Booksmart (2019) - Comedy

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On the eve of their high school graduation, two academic superstars and best friends realize they should have worked less and played more. Determined not to fall short of their peers, the girls try to cram four years of fun into one night.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Olivia Wilde
Stars: Kaitlyn Dever, Beanie Feldstein
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 191 out of 781 found boring (24.45%)

One-line Reviews (389)

Unfortunately you'll not find it here: poorly acted, noisy, stupidly written and - above all - utterly predictable (even for a teen drama!

Bored to freaking death!

A waste of time and mind.

It's like an unpredictable movie in a predictable shell.

This was an unexpected gem.

It is also a feel-good movie about best friends; a coming of age lesbian adventure; and a film that treats the multi-coloured spectrum of modern sexual variety as something entirely normal and to be celebrated.

Cliche, could be funny for somebody .

It tries so hard to be edgy but it's just a bad cringey execution of dull jokes on the first nose with some feminist approach adapted into PC culture.

Here for the first time we left early .

But, also engaging to watch.

Perfectly balances light hearted fun and coming of age themes .

Save your money and self respect.

It was funny, beautifully directed, and a captivating coming of age story that took me back to the nights before my own high school graduation.

It's predictable, cliche, vulgar, and just plain dumb.

This is more like Super Bland.

The moovie was boring, and i could not relate.

Anyway, Booksmart is disordered, sometimes funny, slow mo-ed, and a hot mess script-wise.

There's an extremely predictable dramatic twist (you'll know it when you see it) that's bad enough to elicit an actual groan from me.

One of the most entertaining and enjoyable pictures of the year .

Waste of time and money .

But they don't even know the address and, in the process of trying to find the place, come across as series of fascinating experiences.

Your basic teen romp coming of age comedy with girls instead of guys.

The movie was funny sometimes and boring other times.

Wich is an age old sterotypical male plot for "coming of age movies".

This movie was unique to watch in many good and many bad ways but thats just what made it so entertaining and versatile!

As you can read from my review, this film hasn't got much to provide for your cinematic pleasure, but you can still make the obnoxious effort to sit though this unfunny yet slightly entertaining feature.

In addition, the extreme acts of stupidity, selfishness, and debauchery of the rules potentially will inspire younger members, but sometimes steps over the lines a little too much that the debauchery was more infuriating than entertaining.

While it was enjoyable and well done, it just didn't tickle my funny bone as much as I would have liked.

Unfortunately this is a sign of the times, gone are the days where you can reply on IMDB ratings to provide an accurate guide as to whether a movie is worth watching.

I made it 1 hour, 3 minutes, and 26 seconds before I realized this movie is going nowhere.

Don't waste your money

The casting was fantastic, and the absolute randomness of this movie was cringeworthy and entertaining.

So bad, so unfunny and just utterly pointless.

People complaining about cliche characters must be watching a more diverse teen comedies than me (I still see plenty).

A solid coming of age comedy.

), overall this movie was a funny, entertaining, unexpected gem.

The characters are universally odious characters with the possible exception of the one or two that were supposed to be odious but in fact provided the only vaguely entertaining moments of the story.

I wanted to like it really i did but I have to advise you save your money

But while it is still a familiar stew the ingredients are a bit different with an attempt to break some cliche's that would otherwise render the attempt to churn out another reel of sameness quite pointless.

It's a fun coming of age story with its heart in the right place.

Formulaic with a twist .

This is one of the worst movie I have ever seen by far.

Boring, humorless, vile...

Superbad is perhaps the best teen comedy of all time, so any other coming of age comedy will likely live in its shadow, and comparisons will inevitably be drawn.

For anyone who likes coming of age films that are funny it's definitely worth checking out.

It's just a funny coming of age movie, so make sure you like that before venturing out to see it.

Don't waste your time .

The plot is mostly fun until it gets kinda predictable and cliched which kinda bothered me because there had to be a fight scene like in every movie ever...

I expected a comedy and what I got was a contrived, foolish attempt at capturing high school culture.

I'd highly recommend it to anyone who wants a good, funny, fast-paced movie.

Absolutely Entertaining.

Superbad was based on real events in the lives of the writers (Seth and Evan), but this script seemed to be contrived from THAT story.

However, sometimes the movie takes things too far and drags a little bit just for a joke, it can also feel repetitive at times, which if you've seen the movie then you'd know which scenes I'm talking about.

I think besides Hereditary, this is the worst movie I have ever seen.

