Casino Royale (2006) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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After earning 00 status and a licence to kill, Secret Agent James Bond sets out on his first mission as 007. Bond must defeat a private banker funding terrorists in a high-stakes game of poker at Casino Royale, Montenegro.

Director: Martin Campbell
Stars: Daniel Craig, Eva Green
Length: 144 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 155 out of 1000 found boring (15.5%)

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Bland, James Bland .

The most exciting action film of 2006, and possibly the best Bond movie ever...

The way in which everything about Bond is different in "Casino Royale" is well illustrated by an early chase sequence: Bond comes face to face with the object of his chase, and the baddie (in fact a very famous free-runner) shoots at him with an empty gun, then throws the gun at Bond.

It's very dull and I guarantee that, without searching for it, you can't name the song and hum any part of it; it's that dull.

The story might not be groundbreaking but was so well directed, good suspense and very good action that it's so enjoyable.

First of all Daniel Craig was a stunning James Bond and will continue to be one I'm quite sure.

Fast Paced Action Movie - Larger Than Life .

I Was On The Edge Of My Seat Every Action Scene That Had Pop Up, Just Great.

It's anti-acting instead of the potentially thrilling possibility of meta-acting.

For instance, the main poker match at the casino is excellently staged and suspenseful.

(And the next film already looks as thought it could be quite intriguing, doesn't it?

It's fun, funny, fresh, exciting, tense, gritty and just a bloody great film.

the name's Bland , James Bland .

It was way too long and I lost interest in parts.

While I was disappointed by the next film in the series this shows that Craig has what it takes to play Bond and I'm sure his later outings in the role will be worth watching.

If you read any of Ian Fleming's books on Bond, then you know the stories are high-spirited, intense and with detailed descriptions.

Sure, a few elements of relevance are sprinkled into the mechanical pace which finally help usher the static character of Mr. Bond into the 21st century (no doubt aided by go-to-guy Paul Haggis's likely minor, though significant script embellishments) but nearly every turn taken inside the detached plot, geared towards building tension against functionary, bland antagonists, feels disappointing and again, especially contradictory given the "fresh paint" approach they were going for.

The movie ends with a mystery from the confusing sub-plot that is unresolved.

Dialog is unsophisticated, situations are mundane and accompanied by a display of excessive mindless violence and brutality.

Whether Bond is chasing a bomber intent on blowing up a new jet plane at Miami airport or chasing a free-running bomber through a construction site in Madagascar, the action set pieces are stunningly choreographed, exceptionally acted and terrifically suspenseful.

First off, it is way too long, clocking in at 144 minutes.

Nothing happens in Casino Royale that could not conceivably happen in real life, which for a Bond movie is an astonishing and dubious accolade.

)I think all the 2 1/2 hours are exciting and quite entertaining.

there is no plot, there is no respect for the series, there is nothing good to remember.

This flick was absurdly long and more than a bit boring.

if you enjoy action packed, in your face entertainment then this is the film for you, Bond will not seize to amaze you.

I enjoyed it.

Casino Royale is both boring and complacent enough to assume its audience will forgive its boringness through their fondness for all things Bond.

His motivations are believable and his dialogue is memorable without sounding too clichéd, while his rivalry with Bond is very enjoyable.

Craig's dialog delivery isn't deadpan, it's plain dead boring.

Unlike other Bonds, the pre-credits sequence is dull.

Not perfect by any means (a few scenes go on too long, and a slightly shorter running time may have made the movie tighter), but thoroughly enjoyable and both a reinvention and return to form of Britain's best special agent.

The movie is amazing, and strongly recommended for those who wants to see very good scenes of action and a gripping story.

Most Bond films are a sequence of stunts with no plot.

These familiar elements will please fans and viewers alike as we see miraculous stunt after stunt and pure adrenaline.

and I REALLY enjoyed it.

It is hugely entertaining, and presents itself well and carries a greater deal of plausibility than many other Bonds films.

It was purported to be a comedy, though practically none of the film was funny and like YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE, the plot was impossible to follow and bore no similarity to the book.

Eva Green isn't really a traditional beauty as many others before her were, but that's exactly what helps her here and, of course, visually she's still totally breathtaking, in the casino and pretty much every time she's on the screen.

That it is such a stunning, moving and energetic one should delight viewers.

Similairly like Batman Begins, the producers and team behind this movie go back to the drawing board and start from scratch, and quite simply pull of as stunning a Bond movie as Batman Begins is to Batman movies.....

For me it's a top 10 worst movies ever!

A stunning debut by Daniel Craig as Bond and one of the best gambling-/casino-themed movies of all time .

It's very stylishly shot in black and white, with the bathroom fight being brilliantly vicious and the talk with Dryden is suitably intense.

thrilling and filled with action .

However, in the middle, it really dragged and mostly revolved around several card showdowns between Bond and Le Chiffre, a businessman with some dubious ties.

Nevertheless the entire game is very entertaining and acting is superb.

The chase at the start was so well done and extremely suspenseful (and it had some great stunts).

If you have never played poker and your limited understanding of it comes from watching "Star Trek: The Next Generation", this scenes can get a tad boring at times.

Look, I enjoyed it, I'm just very disappointed that the film-makers didn't make it better in the little bits that would have made this movie go from being 'just another bond movie' to an Oscar winner.

A waste of about 2 and half hours of my life.

Bond's essential 21st century reboot is expertly orchestrated and potently thrilling, although I wonder if it may have pressed itself a bit too far in an effort to feel contemporary.

Rather Confusing .

They started a few movies ago when they appointed a woman for the role of M and now James Bond doesn't flirt with women any more, he is not witty any more, he refuses random sex, he falls in love with the most banal woman in town, he cries like a girl, he crashes his Aston Martin like a beginner in about 30 seconds without being chased by anyone and he runs out of money????

There is also a torture scene where Bond's, ahem, 'pocket aces' are assaulted in a way that would make even a eunuch remember and empathise.

Althogether quite enjoyable, and closer to the way I perceived Bond as I read the books than most of the other Bond actors managed.

I would go so far as to say it's the most enjoyable movie of its type since "Raiders of the Lost Ark.

My name is Bland -----,James Bland .

Not only is he great in the role in smaller, more acting-oriented scenes, but he is incredibly entertaining to watch during the ambitious action sequences the film boasts, and it is easy to tell Mr. Craig is more than comfortable in the shoes of 007.

Craig gives an absolutely compelling and entirely believable performance as a Bond who is bruised and not quite happy with killing people.

The plot is plodding and highly predictable, the acting from Craig bordered on wooden, Martin "Valium" Campbell clearly does not understand the whats makes a bond film a Bond film.

Speaking about the film itself, the entire piece boasts incredible landscapes that have always been unique to the Bond films, utilising the various settings to be incorporated into stunning wide-shots, camera angles and action sequences, all to their full capacity.

Why must there be so much pointless talking?

With an opening sequence that leaves you breathless to an intense finale, Casino Royale delivers all round.

"That" which makes any men in the audience to want to be James Bond right when you leave the theater.

boring, bore, boredom, boring .

This is one of those few times when I was really hyped up and left the theater with a huge "clown-prince" like smile on my face.

people waste so much money on useless movies.

Rather than have Daniel Craig try to live up to a Sean Connery standard, they take him in a direction that is non competitive, yet compelling on its own merits.

Modern, thrilling, and new...

this movie is really boring!!!

It is, therefore, very refreshing to see, for once, a James Bond film whose plot is not only exciting but, free as it is of the ingenious but distracting gadgets which proliferated in previous outings, also quite absorbing.

I normally love Craig's Bond movies but omg, the plot was nonexistent in this one, and there were some seriously disjointed out of place moments, lines, etc. It was a hot mess.

For so long dated cheesy lines were regurgitated to please the older generation of fans, as the films depended too much on past cliché's.

The plot (though hard to follow) is good.

It's simply too slowly paced.

The story was terrible, the directing was juvenile and the (suprise)ending was too damn predictable.

Also the sound is very impressive, the first action sequence was utterly mind blowing thanks to the visuals and the sound effects.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed it.

The film is re-watchable, is well paced, tells its story well, and is thoroughly enjoyable.

This movie has lived up to the same action packed scenes, just like all of the others.

The story is very interesting, it doesn't mind backing off the massive stunts and fights in parts, but then when they do come they are done so well it just serves to make this even more suspenseful.

These kind of details make the movie very enjoyable, and I look forward to the next Bond movie (which is supposedly going to be a direct sequel to Casino Royale, a Bond first!

The villain was intriguing and realistic.

Who knew a poker game could be so exciting???!!!

Because of that, this Bond is intense and exposed, all of his frailties are open, and all of his skills are raw, which makes for a far more exciting film than the bond's of so many films who is always so reliably infallible.

Eva Green looks stunning & Ivana Milicevic looks pretty hot.

And of course Judi Dench was as engaging as always!

The whole thing is very small potatoes, and to be frank, a little dull.

But really this film was rather dull ...

Make sure you see it before seeing "Quantum of Solace" to save some confusion.

The filming is entertaining,with a very good pace.

I appreciated that the plot to Casino Royale was actually a lot more intense than many of its predecessors, plus there was far more reliance on character development, rather than just invisible cars (yes, even I found that one a little hard to swallow in Die Another Day).

The boring poker game nearly put me to sleep as the producers decided to take advantage of the newest fad that is being shown every hour of the day by ESPN.

Totally forgettable random effects and no story line.

Surprisingly, also the main Casino scene (remember its "CASINO" Royale) was quite drab and clearly looked like it was set up in a studio.

The film is criss-crossed with intense action scenes and, indeed, things kick off with a hi-stakes chase atop a crane as Craig chases after a "free running" villain.

Yet they're very entertaining, which is why the series has been such a hit since 1962 when "Dr.

All the stops have clearly been pulled out – the sequence at the airport could easily have been the climax to any other action film – and the result is a fast paced, if maybe a little overlong, and well conceived film; any filmmaker who can give a poker game plenty of tension must be doing something right!

The opening action piece through the building site and the entire Casino sequence were excellent, and the look of the film was stunning, and exactly what you'd expect from a Bond; Both of his main vehicles (I am not including a Ford Hire car) where just what was wanted and although the Villain was no Goldfinger, he was much more of a threat than Jonathan Pryce or Robert Carlisle's dismal villains in both "Tomorrow Never Dies" and "The World is not enough".

