience¡'.

However if there was any one character actor to inject some integrity into the cliché, it is the fabulous Depp, who effortlessly translates all of Jung's subtle grace despite the movie's overtly entertaining and shallow tone.

Everything from camera work to sound to direction is very ordinary, characters are cliche, and production is by rote.

For the interesting story this is, the latter half of it is done in a very dull fashion.

The early days of his `career' - when he is just a young punk making his connections and getting his feet wet in the `glamorous' world of the burgeoning late-60's drug culture - are dramatized on screen with tedious predictability.

This is an engaging movie that just doesn't use its actors' gifts fully.

Was this really true, was counting money just as tedious as being broke or is this just an interpretation?

But, it was mildly entertaining.

Somehow, I felt myself longing to see more depth of character, for the writers and directors to spend more time with each scene, while at the same time feeling boredom and restlessness due to my inability to become fully engaged by each new scene or character--the story being told is big and long, and the filmmakers clearly do not have a real handle on it.

Leave after 90 minutes and you'll love it .

A story that was touching and meaningful, could be hysterical one moment and heartbreaking the next, would give you a soothingly safe feeling then suddenly thrust you into the intense and suspenseful.

A waste of my time.

However, even if the movie is very good and entertaining perhaps we get more than a typical high-budget film normally serves you.

Equally stunning is the look-alike for Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar (Cliff Curtis) and an excellent supporting performance by Ray Liotta, not known for playing sentimental roles.

I find this intriguing because most movies wouldn't be so willing to sympathize with the drug users and usually depict them as low-life's who have many psychological problems.

Excruatingly boring story of a real life Drug dealer George Jung.

One of the most intriguing movies of 2001.

a waste of time and money .

The other half, featuring Jung's decline, is worn out, drawn out, and painfully unoriginal storytelling.

He portrays George Jung with the perfect amount of greed, style, confusion, pride, and desperation.

The plot wandered, as life tends to do, but the characters and settings were fascinating.

Despite it's predictable nature, Blow provides premium entertainment, with it's vast production values, large scope, and interesting narrative, all over a bed of fun, fast paced entertainment

Much of the film is one long dreary drug deal, only the most immature viewer would be engaged or, even worse, allured by it.

I was so concentrated when I watched "Blow", because it's very thrilling.

I`ve noticed many critics are annoyed at the casting of Penelope Cruz but I found her giving a good performance and can`t help thinking a lot of comments are made by women who are jealous of her beauty , oh and Ms Cruz gets naughty with a whip in this movie which is reason enough to watch in my book , and Ted Demme does bring a very snazzy style to BLOW like numerous scenes that start in slow mo and finish at normal speed and vice versa Drugs are bad - BLOW is good

Blow is always watchable, and it's often very entertaining & well acted.

Like other films of this type, we meet fascinating characters, including low-lifes like the infamous Pablo Escobar.

What I got was unexpected.

Ted Demme, with the help of Depp's multilayered performance, weaves a very engrossing story here.

compelling despite too much sentimentalism .

'Blow' is a horribly dull rehashing of classics such as 'Scarface', 'Goodfellas' and 'Boogie Nights'.

However, if you want to see a well-made film, with fine acting by Johnny Depp, and an unusually compelling story about how bad decisions can take you away from those you love ...

Watch it as a fictional, entertaining movie with a very dramatic, moving ending.

i wanted to see this movie for awhile and it wasn't as good as i hoped it to be, but i still enjoyed it.

However, George Jung himself admitted that the only reason he chose to be a cocaine dealer was that times were slow and he needed the money.

Dull .

In common with several other commenters, I found Blow to be a well-made and enjoyable film.

Yet, the problem is retaining that intense mood throughout the film.

As directed by Ted Demme, the film is vibrantly entertaining, painstakingly authentic...

A terrific story that is funny, entertaining, informative, and sad.

