Bodyguard (2018) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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A contemporary thriller featuring the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch of London's Metropolitan Police Service.

IMDB: 8.1
Stars: Richard Madden, Sophie Rundle
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 49 out of 660 found boring (7.42%)

One-line Reviews (372)

Standard British Brainwash Cultwar propaganda.....

Gradually more riveting thriller which has proved the hit of the year.

The last episode was really quite boring, and I found myself checking how long was left a couple of times.

In short, when the acting and writing are good, so is the series; when the writing is sloppy, the series is predictable.

The ending was a little meh(hopefully they justify it on the next season), but all the episodes were breathtaking and will have your stomach in knots.

It's important to note that this show makes choices you shouldn't expect it to make, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Boring .

right from the word Go, it's filled with intriguing, suspenseful and tantalizing episode.

Loved every minute if this intense crime drama.

Slow and Disappointing!!.

clever and slick albeit slow pace .

I was expecting something riveting instead got recycled drama poorly executed

From the opening, this show had me on the edge of my seat.

Overall however it was still enjoyable as it moved quickly and was never really a dull moment with a strong plot.


Every episode is thrilling experience.

Really great crime drama, I would highly recommend to anyone that enjoys a gripping crime drama series.

I think that after the 3 episodes Keely Hawes left the series.. And later they had to change the script.. It is really awful.. Especially the last episode is unbelievable, nerving and stupid.. It is a waste of time..

Really enjoyable

Intense, raw and the story is interesting from begining to end.

Overall, very well acted, suspenseful and pretty good storyline!

Still, enjoyed it and hope to see a Season 2.

Obviously the last episode was way drawn out and was so over the top it was unbelievable.

it would've dragged on for 22 episodes!

But the wokeness and cluelessness are unbearable.

Good writing would have made the story more ambiguous as that bomber's religious beliefs are not important to the story, so it feels like propaganda.

I found this all a bit formulaic and unexceptional.

It is extremely intense and has you guessing right until the very end.

The series is very engaging and enjoyable.

Yawn .

Very intense scenes.

And the storyline is worth the watch.

I can not wait for the next episode - that is the measure of a TV series, not "realism", hell, I liked Braveheart, realistic, no, enjoyable - yes.

Gripping stuff .

Absolutely gripping .


They had me on the edge of my seat even though it was fairly obvious Budd wasn't going go be killed.

Brilliantly tense, exciting and entertaining - best from the BBC in a while .

Enjoyed the story, very entertaining.

It is very well crafted, but its ponderous left wing messages are ever present.

By far one of the most interesting series that I have watched, but I have to say that the ending was week, but overall the series is worth watching, for those 5 amazing episodes, excluding the episode 6 that even though the begging towards the middle was just as amazing as the other episodes, the rushed ending was the big issue here.

This story line is engaging, compounded by the fact that you really like the main character, a lot.

I am currently rewatching it, after sitting on the edge of my seat the first time I watched Bodyguard.

Intense, intelligent and insightful .

I found this very enjoyable 7.5/10 - great acting.

You will be on the edge of your seat the whole way through, and will be impatient for the next season!

Completely disgraceful series, I wouldn't recommend a waste of time

Highly contrived, but gripping nonetheless .

Exciting , edgy , political ; the show has excellent cinematography and especially the action cinematography which will make you are in the action.

Action packed .

I think I like quality drama, and drama that grips me such as Homeland etc. This kept me watching but I felt it was slightly contrived and I actually didn't like episode 1 and 2.

Just an amazing and entertaining show!

First episode was insane and so intense.

What a performance, I can't say enough good things, also Keeley Hawes was very very good in it too, most of the cast did a great job, the storyline was such a roller coaster ride, I was literally on the edge of my seat during certain scenes, they absolutely have to do a second season, it would be criminal not to, last point would be...

"Bodyguard" avoids trite story devices with very few exceptions, and Madden's psychologically troubled ex-vet is smart and asks the right questions, unlike lead characters in so many similar series who do dopey, illogical things for the express purpose of filling time in storylines being stretched way too far because of the need to pad multi-part productions.

The rest of the characters are straight forward, predictable, unrefined, bland and unimpressive.

Also, it falls into the usual BBC drama trap of playing out in predictable, pointless clichéd ways (rather silly romance, Russians, etc).