It was both tiresome and tiring.

There were a couple of funny scenes but overall it was just boring.

just confusing .

Overall a solidly good coming of age comedy.

Don't waste your hard earned money on this cliche of a film.

And is why It's likely you are online voicing your incel voice to what is a really enjoyable film.

Here's my rrccomendaotion, just save your money or buy a DVD of SuperBad, and enjoy a real coming-of-age comedy, that is - funny!

Although the material is not perfect, this is a great coming of age movie.

well worth watching .

Waste of time.

An edgy and often hilarious coming of age story which left me feeling all bubbly inside.

Save your money.

The dialogue is corny and the plot is predictable.

I highly recommend it.

Bland and Forced .

I felt boredom throughout this cringeworthy movie, and writing about it a day later is surprisingly hard cause I forgot about it almost as soon as the end credits rolled in.

Thoroughly enjoyed it!

unwatchable men-hating trash .

As someone who graduated high school in 2017 and was in pretty much the same situation as Amy, this movie hit me hard and I really really enjoyed it.

Witty dialogue trumps predictable plot in enjoyable last day of high school coming of age romp .

Finally, all I have left to say is: it may not be a masterpiece, but it is enjoyable as hell if you let it.

Every scene is so over the top and that's what makes Booksmart so damn worth watching.

Had to quit after 15 minutes, otherwise I would've died of boredom.

Every so often I try to sample a contemporary Hollywood movie, hoping for an entertaining reward.

Overall Booksmart is a very enjoyable comedy, a heartwarming and funny insight into teen friendship, and refreshing to see a story like this told from a positive female lens (in a somewhat Bridesmaids ish way).

Some movies can be carried by just bright characters , but not if they are so unrealistic, hateful, stupid and pointless like this one.

this is so boring...

"Booksmart" is about two high school senior girls who decide to break out of their staid and predictable shells on the day before graduation.

It's an 8 not a 9 or 10 because it lacks some seriousness and the ending is so predictable.

Had an indie vibe and was worth the watch.

' But nevertheless an enjoyable film anyways.

ho hum!

Its a fresh coming of age/teenage partying story.

extremely repulsive and cliche driven

Yeah, there was sort of a weak bit of maturation tacked on there at the end, but you'll miss it if you blink or more likely, have fallen asleep by that point of this incredibly tedious and predictable high school comedy.

Other points worth mentioning include the gorgeous palate of the cinematography and Dan the Automator's rousing soundtrack.

The comedic timing of this trio was worth the watch!

Booksmart can be described as another cliche coming-of-age story, taking place during the last day of school, just before graduation.

Completely disjointed.

a really enjoyable ride.

Unfunny and boring.

This is surprisingly refreshing from most predictable high school movies.

We've all felt like the nerds at some point in our life, like the two main characters, but the high school world they lived in I just don't think exists anywhere, so, it was hard for me to accept the story they were trying to tell, which, frankly, was kind of boring and slow, with some amusing or mildly cute moments.

Despite the rather predictable plot, Booksmart features some top notch dialogue, that will keep you amused pretty much throughout.

Its a coming of age movie.

It's a coming of age comedy that is so aware of its own smartness and yet so predictable with it, that as someone who likes being wrong-footed by a film, to me the whole thing feels forced and dull, despite (or even perhaps because of) its oh-so-witty and bubbly surface persona.

Found it to be stupid & boring.

Some very funny moments but overall rather disjointed .

A really good (Insert cliche here) movie.

A very much waste of time and money.


Except for a few solid scenes, this is one of the most trite things ever put on the big screen.

Best coming of age.

If you are over 26 it will definitely bore you.

I was hoping for a coming of age averagely funny flick...

The friendship between the two main characters was well done but their banter often felt contrived.

Mike O'Brien has a funny cameo as a pizza delivery driver with an unexpected secret.

This thing was lamely predictable, sadly written, unfortunately acted.

boring .

Every time I was expecting to be bore, the writer, the director, the actors, the cameramen surprise me.

Not a film for everyone, it's a quirky new school coming of age graduation journey, has a great soundtrack, some great performances and is very funny in a non mainstream way :)

I think it's just the strange humor that made it enjoyable.

Whilst there are some pacing issues to overcome in the middle act, this is nonetheless a thoroughly enjoyable, vibrant and warm take on gross-out/teen coming of age comedies.

Looking forward to watching this but found it slow and lacking in laughs.