Blow is a pretty dull attempt to glorify a true story and try to make us sympathise with a character who, quite obviously, is the author of his own misfortune.

Soundtrack cliche and not even the right era's.

The concept of the same person "inventing" the plane-load from Mexico and connecting with Pablo Escobar is stunning ...

Uneven, but entertaining, all the same .

Although the movie provides as a fairly decent representation of Jung's rise and fall, the book by Bruce Portar is a much more compelling chronicle of his life.

shallow trite Scorsese lite .

Later on, not abruptly but slowly, "Blow" takes over that usual slight boredom of biographies.

The DVD features an interview with the man himself and its both disturbing and fascinating.

I think the value of this movie was mainly historical; I learned a lot about the history of the modern drug trade, told in a straightforward but fascinating, charming, fashionable and often amusing way.

It had Johnny Depp as the lead, an actor that takes on any role and acts it out fantastically, gripping the audience and their emotions.

Here in Blow, the tragedy and the all time low that hits home at the very end is another important and powerful message that is delivered through slick and engaging film-making.

I was extremely bored within the first twenty minutes.

The story has its amusing moments as well as moments of tension that make it an enjoyable watch.

The movie is very slow paced, and after only 1 hour i was ready to go (and i wasn't alone).

i dont mind that, because Goodfellas is such a great movie, by copying the original, you get a sufficiently entertaining duplicate.

It has many great moments, as well as many flaws, but Blow is definitely worth the watch if you ever see it on television or Netflix.

However, I also found it extremely trite and shallow.

This movie is about a guy who led to the death, slow or fast, of tons of people.

Johnny Depp is in just about every scene and the large majority of his lines are spoken in monotone (This isn't Gilbert Grape).

**CONTAINS SPOILERS** this is probably the worst movie i have ever seen.

The movie had some slow points, but you have to ask yourself, IS my life totally exciting 365 days a year, 24 hrs a day.

Poorly directed, bland, cliched, and mediocre .

Laced with amusing detail and probing awareness, "Blow" defies the usual road of drug movies and provides us with tension and interest from Jung's many experiences-risky border crossings, ferocious consultation, unexpected deception, the persistence of the authorities, and unconquerable temptations.

It's trite and adolescent, at best.

Johnny Depp is brilliant, Penelope Cruz is stunning, and even the detestable character played by Jordi Molla is presented in such a manner that leaves you waiting to hear more about the character of "Diego" as well.

Problem is other than that, and a weak lead trying to carry the film, this movie I felt was pretty boring, uninteresting, and uneven.

It's an enjoyable film, as we follow the life of the man who kick started the cocaine market back in the 1970's, who is magnificently portrayed by Johnny Depp, the highlight of the movie, delivering, once again, another performance that is nothing like any role he has had previously.

) I hear things like it's too slow, it's too melodramatic, yada yada.

(If you like to see him in a very exciting movie, see Nick of Time.

Equally uninteresting is George's relationship with his wife, Mirtha (Penelope Cruz), a stereotypical cocaine-snorting, Latina sexpot, more concerned with her drug supply than with her husband and daughter.

The coarse and dull images of this time captured an era before drugs, when everything was wholesome.

Too many people have boring lives.

"Blow" is a highly watchable and entertaining film with a good story to tell, and Johnny Depp's acting is enough reason to 'have a watch'.

My trips to the movies are getting less and less these days, but I dragged my boyfriend to this one because I love Johnny Depp and I love the drug-movie subgenre.

Gripping and touching .

Johnny Depp gives a compelling performance.

the movie is an attemp to show the human side of the druglord, does succeed quite well, but seems rather pointless.

George Jung's life as an international drug-dealer must surely have been more exciting than Ted Demme's dull depiction of it.

George lacked that kind of courage, and instead grabbed the promise it proffered with both hands, only to discover-- too late-- that it was empty indeed, and laced with unhappiness.

The movie is good because it is long and exciting.