This show has you continually guessing what direction they are going in an intriguing way!

Thrilling .

Entertaining and twisted.

Right to the very end this production keeps you on the edge of your seat.

If you don't want to binge this isn't for you, each episode leaves you on an exciting cliff hanger and you will need to continue to see the next episode!

And I really felt disappointed in the last episode because besides the unexpected revelations I really missed a better development about the conclusion, could had been much better, they took to much time with other things and made a superficial ending...

Yes it is the route that most crime/police dramas go down but for entertainment purposes this is the best show to grace our screens in a while, definitely worth the watch.

If I had one complaint it was that some of the escape hatches they contrived for the plot were a bit hokey and some of the telecoms were too far fetched to believe.

This one is a thoroughly enjoyable political thriller.

Suspense is brilliant when it makes sense and is engaging through characters that you care about.

Absolutely gripping.

A pointless one, deserving zero rating.

)The twists and turns with unexpected surprises along the way make this series a true thriller.

The story was great, it had many unexpected twists and turns.

That said I have largely ignored BBC drama for a long time most series recently seem to drag on and on with very little plot between episodes.

All useful intel is brought into light by Budd and everyone else just flaps at the closest flame in the vicinity and plays into the contrived conflict of his damaged state.

Very Exciting!

So exciting.

At least people wouldn't waste so much of their time....

Gripping from the start to the finish, very topical in our current world environment.

The last episode was breathtaking.

Episode 3, 4 &5 had me on the edge of my seat.

Perhaps one of the most thrilling series ever made...

Any how, it might get better, and apart from some really gritty and entertaining action scenes this show really is a painfully average mess of a show.

Absolutely Gripping .

Very intriguing: the machinations, the plotting, the twists and who's behind certain actions and events.

Not one plot twist came as a surprise, burst out laughing at the big reveal in episode two, and the lead character is a complete bore - Robocop had more of a personality than David Budd.

Absolutely RIVETING.

It is a gripping show and engages pretty much till the end.

Predictable and Clichéd .

It is very entertaining and gripping.

Worth watching.

This one will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat for the 6 episodes it has.

This was all about favoritism and because it's of course a British series, let's lie and say it's a gripping drama thriller when it falls flat after the 3rd episode.

Tense drama, cheering for the underdog and quite gripping.


Brilliant Logical Thrilling!

Totally unwatchable without subtitles, like so many British series of late, like Charlotte Riley in "Press".

Gripping from the first episode.

Worth watching.

The series picks up well and builds on it but midway I have to admit I was bored and only ploughed on as it was a mere 6 episodes.

Exciting action-conspiracy series (watched whole season 1) .

The final episode was totally unbelievable as was some of the casting, but the entertaining factor remained

Then, after spending more time with her, and after being rebuked by his estranged wife, the protagonist starts engaging in a sexual affair with the politician, at the same time as he begins spying on her for the security agency he works for.

His own life and family and what happens in the role, makes a riveting watch.

It reminds me of the first season of Homeland: an intriguing beginning petering off into increasingly bonkers implausibility.

Fast paced thriller.

The plot is engaging, acting superb,.

It's intelligent and absolutely gripping: the first episode in particular draws you immediately forward to the edge of your seat.

As with so many of the current spate of mini series, this was nicely written, produced and directed, captivating start, and a complete waste of time because it had no ending.

The show has been so enjoyable because it is so far fetched.

Reminds me of Spooks which also starred Keeley Hawes in that the plots are ludicrous the dialogue wooden and the characters barely skin deepI also feared it might be the latest outbreak of BBC man bashing rubbish when I saw how many women played central positions But if you can suspend disbelief it is fast paced action packed and highly watchable and it is really about the problems of a male character trying to be a traditional "real man" in a modern world increasingly run by womenOld fashioned entertainment of a very high orderbut hen it is Jed Mercurio

It's slow, boring and just disappointing.

A highly enjoyable drama.

Fluid & Engaging .

Surprisingly intriguing in a world filled with crime TV .

Gripping, exciting, and unique.

The more you watch the more exciting it is .

It's also somewhat contrived.

With its never-ending twists, this series manages to keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat.

Julia Montague was a key character, that brought an exciting dynamic to the plot, for her to die in the middle of the season was disappointing, the story drags and Madden can't keep the series by himself.