Everyone's "not getting it" because they're just too pretentious to lighten up a bit and just watch a feel good movie.

If only it didn't carry so many of the plot clichés of the genre (party fight, predictable reunion, empowering graduation speech).

That was easily one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

I don't expect the men dogging the film to get it, because this is the rare film that bares all on the coming of age of young women.

Just saw this film with my girlfriend and I thought this was a cute film, there were some good scenes, some funny jokes and overall it was enjoyable to an extent.

What makes this movie so unbearable to watch, is it's pointlessness, it's redundancy and ultimately the bad name it gives female driven comedy.

Yes, but this is the first mainstream, female led, LGBTQ+ coming of age film to do so.

Overall, a hilarious and heartwarming coming of age comedy that I highly recommend.

Being a sucker for this type of coming of age comedy, went it, not knowing more than the trailer.

but I literally could not make it 5 minutes in, the cringe was so unbearable.

A relatable coming of age story regardless of age or gender.

Caricatures in contrived situations.

We get a bland girl's version lacking in any originality.

It's funny, charming and easy to watch, the story of the movie is slightly predictable and you can see what's going on before it's even happened and you've probably seen similar films like this but this is up there with the best coming of age comedies.

An entertaining comedy with a superb supporting cast.

Although I want to describe Booksmart as a "coming of age" tale or something like that, phrases like that feel very trite and insipid to me.

It was quick witted and sometimes surprising which is unexpected in a movie set in high school.

This was such a boring comedy.

Left early.

A for effort, C for derivative/uninspired content, and D for over-effortfully trying to hide that empty content.

There is something to like in Booksmart, it has a good message, some heart, and a few laughs, but pound for pound it is absolutely dwarfed by its contemporaries in the genre of teenage coming of age comedies and will likely fall into the depths of obscurity.

Very boring movie, and it's not funny at all.

I haven't laughed this hard, long and loud in a long time, this movie had it all, it was fun, sweet, sad, exciting and so cringe at moments.

Billie Lourd is extremely entertaining as a deadpan waif of a classmate.

The reviews compare it to super bad it is super bad if you took out the funny parts, made the casting significantly worse and made the script boring.

We have heard it all before and get incredibly bored with the repetition.

New approach to the Ron com teen drama, exciting and hilarious

the cliche kids at school, the Lesbian Skater Girl, .............

What a complete waste of time.

They were either too boring or over acted the roles.

It may not be perfect, but it certainly is enjoyable to watch on a boring evening to cheer you up.

Unexpected fantastically great movie similar to superbad .

I can tolerate a good deal of Marvel stuff without a peep because it's basically just inoffensive and bland.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Worst movie!

Don't get me wrong, it's a funny movie, I enjoyed it and the 2 lead girls are great actors.

Unoriginal boring movie marketed as being fun movie.

And surprisingly the best part was not even the humor but the warmth found between the characters that, I think, subverts the expectations of most high school coming of age comedies.

Boring, vile and disgusting.

There are scenes that appear to be only an updated version of 80's style coming of age movies and perhaps the inclusion of lesbian characters in the stereotypical motley crew of students is the novelty here.

That is the basic and banal plot of this film.

In no world is life as boring ,geeky and contrived as what exisits here on screen!

I heard comparisons to American Graffiti and Dazed and Confused, two teen coming of age films firmly based in reality, However, you can tell within the first few minutes that this film is pure Hollywood fantasy, from the overt "diversity" stunt casting and political agenda ( you can see it plastered all over the film), the contrived comedically "punched up" dialog, and finally, the over performed acting jobs that you can see coming at you like a freight train.

The plot was extremely predictable and while I laughed a few times, when asked later to recall when by my husband who hated every second of it I couldn't because the very few funny moments were forgettable.

The worst thing for a comedy is to be dumb or boring, and so for me the success in this area covers a number of sins in others.

Cute but formulaic .

that Barbie animation sequence, OMG too good, I was in stitches.. Every second of this film was floorless, clean, pure and exciting.

The plot itself is clichéd, insipid, formulaic, and oversimplified.

Empty, shallow, a cheap imitation of better movies.

It's a coming of age movie for the lgbtq focus, mostly q.

Amy and Molly (Dever and Feldstein) are considered pretentious by their hard-partying high school peers and even their principal (Jason Sudeikis, Wilde's husband who turns in a great performance as always).

, not funny, female superbad, cliche characters; bet most teens are) I never got a chance to see this in theaters so when I finally spotted it in Redbox had to get it.

