Buffalo '66 (1998) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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After being released from prison, Billy is set to visit his parents with his wife, whom he does not actually have. This provokes Billy to act out, as he kidnaps a girl and forces her to act as his wife for the visit.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Vincent Gallo
Stars: Vincent Gallo, Christina Ricci
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 60 out of 340 found boring (17.64%)

One-line Reviews (173)

What is truly intriguing is the premise, as it unfolds, to reveal why our hero had gone to prison in the first place and how his true character evolves to become what it was destined to be.

It's a pretty intriguing little movie, that deliberately keeps things small and simple.

This film is one of my favorites, it is moving,enjoyable and sometimes hilarious.

The dysfunctional charm of Gallo and his film make for surreal and riveting cinema.

It's a sad but true Hollywood cliché nowadays that every young actor has to direct (and write) his own damn movie (Bacon, Depp, Sutherland, to name a few).

Layla the unpredictable tap dancer, therefore, sticks out in a beautiful way; her manner and actions seem so fantastic, magical, that she could be simply a mirage in the life of the pathetic loser, Billy Brown.

That low rent quality, however, is another of the components of this quirky, unconventional, yet inevitably compelling presentation.

A complete waste of time.

It defies and incorporates clichés and presents them in an entertaining mix.

Yes, Vincent Gallo can be a jerk; yes, there are large swathes of "Buffalo '66" where his character makes you want to kill him; yes, it can be a bit self-indulgent; and yes, the blurbs on the video box ("The best independent movie of the Nineties," etc) aren't really lived up to.

So often I come out of films with very little to say about them (eg LITTLE VOICE, enjoyable film, characters not very sympathetic, brilliant performances from Brenda Blethyn and Michael Caine, end of story).

It represents the dreary environment of a nearly Midwestern city - Buffalo, New York.

A slow film to watch and took a little getting used to.

This was an astoundingly bad film which was only saved slightly by the 2 lead performances and fairly good direction, but I still wouldn't waste your time watching it.

Christina Ricci is stunning and shines in her blue dress and glittery shoes.

Gallo tries to hard, employing an overabundance of New Wave, artsy-fartsy stuff.

So great the acting of Billy Brown(Vincent Gallo) & Layla(Christina Ricki) that movie is worth watching inspite of weak storyline & some flaws.

It's a shame this film is overlooked and not viewed by enough people, cause this really is a engaging and fantastic movie that deserves to be viewed.

Buffalo '66 is, without a doubt, the second worst movie I have seen in my life.

Much of the dialogue is pointless dribble.

This is a very quirky and compelling film with some good performances and a lot of nuances, this seems to be very much a film about perceptions.

Vincent Gallo plays the auteur here as writer/director/actor, with stunning results.

the dialogue is sometimes funny but quite repetitive which detracts from it.

The paleness and the dreary feeling that is in this production makes it just more exciting in a funny kind of way.

Ho hum.

Buffalo '66 begins with this fascinating montage, the outside of a gritty prison facility in the snow.

This story of an ex-con who kidnaps a dancer and has her pose as his spouse and then attempts to extract revenge upon a ex -football kicker is for the most part entertaining and a convincing character study.

"Buffalo 66" was beautiful to look at and the characters were really entertaining ( esp.

Whether biological parents can demonstrate such intense apathy and coldness toward their own flesh and blood, as seen in this movie, is up for debate.

Some people think this movie is boring.

an interesting and unpredictable film .

i have come across the stray female who is attracted to obviously harmless and disjointed human beings who express their desperation through obnoxiousnous.

My boyfriend fell asleep!

waste of time.........................

There's no story here.

The dialogue, often banal, is incidental to the movie's movement.

Add the worst acting one could possibly imagine (even Rourke, Huston and Gazzara are completely wasted), nerve-racking, monotonous, repetitive dialogue, a man wearing the same expression in his face for 110 minutes, the ugliest clothes ever to appear on screen, camerawork a first-grade film student couldn't do worse, and you get something that should not be in this database.