Perhaps you were so damn bored by the film that instead you decided to seek out the nearest newly-painted wall and sit before it for several hours to keep an eye on the paint as it dried.

Director Ted Demme gives us an engrossing look at the very high highs and lowest of lows in the life of one of America's pioneer cocaine dealers George Jung(Johnny Depp).

Otherwise, it was well-written, well-shot, well-acted; entertaining and compelling as the devil.

rambling life story still very fascinating .

His portrayal of George Jung is stunning because he gives a very human quality to a man that, in the hands of a lesser actor, would definitely come across as an inhuman scumbag.

Since the film follows Jung's life so strictly, the film often is somewhat boring and it suffers from a serious anti-climax.

A Very Compelling Film .

So instead of looking at George Jung as an evil druggie, Demme succeeds in making Mr. Jung into a very flawed individual who let fame get to his head oblivious as to what the costs that come with this unexpected rise to fame.

I am a big Johnny Depp fan, and I love real life influenced movies, but this one dragged along like torture.

Johnny Depp again proves his lack of credibility in the crime genre, his first attempt being in the similarly dull 'Donnie Brasco'.

Very little about this film feels original or authentic, as it travels a dramatic arc that seems totally predictable for films of this genre (`Traffic,' by the way, did NOT follow this path).

This movie was very action packed and was very suspenseful.

Dull, dull, dull and that's just the interesting bits .

For fans of Johnny Depp, this is a must see, but it is PeneloopeCruz who is absolutely riveting in her portrayal of his consumingwife with an insatiable appetite for party fortunes.

His role as George Jung, a man significant in his drug trafficking achieving down the years, he got across the point of now being a sad old man with many regrets, so the message did come across -- if a little long and drawn out as far as films go.

It lacks the vitality, originality, and skill of "Traffic," and the existence of these inevitable comparisons only makes it clearer that "Blow" is bluntly put together, deeply flawed, and an uninteresting take on an important and fascinating topic.

The plot spans 20 years - from the late 60´s to the end of the 80´s, and during that time the size and the tragedy of his life becomes more and more fascinating.

Falling into biographical boredom .

I feel that although this movie does not end the way I would want it, it is a movie that leaves you on the edge of your seat and keeps you intrigued by what is going to happen next.

Easily one of the least edited, least directed, least exciting films I've ever seen.

There are fun moments to be found in the film, and the engaging performances more than make up for a dull script.

Johnny Depp turns in an intriguing performance without resorting to scissor hands or a pirate outfit in this story of how the cocaine trade came to America in the Seventies, courtesy of Jung's involvement with the Medellin drug cartel.

This film shows the banality of our drug laws.

But for some reason, even with the intriguing story line, the movie wasn't as fascinating as I thought it would be.

The coming of age of a youngster getting into a dangerous business.

Biopics need to be engaging, and this one is far from engaging.

On one hand, Blow is a interesting film about the drug industry with solid performances and a fairly entertaining plot - surprisingly enough, based on real events.

The movie opens immersed in the childhood of George Jung.

This is a well-acted movie with some truly brilliant make-up work, but it's a ludicrously self-indulgent exercise in unconsciousness and self-pity.

But, it falls well short and comes across like Scorsese-lite, at best, and, at worst, as reductive and predictable as a TV movie.

The reliably interesting Johnny Depp stars as Jung, and somehow saves a drifting, fragmented and cliche-filled script from disaster.

In some ways we want to be him, living on the edge, making a boat load of money and getting away with it.

Every step along the road is predictable and signalled in advance.

Though, you cannot count blow as an amazingly unique movie (after all, there are many mafia/drug movies out there), I found it quite entertaining.

Who knew drug trafficking was so dull and mundane?

really a waste of time , tho i can save the first 3 minutes on the california beaches.

Its plot is rambling, bloated and tediously predictable - so many plot points are crammed into it.

I enjoyed it.

This epic covers so much fascinating ground at such a mesmerizing pace, that you'll be a hard one to please if you don't leave the theatre satisfied.

an uninteresting film about an uninteresting person .

