Bumblebee (2018) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a junkyard in a small California beach town. On the cusp of turning 18 and trying to find her place in the world, Charlie Watson discovers Bumblebee, battle-scarred and broken.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Travis Knight
Stars: Hailee Steinfeld, Jorge Lendeborg Jr.
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 187 out of 1000 found boring (18.7%)

One-line Reviews (444)

"Say what you will about the Michael Bay films, but at least they were entertaining.

I see people complaining that it focuses on the girl too much, others complaining it's predictable or the plot isn't the best.

Predictable plot, lot of nonsense dialogues or scene, common conversation.

So confusing.....

Cliche story , a perfect partnership b/w car and kid, happy ending.

No story.

The movie was soooo boring, acting was horrible especially by Jon Cena (and don't get me started on THAT solute at the end where I felt I wanted to actually slap myself).

The plot was rather weak and dull.

Way over-hyped and boring.

I literally fell asleep watching the last one.

I enjoyed it.

Your kids will leave the theater with visions of Bumblebee merch dancing in their heads.

Boring, slow, predictable and full of cliche dialogues...

The Fox Kids had much stronger and exciting content than this...

A simple waste of money!

Simple and enjoyable

Good movie, I enjoyed it...

Don't waste your time or money!!.

WowTravis Knight has cracked the code that Michael Bay couldn't in 5 whole films, and boy was this film a surprise but more importantly really entertaining.

One of the worst movies ever seen .

Very predictable & very boring.

Instead they rather have two politically correct and drab deceptions acting as bounty hunters.

The jokes were pointless and overwhelming.

This movie was sweet and funny and action packed and broke my heart - in an E.

The whole movie is predictable from the start.

There were a few blind spots in the movie which could've been developed further, but for the most part you'll be quite chuffed with the neat-o 80s soundtrack, subdued but still magical cinematography, charismatic fresh faces and overall good execution of this familiar but beloved archetypal coming of age story.

The relationship between Charlie and Bumblebee was quite emotional in parts, especially when they had to part company towards the end, but her ridiculous family who didn't really seem that bothered when their house was totally destroyed by Bumblebee, was a pointless addition to the cast.

Fell asleep through the movie.

Unfortunately the film is let down only by a weak and predictable story that loses all its momentum after about 30 mins or so.

Jumps from one Bay cliche into the other accompanied by pompous special fx to mask the lack of proper acting.

It gives some passing lip service to a space war; there is some relativist remark about "traitors" and "rebellion", as well as autobots and deceptacons, but they are just a few splotches of what might be vivid paint to color out the background of an otherwise bland movie.

Don't waste your money

An entertaining family movie .


The first Transformers film was bold, loud and colourful with jaw dropping visuals but the sequels grew tiresome with ever increasing contrived storylines and the unfunny humour.

All scenes predictable....

It was enjoyable and kiddo loved it and I'm happy about the whole evening.

Very predictable and immature plot.

It's very very very boring.. I stopped watching after 45 mins.

An entertaining film that shows us a brighter and more human future for the saga.

Such a cool period of time, slow progression & faultless acting.

super, and twisted it into highest bidding propaganda, then Transformers have actually gone the other way - from Bay's rather...

those movies are flawed but they are super entertaining, whereas you will only like this movie if you are cool with high school dramas (1 viewing) SPOILERS let's talk about some of the cliched moments.

Don't waste your time .

Nothing happened throughout the movie.

Bumblebee made me care again about Transformers after Age of Extinction and The Last Knight failed to make the franchise what it should be, enjoyable.

Nothing feels right about this movie, and I feel that in a rush to give this (a seemingly independent story) a happy ending, they went all outs to make it as cheesy and cliche as possible, to the point where one starts thinking what am I doing sitting in this theatre and wasting time on this nonsensical drama movie.

Bumble bee dies like 4-5 times and it gets a bit boring.

Then, its a teen movie, with the cliche misfit vs popular kids, with some action and transformers in it.

Ultimately i enjoyed it, probably the closet thing to the transformers i remember from my childhood.

fun, engaging, and full of heart...

The acting was ridiculously bad, the scenes idiotic and boring, and the doofus stepdad is so cliche, tired and extremely unfunny.

Another cliche coming of age story, this time with robots.

Full of forced and amateur dialogue one would expect a 12 year old to post on her Wattpad, this movie is obviously overhyped and a literal waste of my time and money.

Bumblebee is a boring film.

For all it's faults and there are a few, you can still turn off your brain for two hours and enjoy a fun, action packed, popcorn flick with good humour and a fun time.

Bumblebee wasn't amazing, but it was enjoyable and very watchable.

Overly hyped and boring to watch

A boring Transformers movie.