I am giving this 8/10 because it was really gripping right from the beginning until the penultimate episode.

Maybe I'm being picky on that one, but it seems very contrived and borderline unbelievable that she would have been in a position to pass messages.

The first 20-25 mins of the episode so gripping that you just had to watch more!

Gripping story .

This series was intense from the start.

Another edge of seat, highly suspenseful ripper 6 part series.

It's a fun, entertaining and mind intriguing mini series.

Sweet and short series - Fascinating and addictive thriller .

Finally something worth watching with brilliant cast .

It might be worth watching some of the scenes I mentioned though, as they really were top notch.

Intense, gripping, and absolutely amazing acting.

completely disgraceful series, I wouldn't recommend a waste of time .

Te later episodes made the show feel generic, the twist un the middle after Hawes's dies took a compelling part of the series, and the end felt anticlimatic for me.

were boring and beige...

It started of really good and with a bang but somehow at the end it all fell empty like all of a sudden everything is allright.

A few gripping scenes try to mask an improbable, long-winded drama .

This is a thrilling ride, and overtly subversive in its political message as wellNot to be missed!

But apart from that this series is enjoyable to watch, with good actors, and plenty enough of action and suspense.

Really looking forward to the next season of Line of Duty, Bodyguard is the ugly boring sister of it.

Keeps u on the edge of your seat, and it is entertaining, not at all dull, nor lame.

The suspenseful atmosphere and cinematography beautifully unfolding and never tiring.

Thoroughly enjoyable thriller .

A Thrilling Experience !!.

I really enjoyed this show, it was gripping and intense and moving.

The plot is intriguing and tensed.

Short and thrilling .

You are guessing until the very end who the real moles are and you will experience an unexpected ending.

Absolutely Stunning Series .

Very entertaining .

The first episode begins with a very intense drama in the train.

The first ep which is supposed to be gripping was barely ok.

A thrilling series full of twists.

The writing is simple in a way, you aren't left watching the episodes feeling heavy, it's rather easy to watch and exciting.

The script is excellent in the fact that you always think you know what's coming and then the unexpected happens and you're flabbergasted.

Very intense, beautifully acted and utterly engrossing.

Many of the performances were first-rate, and the script and pacing were very engaging.

Good production value with blatant spit-your-face propaganda .

If I had to be critical I will say the last episode felt somewhat rushed, quickly tying up loose ends but still very enjoyable.

Smart, intense and great writing!

Great characterisation, awesome screenplay and nail bitingly thrilling..

As for the story, it is actual, credible and gives some amazing plot twists and other scenarios that will have you on the edge of your seat, even the second time watching it.

It's just OK, if you're bored and have nothing else to watch.

It's refreshing to see an intriguing story expressed in less than 8 episodes.


S this show had me on the edge of my seat.

I then cringed through 6 episodes of horrible English UK hard to follow dialogue and accents, just to watch in horror as the cop "hero" proceeded to do stupid stupid STUPID things to incriminate himself WITHOUT telling any of his cops or supervisors...


After that it was like eating peanut butter without the jelly, I was just boring.

Really glad I did, it was gripping and entertaining.

gripping until the end...

too cliché.

Watch this, it is riveting!

It will keep you on the edge till the end of the final episode.

Same idea - done a different and exciting new way .

The final episode in this series is riveting.

After the first episode, which serves as backdrop, the real action gets underway and the dramatic tension increases throughout the other five episodes, as revelations and obfuscations make the story's central mystery ever more engaging.

Dragged in the middle .

Gripping until the end.

But I quibble; this is still a high-quality piece of popular entertainment, and a tense and absorbing watch.

A suspenseful, well-written show with masterful performances.

Good concept but too contrived .

This story gets you on the edge of your seat straight away.

I can't say that the story swept me off my feet, though the first episode was very intense.

They drag out the final big scene which in real life would have ended by our hero getting to the point more quickly.

However, once you accept all these and more, like the behind-the-scenes struggle for power between the secret service and the police or the slightest possibility of Britain succumbing to a political coup, best just to sit back and follow the fast paced action from its nerve-jangling start aboard a London commuter train to Budd's long walk to freedom in the streets of London attached to a suicide belt.

If you are a GOT fan, it's even more of an enjoyable watch!