It is slow and at times outright boring.

Tried to be too artsy.

entertaining and worth seeing.

This touching film is well worth watching.

Despite the ego-tripping arrogance that Vincent Gallo loves to flaunt in print, his film is sometimes compelling, occasionally brilliant, and almost always watchable.

Buffalo '66 is a critically acclaimed film, and it gets its point across very clearly, but it is just too slow and obscure at certain points.

Self-indulgent tripe or brilliant cinema?

Self indulgent, far fetched, and unsympathetic.

The story is beautiful and compelling, ALL the performances are subtle and very naturalistic and the means through which the story is told is distinct.

While it may not be for everyone, it's still a very entertaining and rewarding film.

Without ruining anything, I'll just tell you it's a revenge story, and the outcome is both unexpected and perfect.

For start, some scenes were just so plain and monotone.

The bizarre chemistry that exists between Gallo & Ricci is completely fascinating, leaving you with so many questions.

The latter plan is absurd because he doesn't know anyone, he's deeply immersed in himself so what does he do?

However, sometimes I felt the film was a bit pretentious and the editing the first five minutes or so nearly drove me mad -- it was so annoying.

3) The climactic scene at the strip club was quite good, with the intense instrumental build of the song "Heart of the Sunrise" leading up nicely to the aborted hit.

However, I got half way through the film and fell asleep.

Gallo has created an inventive and intriguing story, and directs the film is very stylistic fashion, but of course it is his on screen presence that is best, being an unlikeable but sympathetic character, as well as the beautiful Ricci being just as compelling as the one who is falling for him, a dark and unusual drama.

And because of this, here comes the second problem - it was so boring at moments that I didn't notice any comedy, I don't know why it's written that this is one of the genres.

buffalo is never really funny,just dull.

I feel like the film would've been better if, after Billy almost kills himself and buys Layla hot chocolate and a heart-shaped cookie, he finds the room empty.

This was by far the worst movie I have ever sat through.

Besides that, some of the scenes were downright boring.

A previous reviewer called it "a psychologically boring and depressing movie with nothing to show except for Vincent Gallo's loads of 60s cinema tricks up in his sleeve in an attempt to impress us.

It's fascinating that this movie has garnered such powerful reactions, both positive and negative –and I would hope potential viewers take this into consideration– before dismissing a gem.

It has a lot to say about the pointlessness of revenge, but even that as well as some fascinating camera work in the strip club at the end of the movie are not enough to save this film from cinematic obscurity.

For those who aren't taken in, don't waste your time with this film.

Not only was the dialogue unnecessarily sporadic and unimaginative, the cinematography became SO predictable, I found myself guessing each and every shot that would be experienced come the future.

After seeing it I was totally out of my mind and emotionally exploding, even though the quality is pretty bad the movie contains just the most breathtaking scenes.

Quirky and compelling; it's worth a look.

An unexpected romance develops between the inexperienced and tormented dreamer Billy and the nonchalant captive Layla.

It was surprisingly unpredictable.

you will have to watch the rest to find out what happens believe me its worth watching.

Quirky actors, unexpected scenes....

I usually waste no time to see a movie that is directed, written, starring and produced by the same person; that means he or she has a good commodity.

Yet I can't really say that this is a BAD film, much as I loathed it: it's well directed, has a terrific cast, Billy's dialogue has a certain compelling, desperate rhythm to it at times, and its grimy, downtrodden locations are extremely well chosen.

Ricci's (whom I like, but found incredibly bland in this film) situation with the kidnapper.

Fascinating and horrifying in equal measure.

Funny, Entertaining, and oddly-romantic .

Well worth watching .

Had I not seen Buffalo '66 on hired DVD in the comfort of my own home, I probably would've walked out of the theater somewhere round the twenty minute mark.

Most of the intriguing people I meet on a daily basis are bad actors at life.

It's a rare treat to see scenes set in bus stations, empty bowling alleys and Denny's restaurants.

Worst movie of all time.

