Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A British woman is determined to improve herself while she looks for love in a year in which she keeps a personal diary.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Sharon Maguire
Stars: Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 95 out of 586 found boring (16.21%)

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In response Sue Limb started writing the 'Dulcie Domum' column in 'The Guardian', an entertaining spoof whose fictional author was a struggling writer, whose limited understanding of the implications of their own words was the best part of the joke.

There is an intimate moment with Hugh Grant when they are in bed together on the 'weekend', when he tells her that he has to go back to work and not to the Tarts and Vicars party, when, for a few seconds, she looks at his face(a few feet away)with such intense and painful longing and love that she transcends the moment in that radiant way that only cinema can capture.

Entertaining, funny, a bit predictable .

Please, if you ever sit home alone and are bored to death and decide to rent this movie....

In an age where 'war' films like Pearl Harbor contain sappy romance stories, this was very bizarre seeing something that was a Romantic Comedy that was more of a comedy than a sappy, cliché Romance that makes the more sound of mind wish to vomit.

Add one more to my list of worst movies ever...

All in all, a true romantic comedy worth watching, and in very close spirit to the book.

I thought I would love this film, being a 20 something woman, but it bored me to tears.

Having read the book and enjoyed it tremendously, I was utterly disappointed with the film version (usually the case).

Er, I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it too much was good acting tnxxxxxxxx a lot

Predictable storyline overcome by a sharp script, fun soundtrack and a VERY energetic performance by Zellweger.

Truly a great film, enjoyable time and time again!

An entertaining love story .

Who wants to sit in a cinema paying five bucks just to see a "truthful" but maybe "dull" portrait of a 30-sth singleton's boring life?

What people see in this utter waste of time, I will never know, or want to know.

Cute, yes, but poorly directed (in my humble opinion) and way too cliche.

Do not be put off by superficial comparisons to "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and "Notting Hill," both shallow and pretentious movies memorable only for one fine eulogy and some physically beautiful protagonists.

While I agree that Bridget Jones's Diary could not possibly compete with Miss Austen, though based on themes and characters from several of her works, I have to say I found it extremely entertaining in it's own right.

Sleep inducing foolishness.

It's extremely predictable, i could guess every scene before it happened!

He even let it get to the point of the two of them becoming engaged before the predictable ending.

Easily one of the most boring and meaningless films I have ever seen.

Firth seems to be a dull old stick.

the pacing and rhythm of the movie began with a nice flow and then became very choppy and slapstick comedy cliche.

Zellweger is a decent actress and though hefty she has an engaging blue eyes and a smile that could brighten a room.

The whole film seemed to me to be particularly well done- I enjoyed it, and I recommend it.

Colin looked bored and uncomfortable.

Dull, boring, leading actress homely, no talent, dull plot .

Bridget Jones's dreary .

Given all of the above, and in all fairness, there are indeed four reasons to see this film: (1) Bridget's speech at the book launch, which is actually quite funny, (2) the fight between Daniel and Mark with their apologetic asides to the restaurant patrons as they trash the place, (3) Zellweger's British accent, which I wouldn't have thought possible, and (4) Daniel's stunning book-lined apartment, which appears, unfortunately, only briefly.

Her laugh is intense and she looks so "wanking" amazing in her underwear in Bridget Jones's Diary and in her bunny costume too, wow.

Nonetheless the characters - thinly sketched as they are - are enjoyable.

A very enjoyable movie.

I think there must be a bunch of, at least, 20 movies that can equally share the title of "Worst Movie Ever Made".

Despite hitting all the right notes, Bridget Jones' Diary still falls into a romantic comedy cliché.

It seems to me that the creator of Bridget Jones's diary makes fun of viewers by showing them a simple and uninteresting love story between an approximately 32 years old woman and her boss.

However (after a dodgy karaoke style start) the movie settled down into an enjoyable character driven comedy.

Some of the other comments on here - they have obviously not read the book so can't relate to the background, 10/10, I highly recommend it.

") Evidently not, because she pays him an unexpected visit one day and finds a luscious babe naked in his bath room.

Totally Enjoyable!

The charming and funny Daniel Cleaver, and the dull and sensible Mark Darcy.

I just thought the film a bit on the silly side, and many situations were contrived.

However, excellent performances by Colin Firth and Hugh Grant and some genuinely funny moments make this film very enjoyable to watch indeed.