All of them are fine, but I found that the film dragged in places and it is very hard to sit through the whole thing.

From the movies more muted, grim opening which is a stark contrast to the more, grand spectacle of erstwhile Bond outings.. Director, Campbell's keen eye aids in bringing to life some breathtaking and exhilarating action set pieces.

The main heroine Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) is probably the most boring of all the Bond babes...

The music is mediocre but fills in the long, drawn-out boring chases with lots of noisy brass and screeching violins.

then we would have been spared those long, boring poker sessions.

It was a deadly stupid slapstick comedy, with David Niven, Woody Allen, others; playing 4 people named James Bond and creating a boring mess.

Unfortunately, the gambling scenes are desperately dull (think 'The Cincinatti Kid' for evidence that they can be done better) and the movie as a whole is neither fish nor fowl: you can't quite take it seriously as a thriller, and there are fewer campy laughs than in the rest of the series.

The torture scene with the rope made me sleepy, much more variation could have been done there and the solution of Bond in trouble there came way to quick and too easy.

way to drawn out, too many villains, no one knows what is going on!!!!

A movie that is largely about a small group of men playing poker really shouldn't be exciting and I expected the actual casino scenes, of which there are several, to be the most boring.

This is one of the most exciting of its kind in any movie I have ever seen.

It keeps it simple, yet exciting.

The most impressive of these occurs at the beginning with Bond engaging in a free running chase which has to be seen to be believed.

Daniel Craig dons the famous Tux as a new grittier "Bond" in this spectacular and intense 007 outing.

The action sequences were breathtaking.

It doesn't shy away from the truly brutal, but it remembers to add some humour and keep things entertaining.

Indeed, there are actually few twists and turns and not very many characters, which is further testament to the skill on display - a simple concept is transformed into an engrossing film.

03/04/2019 An enjoyable movie that stays in motion.

This film is fast paced, action packed, has a depth and direction seldom seen with these sorts of films and it has you yearning for more.

There are a lot of audience who prefer to watch a soft image Bond like Moore, or an aquiline featured Bond like Connery; those who love to watch good cinematography as well entertaining suspense and thrill coupled by romantic charms.

It was just, in my eyes, to drawn out.

It is highly entertaining, espionage with a lot of action sequence.

The story development is dull and no ground based.

2006 items in a post WII plot, don't make it better, made it unwatchable.

Sure, it was intriguing in places and had its fair share of action.

Will I stay awake to find out?

I have issues because the plot is beyond silly and contrived to the point of nonsensical.

From the opening scene with Free-jumping (of the millions who saw this, most did not realize what they were seeing) to the airport explosion, it is gripping and brilliant.

"Casino Royale" (2006) By: Martin Campbell Starring: Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Judi Dench, Mads Mikkelsen, Caterina Murino, Jeffrey Wright, Ivana Milicevic, & Giancarlo Giannini MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (for intense sequences of violent action, a scene of torture, sexual content and nudity) My first experience with James Bond was with the 1995 classic, "GoldenEye".

The new Bond is an uninteresting, expressionless, muscle-bound nihilist and a disgustingly vulnerable "hero.

The Opening Scene, Which Was Filmed On Black-and-White, Is Beautiful And Compelling.

Good-Looking But Lacklustre James Bond Adventure With A Boring Storyline .

Pretty much every single action set piece in Casino Royale is memorable and totally gripping.

Gave the movie more tension instead of adrenaline.

Every single poker match, I was on the edge of my seat.

Judi Dench gives another great performance but she does start to looked bored as 'M'.

The plot is entertaining, I was thoroughly locked in during the poker scenes in particular.

As good a reimagining as a sixties action hero could dream of, Casino Royale brings Bond into the modern world as a very grounded, very believable and very intense action thriller.

I found the action veeeery boring, and I was very much disappointed with the new Bond.

Other scenes, like 007's attempt to thwart the destruction of an expensive new commercial airliner, are just as exciting.

But here comes the most sacrilegious scene EVER to come out of a James Bond film:James Bond (let's keep using this name, for the lack of a better one) is taken prisoner and dragged in a basement, he is entirely stripped from his clothes and attached on a chair without a seat, letting 007's "genitals" dangling from underneath (Yes,you heard right).

Le Chiffre is a dull accountant who is barely menacing in appearance only, devoid of a grand scheme or even a class A henchman.

Movie is quite long, and seems to drag somewhere halfway through the story.

Bond fans should know that the violence in this movie is intense and graphic and at times downright disturbing to watch.

The scene where Bond gets his nuts whacked around by the villain was as a man myself one of the most torturous experiences is have ever had in a movie theater after every hit a piece of me died.. and just added to how serious these films were becoming serious and boring.

A sharp eye like Bond would see the prints on the edge of the glass and refuse it.

Give me Casino Royale (1967) any day…at least it is unique unto itself (even though it's not even close to being one of the better Bonds'…but as a satire, it's damn entertaining).

Also, with minimal use of CGI, less reliance on gadgets & old-school action, it keeps the drama all the more grounded & gripping throughout its runtime.

It is hard to follow.

All the action scenes are stunning and the film is not without a few typical Bond quotes and behaviour.

The $150m game at the centre of the movie was drawn out and immensely loose in its parallel stories which involved Bond, the girl and his nemesis.

Daniel Craig shines as James Bond, and the film is visually stunning.

my rating is 1/10 worst movie and worst James bond ever

I sat on the edge of my seat almost the entire movie, I was even about to start applauding at one time.

I suppose many people found this to be intriguing.

Mads Mikkelsen as LeChiffre is a pretty dull villain, and there are some parts of the movie that are just way too violent.

The poker game that dominates the mid section is nail bitingly intense, whether you play the game or not, and the dialogue benefits from a polish by Crash scribe Paul Haggis.

Not really, but worth watching this.

Mads Mikkelsen was extraordinary as the cunning and intriguing Le Chiffre, and made the character one of my favourite Bond villains.

5) the game at the casino was long and boring, should have been edited.

This is an exciting James Bond and we hope he stays around a while (shades of George Lazenby).

Yes, it is interesting to see the character of Bond as 007 develop, but the story lacks the structure needed for an exciting film and the climax is a big let-down.

This movie was long, boring.

"Casino Royale", with its long duration and different settings, becomes thoroughly enjoyable.

Of course to ensure there can be another Bond movie, she had to die but it was done so well and one could just feel the intense sadness as Craig and Eva are under water with Craig fighting to save her.

Then Quantum of Solice, to SKYFALL which was mind blowing.

Once we do get there the scenes in and around the Casino are quite compelling and it is here that we actually get a feeling for how Daniel Craig portrays Bond.

If Bond continues on this path, the "old" styled enjoyment will forever be confined to make way for a more self indulgent and seemingly serious series.

The script is dead serious for most of the parts, but doesn't spare us our craving for bits of humor (when M complains about Bond's vigilante ways in pursuit of a bad guy, Bond replies "Next time, I'll shoot the cameras first") as well as some neat action scenes, notably a chase through an airport that is just as exciting even without being as daredevil.

Sadly the film fails as an enjoyable Bond on many levels.

The movie is also quite long and get boring sometimes, those who don't enjoy poker will not enjoy this movie as much, the emotions one experiences while playing hold-em have to played to be understood.

This showdown happens inside a rapidly-sinking building, and is exciting and brilliantly edited.

What follows is a much more straight-forward storyline than the usual contrived and convoluted tripe these things usually call a plot, possibly because it's the first one based on an Ian Fleming novel in twenty plus years, specifically the first Bond novel.

As a female character compared to the wife of a possible enemy earlier on, she isn't as glamorous; loose or seductive and the conversation she has with Bond about certain masculine traits including dress sense pushes her away from a typically loose or classical 'Bond girl', a cliché or something we've all come to easily identify.

The scene progressed and reached its short but suspenseful climax, and I then saw the all-familiar traditional 007 opening credits roll: always beginning with Bond spinning ninety degrees and shooting towards the audience down the barrel of a gun.

To be short, this film is right in line with Fleming's cold war spy story "From Russia with Love", and that's a great thing, because many of us are tired of formulaic plots with action supplacing story.

It is one of the best moments in the film because from the word go, I knew that I was in for something special, complex, realistic and stylishly exciting, which was exactly what I received.

It's certainly the most well-paced one, and the opening 20 minutes are extremely riveting and suspenseful, everything a film like this should be.

The movie is action packed and intense from start to finish,and the action and chase scenes are clearly inspired,not just action like the ones in Fast & Furious movies that are just an excuse to avoid telling a story,the action follows through with the story in this.

it'more realistic(for a Bond film)the fight scenes are better and the whole movie is just more exciting.

Let's at least understand why people galore are getting killed when Bond goes berserk with a machine gun - and for far far too long.

It is too long the 146 minute running time seemed like 246 minutes.

Much can be said about the action sequences, especially the intense climax at the end.

I also felt that the film dragged on too much.

The poker game, however, lagged and dragged.

This was the worst movie in the Bond collection.

Half of the movie is just too boring, no action no nothing!

This latest version of Ian Fleming's novel 'Casino Royale' is the most over- rated, multi-million dollar snore I've ever seen.

The action in the last act of the film is thrilling, and "You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell is a personal favorite of mine.

Even the title sequence is entertaining, and after 20 minutes of adverts and trailers....

etc but all in all i gave the movie ten for the sheer effort of the producers and the amount of time which people have spent on making the link between the audience and the movie,by god the movie was so stunning i could not find no faults,the scenes were perfect the story was expressed in a more overwhelming form of way and at the end they left the scene as if another one was going to continue the best thing about the movie is that the scenes follow on with the story lines and the theme of the movie matches the target theme which was set.

Indeed, with its emphasis on reality, Casino Royale has lost the fantasy element that, whilst ridiculous, was nonetheless ridiculously entertaining.

The aforementioned chase sequence at the start featuring some of the craziest running stunts in recent years will leave you breathless, an attempted terror attack at Miami airport is superbly staged whilst the the sinking house in Vienna is one of the most stunning, not to mention vicious, action sequences the series has ever done.

Although the story may sound boring, it is actually very exciting and fun to see with a lot of action, with many highlights, which make it too hard to choose the best one.

Casino Royale has a perfect mix of realism and fun that ensures the entire film is immensely engrossing even when it isn't one of the action scenes.