This film is an excellent attempt to demonstrate the capacity and full potential of a well-made Transformers film, however, it falls a little behind with the boring narrative, full of opportunistic moments and clichés, including performances that stay flat on the floor.

This is an enjoyable movie.

This was more a coming of age movie for the female protagonist with her high school dramas between friends and family.

All in all its 80% out of 100 or 8 out of 10 its a really entertaining film and a really hope they do another film like this again, that time I will be waiting in line to see it with anticipation.

Yes, it's predictable in the way that within the first 10 minutes, you'll know the way the story goes in this movie.

It felt like a bore fest.

Thoroughly enjoyable for children while leaving adults wanting something more .

It brings the pacing down because the movie can't decide if it wants to be an action thriller or a personal movie and even though it kind of worked out in the end, a more fast paced approach would've worked in the movie's favor (Like maybe introduce the two decepticons with a fight scene instead of the end of the fight or something like the Helicopter transformer in T1 which was a cool action scene).

After a long time i found a transformers movie so entertaining.

The action in this film was very intense, the bonding between Bumblebee and the Humans was also brilliant.

Parents should know that there are still intense action sequences, a teen romance, and parental loss and remarriage.

I felt that this story was slow and uneventful.

Much of the story and the characters are formulaic and without a lot of story to them.

Worth the watch.

Of course the robot action sequences are visually superb, if scientifically dubious, but what makes this film really enjoyable, and elevates it from all its siblings in the frnachise, is the way the characters interwine and cover a lot of interesting emotional ground.

My most absolute favourite and most thrilling thing I got from this movie is the G1 (Generation 1 for non Transformers geeks) references to the original cartoons.

First 10 minutes is all you need to watch then nothing happens after that .

Boring tropes you've seen 100 times, the beat of the story was so predictable i considered walking out.

Enjoyable .

And this whole girl/car thing it's cliché from back in the 70s.

I enjoyed it all, the acting, the action and really loved the VW beetle angle.

The titular character of Bumblebee gets a story to himself and it's a cliched-yet-entertaining one!

So happy I didnt waste my money seeing this in theaters!!!

Funny and entertaining if you're under 12 years of age

From the movie starting I was entertained from the fight scene to seeing Hailee steinfeld stunning performance with this Mechanical Beast Beetle I was totally impressed in which this franchise had changed from a blockbuster Michael Bay CAR CRASH MOVIE to a family friendly movie with a interesting storyline I was so happy it had been done right .

generally got bored and starting to wish they would end.

Story line very slow and predictable.

I've really enjoyed the Transformers movies that preceded Bumblebee, they were tough, action packed, funny and never dull.

And, the entire movie has kind of a slow build.


Bumblebee is just another boring transformer movie.

Literally the worst movie i have ever watched .

Good entertaining movie...

Good storyline mixed with the humorous moments made it a enjoyable movie.

It's the perfect movie to bore pretty much the entire family.

It's an unwatchable super corny overacted crap movie.

Bumblebee instead is slower-paced, taking its time to tell a story about a grieving, outcast girl connecting with a lost creature from another world.

I stopped watching half way though it was just so boring and predictable.

Waste of money waste of time.

Save your money.

Boring pointless plot .

But this movie has some very obvious cliche's.

Hate being bored with nothing to do.

Fun and entertaining to watch and a lot better then the other Transformer movies.

The style of the Transformers is amazing but the plot is boring and the large amount of scenes with people in them makes me not enjoy the film.

I mean Fine, Audience got bored of typical Michael Bay directions perhaps.

This was sooo slow, so unnesseary dialogue and no fun at all.

What a waste of money!!.

Most enjoyable .

I wouldn't call it a keeper,but still enjoyable

The story however, is something that's filled with cliches and a lot of the side characters are just bland.

Previous films suffered from the razzle dazzle of visual overload using teams of CGI-heavy robots engaging in shaky-camera combat heavy acrobatics over sprawling cities.

I did not have very high expectations for this film, especially with its trailer, which I thought it was a boring film.

I enjoyed it as much as all other Transformers movies.

"Unforgettable" scenarist Christina Hodson's cookie-cutter screenplay is predictable pablum.

One of the worst movies that I have ever watched .

The story is so predictable, the dialogs are so cringe and bad and nothing exciting never happens, the acting is bad except for Hailee.

It is predictable, bland and boring.

But I can't ignore the other aspects and I have to explain 2\10 rating, something I give only to the worst movies imaginable, because 1\10 is literally only good for "just cause" rating, same as 10\10.

Comparing to the first movie; that was way hilarious and Entertaining for sure.

Of course this movie is predictable.