Well all I can say is the wait was worth it - This was one of the funniest and most enjoyable films I have seen in a long time.

All in all it was a wonderfully entertaining and romantic movie and was over much to soon.

I have read the book, and from what I can tell, her mum is supposed to be like that, but I still, even now, every time I watch it have to suppress the urge to wring her neck lol This is a very funny movie, and it is an entertaining one.

This is a witty film and I highly recommend it.

I wanted very much to like this movie and I did like Renee, but the script was so bad with contrived, movie-length misunderstandings, protracted gags, and unearned sentimentality that it ruined it for me.

Bridget Jones's flaws make her both entertaining and engaging: her inability to keep her mouth shut at the appropriate time, her inability to keep a job or to get the right one, her inability to become "the perfect woman" in the kitchen or the bedroom, her inability to make her life and her parents' lives work smoothly.

Zellweger plays the part well, Grant is the predictable cad with Firth donning the role of the decent though often misunderstood chap.

Disappointed as well with Renee Zellweger's bland, generic British accent (hey I watch British TV shows so I can be attuned enough to the geographic variety of British conversation) and her bloomingly healthy good looks are just too American or even Australian.

Colin Firth (Mark Darcy) is, as usual, stunning in this movie.

Brilliant comedy, very entertaining .

Every year, Bridget's mother introduces her a single boring man.

However, for my money the most riveting thing about the film (and the director has to take full credit for this too)was Renee Zellwegger's performance.

The dialog is engaging and witty and i loved the scenes with Firth and Renee.

If you're a guy, it'll be mildy funny but a little tedious in places and Renee Zellweger'd get it...

Even my dad enjoyed it (determined not to).

A cheeky, if fairly contrived, piece of casting was the role of Mark ‘haven't-we-seen-you-somewhere-before' Darcy, taken by Colin Firth, who, as many have already said, even makes a reindeer jumper look good (and seems to enjoy sending up his wonderful performance as Fitzwilliam D.

This movie was a real unexpected gem.

As well, my wife and I were offended by the obvious and predictable songs on the soundtrack.

The writers did a great job formulating a compelling plot from the book, you will not take your eyes off the screen the whole time you are in the theater!

It was an enjoyable romp with a pretty good cast and a few good laughs.

All that just to put her with the dumb, stodgy guy?

Bridget Jones is something of a bore.

Hugh Grant is good, but (spoler2) his betrayal of her is so formulaic.

Other movie fans should be able to find something enjoyable about it.

Enjoyable, despite imperfections .

) As for Hugh Grant, who played Daniel Cleaver he was his usual boring self.

Surprisingly worth watching .

I'll just be blunt: Bridget is silly, dull, ugly and a bit too old for the part.

Disappointing and contrived .

I give this movie an 8 out of 10 and I feel that it's definitely worth watching.

That said, Firth makes a stunning breakthrough as the stranger with a mysterious past.

He tells her that her other suitor was a deceitful person since he slept with his old girlfriend, but it was too predictable that the boss was lying to her, I didn't have to think hard to realize that.

Adolescent script, predictable plot and tepid supporting performances.

The movie is enjoyable mainly because of the acting.

Its an enjoyable film, both Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are good in their roles.

The longing expression on his face as he watches Bridget horsing around with Grant while rowing on a lake is riveting.

I rented this movie on DVD this week and boy, what a waste of time this one was.

But the movie is still thoroughly enjoyable and even re-watchable!

It's not bad, but the self-satisfied performances and embarrassing escapades make you want to leave the cinema rather than egg Bridget on for all her social faux pas.

All in all, very enjoyable and full of laughs.

-falling off exercise bikes and cutting from one actor to another with a predictable 'look' on their face- it was condescending!

But overall, this is a very entertaining movie.

Finally, I'd just like to say that I wholeheartedly agree with other IMDB users who've described Colin Firth as "sex on a stick," "dreamy," "swoonsome," "a revelation," "beautiful," "delicious," "riveting" and weak-knee inducing.

It is, very simply, incredibly entertaining!

"Bridget Jones's Diary" is a boring, trivial and stereotyped movie without any surprise, refinement or strength.

One issue however was with the tedious-neuroticism of Bridget Jones and her celebrating the latest fashions of excess with her incessant drinking and smoking.

While I love Colin Firth and "Pride and Prejudice", I found his character boring and uninspired.

imply put, and enjoyable movie.

