Candyman: Day of the Dead (1999) - Horror, Thriller

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The Candyman is back, trying to convince his descendent, an artist, to join him.

Director: Turi Meyer
Stars: Tony Todd, Donna D'Errico
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 17 out of 64 found boring (26.56%)

One-line Reviews (44)

), and its running time of 85 minutes is also what it is too long by.

I remember when I was younger getting a peek at the movie on HBO, but I think I remember falling asleep, so it was at least something I could put to rest of what the rest of the movie was about.

If you liked the other 2 candyman movies don't waste your time watching this one unless you are being paid a large sum of money.

The supporting cast are all very bland, with the exception of the sorely underused Ernie Hudson, Jr. – son of the GHOSTBUSTERS actor – who seems to have inherited some of his dad's talent.

What a waste of money, time, etc. Why couldn't they just have Candyman die in the first one?!

Donna D'Errico does her best to perform well in such an ineptly written and totally dull role and one does start to take some enjoyment from her performance even though it is only that of a B-Movie actress.

It was sooooo pointless and dumb.

Unfortunately this is yet another case of third movie blues as ‘Candyman: Day of the Dead' soon becomes a virtually intolerable bore of a horror movie with little redeeming features.

This one is just empty trash made by some greedy producer.

the movie is really useless, and it added nothing new, plus there are really a lot of confusing and wrong things in the movie, if you watched the first two movies you'll understand, for example here the candyman was killed in a forest or something while in the 2nd movie we saw him die in a field....

There are some repetitive gore sequences here, generally involving people being impaled by Candyman's hook, as well as a plethora of nude scenes in a bid to attract some (male) attention.

The dialogue is repetitive and long-winded, with the cheesiness far too much that you feel like you're being assaulted by it.

D'Errico constantly fainting and collapsing every time Candyman is close becomes more than a bit tiresome.


Everything looks so drab, while the editing nauseates and the gore and effects are so afterthought-like in how they look.

When they were found out, a mob dragged him into a field and sawed off his right hand.

Instead, what we do get is the director making some glaring mistakes when he was aiming for some gory scene, no real sense of horror, a nonsensical plotline, the same type of cheap film used for most late night Cinemax flicks, several pointless lines, bad twists, and a lead actress with gigantic breasts who wears a tight shirt and no bra at all times.

Secondly, Todd looks beyond bored, and in some scenes, it's as if he has had a drink, because words cannot explain his facial expressions.

That brings up the main storyline point here with this one brining the blood and gore through some rather inventive and enjoyable encounters here.

A gripping glorious gore fest this was not.

'Candyman: Day of the Dead' also is an insult to Clive Barker (saying this even when trying to take it on its own terms), is even more pointless than 'Farewell to the Flesh' and it doesn't even have the redeeming qualities that that sequel had (the setting, score and Todd).

To sum up,"Candyman:Day of the Dead" is one of the worst horror movies ever made-bland,boring and mind numbingly stupid and gets 3 only because of some pretty good gore.

No, they had to go ahead and make two pointless sequals.

There is nothing goosebump inducing about the score, which came over as monotonous and repetitive.

It moves at a snail's pace(or seemed like it, as *nothing* happened!

Todd is now just repetitive with his familiar lines in that deep voice and no longer creepy with the hook for a hand, the deaths are not as bloody as I remember from before either, this is definitely much more pointless and ridiculous than the previous sequel, it is predictable, it has a stupid story, and it just feels like rubbish, an awful horror sequel.

i found it boring and repetitive and i didn't like the story very much.

Clive Barker's mix of fairytale and the macabre made 1992's CANDYMAN a splendid little movie, evocative and atmosphere and a breath of fresh air amidst the latest NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET or Friday THE 13TH sequel.

When I Say Enjoyable, I Really Mean...

"Day of the Dead" isn't on level with "Farewell to the Flesh",and it sure doesn't stand up to the original"Candyman", but nevertheless its worth watching.

Other scares, as in the patrol car ambush or the gallery attack show-off the ability of this one to use the supernatural antics in the real works do it makes for a series of pretty intriguing and chilling scenes that also bring about some nice fore as well.

Don't waste your time with this one.

Again, the characters are uninteresting and unrootable, with motivations that are either vague or illogical (both at times too).

Terrifying, Stunning, Brilliant, A True Master Piece.

If he shows up and tries to kill you, then it serves you right for thinking that this movie was totally pointless.

etc, what was really awful that they took everything that made the first two movies two of the best slasher/ horror movies ever made like the score and the dark feeling of the movie and turned it into a boob and gore feast,plus after a while you feel really bored that you wish the movie ends ASP,,,,

I was kinda looking forward to seeing how they ended the Candyman trilogy and the story actually looked entertaining.

The relationship itself is one thing, but bringing in the visions of the mother as well as the connection through them makes this one so entertaining and manages to really connect this one quite well.

" Furthermore there is no tension, suspense or dread, killed by a deadeningly sluggish pace, the mind-numbing and quite insulting stupidity and everything being so predictable.

Not only that, but it's really boring.

This One is the most Enjoyable From The Whole Series.

The more chilling and enjoyable ones are based on the nightmares so this one's more thrilling moments come from the supernatural elements like the opening attack in the bathroom, the confrontation with the deformed mother coming from the bloody tub despite being in the public bathroom and the finale in his hive-home for the final struggle causes this one a lot of fun as this all comes off as exciting, extended action scenes build around pretty big scares.

This time it's Baywatch alumni Donna D'Errico taking the lead and boring the hell out of us for the films 90 minute duration.

The law of diminishing returns means that everything on screen is a lesser imitation of that which has come before, and the excruciatingly predictable script means that there's nothing in the way of originality or genuine scares here.