Amy and Molly smoothly drive the screenplay through entertaining moments as well as grounded, pretty dramatic scenes.

More or less, an original coming of age (teen) movie with unexpected wittiness ("smart") inspired by good cultural taste ("book"), right.

Don't waste your time on this stinkbomb.

It was such a predictable turn out of events.

Unfunny, Cliche and Predictable .

Waste of time .

Few laughs and like others have said, they're completely forgettable and predictable.

With this plot you could make the most cliched, boring, safe teenage comedy ever.

Tedious .

But this much I remember: In it's total predictability, it strings together one stereotype and cliché to the the next, be it characters or key scenes, all of which you have seen a million times before and far better at that.

worst movie I've seen in quite sometime.

A waste of time.

There have been times when movies take on a cliche storyline, and thanks to a great cast and new direction, the old journey is refreshing and fun to watch.

One of the worst movies I've seen this year, so cringy

This movie kept me laughing (with just a few slow parts) and the actors were all fantastic.

Frankly, Booksmart succeeded in entertaining at first superficial glance.

It's also consistently entertaining.

The cinematography was beautiful and outstanding especially from a comedy movie which makes it even more entertaining and new.

One star is too much for this movie, i see only waste if time and money for make this product.

Predictable, unrealistic, PC shilled movie.

Don't waste your time.

Does it want to be a gross out comedy, a teen coming of age or an indie Anericana deep thinking poignant drama.

Instead, it's crass, tasteless, cliched and boring.

Sometimes it wants to be a somewhat serious drama/comedy about coming of age and sometimes it's just one of the direct to DVD American Pie sequels.

Comedy coming of age that is barely watchable .

Some situations made me smile, but generally it was teenage cliche movie.

Let's get started, as we review:Booksmart: (2019)Director: Olivia Wilde Writers: Susanna Fogel, Emily Halpern Stars: Kaitlyn Dever, Beanie Feldstein, Jessica Williams LIKES: Funny At Times Adventurous Relevant To Many Audience Members Good Pacing Great Acting Chemistry Surprisingly DeepDISLIKES: Lazy Writing At Times A Little Too Extreme Predictable The Trailers Have Revealed A Lot The Glorification Of Reckless BehaviorFans Who Like These May Like These Movies: Generation X Night Before Step Brothers The Hustle The Hangover TrilogySUMMARY: Booksmart delivers on the promise of being funny, making sure to jam pack the adventure with as much slapstick and crude commentary as possible.

Dont waste your time.

Not the best, and definitely had it's boring moments.

Loved the awkward moments, there was unexpected cool cinematography and a Cheesy ending.

I almost walked out 3 times .

If you want to see a coming of age film with meaning see AMERICAN GRAFITTI.

How this one got crazy high scores is totally amazing.. Super not funny, flat, corny and of course mainly gay promoting absolute waste of time.

I literally walked out halfway through...

The actors where charming, the plot was mostly entertaining, even if the pacing could have been better, and there was some nice cinematography.

I first saw Booksmart about 9 months ago at the cinemas, and rewatched it very recently, to find it was just as entertaining as the first time.

A charlatanry of pro-feminism/inclusion propaganda as nonsensical subtext.

Literally unfunny - utterly predictable - time you will never get back to do things more interesting like peeling the skin from your fingers.

PROS:Kaitlyn Dever And Beanie Feldstein's Brilliant PerformancesOlivia Wilde's Strong And Stylish DirectingStrong Supporting Cast (Billie Lourd Steals The Movie)The Hilarious ScriptIt Subverts (Some) Cliches (Also Subverts Stereotypes)The Drama Is Suprisingly AffectiveAn Hilarious Drug SceneCONS:It's A Bit Predictable At PlacesA Scene Of Brilliant Acting Was Ruined By Muted Dialogue And A Pop Song Playing Over It

I totally believed the message was to not judge books by their covers because one twosome was totally unexpected also, didn't expect Amy to be a lesbian.

Terrible acting, boring story and jokes that were so unfunny I barely laughed twice.

Please dont waste your time on this movoe .

Fresh, entertaining, best laugh of the year .

) and set pieces to keep things moving at a pleasant, enjoyable speed.

The relationship and chemistry between the two main characters was also really really enjoyable.

Acting was good but the story is very much predictable and is copied from other comedy movies.