Which I certainly think this Series did a great job of gripping the audience!

The first episode is so gripping and entertaining!!

Very enjoyable, its on netflix.

A gripping story , full of thriller ups and downs and one heck of a plot twist.

I would highly recommend watching it with interesting and exciting events.

M not a fan of this genre of series, bt somehow it have managed to kept me awake till 4:30am, the starting is lil bit slow...

The episodes were so intense and we just couldn't get enough of it.

Very entertaining.

The series is so intense and gripping from the very first minute.

Tension, excitement and good writing, really made this series enjoyable.

I regard this as solid TV crime work and rather watchable and enjoyable.

Episode 1 is really exciting and the build ups are amazing.

You must suspend such belief in the stupidity involved by the characters that I am still crawling slow to the end.

The series littary feels empty.

Fantastic, gripping, realistic people and a realistic plot .

It was entertaining most of all .

It is intriguing.

Overall very intense.

It has lots of unexpected twists and this is why I liked it.

Excellent, tense and certainly gripping right from the start.

There are so many unexpected twists that keeps changing direction that the viewer must constantly reassess what they have watched just to anticipate what might lie ahead?

An intriguing conspiracy thriller with red herrings and twists and turns galore.

Thrilling from beginning to end .

Exciting, gripping, tense, thrilling.

The series adrenaline rush is something that you will remeber of for quite some time.! I was literally bolted into my couch !!

The most tedious aspect was the writer assuming that the audience would not be able to follow what was going on & the need to bang you over the head with what was happening & telegraph it ahead of time as you would with a drama written & performed for children.

Worth Watching!

Excellent series - enthralling, intriguing and action-packed .

Each detail is well developed in lot of intriguing plots.

I was on the edge of my seat!

The setting is unrecognisable as modern-day London with snipers, political assassinations and attacks on schools; it feels more like a war zone, but the dull and cliched news reports - which were put there presumably to give the series some authenticity, actually have the reverse effect, treating these catastrophic events like business-as-usual.


Can't wait for the rest of the series, it's excellent and I'd highly recommend it.

The mystery of how events escalated was indeed exciting , one cant take the eyes off of the screen until there's the hijabi lady 😅

Stunning achievement.

Fantastic Thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat .

What an exciting plot!

I have to admit - most of the ideas have already been taken, so you have to find a way to make the same story more exciting.


It will be difficult to follow up on Season 1 - it works perfectly as a mini-series.

The first episode is so intense and dark.

Amazingly intense .

Gripping and tense throughout and it's a nice change to actually be unsure of whether the main characters are in serious peril.

However, after the second episode, the whole sexual subplot between the bodyguard and the home secetary is absolutely pointless and characters story arcs actually would have benefited if that whole scene had never happened.

Series had you on the edge of your seat all the way through.

Sure, it's predictable in certain ways.

At this point the show becomes a whodunit that is simultaneously boring and confusing, in which the only mildly interesting relationship is between the protagonist and his wife.

Suspenseful, hot and had me hooked.

Each episode is very long and the show does require a significant amount of focus because there is a lot that happens in almost every scene.

Keeley's character was spicy, intriguing, provoking, inviting, interesting and extremely sexy.

Mind Blowing .

Realistic Thrilling .

I began watching it just out of boredom.

Gripping beginning, overall good, preposterous end .

The secret romance between the two was the most exciting part of the programme.

So thrilling!

The conclusion is just a cliche and not satisfactory.

Shoddy, muddled, pointless .

It was also unexpected for the viewers as they only really gave one little hint of an attack ever happening which if your weren't listening carefully you wouldn't have noticed.

Thrilling and entertaining .

If you are just throwing this on in the background then don't waste your time.

The man behind such thrilling rides as Strike Back, Line of Duty, and Critical has once again brought his unique blend of adrenaline, sex, and intellect to a top-quality UK drama series.

PS David Budd is an intriguing protagonist, whose motivations and decisions will forever be a mystery.

The sudden shock twist of Nadia being the suicide bomb vest maker was only shocking in how awfully contrived it was - plus for a drama that subverted the expectations of who the terrorists were to do that only cheapened it.

Unexpected and Amazing.

Found it a bit slow at times.

The music was taut, riveting, and similar in approach to "Mr.