Boring and repetitive movie for 10 year olds

Beyond the cliche stuff of military it was a lot of fun.

Heart warming and moderately exciting.

A lot of time was spent focusing on the girl's life and it was boring actually.

Bumblebee however was an enjoyable action film and after the continuous disappointment of the Transformers franchise is a breath of fresh air!

The only Bay movie was worth watching was the first two.

It just the first transformers but boring and nothing to do with the transformers trilogy.

A proof of how utterly disposable this character is for the plot is that before the final confrontation he volunteers to be left behind which is pointless as you would see if you've watched the movie.

This was an extra movie I know with the Transformers so I think it's a family film and I highly recommend it you won't be disappointed

and THRILLING Generation 1 references.

I liked how it started, but after 10 mins i got bored till the end, like nothing actually happen.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see a fun popcorn flick.

But it's very good action that gets things off to a rousing start.

Very bland .

Its a Fun, Entertaining MovieIts Like Herbie Meets TransformersGreat Fight ScenesGreat CGI as Usual for TransformersBreath of Fresh Air for the Franchise

Acting was terrible, storyline was predictable, CG was garbage, and the list goes on.

Overall an enjoyable film, that is hard to fault.

Besides, due to Mr. Bay's pyrotechnic filmmaking, it was exciting to imagine such a story starring Bumblebee, in the 80s.

Almost all of the other live action Transformers movies gave audiences no time to connect with the characters, were filled with long action sequences to make up for lack of story and felt like a competition to see how much product placement they could ram into a film.

I have only fell asleep 2 times in my 50 years of watching movies.

Entertaining enough .

The story itself was pretty straight forward no plot twists that dramatically change the course of the film.

Transform and roll-out robot fans in disguise as we have a new and exciting review on our hands, Bumblebee.

It looks weird without explosions and cities getting destroyed, If you are going in expecting it to be action packed then you will be disappointed.

T.. This partnership is the film's beating heart and draws us in as the pair's bond deepens - she training him like a giant, five-ton puppy and he filling the void left yawning by her loss.

+Action packed, adrenaline rush battles that will immerse you into the watching experience.

As a film what makes Bumblebee enjoyable and the best of the Transformers film is that there is enough heart, the comedy isn't forced, the characters are likable (mainly Hailee Steinfield as the lead) and the action isn't over the top.

+It's bold, visually stunning, fast paced and positive.

This movie is a fun, entertaining ride.

It has an mediocre and cliche plot.

This movie is not just about robots fighting but there are funny scene, heartfelt scene and intense fighting scene.

Further on many popular 80s hits (as the movie is set in 1987) kept coming up which added to that, but that was only distracting enough to make a mediocre movie enjoyable.

Cliché after cliché, bad acting, bad plot.

Cliche .

With pathetic jokes, boring screenplay, predictable plot and limited action this movie is just one time watch.

The relationship building is slow to watch and difficult to engage with.

The story, while predictable, serves the movie and is fleshed out in a very enjoyable way.

Painfully repetitive, full of cliched emotions and abundance of bland actors so repulsive, I am thinking why I did not walk out.

Boring, predictable and stupid .

I actually found myself getting bored halfway through which shouldn't happen and has never happened before during a transformers movie.

Starting part and end part both are watchable, but in the middle you can feel something boring family drama and a girl-boy drama.

I believe the bees that were shown are American Worker Bees, I really did think they were going to show bumblebees and got excited when i saw it but they're far too long to be bumblebees.

Snore .

The only thing right about this film was the 80's setting, and the design of the robots; seeing Optimus Prime in his proper form brought a tear to my eye; it's just that the rest of the film was tedious to watch and felt like a straight to DVD kids movie.

More about a teenager coming of age & learning what is important instead of another rock em sock em installment of a franchise trying to continue on...

I absolutely loved watching this film and found it very enjoyable and entertaining to watch and preferred watching this film to the other Transformers which i have watched.

The only reason I'm giving it a 7/10 is simply due to the fact that this is the kind of movie it wants to be, a fun and enjoyable Transformers movie, with nothing much to it.

I enjoyed it but i found the writing to be a bit hamfisted and predictable.

Nostalgia aside, the action sequences were totally believable and gripping.

It's brought to life with a fantastically deft hand which allows the flick's robotic battles to actually be exciting, as they should have been from the very beginning, mainly because they're consistently well-choreographed - not to mention legible - and feature actual characters, regardless of their metallic nature.

Nothing happened.

This movie was below average, cliche, and downright stupid at points.

This makes for just a fun enjoyable movie.

Enjoyable combination of prequel/spin-off/reboot set in the late 1980s, focusing on intrepid Autobot scout Bumblebee who's sent from Cybertron to Earth on a vital mission.