Cleverly directed by Olivia Wilde, Booksmart is a funny and highly entertaining ode to adolescence.

They're some of the most (if not the most) casually, easily entertaining films.

It's not a big budget shock comedy its sweet, nostalgic , entertaining , has decent soundtrack and likable characters.

Horribly boring leads!


It's funny, stylishly shot, has a great soundtrack, a nice message without ever getting overly serious or preachy, and over-the-top, mostly entertaining characters who are fun to hang out with for a bit under two hours (anymore, and maybe they'd be grating and give me bad flashbacks to my own time in highschool).

Whilst I understand the choice, the students all felt a bit too cliché and stereotypical for a film that feels so fresh and current.

It started off pretty slow with mild jokes that don't make sense.

It's pretty predictable and obvious where they're headed (or not headed) as they traverse the ridiculous cast of some of the most irritating characters I've seen on screen.

Was bored & thinking what a waste of time.

There were some funny scences(such as naked dolls) , but most of the movie was boring as hell .

It takes a little while for them to realize that (how big a cliché it is, still) their friendship is a few notches above all else; it's special.

While the film was entertaining, some scenes were sexual and it seemed to have a political overtone.

This is honestly the worst movie since sausage party I'm not even gonna waste my time here

And there are a veritable smorgasbord of entertaining characters (Gigi is MY queen!!

I enjoyed it.

There's a plot point where the characters have conflict and it felt like the film was changing back to the cliche YA films it pulls from.

Entertaining .

Olivia Wilde makes her directorial debut with this coming of age comedy with a script from Emily Halpern, Sarah Haskins, Susanna Fogel, and Katie Silberman.

I'm really not sure why, maybe because of Dever and Feldstein in the leads, who although still farcical caricatures, are entertaining.

I walked out of Tropic Thunder and should have walked out of this one too.

Raunchy, hilarious, but somehow also emotionally engaging, something I can say for the often compared Superbad.

I left the theater happy and hopeful.

Possibly the worst movie I've ever watched to the end .

From the preview, I thought I was getting a "good girls whoop it up", coming of age story.

Predictable, cliche, not funny.

As the world continues to expand, the pace manages to keep in time with it so well, making sure to slow down at key development points, only to speed up again as the next transition begins.

Molly is a walking cliché.

Unfortunate waste of my time.

Despite the banal plot (best friends having fun before the graduation), I was really well-meaning with this movie.

It completely took me back to that age when I had very intense friendships with other girls, and we sometimes got too wrapped up in each other, along with the fear that growing up and moving away meant losing something special.

We saw a sneak preview of the film and we really enjoyed it.

Smutty Confusion .

It's funny, has great music and was entertaining.

It was predictable.

I wouldn't compare it the great coming of age teen films, its more reminiscent of forgotten teen flicks like "I Love You, Beth Cooper" (2009) films with high ambitions that fall way short...

Coming of age .

Molly is horrified to learn others who she sees as slackers are also headed to exciting opportunities.

I quite enjoyed it, and the audience I saw it with did too.

A comedy coming of age film with female leads is refreshing and looked like a promising follow on from Superbad and Project X.

I enjoyed it for the most part, Olivia Wilde go figure.

My wife and I just saw this tonight and both genuinely enjoyed it.

Not sure what forces of nature combined to leave this movie with an 84 metacritic, but this movie was unfunny, boring and....

This was offensive and bland.

This democratic inclusion is a bold difference from the teen comedies that have favored white exclusion, outsized bullies, and boring bright nerds.

Olivia Wilde nails her directorial debut by putting a fun, fresh and female spin on the high school coming of age story with a hilarious script and fantastic performances from .

Complete waste of time and money!

The actual movie was slow, boring, and not at all funny.

Witty writing and some unforgettable characters made this teen gal coming of age ish movie thoroughly enjoyable.

Why!.?All the little action there is so contrived and painful that it resembles no high school ever in the existence of high schools.

This movie however is very good coming of age story carried by a ton of amazing performances.

Maybe because it's so much like Superbad that I couldn't get invested in this, but it's nowhere near as funny or touching as that film, or Easy A (as teen coming of age films go)

While there were several strong performances the movie was trite and there were very few laughs.

Don't waste your time.

Feldstein and Dever are very talented young actresses, making a terrific double act as the straight-A students who want to go all out, it is a nice simple story, good girls gone bad and taking a walk on the wild side, partying before they graduate, it has a great sharp-tongued script and splendid characters, leading and supporting, it does make you laugh at the right moments, and it is visually entertaining as well, including the animated sequence, all in all it is an enjoyable coming-of-age comedy.