Movie Rating: -2* out of 10* (Worst movie of 2001) DVD Rating: 3* out of 10*PS: Academy Awards- To do for 2002 - Stop nominating superficial acting.

`Bridget Jones's Diary' was far more engaging than I had expected.

All to the rousing strains of Geri Halliwell.

That being said, I was downright insulted that this is what I am supposed to consider entertaining.

After a while, watching Bridget make the same mistakes over and over again gets a little tiresome.

This theme has become incredibly cliche, and makes for an extremely ordinary movie.

The weakest point of this movie come from the ending, too predictable and silly to be eprfectly enjoyable.

The character's had ONE personality trait per person, the acting wasn't anything mind-swaying, the script was lame and the movie was incredibly predictable.

boring .

This was shown as an in-flight movie and its a good thing too, otherwise I would have walked out on it.

Colin Jones has been set up as a model of dull decency on a par with Mark Darcy, and suggestive of why Bridget should prefer the latter's dogged solidity to Daniel Cleaver's caddish, fun, sexually explosive flibbertigibbet.

I found this movie to be very enjoyable, with quite a few laughs.

An entertaining look at a single British girl.

The Bad: Why must all Hugh Grant comedies end with a pointless car chase, whose aim is to get to one's love before they go away?

Bridget talking at a snail's pace.

For a person who doesn't like chick flicks too much, I enjoyed it .

This movie delivers as an entertaining comedy without any deep thinking.

It is one long bore'm at a loss to understand why so many people rave about it.

Her character is non-pretentious which is part of her appeal.

The director did a good job at making this movie enjoyable and the acting was superb...

Was slightly disappointed in ending (bit too contrived and sappy) and annoyed, occasionally, with melodramatic violins (e.

The music backing the film is that kind of cheap, cheesy commercial radio pop that is supposed to be 'uplifting' but is actually dated and boring.

I think I'll start by saying that I am not a fan of the book, which I found rather childish and pointless.

- glamorous) and never seems to quite pull it off, I really appreciate those bits of the film where she tries to look good - dressed up in the manner of a Grace Kelly-type film star as she leaves for a mini-break - and ends up looking like she's been dragged through a hedge backwards.

The script (by Fielding and two other-male-writers) is shallow and tedious.

If the plot was predictable, well that's what to expect from a romantic comedy.

How wonderful to hear for once some snappy conversations rather then the ever flat usual burble.

Perhaps the best part of this movie is when Daniel Cleaver and Marc Darcy throw intense punches and kicks at each other outside of Bridget's flat.

Jazzy, stylish, and extremely enjoyable.

However, Marc insults Bridget, accidentally, and Bridget sees him as a stuffy, boring gentleman, too.

This is worth watching (and even owning!

Leaves one warm and snugly inside unlike "How To Lose Guy In 10 Days" which made self empty contents of stomach into nearest toilet bowl at way-too-corny denouement.

This is empty, manipulative, made to order nonsense to tap a growing market, and I wince when titles like this are released.

A thoroughly enjoyable film with a superb plot and utterly complimentary to Helen Fielding!!

7 out of 10 for lack of story originality.

Very Enjoyable.

Don't waste your money on this piece of flotsam.

There were just some scenes that I thought lagged on too long and other parts that were dull.

I would have rather watched paint dry, it would undoubtedly be more interesting.

Anyways, this movie was a cliche from beginning to end and I hated it.

]Anything Hugh Grant is in is worth watching in my experience, whether he's sending himself up farcically, which he does so well, or acting a serious part as in The Man who went up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain.

It was fairly entertaining although eventually I got tired of her endless problems and moans and stopped reading it - it went way past its sell-by date, I felt.

She's a silly and empty-headed character, not even funny.

She is not unlike most of us, looking for love while we sometimes trudge through the mundane everydayness of life.

How enjoyable this movie is depends on what you're looking for.

Have read the books both of them, enjoyable, would have liked BJD or the sequel would have stayed with the contents of the book (s).

They even duke it out for her -- how's that for trite?

But I was angered and repelled by the constant and pointless smoking!

such cliche!!!

Greatly portrayed by Renee Zellweger, Bridget is both witty and interesting, making for a purely enjoyable film.

Save your money and give this one a pass.

The jokes are predictable and come with so much warning that you have time to redecorate your house before they arrive.

But I will say that my sister, who dragged me to this film, was laughing and clapping and cheering her on, and so were a lot of other people in the theater.

when he has this immoral streak going on.. nevertheless, the development was predictable, the characters were rather stereotypical, dialogues where very very ...