Naysayers and even some general critics claim that the poker scene in the film drags on for way too long, and that the film is poorly paced.

Okay, here goes:The movie stays expertly close to the novel, with some other fascinating sub-plots, as international arms dealing and terrorist organizations.

i think i might have enjoyed it if this movie was named differently...

And I must say that it is a film with well-drawn patterns; the villain is a bad man with his beautiful woman and a huge boat sailing in the ocean…Talk about good cliché usage.

Its realism makes the film a lot more gripping, and therefore more enjoyable than the others, and Bond himself has had a personality boost to make him a more likable character.

Daniel Crag is very dull and unimpressive.

Director Martin Campbell, whose 1995 Bond film 'Goldeneye' introduced Pierce Brosnan as the British superspy, returns to the franchise, and the result is a very classy adventure with some truly breathtaking action sequences.

The titular casino scene is filmed with such a tension that it literally gave me sweaty hands an basically had me on the edge of my seat countless times.

The last 20-30 minutes of the movie provided a great situation for shaping the main character, but I felt a bit bored and could not help thinking it could have been wrapped up in half the time.

Entertaining and worth seeing.

The pace is fast-moving and the action gripping throughout, although I felt a couple of the set pieces went on just a little too long.

It is a perfectly acceptable and entertaining way to spend two and a quarter hours or so of your time.

The action scenes are amazing and and visually stunning.

But the Bond pictures have been stale and predictable for years.

The film got off to a breathtaking start with the chases on the rooftops and I believed we were going to be in for one of the best Bond films.

The game of poker that happens in the "Casino Royale" is unbearable, at least certainly to those who do not know poker .

This makes Casino Royale a recommendable film for those looking for some predictable, but nonetheless enjoyable entertainment.

"Royale" is the most thrilling Bond adventure in the past decade .

The film has a genuine storyline, real world issues and dilemmas to navigate, the fight scenes are intense and bloody, Bond gets hit, he bleeds he bruises, he props himself up with booze and blinding determination.

Casino Royale is very well done and features amazing special effects and incredible stunts, including a dangerous and stunning fight in a construction yard.

This was rather boring, in all honesty.

Its excruciatingly dull to watch the "game" both at the poker table and between bond and 'the girl' because we all know where its going and its not fun.

Anotherthing is the pointless romance, bond always gets a new girl then she is gone by the end of the movie so whats the point?

Of course, there is a Bond girl (typical Bond movie) that has a very interesting character and makes the movie that much more enjoyable.

But the final shoot-out in a building in Venice undergoing renovation made for an exciting climax.

The Connery ones are still rightfully worth watching, but they dwindle from there, down to the tedious Timothy Dalton ones.

He's reckless and unpredictable, he allows his emotions to control him and he makes drastic mistakes.

Some people could find the poker game to be boring, though there is action and suspense mixed in those scenes.

The action in this one was incredible and offered some very big and exciting stunt work.

(Like, talk about "Yawn" city!

James Bond will be more charming and fascinating because of Daniel Craig!

-s changed almost all bond characteristics, long and boring in parts, the effort to be different show, so-so background score.

Not only a lame installment in the franchise, but really an uninteresting movie, save the fact it stimulates me to try and understand what may be going on in the nine-digit industry at the moment.

Highly recommend this film as enjoyable entertainment.

The new character is an automaton, from the ridiculously long foot chase in which both he and the pursued are seemingly able to fly to the monotone, monosyllabic dialogue.

The locations are perfect, along with the actors and actresses stunning performances.

* I don't know about you, but, for me, when it comes to watching people play poker, regardless of how high the stakes are, I think that it's got to be one of the most boring things in the world to watch.

He doesn't change his work massively, but he adds some lovely subtle pieces for the slower scenes and many truly intense pieces for the action.

But the action here will generate more adrenaline rush than any other bond movie.

As a new Bond usually does, Casino Royale reinvented the formulaic nature of this series.

The relationship Bond has with the lead female exhibits some of the most slow paced scenes (alongside the Casino games) and whilst the twists and turns are interesting they don't seem to work very well and are a little confused.

Very disappointing to see a story that begins so engagingly, and forms the Bond character so well, to become so abstract and inanely formulaic.

One of the movies flaws is the the running time of 144 minutes did make it feel sort of long and the pace was slow at times.

Casino Royale is an enjoyable and well constructed espionage thriller that twists and turns throughout but remains a heartfelt and very engaging film.

Tiresome and Boring and so Un-Bond .

I did like some of its stylistic elements, such as the flashback scenes that were shot in black and white, but for the most part I found it boring and unengaging.

There's definitely a lot of action, but it's so constant and over the top unrealistic that it just got boring after a while.

What's interesting here and makes a further mockery of the laughably bad Bourne series is that in essence, these are chase sequences or ideas revolving around chase but they are shot, structured and edited in a fashion that is coherent and enjoyable.

It's about how uninteresting that realistic Bond was.

This movie went from strength-to-strength, providing exciting action and a compelling plot.

The hand-to-hand combat is intense and punishing, really pushing the boundaries of the film's 12 certificate.

From that point on, I was literally on the edge of my seat as the film managed to draw my interest further and further in, until I was totally lost in it.

The story, possibly with a record of plot twists, has all you expect from a 007 film: the Bond girls are there (Eva Green shines but Caterina Muriino is also stunning), the weird villains (Casino Royale may be the 007 movie with the best villains, and Mads Mikkelsen is by far better than tthose gold-something from XXth century), the gadgets (although less charming than in previous films), the unconventional fights.

Everything you'd want from this type of film; Casino Royale is entertaining enough for a James Bond fan or not.

All the James Bond films is disgusting propaganda by producer selling U.

The Chase scene in Madagascar was kind of exciting but after that i started to get bored.

The storyline - This movie had no storyline at all.

This Bond is a waste of time, Bond and the real world don't mix.

The plot moves to a new action scene, or the characters suddenly display new motivations; and if you aren't paying attention to everything going on, chances are there will be something confusing.

There is a thrilling scaffolding and building site chase in the first section of the movie which leaves you wondering quite how they did it and later on, even during the card game sequences there is some action when Bond tackles the men behind Le Chiffre's game.

Just a pointless action movie.

The fact that Bond does fail and make mistakes a few times in this movie actually makes Bond much more accessible and engaging; there's a guy who's just trying his damnedest, and most people can get behind that.

But this movie is thrilling.

One of the Daniel Craig's Best Movies, an Enjoyable Action Movie!.

Some of the action sequences suffer from overkill, but are still exciting, if a little convoluted.

It is entertaining throughout and there are great shots.

There are one or two scenes which go on too long, one or two lines that don't quite work, but these things are minuscule complaints given how hugely enjoyable this film is as a whole.

It's intense, funny, sleek and edgy!

The action is one of the strong points of Casino Royale but with rather too many pointless boring interludes.

However, this is ruined somewhat by the predictable plot twists which arise as the film nears the end.

It was captivating and exciting!

By competing in a one hundred and fifty million dollar poker game against the bad guy, Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkleson) he melts Vesper's somewhat austere exterior and opens his cold heart, letting her past the 'fast smile and expensive watch' persona that we know and may have become a bit bored with.

It's full of suspenseful moments.

Taking clear inspiration from the fight scenes in the "Jason Bourne" franchise, "Casino Royale" provides far more intense, scaled back but still thrilling action pieces with a degree more tension than previous instalment's.

As for the story, it's a compelling one though the movie is perhaps just a bit long at 144 minutes.

It went on far too long, had too little back story for the baddies and too little action by far.

Casino Royale a waste of time.

What makes this intriguing story even better are the countless twists that caught me off guard all the time.

Likewise the well-crafted, exciting action.

This film is gritty, it's action packed and it's finally removed all of the crazy stupid gadgets and improbable stunts.

Daniel Craig as Bond is truly a maverick; on the edge in more ways than one.

As a result, it means that every woman falls in love with James Bond which I already get bored and find totally unrealistic.

Everything about him, from his strongly marked face and piercing blue eyes, to his forceful movements and his intense physicality, confirms that here Bond is reborn, forged in iron.

Despite his intense glares and a rather nasty torture sequence, he never truly seems too much of an obstacle to Bond.

The plot was good in this ons, but the movie was so boring, I really had a hard time to watch it until the end.

I love the Python's to a fault but him as Q was utterly gratuitously pointless.

Therefore the Bond producers had a mammoth task on their hands in order to rescue Bond, to move it away from the jokey, CGI-ridden mess of the last adventure and back to what made the franchise so enjoyable in the first place – cool action, sexy women and a ruthless hero.

Craig admittedly may not fit the typical Bond image which earlier actors played so good,but he has his own personality and his grimness and dark charm is actually believable and entertaining.

Daniel Craig is superb as James Bond and parting from that point everything in it is enjoyable, frightening, thrilling just because we're with him.

There's a layer of finesse and style over the whole proceedings and the locations and cars are as breathtaking as ever.

However, this time around, I seem to be the odd one out: critics raved about Daniel Craig's debut outing as James, whereas I struggled with the film, finding it poorly scripted and directed, and way too long.

It's contemporary Bond at his best, recalling several great moments from the original run with Sean Connery in the role (as well as containing a few cameos from those films), but standing well on its own with many unexpected, impressively choreographed sequences that feel more inevitable in the context of the story than is often the case.

To sum it all it was better, more real, and entertaining.

But the casino scene is just boring for me, which was a shame since it takes up a large part of the second half of the movie.

The music was so bad in this film that I forgot the Films music during the credits before I walked out of the theater.

As the movie continues, there were breathtaking (the chase scene in Madagascar which ends up at the Nambutu embassy) and decent amount of over the top action sequences which followed and I wasn't complaining, but then as I was mid-way, I started missing certain crucial components that form the crux of an enjoyable Bond movie...

I was thrilled with Casino Royale from start to finish it was completely entertaining.

Just from that first chase in Madagascar, I was already immersed of how intense it looked.

But Daniel Craig's Bond was too arrogant, not funny, and the action, except for a great chase scene in the beginning, was too slack and dull.

She's utterly beautiful and has an engaging personality.

I know the name of the movie is Casino Royale, but the poker game scene I think drags on for way to long and tends to bore you as you wait for some more action.

People complain the movie is too long.

Maybe this film didn't wow me as much as it did others, but I still thought it was a good, enjoyable movie.