The cast is amazing and the story was entertaining.

It's effectively fast paced without being too fast paced.

There are moments that I liked, but then things slow down and I start to drift away until the movie figures out the next step.

Light and enjoyable to watch, I loved it!

Other than that, prepare yourself for an unpredictable, hilarious, heartfelt take on the fun and confusion of being a modern teen.

Appalling, dysfunctional and pointless.

Such a waste of time .

And all that feminist propaganda was unbearable at times.

But although this was almost like a sequal, the candidiasis of the fim and the slighty otherworldly surrealism gave a funny coming of age movie a different enjoyable dimension.

Definitely worth watching and easily one of the best comedies of recent years!

It doesn't break through convention or proffer a message on friendship we don't already know, but that doesn't matter, Booksmart is an affecting and joyous yarn propelled by a compelling central duo.

This is a comedy, farcical, 'coming of age' movie for teenage girls.

This movie is Banal retentive.

Don't waste your time too!

Such a waste of time.

I really liked Booksmart, I think it's a great coming of age story with great chemistry between our two leads.

Don't waste your money.

Amy's romantic storyline is both unexpected and very true to her character.

Waste of time and money .

And it should be required viewing for freshmen orientation at American universities seeking to brainwash students in the propaganda of diversity, inclusivity, and the opportunity for women to have a turn at controlling the reigns of power.

Here's where I think it really shines and why it was also a highly enjoyable movie.

There was some great cinematography, the casting was great, and I honestly thoroughly enjoyed it.

You get pulled along for a fast paced joyride through their last night before graduation.

It is not surprising that film critics have adored this film, writing reviews that read more like propaganda than film criticism.

Beanie Feldstein (had to learn her name) is so particularly exasperating that I thought of poking my eyes out during the many tiresome interventions she has.

The 2 leading actresses were entertaining and very believable that this could be their real lives.

Boring, horribly acted, and just not good.

Booksmart: Coming of age comedy with Kaitlyn Dever as Amy and Beanie Feldstein as Molly, two girls who studied hard through High School to get good grades and now are going to Columbia and Yale.

The actual plot is very simple, 2 girls felt like they wasted high school studying instead of engaging with their peers so they spend the night before graduation party hopping.

Waste of money!

"Booksmart" Review (9.5/10)Olivia Wilde nails her directorial debut by putting a fun, fresh and female spin on the high school coming of age story with a hilarious script and fantastic performances from the leads.

Predictable, and lacked comedic delivery.

An Unexpected Joy .

Throughout the entire movie the gags are predictable and cheap, making me cringe.

The coming of age school comedy has been rehashed multiple times.

It's a strong contender for the most fun movie of 2019, and I'd highly recommend it at the moment, if you're feeling stressed or under pressure due to various global circumstances.

It's not some masterpiece of message or metaphor, but it really solidly made for a funny and entertaining comedy.

Booksmart is one of the best coming of age of all time.

But, also, from the get-go, there's more than a little disconnect in the portrayal of Amy and Molly - if they are such nerds (to use an old term for it), then why are they hip and snappy?

The filmmaker decided to use every comedy cliche and ramp it up to 90 aswell as every camera technique.

So predictable from the outset and the acting is cringe worthy.

Colorful movie that attempts to trash some cliche's and succeeds by proving that can be refreshingly entertaining .

There are genuinely funny moments, even if they aren't sustained throughout the film, but overall it's a enjoyable ride.

Overall, this is an incredibly enjoyable, incredibly well executed film that is getting just a bit overhyped.

It's not quite to the same quality as those two films but does have many laugh out loud moments, is an enjoyable film and worthy of a watch.

Enjoyable .

Booksmart is actor turned first time director Olivia Wilde's coming of age tale set on the last day at a Los Angeles high school in an upscale neighborhood.

But it dragged a lot in the first half.

Having seen most of the "coming of age" movies over the years, I didn't even smile a single time, let alone laugh, while I impatiently waited for the sad ordeal to end so that I could sneak into any other movie that was playing that evening.

Forced comedy, predictable and too contemporary to stand the rest of time.

An unexpected new classic .

I would certainly put it in the top 10 coming of age movies and would recommend it to anyone

Thus, the adventure is gloriously displayed to be both entertaining and meaningful.

Brainless coming of age .