The only good thing, except for the photography, was a couple of unexpected twists in the plot that I'm not going to talk about in here, and which didn't add much to an otherwise BORING film.

Yes, it was rather obvious that Bridget would pick the man she did, but the series of events leading up to her decision were totally unexpected.

Worst movie ever made .

Although this movie was entertaining and funny, it was predictable and trite, and the characters a bit one-dimensional.

the person who wrote the lines for this movie should be put in solitary confinement for one week so she/he could be bored to the edge of insanity as this movie had done to me.

While the basic plot to Bridget Jones's Diary is a simple one, it is well delivered and makes for a highly enjoyable film.

Adolescent plot, boring story with no "cohesivness"..just kept bouncing around scene to scene.

I enjoyed it so much that I have been twice and the second time I took an English friend of mine to see it!

Maybe a Thesaurus would bring an even MORE enjoyable movie to ALL of us.

Enjoyable, fluffy: why all the angst.

I kept putting it off, thinking it to be another clunky, formulaic romance film.

Perhaps this is because they are slightly predictable and generally wearing a bit thin.

I liked this movie alot and I think it's just really entertaining and fun to watch.

I have added this film to a list that includes Match Point, Sliding Doors and any of Richard Curtis' films - namely - awful, but so bad, they are worth watching just for the unintentional comedy.

It is also so predictable!

Formulaic, and predictable romantic comedy.

Bridget Jones is a single thirty-something woman who eats and drinks too much whilst living out her banal existence in London.

" The movie's conclusion is predictable, and although any other ending would leave the audience feeling cheated, it does seem somewhat tame and ultimately unsatisfying.

I was out with a few people the other night and i was dragged in kicking and screaming into watch this "Film".

Hugh Grant fits well in the character, but what about Colin Firth (Mark), he is so BORING, wrong choice, how can they expect us to like this guy when he is so dull?

For Goodness Sake loosen up some of you, just relax and enjoy a really entertaining romantic comedy and a have good LAUGH at the movies!!

It is not funny, it is not dramatic, it is quite slow, there is no action, it is no "noir" movie.

To start with, it is so clear that the story is BORING, haven't we seen something similar like a million times before?

Engaging piece of romantic fluff .

Secondly, it bothers me that for an English film to be accepted by America (I class this as an English film very loosely) it seems that it has to be concerned only with the dull lovelives of obnoxious upper middle class London media types, who amount to less than 0.1% of the population.

Movie like You Got Mail, Truth About Cats and Dogs, Addicted to Love, etc. They all are just something to watch when you are bored, and has no classic feeling to it; even a gigantic Oscar hit like As Good As It Gets, which I loved.

This is a very dull movie.

She quite plainly enjoys the company of nasty (but witty) Cleaver far more than that of the dreary, stuffed-shirt, cucumber-up-appendage, Darcy.

So, 'Bridget Jones's Diary' could have been infinitely more interesting, romantic and truthful had the filmmakers introduce a character actor such as Paul Sorvino or James Gandolfini, have Bridget give up on the pretty boys, and have the happy couple engage in the hottest, most intense and mindblowing sex ever until the end of time.

an unexpected gem...

As a result, watching Bridget becomes embarrassing and boring rather than exciting and funny considering the intent of the story, that of an obese 30 years old who wants to find a man.

It is really unexpected to know Hugh Grant plays Daniel.

Horror fan watched this chick flick and enjoyed it .

With that simultaneous air of vulnerability and confusion over her destiny , Bridget stumbles from crisis to climax ( sorry ) , supported by cadish Hugh Grant and detached Colin Firth.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat and I think it's really funny too.

Her life becomes even more confusing when these two men fall for her in different ways: her boss who has got everything a woman would want and a lawyer who is socially awkward.

This was a very boring movie.

Unintelligibly, unfunny, uninteresting, unetc.

All in all, a waste of time.

utterly predictable plot, check.

The film is rife with contrived and improbable scenes.

The story is fascinating!

It would have been better with someone like:Bridget FondaMiranda RichardsonThis is at best, an average movie with no plot or any big interest.

This film is a top notch comedy but lacked little suspension and the end was too predictable.