Even if the movie might not be to your taste (a lot of people don't like this film at all, and they find it boring and meaningless).

all in all you should see it especially if you are sick of the hollywood storylines and predictable endings.

The guy seems to be a little slow and believes Billy is someone that he really isn't, of course Billy thrives on this and in return offers kind gestures back.

Owing a nod to Jim Jarmusch's goofily bland environments, Gallo portrays the backdrop of Buffalo as a realer-than-real world of everyday people who tread the fine line between the mundane and kitschy.

Buffalo '66, while not a terribly exciting film, is quite engrossing.

Except for the boring parts.

Actor Vincent Gallo makes a feature directing debut with this bizarre, self-indulgent tale of a troubled guy, played by him in a narcissistic mode, who has never reconciled his unhappy childhood.

The ending is unexpected, and the acting of both Gallo and Ricci deserved recognition.

It may be the worst movie I've every seen and it's really annoying how the dude just complains and is mean talking and rude to this girl all the time.

I found the characters annoying, the plotline as riveting as velcro, and Christina Ricci unbelievable.

The action sequence is highly inventive, using synthetic models for heads, the loud fast music, and slow motion to create a brilliant, adrenaline pumping effect.

If he had been less of an asshole or if they had tried to show anything to justify her loving acceptance of victimhood, I might've forgiven the film and enjoyed it.

But the mind-numbingly unsubtle, egotistical, banal, clichéd, uninvolving and fundamentally stupid nature of Billy's progress puts this film absolutely beyond redemption for me.

But it always has a certain level of charm to it that makes it so that you can't help but enjoy every minute of it, even if the main character does have the most boring and uninspired movie name of all time.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 4: Worth watching.

Unfortunately, the film is very boring and there just isn't much to warrant its lengthy running time.

I love his presence on screen and the snappy dialogue.

You'll really get immersed into it's tragic story.

Overall, medium quality but definitely worth watching once.

"Buffalo '66," written and directed by Vincent Gallo (whose name means "victorious chicken"), is basically just another life-is-bleak-and-I'm-such-a-loser exercise of the type I generally find so tiresome.

This is not a careless film, it's a fascinating portrait.

The development is slow and grand.

Is it an ugly, muddled, loose-ended exercise in self-indulgence?

Worst movie ever.

His metamorphosis through the movie was unexpected and triumphant.

self serving but entertaining .

Excellent examples of these long frozen takes include the conversation on the edge of the hotel bed, and the photo booth sequence.

One of those few films worth watching over and over again.

But, the movie moves along so slow, and never really climaxes much.

interesting yet slow .

Well you will either leave after 20 minutes or be fond of it.

Tedious, and that's putting it politely.

The film captures the dreary and bleak post-industrial atmosphere of Buffalo astonishingly well, too, almost making the city, itself, a character of sorts.

Overall, this is the second worst movie I think has ever been put to celluloid.

Fans of good photography and intense acting should look long and hard at Buffalo 66.

Granted, some of Gallo's techniques are a bit cliche'd and over-the-top artsy.

Sometimes pretentious, mostly good .

Long boring sequences that are supposed to be offbeat.

Anjelica Huston is stunning as the indifferent football fan that prefers watching the game over her new daughter-in-law explaining how she and Billy met.

" Enjoy this film for its subtle, underplayed performances; the relationship between Billy Brown and Layla is intriguing and grows to be beautiful.

Quirky, fascinating and satisfying .

It was brave of Gallo to opt for a slower, more experimental way of telling the story.

It doesn't surprise me that Gallo originally completed a screenplay for this film a full decade before he made it, because this strikes me as fundamentally adolescent posturing, which is going to be appreciated primarily by young men who are in the adolescent-posturing stage themselves - aged eighteen it's possible I'd have found this a thrilling exercise in self-justification.

I know, fans of this film will try and tell me there's more to it than that, and there is, but the what's "more to it" is equally unappealing, or just plain boring.

Boring and dull .