Excellent and entertaining .

:D As always, it was not a systemic problem in the end, just some scattered rogue elements.. And of course, the muslims deserved it :)It was an exciting watch, but utterly horrible propaganda :(

Thumbs upp you are getting better and better entertaining foreign viewers.

Great, engaging and flawed central character, with lots of real human traits - that make him both likeable and worrying.

Compelling story.

Thoroughly enjoyable, with the writer trying to trick you at every turn.

The action is gripping.

A lot happens in each episode which keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The action sequences and thrilling sensations superb, fast-paced and the job of a professional team backed by superior direction.

Really enjoyed it.

Even so, I still think this series is worth watching.

A well done piece of Brexit propaganda.

Boring .

Gripping, It it All .

Keeps you on the edge of the seat great writing...

It's gripping, well crafted, actors are all top notch.

Compelling viewing from the start to the edge of your seat whodunnit finale.

The actions of nearly everyone else is just as illogical and/or predictable.

Really enjoyable and exciting to watch!

Brilliant drama, well written and acted, on the edge of my seat throughout the whole series, people talk of plot holes and disappointing ending, rubbish!!!

It was totally pointless.

Watch killing eve, then tell me this is an 8.4. Predictable bbc production with over politically correct casting.

Every single scene is intense and important.

I'm watching gripping a cushion and my hear is beating so fast during each episode.

Boring .

The whole story was gripping to me, I thought it was very well done.


From the gripping first few minutes to the boring few, the show always had me wondering "whats next?

Gripping drama to convoluted resolution .

But it's also just as unpredictable, multi layered and complicated.

Extremely gripping and suspenseful!.

How different to the promising first episode, where silences, measured pauses and slow build-ups created a tension-filled atmosphere with ease.

The opening scenario had me on the edge of my seat and I was immersed from the outset.

Yes, there's political propaganda in there and fear mongering, but if you just put that to one side, it was very on-the-edge of your seat drama with gripping action.

In this sense, it become a highly engrossing experience that, at times, drags the audience along with it even when the moments are emotionally trying.

It is a very fast paced show that keeps you on your toes.

Absolutely Stunning Show .

This is a great little show with some good acting and a compelling storyline with nice twists.

What's really impressive about this series are the breathtaking action-packed scenes.

It's exciting to watch, it never gets boring and it keeps you facing the screen for many hours!

Ending was empty .

This started out promising, half way into the second episode i was bored.

Richard Madden is stunning.

I loved the show, finally found something epically riveting.

The first three instalments are actually rather boring, but closer to the end the storyline becomes better paced and more thrilling to watch.

I will just say it was an enjoyable watch.

Great series, gripping, tense and (I never normally say this) really good music that added to the tension.

Bodyguard maintains a palpable tension throughout its pulpy proceedings to create an absorbing and addicting psychological thriller.

Gripping , nail biting and shocking .

Thrilling .

Very exciting .

And it was cliche driven by somebody mouthing off about our soldiers abroad and the supposedly corrupt nation paying his ass, breaks protocol, look at the above paragraph, to go and romance a terrorist instead.

Great intriguing story about terrorism .

It is, indeed, a very gripping series, basically a mash up of Homeland and House of Cards (back when those were great).

This was an unexpected great series!!

Or were there Russian gangsters and I just missed it among all the confusion.

I had to force myself to turn it off as it's getting late but this is what TV should be all about, great script, superb acting and breathtaking action.

A very compelling and gripping story, told fantastically.

For me as soon as I saw Richard Madden was the lead I was there loved him in GOT and equally so in bodyguard he is definitely the whole package superb actor and great to look at lol Quite a topical subject terrorism but with the added twist of bent politicians well scripted considering it was a short series and a great cast a lot slicker and more gripping than the Jack Ryan series and I would recommend it will be interesting if there is a follow up series and if so I do hope Richard Madden is retained.

A Complex and Intriguing Show.

I'm one of those people that's always desperate for follow up series to shows I've loved, something is telling me to just leave this show as a one off, a gripping, captivating drama that received viewing figures most shows can only dream of.

Fast paced ...

Though Bodyguard has enthralling exciting scenes within every episode there's a sense I got about them that they just weren't credible within real life.

It's slow pace and wooden acting make for a drawn out and lengthy hour for each episode.