The cringeworthy pervy over the top ultra violent garbage from Michael Bay has been ditched for a more childish take for the Bumblebee movie, while still keeping with the "teen saviour" angle that is thankfully non pervy yet still incredibly boring.

Delightful Heartwarming Action Packed Movie .

The biggest one being that this is a familiar story and the beats are predictable.

It became boring to watch the Transformers transform.

Wish it would've been a bit more serious instead of it always having to be the teenage underdog cliché, with military cliché personnel that only wants to kill and experiment on everything even tho autobots are vastly superior.

Although that isn't saying much given the franchises track record, Knight (with Hodson's terrific script) crafts a genuinely fun film that packs exciting action and (in the biggest plot twist of the franchise) genuine emotion.

All the military characters are as cheesy and cliche as possible.

I was bored out of my mind watching this film.

This also means that there are moments of slower paces when Bumblebee gets to know Hailee's character.

We've already heard this story a thousand times, but let's face it: no one on planet Earth can resist clever, poignant feel-good movies, no matter time, place or mood, this always enjoyable sub-genre will get followers in large part for how easy it is to identify yourself and get along with the characters.

Decent blockbuster: enjoyable, well-made, predictable .

It's very enjoyable and the whole family could watch it.

All in all I really enjoyed it.

Lots of unimportant sequences in the film (the long drawn out scene where Bumblebee destroys the house)Somehow the kids manage to break in to a maximum security base by simply cutting a fence lock...? Trash movie with a trash plot.

The love interest predictable and programmed.

It's worth seeing and pretty darn entertaining.

The only thing that has me puzzled is the continuity as there's confusion over whether or not this is a reboot or a prequel given some conflicting elements.

Hailee Steinfeld was rerally stunning in her performance on this movie.

Unbelievably boring.

However Knight and screenwriter Christina Hodson have managed to make a film with a script that is funny, enjoyable, action packed and damn entertaining all in under 2 hours.

I want to say the movie was enjoyable.

Honestly, I would have walked out of it didn't seem like my younger brother enjoyed it.

And come to think of it, Bay's version of the robot characters pretty much had the life sucked right out of them, as they all felt so soulless and empty inside.

Don't waste your money and wait for it to come out on TV.

The plot was predictable.

This film also has a great soundtrack, loads of intense action involving Battles between the Autobots and the Decepticons and the humans and is a film which is just completely awesome.

Sadly the story is beyond formulaic.

And the pacing is quite slow.

Most notably, there is a confusing non-love interest/love interest introduced an hour into the film that goes absolutely nowhere, which feels more like a studio mandated element, rather than an organic occurrence.

A great movie: With the last few transformers movies seeming more and more repetitive and rehashed.

The 80s music played in this music gives it an 80s feel but the overall movie is ruined with bland humor with an absolute shoddy story line that made me wish it was finished already because a boring day in my life is more entertaining than this movie.

The action scenes were bland, nothing we haven't seen before.

So, this bumblebee character keeps getting beat over and over and over again and still he does not die, whereas some teen girl keeps crying and crying and crying and at the end we die of boredom

Jack Burns - played with intermittent charm by John Cena - just barely works as a character, while everyone around him is either forgettably bland or memorably idiotic.

Storyline is slow and I mistake to compare with previous Transformer movies, which makes it too slow for me.

I can see how the sequels will be perfect comics, but how they will also be as bland as your first boiled bowl of rice.

Terrible terrible TERRIBLE story line; full of cliches and an overly predictable story line.

I thoroughly enjoyed it heaps more than all the other Transformer movies.

Don't waste your time watching it, am sure u have better things to do or sleep



But still the movie felt bland for me,because this movie falls short than the Bayformers in the music department.

It is just so predictable And hard to get through.

This movie is basically a more boring clone of the Transformers 1 movie (they basically copypasted large parts of the T1 plot in some scenes in a way), except with way fewer cool robot fights and way more deaf spots, where the characters just stand around and do nothing.

Lots of dialogue, very little action and a certified snoozer city.

" American singer Hailee Steinfeld has shaped an acting career brimming with victories, with an Oscar nomination for her practically flawless performance as Mattie Ross in Coen Brothers' "True Grit" and one Golden Globe for her unique Nadine in "The Edge of Seventeen," my favorite coming of age film- Bo Burnham's highly praised "Eighth Grade" is still waiting in my bucket list.

The CGI seemed worse than it was in 2007, the story was boring and lead nowhere, adding all this together I was just happy when it was finally over.

Really boring .

Even the film's pace and duration felt snappy and fast (Unlike Transformers The Last Knight- again, poop).