Much like Batman Begins and Superman Returns, we have a winner on our hands that is taking an old dying series and breathing new and exciting life into it.

The production values in this movie are quite high…the storyline is decent…and even Daniel Craig, blond hair and all, is respectable as 007 if you like the very dry no-nonsense sort (and, I'm not talking about his shaken or stirred – because he apparently doesn't give a damn this time around).

The film does veer into unexpected territory in the final act, involving Bond's relationship with Vesper, who did not fit very well into the standard femme fatale role; she somehow manages to drag Bond out of his steadfast persona briefly, as well.

long story short, it was the only time I can EVER remember being bored with a James Bond film.

Dark, adult and compelling, Casino Royale is the 007 movie fans have been expecting for ages, and by the time cinema's favorite secret agent finally delivers THAT line, even the most skeptical will have to admit it: Daniel Craig IS James Bond, and that's not going to change for quite a while.

Where did the entertaining action go?

When you're not being wowed by chase scenes, you get some intense no- holds barred fight scenes!

The movie was exciting, had great chasing scenes (especially the opening scene), great dialogue and great humor (Bond: Vodka Martina!

And the film's tense non-action 'highlight', Bond's card game with his arch enemy, is plain boring.

How could you fall in love with such a boring girl?

The absence of the Bond theme is frankly confusing, given its almost revered status amongst theme tunes.

Actually, it's both, with bracing action sequences and fragments of fascinating characterisation spliced with superficial villainy and the usual tiresome fetishising of cars and planes.

I'll expect boredom and I'll have a small bit of hope that it will actually have elements to it that bring some emotion to me.

Different,yet still enjoyable.

And, Eva Green as Bond girl Vesper Lynd gave a stunning performance, joining forces with Bond in the fight against evil, and eventually becoming his first love interest.

Entertaining, original and overall incredible with some superb acting and action .

Certainly over-hyped but still rather enjoyable .

It is indeed, quite interesting and the acting is quite good, but its adherence to the bloated and uneven 'Bond plot structure', along with some predictable plot twists, detract from its appeal and leads to Casino Royale being somewhat overrated.

The start of this movie opens with a burst of action sequences that promise an entertaining ride; more than your typical Bond film.

His exit when it comes is some what anti-climatic and is quite jarring, allowing events in the movie to take an unexpected and slightly uneven change in course, with a concealed threat waiting in the wings.

More impulsive, rougher, more brutal, more exciting, with a word: better than any other Bond- this is Casino Royale.

The movie starts off well, has plenty of action, but the action scenes are too far between lulls.

people will eventually get bored of these petty romance scenes, this is an action movie not a romantic flick for young couples.

It was boring and unsatisfying, and Daniel Craig is just miscast.

Already their first scene in the airplane showed how great their chemistry was analyzing each other psychologically in the most entertaining manner.

Admittedly the movies had become a bit stale and predictable.

His ability to be an excellent action star is showcased in the film's first action scene, which is undoubtedly one of the most gripping and intense action scenes of modern cinema.

Die Another Day was, quite rightly, hailed as the worst movie of the franchise, and CR does set things right again.

Refreshing too is the fact that the film treats its audience as adults rather than a collection of overgrown children, though judging from some of the trite reviews here, this adult version of Bond is lost on some.

Bond should have refused to play such a game) scenes are too long and boring, the love story is lame and more annoying than Lazenby wedding, Bond himself isn't able to escape death without other's significant help (once by Vesper and once by who?

Don't bother with this film, a waste of time and money (mine, yours and theirs).

This is the worst bond film I have ever watched (even worse than 'on her majesty's secret service'), Daniel Craig looked out of his depth the whole film, it was slow and the delightful DBS was seen for five seconds and then was destroyed.

This one take itself too seriously and goes on far too long.

The lack of misogynism alone makes it worth watching (IMO)!!

The 'love' interest is truly boring.

As for the film as a whole; I very much enjoyed it.

A big part of this result occurs because the action scenes are mostly short and exciting, until the last sequence, which is a satisfying climax that you can tolerate and appreciate.

This desperation makes 007 so much more relatable and engrossing as he isn't a superhero, he's just a man.

I have seen most of the James Bond series but I have to say this was by far the most engrossing.

I find the old movies bad, horribly acted, badly scripted, with corny unfunny jokes, unbearably stereotypical characters etc. etc. The newer ones aren't much better, a bit more modern, better effects, but basically the same predictable super-agent drivel as the old stuff.

boring ...

Save your money and watch this film when it shows up on T.

The ending is a bit confusing, as there are far too many twists.

It's just so damn absorbing.

A case could be made that it is unnecessarily sad at the end or intense at any point.

I quickly became bored.

The best of the action is over by about the one hour mark in my opinion, and the entire remainder of the movie just feels boring.

The story, while a little slow moving at times, does hold your attention and ultimately goes off in some surprising directions.

The in-jokes are cute and worth watching for; the fact that the famous Bond tuxedo is picked for him by a woman, the nonchalance displayed over Bond's trademark, "shaken, not stirred" Martini, the Aston Martin and the ending on the famous "Bond, James Bond" announcement.

Very entertaining with everything we've come to expect from a Bond film, and more.

He had no charisma, style, flair, he seemed rather dull and stale throughout the movie and showed no signs to make even think this is Bond and I've seen all the Bond movies.

A gorgeously crafted scene where a vulnerable Lynd clings to Bond in the shower is worth watching of itself.

Far from it; these were easily the mot enjoyable for me, providing a real opportunity to learn a bit about the characters, see their vulnerabilities and strengths and watch a contest unfold that is much deeper than fisticuffs can portray.

The plot is fantastic and thoroughly absorbing.

Casino Royale is filled with really, really exciting action sequences and plenty of double- crossing.

The type of people who will like this movie will probably be long time fans of the franchise, people who wanted something new in the franchise and fans of great, kind of grounded action accompanied by an intriguing narrative.

Technically Polished, Dramatically Bland Prequel .

I'm not a connoisseur of the earliest 007 movies (Connery, Moore, etc.), but I grew up with Bond from Timothy Dalton through Pierce Brosnan, and all those movies were also exciting and fun.

Started of as a typical Bond mission, then a suspenseful casino game (I don't gamble) against a genius, then a tragic love story.

The relationship that grows between Daniel Craig and Eva Green's characters is absorbing and realistic and it makes the climax of the film have such a bigger impact.

There was no storyline to the film and fifty minutes in I was still begging the question, where is this film going?

Great acting, solid directing, incredible action sequences, a gut-wrenching torture scene that will have guys in cold sweat and an intense poker showdown that will make you sweat bullets and that crazy French villain cry tears of blood (yuck, that was pretty disgusting!

The Must-have-Q-must-have-Moneypenny rules were in dire need of burning, along with the predictable Bond plot format.

bond movie is a fantasy.. why try to make that into a more boring reality and spoil my day?

10 on 10 for the title track, action scenes were great in the movie, the two bond girls looked stunning.

And yes, many other Bond features look awfully dull compared to the one presently into question.

Yet all the script can offer is the kind of clunky, unremarkable dialogue that Bond fans will recognise from the slow bits in Goldeneye.

The dialog is snappy & intriguing and the performances are right-on.

The highlight of 'Casino Royale' is a breathtaking 'free running' chase early in the movie which really has to be seen to be believed.

Apparently the 'best Bond film ever' features a Bond who falls hopelessly in love with an average-looking woman who is nothing special (and pathetically has to be rescued by her and others all the time), a mundane and unthreatening villain who keeps getting pwned and doesn't actually kill anyone, a horrific torture scene featuring an extremely unpleasant image (for me) of a naked Daniel Craig getting his balls whipped (this kind of thing has NO place in a Bond film!!!

It's intense, thrilling and above all enjoyable.

This movie is based on the novel "Casino Royale" by Ian Fleming, that I really like, because the novel is full of tension, spy games, unexpected twists and of course REAL Mr. Bond, secret agent 007, not James Bond/Bananaman/Batman/Superman.

I find it amusing that he was initially christened 'James Bland' by the British tabloids.

Early on in the film, the free-style walking/movement technique known as Parkour is heavily used in a very long but very intense chase scene between Bond and an African bomb maker (who is played by one of the creators of Parkour).

The action scenes are spectacular, the plot is engaging and fun, and it all builds up to an extraordinary ending.

There are 3 good action sequences and the rest is FAR too long.

This is my first one and it was a suspenseful, action-packed spy movie with great stunts.

It does skip a beat here and there but overall it is quite an enjoyable ride.

In his acting style he is an intense, superb classical actor with an intense credibility but with the romantic skills of Gollum.

Up till now, every Bond film has opened up with a breathtaking action sequence with first rate stunts and sets.

Great Action Packed Movie.

It has possibly the best balance of the series with plenty of action, well formed characters, smart dialogue, great locations and a gripping story whilst always being entertaining.

The casino and high-stakes poker tournament symbolise the tension superbly, and the game sequence sustains anticipation and is as engrossing as any of the dramatic action filling Bond's mission with misfires and intrigue.

-All action sequences are well shot and exciting.

But there were so many exciting, beautifully shot and well-directed scenes.

While the movie is longer than most Bond films, it is entertaining throughout and leaves you craving the sequel by the end.

Don't go to the movie because it is a James Bond movie, go to it because it is another exciting (and forgettable) action film; and it is too much like all the rest.

The twists are predictable and expected and add little to the movie.

Craig was fantastic and avoided much of the cliché Bond moments that most of us have come to loath.

Her character is intriguing and mysterious.

Very slow (the card game was BOOOORING!

I wouldn't waste my time or my money with this.

In the first act it's action packed and the chase sequences are so well choreographed that the daredevilry simply amazed me.

Craig is fairly rugged, unpolished, it may suit the movie's purpose as the first Bond movie, but combine with a confusing plot line and odd pacing, plus a very long and boring casino scene, I must say this is THE WORST Bond movie ever.

But this one took a major wrong turn with a pointless, shallow plot that only marginally unfolded in the closing 10 minutes.

Personally, I enjoyed this, but for people who are bored silly by this game or just don't understand it, I'm sure they could find it terminally dull for long stretches.

It's one of the tackiest pieces of pretentious dialog I have ever seen.

I was on the edge the whole time, it was easily my favourite scene (and the best directed in my opinion).