All in all, very good show and definitely worth watching.

Well worth watching despite a flawed final episode (Season 1).


Yes Mum, it's worth the watch (very mild spoilers) .

It is much more enjoyable going in with an openmind and not buying into hype.

Worth watching!!!

Bodyguard is a great action thriller that will grab you from the first episode and keep you on the edge of your seat through to the last episode.

Is alive and well in the UK too, in this gripping series!

Bodygiard is an enjoyable thriller, with tones of action scenes and twists.

Well worth the watch, fast, tense and gritty.


The teetering on the verge of worn-out cliché turned into a crash into total drama junk when the bodyguard and the minister got into a heated sexual relationship, just after a few brief encounters.

Great and unpredictable .

It starts off as it ends, explosive, gripping, unexpected, and full to bursting with twists and intrigue.

I watched on BBC I player in two days and it is a very interesting and gripping drama series.

then, very boring...............

This show is thrilling, captivating, and amazing!!!

I knew Jed Mercurio for writing Line of Duty who was amazingly memorable and entertaining.

Well made, written, acted, edited, but man, what year are we living in to endure so much propaganda?

Even though I enjoyed it the whole way and think the main character absolutely nailed being a veteran with PTSD put in a crazy situation being a body guard for a major political figure with people wanting to kill her.

One thing I did like was the randomness of the assassination attempt which I thought was super realistic as it really came unexpected for the characters like it would in real life.

David Budd plays his role with such riveting conviction that it's almost impossible not to believe he's in every moment.

It was quite entertaining for me.

Extremely suspenseful and capitivating.

Every episode kept us on the edge of our seats, and guessing what may happen next.

Okay, I admit it, at the end of the first episode I was completely hooked and wanted to watch the rest of what I thought was going to be a gritty and gripping thriller of a series.

The first 2 episodes set the tone, rest 3 built the story towards the climax the last episode was just mind blowing with a superb reveal Binge Watch it if you can...

Catching and thrilling .

We'll wait and see but for now season 1 is a must if you love thrilling action with a touch of drama and of course Madden's super talented acting and overall facial expressions.

I was coaxed into watching this and soon enough realised that it was pretty much predictable and stereotypical in terms who the bad guys are going to be.

The twists and turns can also be hard to follow, so much so, that I'm not even sure they tied up all of the loose ends at the end.

Intense political thriller .

Story was gripping and well told.

This series defines the words entertaining, exciting, keeps on the edge of your seat and entertaining.

Gripping drama .

Very entertaining.

A brilliant intense journey.

I felt every emotion watching this show, I cried, laughed, yelled, frowned and smiled, told all of my friends and family to watch it because I enjoyed it so much.

The show managed to keep me hooked on the edge of my seat until the final 10 minutes of the last episode!

Cliche rubbish .

Gripping thriller from start to Finnish.

I appreciated this well-written, riveting story.

The first three episodes were thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

You'll NOT wait until things are being cooked slowly, you'll find yourself indulge in the political chaos and conspiracies beside that high level of thrilling and mind-twisting dialogues.

And don't get me started on his mumbling voice and unintelligible, monotone scottish accent, speaking without moving his lips at all.

The tension throughout this show was thrilling, thoroughly enjoyed every episode!

The extended suicide vest picnic in the park was tiresome and everybody seemed to forget how to act.

I found it compelling, entertaining, intriguing, and wonderfully acted.

The way it captures human emotion, the story pulls you deeply into it, its gripping and will not let you go if you start episode one.

Instead they've inserted pointless drama.

How often you get to see gripping, tense first episode like this one.

The story was compelling and the supporting cast was brilliant.

To top it off the final episode was a dull & drawn out set piece with zero drama & a ludicrous narrative ending in complete confusion as to 'whodunnit' & no will at all to attempt to figure it out.

Will have you sitting on the edge of your seat throughout, just be careful not to fall off!

As Budd and Montague's relationship becomes more intimate, it does veer off course a bit, and deviate into territory it could have stood to do without, but it still manages to be nail bitingly suspenseful and takes shocking twists and turns you don't expect it to, leaving an ending where you're genuinely excited to see how it will work out.

Most gripping thriller in years.

The drams is spot on and the last episode had me sitting on the edge of my seat, Tense is and under statement.