Boys in the Trees (2016) - Drama, Horror, Thriller

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On Halloween 1997, two estranged teen skaters embark on a surreal journey through their memories, dreams and fears.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Nicholas Verso
Stars: Toby Wallace, Gulliver McGrath
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 21 out of 55 found boring (38.18%)

One-line Reviews (45)

quirky surreal Australian coming of age tale .

I really love Australian movies, they are so often quirky, entertaining and thought provoking all at the same time.

The plot was pointless; it was as if the writer(s) had a basket full of potentially good ideas and just randomly sewed some of them together for a movie.

It is amazing how director and writer Nicholas Verso succeeded in putting and visualizing all these in itself so potentially heavy themes in such a strong but at the same time accessible and compelling form as this movie.

This is not a horror movie, what it is is a coming of age movie.

Mitzi Ruhlmann (from The Code, etc) is also good as Romany, the goth girl who is also keen to leave this small town for something bigger and more exciting, and she has big dreams and shares a similar outlook to Corey.

I was expecting a horror movie and what I got was a very good coming of age movie.

Aimless, awful, pointless .

Unfortunately, it is probably the most boring film I have seen all year.

This is a coming of age film with a heavy under lying sense of menace, the horror element is very slight indeed.

I enjoyed it, but a little boring.

Final Say – Saying to much about Boys in the Trees plot line, that unravels at an unfortunately misguided pace, would ruin a tale that will surely find an audience not only locally but abroad and despite Verso failing to maximise his original and ambitious idea, this coming of age experience suggests a bright future for all, even if this effort is a disappointment.

Inventive and Evocative.

Not very scary, but definitely worth the watch.

It was decently made with good enough acting but pretty boring.

Best of luck, I think anybody would love to watch this movie it's got a rich Coming of Age story line with a little bit of Horror maybe not even horror maybe just more Thriller thrown in.

It's moving, engaging, sad, and utterly surprising, it takes you on a totally unexpected journey, taking you to places you won't be expecting.

Unclassifiable, but very enjoyable.

Boring boyz .

He has a unique and deeply personal take on the coming of age genre.

It's a coming of age movie about a young man who is part of the "Cool kids".

Interesting and Boring .

A kind of coming of age flick set around Halloween in Southern Australia.

As is the case with most directional debuts, clear components of Verso's film that needed fixing was a script polish and a tight edit, as this near 2 hour long film can at times drag as we become passengers to thoughtful teenager Corey's Halloween night spent with bullied youth and one time childhood friend Jonah, as the two reminisce and go on a curiously long walk around the neighbourhood before Verso's film finally clicks into another gear in the conclusive stages, but it's too little too late to save Trees from its inability to click in its drawn out middle section.

When we feel something is going to happen nothing happens leaving us stranded midway thinking what just happened.

Worth watching for the excellent performances and the perfect representation of a child/teen's view of growing up.

That's kind of intriguing so I'm definitely going to watch that short again.

The segments of story are clever, entertaining and creepy as hell.

Found this movie on Netflix a couple days before Halloween, I was expecting a half assed revenge horror movie but was surprised to find a interesting coming of age film.

My other friend said he would rather watch paint dry.

This is the evolution of the traditional coming of age tale, with the Writer/Director Nicholas Verso creating such an ethereal landscape you feel moments of 'What Dreams May Come' style fantasy seamlessly anchored by the exquisitely curated 90s Adelaide suburbia.

For me it just became boring, I lost interest and gave up.

I was expecting more of a thriller movie, similar to the Lost Boys as many people have already stated, but what we got was a movie of the coming of age archetype.

Movies aren't something I frequently watch, and if a movie bores me and I can't get through it for the entire day, I'll pass.

The film is certainly stylish with lots of visual flourishes and quirky surreal touches that set it apart from a lot of other local coming of age tales.

Seems predictable, maybe not the twist.

The cinematography, cast and characterisation was all excellent but the story wasn't strong enough, it was slow and didn't give enough information at any one time to be interesting.

Boys In The Trees is another local coming of age story that joins a growing number of recent Australian films exploring familiar themes of the pain of growing up, friendship, angst, romance, the loss of innocence, memory.

Worth the watch.

"A really boring thriller with a really bad plot" .

As to the negatives, the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is that it gets slow in the middle when they could be delivering information about the storyline and explaining things instead they just slow down everything and your left wondering what the heck is going on!

It was beautifully shot with slow, mesmerizing moments that helped capture the mood.

It's a coming of age tale set in the late nineties on Halloween so it's oozing with nostalgia.

Much of the film takes place at night, and there is some eerie and atmospheric cinematography from Marden Dean, who shot the evocative and haunting Fell.

So Pointless .