And the score is evocative.

worst movie ever .

I found Blow to be a fascinating look into the other side of the war on drugs.

Basically an enjoyable movie which is obviously too short - add another hour and this story could have been more even, more coherent.

Overall this is an OK film but it is not slick, engaging or deep enough to be as good as the films that it clearly thinks it can match.

So predictable, contrived, and sappy.

Second, and most annoying, was the contrived attempt to develop sympathy for the main character.

Save your money.

In the first half of the movie, I liked the acting, I liked the directing, it was a fast entertaining film and the fact it was a true story only made it more impressive.

An entertaining flick if you are interested in the lurid and degenerate aspects of life.

The most fascinating thing about this movie is the way that Jung lingers on to remain sympathetic especially through these very complex times.

Just Boring .

We all know from the beginning of the film that it won't work for George in the end, but the wait to get there is a romp through many uninteresting scenes, and characters which just didn't hold my interest.

But whereas Scorsese's movie, was fiery, witty, credible, and involving this one is cumbersome, overlong, and contrived.

Stunning portrayal .

The directing was great, Ted Demme sure did turn around many cliche's that we've seen.

Bore .

I found it thrilling at all times- i mean I never wanted to kill myself.

If that's exciting, then I really missed something.

Comparisons to Goodfellas etc. must be made, and the first hour of this new film from Ted Demme (Beautiful Girls) is the standard rise-and-rise montage that definitely gets boring before anything new happens.

The scene where George has to carry a suitcase containing fifty kilos of cocaine through customs is both good crafts work and very exciting to watch.

' And prepare yourself to one of the most provocative and entertaining films you will see all year.

Drugs films are pretty formulaic.

With drug money fuelling an American dream to never live in poverty Blow chronicles the rise and fall of Jung portrayed by Depp with just the right mix of greed, sophistication, and confusion.

It's just a shame that for such an interesting time in history the screenplay was so dull.

The movie has quite a bit of action, a good biographical story to tell, intense drama and a good casting.

Neither was Henry Hill in "Goodfellas" (which "Blow" owes alot to),but the way the situations he was in developed were fascinating.

At the same time it is an engaging film with a believable and well-told story.

One of the more unusual 'drug films' I've seen, Blow twists sympathies easily and proves a compelling watch that comes highly recommended.

But then we see how things change with time, especially with Jung, which makes this movie even more fascinating and excellent.

worth watching .

As the film goes on, he loses more and more, and it wouldn't make sense for the filmmaker's to portray this as exciting.

BLOW is an intriguing, interesting film about a man who held a key role in the wide-scale distribution of cocaine into the united states.

This must have been the most exciting, most interesting life there was.

One of the most pointless films ever made.

Tremendously entertaining docudrama focuses on the exaggerated life and times of George Jung, at one time America's entire go to man when it came to the importing of only the purest Colombian cocaine.

In order to make a great biopic, you need an engrossing story, and the proper actors for the movie.

*1/2 If you didn't make it to the theater to see this one yet, save your money.

A engrossing drug drama with a superb Johnny Depp performance .

For me, Traffic tried to accomplish too much, and at times I felt as though I was simply watching anti-drug and anti-drug war propaganda.

One thing you will know for sure, the film was worth watching.

Demme has also populated the film with a fantastic supporting cast (although Penélope Cruz grows tiresome as Jung's hedonistic wife), and this is certainly a compelling look at the other side of Traffic.

For some reason this kind of dull wit seemed appropriate, something George and his Boston chums would find funny.

It's stylish, well-paced and thoroughly engaging.

Blow won't blow you away, but during the first hour when George is just opening the doors to his business, its fast-paced and exciting.

The story of George climbing the latter of the drug importing/exporting business is more then entertaining.

It's worst failing is that it is dull, dull, dull.


Worth watching!

Cruz was dull and boring.