First of all, yes, I realize that it sounds kind of ironic to say that Bridget Jones's Diary is not as GOOD as other Hugh Grant movies, but keep in mind that even this hideously charming English actor has come out with some genuinely entertaining and memorable films (I am thinking, in particular, of films like Four Weddings and A Funeral and especially Notting Hill and even several of his other films that are not Mickey Blue Eyes).

This is entertaining enough to watch once and perhaps even twice - because Hugh Grant is so good in it.

There is something enjoyable but tiresome about watching a bunch of 30 something depress woman trying to find a man before their biological clock expired (though none of them seem to want any kids...

I first saw this movie with a friend a couple of years ago and I really enjoyed it now seeing it again after so long I remember why I liked it so much.

It's a enjoyable romantic comedy if I take it as a pure fairy tale.

Save your money and buy another bottle of Chardonnay instead.

A waste of time, and a waste of money.

I decided to go and see this "brilliant" movie i had been hearing all about from friends, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I had read the book and enjoyed it and did not think a successful transition to the screen was possible.

I found it annoying and boring to the extreme.

boring and very dull.

It is funny, entertaining, and has a great story line.

I have no idea how anyone could like this dull, boring movie.

I thought it was going to be a boring and dull film.

Definitely set to be a classic, this is a film that all people should view at least once, not because it's philosophical or because it makes stunning comments on society, but because it is simply fantastically entertaining.

but this character seemed a bit hollow and empty...

Renee Zellweger's accent is uneven, but the rest of this enjoyable what's-a-gal-to-do comedy is spot on.

But I did not see this before hearing about it; if I had, I'm sure I would have enjoyed it more.

I left the film feeling empty, and wearing an ebbing smile.

All in all an enjoyable evening.

Boring, lacks originality, very predictable .

He is the perfect foil for Grant and his chemistry with the lead is compelling.

Romantic comedies usually suffer from the case of a predictable plot and generic characters.

I suppose he probably was bored and uninspired, considering this is exactly the type of role Colin keeps getting thrown into.

On the upside, the movie runs smoothly and all parts are equally entertaining (for the most part).

The most stunning effort is of course Renee Zellweger's courage to completely destroy her outward appearance and look like the `average woman' instead of a sexy super-model (I suppose, that was the idea).

So utterly predictable, so facile, so self indulgent, so self-consciously designed for females.

Over-Rated But Enjoyable .

It's definitely worth the watch.

Simple, but enjoyable .

Much better than other recent romantic comedies such as "Notting Hill", "My Best Friend's Wedding", "You've Got Mail", etc.I went see "Bridget Jones' Diary" twice already, and I enjoyed it even more the second time around.

Hugh (the compelling bad guy) and Firth (good guy) sort of compete for Renee's affection.

Boring, bad acting, weak punch-lines .

Hugh Grant was very impressive and it was great to see him in such a role as Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill were too much alike character wise and it was about time we saw Hugh in this light and he definitely had the funniest lines and you could tell he was really enjoying his role as Daniel Cleaver which made the film more enjoyable.

Enjoyable for anyone who feels that they can relate to Bridget.

After the prologue, when titles starts to appear, I was already bored.

Bridget Jones's Diary is a very entertaining and very light romantic comedy that is well written, well cast and subtlety humorous from start to finish.

I thought Renee Zellweger and Hugh Grant were good but the script was predictable and boring.

Entertaining - Good Belly Laughs .

", this one is very, very enjoyable without actually having one.

Notting Hill, Four Weddings, Sliding Doors) is entertaining.

However,Bridget Jones's Diary is more of a girl's film than a boy's,who are likely to find it slightly dull.

It is a great strength of Mr Firth that he conveys a sort of boyish awkwardness and lack of confidence instead of inducing yawns.

) and just the performances in general made this a really enjoyable film and i'm glad i that i've seen at last!

I find that opposed to other romantic comedies, this one really embodies a sense of a realist's look at life, and as opposed to focusing on sexy women trying to get sexy men with horrible, predictable jokes being thrown in on occasion, this is far more refreshing.

And I'm afraid women will just find this Jones exercise a waste of time – especially when you arrive at the last five minutes.

A dozen painfully trite sitcom situations, and a silly happy ending (after, of course, the most thoroughly unconvincing excuse for pre-climactic suspense I've ever seen).

When a movie has no plot, or a disagreeable plot, or a predictable plot, creative conversationist nuances can certainly bring a movie forward.

The film goes through the motions as if it were in a trance yet she somehow makes everything bearable and even enjoyable.