The 80s setting is almost too in your face, but I enjoyed it well enough.

Hugely enjoyable .


The movie had such lovely positive energy and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Overall, a great Transformer movie with plenty of heart with a story that makes the Transformers fun and exciting all over again.

There is a good abundance of action in the movie, and it is done with elegance, whereas some of the movies in the actual main franchise seemed to focus more on just random destruction and violence, And the fact that there actually was a proper underlying storyline and plot to supported by the action just made it all the more enjoyable.

A Waste of Money.

The Most Boring Transformer franchise ever .

This movie is corny feminist propaganda in a franchise geared towards boys.

While having a predictable character arc, John Cena did a nice job with his role.

This movie was so slow and ended on an anticlimactic ending so just a slow build of talking to nothing not worth the time or money unless you need a nap

Positive: Bumblebee's clumsiness makes him kindparticularly emotional scenes80s vibe and soundtracknegative: weak story fundament (conventional adversary story)predictable and less dramatic storylineless sophisticated action and side roles (John Cena looks out of place)conclusion: more of a family blockbuster instead of well-staged cinema

Boring .

The screenplay was awesome but I leef Jhon Should be more action packed and the more fighting & action should be added in this move .

Predictable story, non-sensical plot, unnecessary cheesy moments.

Waste of time .

Thank you so much for making this movie we really enjoyed it and hope we get the chance of watching more of Bumblebee and the transformers.

" It's when the film dips into plot lines involving Decepticons and government agent John Cena trying to locate Bumblebee that "Bumblebee" loses steam and slips into the dull bombast of the Michael Bay Transformer films.

For this is the perfect example of making a predictable and cliché movie that everyone can be proud of.

I wanted to look away or leave the theater!!

Some acting is better than others and comparisons can be drawn from other movies but it is still definitely worth watching.

Don't waste your time with it.

It was thrilling seeing so many of our favorite characters and meeting a few new ones.


As the title says this was a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

Transformers has become a dull, cheesy young teen girl romantic drama with some robot scenes.

There are seeds of greatness in this movie and Hailee makes it worth watching.

Conclusion: All being said I really loved this movie, it felt new and exciting for the series and had a good plot and cast.

The army men are cliche and there's not enough action (not necessarily fights).

It has no plot, no structure.

It's way too cheesy, with alot of long and pointless 'emotional' passages, mostly due to Hailee Steinfeld's interacting with Bumblebee.

Unexpected good film of the year.

David Fear Rolling Stone The talented, expressive Steinfeld and a nuanced script elevate this prequel from "unnecessary" to "surprisingly poignant and entertaining.

We know every script have some flaws but how could you have transformers in a movie and bore the audience!!

The teenage growing pains and coming of age angst was annoying and had nothing to do with Transformers whatsoever.

A horrible childish cliché and a very bad story, with terrible acting.

Really entertaining.

Bumblebee is a highly entertaining look at a prequel involving the character bumblebee who seeks haven on earth from the decepticons, and he develops a deep friendship with a teenage girl along the way.

Coming of age drama with occasional transformers .

Cliche plot from mix of herbie,E.

The 80s references are nonstop and tedious.

The story was not that bad, but not high standing, and very predictable.

Plot was painfully boring and many scenes just didn't make sense.

Boring, predictable, shoddy writing...

Started well but got bored halfway through.

This is a very predictable and borring kids movie NOT Transformers.

Heartwarming story, but seems tailored to be more enjoyable to the 8-12 year old's as an upgrade from the 80's animated series.

Prequels like this are such a waste of time.

Soooo boring and it doesn't follow the timeline very well.

Definitely worth the watch.

But sadly very formulaic .

Other than that, the movie was entertaining.

Moving on, the first fighting scene on earth is intense with a vintage Bumblebee type scenario where he always comes up with the goods to destroy foes bigger and better than him via a moment of magic.

Unfortunately, this movie is boring as hell, it doesn't even stick with the previous Transformers background, plot is absent.

long and boring.

The plot was simple but totally entertaining.

The catalog is dead boring and everything is extremely predictable and ticks every single box when it comes to classic movie scenes:The high school popular kids making fun of a dead relative.

Ultimately i enjoyed it, probably the closet thing to the transformers i remember from my childhood.

Full of cliché.


From that point of view, it's an entertaining movie.

Director Travis Knight's balance between action, humor, and charm works in large parts, and ultimately brings some freshness to the entire franchise, despite the lack of a more compelling storyline.

Nothing happen that we didn't knew it give a gimple of yellow car past as have seen in transformer movie ...