But after the "fabulous" black&white "pre title-sequence" (yawn) the newly styled opener came up I was like "okay, let's leave the theater", we didn't, I suffered through some of the worst, 2+ hours of my poor little life.

But it all looks exciting, and so for a mindless entertainment experience this works on a visceral level.

Now my title may be intriguing to some of you.

the story was fairly engaging as Bond has to beat the villain in a high stakes poker game to foil his terrorist plans.

Through the intense action, the critical story, not to mention a grisly torture scene that will make even the toughest of men squeamish, they really pulled out all the stops on this one.

There's very little wrong with this film, except perhaps a slightly uninspiring climactic set piece which is more or less for the sake of it and a few snippets of corny dialogue.

More of a swashbuckling action packed James Bond rather than a gadget helped man.

Lots of action and drama with exciting plot twists,definitely a movie worth anyone's while to see.

Casino Royale is a fun action packed movie.

Sunny, fascinating and dangerous.

Martin Campbell's Direction Is Thrilling and Handsome.

The stunts were just as impressive as the classic films, and still exciting.

Sadly that magic has faded, and boring realism and drama has taken the forefront in an attempt to reinvent Bond, though it may have been acceptable if the Bond was right and if the Bond spirit was still in tact.

On an overall scale, Casino Royale is a fabulous start to the rebooted franchise that truly nails most of its aspect to deliver a cinema that's wild & exciting from start to finish while also putting to rest every doubt there ever was about Daniel Craig's ability to do justice to one of cinema's most memorable characters.

the pre-titles set-piece, the villains (but more realistic and understandable than the world-conquering maniacs so prevalent in the Bond films), the explosions, the fights, the puns, the sexy ladies (though stronger and less-eye-candy types), even the intense chase.

This is a dull, uninspired thriller starring some blond guy who looks like a builder, not a suave secret agent.

Combine all these failures with the fact that James Bond has the wit of a 15 year old (saying tactless things like "your gonna die while scratching my balls"), two particularly plain female leads, a poor and bland opening theme and ridiculous pacing for an action film and you end up with a very forgettable and dislikeable movie indeed.

Casino Royale is a fantastic movie with an action packed and very well written storyline and a great cast that follows through with their characters.

These two have just enough sly humor to keep the film from getting too intense.

Honestly, I would be fine with this slow pacing, except the whole plot felt a bit confusing for me.


Despite that, this movie was convincing and exciting the entire time.

It's just the second half of the film that really gets too drawn out and confusing for me.

Critics felt the reboot too ambitious, but it was entertaining throughout.

This made the move more engrossing to watch.

I personally felt that the last few Brosnan outings just got too fluffy and silly to be enjoyable.

Overall, it was slightly entertaining; get it on netflix or something to pass a few hours...

It is far, far too long.

Even the stunts and actions were boring and I felt tired with Bond chasing and kicking the bad guy.

pointless, cheap, ugly...

Mind blowing action, starting from the edge-of-your-seat chase scene in Madagascar, to the exotic locales in the Bahamas, superb high-tech gadgets (which are somewhat more realistic than what has been witnessed in other Bond films), exquisite style, an interesting villain with blood tear, beautiful women, a fine score and a fast-paced screenplay.

The centrepiece is still the tense card game, which even if you know nothing about the game (or like me are just rubbish at it), still keeps you on the edge of your seat.

) The film places the story in a contemporary setting, fills it out with more action and humanizes Bond in a way that is somehow true to the character of the previous films and novels, but manages to update him and make him more compelling for modern audiences.

This film is interesting for me for three reasons only: first, it's fascinating to see Craig is a role so different for him, despite his early foray in Layer Cake (2004), a gritty gangster movie I really liked; second, the hand-to-hand fight scenes are cruelly well done, equal to or better than any I've seen in the Jason Bourne saga with Matt Damon, who's no slouch at all; and third, the special effects are gripping, almost to the point of stopping breathing as you watch, and testifying to the highly professional cinematography and editing.

The action keeps you on the edge of your seat

You start again, get rid of your original Bond, get a younger one in, you lose the gadgets, you go back to basics, get a storyline in, and make it action packed with a dark and gritty style, you make the story about the beginning, and show the evolution of James Bond.

A stylistic and thrilling ride from start to finish that takes us from Madagascar to Montenegro to Venice.

This movie smashes each of these out of the park and makes an inventive, unique and most importantly entertaining re imagining of the world's most famous spy, and introduces him back into the modern world.

The cartoon credit sequence is the poorest graphics since Dr No, simply boring with no imagination or wow factor.

And we have the oldest cliché in the book of Bond at odds with his superior, blah blah, done in every cop film since the dawn of time.

This was a very entertaining movie and one of the better Bond films.

It was wonderful, touching, thrilling, suspenseful, interesting, and just...

Daniel Craig portrays the way Bond was always intended to be seen, whilst staring in an incredibly engaging film.

Bond is human, and in love, but he is to be betrayed by her; for what reason is an intriguing plot-twist and a direct link to the next: Quantum of Solace.

Predictable, but nonetheless enjoyable .

I just remember having wanted to enjoy it, but finding just a boring action-fest.

It's a fun scene that adds little in terms of plot, highlights our central character's approach to his job, and is exciting to boot.

The story is extremely confusing and very difficult to follow, and the romance between Bond and Vesper seemed ridiculous because there was no chemistry between them at all.

The exchanges between the two lead actors, particularly during the train scene where they first meet, are very entertaining.

However, the poker game is drawn out, has little to do with the plot, and is comically predictable.

Daniel Craig's performance in this film is also excellent, in addition to the character being written in a more complex and intriguing way.

The character was Americanized and dumbed down to a level even XXX and Jet Li fans would find boring.

Seriously- this is a far better than average Bond film, but if you take out all the scenes dominated by cellphones (why are they so fascinating to the producers?

is too long for a Bond movie.

Enjoyed it as an action film, not so much as a 'Bond' film....

From the acrobatic Parkoire escape to the drowning Venize building it all works and makes you sit on the edge of your chair.

very boring movie.

Pretty slow.


With it's moments of intense and graphic realistic violence, Bond travels along way, and succeeding stupendously.

Riveting and thrilling, Casino Royale will glue you to your seat, eagerly waiting for more.

The entire film is completely engrossing as a cast of the finest Bond characters ever are mixed with some incredibly exhilarating action sequences.

The action sequences in this film are perhaps the most intense to be put into any Bond film and shall keep you on the edge of your seat, because this may be the one film where you actually feel like James Bond is in danger.

11 years after the last good Bond film, Martin Campbell injects new life into the franchise by teaming up with Daniel Craig, the definitive image of this classic British spy and the writer of Million Dollar Baby and Crash to deliver a near-perfect spy thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Disc two has two featurettes, entertaining documentary titled "Bond Girls are Forever" and a music video.

And stodgy "M"'s normal exposition phase is grossly overextended into almost every scene, explaining why the bad guys blew up or beat up something.

I find the last hour to be the most entertaining because I thought the tournament was incredibly tense and I loved the character development that all the main players got.

Another thing I really love bout the film is that it cuts down on boring scenes and replaces them with more exciting scenes and that is something which is hard to get in a movie these days.

Now the movie took liberties with the book which I recently re read but I was so surprised by the fact that while they made changes to the story they kept the flavor of the book they kept it gritty and action packed.

Although I personally would have chosen Clive Owen for the part - the man was born to play Bond, I swear -- I think Daniel Craig was an inspired and unexpected choice.

These powerful scenes are interspersed with some genuinely breathtaking set pieces and make the film canter along at a great pace; I certainly didn't feel it was too long.

Seductive in more ways than one, Casino Royale manages to be thoroughly entertaining while also serving as a character study for the new generation.

And ironically enough, most poker movies, aside from 'Rounders,' are a complete bore, so at least this one made it exciting.

Quite enjoyable, as a matter of fact.

The main character, James Bond, had little humor and facial expressions, and speak in monotone.

He is unpredictable, deadly and just as likely to blow up a building when tasked with capturing a dangerous individual.

The whole sinking house in Venice was good but pointless as we had no idea who the guy with the money was and the ending was really weak.

It was very enjoyable from start to finish because of the good writing, good acting and great directing overall.

That said, "Casino Royale" is a very exciting movie.

Daniel Craig delivers a smashing performance as a slightly darker, slightly more violent, and incredibly more entertaining Bond than we've seen in a long time.

CR also feels overlong by about half an hour That said the first half is superb and the African scenes where Bond pursues his quarry back to the embassy are amongst the most exciting action sequences you will see in any movie .

The story and script is riveting.

Right from the opening pre-credits to the thrilling climatic scene, Casino Royale blends the best of what modern day CGI and effects have to offer while also showing tribute to the best of what the series offered so far.

Being a part time poker player the poker scene was maybe the let down with the 10000000000000000-1 situation, but the cards aside the interaction between the characters at the table was intriguing.

This film with Daniel Craig as the new James Bond was an exciting change, Craig is so dangerous and charismatic that he is by far my favorite Bond.

James bond was suppose to have all the answers and yet in this movie bond was confusing in solving the mysteries.

I'm sure the book would make an engaging beach read.

Because (Casino Royale) is over serious, no funny, and too boring it's sleepy.

If you love watching endless tedious poker, this is the film for you.

If you're totally humorless and into endless testosterone action-scenes, if you were never interested in Q's new gadgets, in futuristic gear and tongue-in-cheek charm, but always thought, that 007 should be more like a bland no-nonsense killer and if you want to see a James Bond, who himself looks like one of the dead bodies of Gunther v.

Highly entertaining and worth watching on a proper TV with proper sound if you can make that happen.

The performances, especially from Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Mads Mikkelsen, and Judi Dench, are flawless and deeply engaging.

It's so intense and interesting, that you'll never be bored.

The physical fights that Daniel Craig performs now appear much more real and gritty and gripping.

If you on top of that have no interest in cards, you will be seriously bored - half the film is Bond playing cards in a casino.

Dont confuse this tremendous action packed film with that of a David Niven light comedy Casino Royale.

"), a thrilling action scene at the beginning, and a storyline in which the villain isn't just a bog-standard "I expect you to die!

The always entertaining Jeffrey Wright plays Felix Leiter, Bond's American counterpart.

The Plot is WAY to confusing for a bond film.

Entertaining, yes, Memorable, not really.