Entertaining, but predictable and trite .

What can I say about this movie except it's possibly one of the worst movies of it's type ?

Boorish Barrister (Darcy): lives in a suffocating world of vacuous, society, people, boring jobs, boring lives; and shackled to the most hideous wife-to-be imaginable.


But after the first twenty minutes or so, when they knew they had us in, they took it out and went to cliché land.

Thinking back at the most humorous scenes, I believe it was the dialogue that made this movie enjoyable for me.

BJ is of a lower caste consisting of ordinary people, and might seem boring due to its simplicity.

which obviously isn't true but stick with it, there's nothing remotely funny about being the sort of Cosmo reading, ever so slightly kooky girl depicted here - if this is you, sit down and have a rethink tonight - life's too short to be a cliché.

What a boring, over-hyped piece of cr***!!.

I enjoyed it thoroughly.

An entertaining story, if a bit too full of bad language.

Sounds mundane and derivative?

I highly recommend it.

Bridgette Jones's Diary is witty, entertaining, and endearing.

The cast is very good and the story funny and a little predictable like plots of this genre always are.

Since when has the view of the british been typified as the smart frothily empty world of publishing (since the last Richard Curtis inspired film do I hear you say?

A big ho-hum.

But what a shambles (and it's cinematically bad too, with embarrassingly obvious slow mos whenever Maguire wants you to feel sad).

but i found most of the scenes to be predictable and strung together in a contrived way which made me feel 'set up' to respond in the way the director hoped for....

Possibly the worst movie ever made.

And it is extremely entertaining.

SEX AND THE CITY carries the same objective and makes the trendy singles scene look fun, happening, and intriguing.

The dialogs were funny and engaging, and the plot is not entirely predictable - we were kept in suspense prior to the ending.

Funny at times, but somewhat boring .

) and the mega-cheesy and ultra-predictable ending.

Movies are supposed to be entertaining, informative or maybe even a little bit of both, and I know that most movies out there fail to do any of those things and Bridget Jones is one of those movies.

Unfortunately Hugh Grant did not pull off the same feat, making it hard to like Daniel Cleaver even in his romantic moments, making the ending all the more predictable to anyone in the audience unaware of the original novel the film is based on, Pride and Prejudice.

I found it totally uninteresting and certainly not funny for the most part, although a few of the women in the theater seemed to be laughing with some of the corny, girly jokes thrown here and there.

Renee stars in a funny and entertaining film .

A well crafted, reality based comedy/drama that is enjoyable and refreshingly devoid of inane nonsense or gross jokes is a rare find these days, and this is one of the best to hit the screen in a long, long time.

Although not the best film, and perhaps without much depth (not to say none), Bridget Jones's diary is somehow addictive and absolutely enjoyable.

Well I saw this movie the day before yesterday and really felt disappointed because of its plot, it's dull.

I reckon it was meant to target the dull spinster audience in order to cheer them up and inflict the idea that there is a chance for them all.

Highly Enjoyable .

It's a standard Hollywood movie, but a clever script, Zellweger's performance, and an excellent supporting cast lifts this predictable story to a level well above most of the romantic comedies.

Nevertheless, it's a reasonably entertaining movie with its fun.

It's too predictable and from the introduction of both men, we know which one she's going to fall for.


If your a girl you'll probably find this a stunning exploration into the amorous side of woman-kind, where a single real-sized woman stands up amidst a backlash of what male-kind throws at her.

Zellweger's electrifying and charming performance as the quirky and awkward titular heroine single-handedly made me, at least for a moment, think that this conventional and predictable rom-com is way more witty than it actually is.

The implications of that statement are even more depressing than this monotone film.

It was very, very predictable.

Definitely a gripping storyline to keep viewers interested and never gets the boring moments as many films do.

Its faults (like so many romantic comedies) lie in the completely predictable plot (I mean this one was super-predictable!

They also did all those stupid , pointless, irritating things films of books always do: Mark Darcy's Mum's name is changed from Elaine to Geraldine.

I think this attitude, plus Renne's magic intense moments, made Bridget Jones more than it might have been.

My girlfriend dragged me to see this, and although I'll admit that it was mildly entertaining, I spent much of my time wondering what was the point of making it!

Colin Firth must be the most dull looking man ever and Grant well...

This is truly unexpected, and heartening.

Bridget Jones's Diary is very entertaining, often hilarious, and also rather cute.