The set-pieces, as opposed to those of its predecessors, like the film itself, are much more restrained and compelling, not so groovy or showy because of a realism beautifully rendered with impressive digital effects that, even without high-resolution IMAX screens, endows action sequences with humanizing character.

Coming of age?

Enjoyable .

this was the worst movie in a loooong time.

Boring .

Once as he is crashing to earth and one as he is fighting the other robot.. And man was it a boring cliche movie about a teen girl who does not fit in...

That being said, the final big battle, which mixes in Transformers and humans, is surprisingly engaging.

Don't waste your time watching this rubbish.

Very enjoyable movie!

It's enjoyable.

Anyway, I just wanted to share how I thought this movie was very enjoyable in contrast to the negative reviews.

Such logical offenses prevent this from truly setting a solid landmark for the reboot of the franchise which is a shame because the movie has quite a bit of charm (save for John Cena's awfully cliched and bland character)

Plot as I mentioned earlier is very predictable and the movie is boring.

Unlike previous director Michael Bay, best known for his films overuse of explosions, military involvement, bland character development, Grotesque slow-motion, product placement and reuse of scenes, debuting director Travis Knight brings to life a film that replaces all of the above with a calmer new atmosphere.

Now admittedly this movie can be pretty predictable sometimes.

Not good, waste of time.

I give Bumblebee a thoroughly entertaining 7/10.

I thoroughly enjoyed it the entire time even though it wasn't perfect.

The acting and storyline was disjointed and boring.

Fight choreography between Bumblebee and two Decepticons in the final part is quite enjoyable and well-choreographed.

The film was ok, I enjoyed it, also,enjoyed the fact I could see the battle scenes with the robots for once rather than being a cgi mess - well done in slowing the scenes down.

Such lazy writing, every cliché imaginable, cookie cutted together.

At the end, it was way too predictable.

Very Lame Movie, So predictable, No energy, There is zero connection between the characters and the story line.

Travis Knight probably wants to put in some elements to appeal to the young, but all those elements seem slow, meaningless, and boring.

Worst Movie Ever .

Heart is something that the Michael Bay ones severely lacked, as he instead chose to mainly focus on cramming these really contrived and unfunny jokes (his crude sense of crass humour isn't the funny type) into all of his so called "human drama".

It was such a boring and predictable experience, and I hate when it happens.

Luckily he did a damn good job in making a movie that is actually watchable and enjoyable.

This movie is one of the worst movie, Is she in love with that robot????

I'm not as well read on the toys, shows, or comics, but the movies have been examples of "fast food cinema"; where instead of substance and a compelling story, were given constant action scene after action scene set against well shot backdrops along with glorifying the military, bikini girls, and everything macho.

Horrible, Cliche .

A very entertaining one.

I have had to fast forward to skip from falling asleep.

Cena was more robot than bumblebee, no story, horrible acting, I wasted time and money on this.

Since china allows only few Hollywood movies that satisfy particular conditions (like Chinese investment or Chinese actors etc) to get screen time in china, which gives access to huge sums of ticket money, many Hollywood titles that have been overproduced and have outrun their charm (like Transformer) sell their production right to Chinese production houses who then produce the most cliche and stereotypical movies for Chinese audiences that will have slow motion action, overused drama and dialogues and dead childish plots.

I enjoyed Bumblebee, which is more than I can say for the last few Bayformers movies (I actually have yet to watch The Last Knight), but I'd have loved it had they been able to marry the charming coming of age teen stuff w/what should be the meal to its desert.

Cliche and predictable don't even begin to describe it, they are basically compliments that better movies get.

The dialogue is cheesy, the acting is phoned in and the story is painfully predictable and unnecessarily drawn out.

An absolute entertainer and good cgi made this film worth watching.

The opening scene is intense, we really haven't see much of the cybertron in the previous movies, so it was nice to see some of the fighting there.

What I am saying, if you say this movie is predictable doesn't make this movie bad, worthy of 2 star.

So really to make a good film you need a straightforward plot, with engaging characters.

Every cliché you could possibly imagine was unironically showcased in this movie.

At the beginning was intense that I was in to it.

Full of excellent action scenes, great effects and an extremely exceptional and loyal visual adaptation, fantastic sound design and cinematography and Transformers designed with their own characteristics and exciting, finally giving a little life to the robberies.

The plot is dull.

The balance keep switching,which makes the movie hard to follow.

Well worth the watch.

it's like the worst teen romance movie you've ever seen combined with the worst Transformer movie and about 1 hour and 54 minutes too long :( Easily the most boring movie I've seen from 2018 and I watch a ton of TV now.

As they work together to try to keep Bee safe from the twin threats, so they begin to heal each other in a story which is both touching and funny as well as exciting.