I guess I like these movies to be fun: the plots are ludicrous, but they become tolerable if they are backed up with entertaining characters and spectacle.

One last thing on the story is that is breathes suspense as said, knowing what will happen next is hard and any moment can throw Bond or others into unpredictable moments.

The relationship between Bond and his partner Vesper Lynd (the luscious Eva Green) is one of the most emotional and satisfying in the entire series and, despite my initial misgivings prior to watching the film, Mads Mikkelsen's Le Chiffre is a terrific opponent with a subtly effective make-up to go with his intense performance.

Bond is Back & Action Packed.

It's SLOW, BORING, WITLESS, STORYLESS and utterly unconvincing from a character standpoint.

The love story bit dialogue between Bond and Vesper particularly is yawn inducing with no chemistry between the actors on screen, and Vesper's suicide at the end particularly contrived and unbelievable.

There was a little bit of realism in this, and it was very suspenseful and thrilling.

This is a fun, riveting, and exciting adventure the whole way through.

The supporting cast were all excellent and even though the La Chiffre (Mikkeison) character played it too subtle and cool, he was an enjoyable bad guy.

The James Bond franchise has been thrilling audiences for forty-five years and has grown to become the second most successful film series of all time ("Star Wars" is number one).

Craig and Green excel in a well directed series of exciting set pieces, even if the film feels very long .

Terrorists, blah, money, blah, cliché, blah, I've seen this so many times I feel like shooting my eyes out, blah.

I should also mention that not only will this film please Bond fans, but it's exciting enough to please someone who has never seen a James Bond movie before, and just wants a great action/suspense movie.

Craig's version is blunt, angry, lucky, bland and (Lord save us!

As a final note of confusion, what about that supposed largest plane in the world!

A spy thriller can stay exciting for 90 minutes at most.

boring gay flick .

The locations were fun to watch, it was the banal acting and the incoherent chemistry with the Bond women that forces us to search elsewhere for a super-spy movie who relies on his resources to outshine the evil-doers, with nifty gadgets that leaves you with a satisfying aftertaste begging you to watch this movie again.

Craig's performance is the highlight of the movie he impresses well as Bond, his intense look, the attitude the Charisma he possessed as an Agent was the USP of the movie.

And happily, the film is less about action and more about plot, about engaging characters and the dramatic situations they find themselves in.

First off, the reboot is fresh and exciting.

An exciting new James Bond movie and hopefully many more to come with Daniël Craig, who has officially got his 007-worthy certificate!

James Bond movies are not supposed to have a clever plot, only an entertaining one.

The locations are breathtaking and what else I can say?

Either way the set pieces are stunning, the script can be taken seriously and it will forever be on emblem to the harder Bond before we all got sick of Craig's face.

Eva Green (The Golden Compass) makes the best Bond girl for years and Mads Mikkelsen makes one of the most boring Bond Villains ever to grace the screen.

The script was well-written but because the beginning and the ending are both so high-octane, action-packed and simply brilliant, the middle of the film felt a bit flat and sometimes ever boring.

However, the film's biggest flaws are with some elements of its presentation and the dragging and slow final third or quarter.

Beyond that, this movie is a waste of time.

This movie was pointless and forgettable.

***SPOILER ALERTThere is a torture scene that, although brief, has ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE in my vision of a Bond film.

The movie is too long, this is true.

I have just watched Casino Royale and it was the most exciting Bond film that I have ever watched.

That said, the film is far from being a one-man show, the supporting characters proving meatier than usual: Dench is as impeccable as always, and the same ought to be said of Jeffrey Wright, who brings Felix Leiter back to the franchise after a 17-year absence; Mikkelsen is a riveting villain, his charm deriving from the fact that he's not interested in world domination, not to mention every bit as vulnerable as the hero (the poker game is actually his last chance to please his superiors, otherwise he'll die), and Eva Green is the best Bond girl since Diana Rigg.

That says something about my judgement, as this belated viewing marks it out as the best Bond I've seen: intriguing and visceral, with the welcome stain of realism marking its more impressive moments.

I found the movie to be both entertaining and a nice beginning for a new franchise of films.

The Film Is Highly Entertaining Without Ever Sacrificing Depth Or Character For Action, Which There Is Plenty Of.

This movie was too hard to follow, had the wrong items for the time line, and was very poorly thought out.

Other than that, the action lives up to the Bond name and this one even has a semi-intriguing plot with a few twists (yay!

It is one of the more intriguing female roles in the series.

-- Did you observe the intense action scene with the subtle conversation in black and white in the beginning ?

Even if you are unfamiliar with the rules of 'Texas Hold 'Em', the film makes short work of making it engaging, overcoming the challenge of making a card game feel exciting to the audience.

The film itself has a longer, darker and more compelling feel, which paved the way for more action films of this style in the 2000s.

CASINO ROYALE is very much an enjoyable film with plenty of great camera angles and terrific scenery and the special affects are not really noticeable.

It has everything a great Bond movie should have which is well written characters, great and suspenseful action sequences, incredible locations/sets, great writing and a great spy thriller.

The traditional "James Bond Gun Barrel Sequence" and the "James Bond Theme" disappeared… The only thin bit of continuity is Judi Dench's fifth return as the cool, scheming chief Lady M…Directed by Martin Campbell, the movie has it all: spectacular locations from Prague, London, Miami and Nassau— and amazing actions involving the superb Aston Martin DB5 coupe in a high-speed mountain chase; a rush to stop a fuel tanker at Miami Airport; a combat with an Ugandan terrorist; a pursue in a four-wheel bulldozer; a breathless foot chase across highest cranes; and an unexpected climax in one of the buildings on the canals of Venice

This makes the film considerably more gripping than the others, and makes us as the audience inevitably more attached to the new human and realistic Bond.

However, it also dragged in the middle like other recent Bond films and had some predictable plot twists which seem to have been borrowed from The World Is Not Enough (like the traitorous female ally).

Except for an intense early chase scene on a construction site, the action is stiff, boring and violent for the sake of violence.

All scenes go on for as long as necessary, giving us the sense of being on a extremely entertaining roller-coaster ride.

It presents amazingly written characters, and exquisite direction to give us an engrossing story for us to invest in.

Humor perfectly blended with action and engaging stories.

I went out and read the book again as soon as the movie was announced and enjoyed it immensely.

The rest of the actors were more like animated cartoon characters; even the bad guys were just flat, boring and uninteresting.

The beginning of that movie was spectacular, yet the middle dragged for long periods, before picking up towards the end.

Great first half - Boring second half.

Beginning with the unspeakably tedious "Die Another day," James Bond has been sadly demythologized and, to borrow a line from "Dr.

Casino Royale is a worthy addition to the series there are a few flaws but it's still an entertaining action adventure.

Now, that might have made an entertaining movie.

The smarts don't suffer, and the action is much more believable in it's unbelievably wild filmed state with the physically stunning Craig.

A fast paced thrill ride of flying cards, henchmen being killed by clubs, Kings, Queens, Jacks and Aces, and not a single one of those monotonous dancing girls in sight!

From the opening scene that tells us how James Bond became a 00, to the last scene where Daniel Craig speaks the ever famous line setting up the first ever Bond sequel, the movie remains a fast paced fast talking suave, witty and overall outstanding addition to the already successful franchise that doesn't intend to die anytime soon.

Boring James Boring .

Now that I've got my rant about "trivia" out of the way I would say this is the most enjoyable Bond film I've seen.

Absolutely riveting.

I remember going to the cinema to see Die Another Day on it's first day of release and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Daniel Craig does OK as a well-built Bond without passion or humor, traits that made Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan endearing and entertaining.

They were just churning out the old caricature, and it was really tiresome ...

Save your money and watch Daniel Craig in Layer Cake.

I highly recommend it!

And it's a thoroughly entertaining movie, outside of the Bond aspects.

It keeps me on the edge most of the time!

Its innovations on the Bond film characteristics punch boring old 'tradition' in the face (and possibly steal its car, blow up its house and sleep with its girlfriend).

Very slow moving.

Daniel Craig is the shining light and he absorbs all the most fascinating aspects of the character.

Very enjoyable Bond film.

Chris Cornell you're fired) All in all, it's a fairly mundane movie with a few action sequences that will keep the simple minded movie-goers distracted long enough to claim it's the best Bond ever without realizing that it's not really Bond at all.

surprisingly the poker scenes were quite interesting, having a engaging affect when Bond goes all in and wins the game.

I watched a number of the old films, before I got bored and gave up.

While it seems a somewhat mundane conceit, the film is expertly paced - balanced well between slam-bang action sequences, headier dialog-driven moments and a rather affecting romance.

The only reason that the franchise continued for so long with Moore as Bond was because he was used to acting within formulaic constraints.

I was simultaneously scared and bored.

The most boring card game ever filmed!

The movie is, on the whole, fast paced, sexy and well-acted.

Half of the movie was way too boring with lots of dumb clichés that were already used numerous times in the same series over the last thirty years or so.

Bond is reinvented by the man who did the very same thing 11 years previously in a touching and engaging thriller.

Each action element just adds to the adrenaline and tension of the scene.

While some of the characters were retained, the movie was an abysmal mess--a very high budget and confusing mess.

It's like a porno, straight action and no story.

The car chase from the casino out into the countryside, complete with record-breaking, seven spin, death-defying roll off the road, is thrilling and not overly long.

The plot is engaging and the opening and ending music is cool.

The best sorta cliche but very mind boggling .

This Bond movie has it all a new Bond character and Daniel Craig who is exactly what we needed in a new Bond character rustic rough around the average unpredictable willing to take chances savagely subtle with an attack method somewhere between a chainsaw and a scalpel depending on the situation and what is deemed appropriate.

The Poker game in particular was one of the most thrilling segment I've seen in any film, particularly of a segment so relatively slow.

After over a year of intense media interest, magazine scrutiny and arduous production, Casino Royale -- the 21st James Bond movie -- opens this Friday.

Casino Bore-All .

The screen time she shares with Craig is worth watching.

The movie was so tedious im surprised it survived to screen and wasn't renamed and given an alternate ending so it didn't horribly stain the Bond genre.

Fake eye, bleeding eye, deformed bottom lip, British accent, wears a Dr. Evil jumpsuit through parts of the movie—yup, he passes as the most cliché action villain of all time.

The only thing slower than the movie was the amount of time it took the venice building to sink scene, Bond to rescue the girl we know is gonna drown scene and for bond to figure out he was being conned the whole time...