Although, some find this film boring, I didn't get bored by it and it kept my attention until the end.

There's a sullen indifference about how onlookers might feel about Billy Brown that some people might regard as daring or brave or unflinchingly honest, but I'm sure there are others who feel as I do that Vincent Gallo's creation is unsettling and self-indulgent.

Stunning piece by Gallo .

Micky Rourke is awesomely fascinating as the mobster.

Aside from script issues, the film was also boring and just seemed to drag on and there were many instances where there was just dialogue (most of which was uninteresting) with little to no plot development.

Pretentious, self-indulgent, self-absorbed, and just plain unbelievable, this film inspired my brother to promise to beat the crap out of Vincent Gallo should they ever meet.

clerks was very funny,entertaining,and not dull.

The bizarre chemistry that exists between Gallo & Ricci is completely fascinating, leaving you with so many questions.

I believe the reason she doesn't is because director, writer, composer and actor Gallo understands that in most scripts out of cliché Hollywood, she WOULD leave Billy.

One of the best things about it is the desolate resonance of the cold, obscure industrial city of Buffalo, NY, a bleak place with a good football team, where the meaning in people lives comes in the form of the depressing/mundane; sports, strip clubs, bowling.

Early on, this film seems to be going nowhere, as the viewer watches Gallo's character Billy, just released from prison, trying desperately to find a toilet.

I read one comment where the happy ending seemed contrived and that in reality he would obviously mess things up and loose the girl...

Unwatchable .

Some of the stylistic elements are interesting, the strip-club scene in particular is very effective, and there are entertaining and memorable moments throughout.

This is a nonsensical, pretentious and gratuitously-profane piece of garbage with, as one fellow reviewer puts it in his headline, "no redeeming values":...

This movie is definitely worth watching.

An absolute waste of time.

Dull, Blase, Nothing Little Film .

BUFFALO 66 includes some breathtaking performances, especially by Angelica Huston and Ben Gazzara.

After all, I found "Fight Club" extremely enjoyable purely because it was an obvious satire, whose punch line alluded a surprising amount of critics.

It is an entertaining independent film.

This is like one of those nightmares you have as a grownup that is strangely enjoyable and completely involving.

This pushing away by these heartless, empty people turned young Billy into a introvert who was only able to find love within the confines of his own dreamy mind.

They fall asleep, with him close to her.

It's not a particularly fresh film, but there's an exciting sense of raw talent emerging, and the movie has all the requisite pleasures therein.

I was on the edge of my seat all the time to see if he would finally kiss the girl or have any sort of physical connection with her.

don't waste your time watching this movie!.

As it is, they become tedious, such as the loong segment at the parent's house.

They did their jobs & animated their characters so well that they were unbearable.

Ricci herself is always worth watching, and there are flashes of brilliance from her and the rest of the cast.

Unwatchable .

This is basically a very low budget film that is done very well, it's very engaging and I really liked the direction of it all.

this movie was quite possibly the most boring, painful movie that i have ever seen.

I found the film to be funny, sad, and entertaining.

Great, unpredictable scenes and dialogue.

They meet their "daughter in law", they like her, they mostly ignore Billy, and then the newlyweds move on to other experiences that are both mundane and fascinating.

Despite his profoundly un-enjoyable follow-up effort "Brown Bunny" Vincent Gallo is obviously a talented film maker and it is unfortunate that he has not contributed more.

I enjoy slowly paced films.

Gallo, who has been wrongly accused of "self-indulgence" overkill, can do no wrong.

The dialogue is hilarious, the visual style fascinating in the stark and cold lighting and presentation.

This is a boring film.

Buffalo 66 is one of the worst movies I have paid to see in recent memory.

Bizarre and yet strangely compelling .

Several superb technical sequences allow the movie,which is slow in spots, to stay alive in weird anticipation to what he will do next.

would rather watch paint dry, again and again and again

Emotionally, the movie was empty.

If you are, like me, someone who heard for years how visionary and unusual this film was, don't waste your time on it.