It's transformers but seems to have been made into "Girl finds herself after finding a robot, a coming of age tale" They seemed to have found the most white looking black/Mixed man in America to play the love interest, it's getting to the point were you can guess this from the cast line up alone, inevery single modern film, like there's an agenda...

An appalling lack of action, contrived plot points and characters who choose the worst path imaginable for the most obscenely uninspired reasons.

Story telling is boring.

You know, not contemporary art, but the term for things that people currently treat as art, because quality got boring.

No one is because Michael Bay's Transformers are boring, over stuffed and dark.

I enjoyed it a lot.

The Decepticons, the movie seems a bit of a mess but it all comes together with a final showdown, which was pretty intense.

A coming of age story about a young girl and the stray dog she meets and adopts.

Now, this film is highly entertaining, the 80s setting is effectively used (especially in regard to the music), and the CGI is surprisingly effective.

Other than that the rest of this movie is the usual bland safe rubbish you've come to expect from movies these days.

This movie is mainly about the relationship between Bumblebee and protagonist Charlie (and a good chunk is just mostly about charlie and her teenage problems..), and since no doubt at least two sequels will be made, this rather slow start did not bother me.

's relationship also it was thrilling because everyone was discovering who they were and it was more Spielbergian also enjoyed the '80s atheistically and I appreciated his VW Beetle form Really Enjoyed The Return of Peter Cullen back as Optimus Prime.

There are some plotholes, the acting certainly wasn't bad but won't win any Oscars either, and there were a number of cliché scenes to build tension or provide comic relief that didn't work for me because...

Really enjoyable, no over the top explosions, interesting story (reboot), no silly shiny bots, the bots are back to how they should look, the only love interest was with both the leads; Bumblebee and the girl.

It shows this through the fight scenes and things like that, like towards the end of the movie there's a fight scene with Bumblebee and the decepticons where he finally defeats them, and the whole time you're on the edge of your seat because it builds up to that moment and you don't want Bumblebee to lose the fight.

Fun and Entertaining!!.

I enjoyed it but i found the writing to be a bit hamfisted and predictable.

Really enjoyed it.

The key storylines and themes are boring and predictable and although this movie is PG, some of the plot inconsistencies are unforgivable.

The action is poor, the characters are cliched, and the overall film is boring.

It has good writing, stunning cinematography and visual effects, not to mention incredible and funny characters!

It's boring, unrealistic, painfully unoriginal, unmemorable and alltogether a true successor to the shallow modern hollywood blockbusters.

Waste of time!!.

Too much expectations, too much hype, but gets the boring one at the end.

What a waste of time.

Beyond boring, lame jokes, terrible acting.

Very enjoyable .

Another over dramatic, cheap, cliche teenagers' movie this time with robots.

Did this film want to be a coming of age story or a transformers action flick?

Critics, in outline, abhorred increasingly each new installment; however, more people exponentially turn up at the movies to strive to understand the superhero-level set-pieces and to elude the heavy-handed, daft, confusing mythology writers and directors made up for every two-hour-plus nonsense on screen with more difficulty and less success.

Too much cliche things on plot, lack of action sequences.

Film still has its share of absurdities and becomes conventional as it nears its conclusion, but the ride there is more entertaining than it should be, with classic music from the 80s thrown in for good measure.

Predictable and easy plot, boring characters and action scenes, nothing new from the old transformers movies.

Waste of time .

Repetitive in its moral .

Save your money .

It's very entertaining to watch.

A decent watch for a boring sunday evening.

While it's still an enjoyable movie, it isn't everything it could have been.

Background music ranged from poor to just pointless generic period music.

Quite different to the previous ones but I enjoyed it as much as the first and third films.

Luckily a large amount of time is spent on Charlie and her (mostly family) issues, which is boring to watch but it ensures positive critic reviews and the pretentious upvote of people who watch a movie with giant robots from another planet for the "character development", so it keeps the franchise alive and kicking for future instalments.

Poor writing and predictable!

I enjoyed it a lot.

Who says emotional slow cliche dialogue at time of life and death or when fight is going on and even if movies do pick such circumstances atleast it should be convincing.

The plot of the movie is very much predictable and only the first 20 minutes is entertaining.

To those people who are saying this movie is predictable, are you out of your mind?

In the bitter end, you're given a real waste, of waste of time.

It was cliche upon cliche with oh-so-typical American characters and offered nothing new to the franchise.

But it's John Cena, as walking side of beef Agent Burns, who proves the most flat-out enjoyable, hurling macho epithets as all '80s villains should, while cocking a knowing eyebrow at his uneasy alliance with Bee's hunters: "They literally call themselves 'Decepticons'," he deadpans.