Exciting .

The villain is entirely uninspiring, the movie is WAAAAY too long, there are no gadgets to speak of, the action sequences are so long and unbelievable they make Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon look like a Discovery Channel documentary.

It packs a dozen of unexpected surprises which sometimes make you stutter in disbelief and dread.

As a Bond adventure, it's exciting.

The sets/locations are boring, the acting is all over the place, and the story is a bit convoluted.

Loaded with fast paced action from the start, we get too see James Bond evolve as the movie progresses, he has to learn many lessons in being a '00' agent the hard way; and the film is gritty and raw enough to portray it superbly.

"Casino Royale" is certainly one of the better made Bond films; however, without a doubt, it's the least entertaining in the series.

I will have to repeat myself over and over until I bore you, about my love for Daniel Craig's performance in this movie.

What is so fascinating is that this movie goes back into Bond's past and tells us why he is what he is.

When I heard that they were going to do a prequel, I automatically thought it wouldn't work and basically be uninteresting.

The chase scene in the construction site was a particularly enjoyable sequence.

Director Martin Campbell makes a triumphant return to the director's chair after GOLDENEYE, making the film serious yet exciting as possible.

Unwatchable and a huge disappointment.

Mikkelsen offers a scene-stealing performance as the villain and the stunning Eva Green is strong in her role.

Rousing entertainment.

There are of course many gripping tosses and turns in-between to keep us entertained.

He is a bon viveur and knows his food, wine and liquors; (7) continuous action, even in bed, without lagging romantic and otherwise boring interludes; (8) Bond movies are based on a high degree of fantasy, (John Le Carre, and SpyCatcher have revealed that the real world of British espionage is dreadfully dull and boring).

Elements just all right - and enjoyable - for completion.

This movie is a good entertaining action film.

The post-opening sequence is quite spectacular, and would make this an enjoyable Saturday afternoon distraction even without the rest of the film.

Lately, I have gone from being a fan of James Bond to being bored of it, too unbelievable, and many fans agreed.

yawn) with literally superhuman escape powers.

The pace of the movie is very slow in places and you really feel it, consequently the long running time is more of an ordeal than value for money.

I have just watched this, the latest James Bond and it's disjointed.

It is undoubtedly a very ambitious film, trying to remain true to the classic exciting action-sequences of the classic films whilst not crossing the line of 'over-the-top'.

In short, if you watch Bond just for the formulaic girls, the gadgets and the guns, leave Casino Royale alone.

The very well-balanced bad guy on the run from Bond through a construction area, destroying everything in his path, the crane scene was quite remarkable and the actions gave us the promise of another exciting action-packed 007 film.

This Bond will kill at the drop of a hat; he's totally unpredictable, he can take quite a beating himself (in a scene where he gets tortured in a man's most vulnerable place) and make it look like he's enjoying it.

Groundbreaking for their time, in retrospect they arguably seem curiously formulaic and dated, now that "super spy" and "evil genius" tropes are more established.

The first "Bond" movie that's bored me to tears...

Eva Green is stunning, both in her acting skills and her visual persona.

he is rough but very attractive his acting is exciting and fresh .

Some good action scenes and film is well made as you would expect but it does have it's dull moments.

The movie also made poker seem more tense and thrilling than it should be.

Mads Mikkelsen makes a brooding and intense Le Chiffre, while Eva Green is stunning and poised as the sexy Vesper Lynd and Judi Dench the brilliant actress she is is a suitably frustrated M.

The locations are breathtaking and what else I can say?

The poker games that went on for tens years , those scenes were so dull , I never been so bored, which I thought went on for far to long.

What's more, the movie's convoluted finale is rather predictable and unsatisfying.

The action might feel as the "hero never gets hit" type, but is very thrilling and x5 times much more real than many blockbuster movies o series nowadays.

I saw the ambiguous betrayal coming and by then I was bored, so I wasn't forgiving of the fact that I could see it coming.

It's actually quite enjoyable, apart from a couple of times, I had to flinch, because I was reminded, that this is actually a so-called "James Bond" movie.

Action packed.

Bond's vulnerability is what makes Casino Royale so gripping, unlike previous instalments where he's been barely fazed by any of his adversaries.

The person aside from me wanted to fall asleep half way through it.

Story is boring dross with dollop of sadism and token not-too-happy ending.

Even as 007 movie, this is a beautiful movie with stunning scenery.

He very effectively silenced the critics and fans who balked at his casting and labelled him "Bland, James Bland" before he had even filmed a scene.

When I watch a film I want to be drawn into the action, to be immersed, to come out at the end feeling drained.

Twenty minutes into the movie, we had already had enough of the action (that whole chase scene in Madagascar would have been cool with Jackie Chan, but it's boring with anyone else).

He likes what he does and he does what he likes well.. I'm pleased that he's the next Bond to carry the series and he will carry it as well as Connery if he stays interested.. as for the movie, it was nicely put together and exciting with just enough spots to make you wanna pulverize the bad guys and kiss the goils.. (lol).. as with most Bond films.. shot with beautiful places in mind and lavishness enough to go round .. well done.. the series survives thanks to a great choice for the newest bond alumni to be and daring scenes.. as they say .. carry on McDuff .. as a side note i felt that Layer Cake was a grooming movie .. to test Craig if he could be a Star.. glad i was right....

The fight scenes are intense, realistic and brilliantly acted.

The film was entertaining, but also pretty predictable and much longer than it needed to be.

The first half of the film is enjoyable, quality, smart action that breezes by you spectacularly.

This film is different (NOT BETTER) than the other bond films and so has all the tired, boring sequences that you are just waiting for the 'hero' to sidestep so you can go and do something more interesting instead.

The film ends with a confusing anti-climax and the villain is killed off before he even managed to do any real harm, in a scene where he didn't fight back at all.

Bond barely survives being poisoned and a battle with African guerrillas, then pulls himself together and goes back for another round of cards like nothing happened.

Overall, this was a very entertaining movie and is worth a view.

A far cry from the enjoyable and light-hearted action style I've come to expect from the James Bond series.

The main villain is devoid of feline company and is a rather boring money launderer for world terrorism who is eventually knee-capped by Bond.

What a boring movie without any logics!

Fans of the previous Bond films may be upset at this new direction but I found it engrossing because it wasn't as campy.

I found it manipulative, with chintzy spy-movie plot twists and unbelievable love affairs that are made only made engaging by artful performances from Daniel Craig and Eva Green.

As an action movie, this one is just way too boring.

Add in the fine acting performances, the great visuals, some riveting action and you have a film that's definitely worth your while.

It adds an exciting degree of unpredictability.

Her chemistry with Craig is undeniable as is her likability as the stunning and seductive Vesper Lynd.

The numerous hand-to-hand combat scenes are thrilling and totally convincing.

Lot of intriguing fighting scenes.

" I enjoyed it that much.

I even loved the immediate and stylish B&W opening which shows some action, followed by the opening song/credits and boom: a thrilling chase scene – my favorite of the many great ones in the film.

Directed by Martin Campbell, the first in the new era of Bond films is a highly polished spy- thriller that delivers on all fronts to succeed as an intensely entertaining origin story that's neatly-crafted, action-packed & character-driven.

There were no good cars, stunts, women, gadgets, villains or exciting finishes.

Colorful , riveting cinematography by Phil Meheux .

There were enough twists and unknowns to keep me on the edge of my seat.

Beautiful cinematics but uninteresting story .

As I said, the film is entertaining for the most part, however I felt it dropped dramatically during the film's third act and actually felt slightly bored as the film started to trudge its way towards the end.

This is a fantastic, adrenaline, thrilling, action, story, amazing movie.

The action is breathtaking in this movie, so are the aspects of suspense and dialogue.

The monochrome style and suspenseful direction tie-in perfectly with the events of the scene (Bond making his second kill and gaining his 00' status and Licence to Kill), and offer a dramatic and visually striking sequence that is totally unique to the Bond franchise.

It's suspenseful and incredibly well acted.

Great film, fairly intense.

On the subject of intensity, perhaps the most intense scene is the poker game in Montenegro.

Intriguing in places and better than any other recent Bond film, but still predictable in places and overrated to boot .

Craig's portrayal of the spy is intriguing to observe throughout as he takes Bond to a different level.

In the last scene, before we see Bond, we hear a large bore rifle shot and see the baddie collapse,...

So how about fascinating Bond to the extent of leaving the MI6 for her?!!

It eventually leads to a mysterious plot twist that keeps the audience on the edge of their seat.

He is much more grittier and ruthless than all the other Bond actors put together, who mostly deliver their performances with predictable one-liners and by waving their Walter PPKs around in a "threatening" way without actually using them (the Kate Beckinsale quote "I think if you're going to kill someone, kill them, don't stand there talking about it all day!

Establishing a new timeline that has no relation whatsoever with any previous Bond movies, Casino Royale is a complete reboot of James Bond franchise that discards the CGI heavy plot & ridiculously over-the-top action of the previous entries to restart the series by reinventing the character of James Bond and, with its grounded portrayal of events set in 21st century & emphasis on realism during its action sequences, begins the new era of 007 on a rousing high.

The second act somewhat loses its way: the at-first-entertaining poker scenes become unnecessarily convoluted -one could even forget why they are playing in the first place- and the love interest is a little forced.

A Riveting Adventure From Start to Finish .

Worth watching .

Well, I suppose not this movie, or they've maybe fallen asleep during those awfully boring poker scenes.

The plot was believable and engaging (if a little hard to follow at times).

I'm not saying it's right, but it does reflect the exciting charisma of Mr. Bond.

Worse still, the plot is confusing and cheap; Green's dramatic death by drowning is bizarre - she locks herself in the lift, effectively committing suicide, and Le Chiffre's masterplan - get rich by investing blood money - is pretty dull.

Anytime there is even a hint at an intense action moment, it dies away momentarily.

The stunts and chase sequences will keep you on the edge of your seat.

As the movie progresses, the story gets more serious and the thrilling meter grows higher and higher.

boring .

Starting with the same boring old animated opening, it looked like more of the same regurgitated garbage from the past.

Is this what is termed a plot-less film ?

Let me tell you that first half of this movie is excellent and the African scenes where James Bond chases his excavation back to the embassy are among the most thrilling action scenes you will see in any movie.