This movie was enjoyable.

Starts slow, ends amazingly well.

We have seen these oversimplified formulaic takes on huge parties that seem to get crazier and more unrealistic with each movie.

This can only be entertaining if you are 16 and have never seen any movie like this before.

A raunchy comedy about the coming of age of two young women?

Don't waste your time....

Worth watching for a few chuckles I'd say.

When I was a teenager the term, 'coming of age,' meant nothing because we were the age.

I am about to turn 18 and I honestly feel like I have just walked out of my Superbad.

Unlike the brilliant 2017 coming of age movie Lady Bird ,which had plenty of humour and teenage angst this movie relies on at times gross Bridesmaids style humour and an ear splitting soundtrack that even overrides one of the most important scenes in the film.

The LBGT glass is filled with a stereotypical script that is as embarrassing as it is petty and predictable.

It's entertaining.

It's always enjoyable, too.

yes its the art of verbal epoglytal humour that dominates this comedy, and it comes in such cascades, you might think the hoover dam has cracked open, or they went empty of tobacco and did the weed bare with ice at the end.

Also, very predictable with a super annoying lead

Overall, it's certainly worth watching if you're into coming of age dramas and teen comedies, especially if you want to see an example that feels like it belongs in 2019 and isn't afraid to balance character and comedy.

ZzzZzzZzzz .

The chemistry between Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever was really enjoyable and believable, carrying the film strongly.

This movie was exciting, from the start, till the end.

if you love a random pointless freak-show maybe this movie is for you.

Though it definitely does feel random at times towards the second half, it's still worth watching for a good time.

The principal charm of the movie is in it's visuals, it's shot beautifully and that made the whole experience much more enjoyable.

The relevance of the two girl's trials should speak to many, with the other problems exposed branching out to grab the group in a surprisingly entertaining after school special approach.

Cliché stereotypical characters, unfunny forced dialogues and bland cliché unrealistic story.

That was a truly unexpected moment of animation that as in fact drug-induced, so maybe not that funny if we are strict.

Dont waste your time and money.

Their sheer likability pulls you through the movie even when supporting players fail to make an impression and the plot falls back on cliché, both of which become more prevalent in a final act that wraps everything up a little too neatly.

The movie is so dull and is not relatable at all unless you are a feminist in high school.

Don't waste your time.

Im positive they can create engaging stories with female leads.

Very boring, drawn out supposed comedy.

Waste of time .

If you can get pass that you'll discover an amazing coming of age story.

It's a colorful movie that attempts to trash some cliche's and succeeds by proving that can be refreshingly entertaining.

However, it is fun and hilarious and I enjoyed it so much.

Definitely worth the watch, hope it becomes a staple teen flick like Clueless and Mean Girls.

and even though i wasn't dying of laughter, i still enjoyed it.

i really wanted to like it more, but i was kinda bored.

While it can be rather predictable, this never seems like much of a problem because of the very 21st century spin on the world and characters that makes the whole affair feel rather fresh.

This was lame, predictable and a pathetic attempt at humor.

Really enjoyable characters.

Plot felt disjointed.

Confusing little movie that starts out with a power hungry princess who wants to be Hillary or Judge Ruth and her friend who is a girl who likes girls.

The story was actually, overall, predictable and lacked imagination.


A Good Coming of Age Movie .

Olivia Wilde made a super enjoyable film that I'd definitely recommended to all of my female friends.

Unlike Lady Bird or other coming of age movies, this movie had too many stereotypical punchlines.

It's one of the best coming of age/ teen movies in a decade that had a surprisingly large number of good ones.

Fun and enjoyable.

Two overachieving young women decide to party it up the night before high school graduation and predictable, stereotypical things happen.

What a stunning surprise I got.

Worst movie I've seen since Tropic Thunder.

As far as coming of age goes this isnt all bad ...

A quirky, interesting film, slightly confused at times, however a well paced coming of age comedy about two friends and their love story, their sisterhood and their relationships.

Worst movie!

It's extremely entertaining.

It's noisy, characters are annoying plus a full deck of cliche's.

If you can look at this with a youthful heart you will be in for a very enjoyable movie that can make you laugh and cry and feel better than you did.

'Booksmart' is supremely enjoyable throughout.

We were bored and walked out.

Another boring coming of age for whining millenials.

This is a coming of age Drama Comedy.

Watched this the other day with my younger sister (15, me being 20), we both had a blast, though I enjoyed it more.