This one is very entertaining, there are a lot of funny parts, bumblebee and the heroine's interaction is always lovely and warm, the whole one companion robot.

Becuase this was the worst movie i have ever watched in my life.

Corny, clichéd, predictable.

It's entertaining and knows how much to give before taking the toys away.


The movie is enjoyable enough for anyone to watch, even my mom liked it.

Watch the movie, firstly, to see how the girl discovers the robot in car and how exciting her life becomes with bumble bee(robot) and secondly, spectacular visual effects with typical 'Transformers' fight scenes.

Very weak scenario, immortal Bumbelbee and boring actions...

This movie does not tell the story of bumblebee, it tells the story of Charlie, and is filled with every cliche in the book.

4,3 from 10, The movie was a waste of time, they ruined transformers.

Don't waste your time or money with this horrible teen romance movie .

Just might be the worst movie I've ever seen.

Just another Family Friendly Cliche with some movie in it.

Simple, but entertaining, and much truer to the characters and the spirit of the 80s cartoon than the Michael Bay films.

The intro was so boring I lost interest instantly and started writing this review.

Removed from the crash bang wallop hands of Michael Bay, this is actually an enjoyable piece of fun which is more akin to Disney than Marvel / DC focussing on the characters as much as the action.

I went to the cinema with my 12 years old daughter, and even she was bored with the movie.

Awful waste of time.

Predictable throughout.

It's a coming of age movie that delves into the psychie of pre adulthood and its challenges....

By far the most enjoyable Transformers film of the lot.

The spectacle was barely engaging.

Overall, Bumblebee is a very enjoyable (albeit somewhat predictable) piece, which I highly recommend you watch in a cinema because it's very visually appealing.

Was a waste of time .

Corny and Predictable .

The Herbie turns out to be Bumblebee, who has forgotten who he is, and finding out is a super fun, funny, warm and exciting trip.

Is a terrible movie i saw it based on IMDB points.. But really don't waste your time.

Fun coming of age movie .

It's a highly enjoyable breath of fresh air and I'd recommended it to even those who have grown tired of seeing the 'Transformers' on the big-screen, especially since this seems like a soft reboot of sorts.

Boring .

Good old action packed movie and definitely a satisfactory one.

Instead of Transformers running around amok there are basically three main transformers in the whole film and it makes things far more exciting.

Certain continuity, pace and editing errors should be attributed to editor Paul Rubell, however, as a coherent whole, it is a resonant, overly enjoyable popcorn film that will delight all kinds of audiences, even the devotees of Bay and his exuberant filmmaking style.

The human characters are boring.

Other than that the film was more enjoyable than all of the other Transformer films since the first.

This entire plot and story was horribly predictable, and literally just one cliche piled on top of the other.

Bumblebee is possibly one of the most predictable, formulaic movies I have ever seen.

As a film what makes Bumblebee enjoyable and the best of the Transformers film is that there is enough heart, the comedy isn't forced, the characters are likable (mainly Hailee Steinfield as the lead) and the action isn't over the top.

The others have been overlong, dull, and even dumb.

This as with all the Transformer movies is nothing more than eye candy, lacklustre plots & pointless story's make for boring movies, once you've seen the 1st Transformers movie the rest become nothing more than so so, more of the same Cgi doesn't make for a more interesting watch, it would have been far better had they gone along the lines of Toy Story or small soldiers, would've been far far less indiscriminate killing far less cleavage & a hell of a lot more entertaining with the Transformers battling decepticons at toy size dimensions than these ridiculous movies have been.

James Dyer Empire 'Bumblebee' is certainly the best example of what this franchise is meant to be, and should it continue on this path, the Transformers can become exciting and enjoyable all over again.

The comedy in it makes the movie a little more enjoyable to watch especially with younger kids.

Enjoyable from start to finish.

It gives some truly enjoyable and funny moments, whilst also having a heartfealt story behind it.

With a good cast (besides john cena) and a look into bumblebees first encounter with the human race is exciting, funny and most of all interesting.

Scraping the no story, crinchy jokes, hard to follow action, and over the top CGI these movies are known for.

Boring .

Enjoyed it.

Average action scenes, but good personnel scenes, all this makes it rather enjoyable and engaging.


Coz here you aint getting enough action packed fun.

The dialogue is super stupid and most of the moments are very predictable.

-Having 0 emotions about being put in the garbage bin (probably adrenaline blocked her smell senses?

And it's a shame how much work was dedicated to this most boring transformers movie.

Bumblebee has heart and action, and well worth the watch.

There's no story to this.

At its best, this movie is as much a coming of age story and John Hughes style teenage romance as a sci-fi blockbuster.