I thought this Bond was cold, often dull, and lacking any real narrative drive.

As the stakes in the game are raised above blood money, "Casino Royale" builds up to a an exciting, chilling climax.

You could say the whole business about "restarting" the Bond franchise was a good idea; after the masterful Sean Connery left the series, it began to go downhill with every film filled with clichés and very predictable plots (the franchise was saved, possibly, by Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye).

This is a tremendous entry into the Bond annals - fast paced, stunning and absorbing.

More impulsive, rougher, more brutal, more exciting, with a word: better .

The scenes between M and 007 were always very entertaining, and Daniel Craig brought a new dimension to a character that has been around for so long.

Worth watching .

The first action scene was so fast-moving and very energetic.

Not least because we've seen that formula so many times that it becomes predictable, as well as dated (electronic gizmo's aren't as fun when we can all get them).

The film certainly looks terrific with the visuals as stunning as you would expect from the Bond franchise.

If you at least are not impressed, I'll say this: it has breathtaking paradises, fine women and poker.

Don't get me wrong I really like James Bond, after seeing the superb From Russia With Love with Sean Connery(my personal favourite Bond), and I really wanted to see Casino Royale as it promised to be exhilarating and exciting.

The second is one of the most boring movies I have ever been tormented by, with endless poker and endless narration by (Giancarlo Giannini) for all what winded up as unintelligible, ok, I fought the urge to cry to get the whole picture!

For me the last twenty minutes were tacked on to extend the film, and maybe give the bird some meaty acting..trite motivations, and just to let you know Bond is back!


As for the "love interest", there was zero chemistry and she was just as lifeless and dull as everyone else.

Instead of the usual lame sexual innuendo, the dialogue between 007 and his female partner is sharp and enjoyable ("You're not my type", he tells her; "Smart?

and I'm with the reviewer who says that the poker game was as riveting as any of the action scenes..really, more so.

I really like how the movie divert from the usual and repetitive focus on the brilliant villain and henchman with their uber crazy world domination plan, to a more personal focus of Bond.

Marvellously energetic,exciting and fun.

The movie over all is entertaining.

The first one was to see the stunning "Casino Royale" on the big screen.

Her Eye Makeup Is Absolutely Stunning And The Purple Dress She Wears Is Gorgeous.

There were boring gadgets and lots of product placement.

The pre-credit sequence is boring with zero humour or panache in Craig's delivery of the punch line.

Although running a long 144 minutes, the film is devoid of boredom.

I enjoyed it more than this version.

The set pieces in this film are astounding - a record breaking car flip, a breathtaking parkour chase, a staircase fight, a dash for the defibrillator, a chase in the airport, a sinking building - there's just too many to love.

"Casino Royale" starts off well enough with an obligatory murder scene and an entertaining chase.

The movie also dragged on for way too long, and it didn't get any more interesting either.

The confusion I've been referring to is mainly in the last 30 minutes.

The cast is good, so is the villain, the pokergamescenes are intriguing and contribute to the originality of this film.

Daniel Craig is most fetching and wouldn't be thrown out of my house on a cold night but other than that - what boring, dated, macho nonsense!!

So this is kinda the origin story of Bond and the story is tense and entertaining.

Pouting mediocre Bond in tedious and often silly movie .

" The movie is a winner and even more enjoyable the second time through.

Never have I imagined a poker based movie, be so compelling, so entertaining, so moving.

The story is somewhat confusing regarding the aftermath of 9/11 and airplane stocks.

Gone are the bland pretty boys with their tepid sexual innuendos and corny one-liners.

Very intriguing .

Overall, from opening Parkour chase to leg-sniping final shot, this film is a great return to form for the Bond crew and well worth watching.

However the end scene in Venice with the collapsing building did drag out just a little bit too long, and even though it was an emotional scene it would have been conveyed better without all the diegetic noise.

The camera pans out over the ocean with these tiny men in the foreground shinnying up greasy cables, surrounded by empty space.

Everything after this becomes slow and drawn out.

Eva Green was a great Bond girl and her last scene was beautifully shot; I was really impressed with the editing, the action scenes, the movie shots, everything about this movie was just great and was so much fun to watch, it's pure entertainment, I highly recommend it.

I read another comment about how boring this movie is, and I had to see for myself; and sure enough, it turned out to be so boring that it put me to sleep.

But I enjoyed it for the novelty sake.

Mads Mikkelsen is wickedly vicious as Le Chiffre, and Eva Green is shockingly mysterious and stunning as Vesper.

Waste of time .

It also has some good exchange of dialogues to go with the intriguing story while also having good amounts of action.

There are other great action sequences, including a building demolition, but an airport chase, while very exciting overall, has him running again.


I think the casting has been great, actors, scenery, camera, etc all did their job almost perfectly (earning this film 5 stars), but the story writer should be fired and kicked from anything to do with action films and films with a history, as he did not write a James Bond (will explain later), but some really bad romantic film, which made it into something reasonably decent (on the borderline of a waste of time) because of the great actors etc.Reasons why I did not like it:The importance of the girl - Pls don't make a James Bond movie to enforce feminism, or to let James Bond fall in love with a girl, as he will not ever do that.

This is a memorable and exciting sequence, and I think it looks good in black and white!

It was boring from the first second, and it stayed that way until the end.

When did Bond get so dull.

Yes, they have some notoriously silly moments, but personally I would much rather watch those over CR any day, I find them both to be much more entertaining.

Right from the beginning, we already get an adrenaline rush by a deathly chase on a crane miles up in the sky.

There are 2 main problems with this film : it is too long by 30 minutes and during the card game at Casino Royale it becomes the first boring Bond film !

Also, they make a new and more believable Bond who makes a lot of mistakes which makes this more enjoyable and more of a realistic action movie instead of a borderline sci-fi film.

Disjointed Bond .

The series' answer to the tedious story of "Die Another Day" is more ambiguity and plot twists than the usual Bond fare.

I fell asleep halfway through and have to drag myself the next day to finish it.

Standard action movie: lots of action, poor characterization, poor depth (despite they pretend to give some), a final twist, and mildly boring overall.

The action is much more raw,gritty,and violent,yet it is still enjoyable.

Casino Royale begins with the bodging of a fairly routine capture and question mission, a quite stunning footchase through a Madagaskern building site where Bond pursues the mega-dexterous Sebastien Foucan (a world champion street runner) and a subsequent kicking of the backside by M, played again by the wonderful Judi Dench.

This movie is equally exciting as watching cheese mold.

The romance between Craig and Eva green appears forced and dull (apart from boring).

Daniel Craig is superb as James Bond and going from that end everything in it is very pleasurable, frightening and exciting just because of James Bond.

The result is that the film is very condensed, very action packed.

What a waste of money, time and effort this tedious movie is.

yeah this is the best bond movie ever it might be the fact it is made by a British company just throwing it out there i am not one of those guys who hates America and everything, cause we are so wrong about everything but i just cant get over how many wonderful differences there are in thisClassy song in the beginning, less of a creepy domineering bond who is always around skanks who are kissing his ass, vesper is a catch, and she really needs him to earn his respect.. Most bond girls would just give it up like prom nightTouching scene: beautiful when he licks her fingers of the blood, the vulnerability of bond really shows itself in thisThe fighting in this movie looks so real, i almost enjoy it more than the big explosions and special effects, which are amazing as wellWith this bond, you are gripping on every word he says nothing goes to waste film making at its best bravo, Albert r broccoli

Mads Mikelson was an inspired piece of casting as the ruthless and yet flawed villain, making a highly entertaining Le Shiiffre.

Actions in this flick is simple but powerful, the chasing in the beginning was breathtaking and the fight at stairway was beautifully done!

From each stunning location we get a sense that time is of the essence.

Quantum of Solace squandered some menacing build-up from this movie and was a rather dull affair with a generic outlandish villain again.

For instance, we have an exciting beginning, a relatively dull middle and a quick-fire ending, just to keep the audience happy.

The film itself is incredibly boring.

Hands down, this Bond film makes the others look stilted and amateurish, gadget happy and trite.

She is profoundly non-compelling.

Although the actual hands played, in the final scene were a bit unrealistic, (unlike Rounders) the drama that unfolded kept me on the edge of my seat.

The score by David Arnold is also good and authentic enough, it isn't John Barry, but it has some rousing themes.

This movie has now became one of my favorite Bond movies as everything about it was just remarkable and entertaining, perfection.

The film seemed to breathe new life into the franchise and take it into an exciting direction.

It is an absolute masterpiece: fun, suspenseful, and classy.

I hope to find this film located in the "Dead boring" section of all rental stores.

The film's opening sequence sees Bond attaining his double-oh status by making his first two assigned kills; one while engaged in an intense bathroom brawl, and the other during a calm encounter in an expensive London flat.

Craig has crafted Bond into more of an empathetic leading man than simply a large than life caricature, and there's an amazing range here that takes Bond from several poignant and intimate moments to moments of intense brutality.

The story,it is interesting,great,and compelling.

Casino Royale has small and satisfying reminders of Bonds long past; such as the gun barrel intro, the best opening credit sequence since "Live and Let Die," 007's famous "Bond, James Bond" line, Felix Lester (Jeffrey Wright is excellent here), and a couple of snappy comebacks.

Hagens strange exhibition, which is featured here - among several Sony-Ericsson Phones, the new ugly Ford and other dispensable and uninteresting products - THEN GO SEE CASINO ROYALE AND PRAISE JEREMY CRAIG for clenching his jaws 144 long minutes.

This Bond film is well written and exciting, It shows us the way that the 007 legend began.

Predictable, Humorless and Boring travel log .

Even if Jason Damon-Bourne is a bland character, Paul Greengrass saves it.

The arrival of Matt Damon's Jason Bourne in 2002, and the follow up in 2004, had also heaped pressure on to the Bond franchise with a fresher, more realistic action orientated superspy, not reliant on CGI, making the latest Bond offerings look banal as well as rivalling him at the box office.

"Casino Royale" was an unexpected pleasure.

Judi Dench was my favorite in the entire film, she was just flat out entertaining!

but you just find it boring or disappointing?

It looks stunning.

Daniel Craig is superb as James Bond and parting from that point everything in it is enjoyable, frightening, thrilling just because we're with him.

The chase scene at the start of the film set the tone for the rest of the movie: Too long, too drawn out, too improbable.